Bumperpodcast #380 Yumyah


I listen I. Know I've been gone for a long time. I got a good I got a good reason, not even an excuse I promise. I've been I've been out in the wilds of the world looking in hunting. And I invented something. I didn't invent it, but I. Kind of Hell with help. I was able to discover something and and I. Think I'm ready to share with you. I know I've been gone for a long time. I can't believe I just looked, and I saw the last episode that I that I that I put up was about the glasses. Remember the glasses. It was so long ago I still don't have glasses. I've been back to that store twice. Have like relationship with them now. I, I walk in, and they're like. Hey, no glasses and I'm like cool. I was here for a plunger. Good because we're friends now we can all just laugh and laugh and laugh at how. How I can't see but. We're past the glasses. We've moved so far past the glasses. We're into a whole nother world now. where I'm inventing stuff and I'm following through on it lot of times, my brain, just kind of make stuff up and I'm like. Yes, that's it and then I forget about it but this. Mostly, because I've been prompted in in prodded enforced by other people. Is is is that? I've kept data, and and a lot of times left to my own. Whims and desires I just kind of big idea. Move along big idea. Move along. I mean the fact that I've recorded three number three hundred eighty. Of these podcasts is astonishing to me. That means must really enjoy doing it that way. I must really enjoy you and you know what I do. I, Miss you when I don't do it I. Get I start to get guilt and then I and then I started to get like Oh. What am I done? What if what if I never do it again? That'd be sad. Would you be sad I would anyway? So. Here's what we invent. It's called Yum yeah. What's Yum? Yeah, all right well. Here's a fun story that I wrote. To See if you can follow along I, tend to say it pretty quickly. But I'm going to I'm going to try to slow it down for your for your listening ears. Deep in the hills beyond the abyss lives the ghost of a ghost. Who has granted one wish? When to Grumbly, explorers got lost in the Blah. That ghost blessed their bellies. With the taste of YUM, yum! Yum Yeah you say well not to downplay bud. It's creamy and dreamy and not to sound unseemly. But. I highly recommend that you try some. So trust the explorers who have decided to share this yogurt retrieved. From the ghost from nowhere. They've even swayed. The heart of coffee can alley and now. Yum Yum is made near the Brook? By the jungle of the town beside marshmallow valley. It is made with love. So, hold onto your wish. Because the ghost of the ghost. Invented your? Four Bliss. Try Yum. Yum varieties as well as ya flavors and enjoy this perfect eating blend. That everybody savers. Young guys. We've done it. We've invented something delicious. I mean you know we followed a recipe. We tweaked recipe, so here's what I like to do. Is I like to find recipes online and I usually get five or six, sometimes eight or ten of the same recipes right from different places, and then what I do is I look through the list I find all the common ingredients right and so and I build. A recipe out of common ingredients right those your your base, those your backbone. That's the structure, the foundation that your recipe is built on right. And then. I start to look at all the other little things like Oh. This person did this tweak that person did that tweak over there? You know and then I start to like do experimenting and figuring out like all right well if they did this in this in this. Maybe, they wanted it to be a little bit more savory. You know that means that means like kind of salty, and so that's why they added this stuff, or maybe they wanted it to be a little bit sweeter. And so they added some hunting, or whatever right and. So then I determine what how do I want it to taste? This is going to be my recipe and so then. I start to figure out. I'm going to get rid of this I'm going to hold this to the side Oh. This thing actually plays well off of that ingredient, so I'm gonNA. Keep it even in there. Even though you know on the surface, you might think Oh, I don't know if that should be in there. Sometimes it should, and you don't even know. Right right so. According to the story, there's the ghost of a ghost. and. He only granted one wish the thing is. We don't even know what that wishes. Does it even pertain to the two explorers? Does. I think there's a deeper story about this ghost. WHO's on? How many wishes does he have left? And I didn't even know the ghosts granted wishes. Is the ghost of genie like how? There's a lot going on. It's what I'm saying, and and you know so. Did he invent? Yum Yum to he is. He is guarding it. Is it. Is it something that's you know like? It's hidden in the forest I don't know. I think that that story is is just the beginning I think we're. GonNa find out a lot more about about. Yum! Yum, but basically. It's it's. It's kind of like yogurt. It's creamy ended streaming, right. And these poor explorers. They they they were lost. And you know, guess the ghost of a ghost save their lives. By filling their bellies. With delicious yum yeah. Why not just call it yogurt. I'm fine I like yum. Yeah. It sounds better and people were like. Oh well, the heart of coffee can alley. That's ninety bumper guard. Yes, that's me. I am allowing them to. Manufacture to create to make. Ya here coffee can alley. And we can't wait. We've got yummy flavors that we're GONNA. Start figuring out to we're going to do like a limb incurred curd. Do you know what that is? Odds good because the yogurt kinda sweet, and so I was thinking like i. want some tart flavors to go against it just to counter it so a nice lemon curd oud. which could move over to a key lime? What really yeah it could it? Could it absolutely could, and then also we're thinking of doing like. A cranberry you're like, but that's only for Thanksgiving known my friends. Graham Berry dressing is delicious, not out of a can. No, no, I'll made fresh. And then we're thinking of doing like a Chai. Chai is it's like a Chai Tea, but A. Yogurt. What! And then we're even GONNA make. lassie like a mango lassie, right, which is a drink, but we're not gonNA have it be to liquidate SOC-, Mango and the yogurt, and maybe some like some cardamom row. Wow, very fancy and we're going to make some. Some GRANOLA and we have like cups coming little plastic cups, and so the only thing that's holding me back at this point is I haven't made stickers. Or design the packaging. But my focus right now is on getting. All this stuff made done right, and then then then. I can do the packaging. That's where I've been. I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. was still doing the pig and pals show. Coming up today very exciting. Celebrating, birthdays left and right haven't been doing a lot of comedy shows. Do I miss it. No, actually I don't kind of weird. I thought I would. I used to, but then. It's just been so busy. and. Busy doing what well inventing. Yum! Ya for one. Thank you for asking. Oh. What's that? You're asking me? Is there a twitter account is there? Is there a facebook page? Is there an instagram relax? Were working on all that stuff. There's a lot okay. Settled down. And What I've been doing I've been working in the yard. And and we're we're putting path around our a raised beds raised beds where we have squash and cucumber and corn and Pumpkins and Cilantro and lead us so much. Stuff is growing this year tomatoes. Okra it's all their. Think. That's what I've been told to me I look at it and I see a lot of plants but I've been told I've been. Guaranteed, these are edible plants so I'm GONNA. I'm GonNa take take their word. But so what I did say cleared off all the grass third around the beds and then I put down this Tarpley stuff, and then I've started putting down rocks so far I've put down one thousand two hundred pounds of rocks. because. Each bag is fifty pounds. One thousand almost at more than half ton. Hot Hot Sun. But you know what. I did when I was done. I came in. and. I had a delicious taste. Of Yum Ya. Look at me. Okay I. Hope you're doing well. I! Miss you desperately. Next week we're going to get back to normal episodes. or maybe even this week. Maybe I'll do fifteen or twenty bonus episodes. Who who now

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