20: Flanders fine tuning and moon racing


You listening to the cycling podcast in association with Rafeh, the fastest clothing in the world tour, the home of cycling with character ride 'em what with Rafeh in two thousand nineteen as they partner e f education fast and canyon throb. Hello. My injured should Moore with Donald free. I lowered and Lionel Bernie Jala Richard together. Again chops making a habit of this. Yes. Going to next week. Lonzo don't get comfortable until Jiro will be reunited that Jiro opening. We cannot far away. Now is a note. I'll be in the advance party on the I get things ready. Few chaps. Yeah. I think so quite being didn't else to go in the first eighty Richard. Anyway, how are you? Both are you. Well, but. Coming off winning weekend or up in on coast this weekend. Golf course. Couple. Did you? Yes. Well, how many watch did you hit nod? I brought himself away for the second putt cost. Yeah. I am one. My my father's annual golfing age extravaganza each category. Thirty eight to thirty nine years. I each. Anyway, however, you Lionel, and where are we we're at the national theatre Kanerva old school central London venue after eighteen players aren't we being too Materia up in Pancras area law few weeks, we've been at bar Talia in SoHo if we can't carry a moving this far south we might make it for the star of the Jiro in bologna a few weeks time would just south of the times here. I'm lucky I'm here fellas along and late journey back loss night from Belgium of lots of while accusing the Eurotunnel really could be was offices on strike. It could have been worse the buffalo of Florida's. How was it? It was great. Yeah. I was over for. I caught the end of the women's world tour race in depan on Thursday Friday was three or the three Bank. Classic is. No. And then a really thrilling and welcome on Sunday. So pack the law into my. Four days in Flanders and you back out for the tour Flanders, I'm pay regain. Indeed, I'm high. You are the coupled king they spring and mostly going to take in scale, the priest and the bromance appeal. Nice both writer the envy three who's favorite race as prevents appeal. Can you guess who it is will return to that will return to that? But if you use for us, please line have loads of racing going on. So I will try and rattle through this. We'll start in Catalonia the tour of Catalonia where Astana continued to general classification run victories with Maganga Lopez taking the overall on his head of Adam Yates who was also second tier Adriatico week and a half ago egging Benalla team sky was third a really competitive weeks racing. Kind of a patent emerging in need early stage races this spring as Donna win an astounded win Adam Eggen banal, you know, there's there. Are patents forming as we head towards the grand tours and tour of the Basque country, or it's Yulia which is in between Florida's and ruby will probably confirm this patent some of the stages that caught the eye Thomas again with a trademark lone breakaway win on state won a couple of wins for Michael Matthews. Chris Fru crashed in Las fourteen minutes on stage to Ida meets one stage gallon, Gallo Pez laid the foundations is overall victory by winning stage and boar hunters grow. I had a good week with state wins for max, Shaq moon and on the final day Davidoff formal there were some crushes on the final day Roman day, most notably crashed around forty kilometers to go on the mon-. Huque descent suspected fractured ribs for AG to is leader and really bad luck for Simon Geschke of CCC. He fractured elbow in the welter Mercier five six weeks ago. And have broken collarbone in crash in Catalonia. So he is back on the sidelines. The rest of the racing really is being focused on Belgium, dealing grow on the three days of dependent. Now a one day race. Of course, a head of finance caveat. And Elliott Viana couple of crushes. There will probably talk about this race in passing when we focus on get wagon because I kind of lead towards a tour flow into Sunday. But Luke coverage is out of the rest of the couple classics Mitchell. Scott Roddick crashed and confirmed fractured color bone. Steny exte- Steve won the three pink Bank classic, beaten, wealth and art and Greg Manama. That follows his victory only pet news black a few weeks ago and continued to current quick steps run of one day victories in the world tour quite remarkable run. They've had about they didn't take the owners. Welcome on Sunday. We'll talk about that. But Alex under Kristof back the victory for you a team. Way from Belgium, briefly Rudy, Bobby of Israel cycling, academy won the classic Loire Atlantique in France and the following day. Mark Sarah who'd been second at the grand prix Dennen and second at the classic Atlantic took the grand prix chalet in Italy at the Settimana copy, barley Mitchell and Scott one team time trial to set up a top three four them over or Lucas Hamilton Damian house, Nick shorts with the order. Their Mika Landa whose only way back from that bad crash at San Sebastian classic last, August, also one stage so things beginning to look up for movie stars by Skride there and the women's world two his both won by custom build of the Netherlands. She won the three days of bruised upon and then get wagon honorable mentioned to W N. T rotor teammate. Lisa Brenner who was on immaculate lead out duties for custom build shit lots of racing but the standout race of the week. I would say was getting them on Sunday rich, fastest clothing in the world tour, the home of cycling with character Rydin watch with rather in twenty teen as they partner e f education fast and canyons rammed. It's difficult. I can only speak from a male perspective, but it's difficult for the modern mail to feel confident when wearing spandex, and or lycra my name is Taylor Phinney, and I read for f education, I pro cycling team, therefore, your comfort, and your and your confidences central when you're when you're putting on your your bicycle clothing. I will admit that this is the most comfortable in the most confident that I felt they're the best bib shorts in the world. Well, thank you very much. Headline sponsor Rafeh. That was Taylor Phinney. I'm Bill and Ted three was now yet. That's a few weeks. Maybe this is the onto maybe I should just be wearing shorts. The whole time to you know, help me with my mother male chronic confidence issues. Yeah. Anyway, ringing endorsement there from Taylor Phinney for the Rafeh VIP shorts. That was great. We'll hear more from Taylor Phinney think in a couple of weeks before pirate bay more than not vain. 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We are also going to ask listens. The second punk has to come up with a cycling podcast design. I mean, go for it. There will be some exciting prizes available to the best design, and we'll confirm what prices are. But don't forget though, you can also get the full range of peddler, Sean, clothing jerseys t shirts and a cap on the referendum site, ref dot CC on peddlers to Sharm as well for the jerseys, and the t shirts, I gave peddler Sharm t shirt that you notice the Michael Hepburn. Yeah. Who had gone of kind for praise on social media for stopping and helping them. Stor who had crashed is cycling kinda me. Right. Ter- who'd crashing Luton. Pretty by the way, ahead burn stopped latest by against all and help them. So this is during the three days of dependent wasn't it yet. No three non crash. Yeah. It wasn't us crash. And yes, certainly, the type of the type of thing that deserves peddler to Sharma ward than he was very pleased to get that didn't feel like he'd done anything exceptional, really. Because a friend of his not in that in itself charming, isn't it? Absolutely. So any again, welcome which probably the pick of the races of the last week. It was a hunting wasn't. I mean, we get welcome. It used to be a mid week race. And it's it feels like status has been growing. And this is also been growing, which is maybe factor feeling just like a meteor dish than it used to be and still a race that you know, can finish in a bunch sprint. But the weather plays a part the chorus plays a part, and certainly this I- mischievously suggestion Twitter that could be the sixth monument. I it was a joke. You know? I don't think just because we see a great addition of a particular race automatic to be included a monument, but it was a great addition wasn't it. Yeah. You mentioned the distance is now two hundred and fifty plus kilometers Easterby sandwiched between the two of Florida's and pyro bay was around two hundred kilometers. I think the addition of the Pook streets. The gravel sections makes it visually more appealing than than it did before not that has a great impact. The race. And there's always the chance that the wind might blow and break things up. But the race was full on right? From the start wasn't it. I mean, I don't know whether you saw any of that. But certainly the what was being reported about how it broke up under very aggressive racing conditions early on took its toll in the end. When you look at leagues Kristoff who was the strongest in the sprint by far. And then Vellon posted his average power output for the day three hundred and forty five watts. I mean that was such a figure even down Lloyd with querying whether that was correct on Twitter seeking clarification that gives you an indication of just a hard day. It was not perhaps hard to win as to Florida's a significant increase in workload compared to the previous two races last week. And we always come to think of Chris I was only thrive in difficult races. I think quite steady race. As a high pace from the start long races. And that's exactly what Sunday was. I mean, you never really lets his team down. He's always there there about spend a while since he's produced kind of performance in that kind of company, but he's he's definitely danger. Now for tour flown is I have why doubts about him on the tour. Florida's coast before he wasn't flawn isn't if you remember then he was wearing Nike tub stern mice to drop him on the Potter Bogan. So he was he's he's a stocky so of going and sometimes even stockier than while stock in never at the moment, but he can get up the climbs. I mean interesting to your thoughts on whether we will is a better guide for Florida's than e three Greg van other weekend suggested it's not on the three gives us a better idea of who's gonna go. Well, I mean lost years, the helping various riders done the double d three Florida's double. Lost year tubs today, country origin in two thousand thirteen Boone did into thousand twelve but Veba the longer race. Isn't it two hundred fifty compasses and yesterday's speaking Monday was particularly tough edition of. And it was interesting because when entire race with the couldn't quickstep on this incredible run of victories. And it was almost as if the other teams were just going there to make as hard as possible for them because it was one of these racists where unusually to can increase had one leader, you know, in the big threat that they pose dresses having so many options and get welcome 'em. Vivani went really close last year was really upset by that. And it was one of his main goals for the year to go back and try to win there is so it was a race where the the quickstep game plan was very obvious. The other teams are not maybe made it easier for them to take them on. And just. Disrupt that a little bit. And we saw early doors and pizza Saigon was obviously in that move with some Bora Hans Groer support but track safe frito anew movies. Mma were also there in big numbers to and so did the other teams were really taking the fight to them. Yeah. And it forced to curling quickstep to do a lot of work in chase. Didn't it I with Tim to Clack. And then there is this kind of jostling who are they saving because stent St. body a lot of work and view bear Phillips. You'll bear was kind of saved until quite late on clearly they had everything in for Elliot Viana. But having missed the break, the responsibility fell squarely on them to bring it all back together. So left Vivani to freelance in the sprint. And we shouldn't overlook the way that you a team member played that because I had Kristoff and Gaviria Gavaglio who was second indepao. No a few days before. But in his interview off towards Kristof said Gaviria told him with around ten. In columbus. Go I'm not feeling so good. So you go for it via only, of course, with Gaviria Zueco Gaviria did the perfect teammate job of pretty much shutting the door on Vivian boxing him in by letting little gap open around about the time that Kristof took his took his flyer. So it was a well thought-out win by Christopher. Because of course, he was off the front of the main group, we were speculating whether or not he was trying to bridge up to the well to from Alan piper. The m the team boss you a D memories used to be BMC for many years. Of course, he moved over the winter. The Australian former writer and he spoke to him the finish about Chris stuff to win and high income by while you must be delighted with a real finish. Chris office oppose strongman's finish. It wasn't that strong winds race. Yeah. But it was really hard rising one hundred fifty guys in the first three hours. That's like fifty everage if you you know, that difficult to work out. But it was it was a very very hard rice. We had to write his left IVA phenomena who was was in the initial break of fifteen in Alex was behind. I think he really did. Well to the second time up the camel get out in front before does big attacks came on the Kimball and saves energy a little bit. And you know, I've got to say hats off to Fernando came up in the final even though us dead and tried to give Alex another hand. And, you know, Alex's good after two hundred fifty you know, he loses nothing. So we saw that in the sprint as well. So you think going the way that the try and l- like to try and bridge across leaders aren't helped him in then office. Sure, it wasn't just so much about bridging across to the leaders. It was getting out in front for when God like St. by attacked on the climb. He can't answer that. And I think he anticipated that really well because that can break a lotta GAAS legs. You gotta had him front. They caught him off to the Klein came back together again. But it unfolded in the end luckily for us because we had no help as apart from the two sprinters. So we just had to gamble on a sprint finish sometime. Piper. Interesting. When we saw Christoph trying to well like he was trying to bridge across to the five leaders because that big eighteen month group, and it splintered, and well, they were caught weren't they? And then four of that group went clear Saigon and might turn us son Edward tones, and Matthew Trenton, and that was a very strong can quartet. And there was it. Didn't look like there was a well organized. Chase behind though there were three or four quakes that writers moment there, and it was like they were waiting a little bit before they committed because they didn't have the numbers they need this the seven man teams might be a factor in this as well. And the the difficulty on a course of keeping things together and Baluch rule had been in their journal move chose that moment to go and try and bridge across which looked like us strange thing to do he made it then Christoph win as well. And we thought he was trying to the same thing. But piper suggesting there actually was just trying to get head before the second and final Santa the. Handlebar what you mentioned seven months teams, rich. I think on in a two hundred fifty two race, which is hotly contested from two zero. That's when you you really see teams are gonna get completely blown away. If they have to use men in the first couple of hours, and yeah, we talked about it Milan-San Raimo over that distance two hundred and fifty plus you are vulnerable and quick CEPA gonna be so coining gonna be vulnerable influences by virtue of the fact that everyone is going to be watching them. And they've got a lot of a lot of kind of attackers. In a lot of guys who are who are there to try to win the race in and not just as workhorses? What did he make Peter Sagan being in that group because he's one game where a couple of time. We're things four times. Of course. Yeah. Doesn't need to win. It again. Does he really I mean, it's not like, I mean, we nice, obviously. But he's form hasn't been fantastic. He's been a little bit ill before Milan-San who was kind of visible in Milan. San Remo the road working hard in this break. I wonder he wouldn't be. I thought probably looking ahead at the two of Florida's trying to get some hard work under Wales and before the two of Florida's were more. So than thinking that that was a great bit of a group to go all the way to the finish fact that corrections coronaries one of three times. Sorry. It was going for his fourth win. A course in game ever give 'em. I thought the Yemen because e three he did what he's done before. He three do you? Remember the year e three where he just blew up and seem to run I of energy. I can't remember what year that was. Maybe. The scene on. So you know, I'm not is a shorter race. And see your e e quite surprised that. But then it depends so efforts you make anything to me like level game. Was he was right blowing the cobwebs if combed webs he was, you know, he he we've seen Kristof figures for the apparently bagging comb average three hundred thirty watts. He was also not move. But sagi-, you know, efforts over the course of the must have been off the charts as well. Because he was in that first movie was the law of working as well. It didn't lead to me like he was writing in a way where winning was the number one priority. And then when he went with second move, again, he was working very hard on it. So, you know, he's I don't think there's anything wrong with his condition based on their mind a work that he did over the course of the Dan it could just be that you're trying to boil. Yes, I which is what we suspected as find that top end with a week to go even further, you know, he's he's going to bust on the Asia's. Well, so you know, he's got another four weeks five weeks to to to try and be in or find winning farm. He's pirate bay title defensive. I, you know, there aren't many writers who could make the efforts they made. I mean, Trenton impressed me a lot as well. And again, we questioned tastes Milan-San ramo. But the condition is extraordinary. He's cited for funds as well. It would thought another writer who wrote very well. Get welcome. Having had a terrible time e three was Luke grow from team sky. And he said a very interesting thing afterwards where he was talking about. I was asking whether the adjustment back to the the small couple druids of Belgium was difficult because we saw him right? So well pioneers recently, he said the thing that's most difficult is actually adjusting from being a team helper to team leader going from writing very selflessly to writing very selfishly finds quite a difficult adjustment to make 'em. You'll hear a slight longer interview. Them where the one we. We're here in a new friend special, which we've just released today thing we went in there for to Flanders nine team sky nil. And it's a look at a curious to stick where team sky have for all this excess is they've never really produce the result or finders three top tens in nine editions. No podiums and only two writers ever in the top ten guarantee Mus and Luke rue. So we're this is a study really of team sky's performance in that race. And why asking the question why is it through find difficult rates we discussed that we also hear from rod ailing worth service Cavan, Patrick Lefevere? My Heyman wanting twentieth Fletcher and Luke crew, but will hear a little bit from that into Luke grew here. He three euros this pointed after after the race was important today. Just to do something to as you say get your confidence and give yourself a bit of a boost into Flanders. Yeah. It was important just a balanced back in. And somewhere in other like I said to be done now, and we stopped and got result. But just to be in the thick of it, you know, early Crossman being the financial on. And and I'm being the moves towards the end. It's good for morale and his support to you know, at least one performance out before before the big to you not felt confident day felt strong day. And that's of course, the results is the most important thing. But it's also, you know, it's a nice feed into be able to like an feel good. I mean, we saw a strongly-worded Pyrenees is when you come back to these races. And these roads case of finding that rhythm again is quite cannot be quite difficult adjustment. I think no. I don't think finding the rhythm is is difficult. But one adjustment is. A bit tricky is up until now I've haven't written for myself once and it's being writing for others and putting yourself in the wind to protect the other guys, which is kind of my nine to five day job. And then on the weekends yet of apply yourself, that's kind of feels so it's just kind of change that mentality which also has effect on the way you ride in the peleton as opposed to thinking of others. You got to kind of be selfish. Look after yourself as the only change I feel salute grew there. And if you want to hear that new friends special, become podcast cycling, podcast dot com. Thanks, everyone. Who already is a friend of the podcast. What else did we learn from game? Welcome in particular about the two of Florida. I thought Nikki Terpstra look good in unfamiliar colors oversee no longer part of the the quickstep blue. He's writing for Direct Energy. Have you been following Nikki tipsters coach climatize ation diorite energy on their their videos? They are on on YouTube. It's bit. Live you ever seen the film out? Someone someone having curled on Santa's sack them having to live as a Hume as a human being having grown up personnel. F-? You mean, he's struggling to adapt. From Dutch to French. Yes. No, not linguistically. Yeah. From fairly rural. Chris I got the impression. Still get the impression Reggie rural environment on the coin, inC, and happy. Go lucky kind of atmosphere. Coining quickstep team bus to an altogether. More sort of downbeat thinking he could just change turn. The Dutch flag on it side Walla. Yeah. Interesting, isn't it? I mean turps a lot writers left quits F. And then thinking Marcel Kissel and others have been not really produced the goods Terpstra just looks like the writer he was quick stat. And and he's I'm quite contain ranked the team up with them, and they have I drank potatoes fifth in government is very comforting on class in the couple classics. Go down is always very prominently races. And one result would make the spring for them witness. So I'm I definitely wouldn't right tub. Strove, you know, he's got two big shots left. The turf lawn is empire buying. I think he's very much contender for for either of them. Yeah. You went with about fifteen kilometers to go on Sunday the run into wave again, very difficult running that because it's pretty much one row. It isn't it straight away into the outskirts of town, then there was a move with the story. And Sebastian Langeveldt, Jack Bauer and the NBA vis mirada who Richie said impressed. You today with Aaron numbers weren't they? It was grown doll Youngson in not phone moving for a while that looked like it might go to the finish. But that put to coining quickstep under of pressure. They had to really turn turn the pace on and that intern meant video, and he was left to his own devices. So in a way that helped Kristoff in the final in the finish on your. I see what else did we learn confirmation Oliver NAS, and is in tremendous form, and you know, maybe doesn't have this team support with Flanders being that much harder. More selective. I think he's a real threat because he's fast finishes on. We're talking. We were talking law in our team sky special. We've just released by the importance of having fast writer to win these races. I think for many years he'd written. Himself off as a as a finisher as a sprinter and got into his head. He couldn't sprint. I think he found himself in a position to have to try a couple of times they spring and is realized as a lot quicker than he. So remember thought I totes off the game fable about about how he's just in confidence in his finishing. Now. He's quite willing to wait in a group. Like he was in game available government and think he's got a chance and third in. What was he third lost week somewhere Milan? Raimo hearing me last time, Raymond. I'm third in camp. So yeah. And you know, I think we've spent many times when riders go into one day racist big one day races with that confidence. And with that willingness and ability to white then it makes them doubly dangerous. Cycling team on the back of the tax lease PK race radio. The two of the FRANZ to remind us to tell you that. This week's episode is sponsored by the economist, which is about far more than just economics and finance. It covers a range of subjects from politics and business to science technology. They are and the environment. And if you want to get free copy of the economist sent to your door, you can text the word cycling, two seven eight zero seven zero the economists smart going to the forty changing your world, Richard of you read this week that may potentially change our world an article the touches on somebody talked about last week line about sponsorship in this case sponsor of the arts. It's an article, headlined, culture vultures and argues the case for returning stolen. Art is strong for refusing tainted the nation's last so and the the stuff about returning sonar concerns, museums art galleries and so on but the bits of by fusing. Tainted the nation's really interests me because it has a link to professional cycling as well. And discussion that we are increasingly having, you know, who's an appropriate sponsor of professional cycling teams and this concerns the the story I mentioned last week, but the cycler family in the US who developed the opioid Arctic content and are blamed by some 'em for the opioid epidemic. In america. Take on a lot of cultural institutions are refusing their cash, and they communist makes very interesting argument. I think it says the campaigns against tainted philanthropy are weak. If money was legally earned museums shoot in most cases, feel free to accept it. Does it benefit humanity? More return a sack of cash to the cycler or to spend on bringing culture to multitudes and those who decry the laundering of corporate reputations. Through charity. Forget something it does not work. Well on this connects said to our conversation we've been having. Companies are even states using sport to green moss reputations. And the key question, maybe should be doesn't actually work or does it highlight? And some of the the misgivings that people have about those companies own. Yeah, it's actually shining. More rely on the issues and bringing them to lie to an audience may not have previously been exposed to those article finishes people give to museums or we could argue sports teams or events in the hope that they will be remembered. Well, all the really achieve is to be remembered while actually old is there any such thing as bad publicity argument, isn't it? Well, there we are. Well, I if you'd like to get a copy of the economists sent to your house, text, the word cycling, two seven eight zero seven zero cycling two seven eight zero seven zero so inevitably we're looking ahead to Flanders. And we haven't talked a lot about by e three. But as you said, Lionel e-3 and and get welcome. Do they both offer or for pointers the big question? I suppose. About the coin quickstep and more what they do something. We were talking about before we start recording was eveland parent. His his looked really strong and good has not been let off the leash. He's been very much constrained intersts or domestic role and we've seen a law of him in his Belgian champions jersey, but he's certainly not being protected writers who find just wonder if this is all I if there's going to be a major payback for him and one of these two races coming up Flanders rebate. Well, there's an embarrassment of riches for decoding you just won the, you know, how they their protest like a race like Sunday's race tour Florida's how to what extent you can have a game plan, and how dynamic you have to be in in the ability to change that game plan as things go along. What would you do with, you know, how would you? Shuffle your pack of lamp Pau Sheila, you'll news legal. I mean, almost forgotten goes. But almost almost one e three as well than incredible right by him. And yeah. I think the strength is the options, you know, as opposed to get them where they had one. They only had really one plan. They are not Mason kinda easy for other teams to to to destroy it. Or spoiler 'em at two funders, Heidi you Heidi on. I was looking at the in researching the absolutely just done skies flounders failure. You know, they couldn't quakes that quakes that have one Flanders three times in the last ten years at eighteen writers in the top ten that's pretty much two year and the top ten and if you're placing two writers in the top ten you're giving yourself a really good chance of winning the race yet. But you would expect that from the riders they've got if you look at their seven take Tim the clerk out because he's going to be the workhorse. We assume probably got five writers who could finish on the podium and from the star of the year that the training camp in press launch they had in Spain where spoke to eve lamb. About these races. He's one dollars flounder in the last two years. That's coming off a course between where we're speaking on Monday and the two of Florida's on Sunday. I if Lampert is out trying to win that that will give you a clue as to whether or not he's going to be protected on Sunday my suspicion is he won't be prominent in that race. My ROY perhaps who knows but. I would have thought that you can go show bad and Lampe cover the basis with with St. bars are kind of because if he's results, you know, somebody who can go maybe a bit further out. But the luxury they have is they can put somebody in every move going. If if they want to I mean them on the big question is Meena hire. Manny couldn't quite set writers. Are there in Daniels list of the eighteen list, so eighteen when slightly writers twin tour Flanders in descending? Order St. Bon Nelson by NAMA run out. Your crystal Trenton Saigon, lamb, pots, Terpstra, yoga, Vander Pol. Langeveldt Pederson Craig Anderson Maharidge by note, Stephen. Who missions chops Guinness there? Neil politics, the caves, probably number nineteen or twenty Christophe night. Wasn't it? Bad. He'll just because Mark was he there set. Vermont was not I was only person he wasn't going to be fit the okay to ride a crash three lucht quite badly hurt. But he's he's he's okay. For Flanders and another one. He's conspiracy theories islanders vowel grin simply because we've not seen a lot of him. And he seems to be struggling for form. Yeah. Security went to dimension data. Am off the back of a grace. He's starting wasn't hogging. Also has been very quiet as nice interesting thing. I mentioned last week the head with one Fletcher for the special. It's just just come out. And then he was talking about, you know, his time at team sky. And the Boston hiking was was supposed to be developed into Clancy specials. He said he couldn't write on the couples. I mean, he said he was terrible in the couple's. So he's a big strong writer m a the best writer he ever saw. The couples Gary Thomas shouldn't from the minute erode with them. He just floated across them whereas Boston Haagen, and the he one game welcomed in many years ago now and a lot of people expect him just because he's in the mold of classics writer, but Fletcher said that he had real difficulties writing on the cobbles. No skyrocket is in their ritual. I ru that will you roll that? Well, I think the the difficulty we touch on in in the special wish I keep mentioning because he really should sign up and listen to buy the the promise of is lack of a fast finisher. Isn't there having the numbers? I mean, they have got you know, they're a shocker get e three where a window was supposed to go at one point in the race. Moscone Moscone is a curious from because we expected better from him. I think in these races. I was asking road ailing worth about me said he's really struggling after a crash they had of in the Middle East the UA to visit. What is called? I can't even remember not seem so long ago hit about crash there and didn't recover from that went to start a Ban Ki really struggled there on on should have missed not race went to threaten. I'm still and he apparently struggles after crashes to recover, and he's just not is miles away from where it should be. Am I was you know, hanging around the team sky bus after game ever prayed dime beat atmosphere seemed to me and loot grow was pleased. But again, there was no result to speak of in. And there was no top tan or anything that they could really onto. So seeing them producing winner through funders. It looks very much along and creek of his not uterit- doesn't like he's not been ready any of these races. But yeah, he's somebody who you think has got good through funders intimate some point. So it's gonna come down to the big guns. Isn't it surely to curling quick steps? They can pluck somebody from their embarrassment of riches, Peter Sagan, Greg over might who we've not talked a lot about. But he was up there in the Finnish group in eighth three Binks Bonk classic Harak Bank. Bingo. From on clink punk think Bank. Classic. Oh heavens. He was up there. Again. I get criticized every time I say this. But he's a Kinney's hairless from small groups large groups, he doesn't seem to have. He's not the fast finisher. There is always somebody faster. So he may have sent very far. I mean, he's always got decent pedigree even going about his career evening bunch sprints. But I've been surprised I was surprised they lost steeper in ether. And my big concern. We've I never has been his team. They he was isolated in the in the group gave able gums known incite. And he that's four that's been a theme throughout season. So far, I am slightly worrying and richer than you mentioned Alan piper early been a couple of dark supportive changes that we've not mentioned or probably gone past unnoticed this year. But I just wonder how much the mall not being in the car truck Sega freighter is affecting them and Alan piper. Likewise and not being. What what what was BMC's now? CCC calm. The demo- not having much conditioner. I'll either. Trek did or I. Oh, you're saying because I've lost him have lost them. All they're doing better. Now. No, he's not what you're saying struggling. Did. Well, yeah, they did. Well, kkob was up the road. And then oversee second in sprint store even match Pederson were by within the last twenty thirty kilometers were were guarding lineup. Yeah. About maybe. I mean, I think I'm in Bahrain Morita as well. I mean Maharidge was looking good in American really good seems to make his efforts all the wrong points. It looks really strong as I read in these races. I think he's learned a will learn and it leads to me like he's firing bullets at the wrong times. And just on the local knowledge and the game plan. We totally about decoding quips quick steps gain plan. And there's a whole mythologies was the mythology around turf lawns in general around. How some of these some of the teams and some of the directors have come up with game plans over the years mentioned damore rich his old serve Yoda figure. The the say to he has always consulted. On the eve of the tour. Florence was a guy could Jeff Brockovich L who used to be the lotto team manager and the mall has had a tradition over the years whereby he would go to Jeff breakouts. House every day every eve of the tour Flanders and thrash out the game plan, you would leave Jeff breakouts. House with this of fully formed plan would hope to put into action the following day. And Jeff Brcko, unfortunately died recently. I think he was in his eighties, but he was a real sort of sage of Belgian cycling, so yeah, I wonder I wonder who's gonna fill that void for the mole on them catoon now. Well, you mentioned another writer bateaux bacterial 'em earlier. He wrote very well. The three big Bank classic. She'll be doing and he was fourth in. But an impressive, right? I didn't see a lot of him last year when he moved to be a bad crash, but each showed in glimpses, and when he's kind of previously that he's a talented writer for these. Difficult. Uphill finishes is going to be very very kind to Johnson voters by saying that for euphemistically saying the jungles not quite convinced about abetter Betty, oh when he ten professional remember and bet you'll having a terrible terrible time in his first season badly finishing races. And I suggested John voices, the possibly might he might struggle to was he successful career as depression seconds. I think I'm voices. Agreed with. Ably. Tons of inherited 'em, another one w formal road. Very well, Kathleen, we'll be talking about that in a moment. And but yeah, patio was in the break the to France, I was in the canon deal team car couple years ago. And one of the interesting is not using the big break, and he can't claim by thing. Congress desperate to answer a call of nature, and he didn't he didn't have the skills to do that on the move and this was causing him real discomfort. Eventually did stop. And he got back home the team. We're not too happy with them because he he stopped just before they start claiming. Anyway, it was quite entertaining friends specials. Well, episode could bat he'll be the new Michaela Barkley. He's a similar sort of build is they kind of you know, I know so Tuscan, well, let's hear are bear to caught my eye Monson Rame oversee I attack on the project and then with fourth at the Bank bunk classic that was a very strong, right? We saw from you today, are you pleased, fourth in the pleased. Are you bet disappointed to miss out on the podium? Yeah. Semra leads appointed. Because think the team play really well we wear in three before the Potter. And then we split up, but we were still on the game with me and and Sebastian longevity in the back. I only add to follow Steve and the final I follow him when he attacked alone. And then I had all also to follow him on the sprint. But the last que venite really smart take his is real. And unfortunately, I had to let him pass in in the end the try to sprint. But yeah, they anticipate and they close me on the left the sprint his another story. Yeah. Let's say I I have to have to enter yet in the Belgium mode little bit more aggressive, and especially in the days like this where he's really nice and and fresh to right, everybody were super fresh super Radi nervosa day. So Indian was really hard stage, right heart. Yeah. But you're clearly we saw in London ramo as well. One of the you know, you help animate the race and setup the. The final move your office in great form, you feeling. You're you're in really good form. Yeah. I fortunately, I am in this great form because this let me stay with with the best rider here. And even if I'm a little bit far back. I in the key Cayo pass a lot of guys. But these in the end cost me a lot of energy and. Yeah presenter today. I can't strain really well because I was really tired. So I have to improve this. I know my limit. But with this form sooner or later, maybe a victory can come these races. You like I mean the Flanders races through Flanders is race. You're looking forward to now is well, yeah. I mean, I'm here, and I raise also plan to try to to to perform well and to make another. And resort. Like this. One Beck is not that far from Flanders is only fifty sixty shorter. But in the end, the we are all the same rather the same more. The same bag. So yeah, we will see I still have ten days to to to focus on the Flanders. And we'll see how is going after the crash. I think is pretty good. I heard now in the bus, so yeah, we are. We are happy. We are we stay focused on the on the goal to try to reform as well as we can. Is supported by sciences. Sports. Science sport fueled by science frontier. Ocean deed to science sport for sponsoring cycling podcast. You can still get twenty five percent of all your science sport products. Scientists dot com with the code SIS CPI twenty-five SIS see twenty this week's question for the scientists sport. Experts comes from Larry Grossman from Washington DC Larry is has been quite frequent correspond. She met Larry when he's been London. He looked me up and we went for coffee. So thanks for your question. Larry 'em. He writes because of the podcast, I learned of science and sport, we like to hear and have been Byner products using the discount code for listeners the sent me for free five hundred grams of their regal rapid recovery. Shake formula, either terrible allergic reaction. It was my fault. 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Separately that could be funded into the same postage-sized, shake if you feel in adventures with the plunder if you go down that route you might need to medicinal water or is just to get that consistency. Right. Thanks, Ben unthanked, Lori for the question if you have a question for scientists sport, please Email content at the cycling podcasts dot com, or you can leave us a what Samp voice message. The number is plus four for seven nine seven one three three eight two five plus four four seven nine seven one three three eight two five leave us any questions of your own sports nutrition. Or if you have a question about what the pros us send them in anything else Lionel from funds. Thank you had one thing to add well much-anticipated debut of world champion Ella hundred Alejandro Valverde in tour. Flounders we are anticipating him being on the start line on Sunday. Never. Written to London before dipped his toe in the water with doi- two of London last year. Has been talking all spring about wanting to make his debut at the two of Flanders hill bay three weeks shy thirty nine birthday. What do you reckon any chance is also known says retirement Valverde, but not just yet imminent, but he's gonna is gonna retire. At some point the end all by surprise at the end of twenty twenty or twenty twenty one twenty twenty one. So he's going to carry on. Yeah. So he's gonna carry on till he's forty one. How you down you? I wonder though, if we're seeing I mean, he didn't make dials list of eighteen so he's gonna finish nineteenth. I would I would suggest. But I wonder if we're seeing the first signs of the fading already force because well, he hasn't been quite as consistent, or as as as as, you know, dangerous as he's looked so consistently for so long hang on a minute seven on thin to Catalonia. I mean, just they just slight is evidence of a slight decline in the thing about alright is being consistency. You know, he's always been ten ten because Alenia seven summer second UI or I time. Furton? Yeah. I'm just thinking already looks as good as ever it doesn't. It looks sharp as ever incredible. It'd be really interesting to see how he goes because there were no way to follow. And the kind of the the thing about local knowledge, if you like almost in his case doesn't doesn't apply because he he can just why I mean, you you could here's a good. She can have race on the moon, and he'd probably the favorite. Yeah. I mean, how he? Gravity. I don't know. I mean, maybe there's maybe there's some Rafeh shoes that can help with that. Neighborly lost. Here. We saw you know, a ride without much race cross than a good bike com. La and someone who's also, you know, he's he's going to be up for he's not going to shy away from the sort of the rough and tumble of it. So you know, he might surprise win the rights, but might be in the shake-up thirty case ago talk about ready, just segue neatly into Catalonia. What did you make? What did we learn from Catholic? I mean, you're talking about patterns Lionel what we make the week the H twins. And and I'm I'm really curious, but they're both of approaching their big targets are the meats tour Siamese going for the the Jiro on it looks. It looks almost like Simon Gates's is is doesn't feel the need to tash himself in the same way that item does and these stage races that he's going there with quite specific targets rather than going for the overall it look. Like that rich. It looked like that to send extent pioneers as well. On your timing has lost some time in crosswinds, not cer- conditioned his his overall challenge. But yeah, he he looks as he's training and Adam look societies competing every day in stage races. I wonder how much Adam fails is appoints approve and we always have from them that you know, there is no real rivalry between them but Simon had success lost year and Adam a successful season. But he he's missed out of the total France, partly three bad luck, partly because he made a mistake in the states. It should've won in the Perez. And you know, it may be that the this is his year for fifteen seconds separate him from back toback stage rates world to a stage race wins beaten by the narrowest of margins by Primoz Vogler Adriatic in hunt and really trying to win it on the loss day in Catalonia. It was so ways it's always a punchy out rice. Isn't it Catalonia then the boss country kind of takes on another level and then practically were into into the grand tour? So it's interestingly say that the top riders are as I say the patterns are forming on night, we're saying buy now can turn Lopez the the names of the same at the top of the G C. And and they will which rogue lich yet not bad this week, but already off the Mark with big victories. So the yeah, I mean, you're right. The other talking point from a Kathleen was probably Chris from had a crash, but lutes well off the pace we've seen him off the pace on lenient before. But I just wonder about Kris Freeman I I heard one or two little whispers there's there is concern about his condition, and it's not through. I don't believe under training. Could be through over training, and and some questions already. But whether am you know, he's going to be in the right shape to try and win a fifth third France. And some reports that we can the Ican Bernal may right? The tour de France. But that Shin's he will as pond, right? The Jiro a significant change in last week's has been team sky have new sponsor and long-term backing and that may change the equation at for them, whether burnout even goes to the wrong, if team sky, we know how they operate if they look at their writers, they have an decide of the three potential grunter winners guarantee egg and Bernal Chris room. The France is the most important race for them. If they look at those three in the side of the three Bernal has the best chance of winning Turkey. France. I think he will miss the Jiro and goes deterred the fronts. I think that's that's how they work his net. We've seen it before we've seen when when by the was defending champion, France. They looked to that and said Freeman chance of winning this year. He went by the Winston, very true. What would they do for the gera-, then always a lesser objective and Soling lesser giants have won his it's no longer a racist? The need to as a shop window for potentially sponsor. That's very good point. Yes, imagine any come in the team would be under the white of speculation about whether that continuing basis continuing whether the budget would be secure as we understand it. The punchy is bigger within your son with sky. So all of a sudden the Jiro as size is no longer. This is speculation Nikola town said that we can definitively and Bernal will go to the Jiro. And the he decision will. Then be made whether it goes to tour if over the next few weeks, I think if they're real concerns about firms conditioning, Gary Thomas while hasn't had the best build up to 'em shore an altitude camp tannery because it snowing there, and you know, these things and infirm crashing and and being maybe, you know, not in the shape that he should be this time of the year. You know, we're not that far from where still a distance away from the tour, but we're not far from a point where decisions will be will be made. I guess so what about big Alan Lopez and superman superman? Super mandates innings mansion. This time last year where he was on the way out had some good results, not spectacular this spring's results, and we were talking about and by the time the JIRA came around as a potential winner. He finished third their cost third again the foil in light summer is he writing himself into a position where he might again be the favorite for the year before the stock. He's obviously not address these weakness or is able to address his weight into in Tom, Charlie and nothing if you look at the amount on Jericho's he will struggle on that school. But he I him as being very dangerous because he he's still unpredictable. We still willing to write a very aggressive rice. He was bailed out a little bit in Catalina and funder stage by his teammate Andres sites, but not obviously positive trying to win the grand tour. All having a strong team. And there's no doubt about sterner all incredibly strong happening credibly strong throughout the year. And I I also thought that superman state pretty looked that he stayed pretty calm and cool unto good decisions yesterday. We're not gates and saw me with down the road. And there was a point at which I'm on the final lap of the circuit and Zeitz was tiring. And yet still had a gaffe about twenty five seconds and and superman hats type things into his interns internecine hands. I need that. I, you know, I remember speaking to the people are starting to Jerry lost year. And they still felt that as a lead I wasn't necessarily taking the best decisions. He wasn't able to impose himself. He's had a lot of experience. I've lost twelve months of leading the team, and I'm margin. This there's been a lot of progress on that school. So he he'll be dangerous. Are we going to have to call him the pronunciation police for the word superman wins like we we had a we had a drink with raw patch chief inspector of pronunciation police last week when he pronounced Berman's eight the place in south east London, but mountains. I mean, I didn't ridicule him or say that line or not. Much bigger audience than he had at the time. Anyway. Well, you know, if you I mean. Yeah. Anyway, this pronunciations usually impeccable. It's a minor slip all capable of. Anyway, she leave their chops. And we'll be back next week to talk about the terrifying, you'll becoming from Belgium. Well, still there after it remotely. From C. You mean see we've called off other things. So, but you've mentioned in your news up and the women's world Therese, depend on them. I spoke to Lisa Brenner, and who has been a great teammate for cursing veal that W N T Cecilie triplet vague, and at the end of can welcome. She's like really good as well. And so far this year. And you'll hear those interviews in the next episode of podcast Femina, which will come from the tour of fonder. So that will be available next week and mentioned the France special. We've just released that has come before the Patrick Lefevere nine me. I think just after Flanders not becoming out between flounders and by unless otherwise work continues on the Patrick fab special. Really, listen, that's for friends podcast at the cycling podcast dot com. Sign up if you haven't already thanks if you have an we should mention how blind interviews last. Tweaks with Luke crew some interesting tidbits, and their this week's which will come at the end of the week is with Tim Harris who some of you may be familiar with. But Tim is a former professional writer former British champion root for rally banana festina and he's. He's a very interesting figure in cycling lives in Belgium has leaked after lots of writers over the years, including Adam Blythe, and so it's an interesting child between them because they know each other extremely well. So that's coming up later this week. They had them blind interview. Zero time. Isn't it? Busy time. That's all for this week, though. Thank you very much Lionel. Thank you, Richard. Thank you chops before we go rich f anyone's watching the to Flanders on Sunday or following while out on the move. And they want to follow the Telegraph's live blog by our colleague Joe mccleary. I can recommend it. So it's a good way to keep up with the race, entertaining and informative. Telegraph dot co dot UK for that. And before we go we want to say, thanks to some of our recent friends of the podcast. Those of you have signed up as friends of the podcast frosty names, please Daniel calling mcklusky on Mincy, maxim. Thank you very much to them. And Lionel a big thank you to Dr dean Spencer, and Keith pro and also to Jeremiah needs and Manuel into LAN. You've been listening to you. The cycling podcast subscribe to our newsletter. Add the socking podcast dot com to get all the latest news, special office delivered straight to your inbox. This episode was edited and produced by Tom Walley.

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