Baseball tonight, the PODCAST. The Baseball Tonight podcast for Wednesday October Twenty First Two thousand twenty producing from his home studio in the foothills of Connecticut is Taylor Schwenk I'm buster only working for my own studio in New York last night game one of the world's series on ESPN radio dodgers and race, and early on Clayton. Kershaw starting for La did not look good the first inning just one swing and miss among twenty pitches he kind of all over the place. But Wow, he gathered momentum. Here's Kershaw on the top of the fourth. Pitch all the way swing scrape down at insider. They're from Kershaw and he has it role at right now. For Gas who who's doing the game last night with Chris Singleton. Jessica Mendoza and myself chiming in from time to time cody bellinger gave the dodgers the lead in the bottom of the fourth look back by glass out the first pitch swing and a fly ball right center field. It is well hit care buyer back it's gone. He hit it into the dodger bullpen. And Cody bellinger has given the dodgers to nothing lead. This is someone who when he gets hot can carry a team. He had a home run game seventy CS and he hit that home run last night care Meyer struck back in the top of the fifth. One Oh now to cure myrow fly ball hit well right field it's gone. Cabin Care Meyer Takes Clayton kershaw deep and the rays are on the board trailing two to one. And the top of the fifth kershaw continued to roll. To, to swing and a miss. And Sonnino down on strikes the side is retired. That's eight now for Kershaw. In the bottom of the fifth inning dodger's blew the game open with help from. Okay. Bets who stole second. Third and then made a great decision on the basis. Here's the to own a swing and bound I e s throws to the plate, but it's up to third base line a bit and bets will slide in safely. Seger to third MATZEC safe at first, and it's three one dodgers. And the rally continued. Full count last now now, with a career, high a hundred and eleven pitches three, two fastball little jam shot to center, and it's down for a base in and to score is seger coming around third is Muncie Smith with an RBI single to make it four to one dodgers. In the National League Championship series and Game Six and seven mookie showed up his defense. In this game, he showed off his base running and his power. We'll be bets the first batter that Fleming faces bet sense of flyable to right field. It's pretty well hit. It's Carrie it's gone. Opposite Field Home Ron Mookie Betts. And it is seventy one that's cruel. Greeting into the ballgame for Josh Fleming mookie Betts with the dodgers holding a big leads daybreak decided take Clayton. Kershaw out of the game after six innings and seventy pitches perhaps saving him. Ammunition for later in the series, the raise began to rally in the top of the seventh inning. Victor. Gonzalez was on the mound for La Three into first and second one. And the pitch and a fast line back to the vowed caught by Gonzales throw to second and they double off Brosseau. An absolute rocket back to the mound. Gonzalez. Makes the catch and turns well have been. Should have been a base it into a line drive inning ending double play. And here is Dan Schulman calling and the top the nine? Wendell bats in pretty significant crouch from the left side he swings and bounces it back them out off the bare hand of Kelly and it'll be seger getting it in firing it onto. I. Kelly looks like he's alright. Had A big smile on his face. One six three on the game ending put out and the dodgers behind a great performance from Clayton Kershaw, another homerun cody bellinger, and then they'd pour it on in the Middle Innings and they win game one, eight, two, three, raise manager Kevin Cash talked about game one not discouraging disappointing. Yeah we bounce right back like we've we've done multiple times this year and look to find a way to win a game tomorrow we got Blake on the mound, which is very, very encouraging. So No, we'll. We'll be good cash talk about Clayton Kershaw and the difficulty facing. Kershaw was on that a pretty good breaking ball gone really short and I think there's some deception involving you can appreciate and totally see why he's head into the hall of fame one day whenever he's done but I mean, he had good stuff philo seemed like it was popping out of his hand. Pretty good. Really did a nice job against us and he talked about starting pitcher tyler now. Well, just you know I, think it was alternately kind of lack strike throwing right there I looked up at one point I think he was you know thirty seven strikes, thirty seven balls that's not ideal. especially gets offense like this can really capitalize on on the free passes. Gabe Roberts talked about mookie Betts it's great and that's just another element that Mukhi brings. You know he does a lot of studying and to be able to create stress and whether it's stealing a base or just being on base to make the pitcher speed up or not execute a pitch he creates tension and each is a heck of a ball player. Roberts talked about cody bellinger of course, is now playing alonside mookie Betts you look at just sheer talent. There are a couple of the best players in all of baseball and now you take mookie who's really impacted us. Obviously we talked so much about in so many ways on both sides of the baseball as well as on the basis in cody just made another great play tonight defensively the homer couple nights ago and just taking really good at Bat. So yeah. is going to get the best of everybody, but now you know you layer in. Cody and you know the experience that he's had in the postseason to learning from that, and if he can bucket corey in that same in that same conversation, cody bellinger talked about game one that's always important in any series. Especially, the world series we did a great job of singing to our plan. It was just it was a great game overall and we gotta coming tomorrow and and and do the same thing over again and continue how fun and grind a and play as a team. Clayton Kershaw I talked about his performance in game one on sportscenter. Is a great great game tonight all the way around for us You know it didn't feel if didn't feel different other than being not in our home ballpark or being on the road or anything like that. But you know like you said I've gotten to do this before and the last couple haven't gone so well for me. So fortunate to get out there and game one and get another chance at it and You know we pulled out a win tonight and our guys played awesome. We're excited comebacks March I'd do it again. Talk about the dodgers belly obviously will with big hits jt obviously what does what he does monce Jog all the way down. It's just See the I didn't even say seger. So it's just like it's just a special team. We'll be wall fall sportscenter interview with great mookie Betts later in the podcast a couple of other notes Major League, baseball owners owners ownership. Committee. Approve The New York mets sale to Steve Cohen We're waiting word from the owners to take a formal vote to push that ahead but Steve Cone now in fully and position to take over the mets and a sad note former major league baseball umpire derryl cousins has passed away at age seventy four. His brother said after a bout with cancer. Now before we get to curl ravitch and. I want to tell you about season two of the ESPN investigates podcast that's now available. The running man tells the story of an obscure former Olympian alleged sexual Predator in how fourteen month ESPN investigation brought him out of the shadows more than fifty men were physically abused and mentally manipulated by their coach over forty years until they banded together decade later to find justice, subscribe and listen now to ESPN investigates wherever get your podcast. Before we move on one, recommend another podcast last year the Houston Astros record in a massive change scandal rocking the sports world and putting the legitimacy of the two thousand seventeen world series winning in doubt led by Visionary General Manager, and a front office staffed with mathematicians, engineers, computer programmers. The Astros went from baseball's laughing stock to world series champions, bestselling author and journalist Ben. Writer wrote the definitive book on the Astros Pathbreaking Approach. But as it turned out, he had underestimated just how far. Some of them would go to win now he's back to the story. He thought he knew to find out what happened and why the most innovative organization in sports push itself not just to the edge. But over here from the people who were there players Astra's crossed and the unlikely outsiders to help uncover the truth the edge Houston Astros is produced by prologue projects and a presentation by cadence thirteen listen subscribe for free on Apple Podcasts spotify radio, DOT com, or wherever you get your podcasts. The Rabbie tray. With Carl ravage. Those the baseball tonight which is playing during the course of the World Series Raby tell me what you did last night. Hall, we had good night rabbits. To, Shareo a producer, Greg Collie and several episodes the baseball I. Enjoyed a little meal after our pregame show, which runs from seven to eight We Watch the game together and did sportscenter post game and we all sort of came to the realization as excited as we were I. think there was legitimate excitement. We starters at the race add lined up. We were all excited like, okay. We've got pitching pitching beats you know good pitching beats offense any day and the dodgers just you know they kinda went into their workshop and wheedled away at Tyler last now and seven cash seemed reluctant to take them out. and. In the end, it felt like you know you had a you had a a two hundred million dollar payroll difference and the dodgers were just better and that may be a knee jerk reaction to one game. We're all probably guilty of it but boy that was some cold water in the face of the expectation. This is GonNa be Great. I completely agree with you you know the phrase skipped the kept on popping in my head last night was the raise brought a gun a brought a knife to a gunfight. Like I felt like that the two sides are just on different planes especially and I. You know I talked about this on the podcast yesterday and I asked Dave Roberts, about it you know he of course was part of that two, thousand, four red. SOX team the Doug itself out from an oath three hole against the Yankees, and by the time you remember this girl by the time they got the game seven they were rolling. They were like the rabbit train like they were just going along. And they steamrolled the cardinals in the world series and I asked Robert said zoo call before last night's game is we're getting ready to do the game on ESPN radio. He started nodding halfway through my question like he absolutely sees the comparison this dodger team like that Red Sox team stared at the abyss of a three one deficit against the braves they dug themselves out. They had a great game seven cody bellinger getting a big hit and last night they just rolled into that game. And similar talent I mean superstar talent excuse me on the OH, four Red Sox at certainly. On this team you know and I and I think we you know there was a revelation during this sixty game season. And then certainly early round playoff when when the dodgers lineup turns over and the guy standing in the on Deck Circle is bets you just realize that in a sense, the circle that the dodgers had hoped was completed had never really been completed until they brought in the last piece of that puzzle and it's Mookie Betts and I on a team that has literal superstars. Cory seager is a superstar Justin. Turner is a superstar or certainly has been cody bellinger is super star Kershaw. Is a superstar Bueller is a superstar, and then you have a bunch of guys who are stars in the making you know mookie Betts is the one that shines brighter than all of them and they added him and this is year one and the difference that he's had on that team is is is massively significant and it's easy to say that and people would be like a do obviously they added one of the best players to gain. If they added Mike Trout, they'd be that. Well you could make the case and I did last night on twitter. You just asked who impacts the game of baseball that they are playing more than Mookie Betts and that's exclusive of you know somebody going out there and throwing a no hitter I understand the pitcher is ultimately the guy if he's on, that's going to determine that you take a position player and you tell me who based on their defensive abilities based on the arm that he has based on his speed based on his I, q based on his ability to foul pitches off based on his ability to get an a pitchers head. Based on his power impacts the game more than mookie Betts he finishes the circle he really does, and he's also in a special class I was thinking about this this morning of you know superstar players who are so well rounded in such phenomenal athletes. You know at that level the first name that always comes to for me is the Guy I think is the greatest player of all time and that's Willie mays. Roberto Clementi was certainly in that class Mickey Mantle who is mostly remembered as you know for all the home runs he hit but when he started and before he blew out his in the world series unbelievably fast is a switch hitter. He was that type of guy and obviously trout is that type of guy although the one difference between him and McKee is that Trout just doesn't throw nearly as well, but it's a barren small group of players. Who are at that level to impact games in that way? I would agree and I think I would put very balance. except. Files an like trout. Sorry to interrupt Carl bonds a little bit like trout at the one thing he didn't really do that well was throw. Yeah but I'm I'm just thinking early in his career when he was running when he was playing out the when he was a guy that. You know the arm may not have been a ten. It may have been eight seven but his q the intangibles that go along with the physical to me. Anyway my observation was I would probably put him. In that category, but you know and look. wookey batch was dancing off second base personally I said detects and he's GonNa Steal Third soon as they threw to second base I thought that next pitch he was gonna go see it was a couple of pitchers later that he ended up stealing but look you're right I know somebody described be impacted a great point guard could happen a basketball team. It's really hard to do that on a baseball field give the few times you've come to the plate but the game is going to be impacted in one way. Or another Vibeke bets whether it's a great catch, a home run robbing catch shoestring catch a slow just literally taking in that first I bat you go three into on glass now you're like, okay. Well, again, check he did his job you got pictures exposed it's not going to be an easy night for tyler glass now anytime mookie Betts comes off, there's going to be fouled all's and and he's he is the straw that stirs it and he's an agitator and he's he's also likable like the the there's just There's a wonderfully irritating aspect to mookie Betts from an opponent's perspective where it's not like the Dennis Rodman who you want on your team but you just didn't really like like mookie Betts is a likable guy i. think he even you heard his mike last night when he was chatting with Willie ADAMAS law standing on second base like he he's affable. You know and he's an affable assassin 'cause he's going to kill you. And he killed the raise last night was that such a two thousand and twenty moment I didn't hear the Mike Because I was doing game on radio but I assume from the body language that what happened was is in Mogi bets who of course, played in the American League East Against Willie Damase got to second base after stealing the base and sees Willie standing there. He's a super nice guy too and they're like, Hey. Good to see you hey, willy to see and they share hugs because of course, it's two thousand and twenty and everyone's been locked into their own divisions They've been locked in bubbles. I'm assuming that's kind of what it was about. It seems to be in there to be some cat and mouse going on you know with last night looking back and Adamas Tony as the mookie kind of smirking like it's you're not gonNA. Get me can play your game whatever you're gonNA. Do you know probably thought bubble look I'M GONNA Steal Third I'm not gonNa tell you that but that's what's going to happen here and eventually he got the thrill over to second base go back safely and Yup here not now I'm definitely gonNA. Steal and thought bubbles turned into reality and they double stole and I know people who have certainly re tweeted it but you know mookie Betts and one other guy are the only two people in history of baseball to to walk and steal to bases in the same many of a world series game. It's McKee back and Babe Ruth I don't know the Babe Ruth was the all around athlete that Mookie Betts was but anytime you and Babe Ruth are on a list together and that's it. Your instant pretty elite company. Yeah. His last three games that he's played in this postseason reminds me a lot of Roberto Clementi from the seventy one world series where it was like that became clementi stage. You know he's throwing the ball all over the place. He's making plays running the line. He's scaring baserunners only hit a home run that gave the pirates, the a one Oh lead in game seven of the world series, a game they won. Two to one. The other two funny about movie is that he's not swinging the ball bat that well, right now Carl he when he's going great, he's pulling the ball. We really seen part of his game and yet he is dominating. In recent days, which is why this is so much fun. How `Bout Clayton Kershaw last night I actually thought I ending like Ono he's in trouble I. Twenty pitches he got one swing and miss is he acknowledged after the game he's bouncing sliders in the dirties not really close, and then he comes out after that and makes an adjustment in winds up with a fifty percent swing and miss rate the race Wong Thirty, eight times against him in his seventy eight pitches and they swung and missed nineteen times a fifty percent swing and misread not only is the highest rate of any stored in his career postseason a regular season Paulie Bikita sent this along this morning. It was the highest rate in a world series start by any pitcher since they started tracking that statistic in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eight by the way. That's the last year the dodgers won the world series. You know for Clayton. Kershaw. It was the perfect storm in the sense of the team that he's facing and I mean I I'm I'm guessing you like everyone else by about the fourth inning you recognize we'll. We'll. We're watching we're watching baseball in thousand twenty or of seeing a whole bunch of strikeouts. We're seeing very few players get on base and we assume this is gonNA. End when somebody hits a two. Run. Home run that that's how this is going to play out the fifth inning changed because there were some walks and obviously we saw some still basis which was which was wonderful because we don't usually see that but there's a there was a point that GAM you're like Yup seen this movie before who's GonNa hit the home run and Kershaw's ability to work around the rage bats I think highlights again the significant. Difference between the two teams for as similar as they may be in some ways that there does appear to be a difference between the way that the dodgers approach at bats similar to the way that the Astros had recently approached it bats the red sox the Yankees there are just there is an mookie made it quite clear after the lcs we just grinded Bass and you know it sounds cliche and it's Probably Boring and no one really wants to hear about grinding it bad because that means foul balls and long at bats but that they do wear you down and the raise don't you know the raised didn't wear Clayton. Kershaw down at all and he eventually stopped Danzig. Balls. Tyler last now never stop bouncing balls I. in fact, at one point I think we asked has he thrown more balls that hit the dirt. or the glove because every inning it's felt like tyler glass now was bouncing ball after ball after ball and Kershaw is used to have in the first inning was, and then he wasn't and they need ended up with fifty percent swing in this but the ideal team, and this is why you worry about the series when you know Walker Buehler's about to show up and whether it's worrying or may like they have swing and miss stuff and you're bringing it to a team that swings and misses that that can be exposed again, another significant difference between these teams and in the end currently after one game. You're left to feel like holy smokes the dodgers are so much better than the raise he and I was talking with a really smart person yesterday someone you know well and I can't use his name, but he basically said game to with the way the dodgers are right now blake Snell is a terrible matchup for the race because he talked about how this is someone and look Blake Snell Wanna Cy Young Award. When he's at his best he's got great stuff and dominates hitters. He doesn't have great command right now he runs really deep counts which could potentially play in the hand of the dodgers as as they are. and. It look. I looked it lined up beautifully because last now dose have slowing in this stuff when he's right, he wasn't right. So they had a big chance last night and in Tex- tech said during our pregame show he thought that was a must win game for the race like you need to win game one you you need to beat Kershaw, which would you know set them off for the? Next kershaw start that didn't happen. You need to get the length of glass no, they tried that didn't really work You need to set the stage to show that what you guys have done through the regular season playoffs Israel Randy arosa Raina locked night. You know he got kershaw he he looked very I. I don't WanNa use the word amateurish but look he was you could pitch to him Up until the world series. You couldn't get randy arose arena out and and he was hitting home runs at a rate that was buried bunch last night. He looked very regular and Kershaw did that to them. Euler will likely do that to the rest of the race and whoever they start. Someone's GonNa Start Tonight and whoever they go to again you you just wonder, is this a knee jerk reaction to a Game One performance or are we able to you know sort of see the forest through the trees doesn't this matchup doesn't work for the rich? No the only young player who I I've seen who basically adjustments never mattered was Soto like want sodas in class by herself randy rose arena last night Hembo send along these no fifteen pitches three fastballs three changes to curb all seven sliders they're working down in in in. The area that we talked about on the podcast yesterday is being a potential weakness for him. I don't mean to overstate this because you know if if the race fall behind or it's a one sided game than the dodgers might pitch him differently I kind of think he's going to be a non factor. Carl. In this series, because the dodgers have decided, he's going to be, which is why Brandon Laus struggles are so big. And just watching his body language last night. It actually reminded me of Cody bellinger from a couple years ago and they were throwing the sliders down down and down in, and he could not conquer that he could not get over that renting looks like he's so deeply in his own head. Saturday buster. You're you're right and you know the insistence on the way we do things with the raises to leave in near the top of the order it seems clear and again, what seems clear to most doesn't necessarily. Fit the, it seems clear to us with the raise they. They obviously do things differently I know I was not in the minority went cash took Morton out the other day it was like, wow, really we're GONNA we're doing that now and it worked one point about it works. Necessarily doesn't mean that it wouldn't have worked if you left him in, but it works take him out. So we all assume that it was the right decision. If you left morten might have work we we don't know in the case of leaving Brandon Lau at the top again it doesn't feel like that's the play Kevin Cure Myers back he hit a home run maybe we removed Kevin Cure Meyer up and Brandon Lau down maybe we move down but he does he looks defeated the home run hitting the LCS sometimes like Kansallis with. The, catch last night the ball games, the globe it felt like allows homer the bat found the ball as opposed to it. Actually you know sought it out and and did what it was supposed to do is more like that was a that was a buck showalter or contacted damage. You know that that was that was one of those. We throw the bat at it and Whoa my gosh, it new went out. So it's not the same God that was so great during the regular season and back to A. Rose arena quickly. You know we were all wondering who else is GonNa hit meadows hasn't hit. Brandon. Hasn't hit Yandi Diaz hasn't hit at some point. You realize there's only one dude hit year and if we can quiet him and the other guys don't figure it out. Well, how are we gonNA lose and that's what it felt like last night who else is going to hit, ya? Yeah. Exactly and by the way if the raise win tonight, we'll probably boom back boomerang back the other way. Way. So great about the world series. All right. I got two more for you before we go. That are not related to the world series. If Luneau the longtime general manager, the Astros who was implicated in the Science Stanley Scandal that was ruled upon by Major League Baseball fired and he's currently out of baseball serving his suspension, the intern interview with KP our C. in which he basically said he didn't have knowledge of the cheating scandal give a listen if I go through all of my behavior. All of my actions they're consistent with someone tells the truth and they're also consistent with someone that did it. No I did a lot to try and prevent us from doing anything wrong after the red sox and the Yankees were punished in two thousand seventeen. I had a conversation with our manager and I asked him if anybody are dugout was using fitbit's are apple watches or anything that would be remotely considered against the rules. He told me that one of our coaches had been using an apple watch but. After, the incident with the Red Sox had stopped wearing it because clearly were supposed to be doing that he did not tell me anything else about trash can banging or any impropriety I gotta say Karl After hearing that it reminds me of when you hear a college basketball coach head coach, you know saying he had no knowledge of a paper place game from his ear like you were in position to know like all that trash can banging on for a long time. There are a lot of people with. Knowledge of that, and then remember Carl into in the fall of two, thousand eighteen the Astros put a team employees in the photo will next to the Cleveland Indians dug dugout next the Boston Red Sox dugout until Major League baseball complained, and Jeff. Now said there's nothing to see here. This was preventative look. There were a lot of signs and a lot of complaints in a lot of things going on for him did not have any knowledge and I'm sorry I'm just not buying it what about you? Well I. Think the head in the sand thing is a fairly. Easy one for people to fall back on especially at the level that he's at the suggests to anybody that would ask him. Don't don't ask don't tell right I don't want to know so. In a sense I, it's it's sort of like we'll do July. Will I withheld Didn't lie but I also withheld information I knew in this case could feel similar to that concept of I I'm sure you know I get I got a party with a bunch of high school boys and girls downstairs do they kiss? Are they? You know what are they doing i? Don't know I didn't go down there but you certainly had some concept of what might be going on and you do face done some of the conversations that your your son and his friend. We're having visited Jan something like that's going on in house case, and I think rob Manfred kind of made the point yesterday during his interview tour regardless of whether. Lou. Now new exact details or not, and we have evidence that in our opinion proves he does but regardless of that part of it he's in charge. Yes. He he needs to know he was charged with being aware of what's going on so In in both senses I think he was aware you're gonNA. If you're asking does every single detail I I don't think he'd want to I don't think he'd want to know because I think that makes them complicit in it but I think there was an absolute awareness and probably knowledge of to. So I I'm with you on that. Well I I mean think about what was going on hundreds. Of Times that trash can was being bank right at some point somebody might have picked that up and especially as is involved as he was in all elements of his organization and rightly. So you know this Astra's very successfully made a lot of great choices but to be that involved in so many things into basically say I had no wariness I I'm with you. You're in charge you gotta know. And yesterday, the little bustard, there's a little responsibility on you. It's not like you didn't read the papers. It's not like you didn't read the Internet it's not like you hadn't heard of some of these things and then they then the responsibilities on you to go and find out as opposed to go into high. What I don't WanNa know what that is. Actually that is what you have to. Yes you've got to go and dig. You've got to ask the hard questions so that you do have the knowledge so you can stop it and it feels like he's telling everyone I went the other way like wasn't ideal. Yes, he. Had the power just as Jay handle all along had the power to basically go to the the players who you know, and he said that he wasn't really that involved. He had the power to go to the coaches to go to the players said, knock this off or going in the interview room across the hall and I'm going to tell everybody everything would have stopped in the same way. Jeff had the power to go to Aj look in the eye and said it's anything happening. If anything is happening, you need to end it and apparently didn't do that Real Quick Steve Collins has been approved by the management committee. As the future owner of the New York mets, this is what we expected. I sent Carl a lot of hope. A lot of home among mets fans coming up here as he takes over as owner. Of course I. mean why wouldn't there be you know you got a guy who's a lifelong met fan who has suffered along with other fans who looks at this organization now as as more than just somebody who goes in pays you know thirty bucks a ticket and gets his beer and popcorn and roots. Now he has not only a rooting interest he's got a vested interest in improving the quality of the product. Why wouldn't there they? The only other person that I wished may have gotten involved if I were a fan and bought the team after reading some of the things I read yesterday is Michael Bloomberg I mean Coen's worth fifteen billion apparently Michael. Bloomberg value is fifty, five billion. So he only disappointment for me yesterday as a met Fan why did Michael? Bloomberg by this team Steve Cohen his team fifty, five billion dollars to help with this. But of course, they should be optimistic and. I have no other reason to believe that in in one to three years this this shift, a total about this. All Right Ravi I hope the train continues to roll through the postseason for a little bit longer the four games. Amen to that. After game one of the World Series Mookie Betts spoke with. Kenny. Mayne on sports. Center at night. Just Just. Happy to be here with his guys. They've they've made it so much fun for me. Really easy for me. I just Kinda sit back and watch them play our baseball historian Carl ravage who probably got this from Tim. Kirch. In tells us that you Babe Ruth are the only two in the history of world series play to walk, and then still two basis in the same inning. Did you consider stealing home to get Babe Ruth off you? Know I didn't I was I needed to get the second so everybody can have some Tacos you know. That's what's important to me, and then you got the third and then you came in with what was it consequential run? You ran right on contact take us through that play. I knew I needed to get a decent decent primary lead, and then secondarily I needed to be ready. Soon the the ball hits the bat. OFF Like I said I've practiced it so many times spring training throughout the season. Just for just one moment. I was able to execute. You make it sound kind of boring but you're one of the most exciting guys playing in the game right now you remember your other world series home run a couple years back who you hit it off. Yeah. Yeah. It was my only other one off Kercheval. We definitely didn't bring that up though. Do know what kind of pitcher was. His signature slider, it was actually a good pitch. I just threw it right into the one place can hit well this time you're on his side. GotTa be comfortable when he starts dealing like the way you was for you guys to be out to then you get a little leading the game gets a little more comfortable. Yeah when he was rolling like that, we knew we had to do a score a couple of runs and he was going to hold them. Now. They scored a couple of runs late, but we ever to hold him off and. No one game one, where do you feel you stand in all time? mookie is right now there's MUCCI blaylock. There's you mookie from do the right thing you feel you're up at the top at this point. I feel like we're close. I was named after Mookie blaylock. So he's got ahead of me. mookie. Do the right thing. I don't know what his last name. He. He was known before I third since I'm the third one. Just happened to be a partisan some great mookie blaylock the former name of the band, Pearl Jam Rock, and Roll Hall of fame. You guys had to struggle so much to come back in your last series to get there. Did you guys have kind of a different comfort level like hey. We're happy to be here. Let's just go out and play relaxed. Yeah it was like you said the struggle to get here a lot of emotions a lot of. Took a lot out of us Go get into that last series in nowhere here now you know. Just. Enjoy it and. See what happens. Numbers Gay. THERALAC, a reporter and producer primary dot com we rely on for numbers all over the place Sarah Start today with a confession for you. Okay. the other day I told you that in writing this article that you helped me with about the greatest world series performers ever that Ad Madison Bumgarner one, I got cold feet, and before I filed it, I changed the ranking. And I didn't have bumgarner one. I just looked at it again and again, and again, I thought I how do I pick against Mr? October Reggie Jackson who has just crazy numbers? So I, apologize for that because they know you were excited on your mom's behalf that I picked up. Bumgarner I was very excited about that and my mother was very excited about that show. That, but it's okay I. Mean I I do think that you know we get a lot of recency bias and I was worried when I sent you some listen had bumgarner up there. Then maybe I was being too recently bias with that and because I saw that happen a lot of these other performances I didn't actually see happen but there I don't know one one, B One c one d. these are all outstanding performances to do all of these things in the world series. So I don't we'll see what my mom says. Rickey Jackson my goodness when you go back and look what he did I, mean you know and the funny thing is he missed the whole seventy two world series because of an injury and we finally got a chance to play in the World Series and seventy three your mets he he beat up on game six and seven, and then in the seventy seven world series, he just destroyed the dodgers I know that because he made me cry a little kid. All right now, let's play the numbers game number three number three is fifty percent. So that was Clayton Kershaw freight last night in his start, which was the highest in any game of his career where he threw at least twenty five pitches and I really think this is worth noting because Clayton Kershaw is so good and I know the postseason I know all of that cling Kershaw has had so many outstanding starts in his entire career in that fifty percent was. A higher rate than he'd had any start of his career including the regular season including the playoffs including everything else it was the highest by starter, a world series game as far back as we have pitched tracking and one of just five postseason starts where pitcher had at least twenty five swings against him and had at least a percent whiff rate in it along with ones by Tim Lindsey, Graham Corey Kluber Blake Snell and Walker Bueller in in the postseason not span. Number two is three. So cody bellinger has homered in back to back games he homered in. Game seven than he homered again last night only one player in dodgers history has homered in more than two straight games in the postseason was bill matlock in three straight in the nineteen eighty five. In. The amazing thing with the dodgers. I, think I've brought this note off in some form or another like four times already this post-season because they've had a bunch of guys go you know hit a home run in back games but nobody nobody else adopts history has homered in three straight postseason games. He bellinger will do it tonight number one number one is to so mookie betts had two stolen bases last night, we know he was the second player in MLB history with two stolen bases in a walk in the same inning with the other being Babe Ruth. The last player was multiple stolen bases in consecutive postseason games regardless of how many innings they took or anything else was Ricky Henderson in nineteen, ninety, nine in two straight LDS games for the mets and five players have had multiple stolen bases back back world series. Games Omer. SKELA. Nineteen ninety-seven Kenny Lofton ninety five Bobby Tolan in nineteen. seventy-two Lou Brock in nineteen, sixty, eight and Jimmy slagle in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seven. But this this is the one where I was staring at this. How has this not happen before only one player in postseason history has had at least one home run which movie best had last night at least one stolen base in backed back postseason games Jose can go in to straighten nineteen eight. That's just back to back postseason games not even just world series that was actually alias Game Four for him and then World Series Game One nine hundred, Eighty, eight against the dodgers so you and I have. Friends who are fans of various teams on a scale of one to ten what's the bitterness scale among the Red Sox fans that you speak with watch mookie betts play this way. Oh. My Gosh. I mean, just just look at twitter last night I. Mean it's incredible at this amazing game and yet the Red Sox were I think trending on twitter it's. Definitely a conversation topic, but you know what's so great about Mookie Betts is that the sense I get from people who I know who are Red Sox fans from people who I see talking is like the McKee that's just so lovable. You have so much respect for everything he does that it's hard to be to to in grind there's anger towards the red sox maybe towards the way the team is run itself. But you can't can't not smile watching the abouts do all of this? No. The reporters who cover the Red Sox are tweeting out a lot with sarcasm about quote unquote payroll flexibility, a lot of a lot of that believe me is going to become a running theme as we go into two, thousand, twenty, one in Boston for sure. All Right Sarah thanks for doing s always great to talk with you. have all your mom for me I allow. Bleacher tweets. Already. Buster bleacher tweets for Wednesday I got Debbie Gamons Brown. She writes in we know you root for good stories not team. So what stories are you reading four in this world series buster? Yeah. Until I don't know if he saw but Debbie sent out a tweet the other day saying that she loved the story about Tim Cartoon. Yes. Jockey around the parking lot to the tune of rocky put out by producer Justin where. You know that that's that's a pretty cool tweet I'm rooting for more of that more stories like that. Maybe Tim, we'll have something good when he returns the pot on Monday but I'm guessing not it seemed like he was a little i. wish they had seen me do that I know exactly. So the best stories in rooting for in this one you know I I'm rooting for Clayton Kershaw. He's a really good person. It'd be nice to check his box. I'd hate the idea of a hall of fame player You know first ballad unanimous election like him going through his career and just having a hangover I I find it to be a little bit tired and so I kind of want that. Over with you know I refer individual players in the team for different reasons you know Blake trying and grey guy Dave. Roberts. George Lombard different people new organization you really happy for you know and it's interesting on the dodger side. One of the people in the Front Office Galen Car who I went to the same high school is he did and I've got an own through the years and on the other side if the raise won the world series and Oliver Drake, and went to the same high school again I did he would get a world series ring. So son somebody from my high is getting a world series ring by the time. This is over in the razor are terrific people you know cash it'd be fun to see him rewarded Kevin Kerr Meyer who just loves baseball I'd be happy if he wants those are kind of the stories I'm rooting for. Next. Time we got PK Steinberg he writes in I'm getting sense four however good. The race pitching is normally good. Pitching wins world series. The dodgers haters are just much better. What do you think? You have PK I agree with you it's why pick the dodgers to win the series I felt like they're experiencing manifest but after watching that last night and knowing the Blake Snell starting tonight. I should have been more aggressive than picking the dodgers and six. Sorry about that. Taylor. It's all good next we got kayaking Smith. He writes in he's basically saying he thinks the braves would have won a best of five series against the dodgers and wants to know if you think the LDS should be best of seven. Now I don't think so I think the playoffs are long enough. In fact, this year sixteen teams I. think There are a little bit longer. Than than what do you normally have, and after all this years in aberration I, I liked the division series being. and. Finally, Scotty Barnes at Scotty Oh barnes rates in what odds do you give for Major League baseball to start with the same schedule East versus. West versus West, etc and the twenty twenty one season. Scotty your question is based on the question essentially whether or not. We're going to be back in the same situation with a Corona Virus I loved what Hal Steinbrenner said last week in an interview and the Michael Case Show when he was asked about fans in the stands and you know how different things going to be, and he said, I have no idea and neither do you none of us have any idea until I think you know there's some kind of a vaccine and people are comfortable going to Ballpark and massing. I. Just. Liability he's reduced for these teams with fanshawe up in the Ballpark I. Think we're GONNA be right back in the same situation. So fingers crossed that they find a vaccine and they can distribute that you know wide. Because until then I think we're GONNA have a Lotta lockdown. What do you think Taylor I'm kind of with you man I think we're going to be in the same boat and people sleep on the distribution of the vaccine keeping keep an eye on that every all talk about the vaccine but it's very hard. There's three hundred plus million people in our country thinking about how long it's GonNa take for everyone to get one. So something to think about unfortunately. All right. That's bleacher tweets Hashtag lead tweets on twitter, subscribe to rate and review this podcast wherever you listen to your podcast. And just one quick thing I got a tweet yesterday waiting for the podcast I know my schedule's annoying and takes me a little bit longer than I'd like to get it out. But if you subscribe to the PODCAST, basically the second I press publish it's going to be in your feet. So that is a major key if you have not figured that out already right that's it for today. Thanks to Carl to Sarah to Taylor have a great day everybody. Thanks for listening stay safe and remember hating inequality based on skin color is something that we need to fight against every single day. Thanks for listening to the baseball tonight podcast. If you're playing fantasy baseball, don't forget to listen to the fantasy focus podcast checkout all podcasts at ESPN DOT, com slash pod center. Baseball, tonight, the PODCAST.

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