Tyson Fury Wont Be at Wilder FightFury's Trainer To Be Ringside To Scout Deontay Wilder


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Stick it out. I think we gotta deal with this Friday. I don't think he's talking about the flyers. Are you ready the Piat we in the heat we live in we train year dot com very good morning and welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another glorious addition of the box and voice radio it is fight week beyond wilder Luis Ortiz. The rematch is going down. Saturday night. Live on pay per view foxsports. What's eighty bucks? I haven't bought this year. Actually buy right now swimmer. Turn on cable and by after introduced my co host. But what are we gonNA talk about. We hit a discuss discuss. The possibility of the other rematch did his lingering or looming four February twenty third. Something like that. That will happen fury out here doing a lot raising the profile you know multiple different media functions but the location that he should be at he will not. He is not showing up to the deontay wilder Luis Ortiz fight. Now it's rumor did he. And Wilder should be fighting in Vegas. It makes all the sense for fury three to be here and get a firsthand. Look at what is the anti while the post the fury while defy but he is opting out of that and instead Ben Davidson has already landed in Las Vegas. He is in town. Our very own Daniel Alvarez had a long conversation with him and he'll be at the five ringside to Scout Deontay while so. This is what we're going to be discussing. You're interested did you know the number to call in one four to five five six nine fifty to forty one press one once voice your opinion right here on the voice of the people hotline. Don't don't forget if you're just joining the livestream hit that thumbs up right now. It helps the visibility to show. It helps us grow. It gets this show in the eyes of more boxing fans I and then we'll have been Davis on this show who's been duck and for some time now. I've been talking to a lot on instagram. The man is just simply too busy for podcasts interview. But he'll give us a camera interview so strange but if you help with the growth of the show these things will be so much easier and we are going to have a trainer on today show. His name is Steven Edwards. He is the trainer of Unified Julian Williams. Who is the I? B Joe Champion the WB H champion. And I believe the IB F champion. Shout Julian Williams and thank you to his trainer Steven Stephen Edwards who will come on the show at nine thirty a. m.. So yeah we're GONNA talk some boxing not only with you and you know oh my co host but also with Stephen Edwards world renowned trainer of the champion also trains Chiron Davis by the way but without further Ado Indiana gross. The bus speak it. Believe receivers speaker believe receive speaking believer receive Casey at Nova speaking. uh-huh window come to handed bans older. Seco he shot to stand over. Read one on look win the building. Let let me check my instagram. I might be at a Yoyo Yoyo. Good Morning Good Morning. Good morning to everybody. What does T. V. Universe Buck with another one? Yeah it's Wednesday night. A fight getting closer and closer. I cannot wait to thirty tonight but before it got a little news. Rumors were reports are that he won't be in attendance of the Wild Ortiz fight and Agree with that being said no in things like that but I don't know man. Fairy does does march to the beat up his on drums. Oh knows you might show up just to rip and surprised everybody but yet man Davidson going to be scouting water for the fight light wider Better Watch all he can understand so I like the Grand Irabu was good. Nice little turn out Water arrive in style. You know what I'm saying. Nice tonight in person but Emma fucking look so damn clean on the On the wait wait wait he he he got the Rolls Royce. Struck out home So he fluid out. Let me read you. The country's right quick nearby to catch trout where he got it he got shipped out. That's that's that that's I like that. And let me tell you something for those have ever thought about. It's not even that expensive is only like eight hundred dollars for a car carrier in enemy so you can catch your flight and let that what do drive your shit over there but not literally drive it in the car car. Carry it over in a car in an eighteen wheeler like no and Joshua from New Orleans and myself of US driving big supermax you know and by the time you land you go have lunch check in Bom. Your car is there. That's amazing that's what I'm talking about. That's that's making a grand arrival. You know obviously you could rent it something. You could have rented something extravagant. But his Rolls Royce truck really early fits his outfit and his girls outfit. They came in looking fabulous. I'm just keep a G and I wanted to make the comparison to to McGregor and Anthony Joshua because you know he comes in with the lion for Co no-shirt you know roaring as he always does at the face off the bomb squad and everywhere he walks and there's not many guys that could pull this off we gave tons of credits McGregor for being able to do it. But I'm GONNA Salute Wilder. He pulled this shit off. You know what I mean He. Sometimes he's a little bit out there with his fashion. But I liked everything from the fucking Brown. Louis Buttons Buttons to the to the to the to the match coat with defer. The girlfriend had the match in a tie as well. She showing just enough art show her tattoo. I mean it was. They really planned this and I think that they made a splash. Luis Ortiz on the other end. He's more in fight mode. Wilder has to play the part. Luis looks to me. Like I'm here for this scrat- that's like the twist in his hair. You know he ain't go. Oh sit down at a salon and get it. That's him sitting there twists in the thinking of the fight. You don't look done. I mean I don't know I don't know are those twist done. Did he twisted himself on airplane. I don't know but he's in. The more traditional fighter attire with the whole team is wearing wearing sweatsuits shot out the fashion over really getting behind. PBC and their fighters we we've been seeing them sponsor PBC fighters there's more and more if not for every fight now so Yemen. I I feel like wilder made the grand arrival will but I do WanNa get Daniel on the line. Whenever he's free he's just you know he's he's about to ship off so you know definitely keep them in your prayers as he's is going to go defend the country and being Afghanistan for another tour so we will lose our Las Vegas coverage for some time and We want to send our prayers and wishes is too but definitely WanNa get him on the show to talk a little bit of Ben Davidson and talk a little bit of the atmosphere. Might because I'm excited but I'm awhile vowed defend. I just don't feel the buzz. I honestly you know U K is GonNa love this next statement but my girl actually like. Where's wilder been because I was listening to Stephen a Smith this morning while I prepare for the show and he had wildfire on yesterday. And that has about twenty two thousand views. And you know she's like wow. I just heard that he's got forty. Something fights where's he been and I'm like that's the big problem right like the lack of promotion. The promotion is now now being pushed onto wilder and it was something that should have been done so he could have been as big as he is because he's kind kind of larger than life like figure again not everybody can walk into. MGM GRAND WITH NO SHIRT ON bread like. It's a certain kind of person that can pull that off without looking crazy. And Him and his girl did a great job coming in together the The the the complimented each other with their outfits and from what I hear from Daniel. WHO's not answering Cering now? He's probably just getting out because he's working night shifts from what I hear from him. They transformed the entire. Are Your MGM Grand Lobby. Now remember you and I were there in. Normally they have that that ring so they took all that on they put a backdrop covering the check ins. And it was like this big thing but Again Rather Daniel tell you but I'm hearing that it's more all like I don't know I think Kanalelo cove left kind of buzz. Okay sounds like a good but real quick go back to my intro Wilder said I guess I didn't get the memo so I pulled open my own shit. You know what I'm saying. So the bums go. I think Despite I think people are talking about my place books of the People Kinda acts the WHO haven't fight parties are movie theaters showing this my so Pay More and more people are are starting to get by on a bums. Quite everything Fox is doing a good job at promoting the event of the week of but Far as been Davidson things like AH goes. I think it's good a look for him. To Scott Wilder saying can not learn much about anyone fighter and far the MGM. Go than me. I did see them in the lobby and I did notice the big up. The the biggest reminds I knew where they at now by them taking out the rain and them doing all that kind of stuff and it makes it seem like they are really put an end to try to make this a A attractive. A A for people who may be doesn't necessarily watch boxing. Sandy out there were Like you said the grand arrival was was was awesome. And I'm I'm getting more and more excited as the as the As the day draws near and I'm starting to see a lot latte more people will start to say they feel like Ortiz has a better chance of This upset which I don't know where they're getting this from from the previous couple fight right but maybe with the influence of other way maybe With all the hallmark. You've been doing a good point. Maybe Fox BBC Chinese their Their mind and and it reminded them of what happened in that. First light so good to see that people are taking this A little bit more seriously in some people are even going for king. WHO's that she's I got like three or four people going for King and somebody that made a bit that wow to do like silent thousand pay per view buys so it's a lot of different you gotta Bet that while those five hundred thousand yes they he does so you think he does? I don't think argued that he doesn't I'm not saying I don't think it. Does I think the possibility mommy I'm thinking with the influence of Fox maybe can reach the three. ADP and maybe four hundred thousand mark and but somebody else thinks he can get down so they have a bet going on. was you had to play that. Okay also also someone made a bet like with a betting site that they do five hundred thousand or this is a bet straight Straight bet you so you bet against the honey now now. Now I'm that bid per se gets the fire on it. I know of somebody who's better to get the five hundred so someone thinks is not not gonNA happen. Yes somebody thinks it's not gonNA happen. I mean fondness allotment. Pack Cowan Thurman got six hundred. And that's like Thurman Talk Impact Known Tone. You've got Louis Ortiz. I had not saying Shit Man. You know like he could have learned a few words for the for the for the promotion of the fight man. He could learned a few words but no five hundred man ice dude I want. I want to millie in. Oh but Is he going to get it. y'All speaking to Millie. When's the last time you seen Tyson fury social media that you noticed it not and be honest with you? But Tyson fury two point three Fowler was two point three minutes followers on instagram. I I don't remember that two point three era. I don't like don't wait for Black Friday. Get to old navy. Maybe today the gifts they want most incredible fifty percent off. That's right get fifty percent off all jeans. Fifty percent off all sweaters fifty percent of all outerwear today gene started just fifteen bucks for adults ten bucks for kids. Everyone's favorite styles are on sale today. So don't wait. Hurry in for fifty percents off all jeans sweaters and outerwear at Old Baby Old David Dot Com and soon valid eleven twenty to eleven twenty six excludes in store clearance gift of a week. Buckle up because metro is is bringing you. 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He's probably use probably grown since then at one point to own a on twitter to oh he grew from a growing twit his normally the lowest one million both so he's been like Manta. WWE and the whole. Oh you have been his wife to interview what she was talking about a book. Let me interrupt. Looks like we got Mr Alvarez Seca live in Vegas talk to US Good Morning Champ extra good morning for you. All the way in Vegas is very early but but let us know what was the atmosphere. Like for the grant arrivals good morning. Good Morning We're honestly is he pretty typical for a non mayweather fight arrival in Vegas Like I said yesterday I would say pretty fucking comparable to Cannella Coppola for their final liable. Let me let me let me let me let me ask you to elaborate library because I get the sense that when you say it's comparable Cannella Cova lab. You mean that in a negative way right because Cannella Kovolev didn't feel like annul jakup's cups or Jibril g I thought that was pretty on par with Cannella Jacobs as far as the atmosphere with the fans Definitely not triple g but I mean you're still talking about Cannella the biggest household so named than is currently active in boxing. Right now so when you talk about the heavyweight champ of the world and A fighter cannot allow you know that is no disrespect. Suspect that is you know I was. I was honestly a bit surprised to see any fast. Come Out for wilder And again no disrespect respect. I don't say that in a negative man but it kind of just showed me how his profile has grown in the lack of months right so The atmosphere it was good There was there was less media in town For the first day of the week versus like I said can Kovolev which was just three weeks ago but I do expect. That's a pick up you know. I saw radio road. Being setup got dozens of stations coming out what I saw So the atmosphere was a little bit better than I expected it for the first week of like I said we had a lot of fans he then he even had fans coming from the UK. In Ben Davidson Davidson was duct off in the back of the lobby Overseeing the grand into rivals that both Ortiz and wider made yesterday dope dope. So so you're saying that there was a lot the fans there yet. I just thought that I don't know I get the feeling that it's not a big fight week because like even the grant arrival. I mean we caught doing like eight hundred. Eighteen live viewers. I think that's crazy low. Well you know something like that. You gotta realize that it's like a two hour event you saying I think they've started at light not only that but it was also also be streamed live on television Fox sports too. Okay so yeah I was. I was aware of that But I don't know man If you WANNA bring those numbers up you know we were just talking about the crazy numbers at the fight. Yeah I'm saying so it's a Tuesday where people are at work Or underway traveling traveling home. So you know. It's it's one of those weird times to where you know I don't know but you know it's also the first day of the week where things are a lot. You know on a much smaller scale. I'm going to be honest with you. It wasn't it wasn't nowhere near But even for like Mayweather McGregor. I'm going to put it to you like this mayweather Burto had a bigger fight week than mayweather. McGregor up until the way layin. Like the fighter arrivals I remember busy mayweather Verte was a way bigger crowds in May whether McGregor you know until the way and it seemed like all the Irish fast astle when Thursday night Friday morning whatever so I don't really put too much weight on it. I really go. Based off the way in the way in will be in the arena. We know the same arena that can cope loves and was that I was very vocal for canola. Coppola saying there was a very disappointing underwhelming Way In compared it's a previous Canola Williams that being said I'll be able to Kinda gauge. You know what the atmosphere was like from three weeks ago. This Friday you know at the way in and also compared to the wild or fury way because we were there for that as well right so I think by then you kind of know. What's who expect for that fight week? I mean if you don't even have all your media members in on Tuesday for the first day of fight weeks I don't expect to have you know all your fans in. I'm you're talking six days in Vegas. That's not cheap so by Friday we should know what the fight we you know. Really what the atmosphere tale stacked right. That number is Do you expect like for like the tendon. I know you ain't an expert but you you you frequent a lot of fights and you do know about buzz. We're kind of Attendance do you think that water in a Ortiz habit. Mg You you know I expected to be similar to what we saw or canal. Low KKOB love right. You know. Twelve thirteen thousand which those are those are really good numbers. I mean Mayweather Burto did about twelve and a half thirteen that didn't sell out the MGM Grand Garden Arena So I expect a similar numbers to that. I was I was just talking to US earlier and I was telling him how they had to drop ticket prices. I think that at the ticket prices are a little aggressive And for that reason you know they drop ticket prices. So I expected expected a big walkup crowd Revolting Littlejohn about billions promotion. CEO was also in town and he was saying how He was in China. Come until he saw the large. You know the the The the ticket price drop because I guess they only a certain amount of what have you but you know I got friends that now because of the the the price drop All right now with tending to fight purchase tickets to the fight and you gotta understand even after the price drop Las Vegas fight. Tickets are way more expensive expensive than In other cities for example the cheapest ticket after the price drop after fees and everything is a hundred twenty seven. I had friends. I want to spend quarter in Los Angeles. They're paid about one hundred business missile for lower level. So you know you were able to get tickets to sense. Quarter her like fifty bucks. You saying so tickets in Vegas are always more expensive and keep in mind. You're talking about the Saturday before Thanksgiving the Saturday before Black Friday so be cognizant that as well so I think uh-huh Nice Little Walker I guess they'd comparable to you know cross comparable to Kanalelo crowds comparable to May was a borough twelve thirteen thousand in an arena that sits sixteen thousand and really quick guys Like I said given that it is the weekend before Thanksgiving Black Friday and all that another fight that was in Vegas here in. Recent years was Connecticut Code. Oh that was the Saturday before Thanksgiving and they knew granted tickets were more expensive for that but they kind of knew that given the holidays he couldn't have it at the MGM. So they had a Mandalay Bay Smaller venue that sits twelve thousand. They were able to sell that out so if they do twelve granted. They don't sell out but they still do comparable numbers to other big fights that are in Vegas so twelve thirteen is a good number. Have for Let me switch up up. Did you see any crowd of Mexicans there for Lille Santa Cruz who's on the undercard versus Miguel Flores. Yeah is it Miguel Florida. Oh none. Wow Yes yes I didn't see non I mean I saw liles dead Ed and brother myself but no I didn't know I was going to say isn't the old from la though so like a lot up this fan base could be coming up with Thursday Friday. We'll say more and that's what I'm exactly exactly and that's what I'm saying. Mike you know being being in Vegas you know for sick days days. It's really expensive. Like I said even you don't even have all your media area so I'm GONNA be honest man. I rarely get there on on Tuesday unless there's a big fight unless there's a big name 'cause you know big names have fighter arrivals regular vegas FIS. Don't have FIDO ravages got Wednesday media workup way. No they get the media workout sometimes. Yeah sometimes sometimes sometimes but you know that's what I'm saying you know I don't know man I'm I was. I was happy with the crowd that I saw yesterday. I do expect it to pick up. Obviously naturally and And it'll be it'll be to me a a nice little a nice little Fight you know Speaking of wilder you know for him. He's in when you talk about boxing. The second longest Current were ten the second longest reigning criminal world chance and the longest is the the minimum wage be WBZ. You know the guy. That's fifty four now. I can't even pronounce his name. But you know for him to be back in the same place where he became champion for him and making this tenth title Defence of that. What heavyweight title? You know I do expect a larger crowd As the week week progressive naturally and not to get. How much profile has risen? I mean we were just talking. Two and a half million people watched that The biking now if they won't be having like a a cone circuit showing like at a movie theater her or or it's something special going to be going on Downer or do people with little to go to the fight or by the view. So that's a great question my So I know that they are having the fight. fathom events whatever movie theaters local events. The fight we'll be shown in Las Vegas. There is not a fathom events Cedar right so that's not. Just wow that Cannella. Does it every single single fight. The family event movie theater showing they did it for sons porter. There's not a movie theater in Las Vegas. That is partnered with them. They're so that now as far as they used to do Co. circuits here all the time for people to use. I have not seen that in several years I think the last time I saw that was to Nello triple. Ge even now that can never was on zone they don't do close circuits so He is not you know for a while or there's no closed-circuit however it is not Out of the ordinary because we have not assume that in a few years now So here in Las Vegas if you are not attending the fight varies wars. I was just looking looking it up. There's a lot of board and tell showing it I was just at the casino this past Sunday. They were are promoting it at one of their bars so There there will be plenty of places to people who are in town. That won't be going to the fight to To Watch it. You know when you talk about seventy five dollars pay per view one hundred twenty dollars ticket you might as well go at that point right my last question. What what reason did Ben Davies gave you? The one the at the Fi- I'm sorry you somewhat reasons is give me for what till you saying that security would not be at this upcoming. So can you give me a specific reason. He did tell me that Thomson has been doing some Some meteor tours for His book that I'm not sure if the book has dropped yet. Or if it's about to drop but he didn't he didn't mention that Spending time with family you know he said that basically You know at the basically fought healed up the cut a little bit and start doing that. WWe Shit so this style. Varez hate to interrupt you. But we have a world renowned trainer Steven Edwards the trainer of unified champion Julian Williams on the line. IBF IF I B O and WBA. We'll get right back to you if you are available. We're going to have to Stephen Edwards in Philadelphia. Talk to US Steven. How are you first and foremost foremost thank you for coming on the program? Find the time to talk a little bit of boxing with us and good morning man Ramona. Hey how you guys don't if you've owned your car for a while or maybe you got a great deal on a used vehicle that feels new AAA has a vehicle protection plan that fits your needs and your budget. 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Oh you mean as far as a preparation for this little bit of everything just an update on your starfighter He's on good man getting ready for his first title title defence and his and and hometown. So you know we've already been training for a minute you know we just had to solidify the date because it was a little bit of you know Uneven would with the date and who the opponent was going to be because we didn't know rather heard was going to exercise rematch clause but after we got all of that stuff audit away. I'm looking forward to a fight on a January eighteen. So he's training hard and doing what he needs to do. So how's it feel for you too to have a unified champion and be able to come back home and defend that title in in Philadelphia the core center somewhere where seven Pharma did very well for his defense versus Johnny car- You know it's a good feeling nest but you know in boxing without what I've learned and try to do is I try not to get too high and I try not to get too low. I always try to keep even mine and even demeanor about everything when it comes down to boxing because you never know you know I'm very I'm so blessed to be able for joy to be able would've fight at home and our family and friends could come out and see is what is also a flipside today whereas a lot of pressure a lot of people pulling different ways and Dan Philadelphia's city man they turn on the eagles they turn on the sixers. So you know we got to deliver you know we just was in that position Six months go with jared her for in his hometown and they treat it like it was some type of celebration like it was a foregone conclusion that he was is going to beat Julian. And you know. And when he lost that fight it was like a funeral. You know what I mean. They were walking around. The lobbies was teasing this. They was mocking this. They were saying different things but after the fight man you would have thought that somebody died so I gotTa keep that in perspective and I got Julian No. This is not no party. There's not a parolee. This is a fight in. There's a winner in a loses into a fight. So you know you you got a remain really really focused a lot. A lot of pressure on you fight now. Yeah Man I definitely could not relate but I understand the because we we we see fight as go. Oh you know they make it to the top and then you know the fans forget about you man. It's more about what. What have you done for me lately? Speaking of the opponent Denison Rosado uh-huh which is a Dominican fighter. Now everyone who listens to this show. I'm Dominican by blood. Mother and father was born here. But I know we're we're better baseball player than fighters but this young man kind of has turned it around. He suffered a loss to Nathan gallimore but since then he's been able to rack up some wins over some decent opponents people who who probably got the win versus you know. Maybe a Coloccini shouldn't be maybe Jonty Clarke. He shouldn't be and then his draw with a Madman Antonio Hernandez he came back in knocked tim out now I heard I think it was Jamaal Charles at his press conference telling Harrison. I'm no Jorges Coulter. Look at what I did the coach. This is a dude that also be coach so like how serious are you as a trainer taking the opposition. Do you know what the hardcore snow about about him or is this guy not on your radar. Obviously he's on my radar. I would be disrespecting the game for him not to be on my radar you. I know you did your homework on them but I did. My homework on a long to go. Dramatic Clark was a real good amateur me and that kid like six two six three three. And he's a southpaw. He's not easy to fight. And Jason Rosario beat him up just in Los was red hot when he fought him and he'd beat him up and Mark Antonio's Menendez is a fighter. Other fighter Corron Davis Fort Marketing Tony Hernandez gave him his first loss in really good fight and and he not mark Dantonio Hernandez out and there's only loss was against Daniel gala more. But it was young when they you know what I'm saying. He was young when they fought and Gallimore was a monster back day. You Know Julian kind of Spirit away from him. He's not the same fighter anymore but a couple of years ago Gallimore was running through guys so this guy is a serious fighter. And he's Athleti you know he played baseball. You know you gotTA generate a lot of powering swing and baseball baseball and the kid is athletic. He was a baseball player. So I know we up again. I don't care what people say. This is a real fight and it's a tough fight and And a we prepare like it. You know what took me off is. He's a Samson the wicked witch fighter. You Know Samson has only found world class fighters you know pack Yao Sergio Martinez Javier Fortuna. I mean the list goes on and on exactly the list goes on and also also you know I mean my co-host y need to introduce these been quiet. I guess he's letting me take the show. Michael Gross in Indiana has been on Rosario and actually made hey to some money on a couple of Rosario Parlays Mike take it away. How's it going this morning? Hey Hey how are you. I'm doing pretty good. I kinda want to change gears real quick were you able to see Dr Charleston in Harrison. Press Conference yes. I want to get your quick Analysis about that press craft now. A lot of people say ended. The Harrison isn't Charles Harrison uneven saying that he's in charge after you pay that that Argument and and disdaining tweet may cause one guy to do something in a rain. They don't do. It may cost me. I mean it already did Harrison. Beat them in the first fight so oh I mean it's hard to fight angry. You know when you don't clip a guy is difficult to fight angry Charles clip a couple of days in a row where we clicked John Jackson he clipped Ericsson Lubrany clip. Charles Hatley what. If you don't clip the guy you know after that he you start going to distance and you start struggling verse trial and And harassing and You know like I say just hard to fight mad and boxing. You know Mike Tyson exit could do it. Drove mccullum can do it. Those is exceptional fighters and even when they went and fight they You know they had trouble so Charles seems angry. You know. He's like like like he me. Anger Management. I don't know you know I mean. He seems like a really really angry guy right now. Harrison Person Seems Kinda commonly back not saying Harrison has to win because I think we put too much stock in press conferences and all that kind of stuff. I've seen thing guys you know. have off body language and come out to the ring and look like an animal and everybody say this guy or that guy is scared pack. y'All got he's always smiling and shaking hands. Dan You get in the ring. He turned into a dragging. So you can't really go by that all the time you know but from what I saw you know the first fight. Their Jane's was telling Charl the stop loading up stopped. Doing you know. Stop trying to go for the knockout land. Some good shots and he was loading up and terrorists and basically won the fight light with Jazz. You know what I mean. Really putting a bro Beaten on Charlie and he just used the job then just was calm and the judges gave him the decision. It was a close fight so oh I don't know if he's in his head you know what I mean. I just know that from what I saw. One Guy seems really really angry and other guys seem to be Kinda like lead back having fine. And that's you know that's that's that was my observation of the press conference. And how would you rather go into laid back or angry. 'cause I mean you the trainers i. I'm sorry to interrupt but you hear some chain of say they want to fight it be mean as as a main angry is different ness. I want my fighter to be mean but I want him to be focused and I want his demeanor to become. You know you ever get to argument. which a woman may start yelling hollering me and this? That's it is exhausting. You know like like I don't know I I wouldn't. That demeanor is not the demeanor that I will want my fighter to have again unless Russian punch like Mike Tyson ad that Kinda Kinda Kind of physical attributes where you can really fight angry like that. You KINDA WANNA fight calm under control and everything look at Terry Norris their noses a great fighter right but don't Ovalles realized they'd do got disqualified three times in his career. Both guys go. You can go tim careers in. dulcie might get disqualified. He was disqualified three times in his career because he couldn't control his anger. You know so Uh I definitely wouldn't want my fighter to be going in the ring. Angry like that focusing mean is a lot different than being angry. Now Bradman I I do follow you on twitter and sometimes some of the tweets you put out really really badly thanking in. I believe it was about two weeks ago. You you came out with a tweet about how can I just ended and I totally totally agree with it but I came on this show again. I repeat it and some people said that I was saying in crisis. But if you don't remember the go-ahead refresh your memory being half a pound best and being the most accomplished. It's not always one in the same away. Loma Crawford a Nello. All have real cases could Nello best resume other three probably have been a skill system and could beat him. If all we're saying is now could you explain what you mean by that. Like I stick when I say the the the the resume but I still think Crawford would be Everything was level then crop would beat them. But what do you see debt. That makes you come to that conclusion. All I think it was self explanatory. I think knows a hell of a fighter but when you say the best fighter in the world my eyes tell me that is the Crawford Loma or Inoue but on paper. It's a no if you go back. As far as he forced you know guys that were missing the things like that would a new way you seen. Have you seen the ZO donation. Fight his first real fight cool. No one will fight. That wasn't his first real fight a lot of times guys. Is it lower weight division. They overlook that'd do been rolling for a long time. That wasn't as I listen to coming. So that's the same rolling Chocolat theater was doing when you rolling them. Dudes in the law division. Don't nobody know then. You finally get in there with some when we finally get someone we know. He's over the hill and Rigo beat the brakes off them and Nicholas. Walters beat the break bichsel. Just because you're you know that was his toughest test to date no neat little drug them Jack because us just because you don't know his opponent that don't mean they not credible chocolate Tito fort that do on Estrada about seven eight eight years ago in a crazy fight at the La form. I watch that fight on Youtube years ago I might man. Both of these news is good. Nobody knew chocolate. Coutinho nobody knew on the Strada wireless trying to top ten pound for pound guy now and chocolate. Tedo going into the hall of fame just because you don't know that don't mean they not credible the books that just means that you don't follow the little weight classes good enough hall of fame. y'All think chocolate keitel's in all the pain. I'm I wanted to show. He won on your show. He Will Tabu multiple titles history the win titles from Straw. Wait to the junior bantamweight. What oh five? The one fifteen is only been done one time and I know all the fame I argue with people all the time about it I just I just feel like he was a bit of a creation by H. B. O.. They were in a bit of a rough spot at the time. Think about this list is just walk down the street with me. They're wearing a bit of SPA with golden boy and Al Hayman departure. They didn't have inventory. They had to create people. They're like why do in triple defy anybody until he finally fought. Daniel Jacobs three four years his. Hbo Contract You know what I mean. Same something which I don't think they were trying to make the equivalent and Dale Jacobs fights earlier et honestly. I like both and I. I know early on no quilting and I know. They tried to make that fight but they ain't tried to make that fight where they try to make is now people get paid for a risk find. What is he's trying to make them fight for years? Nobody didn't WanNA fight you g until Kell Brook took his little butt over there and Fordham that all of a sudden kill book has some good around on triple J and not by no coincidence in his mid thirties. He started getting every fight that he wanted Kodo all those guys. Nobody wanted to fighting and all all got no horse in the race. Pay Not even in my guys division. I don't think the money was there that guy. I don't think the money was. I don't think the money was there. Look look at look at look at the day. Go Look at the David. Daniel Jacobs pay per view. The money wasn't dead Eh. It wasn't there if I'm if I'm Miguel coat off I by the hall of fame. Or why do I fight you. Offer not valid in all states or prohibited by law loans are subject to lender approval. See Website for details fleet. Wait weekly tell me. Where did you get that money man? Oh this money came from forty-three money dot com right or are you saying you into forty-three money dot com and got all that money. 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Nilo we doing not hundred thousand Boston awesome. Daniel gives you the same reason why you fight Dan Gill that that was just a fight in the contract. You you see how you see how that works. When when a guy says it ain't no money in the fight always ask what about the other guys that you fight it? Okay but then you Gil Daniel Gills not accent for the type of money Gennady gluskin would expect for Miguel Koto for you and I both know that dope. Although he calls the show exactly he must fight. He's not he he Michelle G.. Miguel Kodo could have made that fight your Sergio Martinez could afford triple J. You'll you really honestly don't believe that but for Aww gees evening together for three years. Stephen I believe he. I believe Sergio could afford triple g but Sergio would have been looking backwards. I don't make it to the mountaintop and slay the dragon my next purse after slaying. That dragon is the treasurer. So who was the treasurer. Miguel Kodo the big fucking do coming up behind you. He's coming behind you. He's gotta earn his spot mess. Mess let me just say this now. You haven't Evan revisionist history. Because I'm gonNA tell you why. Miguel Code didn't move up until two thousand fourteen. Sergio Martinez wanted to fight a a smaller main him and triple Gee whiz champions at the same time in two thousand eleven two thousand twelve two thousand thirteen two thousand fourteen while they which champions at the same time he was fighting guys like Martin Murray and Matthew mcelwain and other guys from the UK at Triple J was planned people in body bags on HBO. Yeah exit for the fight. Any never fifty pounders bodybags fifty four pounds who resided Rosario Gaber. Rosaria was a fifty four pound to move in. We all know we all know was. It's my man named. That was the first time I start. Really respected him when he finally be Curtis leading Soto Alco exactly and then he four. Exactly exactly the same thing I'm telling you Kodo. And Sergio did is the same thing that Kennedy was doing. He told me I'll go down to fight Koto or I'll go down to fight mayweather. The weather will want to go up and fight Andre Ward No. I can't do that. Come on come on. I'm not giving him no pass for that. You brought him up. And I'm telling you that. The middleweight division was ducking until he got older. You'll think is no coincidence. That he he got all the fights he wanted is known as cal. One two rounds art come on national. Boxing dog fights that man. I mean the list so the money wasn't there man ain't nobody over here. In America get offered four million dollars to fight Gennady but they offer the welterweight. Does she knew it was going to boost profile. Now you can fall for it if you want but when you when you know you can't pulled out of the and and you're going to believe and you believe in you don't believe Steven you're going to believe that he pulled out the fight or the or the any order. Eddie Eddie and his father was having issues. You know on the promoter promoting things all right. Listen you know what triple. Oh Gee ain't my guy. I want to be arguing over his career. I really don't and my opinion. I know things that happened on the same. I've got privy to certain information. I'm not calling. No fighters out our respective all fighters. But I'm telling you and I'M GONNA leave it at this. That man was unequivocably. Duck for years. He pledged to heart is amateur. Pedigree too big Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah La. Then when he got thirty four thirty five kill br rows. He started getting in fights with the bigger names Perry. Now you'll believe believe me. I'm not gonNA argue about. I don't care that much. I'm calling with Abram Cool trip gee I'm cool with a lot of fighters I'm telling you them do ducting the next time you get one of them guys on his show. Ask them honestly honest question. Did you ever change the fighting. Two Thousand Twelve two thousand thirteen two thousand fourteen was your answer. I know fighters they say to me amateur fights and lawyer nobody nuts they literally early say that that man got too many amateur fights. I'm like God damn ain't no way in the world. I say that I'll allow that. Don't believe me I'm telling you we got up his not. That I don't believe in question is not that I don't believe you. I'm just I just feel that if any one one was offered for million dollars like Kelly Brook they would've took it. Okay you telling me Julia House. Take a four million dollar. Pay Four million everybody now making that way or sparks G. for free grow so then he would definitely conversation so then he would definitely fight them for free. I mean he'll definitely fight a full four million million dollars. That's a lot. Okay that's fine you telling me 'cause I couldn't have demanded that the fighting as a champion you telling me he wouldn't ma. I made that could. No one was. Asia was a huge star. He said I'm too small but this is the issue when when canals involve I'm not I'm mad at him for saying that because he is too small. It's thousand fourteen when you when you reach a certain status in boxing you can pick and choose a little bit. I'm Eh for saying that but I'm telling you is that he said the issue with fighting Canelo. Oh is all of us in people. Think I gotta get retirement money. I'll give you a quick example. Kennel offer Derby Chanko. Five point five that that wasn't good enough for him but that same point five was good enough to fight a thirty six year-old triple innovated titlefight everything strategic succeeds. If everything is strategic. I'm not I'm not listening. I'm not disagreeing with anything. I'm not disagreeing with nothing. That you said understand. Boxing is a business. You you can only fight one person that Tom and the risk verse we wore has to be there. The only thing I'm telling you is that he was avoided until at least mid thirties. For whatever reason you WANNA come up with. He couldn't get into ring. WanNa be elite eight list until he had a tough night in this not gras. Let me tell you let me tell you how thing doernen listen. Let me tell you one more thing. It's laundry Laura. Called that man out all all his life. He's still calling them out. He wanted an elite fighter as long as it did a pay per view Canelo Alvarez. He could've fought Laura he could afford he. They want that problem. You really believe that was just talk. Do you really believe you. Laura who struggled with fucking Golo really wanted to fight that may he found around the world of women with a winning broke and Guler audible. And so I don't I don't care how unglue made him look. For the first couple of rounds he found the would win he felt just like India. Got Off the floor. Found a will to win. Oh determined got hit with a body shot and found the will to win. How do we discredit dude? Food going through adversity and Bassett Nets Little Woodham saying see we are in the age of Click B Internet stuff. Were guys in the media. You guys anybody can say anything. y'All can run with it just because it got get on social media or give an interview about our fight this guy or fight that God you guys don't have privy to back seems negotiations. You don't know we're really really happened unless you've got somebody and top rank off this hour Heyman's office in Goldenvoice also for any hers office. It's easy easy to get on the Internet. You know what many times her ally on the Internet about Julie and I just laughed at all. Somebody said he was in negotiations to fight. Laura Amin emme alarm manager is calling in the fame and that never happened and only thing I just said was people just talk shit. And then I heard all man Julian Duck and Laura Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah but. Don't even know that we already signed the fight to win a Harrison Charles. Oh and we already assigned to Phijira hurt in the rematch. Who beat Laura? So a young guys don't know everything behind the scenes so just because they do get all social media go in the interview and WanNa fight him. That don't mean Shit. Your people have to call that person's people have serious negotiations. Do you have to put your name on contract or green principle to a fight and there are certain things that I don't know and I'm telling you man Laura is a gun. He don't care who we fight. But do you really think it's people would arrest. I guess that killer at that time are you. Surrey's Full Council believes that cal for a million dollars. I I don't see why I don't show on from the UK in a four in the UK they fought in the UK. But you. But that's what I'm saying fighting a UK already side but that's still not all don't finances. He's still my argument. The money the money is going to make a jump out the window. Our unique circumstances the off a- An opponent from the UK. Fill out kill. Brook's promoter say I'll get another undefeated star that we have here fill up the show. We already spent millions of dollars in a promotion so calabro had him by the balls. He probably could have got more money than that because they were doing a show in this the country at that date and he stepped up. I'll fighting your money. Don't get other guy but but steven circumstances no no is not because you're making. It seem like it was a big baby Miller would do fell out. No this was just negotiations out in the open and one do didn't take and and someone else did. They still had a ten week. They still had a promotional tour. It was an it wasn't like they sold out anything. They didn't sell nothing now. They had to sell out once they did the tool once. They announced a fight. When Cao Brooke stepped up? It was just headlines in the media Chris eubank vs good Lufkin. I do want to start. We'd be talking about this for like thirty minutes. I I WANNA I wanna get your thoughts on the water and taking on the weeds Ortiz in a rematch weekend and laws bankers. Do you think there's a way. Ortiz can be victorious this year. I mean sure he could win the fight almost one the first one. I'm not picking them the way but he can win the fight. He hurt the I know. Luis Ortiz are really good skillful guy. For the aren't they got something guys. Don't realize realize man he's just a tough guy to beat. You know we got a extraordinary way about being able to land is hardest punch. There's a lot of guys who punch heart but they can't land the hardest artist punch. He has a way of being able to land his hardest punch whereas everybody and God haven't figured out how he's landing shot and You know until somebody figured I don't I can't bet against the wall feels like fight week to you and You know what man I've been training me. I spend time with my kids when I get home. My son played football and basketball. My daughter do basketball and track and stuff stuff so I really you know when we gotta fight our really be paying attention too much honestly. I don't know what's going on. How big is and the buds and all that kind of stuff honestly Kinda shut myself away from all that kind of stuff man We got about fifty nine days top fight. And you know I gotTa make sure. Julian's ready to roll every day twice a day. We've been going to jump onto the track you know so I really don't know was going on. I'll call up a couple of boys with PBC and see how things are going. I'LL VEGAS VEGAS I'm not even going. You know what I mean. I'm staying home because we got to train the next day so You know I don't know I gotta see now. I know people from both teams eighteen. So hopefully it's a good fight so I'm thinking of rounds. One through six group. Bet He had Ortiz out on fifth round you know. Even he says most interviews that he was saved by the bell. What are you leaning? Second half you'd think that because of the preparation with a coach Larry Wait. I'm sure you know him with your time. With with Sean Porter Does does that make a difference. I if I did end in the eleventh so You know what that's a good question. I think Larry ways a really good coach he does a good job. With Sean Porter and Kayla Point I just don't I think the Ontario is going to clip them. But I can't really tell you when it come early. You know It it can come late. It kinda depends on our tease breaks the distance. These guys let the get ahead of steam and get a whole lot of momentum when he does his right hand and and. I don't think that that's the way to fight him. I think you gotTa make sure you don't get no extension or no whip pointers shop. A tough fight would have been like a young only Phil because Phil can break that distance and work without Deonte get an extension on it. You know like like he was able to do with a bigger guys but I. It's hard for me. My guess if I had to guess somewhere meet with midway through somewhere between four and seven four and eight somewhere wearing a third of the fight the cripple. They don't do groups like that they only do. I have a second half but So what's on the Roy. Oy Ooh so the second half okay. What's your thoughts on the release fight? You know we had went lamb back into the film study and watch versus Joseph Park. And I just couldn't see Ruiz's beating Anthony Joshua now always questioned Joshua's Chen then we always thought he was Cheney but I I didn't see that type of power in Ruis. How do you see this rematch? Plan out. Unless she no most rematches go to the guy who scored a conclusive knockout But this fight could go a lot of ways. I think that Joshua fight tall. Don't fight long and I think that there is a difference. Good trainers two different. There's a big difference in fighting long if I saw. Aw Joshua stand up to straight you hitting too. Many little looping shot I think I think I think Louise is Is is a guy that don't over think I think all you do is just have fun when he fights and and I think that works in his favor you know because he's just you know he's out there having fun he's not trying to do too much with Joshua seemed to be. Stressed rushed out in over thinking in the fight Joshua Caroline this fight because he got too many physical advantages over week but It's GONNA it'll be another tough fight for me. I see them getting knocked out again. If you don't fight the right fight it's going to be a really really tough fight for him again do you. You see that man. Can they play out the same way though. Like is going to be more tactical now because both men are going to fear each other's power. No I think we've got to fight the fight. They need fight. I think Joshua you know it's probably will make people mad when I say this. You know if you fight on preview but I think he you gotta make the fight born. I think you gotta make the fight rural. Hold up my earpiece fellow. I'm back. I think he's gotTa make the fight rural born and winning decision man and go home sorta on Lennox Lewis David to sit now. Are you fearful of a Carlos Taco like stoppage when. Aj tied him. Do you think that they you know take or is it because the world is watching. We won't get no fucker. You know what that's a great point Nestle because they did for Carlos Taco. I didn't like that stoppage at all. There's a couple of doctors that I saw that I've seen and I'm like damn. They must've went that the referee mix. I hope they don't do that. You know but ruis out Woodham he got PVC with him a lot riding on this fight so hopefully at least they won't pull that on him. The weeding call those talk him where he didn't have that kind of back. I hope that don't have to. I want to get to another one complete. Slander Kinda had fake other. Worse thing about about. Boxing is being a bad issue. If you declined the MIC commission doesn't agree you get anxiety because you'd think they they can't retaliate with commissions. Just filter them out before here. I want to know what ignited that tweet. Like what motivated you to put that tweet out. Sometimes man I just some random stuff man. It was nothing that motivated me. Obviously we don't even have a fight you know till four minutes you know so But I'll just judges are human being and when you want and officials and referees and everybody is human and and When you gotTa Tell Them Hey guys could you hold on for one second literally? Give me one second. I gotTA take this call my second no problem I would. We come back. Man Says we going down a follow up question Jag Reese and a two point deduction from chaos I. If he's seen that knows any opinion about it yeah man good interview so far if you're watching this on youtube don't forget the thumbs up and as it helps with the visibility this show and then Lets US know that you appreciate Bradman schooling me as the chattan schooling. Me I don't know man it's gotTa Supachai from Four Bam media. Who says it took triple G Fizi Millie to fight dervish of a tango? You know so his words a triple. Gee wouldn't fight the chang-chol until he got fifteen million. So that's all I'm saying. Money is what motivates you know. Yeah I mean we all know. He Duck Derby Chango the first time he vacated about like. I mean come on my bad people. Damn we didn't fucking up this whole time. Yeah well I ended in the. Oh Yeah Dot Sandy. I've seen Super cheap long people empire nuts. Let me see if he's ready Stephen there. I'm here okay. So might go. You want to pick up where you left off now we we're talking about The tweet that you out about the Fisher. You're going down of the avenue talking about sometimes Officials are inhuman to make mistakes or something like that. Well basically we want to talk about Logan. Paul fight and Steve. What is a Jag reese A again Injecting himself taking two points from Logan poll really ruining the fight and causing it to go another way to watch youtube fighter. No no I did you know I I really did and you know I'm I'm happy for those kids. They gotta make some money. But I just didn't even it wasn't wasn't even on my radar to be honest with you. I don't even know who they are. I don't know what happened. I don't know anything I could say was one of the black guy a white guy I. I don't know anything about it. I didn't see I didn't read on it I didn't watch highlights so I can't really speak on it so you. You didn't even know Evan. Haney was on the on the car. I didn't know della handles on on cars. I'm a big fan of Hanes but I just didn't watch it. You know it just. It just really wasn't something I was interested. President and I felt like that ever. He was on the UNDERCARD. The his opponent would not have been any significant. So I just you know. I didn't even pay attention to be honest Hi He actually you know. He actually defended the title at first he was. It was GONNA be a non side of the fence and the Internet. You know the Internet spoke up and he listened and he chose the defense title allegedly according to him and his father they went down the line and everyone was Busy or didn't want to fight until they got the number seventeen. Some of those names. I can believe you know Obviously they didn't call devante because he already had a fight. Scheduled began boa. Who He's the number one Luke Campbell. I could see him not wanting to do it on such short notice I did question. Ramsey's bartholomew do you think these would have turned down a title shot or was that too short-notice plus the whole how could our no ransom could've miwon thirty-five that fast you know what I mean. He's a big Guy Fighting one forty so obviously Tommy where they had a lot to do with it. I don't know if he could have made the weight saying that's also a factor when you're talking about short notice despite definitely so we were talking. Jack Ries what. What was your thoughts? I mean I'm sure you probably express them on on twitter somewhere. But what were your thoughts on that alleged long count by Wilder Talking about with You told him out against Tyson fury correct right okay. I was daring that fight and I think. Let me see this in in correctly. Me 'cause I'll sh I think that they doing too much after a guy gets knocked down else and I don't want to single out Jack Reese You know personally but I just think it's too much being done after fighter gets not. Oh cal I didn't like. How much was done with wilder after he was buzz verse or Teens? You know with all of this stuff in between rounds and all that kind of stuff so sometimes when you complain you gotTa look at it from both points of view. Wilder wasn't knocked down and he did a lot of stuff him. In between rounds in New York. I think that when a fighter gets hurt or not down you actually fighters e okay you you know you see if he can regain his feet without wobbling. And if he can't then that that means that the other guy render him unconscious or hurt him enough where he can't contain all walk this way. Walk that way duties handstands and do his jumping jacks. If you're given the guy that much tom despite the ten seconds of him you know having to get up. That's like an extra thirty seconds to give me so while I agree while that it was too much going on as far as giving Thais inferior chance to recover. I didn't like how much time he got to recover when he fought Not even knock down. I think that this is a brutal sport and understand that people get hurt. But if you're that hurt and they need to stop the fight is too much going on to these guys recover and between In between getting hurt or knocked down is just too long and if you want to save the guy. The health conscious if health is the reason. Just stop the damn fight but the walking back and forth and stuff. I don't like that all like that and I never did I I think too much. What do you make about the WBZ adapting the water while the new water clenbuterol? We're all levels allowed us. The reason the last time you gave us a lot of good information about knowing saying anti doping and you said let's with lady Margaret Goodman so. I figured that'd be a great question to act the bread man you know You know what it's a fair question I'm going to say like this I think that we can get a whole lot of extra computer. All levels popping up now with a lot of people are going to test positive for these trace amounts amounts clenbuterol. But it's going to be allowed And that's all I can say I mean I think. PD uses prevalent I don't buy every time somebody come up with clenbuterol the eating steak and Mexico. I can't keep buying because if I wanted to cheat I I say again I would say I was a Mexican fighter living in Mexico. What would I say I would say? I was eating steak if that's what I wanted to do. It also helps you lose lose weight and keep muscle and keep energy so I just don't know You know I understand why you know the law from it though. Can you cycle off Komo you can. Yes yes I know I know guys who actually like weightlifters and stuff in jammed sounded actually do do they. They actually do it like maybe working out. The summertime beat stuff and get all ripped up and he laughed and he talked about it. Like it's like is open like no athlete. This stuff is not illegal with ban. I'm not I'm not a boxer. So yeah you can and I just is I. Just don't buy that excuse every time but if the WBZ maybe they have some kind of research and they understand that it you know in Mexico which is improving. And I just hope. Nobody gets seriously hurt in a boxing ring with a fighter who tested positive well it is the WBZ. They've only adapted with water is already doing the elevated levels that water has accepted Understand understand I'm just saying that I just hope that even what I'm saying is even with these elevated levels. That's being accepted Ed now. I hope we don't see Trag- tragedy in the ring with somebody with elevated levels. You understand what I'm trying to say like like even if it's accepted in it's is not illegal it would be bad look for boxing for fighter to be allowed to have elevated levels and then we see him hurt his opponent in the way where you know we have a a tragedy where you know so many young guys have been getting hurt recently. So how far do you think we are in terms of years from you know fighters or at least the top fifteen being three hundred sixty five day tested with bottom. You know Margaret better than us It's a money thing you know personally would try to do for our fights. We do pay vodka to work in the clean testing program and Julian is not a WBZ champion. I try to show much integrity as I can with. Also I also am in correspondence with Margaret. Even when we don't even have a fight on the books so I can do ninety or more days of testing before I'll fight to try to show much integrity as I can as far as as far as the testing this concern to me is easy to do because I know my guy is clean. You know it becomes a little more difficult when you gotta question if the guy is clean and not so. I try to do as much testing as I possibly can. Do you know with 'cause there really is no inconvenience of how expensive is it The reason that the number is important. Let me let let me just express the reason that the number is important because a lot of people like to say well. Some fighters aren't even making twenty five thousand. How could they pay vodka or acts revival? It it it. It costs five figures. I'm not saying the exact number and the reason why I'm not gonNA save. An exact number is because the plight does get negotiated the same way sanctioning fees get negotiated. I need and I don't WANNA screw nobody up because we may have a different number. That would another fighter had to pay. So that wouldn't be fair to Margaret or whatever but I will say that it does cost over over five figures it does cost over ten thousand dollars to do And I could leave it at that but man when you're talking about dying in the boxing Shen Ring I always say I always ex-fighter who don't get it. I'm like you rolling. Cost Twenty and thirty thousand dollars. You know what I'm saying. You Got Jewelry on. It costs that much. So you know what's wrong with paying ten or fifteen or twenty or twenty five grand for some testing so you can make sure your opponent. Don't come in the ring. He Yeah No. That's that's that's the way I rationalize it personally It's expensive you're not going to see a twenty five or thirty or forty thousand dollars and five or do it for once you reach the championship level and your person says well into six figures than you can negotiate and to me is working at that point. It's a tax write off. Those are my questions. I'm Mike Catt something I got one you. Did you say that you guys have already signed Harrison in Charleston. Will you be watching that site act. That is watching you this weekend. So from a trainers perspective would you do. If it was closer. I would come honestly I would if it was closer but it's going to be La. And I can't I don't WanNa their fights December twenty first advice Jianghua racing travel is Kinda like Tom Consuming. So I don't want to miss two or three days travel when I watch the fight on. TV You feel what. I'm saying. I really would come to the fight. I WANNA come to the fight but I can't. I can't afford to miss that much training just to go to La to watch like that. I've seen fight a bunch of times and I watch it on TV. I got a wife for you so if I fight with there's one hundred percent will go inside man so like why are these spikes in. La Why is it really the sightsee. Like why is Charles Harrison. La that that doesn't seem to make. No I'll know that's a good good question. I don't know man you know what man I'm an expert on minding my own business is not my guy so I really don't know honestly don't want some I want some Detroit I don't know what he fighting. La I have no. I have no knowledge of that hassle. Ask for you what about for you like is it. I think it's going to be so long. I think it's going to be tough on Tony Harrison to fight in La. Because of the. Tom's honestly do no because because Djamil lives in. La And west coast judges like more aggressive fighters and Jamal is GONNA be the aggressor in the fight. East Coast. Joe Judges is used to sing. A slicker boxer punchers. I fight was in New York so I think is GonNa be famous Djamil off but a second fight they be in LS. That's just my personal pain. Why is out there? I don't know that was interesting. I know right. What do you makeable tank? Fighting in. ATLANTA I think that's smart man. Leonard L. A. B. Doesn't my guy. He's a smart do. ooh So you put you put you put a K.. Okay we got news. I should mention you might assume but I think you're smart. You know what I mean. You put a kid does from Baltimore. which is urban city hard black communities and then you put ten Davis and Atlanta where there's a lot of black people and put them in their winning opponent best chimney so it'll be an exciting fight and then you know people were not hardcore fans? The most people are casual fans so they see a brutal knockout -versities too fast little guys fighting next thing you know. Everybody's going to be comparing Davis the Mike Tyson. I think that's smart. If you guys remember where was the rematch for for Shane. Mosley and Burning Fars. It was at the Black Expo in In Indianapolis that year so where was your third fight between Tarver and Jones. It was somewhere down floor for real high black community. So that's smart. They're put the fight there I think that David is Gong. Aw to not gamble out in exciting fashion which is what they want now Do you believe the Davis is the biggest fife everyone at one. Twenty six one thirty one thirty five and one forty four. He's not a twenty six pounder decades I wouldn't say twenty twenty six. He's the biggest fight for everybody. I'm just repeating l'herbe says okay I mean I don't agree with that You know I I think he's at one thirty five now so I don't think he would be. There's no way a twenty six pounder with jumped two week divisions to fight that guy as hard as he parched. You're not gonNA see yeah. I don't know but he would have to go back down. I'm assuming when Alabi says the L. A. B. Says when I'm assuming when he he said this he means the Tanka fight he's the biggest for anyone at one twenty six anyone at one thirty one forty down. That's a different story I was I thought when you said I took it literally not figuratively Let me think I mean he's a big he's a he's a big star. You know I think Shukor Stevenson is getting there. I think I think tank is probably the biggest star right now because he was a champion before Stevenson and I know he's probably made more money so I think he's Probably the the golden goose right there. I don't consider any of them. Exactly what you'd call superstars yet. You're not a superstar until you headline your own. We'll pay per view but and do well by the way but I do think he is the biggest fight for most of the guys. They're not thirty five though because Loma Olma is the guy at thirty five and I don't think he's made as much money as long or had the biggest spotlight as as lonely has had with the fights their lowest publicize Loma. I would say that is That is Tank Dave's who who's the bigger drove tank or I don't know I mean I guess right now that if I had to go buy everything it will be Roman. I mean Lomas Ford on pay per view. He's overseas. He's made a whole lot of money. He's had fourteen fifteen title fight. He's had I think he's had he has more of a worldwide audience. You no no Yeah with the Narrow what's the Olympian Guy. Luke Camp I think he's had that so I just think Loma has has a has had a little bit more exposure to little older. He's been fighting a little bit longer. You know what I mean. I just think he's had a little bit more exposure at this point but McGregor on car for overseas versus. Liam Smith Stephen's death Loma is the is is a slightly bigger star at this point but listen. I wouldn't argue of tank is a bigger star. He was a star man. They got billboards of them out there in Baltimore. They do this during this thing. I'm like trust me. I think as close but you ask him who would be the Assad it before it will be lonely in my opinion of his credentials. How long he's been fighting with these fights at what he's done things like that? I think they're Loma it. The way you tell the East side and the B side is kind of simple. It's how they split. Look the person up and I believe the ten day was. We'll make more money in their Loma if he was the fighting. And that's just my personal opinion but that could change. You know what the main tank is would would would may whether in L. A. V. and they know the game they know how to get. Get the money right so that could change in the near future but right now at this point you asked me I think mobile is the shock collar at one thirty five. He's the Golden Goose for after him. I think tank is the second biggest star. Why do you think he might be gate at Bota who moments I think? 'cause Haney beating I'm gonNA check the person man and and just because the guy is young don't mean can't win no fight every Haney is the real deal and I think that the risk reward in that fight is a tough I I. I don't know the only could be hanging. I gotta see them to fight in the ring then. Hey Me is is is serious me that can fight. He is not a lot of people in boxing. Naked beat him. I think that's an extremely tough by for Loma Loma is getting a little older. She's not past his mom but he's definitely getting a little older and I think it's a tough fight. Can the BE SAAS can the B sides in the off offer shore. The networks is behind him and he got the money behind them shore. So all the time. Why don't you think limit be thank? Thank Davis accepted the million dollar. Offer from Eddie hearn or a lease check the temperature to see if there was real. I don't even know what they got. I seven million dollar offer who he's been. How many interviews Amen I give? Thanks for coming down to come fight. tiven on disown becoming baby. Oh okay okay okay. I Apologize. I thought she was talking about My bad I thought you were talking about Hanes I don't know man you know you're gonNA have to get Leonard on the show. I don't WANNA be nobody spokesperson but I kind of assume that you know that happens when you don't want you guys that fight on another network you know what I mean when you can just build them on your own network he. He gave me this. I don't want to speak for nobody. No no this is what this this was his answer to me. He's like is ESPN. Did they allow us to go to disown. No because that's their franchise which is fine is may whether franchise fighters so he stays there just like another you go fight can come to listen I'm not arguing I I I think you're right. I think just I can't speak for him but I would assume that that's probably would it is. There's guys that people let fighters go over to different networks but is is hard to get your franchise guy to go over. You know what I mean but seven million dollars a lot of money you you know a lot of money to turn their lots of money it turned out it really. Is You know so I like I said there's no really right or wrong. Answer you know it will be hard for me. The turned down Julian to be honest with you. If I sing it on paper it was refunded my face but let me preface this way for. Oh you because what if you didn't see it on paper what if it was just Eddie hearn offering Julian Williams seven eight million in an interview would you at least have someone called him. Would you at least find out real people could say yeah you gotta find out of his room. You got to a certain point you know. We're we not in this game. Nobody wants to be fighting fifty years old. And nobody. You know you in this game and make money so you got to find out if somebody you gotta call the bluff at that point. Well listen like I said I don't want to speak for ten Davies. Because he he could be making a boatload of money fighting less and so somebody may have said why. Go over there and take this fight. Where's this slick guy and I could get guys? Stay right in front of you that you could knock out for for almost as much as they just know. We sold out BOSSOM. What I'll give you a better scenario? What do you think because you said you fly? I'm putting you on the spot. I'm glad that you said you fly with the cougars junior. How do you convince Vince? If you are the train of the manager of Lewis. Ot's how do you convince them not to take a seven million dollar fight with Anthony Joshua folded belts in New York City now. I know he's fighting tomorrow. Saturday whatever today is but like how do you like I mean nobody has ever said Ed rumors of wild to be Chinni this been rumors of. Aj Being Cheney since the very beginning like I would assume people want to jump on that fight especially for seven mill. I'll know man. I can't really comment on that because I don't know I that's that's the best answer that I wanted the hyper zone. I want to but that will put you in addition he might he might. He might touch that number. He might touch that number wilder. Who knows one thing that you guys don't know there's some that every auto money they get reported? Don't be the money that they gotta be making. Oh No we notice the charter one. The State No. We know that I could show them some. Might say look. You can't touch that same number. You won't touch that same number. Where the guy who's familiar with an almost? Maybe that's what it was. I don't know not. That's the same narrative we were saying. Though yeah I gotta guess like I said Man. I've been I've I've been. I've become an expert in mind my own business. I try to stay out of everybody stuff. Because I've got stuff going on with my own guys man. We gotta get rolling ourselves. You know what I mean so somebody turn turnoff someone I always say. Oh man maybe something under the table that the public know about. Listen guys I gotta go man. We gotTa Start Training Anyway. It's been more than generous with time. And thank you so much man who was very very informative in great interview if he got any social. The Go ahead and give it out now. Nah Man I don't care about time stuff. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it so that ran over. So long that Madonna. I hate that ship. You're word is bond with interview. I was good very informative very informative did you guys enjoy that You know I didn't see one super chassis yellow. Hello Bradman so great. You should get him back. Oh man what a love man. That was a lot of information right there. Let's go out to the callers. Any final thoughts might for we open it up. Yeah my smash that. Many of the show helps us get some more guests on him and That's like guess number four to if you haven't checked out yesterday's raise episode. Make sure that you do. I had three guests on yesterday for the evening show. We had Who'd we have there? We add Jake Donovan. Boxing she seen writer. We had Ronnie Shields where renowned trainer. And who else did we have wells. Did we have. I don't even remember all. Oh man is suck so we had a third person. I believe but you can find out just south of you head on over to tune in stitcher right here on YouTube dot com for which which last box invoice also on the box dot com. You can find our podcast every wear remember to write his five stars on Itunes. These calls are brought to you by L. Camino electrical services experts in electric vehicle charging stations for consultations and turnkey installation visit us at El Camino electrical electrical services dot com. Only well below Sir Fight Week. Let's let's go with Caserta talked to see. Maybe A it was good great interviews and stuff then this was a long one. Shaw Grew up said so Yeah I checked out that thing on Fox. I don't think you can actually download that and then get the fight. You have to actually do the papers that doesn't include. Who of course you got to pay per view on the APP? But you don't have to pay for the APP. I should know know you know you asked if you have to pay for the APP. The APP is free. The paper view is not. I got the apple on that. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa go right now. I don't have cable. 'cause I don't have cable. Thousands trying to find a way to wash fight other than gone ought to drive too far to wash the fate but Great interview as soon as I went to the Fox sports at oppressed the the little boxing glove and it says a big fat auto right. They're both at this free. Okay so like I said yesterday is coming. ESPN yeah and you got a no no no no no anyway your tons up you got a boomerang listen listen listen listen listen. The APP is free. ESPN is ninety nine there their free. You download it but you can't get ESPN plus without paying for ninety nine per month. This APP is free. They do have content four free. The the pay per view can be ordered within the APP. If you haven't pressed one we can get you on the show on blog talk we're going to boomerang. Cyp La late. Good Morning. I'm going to agree with the thank you say something. I'm good. No that's the whole thing about being whatever you know. What's funny? Is that Harrison Toronto. Fight off the whole time. The same thing that took an hour to set for something over something if you get three different Jefferson light aggression power punches. Challah wins nobody. The article was written to the crowd and award was boy decision to convey. Believe follow did enough to win. It's hard to justify comparison even though not a wipeout that were going on at the actual automatically Yagi marina better snacks Albert Doodoo Bite. Somebody out who who for angry all these there chocolates are just ridiculous. I don't like the kind of person so Louise Bid Successful Summit when he moved when he comes in California you get three different not by the same exact way in just thought that stop near John. Eighteen in people qualify. Whatever works works? I'm COCO's people who are saying ever made you successful do that jockey. Pittsburgh admitted all all the more you want when he wins the REMEK. Don't say Gulf attitude should is who is he taking in a rematch. Met Fellow angry. I think they came off. But you know whatever he's in certainly Tavares senior ethics got a super check coming from scat ranch. Bradman so great. You guys should get them back on. I thought scam ranch was from the UK that Super Chetta's dollars. Being maybe got crypto May Be could you connect to your youtube. Oh I'm talking about okay. We go on out to Josh New Orleans Josh Good Morning Good Morning I always like Oh oh boy and abuses gives some real sal in the jaw X.. y'All think about the final die. Fight Question I I asked him I I read the same. He said if you believe it was a pretty much smoking dope we the same but I'm just interpreted how I interpreted. I'd get some shit then because I still believe that she was a diving avenue shakes me. Hey you've been a bit of a hater. Hey I've been one and I'm going to stay one. Let me re tweeted to your quick talking when you find that you going back. Okay now quick like right interview I like to do. y'All drop some bombs Good he's not like a good trae Not just like energy like C. Y.. P. Said I think he does. No he won't be fighting mail Next fight and stuff like that and I'm looking forward to let it. He signed the contract day rocket redeem himself against the other cello. 'cause he was out boxing Jamal into Jamal. Khan without I think with the uppercut yet up. It cuts down on night night so you get a chance to fight other child who is indisposed. Strong is Jamal so like I say I look. I'm looking forward to. I don't think it's going to be Harrison Harrison tonight when I fight and he was actually given that decision I had shown winning that fight eat with his temples and aggression and approach it a robotic box. Jeez talk to us. Jesus done dropped off. Well you on one did Jesus and sues out all right. We're going Steve. Talk to me the morning morning. Guys how you guys doing a national you. They're not just want to say Thank you I wasn't able to catch it live the last night I caught your interview and for all those guys out there. They think I'm crazy. I don't know what I'm talking about. Go check out. The interview did with Charles IOS trainer and see what I was talking about yesterday morning but anyways I just wanted to say on. Why older He's boggling man like you said or he got let them keep winning a wilder fan and I I think he's he's you know he's gone places he's gotTa keep weather. Yeah we got a patient a little bit and You know I love how. PBC trace their fighters. I love they let the boxers. I run the show I just love. BBC's doing with Fox you know. I don't need Eddie hearn and Bob Arum and husker telling me Shit I just love that format that. BBC Has. And I'm all all right. Well Steve Man thanks for calling in. Okay Steve where are you from. I'm I'm just outside of Chicago Indiana but it's like I'm in I'm in what they call the armpit of Indiana okay. Tom Plums and Florida. Yes Sir so on like I said the Super Ah Yup wages eleven all week long. And he's he's not he's not GonNa fix the statement blitz. I'm just calling Nancy Kinda like round year. I forgot forgot what I heard somebody call him a couple of callers ago and I really got nothing to say about this topic. I'm just calling to basically start telling people stop stop using the same old cliche narrative when somebody get knocked out they say oh. This person was out boxing. This bird city. I'm not like you no matter fight. Somebody got knocked out and I'm sorry not everybody stands stuff like that. 'cause it's annoying takes away from imprisonment that not when you say. Oh he was getting off until he said nothing so I just wanted people to stop saying it so much because it's overused in. It's annoying so that everybody thinks when a pledge of not somebody out do not bucks because they just narrative that people be go is of. I won't stop staring at select. Well all right he plumbs. Thanks for calling in we got. PBC missed the on a boomerang. Boom I watched And the face off and stuff does I think Press conference whatever that was Grand Grand Lenovo and That was they water. Came in there and did the same thing like the first one you know yelled out that bomb squad right next to her teeth rattle a little bit. This is GonNa be a five man. I'll pay hundred eighty bucks assessment. Ain't going to be getting no chicken. I'm definitely watching the fight eating after done that slice or you could just it before. Yeah it's true. Should I can't wait for this is going to be bigger than CAN I. Don't even EH couple months. That's my call. Networks can cost C. Y. P.. Bouma vein no what I was saying Ed Chavez Great fighter I love I love the warrior elitist These fights for his first forty five and nobody said we're where's he been by because when gap year that motherfucker put on a show. Nobody cared with Momo Doma was level with an average is fighting due to it never return professional robot interior because we got to show the stew so when you see Robert Home Heating identitat. Tummy's not going to shut up. When people people bring the Amundsen mighty makes ticket sales? They get you only say lose Mohammed Ali. They talk about money he may Roy del talk about that. Uh of award in talking about that. She only do that. Can lose resolve bringing up money it takes. It is like busy money. Academic Shame Shame Loyd hotter muscle but activate women so reasonable accurate talked about. We'll be excited. But if he was undefeated he waiting to be made to tell US collect selected move onto the next phone. Its second by boy. People want me to fight meaty agree some research Act Abbotabad. They want me. Who had never seen Eh five million instead of you? That may they got you boy. Nobody believed in. You need do not here you are. They don't believe it'll be a whole lot. Snyder could be out. Yeah so I'm actually take somewhere and cover nike man and see if we could get him on. I don't know how busy he he is If not that is the last caller so yeah man. It'd be good to get his thoughts. I and plus. We could see what he thinks about that. a call out from Your good friend Dominic Brazil. Okay Yeah Man. Yeah I mean we always come back. You know delayed on. We'll do that. We'll come back. I'll let him hit me up and schedule schedule reschedule or something like that But Yemen as Geo instagram twitter geographic. Nine eleven or on twitter. We want the two win father. The Youtube Mike Own Sports. He's at right now. When you come in and switch to t mobile you get the amazing iphone? Eleven pro on us with iphone. Tennis trade-in aren't aren't these mountains. Majestic Joe are you even looking. I'm posting these amazing pictures. I took with my iphone. Eleven pro it has three cameras low those pigs armies and you have service to t mobile. Their newest single goes farther than ever before. Then you can look up whether these are bear tracks right where where we can just run. Come to a T. mobile store today and get iphone eleven pro on us with iphone Ten trade-in and right. Now get four lines for just thirty thirty bucks. A line with auto-pay switch today contact us if you cancel or credits may stop and full price do plus taxes and fees be at twenty four monthly credits for well qualified customers with qualifying service and Finance Agreement Zero Down with trade-in plus thirty one. Twenty five x twenty four months pre-credit price nine ninety nine ninety nine zero percent pure while supplies last.

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