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Hey Kelly and welcome to the ringer podcast network. As the year comes to a close. Our staff is draining. Our favorite sports moments of two thousand Nineteen Jason. Concepcion explains the year in ten pieces of pop culture and we break down the last ten years of the Marvel Universe also ahead of the New Star Wars movie coming out next week staffs discussing discussing baby Yoda skywalker romances. And what the resistance will do if they can check this all out on the ringer dot com. What's going on injure brownies? It's pitch Mr Perfect Schuyler. Asked him the spurs richer rose palaces one champion Mike King Says Stop Silverlake Heartthrob Trey curb. Monday Rayleigh superstar the login Sasha banks was wwe superstar Braun strowman names coming on his skin. Zach Lindor Damn Black Aka. The goof Har Hashem Tom. Aj sows the phenomenal one. If you will and you're listening you're listening to this. You're listening to you. I listen to this. You're listening to listen to the mass and show smash masked man should estimate mansion Welcome to the mass man show. I'm your host. David Shoemaker and joining me making his triumphant return time in three years three years. He over user. Jim is laughing in the background. My Buddy Blake my buddy blake. How're you doing? Are you letting us your name I am. I am allowed US my name now. I've been freed from the shackles of DC comics. And I can use my name freely amongst people Blakey's work for DC so nerd cred is fully accounted for through the roof We were just talking about Chris. Jericho people always we say. It's a really impressive that he's as good as he is at his age and so of course as we're we're going to air I pushed I got on the Google machine and And tried to find and and went to famous birthdays dot com to look at other wrestlers. Who have a similar age forty nine year old wrestlers Maroon through some of these names names? And you tell me should these people be the champion of e w instead of Christiane these these are all active guys. Know Okay. These are just wrestle. Even better one of them. I missed Kristan Christopher Daniels. He's not qualified. Did you seem weird. that he that bump or he fell he tried to do. A springboard like backflip from the Apron. Oh yes dismissed yet on it. At least he acted like he really whiffed on it I said this on the show a billion times but I was interviewing AJ styles. Once it's in he in person and I did. I asked it in a very delicate way. 'cause I'm a scared person a frightened demand but I was basically just like how long you're going to be able to keep doing this. And it's not because like whatever like wrestlers e nothing. He was old but basically dislike. How're you like? You're the first first the first inkling you're GonNa have that your old is that you're going to try to springboard off the top rope and you're gonNA fail and that could be a big problem the ray death and also oh and he was like I'm GonNa quit by the time fifty whatever. He hit some deadline news. I basically that'll never happen to me. But isn't that isn't that the log line for every every single wrestler let's ever existed like I'm never going to be flare. I'll never russell until I'm sixty five. O Two good log line because then you you're forty ninth. Birthday comes and retirements on the horizon than wt we used just like. Can we give you more money show up to Saudi Arabia. Please help us okay. So other forty nine year old wrestlers Travaux Guerrero had. No I believe he's in the show Glow so he's not available Spike Dudley and back to accounting. He's not available to Jerry No I don't think he's hearing could be a serious player in. Aws Jerry may be an ageless. Japanese wonder can like myself. But it's still not not. It may be qualified. Buff Bagwell note. That would be a definite. No I would probably pass. I passed on buff in in two thousand one. I think we'll pass now. The last one is A more Dang this list goes on. Stop me if somebody catches your attention. Monty Brown remember him. MM-HMM I do remember Alpha male his name and wwe. I do not remember my God. He was he was so bad monty Brown. The purpose of this exercise is to to talk about how impressive Chris Jericho. That's true. We have a lot of importance. Have talked about this weekend. Seth Rollins at ETA change of heart and it talks about people have been released And suspended from WBZ in the past couple of days. But I do want to get to this list. Oh marquees Chor von Number Marquees Chor von. I barely remember Marquees. Cor Von. What would he lose notable for was his name is Monty? Browns named Debby Wade Dealer Brown dealer brown sad story decades really great. He's one of my. WHO's one of my favorites Rodney Mack? I always liked him too. Yeah Chris Jericho is one million million is what this is proved howled jungle boy half his age and he's going at the same rate. I mean it's pretty. It's pretty incredible. What he's doing? It might not look the prettiest. It's still absolutely incredible. Jungle boy is born in Nineteen Ninety seven so like twenty two nineteen seventy nineteen ninety handy set out in one thousand nine hundred twenty two hang so he had his moment he they had this green storyline awa great. They had this like a lot of people didn't quite understand apparently but that that basically Jericho is like all fight jungle boy because I want an easy. I have to have another match this year and I want easy way. In which the Good Gimmick for a company where wins and losses matter. I don't know man. I thought maybe I thought jungle boy was such a like a gimmicky guy when they signed him. And maybe it's just because because there's a lot of more gimmicky people surrounding him now but jungle every whenever I see jungle boy in the ring I'm just sorta like maybe because the average size a little bit smaller I don't know whenever I see him in the ring and I'm just like that guy could be. The champion is part of it. Just what eighty W is doing in terms of kind of long-term storytelling and and really focusing using on these wrestlers and entire credibility of the of the whole company is that do you think that really colors what you're seeing now cooler some but I'm sure there is a feeling that anything's possible like somebody like my pop up in Wbz and you're just like well it's never gonNa have popped up on smackdown. What would you think if anything this guy belongs onto five live and then then you probably never watched the match get? Yeah but they've been doing all the things that they well I don't know I mean of all the things you can use. WB OF MESSING UP. At least they've been like pushing Jason cruiserweights and not not pretending they're cruiser. They're they're not all like Ramos. Cheerios getting like like in his first run getting like shocking winds over bigger guys. Yeah that's true that's true show but how many of those guys do take seriously well not a lot but a lot more than you would have thought you could a couple of years ago. Like Ali Well Gee I guess Shorty Gee I guess they're teaming up but the buddy murphy but who's probably a little bit over two hundred and five pounds still a game from that show show. There's some other dudes right maybe not maybe not maybe not but so you. There's other dudes who are already on the roster you could put in that category should it had been probably cruiser. Who in another era would have been cruiserweights already anyway? Yeah Anyway. Congratulations to jungle. Wave against title shot in for winning being me over Jungle Jack. I'm GonNa just come Jungle Jack. Perry I'M GONNA go full full JEB. Jr on that one Mazal jungle. Jack Perry Mazal to you all right so big week this week some would say But the biggest thing that happened by far and we got an old school attitude era style. He'll turn reveal. Oh yes Over the past couple of weeks our guy I Kevin Owens the every man of. WWe was he's been getting beat up by AO P finally Jr.. And Seth Ron sort of tr- ben somewhere in the middle Meanwhile Seth Ron's is kind of being addict trying to preach together in unity to a locker room doesn't care about him Cao's wreck running around backstage with pipe like trying to beat up trying to find A. OPN beat them up. He finds the van. He smashes it up he I guess smashes the handle of the back of the truck till it can be opened and he opens the van. And then there's a hooded figure who he grabs only than a appears. I don't know where they beat him up. And then the hooded figure turns around and it is Seth Rollins who is for some reason wearing slacks and dress shoes with a Hoodie. Good Book Yeah well you know. He's he's he's about to be married married man. I think he's got a switch up. That wardrobe you really missed you missed a the MO JO rally. The most important thing that he's done in the last year than sign a contract for millions of dollars that he signed a contract direct from mains of those. I think he did. Yeah well good work. If you can get it together. I knew outfit and now he's got. He might have manager of this kind of hard to tell if this is going to be more than one week the thing but What is filtered or or no will he you know he and interaction with? Ko backstage where he didn't tell me. It was going and Kevin Nolan and smacked him really hard in the face. But then he had a match against Kevin Owens where he was managed by. Sammy Zane. How badly do you think they buy? Hi damage raw badly. Do you think they need him to be A. He'll at the top of the card and Jeroen no guests. Mojo Rawley no Seth rollins like who takes his place. As kind of the the big face of Owens now as what I can say this last week but it's wild because Kevin owns who were who we were. You know we as a wrestling wrestling fans were reasonably suggesting may just go to t a couple of weeks ago he might just like quit. I mean be done with the main roster oster go back down to the NFC and now. He's the main the top baby face on raw. And Seth Rollins who regardless of how how legitimate quote unquote real the draft was he was like Ross top male draft pick and part of the value of that draft. Pick both in real life and in K.. FEHB ABE is that he is the top baby face and they just immediately or dislike now. He's he'll now when after says. beat up Kevin Owens. He he came on stage and he started telling explaining himself. And a half to say as gratifying is that hood pullback and the Kevin Oh oh that he curtsy before by the way Ah after. He revealed himself. Curb stopped. Kevin Owens onto the concrete backstage which was intense very then he came out and did this promo and it's cool as the reveals. Cool as the curbstone is cool as the prospect for this feud was the promo is just excellent. Excellent it was there is like the work shoot. Shoot like if it wasn't quite a worksheet but there's like there's like the work shoot version of what he did and there's the sort of like ironic modern earn phantom like did nothing wrong aspect of what he did is he was like speaking the truth. You know but somehow they found the sweet spot right in between those two things where it was like. He's only saying real things and he's actively using the reality. which is he is the workhorse the the the backbone of WWe and the fans are started the boo him because they were bored? Do you think I mean yeah. I mean that was my question was what do you think the did this show this face run of suggested. Did this show his incapability of being a lead face on a show. Like this Well I mean I think it's all cyclical in the sense. That like the like he last night he was so good both in Promo and just the just the excitement that he is. They'RE LETTING HIM BE A. He'll so kudos to w but that he's embracing. I'm doing a great job of it already and everything else it almost like I. I like immediately teleported to his eventual baby-faced turn year or whenever it is. We're I'm just going to be so much more excited for him as hero because I already appreciate what. He's done a hill again so like I appreciate so much more for what he's done in one night as a he'll But that that the end of that Promo he cut he says. I'm sure so many Said said this before but this felt really fresh and really smart where he was telling the fans basically that like. They're booing like whatever they made him. I'm a he'll which is both true in K.. FEHB and in reality like the way he said it was so well written so well conceived he says this word for word but he basically said you're negatively has become a self fulfilling prophecy. This is a true thing. Yeah I mean not just with them with most uh of wrestling history of you boo somebody. They become a he'll so yeah so filling prophecy it turned fiction into fact and then plays off the word turned it has turned me to stand side by side with. Ob basically it's the first time in WBZ history where somebody actually just said. Yes I turned in. Yeah so many what I'm saying. But like he he set in such a way that he didn't have to say it and that's like that's really really well done shit I mean this isn't Shakespeare. Although you know Shakespeare wasn't shakespeare it is kind of Shakespeare but it isn't like high literature but this is really really well done and super well done I. I don't know I mean I think I'm just like super excited. That like we've been teasing it for a couple of weeks but I'm just excited the WBZ's actually going through with it. This is this. Is the number one baby face on raw. This was the guy who's supposed to lead the the company and the the show if not the company and they're just like you know what instead of dragging this out for eight years like we've done Roman reigns and hoping that the fans will eventually turn they come around on him Which defender Buna? Let's just take the reins. Let's let's make me. He'll but do you think it's hard to say that it's not working He feels authentic. I think everything down from his his voice the way he speaks is it's super super grading. I think that there it wasn't he on the show so it was. Somebody was just telling him a couple of weeks ago. Like just listening to your voice makes me want to vomit. I mean he he. He fits the bill. I guess it's a question that I would have with this. Turn with him. kind of taking this spot is food considering all the other people they have on the roster. What's really the utility Eh of? I understand that it's the fans that are doing this at this point right like they're rejecting him they don't really want him to. They don't want him to be the lead face they don't want him to be the lead good guy in the show right but when you have other. People like drew McIntyre and Samoa. Joe Coming back at some point and you you still. I mean theoretically Brooklyn around the show. I just think that it will make for I. Guess interesting. Theater with Kevin Owens. But what's where does this go. Where does this take us? Where where do we go from here? Wrestlemainia like it's a good question because I mean obviously we know wwe. And and you know he in Kevin's could feud straight through WRESTLEMAINIA. You know I mean yeah for all we know but you're right and I don't think brock listener is a little bit. It can take him out of the equation because bracken himself literally not a right but you but also Brooklyn's have could have he'll versus Yo matchup or blockage play baby face. Whatever I mean? There's a a million ways. They could just make that work without messing up the rest of the fabric. But you're right. The Baby Fae side of the main event scene is very thin. I mean you're looking at Roussev. Yeah Ray well that's it you get to like Ramos baby face an he'll I mean obviously. Aj styles this is a is a can be a main adventure in five seconds. I mean Randi Horton's in that category too although I don't know what Randy match people are clamoring to see. I mean it's not anything. It's not anything with seth not says not. Ko Right. I mean I don't know I mean maybe there's a coordinating that'd be fun. I think actually may be even more interesting than seth actually turning at this point because even though that's fascinating topped the show we're talking about here is what else does this do to the rest of the card and on the baby inside. Who does this push up? I mean designed to shake it a real shot not like you know dropping to Aj styles and having a few good matches but does he get a real real shot at kind of headlining. A pay per view with Seth rollins. Does Samoa Mojo. Get a baby face. Run that people seem to be in for Yea It makes it it just Kinda makes an interesting. What happens to the rest rousseff? Come off this Lashley thing in a couple of months Johnson and start to wrestle at the top card because he looks as hot as he's ever looked Both literally and figuratively But you know I think I think that's the super super super interesting part about the rest of this But this turned. I totally agree roof where my mind went to. Although I don't know just like I feel like the the fact that he came back with a mustache. He's clearly the growing his hair out and put it in his goatee is already back that that was just like like he came back and somebody somebody somebody was just like. What the hell are you doing? Go back to what made you made you work. But now we're going to. I'd rather see must IRA lease like you know. Let them have a different look for punishment is going to be. You have to watch your wife make out with another dude on camera every week. That's your punishment for your moustache. I gotta say though if your wife made out with with another dude on TV like if it if it you know if you guys are strong enough to do it and strong relationship is strong enough also you get the you get like the like the trump trump card in every argument for the rest of time just like you made out with Bobby Lashley. I don't care if it was the story line we did that. I don't I don't know if I like family. Man Shoemaker. We're here it's knowledge about the strength of Mary. I would never bring up such thing. Okay let's look at other baby. Oh Alastair Black I guess it is. He's facing Buddy Murphy at TLC which could which we've already seen a fight? It was a great match. And we'll see and this is going to be. This has a potential to be the match of the night. Except for the fact that it's an man it's a night full of plunder it can be chairs and tables and whatnot so I'm not sure that like like the greatest knee strike fast asked in the history of WWe is going to be the the most memorable part of the night. And maybe Alastair Black. Maybe he's the guy to but then if he wins he gets he gets a little bit of that Buddy Murphy after that match with Roman reigns back when America wasn't that long ago Look like he was. He was on the cusp aspe- probably not anymore. But you're right Ramos. Cheerio is now conceivably right there. Although they gave he had they could have had him beat brock listener and it would not have her brock ark listener him and he and his son could have pulled off that when Brooke listeners gone for three months anyway let's just let Rahab run with the title. Basically instead gave him the. US idle the next night so armee sorry the intercontinental the US technically the next night and And so I think that that's probably where they want they. They see him You know for the future And that's kind of it. Yeah I mean unless unless you think this is the chance for no way. Jose take his place at the top of the car. I I'm ready. I'm ready for it if you had to push somebody who is like clearly at the bottom of the rock hard you you you you you have the book and you have to make a male lower card performer into the next big baby face. Who would you pick well? Besides no way Jose yes boca besides never say I mean. He's not at the bottom of the card but I would say kind. The way that they've used in the last few months would would probably be andrade just looking at him I mean he he. I think that there's probably ways to make Selena Vega more of a of a sympathetic figure. I don't I don't think she's I mean she's not doing that on purpose right now. But that's that's the one guy. Where are you know even more than ricochet I think that he could? He could really have a he could really have a run. He's a little bit younger. I think and And he's he's absolutely fabulous like I think that that's very possible. Yeah I mean it would be. I don't know really how you test ricochet at this point I think ricochet could certainly do it. I don't think he's really benefiting from the Superhero the thing that they have been doing all the time. It's quite it's one dimensional. I mean what what else about him. Other than the fact he's extremely athletic and kids. Love him I mean what else. Else's what else is there. A truthfully I mean I love the Guy I think he's fantastic but I I don't know what else there is really with him a I don't he doesn't really particularly have a story. I mean if you're if you're the let's say your head of creative for you know for a sec. What is do you have a solution for him due on keeping him obey? Hey I don't think he has it in him to be a hill. No I think that he's I think that I think that is really can see. I think the fact that it's hard to imagine as a he'll probably it doesn't help his potential as a baby face and a lot of ways you know not. I mean just like both in flexibility at the top of the carpet. Also where you go from here. I mean I don't think it's hard to imagine booking him into a holding the title but I don't know what you really do after that no and I don't yeah exactly. I think I can imagine him very easily winning a match and people going absolutely but I can't imagine him keeping it and I think that if people don't go absolutely shit that I'm again. I'm not sure exactly what you do. That's what I'm saying. I don't know how you can test them like. I think that I feel very confident that he could be a headliner. That he'd be taught baby-faced the Albany but like there's not a lot of I mean I don't know why I guess my like one percent reservation on him like I don't know how I could really figure that out. I mean you just push him. I mean if given the opportunity because I don't think people are gonNA keep popping because he earns your pops every night right and so but does he have that it that it factor. I don't know who knows. They gotta give him some time. I mean it's it's I think I let him not I mean first of all. He like he shouldn't be talking and if he's GonNa talk he shouldn't be doing that stuff. And how do you create his character. How do you create? How do you create sympathy for a guy who's self-proclaimed Superhero hero and all this other all this other very saccharin type of of storyline? How do you make it? So that he's a Guy Kinda like Koffi Koffi so much more transcendent cendant star. Then Rick Ashamed. Maybe we'll ever be but Kofi you WanNa copy to win the belt and keep the belt. I don't know that anybody's GonNa want ricochetted. Keep it after he has it. Yeah yeah well listen I mean for all the you said. Is it really that hard to imagine. I mean I know forget our free about the brand split for a while. How is it really that hard to imagine like him and whoever him and baby another baby face tag teaming against says Roi Knock Amora and then ricochet turning heel and joining the Siamese ain't faction because they all were in like PWG together at some point if he's got semi Jane Than Yes and I think it's GonNa be that like I I am done talking? Yes and the crown that King Ricochet why not have a king but the king ricochet on the indies was bad ass like that guy looks good booed crown. Not Many people can say that Gordon looks pretty good but like ricochet look good in a crown. He really made it work. So yeah I guess whatever make ricochet so you're top star. This is a long digression but also. I think you're right. I think you're that you're right about About Andrade because I I think in drought. You don't even need to change anything. I mean basically when when they were when he and ray were like trading winds wrong thing like that was basically a face turn that was basically like like the Like the the mutual respect baby-faced turn right. All you have to do is have him beat seth in a match and have him not cheat to win Yup Orange Redknapp look good in a match against Seth Cheat to win and then just have him and he can still be cocky. Nevada hockey wrestlers if on had that series against Roman reigns or peak. Komo twenty. Fourteen John Cena. How much huger would he be rather than facing? You know like a a more sympathetic baby face ray where people are gonNA love him. People want to cheer him and so the master just great as opposed to Andrade. Where you'd like this guy? You love his matches. He's he's fighting like a guy like Roman and Org Sina where you want now. Now you want that. He'll he'll to beat them and then it becomes a baby face. I think that he's got it. All there I would not give him a microphone. Ever I just think that I his English. She's getting better clearly but at the same time. I think it's really hard for him to leave some a little bit exposed. That's what I that's what I've kind of seen I just think that he's I think that he's great and I don't even think again I don't think he needs I think all he has to do is just like be cocky and be good at what he does because he's those things were those things I think you know. They do a lot of talking and especially on. I mean it's just like when Kevin Owens Kevin Jones is such a natural on the Mike that it's just hard to like be on the same roster is him trying to cut promos you know. That's why they probably put them against Seth. Yeah you now you have somebody that can actually go spar with him a little bit. Did you pay attention. The Viking raiders. Promo when they. They called out the street profit or they when they announce their John Street prophets answered using Nice little match that yet they came out. And they got microphones. I know they've had promos before. There's like backstage rush. Like pre pre produce things super super super pray producers. It was like it was as if like Hawk and animal. The ghost of Hawk Walk and animal who is alive came to the ring these they were. Don't project death on those guys know. But they were just like it was like when you and your buddy or just like watching youtube videos of you know Hogan Promos and just say you know finding trying and trying until you find that rasping your voice as you find the right note you got the right Rasp. Yeah yeah super duper impressive But yeah I mean so so you just cutting promos in general. It's it's tough off. It's it's a tough thing but you know I think so. I think the main point here is that you know set turning heel. Is this really long roundabout way of saying it. But seth turning the heel is really. It's such a a formative. It's a formative changes to the roster And and it's not just something cool colon that that we've wanted for ages because he just makes more sense as a heel but in terms of what it does and the opportunity gives kind of the freshness of storylines that gives not the. WWE has been bad over the past few weeks. I think I think quite the contrary but it. It really gives them a lot of jet fuel. I think going into into twenty twenty. Yeah I think so too. I think it shows a lot about saliva their flexibility and listen they. WB MESSED UP Roman reigns I wrote about it like two years ago and maybe maybe not that long but I wrote about how they had just like you know ms served him basically in what way I just like their unwillingness to vary from there the constant push and like every time they would get the top the fans of boom and they would basically reboot over and over again they would just take him back down. I'm like work in the mid card and in impressive fashion and then as soon as like fans weren't weren't abjectly trying to boo him off of the state out of the ring every time they were like all right. Let's let's put it put the pedal down again and they would just like boosting right back to the main event and it was like no you just please stop an abbot over and over again until he got sick which is tragic or whatever but like but that's given them free license to basically do exactly what you're saying without the backlash from the fans because to be quite honest with you. I think they've used that too. I think they've used his illness not that they're doing this on purpose but I think they've used his illnesses like an excuse. I used to kind of do whatever they want to some extent. Yeah but I mean I guess the point I was trying to make is the fact that like they the fact that they did did that is sort of an is inexcusable. But it did make the seth rollins turnover more surprising because he felt like never have. Yeah right it felt like you assume they'd be set in in their ways breath like they were with Roman. Even though Steph has been back and forth a couple of times By the way a great gimmick for somebody it would be a great lake. Bobby Lashley Post Rousseff rousseff feud would be for him to just like cut a like a completely satirical that comical work shooter have have Lana do it for him and she'd be like there's a big. There's a big spot for for a brand for top line baby face on this roster and I'm GonNa fill that spot and just haven't come out and like Americai trunks. We're coming coming off cancer discussion. And I didn't know where you're going to have him take him volunteer to be the headline baby face and just like come out with like American flag carrying babies and kissing babies shaking hands like doing the whole thing like he like give him every gimmick like he has given Bret Hart Sunglasses it will give give it to a fan in the front row and the FA ades him. I'm one hundred percent in. That sounds great. They need to be a little more met. I think Yeah Lazy. Gentlemen the baby face Bobby. Lashley it it's just like what we call. That'd be great all right. Well I mean well done well done. I guess we'll see where this goes in the immediate future It's presumably going to TLC. Although that has not officially been announced is there's nothing there's nothing there for for Father of them. But I mean after you like curb. Stop A man's face into the concrete. It feels like you should have a match but you know it's it's it's hard to say it doesn't i. It depends on how how badly got something something the ground you know. Yeah that's true. I mean also have well. I saw the brand split has been so confusing. Sammy Zane Pablo okay. Okay okay well I would say like they could just announce it on Friday but but on some level you're just like wooden raw wouldn't USA WANNA keep that for themselves the announcement. They're going to have a match if it was going to happen McGuire. Yeah if that anyway. I don't think they're giving anything to anybody except for Sammy's ain't apparently they're not really D- handing off anything at this point there's no promos for the show's really. I mean there are a little bit but yeah added has is tough okay. Well we'll see we'll see what happens. We're GONNA talk more by TLC but before we get there. I WANNA talk about. There have been some releases and just breaking breaking news. We do this a couple of people got pinged for wellness policy violating We'll start with the releases. looper recipes was not dead but no. He's not dead sorry. I noticed. Shoemaker podcast he's not dead. Not Renew. Garber was finally released after like formally announcing his really I mean demanding is released months months ago. In April he worked he worked to resume Neha weekend match like on the pier. You were like when worlds collide allied against Die Jacovic yes yup And then he made that surprise. Return later as Eric. Rowe ins muscle is old buddy. Eric Ruins Muscle Burke Rohan is getting a push on raw With a cage with something in it it as his gimmick now sure very convincing but I guess it just as a point of comparison both in terms of maybe with the with the wrestlers themselves are willing to do but also in terms of like WBZ weird levels of fascination with different performers. That Eric Ruin has been rebooted. I mean successfully repackaging rebooted several times in the past year alone. That's right and Luke Harper. Who is I think I mean? I Love Eric Ruin but look Harper's will do Corp. is immensely more I was going to say the exact same thing. It's I don't really understand I mean do you think it's maybe because Rohan and we're all completely speculating here. But what do you think it may be because Rohan is more game to be repackaged that many times in his is willing to go through that many changes whereas he's willing to get beat by the rocket. Ah You know four seconds at Wrestlemainia like some kind of jobber I mean as an actual job or I mean. I don't really know what it is. I think it's incredible that when you have three brands and where you have essentially no I mean not a lot of big guys anymore you really. Don't you have a lot of guys like you know. Aj and Ali G. kind of card. Yeah Luke Harbor Arbor like grew defacto grew six inches during his time on the roster because the rest of the roster kind of shrunk at the same at the same time absolutely. I mean there's also I I mean there's no excuse for not using Luke Harper better. Don't listen it don't hear anything about to say as defensive W would WBZ. Doing they dropped the ball in every sense except the lira one But you could imagine you could imagine someone W W you know looking at Lou Carpenter just being like well we already have Alec. He's not you know he's dirty or like we already have enough guys wrestling in tank tops and jeans or like we already have big beardie guys we already have you know. Is he a big guy or as you move that guy is he like how who what is this or is you know is it. Just Bruiser Brody two point. Oh and by the way. I hate bruiser brody because he refused to sign with my dad. Back in like nineteen eighty-one. This could be anybody backstage. Just like you imagined superficial reasons for not pushing him at a given moment. I'm not talking about overall like at a given moment. You can imagine superficial reason but this is the point that you're making you're right in a world with three shows that are supposed to be completely distinct brands. There's no we already have one of those. This guy's there's no re. There's no that you'd never come into conversation. Actually if you look at it from a from a four show perspective you look at eighty w and and you look at a guy like Harper and and you know we don't know if he doesn't have a non compete or you know won't be able to go ninety nine because in ninety three of region I mean can you imagine him and Jack Swagger Spot Right now Jake Jake Haggar hanger whatever you say. Let's say I mean if you if you can if you're wwe and you already have kind of the great worker or like a big guy going over to e w and then totally repackaging him in just a silent ass-kicker type of Gimmick. If you can basically Envision Vision Luke Harper in that role which easily easily can. I think that you have to try to find a utility for him. I I you know. I don't feel the same way. Yeah about Connor and Victor of the ascension who just got released or Sin Kara part seven or whoever the hell that was but you know I don't feel I don't I don't look at them and say when win we're really given. We're really giving our competition. Something and I think that's that's why they they kind of extend kept him on for April. But at this point you you have to be cognizant of that. I don't know how you could it be. Yeah Yeah I mean there were a couple of a bunch of you. Mentioned it sin. Kara was released. The ascension ascension was released. Were released both of them The I'm trying to think who else is anybody. Oh Mark Mike Canales did ask for release. What was it has not been granted not granted and obviously the the revival but they resigned right? They got new deals. They're they're I believe triax on Sunday. Yeah I mean they know. They're in the title match on Sunday. But I'm trying to think of other people who've like publicly been Either publicly we or or you know. It's widely believed to have been looking for release but they I mean they're fine. Set them aside. I hate to mention Mojo Rawley ever but let alone two times in a podcast. But I think he's I think he's one of them as well. I think he was rumored to have asked for is releasing that night. They just locked up now a lot of those guys. I think I think you were talking about a couple of weeks ago with Saint Germain but yeah they was locked all these mid card guys kind of crazy But yeah it's hard to I. Guess they they just to me the fact that they've all these people that even just like four people got released at once and they're probably just looking for people to release the bottom line thing ever. It's like what this is just a or it's just like hey we're fed up with all these asking releases and the perception that we won't grant them and whatever I mean it seems like they just you know there was probably more than just more than just you know. There's more at play than probably meets the eye. There are some you know deeper level of decision making now immediately you mentioned. Aws W. immediately like Mardi scrolls posting. They instagram pictures of the two of them together. And like there's everybody in and Lou Corpus twitter account is now must follow. I don't John I'm not quite sure what he's getting at halftime. But he's like just sub tweeting left and right and just like directly responding to people's tweets too busy to be following covers. I don't I don't I don't ever go on. I don't ever like check twitter but like when people make posts about what the things he's saying on twitter they check what he said around. But he's never you're never too busy to To follow these is Luke Harper. Like I'm looking at the rest of the roster right now is he just one of those dudes who is who is just is is kind of exactly the the the archetype of the guy that you know hardcore marks really clamoring for the WBZ VW. Let go because you know his work rate and his character and just stare everything about him you know. He's the guy that people are saying like yet man. If you give Lou Carpenter E W we'll who even knows how good he could be that kind of stuff. I mean other than you know Sammy's Zane. Maybe you're Kevin Owens a guys like that I mean that's that's really isn't he just is one of the top dudes. They don't want to go over oddly enough even though he wasn't He feels like in a W me. Feels like already packaged. Ready for W he apparently copyrighted they just a week before they announced his release their room their stories that he was had filed trademarks for Brodie. Lee which is any name and I mean it's a it's a pity didn't work out but I mean I think fans are right to just I mean he's a great worker. He's really smart. He's a fun guy and and these you know it's a good character. It's a little bit of a throwback character for sure but that's what you know real that can really work man works all the time in. NFC Ah The ascension was another example. I mean Shit. I mean same car too. I mean these are all like in. Some ways like throwback characters that struggled to find footing in the modern UH modern wrestling world right and I think that's but of all of them. Luke Harper is he could have evolved into something much more significant just time in in care. I mean isn't that what he was doing right now. It's they're showing you that they care about these characters and what their win losses mean and I mean I'm not I'm not some giant E W only guy but I. It's I think it's pretty clear that that's what they're doing in terms of their storytelling. I appreciate it you know I. I think it's great. So we'll see March eighth We'll see we'll see where he turns up market calendars And in the meantime I'm sure we'll be working in wrestling shows with a few of them that are not televised or not nationally televised. He'll be able to do all those And congratulations to him for getting free. Because it's it's really dumb to have a guy like that is an under under contract for even longer than his contract was originally four on do all that kind of stuff. I mean. Listen I don't think that it sets a good example to be releasing people when they're publicly requesting you know demanding to be released and everything else but especially in an era where everybody in the roster wakes up pissed off could do that. You know hop on twitter and they have a bad start a bad day for your PR department but which what about these wellness policy segue thank you? I mean they just it was just announced that That body rude and I think premo Cologne Cologne. That's it yeah. We were a now add wellness policy violations. It's I mean as with these things they're always many jokes to be had You know Sir I I I myself have within the past two weeks Pop Steroids yes. Oh Marvel that bobby rude on television And wondered exactly what you know what the name of his Dietitian is so I could look him up I mean listen borrowed road. I mean he's not alone being like a wonder of modern medicine or whatever else I mean. There's a lot of history and science. But he's just like he is just for a guy his age to seemingly beginning in better and better shape in art to start in great shape and to get better and better shape with every passing. Year is pretty incredible right. It's not like this is happening too heavy machinery or anything like that right but It could be something else entirely you know for all we know. He's you know on the up and up with a liberal liberal. You know doctor. And he got up for something actually more insidious or you know. Whatever something? That's not something more recreational we don't know yeah but it's easy to jump to conclusions. They also said they were going to release the colognes anyway weren't they weren't they released. I was I thought that they announce it. Or maybe they're gonNA let their contracts expire spire something. Yeah that sounds that sounds. They're barely on the road. We saw them. I saw them wrestlemainia weekend and more than a couple. You know a half marks who were hanging around the hotel were just like. What are those guys doing here? Ha But they've been around they they work somehow shows and the road occasionally but there there definitely working war in their family promotion in Puerto Rico so Sounds a little bit more a little bit more equipped for maybe that was the deal. Maybe like we'll let you guys go but you gotta take a wellness policy violation on the way out the door so it looks like a really doing something over here now. That's not true. They're the ones policy Socks Sucks Bobby. Rude though who was really flourishing in his role as burn Gordon Food and one of Dwight are also off Sigler's Excuses for not talking about it should be me or whatever I guess it's dossier glory another doll detour from the main sigler. Still like he does ziglar. Being crony. Is this house seventeenth. Maybe ever when they put that was it after Wrestlemania when they teamed him up with drew McIntyre is the new lake each became diesel. Hell Yeah and then. It's been crony city. Ever since they made the made McIntyre entire crony after that they made him Shane's crony and then and now he's beating up on jobbers. Aren't really sure what the I'm not really sure what the what the point is I like both those guys. Like all these guys. It's too bad But but yeah you wonder I mean this is it does feel I mean maybe. It is a huge coincidence incidence but it feels sort of coincidental that we have via the wellness policy stuff and the cuts are happening at the same time. Like Get focused I maybe get get a little. Get a little slimmer a little leaner. Yeah I like maybe there's yeah maybe there's a mode if there's motivation behind any of those things maybe they're connected yeah which is not to say? The wellness policy is like a political arm of WWe. But you take what I mean I miss his mustache. WBZ mustaches give guys mustaches. And they take them away your bank. Yeah it'd be so who knows all right enough of that. Let's talk about what really matters. T. L. C.. WWE TLC which you know what the best part you know what you know my favorite part about WB Chelsea of twenty nine Tina's is that I didn't realize it was on Sunday until you told me just have pay per view like two days ago. Yeah there's fifteen a year now or something like back and it's always gonNa feel like days ago and I know this is like the most boring like message board complaint feel like a pay per view full of tables ladders and chairs matches. Che's is one that you might deserve the full build or hey maybe even like six weeks of build. I don't think it's a good sign that you didn't know that it was on Sunday. Let's put it that way. Well I'm going to be honest. I didn't watch smackdown on Friday and I watch like the Hulu cut of raw. I had to cram it in this week. Yeah I I watch smackdown and I watched most of raw but it. Yeah it was It was it was kind of a fun week. I guess I think going into going into TLC. Not Knowing. Basically not knowing. If Seth and Kevin Owens are going to do anything probably not a good sign for how focused or not focus they are so. I'm googling right now to see if there's any new Disney rumors out there MELTZER said There was talk of doing a match with Owens at TLC. But that match was never finalized and as of this morning was not updated listings for the card. Which I guess a a statement of fact but I mean listen? I'm all for not having every feud on every pay per view. Tell the story better And take the the time that you you know. Whatever time you need but that so little bit surprising As of right now your main event is either the Kabuki warriors ears versus Becky Lynch in Charlotte Flair for the women's tag team matches or tag team championships. Sorry or Roman reigns versus King Gordon. which which is a non title Poelman? Oh No that yeah. That's what the matches Dog Food thing is weird. It's probably Corbin and rains but I wouldn't be surprised if it's could be warriors. There's match you know Dave. I think we're talking right before we went on about. How could you remember? Can you remember the last time where the the picks for this and the results seem so transparent. I mean I'm looking at this car right now and I don't really think that there's any question not only kind of yeah I mean about how it just looks like. It's going to land so chalk and you. Can you know you're looking at a match like Becky Lynch and Charlotte Buki is not to jump ahead too much but it feels is like. I not only know who's going to win the match but I know why they're winning the match and what they're doing for the next you tell me what you think the outcome is and I will do my best to imagine the alternatives. We just run through. Okay let's do it Let's start with Let's start at the bottom of the rousseff versus Bobby Lashley with Lana. And lastly it's corner. It's a tables match. By the way which was set up by the fact that rousseff belly to bellied lashley through the three the table at their divorced I ceremony I love. This is all exist in a parallel universe. Jerry the king lawler is like the only authority figure and also is like a justice of the peace. He he presided over my parents. Divorce was that must have been awkward. No it was fight. He made some unflattering comments about my mother. This really terrible I I think this is a I think. This is a rousseff just to wrap this up and have him do other things. Well I hope so and it does feel like this has been going on long enough. But they've been giving it so much time true that one wonders if they're sizing someone backstage is a little bit more infatuated who's infatuated enough with us to keep it going. Yeah I mean I I guess it's I can go to take the other side of it. I agree with you unders to take the other side of it if you if you really wanted to do if you really wanted to push bobby Lashley as your top healers one of the top and I guess you have a new top. He'll will you're talking about but if you wanted to skyrocket him up to a match watch against Ramos Stereo for the. US title for next month. Then maybe you just convince yourself that rousseff losing the rousseff could lose but still you know get some licks after the match or you know somehow embarrassed. Lana in a way that he pops the crowd and he so is the moral yet so I guess maybe this is the the only match on the card words. It's the result seems to be somewhat in question But Ruth have really does seem like. Here's the thing with rousseff. They're giving him an opportunity now and he is every time he gets when he's over his hell but it does sort of feel like I know this is Paul. Paul Heyman work playing the strengths of the performance and stuff. But it does feel like even rousseff rousseff peak when he is the most over with the crowd. It doesn't feel like he's being booked particularly and in some ways that's really good because it feels like human organic but like it really feels feels like if Vincent Man was invested in in Rousseff as a top baby face we beginning a different performance is that it does that make any sense. Yeah I I think it does obviously bulldogs campy storyline but I mean like doesn't feel like he's on script particularly it doesn't feel like yeah I don't know I mean he's working with his wife. I mean that's you know how. How does it have to be when you're you're in a storyline like this? Maybe right But yeah I I would love to see him. Get a good push and you would think that with everything else we going on raw with Paul Heyman's involvement everything else. He it seems like he's he he would be a good good pick. He be good value. PICKFORD FOR YA. We talked about at the top of the POD. kind of that makes sense to Kabuki warriors versus speculation Charlotte flare. TLC match everything's involved for the tag team championship. It seems pretty. You know to me it seems this is Becky Lynch in Charlotte flair win now. They're the kind of mismatched tag champions. Basically what we saw rollins and Braun two months ago now and and I mean that's and just for another. Yeah exactly they do this for another six weeks six or maybe until Wrestlemainia who knows but this seems out of all the ones on the card I mean this seems the most easy to look at it and just not only the win but what they're gonna do with the tag belts that they it can go either. Show the women's tag bills. I think that's case. Yeah so does that mean that Becky Lynch in Charlotte Flare Go hang out on smackdown or competitor challenges have get to come to them. Yeah possible I don't think they can come to them but I think that they can bounce around to different shows the riot squad might be ready for a comeback. That's true I think I saw Romney. Riots yeah I saw the rue ruby riots a healthy all right Lee she's out there like signing autographs and stuff like that And Morgan was just pack. So yeah maybe so but anyway yeah I I agree with you on that one But if he warned argue with the other way they could just fast track the falling out have them get come to blows on the pay per view and have the have the Kabuki warriors retain. I think getting them getting the tag belts gives them more. Choose for a few more weeks. Though I agree I agree with that decision. Chaos black versus buddy murphy singles match. I think this is the body of the Buddy Murphy push no it's This is a this is a pretty easy Alastair black. When I don't know what else I mean? It's a listen if they have to give him time. Because there's not gonNA be yeah. I mean because the loser needs to be a more winner. I mean we have a moral victory here right. I mean both the I mean the Buddy Murphy presume loser you know he's. He has a ton of upside to and it would suck if they if absolutely back a couple a month so if they the only argument for Buddy Murphy winning is the dispute continues and oster black learn something from it and Buddy Murphy gets little rubber that it it would be nuts to have our black literally sitting on the shelf not literally well sort of literally sitting on the sidelines for so long and did come back and like have involved in like a like a fifty fifty feud like no way. No way no he needs to beat some dudes up mm-hmm man at anytime you can watch ouster black highlights on next he. I mean from next year like whatever on on Youtube. It's like he's so good. All those finishes the Andreotti like all these big matches That Gargano mass relay kicked him in the head and then caught him. Like organic chest landed or head landing. It's his chest asked and then he kicked him again like they're so incredibly he can. Just it's he so fun such a good wrestler and is he's just I love new death. Bray Wyatt versus the MS. which is I guess comes out? I mean the breakaway is trying to steal Mrs family or something. Yeah it's it's unsettling doing I would say I would say I could see this being a Ms Win with some Daniel Bryan interference. Although you know truthfully I I can see that. But they're not I mean the feed is not gonNA lose. It's no worries very white is this this is not break. This is Breyer as fiend. They're not are they separating them while they had break ed kind of do is like I real physicality this week when he attacked the Miz backstage as bray Wyatt as like Mr Rogers type character But yeah on this preview that I'm looking at it says Bray Wyatt but knows yeah Really depends I mean I guess the result of this match watch totally depends on kind of what it would be really weird if Bray Wyatt losses match. I can't even book man. No you're right it doesn't matter right. You're right it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter after Bray Wyatt why it just sort of like squashing Daniel Bryan would be really weird if he lost them as but hey who knows totally And also because smackdown both a cup both brands need big stars. They need unbeatable stars. I mean yeah unbeatable surly Storytelling and not everything can be fifty fifty they they need bray. Y just like we're seeing with auster mister black to be like a force I mean he is already you. I don't think you water that down at this point I know nothing. The MS is the character to not to risk that to not water. Down for right. Diabetes Diabetes smackdown tag team championship match the new day versus the revival. Like what they're doing with the new day I guess You Kinda keep Kofi a little bit somewhat relevant and keep all of the marks wondering why he hasn't said anything about not being the champion in getting beaten fourteen seconds. I don't mind that he's not the champion. I don't mind that he's not wrestling for the smackdown title. I just don't understand. Why n even going in K. FEHB? He's not the he's not embarrassed year trying to get back. He doesn't have a human reaction to getting his ass kicked and fourteen minutes and getting winning absolutely destroyed and demolished. I I don't really understand that part. I know that we're asked to suspend disbelief a lot. But it's for all that he talked about kind of having that belt. It's the most I think it's the most puzzling thing on. WBZ TV today. I just don't get it. I really don't Gimmick was actually that brock listeners beating beating like messed with his brain and after the match Kofi Kingston thought it was like Twenty fifteen or twenty twenty eighteen. Even pretty sure that they're not pushing any CD's storylines wouldn't that be a great story line if he was just like guys come on new day. Let's go for a first tag team championship. And then like and big each cast a play along. Sure I'm in what I I don't know I can't I can't I can't break it to him. He'll he'll he'll be destroyed all all right. You know you convince me. I thought it was dumb when you started talking but now I'm in I'm in very. They should tell the big east face. Who's winning this match This this is the new day I mean. Only the argument in the other direction is well. I wouldn't particular expect revival to have gotten this spot in the first place but but just with all the releases for the this is the kind of the make good just like if you if you stick around. Good things can happen to you man possible possible but I see the new but I agree. That should be really skewed towards a new day and then finally as far as we know Roman reigns versus King Corbin. TLC match feel like this feud has been going on for like seven years. Here's even though I know it's been like four weeks. It's just I feel like I've seen this before. I know what's going to happen. And it's it's there's no what's the substance to this other than they don't like each other and that Corbin is kind of an asshole like what is what is the propulsion. Here why should I care about this for longer than another five days. Good question I mean I like both these guys I like the I mean. It's just you know it's tough so for The main event of year. Yeah it's yeah it's a tough soza main event. Yeah I I just. Don't I want to care about this because I think Corbin's trying really hard. I still find him hard to look at just like generally speaking. But you know I. I think that he's I think he's doing great work but I just I think that there's there's only so many dog puns. You can make an and Hughes Dog Paraphernalia you know. I think it's I think it's it's run. Its course I think this is a clean in Rome win. What about you? Yeah I mean. Roman reigns feuds have a tendency to last for eight months but this does feel like after especially after the dog food. The incident on Friday does it does feel like everything here feels kind of off. I mean. Obviously you're you're right about that We'll see yeah. We'll see if they if they do anything to surprise us What happened is we John? Morris resigned did he. Yeah all right. He's officially back back in the fold. Good for him it was an Nwea powers that or will he was in impact for impact. That's right NWEA. Power is like a joke. That people like the smart marks are playing. Hang on like the other. Mark said haven't watched stuff 'cause like it's like a youtube show run by Billy Corgan. Who bought it just sounds like a joke? It's not real. If like like five hundred die-hard wrestling fans got together and pretended this show existed and it didn't actually exist they. That's they could definitely pull that off the Internet. Yes use people. Only if someone asks what the addresses you just don't even reply to them on exactly Yet no I think that's that's probably true Yes John Morrison's back. I guess he could be a surprise because he's not going to be a big big surprises. No rumble surprise. He's big enough to be a surprise. Speaking of yeah he's He. He's another one of those guys that has grown about a foot. Since the last time we saw him in terms of like with the rest of the roster looks like yeah see wasn't a big a guy but he's GonNa be big now. Oh Yeah Awa was good we talked. We talked a little bit about The what's it called the jungle boy a Jericho showdown Moxley beat Joey Genoa. Talk about a guy who got big John. moxie wrestling Josie Nel is like me and my eleven year old Stepson Pat Mu power bombing him onto the bed. This is why this is why John Left. I just wanted to power bomb and eleven year old kids wanted to be the one to work like a giant and Dan a Pentagon junior and And Racine both had singles matches which is a treat a pure pure treat But Yeah I'm not sure if we miss anything else. was there anything else. You Jimmy didn't think anything Tomorrow's ray mysterious birthday forty five. He's only forty five and it's fifty five an hour better than young. How old is Ray Unmasked as he thirty five or thirty just small child aid? How old is he? Yeah Oh I saw my massive couple months ago. I talked to him a you did. Yeah here Where'd you talk to them you it just like the local Ymca? I met him online at the drug store and basketball. I'm pretty sure it was Syria. Maybe it was the same same height. I'm just getting I is definitely talked to Ramos. He looks really young. He looks great city of gun or was it just a guy mysterious mess talk you know it was Ramos Zero. He was care at the time is what I was talking to holding the mask in his hand like a support group for people that want a body slam their kids. What is this He looks great. He's great. Oh Oh here's the big news that we didn't talk about. They already started announcing the hall of fame. Oh Yeah Yeah. Because he says going in. He's apparently asked that fit Finlay inductive. We'll see if they allow that and then the W. O.. Who according to the hall of fame Intense criteria for selection includes Hogan Hall. Nash and and Ex Park which is just the most. Why would you tack him on other than you have a good relationship with them and you just want us? Keep it to the three. I don't when I think about the N.. W. We all. I don't think about him. I don't think about. I don't really think about anybody else. Besides those three guys and Scott Norton obviously I think about all the time in my dreams Horace Hogan invent another easy when David Flair for. Sure I yeah I mean. Experts on paper is a little a bit weird. He is very identifiable an interview. Oh Guy though I mean. He doesn't match. He goes If you're going to keep it to I would agree if you weren't going to keep it to Hogan Hall and Nash. Ray like why. Why spread out to four? Like if you're GONNA do for why don't you do five. Why don't you wanted to bring in Buff Bagwell? Why don't you? I mean I know why but wanted to bring these. Other guys also wasn't the sixth member that's it was six. It was diaz awesome seeing the giant worst bake sting these days bring him in the miss him fake sting his neck broke until I think fixing wrestle. Joey Genoa Annella Indie card. Fake sting was the guy you thought it was very mysterious. The yes so the interesting thing about that is I mean listen. Everything's up in the air with the new era of WB and the different programming. You know brand splits and eighty w ratings ratings and everything else but like this is really early to be announcing hall of fame induction super early. This is a time in December and I know that usually dude around they do one at the rumble they do like the big one at the rumble but maybe six weeks earlier than this stuff. Yeah I mean I wasn't there last year but maybe this is They're having problems fill in the building. And maybe it's probably I. I wonder if there's if feels like they probably are not moving tickets and Tampa like the time this to like the on sale announce or something like. Yeah my a couple of things on that one. I'm not sure if Tampa is the best place to be during a resume weekend and twenty nineteen. You talked about the other night about how excited you are to go to Tampa. I'm not you can't wait to hang out in the pirate ship. I didn't remember I didn't know you're talking about. You're like you're going to Tampa and I was like why the how I gotTa Tampa no offense Tampa. I actually spent summers in Tampa when I was a kid. I Lay Tampa Larry's ice cream take trips the amusement parks and stuff like that It's quite a shout but but I don't like wrestlemanias in places that aren't walkable Cher the management or at least like imminently. WBZ Dallas like a million different spots. That were all two-minute Ober rides away because we are all down downtown almost the entire time. But I don't like I feel like thank. You GotTa go destination for these things like New York Chicago. La New Orleans like. I'm sure there's a couple of other ones but like I don't know I just don't i. Don't I WANNA go to somewhere that I wouldn't go. Otherwise Miami's a good one even if even though you're you're just totally doing wrestling stuff all weekend thing for a lot of people. Will you want to sort of validate the trip with like and on Saturday. We're going to go to the Empire State Building with the fan because we're spending so much money to get there. Do you think they just want all these. You know old fat marks to go and into beat some place warm and there's like it's warm. It's fine we're told the story before but my my the first wrestlemainia covered back grantland was Miami and I and I got there early like I. I wanted to get the full experience so I was there on like Tuesday or Wednesday and just every day like the like the the. The first day I was there I was like wandering around just like enjoying South beach and then the next day I saw like one wrestling fan from one hundred feet away and I was like. Oh there's a guy who was here for Wrestlemainia I know at the end then like every day. There was a few more of course by Saturday. It's like south. Beach is just body to body guys in San Punk t shirts or whatever it was and it it they take over in a hurry but anyway I'm not Asher of Tampa I mean. I'm not sure if the destination thing also really wonder this. There's a limited. There is a select set of people who are going to shell out money to travel to go to Wrestlemainia wrestlemainia every year and by all the tickets all the stuff you know with New York and La and stuff like that there is there are local fans who can fill up the arenas right not in in Brooklyn New York this year by Monday and Tuesday night. A lot of those fans local people that come in from New Jersey Long Island saying Tampa is not a hotbed for. She's it's not that big of a city that's true but for the select set of people that are gonna fly in and Philip the arena every night which by the way now is more and more nights. I think how things on Thursday now or river pushing back but for all of those nights. They're doing it I wonder if some of those diehard fans haven't just spent their travel budget. They're wrestling travel the the year by going to double or nothing like whatever like whatever A. W. Show they already winston or flying in Japan going to new Japan show right. I'm just saying there's a lot more options to travel and spend a weekend with your fellow wrestling Martin. Smart Marley totally then. There was two years ago and at this point would rather see an aide w show in Vegas. I mean in Vegas. Yeah exactly cargo. Anything guys seeing a bunch of old guys. Conrad St- stuff. I mean it's I mean there's I mean there's a whole weekend of like die. Hard wrestling stuff have to do that with that was wrestling. Used to be your only option for that you know and now there's other ways to spend your money. There's other key comic cons. There's another wrestling nerd kamikaze. How Macon's cons comic con that's Oxymoron? I'm sorry Anywhere Dundee redundant congratulations to the WTO including six AKA ric Flair Bret Hart and Shawn Waldman as two-time inductees. We're really we're really proud of you. Congratulations to Batista who is a Super Hollywood star now so no wonder. They want to release them. He regimens to send Kara and the ascension and And Luke Harper all those people who wanted their releases and enjoy your ninety. Days of non competes Is anybody else congratulate. My birthdays Monday. Happy Birthday Jim. How do you turn in Twenty eight twenty seven thirty thirty eight? You look magnificent. I'm twenty tender out. Nice Really Nice Well listen congratulations. U2 and by the way Thanks for stopping by Blake. Oh this is awesome. I'm so happy to be here. There's at at least seven people listening to this. That we're awaiting my return. Oh you did great upgraded absolutely great. The three year suspension has been mentioned as over at a wellness policy policy violation for doing unmentionable things. You know it's it's fine. Listen first regular guys the wellness policies non-existent. We can do it. Everyone everyone well it depends on your job. I guess. Yeah that's true anyway. Thank you were coming by. Apologies is always the dean. Ambrose enjoy. See you back here next time to Raleigh. We'll say next week on the mass man show. You made our with Bobby Lashley. I don't care if it was a storyline. You did that.

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