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We'll share a crazy story about a man a mask a plane and one long night in baltimore but first we have a story. that's also a warning about the political atmosphere in america today. Here's mike is he unpacked. The tale of a social media influence her who suddenly found himself under arrest for an internet. Prank new york governor. Andrew cuomo is going to have Well some explaining to do looks like the the attorney general in state woman named latisha. James has released a bombshell report. Showing that cova deaths in new york nursing homes were fifty percent higher than the state of new york claimed they were so seventy six page report by the state attorney. General found that mismanagement and longstanding problems in the private care business turn nursing homes in new york into cova deathtraps. The attorney general said in a statement as the pandemic and our investigations continue. It's imperative that we understand why the residents of nursing homes in new york unnecessarily suffered at such an alarming rate. Well maybe it had something to do with the cuomo administration's policies that governed nursing home protocols. There was a march twenty fifth order that barred nursing homes from turning away kovic positive individuals. The number of people who died fifty fifty six percent higher than the numbers that were published by the new york state department of health. They only published the number of people who died while still at the nursing homes. They didn't count anybody who was taken to the hospital and died fifty six percent higher. Meanwhile you turn on the tv. And i'm watching tucker carlson. I called a friend of mine. He watched it too like holy crap. Is it true that the biden administration is going around putting people in jail with politically differing views. Now you gotta be careful because when you look at the case of this thirty one year old man named doug mackie who was arrested in west palm beach. It's a little bit well. It's a lot more complicated than just people are getting jailed for political speech or is it. Here's the way tucker. Carlson explained it on the fox news. Channel this arrest of this guy who's described as an outright twitter troll. Keep in mind this has to do with the twenty sixteen election between donald trump. And hillary clinton has nothing to do with twenty twenty. I guess they haven't gotten to that yet but they're going after people in two thousand sixteen who posted misleading memes on facebook. This guy got arrested. Here's the way tucker described it. Turns out that federal does not ban memes or for that matter misinformation. Whatever that is the law that biden's prosecutors are citing instead prohibits quote conspiring to injure oppress threaten or intimidate anyone from exercising the right to vote according to the law that would include kidnapping voters invading their homes sexually abusing them. Doug mackie didn't do any of that. Not even close to any of that. Doug mackie made memes. therefore he's a domestic terrorist. Speech is violence. Descent is a felony. What you may be wondering does a case like this mean for the first amendment will it means that's effectively suspended now. What happened and let me. Let me get into the specifics. And i've been trying to understand this case because obviously it's shocking and terrifying to think that a political party in control can start arresting and incarcerating people that they disagree with. This guy was arrested and faces a charge of conspiracy against rights. What does that mean well. In this guy's case between september and november of two thousand sixteen. Lean right up to the two thousand sixteen election. This guy allegedly used social media messaging to encourage people to cash their votes via text message. In other words there was a there was a a mean that this guy allegedly posted tweet. That had a picture an image of a black woman in front of an african americans for president. Hillary sign written on the meam was the message. Avoid the line vote from home. Text hillary to five nine nine whatever it was vote for hillary and be a part of history. The complaint suggests that this guy who was really a trump supporter was trying to siphon votes away from hillary clinton and give them to donald trump more than forty nine hundred people. Four thousand nine hundred people who were encouraged by this misinformation campaign cash their vote via text and for that. The guy was arrested and locked up the acting. Us attorney for the eastern just eastern district of new york said there's no place in public discourse for lies and misinformation to defraud citizens of their right to vote. I saw an article in the new york times that quoted a retired fbi agent. Who said this has never been done before is unprecedented. First time that somebody's actually been locked up for posting what appears to be just garbage and misinformation on social media. Now i'm a little bit. I'm a little confused about this. I remembered in twenty twenty. There was a guy named jamie harrison. Who is the democrat challenger to lindsey graham and he had been mounting a campaign to try to take votes away siphon votes away from lindsey graham and steer them towards a third more conservative candidate. This guy jamie harrison used a tactic and said go vote for bill bledsoe. That was the guy's name will bill. Blood bledsoe had dropped out of the race. He wasn't challenging. Lindsey graham anymore and jamie harrison evidently literally deceived people into thinking. You could vote for bill bledsoe because technically this bill bledsoe guy missed the deadline to take his name off the ballot so is a technicality that was on the ballot jamie harrison. The democrat was trying to exploit that mistake by bill. Bledsoe and say go. Vote for bill bledsoe. Is that this information. I'm sure they use. I've got to believe. I know there were billboards and radio. Ads that encouraged and tv ads. That encourage people to vote for bill. Bledsoe who was not a bona fide candidate. He dropped out weeks before. Should they be arresting jamie harrison. That's not an unreasonable question. Is it tucker carlson. Says there's a new version of democracy. That's the new sheriff in town under sheriff joe. The new sheriff says you better conform at agree with the people in power or else they'll lock you up starting to think that maybe someone at some point secretly redefined the term democracy changing its meaning to roughly one hundred and eighty degrees for what it was just last year. You may be under something. What we're looking at now is not democracy in the classical athenian sense where everyone gets to vote in the voice of everyone matters equally. No we're looking at now is instead democracy in the nineteen seventies eastern bloc people's democratic republic. Sense this new version of democracy is a democracy where everyone fervently agrees with the people in power or else they go immediately to jail. Doug mackie's problem. It turns out is that he didn't properly understand what democracy is. We want to welcome you in. And i want you to try to tackle this one. Maybe you followed the case of doug mackie yacht to be aware of it. You need to be aware of it. 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Show the reasons. They made an example of the twitter troll in florida because he had i think somewhere between fifty and seventy five thousand followers. They are making an example of him because of his following how long it would take them to filter down to the ones who just have a few followers. I don't know. But that's what's going on here like jerry. I saw the meam evoked in me a sense of satire. i think the way it was constructed. Where my a lot of it's curable. Greg piece it seems to me over done to arrest sky thanks. I'm baffled by all of it. I'm baffled and i mean somebody sent a note that shy social media profile where the the profile is wait. What so. that's what i'm saying. Wait what they they. Put somebody behind bars for memes. And i'm going to stipulate. Let's get this conversation started here. Let's let's go. I'm going to stipulate that that's a terrible thing to try to encourage people make people think fool people into thinking they can vote on facebook for hillary instead of trump. When you're really trying to siphon votes away from trump now jamie harrison a senate candidate challenging the democrat challenging lindsey. Graham falsely claimed that bill bled show was a bona fide candidate for senate and you should vote for him they took out ads. Saying vote for bill bledsoe. He's more conservative than lindsey graham. We need a conservative jamie harrison. The democrat the liberal democrat encouraging people to vote for the guy who had dropped out of the race. How's that any different from this if this guy goes to jail in west palm beach and ps. i don't think you should jamie harrison should get arrested and ps. i don't think he should either. I don't know that we should be locking people up for memes as awful as they might be but there are awful means if we start incarcerating people for bad names well the by administration better rethink that abolishment of private prisons. Because they're going to need a lot more prisons to deal with all the people you're going to have to incarcerate for for the crap. They post on social media. You you gotta tell me. Please explain to me the arrest of doug mackie i just. I saw somebody last night on so speaking of social media saying more people are standing up for this guy this ricky von character. Who really did post some bad stuff than anticipated. Tucker carlson i guess is a good example. The department of justice is going too far too fast. It'll be interesting to see what the aclu says as this is a true guts. You know gut level check a gut check for the aclu. This is a case made for the aclu. Is it not. How do you arrest somebody for a mean. Sharon will start with you. Hi sharon thanks for joining us. How you doing. Hey mike how you doing okay You know we get so qui-. I think it's just part of their agenda. I wanna overlap with the woman who called before me when she said i won't take for Something like this to happen to someone with a few followers. I think it's just he like you said he's an example. They don't care what happens to this kid but think about the first antique awry. You heard and everyone was just got attention. Oh my god what's happening now. It's it's it's everyday stuff betrothed. Think about twenty twenty this vicious twenty-six taking haven't even gotten to twenty twenty-eight it'd be a long people going to jail my fear is that things like that are happening to. This kid is just going to keep happening and happening. And we're just going to become to it and that's how they're going to infiltrate this lack of fleet free free speech. It's it's obvious you're right. But i also think there's a possibility they're going to go too far and they already have and it's going to backfire. Spectacularly you're enjoying the mike gallagher highlights show and coming up. We meet a frequent flyer. Who came face to face with the politics of masks in america. You don't wanna miss it. That's next on the highlight show. Happy independence day. This is the mike. Gallagher highlight show. Eric hanson in for mike today in the relieffactor dot com studios. We've got some fireworks of our own on the show today. Recently mike sat down with avi mandela frequent flyer on southwest airlines to talk about a confrontation. He had with the flight crew when he decided to eat a few twizzlers on the plane. Here's mike and avi mandel. We are so far down the rabbit hole over behaviors and cove it vaccines and masks. And what do if you fly and as somebody who flies a pretty fair amount of time. I was fascinated by the story of avi mandel guy from maryland. He was kicked off a southwest airlines flight. And wait till you hear the reason. Why we're we're we're going to talk to avi in just a moment but i want to play for you. The video that that has gone viral he. He took out his cell phone as many people do and he was respectful. He was polite. He wasn't flipping out. He didn't throw a fit but he was apparently literally kicked off a plane and get this because he didn't follow the new guidelines that. Say that when you're eating on a plane you're supposed to put your mask over your mouth between bites first of all here's the video of avi and guy named louis who removed avi not forcibly but escorted him off the plane claims. Avi mandel here flying south west. And your name is louis louis. Blues just took me off the plane. Because i wasn't wearing my masks in between bites while i was eating and the staff wasn't comfortable saluis to do his job. And take me off this planet. Just southwest airlines. We're over here in baltimore. And it's around seven fifteen i obvi- mandela just got kicked off a plane. Because i wasn't wearing my mass in between my fights. While i was eating anything i appreciate it more coming to help out this situation here. I'm happy face. Obviously insanity doesn't even begin to define this describe it. Let's let's welcome on our line here in joining us. Avi mandel avi first of all. Thank you for spending some time to join us here. On the mike gallagher show. I was very fascinated when you said to to louis. Do you have anything to say. Because i felt you. Were trying to get him to either. Confirm or deny your version of the events in other words. No one is really going to be kicked off a plane for failing to put to their mask on between bites. But louis didn't say anything to contradict what you were saying to the camera. There is nothing to contradict. That's what happened i. It's it's stunning now. I'm gonna let me push back for a moment. Because i'm i'm with you and i'm just mortified that you are actually kicked off of an airplane for this but let me tell you what a cynical friend of mine said when we were talking about your story after. We both read about it in the new york post. Here's what he said. Without even knowing the details i guarantee you. Avi was taking an hour to eat the twizzlers and using them as the excuse not to wear a mask. What would you say to somebody who is. Has that kind of cynical response to your story. I'm and i can understand some of the thinking that it's not outlandish. It's not crazy and between me and you it's possible. The in flight attendant kind of was to that too. She maybe thought. I was someone like that was just trying to play that game and make they were eating candy allali or licorice the whole flight to avoid having your mask on. And maybe that's why. She took this so seriously and did what she did but she was wrong. It's just that's just not me. I was book. You're just doing your twizzlers. It took ten minutes from start to finish of my twitter. Pack your twitter about right. That's what it takes for me to go through a twizzlers packers about ten to eight. Ten minutes Show show if you don't mind take us back to the initial contact. You had because you you guys. You hadn't taken off yet right. You're still on the on the runway correct. I was one of the last wants to get on the plane and again i fly at least once a month through the pandemic. I fly for work often. I'm familiar with rules. Or what i known to be the roles So i sit down. I put my book. And i'm ready to take off and i bought a snack and i started eating and you know the in flight attendant passes me for your mask on and i looked at her strangely. Said you know. My mask is on my chin. I'm eating something and she said no. You got between bites. And i looked at her perplexed. That was just confused. That never heard of such a concept than i thought she was picking on me or something and just didn't make any sense to me and i just thought and then she ran off. Didn't even stop for us to have any sort of dialogue. And i continued to my stack. Finish my snack. I heard him the overhead over the speakers. She said anyone who's eating needs to put a mask on between bites. And i'm like this lady's crazy. She's just hates me for some reason. I didn't do anything you make. Contact with her. And everyone around giggling. And i'm like whatever i finished my snack and put my mask on and then i hear another another thing. They say we're going back to the gate for a couple of minutes. We'll be right back on our way. And i don't think twice. I thought maybe someone less their luggage or something. And then before i know it. The police are standing in front of my seat. Time to get off. They put they taxi back to the gate. Because of you taking a minutes to eat your twizzlers and you you say you put your mass back on when you were done with the twizzlers but nonetheless. They took the plane turn it around. Went back to the gate and and then escorted you off the plane correct and the people around. We were sticking out for me when they were trying to keep me off. They were like this guy didn't do anything wrong. There's a bunch of other videos going around and everyone was like this is crazy. What are you doing. And i didn't just get off. I'll be honest. I sat there. And i said sir you know what did i do. Can you it to me. Is there something. I don't know i really don't want to miss this fly like what's going on. We talk this out. I remain calm. You know. I believe being a mentioned most important. I think you get the furthest being mentioned. That's what i was taught but it was. It was just absurd. i couldn't believe it i said. Can you bring me flight attendant. We talk we figure this out. No it was. It was just get off the plane. We have to leave you of the plan. If you don't we're going to have to take everyone off the plane. Avi that has to be one of the most helpless feeling in the world to have authorities police the airline the flight attendants say time for you need to be removed from. I mean you strike me as a very responsible guy. Obviously you're a working person. You've got a career. You you travel you you you you. I'm sure you you obey the law. You pay your taxes. You mind your business and i mean. Have you ever been through anything like this in your life. not what. i didn't deserve it fair enough. I like your honesty. Avi mendel maryland man. Who was taken off a plane. I honestly i. I'm i got an understand the policy. Because i travel a lot to. I'm about to fly a few times coming up in the next two weeks are is honestly the policy now because they do give you snacks on the plane and are you really supposed to put your mask over your mouth between bite. So i'll tell you this so far. Obviously i've been. I've gone viral for this. And you know hasn't been me reaching out to the media at all honestly people reaching out to me too. You know because it's a new law and people are kind of confused so it turns out that i it could be. Southwest is taking it stronger than other airlines. It's possible but it is their policy. And they even have another neck is now. And they're nats they have written other napkins when they give you the stale pretzels. They give you the drinks. It's written on there. You know mascot in between bites or something like that and they've actually been announcing more potentially morrison's my incident. I don't know so it is big deal for them. But i will say this on the next flight. They did put me on. This criminal got on the next flight. He i asked. I pulled over the final ten said miss. I don't know what just happened. But but this is what happened on my last flight. It was the day before. What's going on like. Is this really a thing what guy. I'd never heard of this before all the time. And she looked at me. She's like. I'm so sorry. I had to go through that. My friend like it is technically the rule. Now as february has been a change in rural. It's a federal thing but most of us are pretty relaxed about it. You must have gone that one that was just not wow but and made them turn the plane around. Take it to the gate and remove you. I gotta ask you pragmatically speaking. What did you do. when did you fly out. was it the very next. Why did you have to spend the night. How did that work. So i missed the seven. Pm flight that. I was on initially. And i had to go the next morning. Yeah it was very frustrating. They put your hotel are now that the police escorted me out of the airport like they made sure i left. It was bad. I lear- the airport like get out. You're listening to the mike. Gallagher highlight show. We'll take a quick break then a whole lot more of this terrific conversation here on the highlight show. Stay right there. It's the mike. Gallagher highlight show. Eric has it in for mike today. In the relief factor dot com studios. We're enjoying a great conversation with avi mandel. Aban toss from a southwest airlines flight over wearing a mask you could find interviews like this one and so much more. Would you subscribe to the mike gallagher. Show backstage pass podcast and you can download all of our podcast episodes. Wherever you get your podcast like apple or spotify or just go to mike. Online dot com. Let's get back to mike and ottoman down. What's the follow up. I mean obviously have gotten media attention. A lot of us have written have reached out to you. Because we want we want to share your story but and i'm not a litigation loving guy have you thought about litigation was southwest. Or he going to move on. You're gonna fly again. I don't plan to fly again. Because i just don't want to give my business. I don't think i shooting correctly. I'd say which is frustrating. To be honest because i run a company and i have a lot of south west cars and a lot of points because i fly off and it was a good system had going for me. So that's going to be frustrating to be honest in terms of litigation again. I'm not doing this for money. I don't really care for that right now. I don't know. Even if i have a case i'm even about money. It's just about dignity and human value and common sense for crying out loud. I mean. I didn't even know i saw once in the beginning of the pandemic. No i'm not big. In six months ago i was out to eat. And of course seven feet away from somebody. But it was one of the few indoor restaurants in at the time in florida. And i watched a guy nervously. Try to eat and between every single byte. He was putting the mass backup over his mouth. He would chew he would put the food in his. I thought wow. That's a lot of work. I don't even know how you do that. But now you're telling me that's the official southwest airlines policy. I don't even know how. I'm not trying to be insulting here. This is the goofiest thing. I've ever heard that you've got to put your mask up. You had a damn below your channel you as you ate your twizzlers and that's not good enough. Avi i mean honest to goodness has. Has anybody failed to support you or are there. You got response from people saying the guy got what he deserved. Yeah i definitely have heard that it's more of a liberal response and you know it's understandable here. The judge tell people what to think of what to do. But i have had people tell me. Hey you should just shut up and listen the first time. You don't have to ask questions. And i mean to me that doesn't really make sense but i do believe that if i'm on someone's playing or someone's house i'll follow their rules as ridiculous as it may sound. I do believe that. In this case. I think the problem was is. That wasn't clear on what the rule was i was so. I'm such a frequent flyer. I know these rules. They didn't make it clear that there's been a change in rule and she descent. Hey sir we change the rule as a february that you need mascot between bites to said gee that's weird but i'll do it because i'm on your plane but there was none of that and the second problem was didn't warn me. Say hey sir. If you don't if you don't listen we're gonna turn the plane around right. There's none of the police or stand in front of me. Like what the hell for me. That's a shame. I mean i'm so. I'm so saddened for what you had to go through an embarrassed for southwest airlines. And you know i. I know a lot of people who are so loyal to southwest. You know people love you know you know that you've been loyal to the brand. I mean they've got a good brand. The everybody likes working there and but this kind of policy is absolutely back crap crazy. And we're we're losing our minds. I mean and i and i'll tell you in closing what i worry about for you and confirm or deny this. You're telling your story you're you sound like again a perfectly reasonable rational guy. I worry about the implications for you in other words. Could they're there. There can't be any consequences for you. Professionally can add on what you do for a living. I don't care what you do for a living. I'm just worried about when people tell their story like this do do 'cause they're companies that are punishing employees for this kind of stuff too. So i'm on my own company. Lose lose some some clients. I mean again some clients. It's hard to know a lot of clients. Yeah my point here isn't to to make political at all it's just an express you know what happened and sure. The embarrassment situation situation. I went through. I guess bring air to this new federal rule and it's a federal rule is not southwest rural. I'll i'll make note of that federal policy that you've got to put your mask on between bites which is going to be real interesting when i have some four five six hour flights coming up because You know like you said when they give me the stale peanuts. I maybe i could try to put a little hole in the middle of the mask and eat through the middle of the mask and all i mean this is. We're absolutely and isn't it sad. Avi how the pandemic has become a left right thing. That's what's so fascinating to me. I i'm gonna give you. I'm gonna be. I don't wanna drag into the political conversation. I do this on the radio. But let me ask you about this. A friend of mine pointed out the other day. This has really sort of defined left right. Who's weak. Who's not week in other words if you're kind of cowering in you're fearful and you're you're hovering and you're afraid and you were in to mask or four mask. How about people driving around in a car with their windows up and a mask on and you think what what's wrong with that person. I'm reasonable. I believe in getting a vaccine. I warned my mask all year. I'm careful but isn't it kind of sad for america how this has become a political talking point as you shed a left versus right thing rather than just a fundamental commonsense thing. Yeah it's very sad and again. I'm a all for bringing america together. I believe in that strongly. I hate this divided thing. And i understand both sides and i side with different parts of both sides. I think it's very sad. What's sad is also the the you know the double standard on on a southwest flight. Where you'll pack the full plane middle sites and everything right and then these crazy rules that you know that doesn't align it just doesn't make sense to me it doesn't make any sense. I'm a frequent delta customer and for a long through most of the pandemic. They blocked out all the middle seats. They blocked out the seat next to you. I think they've stopped doing that too. They're all the airlines now. Pretty much packing in. So i don't know where that goes into this decision or not. All i know is whatever you do off air. I'm gonna look it up. I want to try to be one of your customers. Because i i admire you for for telling your story and i hope that you persevere and i'm grateful that you could spend some time with us here on the mike gallagher. Show avi mandel. Thank you all the best. Good luck to you my friend. Thank you portions of the mike gallagher show or sponsored by my pillow. Everybody talks about the pillow and mike has promised to continue at least for now. This incredible price forty dollars off the premium queen. My pillow sixty nine ninety eight is the normal price. Twenty nine ninety eight when you enter the promo code my g. Everybody wants this pillow. The pillow never goes flat. It stays cool all through the night. Gives your neck a little hug it. Conforms to your neck aligning your head and your neck and your body just perfectly throw it in the washer dryers as much as you want and best part of all sixty nine ninety eight pillow. Normally knits twenty nine. Ninety eight when you enter the promo code by g just go to mypillow dot com. Look for the mike gallagher. Radio special box a little square has the picture of gallagher and lyndale click on that box. Mypillow dot com promo code my g. or call eight hundred nine two eight six three four eight hundred nine two eight six. Oh three four like we love to sing promo code. My gee this is the mike. Gallagher highlight show in the relief factor dot com studios. Stick around because coming up. A town in texas wakes up and puts down some woke nonsense in their school district. Eric hanson here. Mike off today. The highlight show returns after this.

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