53: The Starbucks Episode


Hungry. I'm so hungry. Hey, people it's me. Lisa Lillian here at hungry land with Mike and Jamie. How are you guys so thirsty? I am getting over a cold. So if I sound a little horse like like a pony, you'll you'll know why. But I'm really excited, first of all the day we're recording this, this is our one year anniversary of when we launched our first podcast. Exciting. No. It's very excited. Yeah. And we're doing well I know it's over a million, listen. Yeah. Well over a million almost according to Mike, it's almost one point one after this episode drops like by the weekend. We'll have one point one. That's so cool exciting. And we're number one in food right now in the morning food, three in the top twenty and sixteen in the top two hundred. That's incredible. Go we're amazing. So this episode Mike just catapult us up even higher right? Possibly. Yes, I hope so because it is, it's a very, very popular. Subject matter. Today's episode is the Starbucks episode. Now even lollies excited. She scratching me, you know, the thing is people will not give up their Starbucks. They will give up anything before, Starbucks people, I know who are say they're so broke they've given up. You know, they don't watch TV. They don't have subscriptions to anything anymore yet. They're in Starbucks, every single day spending money on coffee drinks amazing is the best. I think what we were preparing for this. I think I made like three separate Starbucks runs because just writing about it and thinking about it. Got me jonesing for my therapy that spend like twenty bucks a day at Starbucks. My, my former boss with twenty bucks a day. No. That's just I don't know. I mean, I, I love Starbucks and my favorite thing hungry, girl. Here we make a lot of Starbucks drinks, we remake them. But it's fun to try to figure out what is good there in what is better for you and what the best choices are. And what the shockers are I you know, it's something we've been doing since probably two thousand four and it still surprises me. There's still some things that we stumbled upon when we were getting ready for this episode that I think we were surprised to see. Yeah. We have so much, good information. We have great fines. We're gonna do some chew Intel, which is exciting. And we've been have some exciting news from the world of Starbucks. All right. Starbucks cups are getting a little more colorful and eco friendly, the coffee giants introduced a new line of color changing cups last week, and they sold out almost instantly. You couldn't get him after I think a couple of hours, hopefully they'll be back in stores. By the time is episode airs. The reusable cups are only for ice drinks, and can hold up to twenty four ounces and they come in a pack of five and run about seventeen bucks, which isn't bad for five cups. Are you curious as to what the colors are? All right. So the first one is rose. So it starts out is light pink. And then when you put the liquid in it goes to coral red, then it's they're Citron, which goes from yellow to Emily green sky, which goes from light blue to cobalt blue there's apricot, which goes from light orange tangerine, and then Arctic, which goes from -til to raspberry pink o m j I wanna see. It's so funny because we have notes in front of us. But our notes are black and white. So I feel like I'm getting Mejia fail on my part. I mean, is there a picture? Oh my God. They're gorgeous. That's that's beautiful. I, I will be buying these. All right. I have to tell you, I did look to see if I could get them because they are sold out everywhere. And I went on Facebook marketplace, which is like EBay for your town, that people are selling them for twenty dollars per Cup. What I saw the lowest, I saw was fifty dollars for a set of five while I'll take it. Yeah. Are they nearby? Baggio, but that's crazy that they're going for that much money. That's so that reminds me of when there was a pair of coach boots that Sarah, Jessica Parker war on sex in the city, and I became obsessed with them, and I started calling every coach store in the entire country to find the boots. And I just ordered whichever ones they had no matter what size. 'cause I, I didn't know which size would fit me. But then I ended up, I didn't even try and they all sold on EBay for like four times. Oh my. That's insane. Can go into business doing that anyway. So we're starting off the Sepah today with chew and tell aren't we, it's a sip Intel, because we're trying out the new drinks at Starbucks that everyone is talking about all right? So let's jump in. Starting off today with you guessed it a to Intel but it's really a sip Intel, because we are trying out some of the best new drinks that Starbucks is offering one of them is like an old favourite that they're bringing back and the other two brand new they've been nicknamed the magenta drink, but they're really mango dragon fruit drinks or mango, dragon fruit refresher is that the official. I think that's the official name is the refresher the refresher for this for so long. I know. And the thing is people are raving about them and saying, they're amazing. They're mango dragon fruit and you can get them either made with lemonade more with coconut milk. And if you get a tall made with lemonade, it's only seventy calories, an atoll made with coconut milk is one hundred not too bad up at all. They're gorgeous, which we try first. Let's try the lemonade one. I okay. So let's look at this atoll is not that tall. If this is the tall I too tall. How many calories are in the tall this has seventy all right? So normal drink. Yeah. I mean I'm used to getting the calls there. It's enough. It's so pretty. Harder than I expected. It is very tired. Ooh. It's cool and crisp. It's a little like pomegranate, to me, doesn't it? Oh, yeah. Yeah. I kinda wanna taste there's real fruit on top. Everything. What does the dragon fruit look like I feel so ragging, I wish look good Raghav, I should know. Like you can't go to the supermarket and just by dragon king. They like Paul and greyish on the outside his drag where my thinking of a passion for it. I don't know. But I like this. I like it. It's, it's not overly. Sweet. It's very refreshing. It doesn't taste overly lemony. And it doesn't taste overly mango, either it just it's nice mix tropical, it's kind of a tropical taste to it tastes like Hawaii after trying this, you're like, well, who needs the coconut milk? But we've gotta try the coconut milk. Creepy drinks this tastes like Hawaii is definitely fluorescent. When you add the coconut milk book look at the color that it changes to. Wow. Totally different totally. You know what it does? It takes down the tartness, and it makes it just levels it out in creaming. I love that this would totally work with an alcoholic like some vodka in there or something that party. Oh, yeah. Rum. That's great. I love it. It's and they're very different. You're right. I don't like you would drink these on different occasions. This is like a hot. The one with eliminate hot afternoon during this is a good morning beverage or evening as we've just discovered that we could put some remnant. Yum. Okay, we're hype like enjoyable worth sipping to yom's up. All right. Next up. We have a returning favorite. It's not one of our favorites because of the gallery counts. But it's the ever popular s'mores Frappuccino, which is marshmallow infused. That's the marshmallow of whipped cream on top. But there's chocolate sauce, creamy vanilla coffee milk, and ice with a gram cracker crumble. It's just like a smaller in your Starbucks Cup. How could this not be delicious? Well, because the calorie count is pretty high hundred calories and thirteen grams of that. That's with the whip full disclosure. The reason why we're even trying today is because we came up with a drink that was inspired by this. We didn't try to copycat it out. But we made one we were inspired to try to make one and it's coming out in our daily Email next week is awesome. It's so exciting so exciting. So if you don't get the emails sign up go. To hungry girl dot com and sign up for them. Did you try? No, I'm like, I'm going to try it right now. We have the whip we got the whip because it's marshmallow infused. Oh my God. Oh, that's pretty good. It's to sweep though. It's very sweet. I could not drink an entire one of those. That was excellent. The most impressive part of this, the marshmallow marshmallow it tastes like flow. It it's so good. Really good. I'm going to have this the rest of the shows that, okay, yes. That's why we got to. Well, one because I'm hacking up God knows what but the other is because we knew you'd wanna have your own my, but that's Yemi. That's delicious. But I'm extremely glad that there's a hundred swap coming out. Yes. Hours has like I mean, it's less than one hundred fifty calories. I think it's like one fifty and it's loaded with protein. Oh, yeah. That's right. Ours has a protein a secret ingredient. Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay. So speaking of secrets, we are moving onto five Starbucks secrets. We're gonna give you the best ways to order or modify your Frappuccino, and other fancy schmancy, Starbucks drinks because everybody needs help their right, everybody about their some baristas, that don't even know this information. They don't they all seem confused. When I go in order, things especial way. So there should be like secret hungry girl, barista training, one on one. We do that, okay. I secret one this is sad news. We should cue this ad music. They recently are not so so recently, maybe about a year ago, got rid of the light Frappuccino offering. So they used to be a light Frappuccino base. They would make their Frappuccino with something that was lower in calories. Think it was sugar free. But they got rid of it, and they do that to us. I thought that was a really bad idea. So now you can sort of fake it a little bit. If you order a Frappuccino, you can do a swap out from the milk. So if you order it with almond milk. Don't say skinny just order the Frappuccino with almond milk instead of fat free milk, because it's actually lower and that reduces the calories a little bit. And no whip and you're better but still a frat Pacino probably not your best bet at Starbucks. Yeah. We did a little research, if you are going to get a frappe vanilla and the coffee versions are the latest, once you get into s'mores territory, you're, you're getting up there in trouble told me this. Oh some halfway through this. Wow. You going on that? Oh my. Okay. Second secret. And this is a little bit of a shocker skinny ordering something skinny, which has been like all the rage for the past ten years. It's not your best bet at Starbucks anymore, believe it or not, the almond milk has fewer calories than the skin mill. Wow. So it's a super skinny super-duper skinny, exactly. So if you order it skinny, you're gonna get the protein from the skim milk, but because it has more calories. It's going to end up upping the calories of your drink. Now, if the drink only has a couple of houses milk. It's not a really big deal. But if you're having a lot or something with four six ounces of milk, it could make a big difference. But you should know when you order something skinny, they will default to giving you a drink. That's made with skim milk, and they will give you sugar free syrup if it is available, and they will also not include whipped cream, so that's their version. That's what skinny means to people at Starbucks. So have you can order, skinny order skinny with almond milk and another trick? If your drink comes with pumps of syrup especially if it's sugary syrup you can ask for only one or two pumps. They usually throw in like four or five just ask for fewer pumps, even if it sugar free. Yeah, I do that. I usually stay away from artificial sweetener. This is probably one of my only indulgences. Because you're at Starbucks. You wanna have something a little yummy without a million calories. So I'll usually say one or two pumps of the sugar. Free syrup doesn't feel as Kuku is doing four or five for me. Right. And it doesn't taste as fakey fake. Yeah. It's, it's a lot because I do I do the like the skinny vanilla low taste tiny short ones with like one pump of Jaffrey to the same thing. Okay. We ready to move on. All right, next little secret. This is a little known fact. You can request less whip if you don't wanna go fully with free. That's good. See, it's good to know there's a middle ground because sometimes if you're going to get a drink like a fancy drank you feel kinda sad. If you say, no whip I like that. They'll give you less whip. Yeah. They'll do anything. They're pretty accommodating there. So the whip cream itself, probably has one hundred calories, if you do less, you can. Get down to fifty or a tiny little squirt that's really one hundred calories. Oh, yeah. God. Wow. Well, look at the mountain of whip on that thing it's almost worth it. How come they don't have that fat free whip? The one that comes in the red can cause that's, that's just a ready whip. They don't they have their own whip cream, but, you know, you can order a pup Achino, which is just a Cup of cream, they call that a pup Achino for your dog. Footer love that. I just noticed Jamie has penny. Pause airings on. I should've worn coffee being airings for today's episode. You can go change. All right. Yeah, get the Pacino for your dog. If you have a dog that's a bonus secret. Yes. That's an extra added one moving on to secret number four. As Mike down says s'mores Frappuccino, you can actually swap the whipped cream for cold foam. What's co foam is what they usually put on their cold brew and it skim milk and vanilla syrup, which is froth together. It's really yummy. It only as thirty calories and five grams of sugar. But if you want to be super creative, you can also get the cold foam made with almond milk, and even sugar-free sear. This is like a secret within a secret. It's how meta secret within a secret within a secret. So if you're okay, and you don't wanna deal with the fake sweeteners and you just want the regular syrup. That's fine. But if you swap out the almond milk, I wonder if it gets foamy, I wonder I did ask, if they would do it, and they said, sure, but, you know that's made it's. Gonna come out super frothy, like you said, but skim milk, and I would do the skim milk and sugar free syrup. I think you said, you might splurge do the, the skim. Yeah. The skill on the regular is only thirty calories and five grams of sugar. So as it stands, not so bad. It's a good little swap out and I love the phone like it's cool. Feels like you're getting your whip fix absolute less than half the calories. It just looks like wilty sad with green. Okay. Final secret number five. There is a secret short size. So like a drink that you might think that tall is the shortest. That's what they tell you, right. It's like it's like a hidden secret at Starbucks. If you order a short, they give you a tiny Cup. So the short is eight ounces. The tall is twelve so you can really save a lot of calories. Yeah. That's great. It's great. And it's cute sometimes like when I get a super hot skinny latte. I don't need a giant one. I end up throwing out some of my coffee anyway. So I think that's is, is actually perfect. Yeah. I think if you wanna give the s'mores frapp, try that would be the way to go. Oh, short khanate. Do I don't think they can do a cold short. Let's find out. I don't know if you guys know they have an amazing tall is the smallest they go for the frappes because the short is like a little paper Cup. But it works for a lot of the other drinks anything hot. Okay. Let us move on to best bets at Starbucks for less than a hundred calories. Wow, is there's more than just cough. It's not going to be like Kofi sweet and low. Right. It's not just like a too big a Cup of water. No, there's a lot, you can get actually and some of it's obvious. Like you said, if you just get like black coffee, or you just get an ice black coffee or a cold brew. That's obviously going to be almost calorie free, but focus on the cold drinks because it is getting hot out there warm out. It's getting kind of Fizi as they say, we're focusing on the cold drinks, and there are a lot of good options for less than one hundred calories. They are okay. I won the iced skinny cinnamon Dolch lotto, with almond milk that only has fifty calories. It's so good. Thanks to our special hack of doing a skinny with almond milk. Exactly. It's and they have the cinnamon syrup and sugar free, which definitely saves you calories, and that's for tall right, fifty calorie. Yes, these are all talk and you know what? But if you got the 'Grande it was at the verse is bigger than the dog that probably still will be still under. Because that's only fifty. Okay, next, the iced skinny mocha with almond milk. Atole one of those only has eighty five calories Slough for chocolate coffee drink. That's pretty great. Yes. It's like they've got this delicious mocha sauce that they mixed with Espresso and milk. But you get with the almond milk and throw it over ice. It is so good, another great drink for fifty calories, the cold brew with cold foam. Well, that's a good combo. They were meant to be. Yes there couple and most of those are just coming from the foam anyway. But you get it with almond milk and sugar free syrup, and you can save even more. So if you get that cold brew and you order the cold foam with the almond milk like that, low hack gave you earlier that thing's going to have maybe like twenty or twenty five calories. Okay. And then next drink under one hundred calories that we love. It's the ice Starbucks blonde vanilla lofta with almond milk, and sugar free syrup and MAC, I only has fifty calories. Good. I love the blonde roast so mild. It is. And then with vanilla Lotte, it's going to be all smooth and creamy yummy. And I believe there's more caffeine in a blonde roasted coffee what because the more you roasted, the less caffeine the caffeine burns off. I did not know that one hundred percent. Sure. I believe that's what I heard. But I do know that the layer the rose, those are strong the coffee. I've heard that too. Counterintuitive by the way, the dragon drinks do have caffeine. I'm not sure where it comes from. But I did read that. Oh, we aware would it come from the dragon naturally has caffeine. I don't know about that. Just just a lot of a lot of potential fact there. My son could call him. Correct me. Where is that true? They can they probably will what's the number to call to correct eight oh five three eight oh, eight oh, seven five. I actually got some people telling me that Spanish rice is what they serve at Mexican restaurants. If you call from, like four episodes ago, they serve Spanish rice at restaurants. That's where Mexican the rice that Mexican restaurants is called Spanish rice. That is definitely good information and information I did not know about it, which doesn't make sense of the Starbucks episode, but still good to know. All right. Moving onto breakfast. We all go to Starbucks morning time or a lot of us do. And you see the case with all the breakfasts staring at you. It was pastries muffins. Yeah. My actually, I don't want to rat out my nephew, but I was with him last week in Boston. And we were about to go out to a giant early lunch, and he is in the hotel lobby drinking a giant lotto and eating score. Oh, that's his meal right there. That's like six hundred calories probably. Right. And well, the thing is, I, I was like, oh, he's like, I'm just having tiny school, and it's not like I'm eating a big on a schmear, and I looked at the calorie count. And the Scone had more calories than the bagel it did. Yeah. But he wasn't. He wasn't that hungry during lunch anyway. So this cone is not the option to get, but there are good things you can get for breakfast at Starbucks. Okay. I item on the list the hardy blueberry oatmeal. So this is a newer addition. I think they originally debuted the classical male with all the top. Right. So then that's as say, like the original oatmeal that is to say at Starbucks. It was okay. I like it. But this sounds like a better bet because the original meal had, they give you little Baggies of like there'd be a bag of dried fruit. There'd be a bag of Brown sugar. I think it was a third bag. I used to like the nuts. I would like save the nuts as a snack for later. But this one it actually has real blueberries. I like that. That's more filling in my opinion, and they still give you the little bags of stuff. But. You can save it for later, and you don't need it or you could just have the blueberry oatmeal, it has two hundred twenty calories as served. So even with all the stuff they give you two hundred twenty calories, which is not bad. Not at all. That's great for breakfast. But even better, in my opinion, or the breakfasts that come with a lot of protein and they have great sandwich options there. They have reduced fat, Turkey, bacon egg, white breakfast sandwich that has two hundred thirty calories. I'm so proud of them for offering that me too. Probably really feeling to it is, it's like a little, it's their version of their ethnic Muffin kind of situation. Mike can't get enough of that smallest Frappuccino. Do our second one. At the bottom, and I'm trying to get the cream the butter, the butter creams, I would it's called nets marshmallow cream boop cream without, you know, making that noise so that you guys don't hear it. Slurpy noise. All right. You can do that, while I talk about the best best best, best breakfast, offering Starbucks has to offer, which is the spinach and cage free egg. White breakfast wrap this rap is to die for the Roba's caged free. The rap has never been in a cage. Well, neither have the chickens who laid the eggs, free range wraps. Underrated. Okay. Two hundred ninety calories for that thing. I remember when this came out so I'm going to describe it this rap like I almost had a heart attack. It was so delicious. It was like this. Like, holy tortilla with spinach. It has sun dried tomatoes and the combination is just heavenly. And they pulled it off the shelves after a few months, and we recreated it. We have a recipe. We're going linked to it on our show page. But now you can just get it at Starbucks. So that's what I was gonna say, the end of that story is that Lisa came in so excited. She was like, in the kitchen dissecting pulling it apart. We're gonna remake so excited by the time the Email went out. They had already put it back on the menu. But we were like we don't care. We may have it at home. Now you can end it actually tastes. Exactly like it should. So I don't know what it is about this. But you're able to recreate that at home. Okay. Another. Oh, we have another two Intel. We are chewing and telling something we've already chewed and told Sabido egg bites. Didn't we do this? This year into this. This is probably like last year. Might have been like eight months ago. There was episode, which was, I think I was. June or something last year. So it's been almost a year, I one or did you travel? Okay, if I remember when we were deciding what to feature here leases that I don't remember trying that and I think we did. So we decided it was worth another two. That's right. We don't remember it. You don't remember it. There's severe lead. I mean you remember sue the way it's yeah, it's like cooked in like a bag. It's like pressure cooked cooked in a bag that sound track much fancier than that. It is now. Oh, interesting. Now, I remember they look like let's set it up. They look like little like cupcakes. Almost like little egg patties, and the white our little Muffin, Muffin pan egg bites. It's creamy kind of all the cheese, that's different than what I thought it would taste. Like what do you think Lisa? I think it's okay. I think they're good. But I like I am a purist. I truly love the flavor of Mike NATO. And this is just like so, cheesy. Yes. Almost biting into cheese people. Love these people. Go nuts for them. And these have red pepper Jack cheese, you two of them for a hundred and seventy calories. They're flavorful, cheesy, but I say, not as good as the sandwiches, in my opinion. But I bet they're great for people who are like Kito or Atkins, just really watching their carbs, because there's no starch component fat and protein. Yeah. Good time place. All right. Also on the positive list there, men. And coconut yogurt bowl which we were going to try today that thing has two hundred and fifty calories. But our Starbucks was sold out of them. They must be super popular, and with apple, you get more bang for your calorie. Buck compared to the par- phase, like there's more real fruit in it, and less gunk, but some of the phase phaser okay too, but the thing about par phase. It's always a thing for me. Like I remember when I first started out, I went to a gas station like early on as to take everything I was going to the gas station. Wanna say that the lesson I was at the gas station was when I first started out, but I used to go there to get the food and bring it to the lab to be tested. So we brought like a gas station yogurt granola Parfait to be tested and had, like five hundred calories the infamous gestation yogurt Parfait, which already sounds like a sketchy idea. But now if you had any doubts. Yeah. We found out it was loaded with calories. It's because of the granola and you don't know what kind of yogurt it is. And I have to say, like anything things that look healthy aren't necessarily healthy. But in the case of. Starbucks. They do have a couple of par phase that are decent option. So they have a berry trio Parfait, and they have a fresh blueberries and Honey Greek yogurt Parfait those have two hundred and forty calories. But this is this crazy lemon crunch Parfait and for some reason, that has, like, one hundred more calories skip that baby out more sugar to make the lemon not as I think our your Ryan that up. Yeah. Because you don't squeeze lemon onto. They make like a lemon goop. Yeah. And I think that has full fat yogurt. I don't know why. But it does. And that's another my favorite breakfast there. Okay. Now moving on to lunch. So Starbucks has launched this whole line of they call them protein, boxes and bowls. But in many cases in really bold boxes, there, sandwiches, or wraps, besides like sliced apples or something in the bowl or the box. But they vary like the calorie counts are just like greatly varied four hundred and twenty two six hundred ninety calories. So that's a huge range, big range, and I would think protein box protein bowl done. I would think that's a really Smart Choice. Right. You hear the word. It's a buzzword. So you hear the word protein. And you think it's like power, you know, it's going to be smart and low fat and low in calories. And it just isn't the case. And in many cases, it's not it's they should call it the protein carbs fat bowl, because there's a lot of bread. Butter and jelly one. Yeah. On a sandwich. Yeah. So all of these things you probably could mix and match like if you're savvy like someone who listens to our podcast all the time. And reads the hungry girl, daily emails, you might be able to stand over the case and pick the balls in the boxes and know what to do, like you could unravel the rap and eat all the Turkey out of it, or you could only half the bread in some cases or skip if something is like a big player fruit and cheese, you'd only have a couple of cubes of the cheese. But if you're not savvy, I'd say that there is a best bet and we actually are gonna try one of them right now. It is the chicken and keen wa protein bowl, which has four hundred twenty calories, but that includes the dressing. Oh, wow. I want to say too, by the way, I'm pretty savvy. I looked at all of these, and I couldn't have told you which ones we're going to be lower and higher. It was a little bit because there's a few that look salad like this. There's a lentil and rice one and that one's loaded with calories. This one is a much better bet. And you're right. This does look like a salad. I mean it is. Chemo approaching, so it is it's mixed greens. And then, you know, it's very beautifully sort of prepared. There's like a little pile of tomatoes. There's some grilled chicken. There's keen wa it looks nice. But I don't see that where's the dressing? It's a pretty big too. Yes. It's a big bowl. I feel like you could like sit in this bowl. Well, there's the dressing tightening tape. On the sides. Hold on. While you do that. I'm going to pull up with actually on that because I see some Firoz one. Oh, it was also hidden their corn. See now that I put the took the lid off, and it must smell good because Lally like jumped up and she's ready to try them. Just here's whenever is opening. Try this Sweden ex-great grilled chicken. Chilli vinaigrette fresh greens tomatoes roasted corn black beans, hiccup pep Rica. And how do you say Kuteesa chiefs to Katina's cheese is he? So this has twenty seven grams of protein. This is Jamie size lunch. Yes, especially because you know what? It's not overly keen watt. But the ads adds a nice touch. And it gives it some texture, and it is a little more filling just sitting on top of lettuce. Yeah. I gotta like nice if they miss named this. It's definitely a salad with keen, wa and not a keen wobble. Yes. But people feel better about it. If they think it's a key mobile I was once on an airplane. Ever told this story, I've been on an airplane more than once, but this one particular time I was flying. And I had to listen to the flight attendant. She was British. It was British Airways flight. And she was giving people a choice between the salad with chicken on it, or that quinoa bowl, and she said, at, like five hundred times, and I just wanted to be like keen wa I don't say quinoa and the UK. This is really good where the plane is flying over. They changed the this is like super fresh, like most packets allies. I feel are not like fresh tasting. This is super fresh. It looks amazing. And I love this Hickam gonna try to them. The Hickam is so fresh and crunchy. It's nicely spiced. The paprika really add something smokey that's super flavorful, how many calories and the whole thing it's four hundred twenty including the dressing. Wow. But I don't know. I would be happy as hacked to get that an airport if I were sometimes you're like looking for last minute lunch at an airport. I'd be thrilled to find that. That is a good plain dinner. We don't mean plane tasting but. Plane as an zoom zoom across the sky thumbs up. Starbucks good job on that one. To wash it down was really good. I'm going to have another. Okay. Another good bowl believe it or not the eggs and cheese bowl. And what that really is. It's hard, boiled eggs. They give you a little role that if you fruit peanut butter, so you can mix and match. But if you ate that whole I don't mean the plastic everything inside of four hundred seventy calories, but I usually dipped the yolks. So you save some there. And if you don't eat that little role, you'd save even more. So that's a decent option as grapes apples slices. That's pretty good. Yeah. I feel like this one's also misnamed. It should really be because it says eggs and cheese, it's really eggs and fruit, and then a couple pieces of cheese and a role, that's like what they would call the protein snack pack on United Airlines. If you were on United Airlines. Okay. So like, just be careful with these bowls. Like you can look at those one wrap that made me nuts. I was like, look at a chicken wrap. It looks like it's going to be good. Six hundred ninety calories. Oh my God that's gonna head like three sauces. Right. I was gonna say it all kinds of like mayo. In this kind of cheese sauce. And, and then you unwrap the tortilla and it's like nine hundred feet wide. So could use it as a blanket on your plane ride. Yeah. They have that they have. It's a different thing. Don't eat it. Okay. Well does that wraps? It up that wraps up, all of our, Starbucks advice, which is good because I feel like I'm about to cough again and holidays offended. Anybody with my voice of the cops out. Version. You have if you here's some cops I couldn't get all the Mt L at Mike. But if you wanna yell at my or ask them, a question, or send us any information you can do so, by calling eight oh, five three eight oh, eight seven five and in case you're on a Walker on a treadmill or doing something, and you couldn't write down this information. We're going to put the highlights of this episode up on our page, which is hungry. Dash girl dot com slash food, cast clever. Knee guest. I like it. He time. Honestly, I learned a lot in this episode. I mean, Starbucks always had some impressive options but I feel like now that, you know, kind of the tips and tricks, and how best order, we've so much good stuff in front of us like I'm excited. I'm excited to, you know what I feel like doing giving away some Starbucks. So I don't know how, but we're gonna have people call you and tell you what. Just tell me why you think you deserve the Starbucks gift card. Okay. We did that once before and cut like forty seven call an easier. You make it better, the better it is. So call my. And tell him why you think you deserve a fifteen dollar Starbucks gift card, and you might get one we're going to send a bunch people, also what's the number again it, oh, five three eight oh, eight oh, seven five beautiful. And also what you should do in case you don't get our daily emails, go to hungry desk. Girl dot com to sign up. You can also check us out on Instagram at hungry, girl, and on Facebook or the Facebook community. It's Facebook dot com slash hungry. Girl, you could share what's chew in community, Jamie who live there. It's the best. It's a lovely place to live. Come, join me come visit awesome. All right. Well, I'm going to go take a cough drop ended nap, but this was fun really good helpful information. We'll be back next week as happy anniversary. Yeah. Your birthday or what we're one. Miniver serie. We have to think the audience really, we would not be here without you guys. We would have given up if there were only two people listening and three of us, we might have still kept. Yeah, that's tripped on knowing. But it's okay, it's good that it's not. And thank you offer reviewing the show and just for being there. And for appreciating us, and sending us emails and just being so nice. So we love you all right? Signing off from Hoaglund. I am Lisa Lillian till next time to the right thing.

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