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Yeah what's up. Walk them to kinda funny games. Daily for friday april second. Twenty twenty one. I wonder hosts blessing. Adia junior. Joining me is game spots lucy james. Hello hi dan doing good lucy. How how're you doing. I'm doing thank you glad it's fight a yeah no. I'm very very happy. I feel like it's been an uncaring cares. I can't talk uncharacteristically long week. For like unreason april fools automatically ads like three days danny given week. If you work in media slash very unlined yes. How many times have you got yesterday. you know what once but it hurt the most because i got got by the one ring dot net was the one ring. Dot net is very very infamous Tolkien fan website back. When the original trilogy was filming they would get like a bunch of scoops. They have been trying to do stuff with all the new amazon show and they post all the time and then yesterday tweet something where it was like the original. Us publisher of tolkien's works has finally given away. How many copies. The lord of the rings has has sold over. Its lifetime and it's more than you know. All of harry potter makes token the bestselling author in the world. I was like wow that could that seems logical. That i could see that and then they tweeted this morning that it was all in on known and the one that got me yesterday was very upsetting for me because i was part of it like i posted the zoom royale thing and i saw it on twitter. Say oh fuck z. Doing a royal thing. I started watching. It and i was like no. This seems familiar. More seconds was like i think in this in this year. I'm literally in the thing. Like i had scheduled on my calendar showed up. Did the whole thing and then forgot about it immediately. It's when i was watching it. I was like fuck i'm in. This is still got still got everybody. That's good goes. Oh yeah you're in. It yes lucy nothing about goofs though. Let's talk about 'em. Ob the show launching on game. Pass a killer out today. 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That will those will both be up today over on youtube dot com slash kind of funny. And they're monday. You can join andy. Mike in greg miller himself there'll be streaming outright showing off and videos called d. l. s. tech starting at eleven am pacific time on twitch dot tv slash games. And like i've said earlier deal will never feel to impress me. It will never feel how much the ls lucy. i was at the c. e. s. a few years ago when in video were really showing off diaz and so i remember thinking oh my god that's really cool and like they had a bunch of the i. Stuff working and it just looked. That was the point where i was like. I wanna build a pc and he and now finally three laya. I have begun the process of building a pc boom. Will we convince greg miller that is the way to go. You can check that out monday. Tuition games thank you to our patriot producers at the just tom bach trent berry in blackjack so they were by express vpn. But i'll tell you about that later for now. Let's begin with what is forever willoughby the rope report. Did you do. It's time for some news. We have to do to six stories there dozen starting with our number one this morning a bomb dropped m o. The show twenty one is coming to xbox game pass day one pulling from news dot xbox dot com where the right we're delighted to announce that the mlb mlb the show. Twenty one is coming to xbox game pass on day. One and will be available on april twentieth for xbox series x slash s and xbox one as well as on android phones and tablets via xbox cloud gaming ultimate members both. Mlb the show twenty one. Xbox one and xbox series x s standard editions will be included with xbox game pass so members will be able to play the best version of the game regardless of which console there on and with cross platform cross platform. Play and progress. You can play against others online and earn and use content across the platform and generation. You choose as he said from the beginning. This is an incredible incredible and bringing them franchise and more players and baseball fans is something that we at. Mlb and we'll be players inc and xbox are all excited about. We can't wait for xbox fans to experience the fastest deepest and most intense moment to moment baseball action yet with pinpoint pitching brand you feeling mechanics and gameplay styles. Xbox xbox gamers are in for in for a treat when mlb the show. Twenty one launches on april twentieth lucy. A playstation exclusive franchise not only coming to xbox xbox game. Pass wiz your reaction to this. I first of all. I'm british so. Mlb is a thing that has just never crossed my consciousness until all of this sony. Xbox not because i was i was. I was requested as you specific. Mlb things you'd probably know them. So i was wondering what your thoughts were on. Like the franscisco lynn door deal with the mets Being a huge contract three hundred and four three hundred and forty one million dollar million. Oh my god ten years what. We're crazy crazy for baseball. I mean that's that's just an obscene amount of money of sport. But i baseball has actually been to see the. At t. park oracle park. I've been to see the giants time and that was fun. What are your thoughts on. Buster posey as a catcher. Oh my god. Don't give you start them. Buster what i watched the unofficial bash brothers lonely island data. I've listened to the soundtrack a bunch of times. I'm not even joking when i tell you that. That is the limit of my knowledge like jose. Mark that album is true. And the weirdest thing. It's hilarious bury. You're you're you're the big Mlb person at kind of funny does this strike like what is this rack. you like. this is crazy. I mean less. Because it's like baseball and more just because i i. I said a very intense term when we were off air But this is like sony has to you know. Make this game like sony was in this relationship with them. Won't be and what would make this relationship even more fun if we opened this up to other people than mlb started hanging out with xbox and playstation can really go anywhere and then. I won't be an xbox or having this great time and sony has to sit down and watch it and it's it's just like they're in a bind here and it's really interesting to see how this goes down. He's saying the mlb started to invite xbox to like the nice box. Yeah the king at box and a sony's like back down on the bleaches exactly. It's great for xbox players but it is one of those things where it's just like man like i. It's it's weird to see what was a technically sony. I party up until this year. Dropped day one on game. Pass out to me it's like. Mb is calling the shots for this. Oh yeah like anything. I mean i mean it is still a first party game right like it is being developed by sony. San diego Is being published by playstation. But i think as pointed out by patrick. click on twitter It seems like emo is the publisher on the xbox side of things. Which i think is the big indicator for how and why this is happening like you know. I don't know if this is a a These are the tide shifting towards. Hey you're going to see more playstation first parties on xbox see more places. Your first partiers on xbox game pass. I don't think them that that's necessarily the case here. I think the case here is mlb. Seize the opportunity for xbox game pass which is a huge thing because i think that that points ford. That's point that points towards us things. Xbox game pass in terms of what that service means But i wonder if we're mlb thing of hey. This is a franchise that is coming new xbox fans it's coming you to xbox players in so for this iteration. We want as many people to get into it as possible and to do that. Xbox game pass is probably the most ideal Way to release the game so that this year xbox fans have a thing they can look towards go. oh shoot. this is an xbox game pass. I notice the big baseball franchise. I'm gonna try this out and then come. Mlb twenty two. That's when they pull it back and they go. Okay no now you gotta buy this thing now. We got you now now. Now we're to really you win real efficient. You know what i was gonna say. I wonder as well if how this came about now. I wonder about the timing. I mean xbox has been so vocal and so open with working with everyone and so it must have just been. Mlb giving it that final. Push to get this over the finish line. Sony has typically been more reticent to kind of play nice with others obviously. There is a little bit more Sony content coming on pc aquatic dream for example horizon training. And it's just. It's so strange. And i think even when we had mass achieve in fortnight and crato us in fortnight and seeing them on their different respective platforms. That was so strange. And i genuinely think that's just the beginning. I think we're going to get so much more of this whether if it's gonna be i can't necessarily i can see microsoft's saying hey if you want if you guys wanna have halo on sony platforms. That's fine. we'd be down with that. I still. I still think there's going to be that friction though but i think in terms of like opening the door you know so much more so many more games have cross play now cross platform play. I think this is going to be more and more of this. But it's so strange to see fest. He stuff i get my head i. I don't know this is going to be the foot in the door. And i don't know if this is actually like what's going on the back end like what people think because even greg pointed out that i think patrick clinic pointed out that. Mlb is listed as the publisher for station. So you need you need that. I mean like a force is huge. Is emma bay. I'm assuming that similar to fever and all the other sports regulatory people. But it's like they are putting the money behind this and i imagined it some executive. Mlb who's hey. My kids asked for an xbox this year but why kawhi on are wising. mlb on xbox and then just pushing that through their service that they probably only hear great things about because game pass socked about. It's always talked about. It was like the best deals in gaming. So they're like. Hey we should be a part of that. It's just one of those things around the other side. You got playstation plus and. It's like well nothing going on there. This week's game pass is something beyond just a great deal right like you know. Actually i'm going to pull in a question from a dissertation dot com slash. Kinda funny games just like you can't says hey guys i'm sure today you're getting a ton of does this mean game pass has come into play station. And the occasional. Does this mean sony games will become into the game. Pass day one questions today with all this. Mlb the show news over your opinions about what this could mean for. Future deals may game pass. This is probably a time deal and will be available for. Let's say six months on the service this would mean that not only. Is there a sales bump for just being sixty dollars on xbox and the game pass discount but more subs in sales is more people. Want to check this out. Is this the creation of a new game pass deal with xbox and other major publishers. Do you think we'll see more time releases. On game pass push the the scarcity scarcity mindset to fool is to not only bump up sales numbers even if discounted but player numbers in downloads. Even if it means sony looking bad to their own customers who are still getting it for seventy dollars. What are the possibilities. Does this deal kick kick the door wide open for as we are now entering the entering phase. Three of xbox game pass. Thanks the nato biologist. There's a lot here. But i do think the idea that we've seen lately. Xbox game pass making bigger and bigger moves in that not seeming to slow down at all. I think that. I think that is indicative. Something i think we're not gonna see see this slowdown. We just got outriders on game pass yesterday and the day after outriders comes out on game pass. We're getting it'll be. The shelving announced regained pass. I think during the year you're probably going to see more surprises. Come out for game pass And like you mentioned earlier right there like you know why now right like why. Why are they announcing this now. That's just coming around. And i think that's even that's that's also interesting on the side of this game about a month from release bear you. You probably do better than me and me. The show is coming out in like a couple weeks right. april twentieth. Four twenty four twenty in a few weeks and outriders game pass was announced a few weeks before they came to game pass like it seems that the closer certain certain publishers publishers deb's gets releasing their games and the more they they start to see. I don't know if it's optics or pure numbers. Or what but that switch seems to flip and it seems to be a. They seem to see value in game. Pass they see. They see it as a viable road to go down. And i think that is a mixture of getting in people's hands boosting player numbers With the game like outriders outriders doesn't seem to have a dlc or micro transactions. But i wonder if maybe they have that plan down the road that turns into a value opportunity for them for mlb. the show. Like i said earlier right like get the first edition people's hands and then later later down the road when you release it'll be twenty two or when you take this one off game pass in six months our our that pans out you then get that return you then have people return or by the game four or do what they want to do in order to actually continue to stick around for that game and become a fan of i think i think there's a lot there but i do think so much of it speaks to the power of what game pass is and for the sony thing right on the sony side of things. I think i think this is where this all this becomes the most interesting. Because i got another question here from it crashed in who wrote in john and said. This is the first time i was planning on buying. Mlb the shell replace. Asian go padres but with the news. The news the news coming from xbox it almost feels gross to pay seventy dollars to play it on playstation five at this point what are the odds of playstation having some sort of retaliatory move before the game comes out. It seems like so far. Sony has been asleep at the wheel for twenty twenty one. And i think that is kind of a like on the playstation side of things. It is kinda heavy when you are the the devs of this game. You are the ones who who've been publicly publishing this game for decades. You are the one putting in work behind making this thing and then all of a sudden your main competitor has the way better deal on obtaining this thing i i. There's a lotta friction. There speaks to the power of xbox game pass again. There's a. There's a harsh term that i use but has to just sit and watch Mlb an xbox have a lot of fun together they just have to sit and watch the entire thing but it's not like sony's can lose out unless because they will have been paid to put the game on game pass and if that gives them a whole new audience other microtransactions in mlb. If there is like the mode that i play. They don't I could see Some of the mode possibly having it but a lot of people on chat thing. Yes so yeah so. They're getting get money that way. And i do wonder so if there is you know i would assume that microsoft would take a cut of microtransactions if the game is being sold on that platform and you would imagine that perhaps may be. That has also been negotiated. So that sony's getting caught as well as microsoft like everyone's going to be benefiting from this like especially people who love baseball and have own xbox has been able to pay be it's just like it is so weird and we were talking about this on generation next last year which is like the show. We did about new console stuff where it was like. It seems like this stuff is always cyclical and. There's always just like between sony microsoft. There is this one front runner in terms of who's doing that. Pr better and for the launch of xbox one and a ps four. it was definitely sony. And they you know lent into that arrogant sony thing and they did the the infamous video. That's now kicking in the us. Which is the He has had shed games on. Ps four and handing shuhei handing over the the ps four desk. And now it's like you have this week alone where you've got nintendo taking killing. Mario and i mean honestly a shrewd move but it's to be expected from nintendo. Because that's what they've done four thirty odd years right it's like create this fake sense of scarcity. People will buy it. And that's what happened with mayra playstation. I don't know what they're doing. They're just like taking away. I mean we're gonna talk about this bit but like taking away tintri thousands of games from people and then go game pass at from xbox who just making these moves putting bethesda on that putting. Ea on that but also making these really strong moves to bring sony games on like just to basically take an a give as many games as they can get on that service and so it's so wild to see the the waves of this. I guess yeah do you. Do you think there will be any sort of in mitch. Crashes question right here. He asked right. You see the same sort of retaliatory move before the game comes out for. Mlb the show. Do you think there's anything play could even do. In order to kind of counteract game pass here so not so. I don't know with regards to like this. Game is in development but it's out in three weeks that feels like way too late for sony to go. Okay well this team or this. I don't know you know how Fever and peres in the uk Certain competitions would be. You're dependent and so. I don't know if sony even has the ability to kind of hold stuff back to their version at this point but i can't see for the rest of the year part of me wonders if sony's going to keep doing that thing where they try and get timed exclusives so know ghost why tokyo they always typically have a relationship with card previously destiny they would get exclusive content and i mean they did that with a vengeance macau that's panned out at all of the stops been delayed. But you've got to wonder if on these really serious like serious conversations happening at sony right now going. What can we do to compete on. Unless them closing the ps three vita stores is them working on their own game pass with their own legacy content while they're going to be doing for the rest of the because that just seems like such a bizarre move when when their competitors are building up these services around them. Yeah i see. A lot of people in shabby mentioning. Ps plus as a possible move. And i don't see it. Like i think if they were to make a big move that would be the big move to make right game out and launch game on Ps plus But i'm sure for sony still see the value in terms of sales at launch for the show right especially on the playstation platform. There's so many people that show up for that game year to year and for the show every now and then correct me if i'm wrong. I believe we'll be the show every now and then we'll come out for plus like later in the year or the year after the game comes out which i think is valuable trash because you get those first day sales and then also you get to double dip on people into the franchise later on but right now like i do see the xbox game pass move as a move to get people in as a move to introduce a whole audience to this franchise and make it feel anything that you can't miss out on because it's right there and it's free position doesn't have that for mlb the show right playstation fans. If you're if you're a playstation fan and you wanna you wanna play baseball game or like a baseball game then you are into the show like they got you. They don't need to make that move for putting it on putting it on. Ps plus. i don't think it would be good strategic decision because at that point. It's like what are you doing. You're doing that to satiate your fan base that might feel burnt because this this other audiences able to get it for quote unquote free paying for a subscription in order to get it. But i don't think that's enough of her playstation or it's actually make that for the people who like are casual baseball or like a casual gamers who only play like sports games and play. Mlb the show every year and stuff. Like that. i don't know if they're in like the no of paying attention to this kind of stuff so like they're probably already. Anyway you know so Yeah the the the. That'd be a lot of money. I would say That would be left on the table. Also i just wanna say to chat ice creams. It'll be the show last year for one. Hundred fifty hours was my most stream game. I play on that game. But there's so much you can do that game and avoid microtransactions. So i'm sorry. Oh in the know of diamond dynasty. Dorks d i played. I played and i never. I've barely touched ultimate team in the years. That played fe-. I couldn't i couldn't tell you much about meeting because i just play online seasons and i played with friends like that's great thing about sports games you can pick a mode and just get lost in it and not talk about anything else. Did someone say the stuff. I was talking about with sony giving all this stuff. They said its playstation. Now i was talking about like a game pass. Compatible at stuff is free and it's like all of it so it's ps now expanded. I i still struggle with the fact that they have. Ps plus nps. Now it feels like they should just be one. I'm surprised they didn't do that. Going into the generation. I think of my prediction. That would find a way to fuse them by. Yeah they're still. Ps now i'm very. I'm very curious to see how that continues to be involved because it seems like there's actually a player ship there there are people that are. There's a there's a high number of people that are subscribed to playstation now. Do use it which is not talked talked about as like as as people talk about game passes because game it feels like this bigger thing that is that is putting games there on day one. And you're getting the first party games there. And you're getting you get your xbox live what do you call it too and whereas playstation we're gonna set these subscriptions apart. And you know you have to pay different different things and it's like those still have games with gold correct though no it does. Yes but open cut in speaking of things. You won't have to pay for a story number two. You don't have to pay for each this year. I'm pulling from. Rebecca valentine at aegean the entertainment software association. The organization behind three is denying reports that some of the content at this year's digital e. Three event may be locked behind a paywall or report today from vg's conversations with multiple publishing sources stated that the usa plan to put out at least some portions of threes twenty twenty one digital show behind a paywall with with a suggested premium package price of thirty five dollars. The report indicates that these elements would be would be along the lines of game demos or some kind of other some kind of extra access and it does not seem to suggest that the conferences themselves will be paid content review report indicated that these plans might be tenuous as at least one major games company had expressed criticism of this plan this plan. Mvsa seemed willing to back down. Its prior reports have described a week long experience in mid june with three days of broadcast content as well as ongoing content after after via an official app. Ideas reportedly pitched have included key from major companies and award. Show a preview night media in business meeting scheduling media in business meeting scheduling via an app demos virtual booths and merch stores following this report. The officially through twitter account published a statement directly in response to this report that read quote. Three's twenty twenty. One digital show is a free event for all attendees excited to fill you in on all the all the real news for the event very soon and quote and a further more specific statement given dvd. See from the. Asa said that quote there will be no elements at e three twenty twenty one that will be behind a paid for pass or paywall and quote. lucy what. What are your expectations for three. This year like the themselves have not talked about it in detail and they will talk about it soon but it seems like right now. Okay well we can expect is a digital event and what we've got gotten reported from different outlets. Are you excited for three this year. Where do you stand with. All that i edt. I mean you know just selfishly. It's always been the highlight of my year. And i think honesty thinking back to the summer games fast. Playful all stuff. That happened last year. That for me was a rebid crushing. Like a really big shot in the arm of what was otherwise echeverri down. Yeah i mean it was so strange and on a c. e. three. I hope we'll be that sean again. I don't think you're gonna have the. It's kind of impossible to describe the kind of buzz and excitement of what being at a trade show like that is is like to experience because you in the room where stuff gets announced. He had the crowd screaming. You're not gonna get a crowd screaming if everyone's watching at home so i think it's still. It's still really cool to have these digital events. I think sony's Know ps five. Like the big conference they had last summer was like the closest i felt. But it's still going to be a very strange one but i'm honestly i'm glad that's kind of being opened up to everyone. I mean e three was going that way anyway making it hof business show off of public show. Yes they absolutely did not get the like the public show pot right it like. It was very very expensive. The lines too long. This rooms weren't set out very well. But blurring those lines and making open to everyone so that everyone excited is a great thing however that are gonna be elements of it. You can lose so we talked about it on console crew. That's going up. It should be up today. Actually gamespot where one of the really cool things about e three and any show like packs or games come is that you wouldn't you would compete like develop a competing for space. Some of them are gonna have these huge boobs that cost millions of dollars with like huge animatronic of and hundreds of pods. And then they'll will be like really cool indies or just like you know maybe one or two boots on the microsoft show floor and that stuff is what spreads by word of mouth. I remember the first time. Hearing about hotline. Miami was a games calm and was because a friend of mine was like put pint go in to see volva They weren't even in like a parking or anything. They just had this tiny little office. Now there's a game in hotline miami. Go play it and when you have these big huge online showcases. You are fighting for attention. And it's it's maybe ten or more one minute trailers back to back to back to back to back and that's why like nintendo directs. The indians i find them hard to kind of even focus. On what games are there because they just show them in such rapid succession. You get no sense of time. Yeah so that's what the biggest thing for me is going to be this e three. It's like how the attention is going to be divided between everyone. Yeah i think so. Often of the reels we would see at three presentations of a bunch of indie games. Back to back to back to back. That wouldn't even have like the name of the game or the or the developer. Anything attached right. You just see two seconds of gameplay onto the next one and it's like is that really the ideal way to show. Is this thing off. Like the seems like a way for when i used to prop up that. Hey their games here but was there actual games. You're showing that could be could be showed off way better if you took the time actually do them justice and maybe maybe three isn't the right Venue for that. Maybe doing that. In your own. Indie showcase or finding your own stream and finding only to do that is a better way to go. I think that's been a shift in terms of these video game presentations. That have happened over the last year. That has kind of helped out that a lot like we just got the idea. Xbox presentation last week that was four hours long been too long but at the very least i saw so many games from there that i had interest in or that i wanted to try out like narita boy came from there and i was able to download it and try it out. The new drink box game nobody saves the world was was showing off their. And that's what i'm looking forward to you in the future and there there are plenty of other games. I can talk about from there to that. Like the lawn mower simulation game. We talked about last week right. There's a there's a lot of stuff from their those men. This seems really cool. And then you look. At nintendo with indies playstation and how overall the playstation blog lay periodically will drop eight random indie game announcements. That will often get people excited and get people interested in which is a way to do it. And so i'm i'm i like that shift we're getting. It seems like each year now where things are starting to be placed out a bit better and Three being e. three is an mp three being what seems like. It's going to be this year. I think is fascinating. And i'm curious to see how they how they do it because i do not have that much faith in them right now. Maybe they could announce it and detail what it looks like. And i'll be like okay. Let's go but as of now right. The reports have gotten is going to be a three day digital event there are trying to partner up with publishers and companies to have their showcases there and it seems like an e three that is caught between trying to be traditional three but then also trying to adjust to the pandemic and what The industry is kind of evolving into you when it comes to digital digital presentations and so i think there's something there especially when they talk about games in the hand in the hands of people to demo. There was a report if i believe on the website where this report originated. They talked about partnering with possibly partnering with nvidia to deliver on demand streaming in order to demos. Yeah and i think that genius idea cool. Yeah the problem with though is that i. I think that could work out. I don't think that works out if you charge money for it. Which is what the original report was and it seems like they're going back and forth. We'll see what pans out. We'll see what doesn't pan out. But i think there could be some really good ideas there if they're able to stick to the right things and not be not feel. So what e. Three was in tryon adapt in a way. That's good for everybody. I think at the minute just seems like everything is so influx. I did see andy robinson from bg. See tweet will. We held off on this because we will wait for statement and then everything they've done is just completely under. Cut what we were originally reporting so maybe it just seems that the goal posts is shifting all the time and i mean we still. I mean we're at the beginning of april so there's a good couple months before everything that's locked down and if it's mid june where it's going to happen and yeah there's some time left. I maybe this is one of those things are just like it comes together the last minute i mean i've been involved in our e-3 planning up in games. What seven years. And it's like you start having meetings in january and nothing really starts to get booked until about me like properly like appointments and stuff gets booked at me so i imagine this is probably going to be a similar scenario. Speaking of the whole summer games mess is the story number. Three summer games vest day of the devs has been announced. I'm pulling from gabe gerwin at gamespot. Summer game fest event jeff. Keely began back in two thousand twenty three as he was canceled. Is back again this year and includes a special day of the celebration. That will highlight great. Indie games returning in june summer games fast will be available on major streaming platforms as well. It's it's official website. And if it's anything like last year's event you can expect presentations streams announcements over and over a stretch of several months. There will there will also be a musical. There will also be musical performances and gameplay demonstrations and assign a button on the website will let you know when there is additional information. Dave the dubs has existed long before summer games fest and is now in its ninth. Year developers interested in having their game shown can submit using their projects in this form using their projects. This form which ooh that type of can't tell. Projects is form which asked for a variety of things such as your subscription a video link any online game bills and if you have shown your games at other broadcasts within the last three months there you go the summer games fest trucks on does its thing. I like the idea of i them asking. Hey have you showing your game off in the last three months a big presentation because i was one of my pet peeves last year with all summer games. You see the same games pop up at each and every event and it's like all right guys we get it. You're showing off this game. we understand. Yeah i mean. I have you ever been to a day of the devs san francisco. I've not no so i went. It was like my first year. When i moved here and they held it at the alamo theater and it was just the most fun and you get to see these games that adjust. I think i guess because double fine organizes it to every all the games that were chosen had this great sort of just just unique double fineness to them like you could tell those guys would like him look would like them and it was just a such a fun event and i'm so glad the day of davos is continuing and i'm really glad that goes punish it with jeff and i'm just oh yeah and also someone on the chat to things in the chat. Someone said it looks like i'm looking at myself. No i am looking at the run of show. If i was looking at myself. I'd be looking down here. We're talking about reference materials. He excuse looking at an excuse. This guy have so many questions. I have so many questions. did you lend you his invincible comics. Or is this the liver just isn't this is my bedroom. It's just the bookcases. Okay i see. I'm looking at the runway show and the second thing someone did say i someone in the chat. But it's it's it's gonna the jeff said this whole thing is going to be like a wants now. It's not going to be the whole summer. It's to be a more protracted. I fell companies. Clinton is going to be like. That's because you played at all. I couldn't tell them to. You said it. And i was like i only blush on one side of my face. That's fantastic also only happens on a eat to only get a blush reaction at one side of my face so strategy. I don't have to worry about that. it's not a problem. My blessing thankfully before we move on to story number four. I want to tell you guys about sponsor. Of course you can go to patriots dot com slash kind of funny games where you can get the show ad free and speaking of ads. This episode of kind of funny games daily is brought to you by express. Vpn doesn't make sense that the same company who controls half of online retail. Also passively eavesdrops on your private conversations at home. What about the idea. That a single company controls ninety percent of internet searches runs through email service and gets attract everything you do on your smartphone. Big tech is more powerful than most countries are and they profit by exploiting your personal data. It's time to put a layer between layer of protection between your online activity. And these tech juggernauts. That's why i recommend express. Vpn think about how much of your life is on the internet. 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Express the dot com slash games that is the x. p. r. e. s. s. vpn dot com slash games to get an extra three months. Free go to express dot com slash games right now to learn more lucy number. Four there are two thousand digital only games that will disappear when placing closes. Its stores this. Is chris golan at vga over two thousand digital only games no longer be available for purchase when sony closes the ps playstation vita nps. Three stores this summer just analysis has revealed although users will be we'll still be able to re download their previous purchases for the foreseeable future from july second. It will no longer be possible to buy games on the ps three or ps online marketplaces income. August twenty seventh. The same will apply to beat a two of the game. Set to disappear from the formats. The vast majority are available on other platforms such as playstation consoles or however around one hundred twenty games will essentially become lost forever. Wants the stores close. Our analysis suggests some paddles will essentially become xbox console exclusives such as beyond good and evil. Hd lara croft and the guardian and both bionic commando games in toll around twenty two hundred digital only games will disappear after the stores closed including around six hundred and thirty digital only video games around seven hundred and thirty digital only. Ps three games a small number of digital only esp games two hundred and ninety three playstation minis three hundred thirty six playstation two classics and then around two hundred and sixty playstation one classics particularly on the ps. And the vita. There's more detail about that breakdown. They can get from fiji. that is the condensed version. So go over there. Give him the click check. Give them a quick check out all of what they're able to lay down their including how exactly they came to these numbers but again. It's unfortunate i. I'm not a fan of this. I don't like this at all. Said it's it's so sad. Also huge to fiji recently. Like andy in the team that do incredible work at in amazing scoops and then actually put in the effort to do the big break down and houses like this like they become one of my absolute like i log logging in the morning and go check and see what's going on game saw dot com. And the yeah. I'm actually right there with the awesome especially in the last few weeks. I feel like they've been killing it in terms of getting scalps in terms of when we're talking about the whole three situation they have been the go-to source for that specifically and they've been doing great work so shout out to andy robinson. Shout chris school. You know who did this. report doing. The lord's work shoutouts. You story number five bucks. This sucks this said this. do you have. Do you have any playstation digital games that you have any memories of or any that you're sad to see leave the store so intensive stuff the digital definitely digital only. I'm not one hundred percent show. my vita is at home. But i'll tell you what i did manage to take from the office before we left lopez tv. It's not mine. It's the just aps ps tv. And so actually genuinely might do is see what i can do that. 'cause i call remember if you put an ssd cod download stuff onto it. I might see because my visa's is back in the uk. So i might see if i can get you know like persona for golden persona three portable and just see if i can go grab some games. We we play malcolm solid and i was gonna try and set it all up and get it from them but instead we just did. Pc but it might be a good chance to grab some of those games some of the old. Ps one stuff to that. I don't have the disks for anymore. Might be inexpensive complements the. Ps the tv was one of those purchases that i always wanted to make. But i just never. I never made because i had the thing and i do very often and it it always. It always sucks me up. Where i'll see a piece of hardware that is not doing as hot as it should and i'm like i'll see it on amazon on sale and every time i'm like it could be lower like you could go lower. I could wait for it like how. How much is this going to be in a couple weeks. And then i get there and the price does lower again. I'm like but could have galore there. Glow like that's that's the place. Each classic is the place that you can places you classic like one hundred bucks or something and then the price going down lower and lower and lower until it got like thirty dollars an hour. But could i get a deal though. I could get a deal on this and then ended up disappearing because they all sold out. Fuck i just got it for thirty dollars i remember. Ps tv launched and it was like kept getting cut kept getting cut and then they announced that they were cancelling it and it just went up when i think about hundred or something dollars two hundred dollars an hour those to someone in chat shepherd you can get nasty caught in download onto a ps leaving boom. The more you know the one the one instance of me actually being able to follow through and buying thing i think was the steam link. I think it was called the steam link. Oh yeah yeah. And like. I think i got that for five dollars at game. Stop and i used it. Yeah five dollars. I never used it. But i did get a An accord from it which is yeah no l. sick as a cheap way to get an ethernet cable. So i remember queuing at your game. Expo twenty twelve. I think it would have been twenty eleven acute for over an hour to get an onlive console never used it and instead just Used the batteries that it came with because my experts control about treated died. And i was like well thanks. I'll know if that's so. Let's talk about story number. Five legal starwars skywalker. Saga has been delayed. This from at t t games on twitter. They posted a statement saying all of us at games are working hard to make legal star wars. This guy works the biggest and best ever lego game. But we're going to need more time to do it. We won't be able to make our intended spring release date but we'll provide updated launch timing as soon as possible. I know this is a sad one. Specifically for courtney is looking forward to this one looks so delve. It looks like one of the coolest. Lego game ever just like the game playing. Like how like revamping everything. And it's like full like original voice acting and stuff like this seems to be like the lego game. Not just because it's star wars but like what they've been doing to build up this lego franchise across like the the marvel ones. Dc ones and everything It's an exciting. Lego game coming out. And so yeah. I'm said we're going to wait a little longer but they they can take the time To to make it in the vision that they intended was this supposed to come out and did a quick google. It was spring. I got delay to this though. Because i think it was originally supposed to come out spring last year because i remember seeing it got announced announced like when we were in quarantine last year. No it was it was e three twenty nineteen. Yeah i remember. I remember seeing it flow. This god this is a bad year. A warner brothers. Yeah it's not great like it's not like everything is being delayed from them. Yeah yeah no. One of those things is because like the. Yeah the were like is it specifically warner brothers. Everybody but warner brothers just had more tied to this year. We're already seeing you know Or we were supposed to see right. So yeah yeah. I think this is definitely video games. Just cross board from from all deb's where you're seeing. You're seeing a lot of games get delayed. This is a lot of people. I saw a lot of people. Were a little bummed about this one. Because i think this is one that people have been waiting for for a while by the pandemic with work from home and also with like seeing cyberpunk and i think that having that game be be the example of just just just make sure your game is polish and ready to go for your lisa. I think you're gonna see this a lot and this is another one in the list of games. okay blade. This year i think part shortages as well cannot yet commun- be understated. How much you know. The difficulties in getting new consoles not even just new consoles but like pretty much every single aspect of gaming and with brexit t t games are in the uk The renew import charges on stuff thanks to brexit and so it's just a whole omni shambles to use the front there's a shortage go on the shores. We talked about on this show a few weeks ago. That yeah that's been affecting everything and then like yesterday. I was listening to games daily. And they're talking about how the The suez canal blockage. Oh that delayed the The gameboy thing. That people are looking for the pocket. Oh that's why. Yeah that's that's why i got delayed. Yeah and so. It's a series of unfortunate events. When i say that. I don't mean book series. I mean legitimately series of leamington. The jim carrey movie. Jim carr- the james the netflix series. Which is actually very excellent. I need to get back to it because that season one was fantastic. He's in two and three are just good was really okay. Bat that's high. Praise high praise the ending of season. Three is like weird and whatever. But that's also because the final book in the series was like we're whatever. But i digress. We'll speaking of must watch. Tv news story story number six the last of us. Hbo series will begin filming in july. This is adam bankers at aegean according to the director's guild of canada. Last of us. Hbo series set to film. In calgary. i don't know why that made me laugh. Canada puts them respect on canadian. Direct is is just an unlikely source when you're talking about last week you know what i mean. According according to the director's guild of canada the last one was also. They haven't killed the last was. Hbo series is set to film in calgary from july fifth. Twenty twenty one to june eighth twenty twenty two as reported by cbc dot ca kagera union for film and stage technicians also confirms that the series is set to begin production this july. Dm canada just can't can't hold it in the adult. They got it all out in terms all these reporting news the last was. Hbo series will start at the main main laureate. Pedro pascal as joel. And game of thrones bella. Ramsey is the first easing said. It said to adapt much of the original game from two thousand thirteen but some of those will deviate greatly from its events call. It seems like it seems like. We're gonna get this in a timely manner than the uncharted movie. Thankfully the uncharted movie. I know they. They're in post production right but that movie feels like fever dream to me. Oh yeah feel like something that exists the toll. We've seen pictures from the set. We've seen pictures. Tom holland in costume. Etcetera etcetera. i just don't think it's been around for so long. The mark wahlberg was originally. Like maybe intoxicated nate and now he's so like that's how long it's been her. Yeah i remember when. Tom hall was announced as they and everybody was like two young now like well that means a grown man. Now you know like. I'm sure it'll be fine. It's so strange. And yeah i mean the last of us i think the the one big thing i've seen a few people in the chat hearsay like it's set to film For year yes. It is is it. Is it going to be filming for you or is that count is putting in you know pre production. Because i if if you're building cuge sets i mean maybe not even necessarily well. He might have to build sets to give it the full big post apocalyptic vibe or a lot of time for post-productions out that end and it's like a cross country journey so i'm sure that's going to take a lot of just like different shots. A lot alike different. Which mccall like going to different locations in in in being able to film in order to get that i get that feel of traveling all the way from one side of the country to the other way. I wonder how much that's going to be. It's very possible that they have set that time period because they can testify that That covert is going to be slowing stuff down. 'cause everyone's gonna need to be if not already vaccinated. Everyone's going to need to be tested frequently. You know factor in things like what happened with the batman that kept you know. Starting production people getting covid robert patterson and then the whole production being shut down for bed for two weeks and so it's like maybe factoring that in because a year does seem like a longtime. Yeah and a lot of people to chat or mentioning. They're trying to do that to capture the seasons which i will say i had a. I had that same exact thought before. When i originally read the story but then i was like That worth it not like would you want know filming. You're feeling for a whole year what you can do. You can simulate that right like fall spring summer you can just like just added the equates or something yeah or do that or they're not trying to boyhood this like boyhood and it's an indie darling because it was like literally the passion project of the director. This is still being ran by corporations who are trying to make every save money of effectiveness. There's no way that they're like. Oh yeah we'll let you guys do this for an entire year because you want the authenticity of the city of caesium. And here's the thing right it's wintertime riley. You get to winter and lasts west. Hear me out all right. Get the ladder. Tear a bunch of piece of paper and just sprinkle sprinkle and boom same effect. What how much money you just saved. Instead of instead of doing a year filming that trees save the trees. Save the trees the trees. I mean. that's what you'd see. That's a use for trees right like film production paper boom and you can recycle the paper. You could recycle the paper and back after you're done. Thank you awesome. We did it. We solved everybody. The last is part. The hbo series will be here. Sooner than you know. lucy. I'm very excited when the last series realistically does come out. But that's probably just so far away. If i wonder what's coming out to mom grab shops today. We're gonna look. I didn't prep you on this at all. No you did not know if you go to the line. Boom list of upcoming software across each and every platform as listed by the kind of funny games daily show host each and every week day did it. T t t t. Also my hope would be that you would have heard greg from the other room. Do that translates so much. I can only because you. I am in so many meetings. I only ever hear the jingle. 'cause meets the rest of it he. I don't know. I mean the jingle is like for me it's like oh it's almost eleven that's actually great. That's actually a great thing. Michael has the same thing. Whenever i start caves de. He's like okay. Cool the day start is ten i can. I can get up and start doing my work out today. We got middle board siham majors for ps four and xbox one pop quiz for xbox one welcome to the adventure in for pc and then surprise. We got thirty new games. That are available right now apple arcade. I'm gonna go through the list. And i have a couple of these that actually do want to check out because there are some cool announcement here going through the list. We got backgammon. Badland black and these again. These are all apple arcade out today. Black chameleon run checkers royale chess plan. Learn clap hands golf. Which bear i'm going to. I have a trailer of if you can pull that up if you got a second. If you don't have that ready. I can just go through the rest of listen. He's circle back. Cut the rope remastered. Don't starve pocket. Edition fantasia flip-flop solitaire fruit. Ninja classic goodson doku by zach. Gage maginot reading. Good good yeah amazing. Have you played it. yeah. I love us it okay. And it's really good and it like if you've ever been slightly intimidated by sudoku good sit. Ochre is the best start honesty. It's failure right now. Barrett issuing off clap hands golf. And if you notice it is just everybody's golf mobile. Wow yeah clapping developer to developer. Everybody's golf and they just basically made their own golf game with with what looks like the same assets in the same. Ui and everything. And that's also work eight if you wanna play some everybody's golf so that's excellent. I also have a trailer here for fantasia which i mentioned earlier. Bear wants pull it off. Pull it up. I'll go through the details on that because that's another cool one. We got mahjong. Tied-in mini metro monument valley. Nba two k. twenty-one arcade edition. Let's see here really bad chest mahjong. And then batch us. That's great really bad. Chest remains silence. Cat storytime solitaire. By mobility where song pop party spell tower star trek legends sudoku. Simple taiko no tat susan. Pop tap beat the oregon trail the room to threes tiny crossword 'wonderbox the adventure maker and then world of demons. Those are all again today. On apple arcade barrett right now is showing off fantasia reason. I want to show this off is because it's a cool one. I'm pulling from matsu fantasia in a new role playing from final fantasy creator hero. Nobu sakaguchi is available right now for apple arcade. The game is playable on ios. Mac and apple tv. Fantasia is the latest from sakaguchi studio ms walker which he founded in two thousand and four the developers since released game such as the last story which paused their last story. Very cool game for the we ambu dragon. Although fantasia uses traditional g elements like turn based battles. It's been designed with handcrafted physical models more than one hundred fifty dr dioramas and all. That sounds so cool. I saw a few people tweeting about this morning. And i do have apple arcade. I am in a family on apple. So i got. I bought any iphone. And i get year of apple. Tv and you can share that with up to five people and so kelly has Apple arcade i have not and so we have this family where we will share stuff into applegate. Had it for a little bit when it first came out. When i think it was free and then i kind of dropped off because i was like don't need a subscription but now some of these games in particular like stuff like fruit into classic takes takes you back many metro monument valley. The room to if you know played the room games. Oh my god. This is incredible another one. I wanna shout out. Here is world demons Have a trailer here. Barry if you can pull that up to you. I'm gonna pull from aegean where they give a quick description the missile these trailers. What did you add these. These were here for the beginning. Man i don't believe really these are these are always here. Real demons is an apple. Arcade exclusive title from one of the world's finest developers of action games platinum games after being the first shop chapter of this title which had a surprise released today. I'm already intrigued by setting an art design which leaned heavily on traditional japanese folklore as well as it's surprisingly complex gameplay mechanics it stands out as a must play on apple's gaming service and then justifies the cost of a month subscription. If you're not a member already again. This looks really cool. The platinum game with a really cool art style commie us look just commie. That is that is the. Oh i didn't. I didn't hear the name of the game and i was like. Oh no kami siegel who comey's like one of my favorite games. All the time. And i saw a few tweets today that you know a platinum doing something and obviously platinum was forged from the ashes of clova who made economy commisson on worked on economy. And oh my god i mean. Obviously you know playing as well. I mean she. I mean this play character. Just sort of have ami's coloring but damn okay really cool stuff. L'arcade i'm very. I mean there was the mu weeks ago on. Ps lovey. where. Greg told everybody that goes to my game and told me to get an iphone. The still happening. I'm still not getting an iphone. I'm gonna rock my android. But i'm very jealous of all the apple arcade folks And so go get him play role demons. It looks up your alley and again very jealous. They all get have that. We know new dates for you and we got no deals of the day but bear you know. What would you got. We got a squad up of course go to page on dot com slash kind of funny games right in. Let us know the game. You're playing squad requests you have. We'll read them right here. Just alphonso alphonso wrote in with the squad up on. Ps five and xbox he says looking to play outriders. I play on xbox. Because i was afraid my. Pfi glitch when trying to carry over my demo progress the full game up for squad up on xbox or cross play with ps four slash five currently wrote here five and level. Seven if you wanna play with alphonso on some outriders are gonna add alfonzo with the xbox xbox usually speaks space beliefs that it speaks beliefs and on playstation five with the username speaks underscore. Sorry score i'm just. I'm refusing to respond to blessing until he admits that he put the links and last-second saying oh dude. I know it's a bit. I did put the leaks in before the show. I didn't highlight them. Which is the thing i usually do and probably was thing that often did not highlight them. So that's that's on the blue though. I'm always good at them. I don't think these were here. I don't know man. it's a conspiracy. They're they're they're all how close before the show. Did you add them. They might have been a lot saying. Okay okay. Google docs also alpha. Alfonzo mentioned here right. You're afraid of your demo. Progress carrying over. I as far as the outriders like dumb version of full version that should be the exact same processes xbox and so you should be fine. If you're scared you're scared. Don't be scared. Try it out. So i am on xbox. Can i transfer that to playstation. If i log in with my square x. account or do i have to do it again on playstation game yet to do it again. I don't think he can transfer progress. Because it's cross play. It is not cross progression. Gotcha okay i playing pyro monson. I wasn't really feeling. I do wanna try. What's the the class. Greg's playing tricks fixer. Really cool tricks looks really cool. I chris has lots of flashy moves that i did. I switched to texoma answer. Mainly for the turret. And i like it doesn't have that immediate. Yeah like satisfaction you get with. Trickster were immediately. You feel like a bad ass. But as i'm growing and developing more skills. I'm feeling better and better about my character. Because i just got a healing ability and again it's very basic i press are one and everybody gets healed but useful dying. I'm carrying the squad on my back. My shoulders are sore. So it's working out now. It's every entrepreneur dot com slash year. Wrong reading list of what we got wrong as we got it wrong so you can correct it for those watching later on easy dot such kind of funny games. Enlisting listening later on podcast services around the globe We got one year wrong from md. Y who says hey. They're blessed and lucy a quick note on the show deal. Diamond destiny mode allows you to buy digital packs of players and generates a lot of microbes action revenue opening up opening up to game pass users allows for a huge opportunity for new microtransactions for both. Mlb and sony san diego so there you go cheddar cheese and nanno has one more year round here and says legal star wars. The skywalker saga was supposed to come out october twentieth. Twenty twenty then it games com two thousand twenty. It was announced for spring. Twenty twenty one so the game just getting kicked down. But i'm sure when it comes out it'll be good before to that one. I haven't played a game longtime. But i i loved when they did lower the rings and all the models stuff and all the dc says. I'm ready it's been they. They released so many in such a short period of time. That i can go a little bit on it but now i'm ready. Yeah i was really impressed by the debut trailer for for that one. Like when they first revealed that i'm not person and i like star wars video games But legal stories video game by itself doesn't do doesn't do much for me But seeing the debut trailer. I was like fuck. It actually looks really cool. Go through the whole thing again. It's going to be the. I think it's going to be their most ambitious lego game yet. The magnum opus like like a star wars game. I think someone pointed out like they haven't released one of these things since two thousand eighteen so like well. Of course it's friday which means we have a whole week ahead of us next week Next week's holes for kind of funny games daily. Go like this on monday. It's being tim. Tuesday is greg mcgarry with a wednesday. Andy cortez thursday. Is greg in tim and then friday. It is me and greg. If you're watching this live right now on twitch after this is mike playing some nintendo games for the first time. Mike isn't a huge nintendo persons. We hasn't played. Mario three d world. I believe it was his first mario. He's going to be jumping into games. Like mario sunshine mario sixty four. What else might jump into you. You'll have to tune into find out or you can catch a later on kinda funny. Plays either way. Check that out. Show mike all the nintendo love. Will he get breath. Law becomes favorite game of all time. Like it should be again. You'll have to tune in to find out lucy before we sign off. I want to let. I want you to let people know where people can find you. What you're working on for for a gamespot. What's up in the world of lucy. Thank you this has been so nice like it. Always hang out with you. Bless and barrett. It's funny because like the most. I talk to you now. Like a tiktok. We just like just send each other so gotta say you have a very well curated feed thank you. Here's the thing. If you're if you're one of my friends on tiktok that i send send ted talks to you which there isn't a great amount of y'all it very close exclusive club. If you're in that group just know that. I tailor my talks to you all right if i see tiktok i do think you think okay. This is one that. I think lucy would appreciate. This is one that i think. Hoa noel blessings. turning into the algorithm. I am the alcohol. Well that's the thing. What i'm saying when i'm sending you take talks. I see that is my algorithm for you. That is tailored experience for you. So lucy liu tiktok you get are very much a this has lucy energy. I'm gonna send to lucy just so i. I would like to know that. I do the same for you. Because i say thank you. I sent to you sensitive to joey. Greg and i have a text threat which is an extra layer of of love and effort. But you know you have to take it out of the app and also the same time. Dave so i appreciate that. It's a sign of friendship that i What am i doing. I was on bee's cast this week. you check out giant bomb games. What after doc Should be up today. We were talking about this collegium a lot because we're planning on. Ps five console crew. Also today we're talking about how this is gonna be a weird year for games. Unfortunately we filmed it and we were like oh at least like style system coming out this near delay because that's always the way what's going on in the world of me. Well i'm actually going back to the uk for little bit. Yeah so it's you know. Just unfortunate timing with visa. Asaf and state of the world means. Get an appointment as soon as i would like. And there's just running like time running out have to leave the country by setting date. It's the whole process. But it's in order so i will still be around. I'm actually gonna be working on like east coast time so i will still be very online I guess we'll still be on all of the usual stuff i'm on. I'm just going to be a slightly different backdrop which will be interesting. Haven't actually got that all figured out just yet. So that's my big thing which is probably why you can see these big tubs behind me. That i haven't started packing yet because i go to put stuff in storage but you know it is what it is. That's what's going on with me but other than that. I've got a ton of games to get through. So if you wanna see me talking about this and picking up my favorite kim lines you can follow me on twitter at least james games there you go lucy. Thanks again for joining me. There's been awesome so campy and yeah good luck with going back to the uk and hopefully it will. You will see you back here again sooner than later. This is not a good by this later. I'm turning this salon com alone. It's the nfl seven all. Y'all was the fast music now. It's honestly it's it's a very bittersweet thing because obviously have to put my life here on pause. But i can't pretend that i haven't been superseded that i've missed my friends and family like i have missed literally half of my nieces life. So that's a very depressing thing sale out. But i am gonna go. I'm gonna go home for a little bit. i'm going to get get vaccinated Sooner than i would do here and so third differently. There's a silver lining to a law. It has just been a bit of a stress china. Coordinate everything like i found out you call us van mo- unless both of you physically present in the united states do yeah i i wanted to vend mohan. They're like what the fuck is of. And i'll say yeah i didn't i didn't realize that and so Yeah good luck again when you're going back and and again we'll i mean the world's online anyway so i'm sure host and from from the uk anyway so we'll see you back here soon. I was gonna say. I think it will be even harder if we hadn't been working from home from the last year but the last year has shown that you know my friendships. Everyone justice strong even though we can see each other so it's okay but unlike chats been so nice and suppose thank you very much and yeah back to the time he can expect my accent to go all over the place when i get back of course. This has been kind of funny games. Daily each and every weekday live right here on twitter slash. Funny games we run you through the nerdy news needs to know about. We usually have oppo show for those that are subjects at this level of patriots dot com. That's kind of funny games. But today since we've had we've we've run very long We have a stream that bear also needs to get to because today fridays all over the place with all the content. We got going. We will not have time for post show so i hope you appreciate the extra ten minutes on patron of this episode. But again i've been blessing. That's been lucy james games. That's been barrett corny on the wasn't until next time game daily.

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