February 2020 Toronto & GTA Real Estate Sold Report Recap


Hi this is Leah from Spotty Toronto. Dot Com. Hey Paul. Can't we have you over to the place once it's painted and set up. I'm so grateful for your help in finding this place you are a pro and I will refer you to anyone that is either looking to buy sell or rent. Thanks for everything see. Thanks so much for leaving me that amazing message if you have not been to visit SPA number two YOU TORONTO DOT COM head over there right now if you wanna see the ultimate list of athletes celebrities politicians and all the films and movies. That Lee has been part of. You'll be you'll your mind will be blowing and I'm talking about name such as Lebron James. David Beckham Victor Lupo Russell. Martin Ian McShane Clive Alwyn. The list goes on and on Keith. Urban John Stay most Arrowsmith Russell. Crowe Ethan Hawke Steve. Martin Dustin Hoffman. Terrace filton Aidan Quinn Mark Walberg Com fior Chantel Privy Asa. The names go on and on. It's an incredible list of people that she's worked for and I've worked with her. It's an incredible incredible partnership. And I thank you so much for being part of it and I want you guys to make sure you're also talking to her and getting in touch with her for her services it's spot to you. Toronto you'll talk to Leah. Tell her I sent you a more importantly support those who support others now. Enjoy the show. Good Morning Paul Griego here. Toronto real estate unfiltered hosted by real estate. Podcast SHOW DOT com today. I'm GonNa give you the five top takeaways from the February stats and let me just start by saying welcome to each and every one of you who has signed on for my grand openings lists for this year. It's a by invitation only events so going over to my website and registering to see if your property your condo. You lost your home your mansion to see if it's got what it takes to make my grand openings lists that's the first place to begin because once it does and more importantly you you as the homeowner are the storyteller of your property so my job is to simply sit down with you. Which is what I've been doing almost for the last month. Probably about twenty five times almost every day. I've been sitting down with you guys and hearing your stories and from your stories about how you found the property and why you like the area. I'm able to come out with my version of that story. And make sure that the world hears about it sounds pretty basic. But it's the least common thing I see done and one you'll meet with me you'll understand how it is. It is the foundation of breaking a sold record is being able to not just put a few adjectives on a listing. Do some boring reactive open house and just let anybody in right. From the beginning my principles are to only work with one hundred people in two thousand twenty and that's from a number larger than that of people who've applied and wanted to get an invitation to whether it's my champagne buyer tours rental tours downtown Leslie Ville Forest Hill. The beach there's no other way to see properties and then the champagne grand opening events ice cream carts pizza parties street wide events. All the stuff that I've been working so many years to create. I've shut down streets in King West with my cupcake truck that's right. I sometimes have a cupcake truck. I sometimes have a pizza guy. I've got my own ice cream cart. Two of them because there are so popular and they're just about to start showing up again For this year and it's going to be even better so I wanna go over with you quickly just sort of the five top takeaways from February. The biggest one and this is pretty huge is there was a forty five point. Six percent increase from February nineteen to February twenty twenty in terms of transactions. There was seven thousand two hundred fifty six residential transactions last month. That's a huge number. That's up almost fifty percent from the year. Before and judging by the amount of properties that my clients are seeing and bidding on and the fact that. I have no inventory right now. Everything's off the shelf. It's really important that you make sure that your property is listed and not just anywhere but listed with me. I Really WanNa make sure you guys are with me on this. And you're with me on the journey. The journey starts in your living room in your office at the coffee shop down the street from you wherever you feel comfortable. I don't even need to see your house until it's decided that I'm going to be choosing. Your property is one of my grand openings. So I'm still in the process of narrowing down the final choices for March. I've got some mid week grand openings book now because of the fact that the weekends are filling up so I really WanNa make sure that you guys are again. Not just sticking sonnen assign in the lawn and praying for an offer and not even being in the right price range which is something that just happened recently. And IT WASN'T LISTING. It was clients of mind bidding on him but there was a huge mess up. That happened there. And I'll tell you all about it when we meet so that's number one takeaway number to take away again. Four thousand nine hundred and eighty two transactions February twenty nineteen seven thousand two hundred and fifty six this year. February the average price so last year average price in February was seven hundred. Eighty thousand obviously still a lot of money this year. Average price has gone up to nine hundred ten to ninety and that's in February. So if you've known me at all if you been one of my clients you'll understand the importance of understanding the month or the two months before the listing that you're about to put out with me the importance of the build-up that's happening. And just the sheer heat in some neighborhoods that some of you might not know about because you know you might. Just get a postcard. You might not be getting my buzzer. Alerts you've gotTA start getting my buzzer alerts. By the way that's what's keeping smart buyer smart and letting them know what's going on and even smarter buyers and renters for that matter are signed up for price drop alerts and I call them. Paul's price drop alerts. Because I want you to remember the nine the name but I do not want to miss the opportunity. It's an incredible time to make sure that you're in a position to be the next sold record broken on your street. Why why wouldn't you WANNA do that? So the average prices up approximately sixteen point seven percents the active listings right now and this is an important number. It's down thirty three percent that's active listings in February year over year. That number along with the next thing I'm GonNa tell you should be the only reason you need to make sure that I'm the one that you talk to and that you go right over to my website and request the reports that I'm about to explain to you and why it literally has changed the entire way. Toronto real estate is looked at. Now there's been a development over the last ninety days because I look at these statistics so closely. It's something that's not even mentioned on the real estate board sites and no one's really talking about it behind the scenes but if you're a condor loft owner this is news that is literally life changing. It could possibly change your life if you leverage a correctly so I want you to go over to my website. I want you to get in touch with me through there. You'll have to simply enter your information. Your property information your email to request the report but I promise you this and you can either use the envelope on the front page. Which is the gold envelope which has become sort of the stamp of the The leading symbol for the smart sellers. Who Know that you've got to have the gold enveloping your hand or you're not GonNa win. That's Hollywood one zero one. That's basics I really want you to make sure that your one of those people who set up to win. Who understands that on the triangle? And there's a triangle hierarchy so to speak of items that are important to do the biggest one on that list and I've got lots of proof of this is making sure that your story is told by the right person and in the right place. Your property for sale in Toronto is no longer limited to being marketed in Toronto. If you go to my instagram page right now for my twitter which is twitter dot com at or at realty podcast or instagram. Dot Com backslash real estate. Podcast show. You'll see the latest graphic. I posted there. I'M GONNA put that on my website as well sensually showing you which countries around the world are active listeners. To My podcast. I just got that list today. And approaching again an incredible level of listenership over twenty five almost twenty five thousand total place and I'm going for a hundred thousand this year and a lot of those are going to also be getting my private invitations to my events exclusive grand opening details all that kind of stuff that you only get when you're signed up so this is not something you want to just pass over or you don't want to just ignore you might know someone in real estate and that's great but you need to know the right person that can get you where you need to go and I think for that reason just like my theory is to focus on at least meeting five to ten different people. A week like strangers. That should be your goal this week to meet with me. We might not know each other if you're a listener and if you're one of the people that's called me from. I get one of those countries around the World Vancouver Quebec Newfoundland I've had calls from Florida New York Everywhere just just asking me questions about our city and looking for places to possibly Invest Canada and Toronto specifically is one of the safest countries period and smartest countries to invest in. And the way real estate's going for a lot of people they're willing to again. Pay Handsomely for your property which will allow you to then leverage to the next spot the next place on the ladder and for most of you whether or not you'll tell people this is what happens. I know what happens and most of you that are in a one bedroom most of you WANNA leverage up to a two bedroom or maybe a house and right now for some of you. It's as easy as a phone call to me. Like you've got that much equity that lot of you don't know about. It's like someone basically having a bag of money in front of you but you can't see them. That's what your property is right now you've got access to potentially hundreds of thousands maybe more dollars. Inequity that you can use to trade up to your next property and possibly have depending on what your mortgage is which is why the equity sold report The Equity Report Card. That is that I do now. One of the first things I do is to give you an idea of what you're walking away with. And of course while I'm doing that I'm doing the real estate millionaire calculations every time and for some of you. You're getting a gold envelope in your mailbox two days after you email me and it's really good news. There's a lot of happy people getting really good news and I love being the storyteller of that story. I love being that person because no one's told them this they they're completely in the in the dark and for some people that happened months ago for a lot of people. It's happening just like just now for a combination of things. One of those as I told you there are thirty three percent less available active listings in February so the low inventory has a lot to do with that and the timing the fact that we are currently in the best like within probably a few weeks between four to six to eight weeks like the best time period possible to be on the market with me to make sure that everyone who listens to my podcast and all the marketing that. I do also knows about you. They go to my website. They see your picture they click on it. There's really no better way to get the maximum value from your selling experience. It just doesn't make sense for you to be paying for something and getting half or less the value and a lot of times honest truth you guys are not getting your full value so with me. You're paying the same as far as the cost goes generally speaking. But you're getting a lot more out of it a lot more exposure a lot more word of mouth Grand Openings Lead to grand closings. I can't say that enough but I'll say it again. Grand Openings Lead the grand closing so make sure you head over to real estate podcast show DOT com. Sign up with me today. Make sure you're on my list. I'm on my way to sign up some more people today. Don't get left out of this. You will regret it if you do.

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