Better Call Saul | Season 4, Episode 9 Recap


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So when you're ready to buy a new or used car, check out truecar to enjoy a more confident car buying experience, some features not available in all states. Call four episode. Nine is over, but we are just getting started talking about what's to come in the finale on the better call Saul post, show recap. And now here that you guys ready to talk about, what does the law mean to you? I'm rob suspicion back the other way. The Antonia Missouri Antonio. How are you? Rob them doing great. Yeah. Just just getting started. Just getting started here a little late on the better call Saul podcast this week. Thanks to everybody for hanging in. We definitely wanted to set up the finale before the big moments on Monday. We add them time jump here and now end of the better call Saul we. So what happened was, I got suspended from podcast. I. What you waiting to get reinstated right now, what happened was that for those of you guys who are not aware that I mostly am podcasting about reality TV on rob as a podcast that we had our live show in New York City. This week, I was in New York for a number of reasons about what was going on during last week was that we had our live show in New York City. And so I was busy with that. We could not get time together to record. I am now back home in my regular studio where I normally record from and it is Saturday afternoon when we're talking about this and feel very badly about not getting you guys show the finale of better call. Saul is coming up on Monday night, so Antonio at least want to check in talk about episode nine and what's to come here with the finale anti is very nice to be back here talking to you. Yeah, I'm thankful to be talking to you rob, no offence to anyone else. But I thought about you during this episode. Owed and the German big brother came to an interesting conclusion, self fiction. I didn't see that coming. So we've got a meta world where he situation. Yeah, a little meta. He took. He took the Meta's. Oh, this is this is good at. I'm glad we're here to talk about it setting up the finale very excited to do that. So I don't think we should have more do. I don't think we're going to go blow by blow. Rob, right. We're just going to go storyline by storyline. Yeah, let's talk about what's going on and do a little bit of recap from this ninth episode and then talk about what's to come. I think it's going to be a super sized finale on a Monday night, and I think that the plan is we will talk about that on Tuesday afternoon and get into everything after the end of season four better call Saul. That sounds great. I'm excited about that. And I'm excited for the finale different season of better call Saul than we've seen in the past. It's so weird. The show has many different modes. I feel like, and this is the season where some of the storylines have been going for a few episodes. Three or four episodes like lallo has not been around that long. And now we're getting a conclusion with him. Mike, and in the Germans has been a half season story, at least, but the Jimmy and Kim stuff has been a multiple season. Arc comes to an incredible head in this episode and we'll have to see where the finale takes us in that regard. And we have a place to start for. Sure. And that's the Jimmy McGill is not yet a lawyer again and maybe has some work to do before he can get back to his position as a lawyer. I'm wondering rob, we have this big scene in the finale where Jimmy goes to the board just to make his case to the board about why he should be reinstated. Everything that he's done over the last year to make himself appreciate why he should be practicing law. Was there a point during that conversation where you felt like it went south for Jimmy McGill? No, I didn't think it went south during the first time I looked at it. So I watched it on Monday night right after the episode aired. I was sort of like doing something else as I was watching it, and I watched it again before we came on today. So in the initial run, I felt pretty good about what was going on with Jimmy. I kind of expected him to get through, but then there was that moment where he paused and like considered going back in. And it reminded me of the scene when he was at the copy shop or the and then he went back in and then really nailed the clothes and was like, you know, well, what's wrong with you? How could you, how could you buy all that, but he didn't do that this time. Do you feel like that that was intentionally similar? I do and I thought the same thing, Vince Gilligan directed this episode. So you're getting a lot of his? I in his understanding of the show as a whole, right? You're not just bringing a director in off the street? No, no offense to any directors they bring and they bring in fantastic directors, but you're bringing someone who's intimately familiar with the DNA of this show and he's not. Been involved. My understanding is he's not been as involved in the writer's room this season, but this is a guy who understands this show at its core and who has worked directly with everything that's happened. I don't think that was an accident. I think that that was definitely similar to that moment. I wondered the same thing is he going to go in here and oversell it, or if you'll remember that earlier scene in the cop, the copy shop where he does ultimately make the big sale and he closes it and they're ready to hire him. He's filled with such self loathing that he, he has a lot of disgust and disdain for them. And so in this scenario, you're describing where he goes back in the room here and he wins the, he wins the approval of this committee. I wonder, does that end with him saying, like, who are you like? You don't have any clue of what kind of scumbag I really am you let me come back in here and win you over. You don't realize how instance. I wondered if his self loathing was going to undo him at that moment. If he were to go back in there, turns out one undid him though, is his inability to process or discuss his feelings for Chuck McGill. Rob, the ghost of Chuck rises from the grave yet again here. Yeah. And Kim in Jim, you'll have that big confrontation about that at the end of the episode and she'll talk about, you know, why didn't you bring up Chuck? Was this a failure on Kim's part to coach Jimmy up for this? That's eats. Very interesting. This final conversation between not the final conversation, but the rooftop conversation between Kim and Jimmy, if you listen to the insider podcast, the official companion podcast of better call Saul where they do a lot of the behind the scenes stuff. A lot of people don't like that podcast because they get into details about the production that people don't find interesting where they talk about how they selected a location or a background actor or whatever. But there was some very interesting feedback on the writing of that particular scene and how you're basically looking at that scene as a writer from the perspective of not writing it, so that one of those characters is necessarily right. That they are just presenting their own view of events, and it's up to the audience to determine how we feel one way or the other. Each character had a valid or invalid point. And the point you're making about whether Kim had responsibility to take care of this situation is an interesting one to me because it gets to the heart of the nature of their relationship issue. Really his keeper such that she should have to prep him for the sort of hearing, why should she have that responsibility of of making this guy realize she has tried to nudge him in that direction all season long. She told him to go to therapy. She's helped him try to process it in different ways. She's stayed out of his way and let him not really get over the hump with regard to Chuck, and if you want to blame her for that, that's fine. And I'm not saying you, are you ask the question and I'm saying, I think that there's room for both versions of that. There's room for the version where she has the responsibility because she stayed out of his way and sort of abled him to Meyer around and be the kind of guy who hasn't. And then there's the version of the story where she doesn't know him anything in that regard. He's an adult. He knows what he did. He should know that he has to in some way address this and it certainly was that failure. I think she's right that it was his failure to address that they gave him so many opportunities in that conversation. They said, let's talk about the reasons you were suspended. He doesn't mention shock. They say, what does the law mean to you? He doesn't mention Chuck, they say, was there any influence on your views? And then he cites the law school that he just ship talked like, he's not a never multiple opportunities talked about Chuck. Never even thinks about it. Never even shows a glimmer of that, and that's not Kim's fault. I don't think no, definitely not. And now was the one that really jumped out to me where they ask him like any other influence anybody here? Here's a rope, brother. Do you want us to pull you into short? You wanna hang yourself with it? Yeah, really bad, really bad. And then he, like I said, he cites the law school that he just spent time denigrating and basically saying like, yeah, it was a correspondence course. So how could that be the same thing that really significantly influenced his views? This is a bad look for Jimmy, I, it is interesting that he and Kim did in no way prepare for that hearing like he didn't go over with Kim that never came up. Like, what are you going to say? How's it gonna go? That never comes up. He doesn't ask her. She doesn't ask him. That's interesting to me because their relationship has always had that large degree of the, you know, the just the hear, no evil. See, no evil kind of thing. Kim's taking a blind eye to a lot of what he's done, but yet she's also known. There's the great moment. I think in season two it is where Tim is in on what happened with Jimmy and Chuck. And when Jimmy when Kim goes back to bed with with Jimmy after the big chicanery that's happened with the numbers. Being swayed, Kim says, like your brothers, a really tough adversary. You'd better unify were him if I were up against him, I would make sure that I'd covered all my bases basically saying, like, I know you did it, go cover it up, like make sure you've got your your i's dotted t.'s crossed. So she has taken a little bit of a blind eye, but I think she knows what's going on with Jimmy, so I don't know why there was no element of preparation. Clearly they have communication issues and they really that scene top of the on top of the parking garage was phenomenal. Like that was a seasons in the making scene that we saw between the two of them for sure. Well, how about this? Just came to me as we're talking about this and tell me if this is a crackpot theory does Kim not want Jimmy to be reinstated because if she does not want to get that shared law office of with him one day, then doesn't this prevent that from happening? Definitely. Definitely want him to fail in some way. I think. If the most generous reading of her view of that would be, she does not want anything to do with him practicing law. She doesn't want to. I mean, she'll help him if he wants to be a lawyer, she'll help him, but she doesn't want to get her hands dirty with the things that he's going to do. We can be separate. It used to be separate under one roof. That's done. I'm on something else now. Now it's just going to be separate entirely. We can still be in a relationship we're not going to. I'm not going to touch that. And I think in Parchin hasn't wanna touch that because she doesn't want to start that ball rolling down the road. Does it help her that he's not going to get reinstated shore? But I think by the end of the episode there at a place where she is going to help him, it seems get reinstated. She is willing to go back to the boards to tread those boards again and really put on a performance, try to help him get reinstated. So I don't think she's against him practicing law. They've had the blow up now about the office. It's out in public, her lack of desire to really go after that. So whether that was something that mode. Evaded her subconsciously or actively. I think that played out that way in practice because I don't think she really wanted to take any kind of active ownership of him being a lawyer at this point, probably after the drop phone incident, but maybe even before that. I mean, she in my mind has done like a full three sixty in terms of her attitude here in her relationship with Jimmy, because I, we came out of the last episode with the, hey, let's do it again. And my takeaway was, wow. She's the bad influence year on Jimmy, and then we come back around in this episode and now she's talking about how well now I only want to use this for good, which I'm kind of confused why the Huel thing. She viewed that as an instance of using her powers or their superpowers combined for good quote, unquote. So I don't really know what you mean. Jimmy calls route. Oh, when you're bored, you come around and want to roll around in the dirt with me, but you don't like I'm not good enough to be with you professionally. Right? And we can't forget that this episode begins with them using their combined powers, and I don't think enter anyone's interpretation that would be deemed for good. She is pulling off the stunt that she set up previously in episodes where she during the episode where she told Kevin from Mesa, Verde. I can't get that Lubbock thing. You want done like I'm back in page on this one. I can't get it done. The episode begins with her getting it done, and that cannot by any point of anything that Kim has said on this show previously where she's bemoaned the idea that her career would be about helping a regional Bank become a national Bank or a larger regional Bank that is not for good helping Kevin Wachtel get a bigger building in Lubbock is not for good. That is not a good thing that they did to poor Gladys. From the leftovers. Robber name was number of leads showed up on the center to rob. I feel like she's following me around from show to show, but that was not for good in any way. Jimmy makes that point at the diner, Jimmy says like, hey, you know, what was that like you? You said that you want to use our powers for good, but what was that thing? We just did back there in Lubbock and Kim's like like Potter Stewart said, we'll know it when we see it, but Potter Stewart said that about porn. Rob like quotas about pornography is not about using your powers for good. So even her even her connections in this regard are a little bit frayed. I think Jimmy has a very good point in that diner conversation at the Lubbock thing could not in any way, be construed as being done for good, at least with Huel. He was being unfairly charged by the district attorney. He was being overcharged and targeted there was he did not deserve what they were trying to do to poor. You'll Bab El. So at least in her is that was some addict. Finch type territory. This is not. This is helping a Bank, get a bigger building. There's no way this is good. So again, back to what the writers are talking about with that conversation on the rooftop, I think both sides have some valid points. He's right that when she gets bored, she likes to get a rush out of what they're doing. The previous episode we saw her turn down Kevin for this very thing that we see her pulling off now because she got a rush out of doing it and enjoyed it, and they had their little celebratory dinner. So she is not in the interest. She's not completely in on this on the side of good as Josh would say. I think they're both on the side of the contest makes in some. Now the last conversation between them in the episode that we see is kin asking Jimmy about how okay do you still want to be a lawyer? We can start with that. My my question for you is start what. Start to maybe rebuild Jimmy says, I messed it all up. And maybe she's just basically saying like, well, if we're going to rebuild anything or if we're going to find a common ground, like the first thing we can do is we can get you reinstated. Let's do that. I can help you do that. We'll start there. We'll see where that goes. You become a lawyer. Maybe we'll still be in her. I mean, I think they element of this is he comes home and he comes home to hurry, doesn't go stay in a hotel. He doesn't go post up at the at the nail salon. He comes home to him, so I don't know that they're officially done. So they had a really rough conversation there. But I think that the starting point here and I think that's what the starting point is. We'll get you reinstated as a lawyer. We'll see where we go from there. We have a lot clearly that we have to deal with still. This show has been about expectations a lot in the second season or second half of this season and playing with expectations, and we'll talk about that with the Werner storyline. But I think the expectation is okay, they're done. They're finally done. That's. It they're over? No, we're going to restart again. And the expectation was that Kim would feel bad and that they were going to break up over the incident with you'll. And she said, let's do it again. So here I think the expectation was that was it that was there big blow up there probably done now. That's why she's not in the breaking bad story. They're going to drift apart. He's going to get worse. He's going to become a criminal, criminal lawyer? No, she's going to help them get reinstated, and we're going to see where this goes from here. So I think because we're at the end of the season, that would make an interesting starting point for the next season is where do we find Jimmy and Kim, where do we go from there? So I think that's what we're going to start with is Jimmy's gonna get reinstated as a lawyer. The diner conversation rob brought up the fact that his phone clients know him as Saul Goodman. Do you think that will be part of the reinstatement process that he's going to officially use the name Saul Goodman at right from the jump here, but that's something that we've tried to wrap our heads around for a while with this show. I mean, does that make any difference? I mean, you would know a lot better about how this system would. Work would maim change. Help the process in any way. At this point, I can now see that it could potentially be part of a larger conversation about him wanting to distance himself from the McGill name, and if he's going to throw himself at the mercy of the committee and show some quote unquote sincerity, what he might say is look, sincerely, I don't miss my brother. I didn't wanna talk about my brother because we had a lot of problems between the two of us. He was always a feature in my life that was negative feature that was a bug that I wanted to root out, or he's going to say something to that effect because he has to address it. So he's way of addressing. It could say, I'm even changing my name. I don't want to be Jimmy McGill anymore. I'm gonna use a different name at this point and I'm going to practice law and a different name because I don't want to be connected to the McGill name at all anymore. And I wonder if part of that process because we have to, at some point bring Howard back into this story before the end of this, he's preview for this. He's in the preview. So I wonder if he gets Howard sign off or Howard's approval by saying, I'm done with the McGill name. I'm not McGill anymore. What can I do to help you? We see Howard in the preview in what looks like a TV commercial, rob. So maybe Jimmy helps with that. I don't know. So maybe there's something to be said for him leaving the McGill name behind for good is part of a larger conversation that he has with the committee about not wanting to be seen as a McGill anymore. And that being the reason it didn't come up in his hearing with that smaller board, the recommendation committee, if you want to call them that, I don't know. I think that could be. That's the first time I've felt like that now. Makes sense. Why some reinstatement board would be on board with him changing name and see it as a good thing. This is the first time I've felt that way. I do wonder like is the drop phone thing going to come up at all. It's weird that his interactions with the law enforcement officer that were known to the DA is not part of the consider. Ration- as to whether he should get reinstated as a lawyer. I'm not sure if that shoe is still to drop, or if that's just a thread that they've ignored. But it's interesting to me that he had interactions to law enforcement officer. They were not good interactions and they're not part of this consideration in any way. Right. I mean, he's sort of on this probationary period of being, you know, trying to keep his nose clean for a year and he has to go and talk to his parole officer or not. Your is at the correct term in the parole officer. They asked to talk to you if you want to say about probation, office parole officer. I mean, they're all state employees whose job it is to maintain and manage a file on a person who either has come out of jail and his reintegrating or who has not served anytime yet in has to stick with the program. I think that the incident with the police happened after we saw the montage show that he had finished that up, but it's all little murky to me if you're on probation or parole, anytime you have an interaction with the law. Officer, you're required to report it. So even if a cop pulls you over, doesn't ticket you, you're supposed to report it. If you're in a car that gets pulled over and they run your license or something you're supposed to report it like you have to let them know that you had those interactions. And so the only thing I can think is that it ended and the montage with the something stupid montage, I think we saw the drawer his file getting moved to the closed files drawer it. Just the timeliness of all this is a little bit confusing to me because I believe he told the board that he had just finished his parole so are his PPD. So I don't really know how that all plays out. But it's just interesting to me that the DA knew who he was the ADA she knew who he was and she knew he had gotten in trouble. And yet that didn't come up at all with the board. I wonder if that she was still to drop are, like I said, if that's just something that they'll let go it just that seems like something that could tank him before we move on from Jimmy and Kim in any way. I'm wondering. Do you think there's a possibility. Speaking of threads, we seek him in this episode due to things that impact page from Mesa Verde. The first is that she goes ahead and accomplishes the saying that page has told Kevin in a previous episode can't be done and that Kim back page on Kim does it. Now page will probably recognize if she takes a step back that the only way Kim coulda pulled that off is through some kind of fraud. In this episode. We see Kim making z. return to lawyer presents for Jimmy painting on his coffee mug, getting the briefcase ready, and she's on a conference call of Mesa, Verde and Kim pages struggling on the call with whoever the other party is, and they're going back and forth. And Kim sort of big times are a little bit. She comes in and she says, hey, listen guys, like we're already sticking her neck out for us. You're going to have to meet us halfway. She does the move, the pro move. She does the big time move and it works out like the guys listen to Kim when they weren't listening to page. Do you think there is going to be more to come. In this finale between Kim and Mesa, Verde specifically page. That's interesting. I wasn't on my radar in terms of thinking about what could come. I know what are the stakes if Kim loses the Mesa Verde academy, she set up Schweiker now. So I don't know if that's necessarily like if her livelihood depends on Mesa Verde in the way that it once did being her one client. So I don't know. I, I don't know where we're Mesa. Verde comes up in this. I wonder. I mean, she's committed fraud with the with the plans was changing the plans with Gladys. I mean, I think that's a fraud against a public official public documents. So I do wonder if she needs pages backing in order to get her back on that. If that gets found out, like I said, page will recognize she's the one person besides Jimmy, who knows about the fraud who will recognize, I guess, Kevin will know that it got done, but Kevin won't know that it was probably. Impossible to get that done without really gaming the system a little bit. And so if page knows that, I mean, we have what we have in had, why I feel like it couldn't happen as we haven't seen like a simmering story throughout the season of some kind of barrier forming between Kim and page. We have seen some some issues between the two of them in the past where Kim has confronted. She dropped the ball early in the season and page said, never let this happen again. But then as you're pointing out, she went in house at Schweickart. Everything seems to be going great with Mesa Verde since then that hasn't come back up. I just feel like page would know. She would know that the only way to get that done is through pulling some strings. And so I think she's in a position to know that Kim might have pulled something funny there, and I just wonder if she's going to go to bat for him or not. And I wonder if she feels like Kim has your back or Kim sort of big timing her. She's the one who brought him into this and they were friends, but I just I don't know where this. Goes from here. I think it could still come into the situation. I think we've seen it happen enough where she's had to either get pages back or she and page of these interact enough that it could happen. What might be interesting and we saw in the conversation that Jimmy and Kim had where she said, you know, you're always down talking about when he talked was describing when she would come and see in and see him and they would work the other on things. But we've never really seen the situation in four seasons of the show where Kim is the one who needs Jimmy to spring her out of the jam unless there's something that I'm not remembering from the four seasons of the show where it might be interesting where if Kim is busted in some way, if then you know the shoe is on the other foot and they need some sort of Jimmy magic to help Kim out with. Mesa. Verde. Yeah. I mean, what was I thought great callback in this episode right before that comment about how you're always down a Jimmy rant about how she sees him, Kim sees Jimmy as the kind of lawyer that guilty people higher, which is something that the cattleman said to him at the very beginning of the series when they were trying to graciously let him down as to why they weren't hiring him. And so that clearly is stuck in his crawl the whole time, but glad is clearly the put down. He didn't wanna hear, and he felt that that was a judgment of his character. And that's something that he's kept with him. Kim is guilty. I wonder maybe she needs to hire Jimmy McGill. Like maybe that could be what happens here. If you're saying that as a possibility, the only other time where we've seen him in the weeds is when Howard stuck her in doc review and moved her office because she lost the Cattlemen's in season one and what we saw it. That's what got Mesa Verde. That's what happened is Kim pulled her own way out. She did not. Want Jimmy's help. She didn't watch Jimmy to help her and she didn't want that to to play out that way. She refused it and she made those calls. There's a montage of her taking all the calls in the stairwell and doing her best to pull herself out at at h. h then when she gets Mesa, Verde Howard will not let her back to her regular position. And that leads to along saying where ultimately Jimmy does pull the number switch because he wants Mesa Verde to come back to Kim. And that isn't a time where she asked Jimmy to do it. He just did, but she was happy enough to benefit from it, didn't. She never said, I don't want the clients that way. That's the Lady Macbeth moment where she says like I would go cross my across my tease and my eyes. If I had your brother facing off against me, she's okay with benefiting from his action when it comes to giving Mesa Verde back from her, she's never. I don't think overtly asked him for help in that way. I mean, clearly she asked him for help with the stunt at the beginning of this episode. Code, but I don't think she's ever been in the weeds in the asked him for his help. We've seen her off of the help and her refuse it. We've seen him give the help without her asking her take it, but I don't think we've ever seen her really need Jimmy. And I think you're really, that's a sharp observations to say, maybe we'll see the shoe on the other foot at this point, and it'd be a really good story for the two of them considering where we've seen them throughout the course of the season, for sure. Okay. In finale, do you think that the story line is mostly about Jimmy trying to be reinstated between the two of them? Yes, I think we're going to. We're going to draw clear little clear circles around couple of these other threads, but between the two of them, I think that that's what will happen. I think he will get reinstated and I think once it gets reinstated, they'll be left with what now what's next. And I think that'll be a major part of it. And then if you're if you're saying there could be a twist of the knife, I think something happening with Kim and Mesa Verde could be the twist of the knife if you want to say that that happens in the latter part of that story to drive this. Storytelling for the next season that could be what happens is Kim gets caught out page knows, and we need to figure out what happens next. So that I think is the possibility for the finale between the two of them for sure. Anything else with Jimmy and Kim going into the finale now you hit that line signal that the most significant line, I think maybe between their entire relationship and maybe about Jimmy McGill overall, as a person is your always down that was such a heartbreaking line and so accurate. In many respects, I think Jimmy knows it's accurate and it isn't just before it isn't just what happened with Chuck. It's before that it's that's that's a fundamental like Jimmy McGill core line there and the way that that's shot ended with the, oh, they're overhead shot of Jimmy on that roof for that parking garage with his car, parked haphazardly, and seeing the building behind him. Fantastic shot. Just a really great seen that. I think it's it's tough to come back from that. You're going to have to have a lot of work of repair done to repair that fundamental thing. And I'm not sure Jimmy mcgeough will. He goes to become so Goodman. I'm not sure he's going to really respond to that line well, so I thought that was really, really good speaking of really good rob, how good is lallo? How does this guy that plays Lalla? This is a fantastic. He might be my favorite new better call Saul character between the in the breaking bad universe at this point. Well, he really reminds me. I don't know if anybody else has made this up sedation, but he feels like the red viper coming in in season four of game of thrones and not to do any game of thrones spoilers here, but I feel like it's a, it's a similar vibe. Yeah, I think you're right. And I think that some of the seamlessness is with the actors, Pedro, PASCAL who plays the red viper is this kind of guy who can slip between many different types of roles and the fact that the guy who plays LaLa is able to just switch between Tony, Dalton is his name. I think he's an actor who. Who is is a Mexican actor and he's notable as a Mexican actor and they specifically sought to cast a Mexican actor. I think his only other English language role was incense, eight of the Netflix show, and this is his second English language role, but the seamlessness that he switches back and forth between the English and the Spanish I think is matched by the seamlessness of his attitude away. He switches back and forth in terms of he's sunny one moment and he's dark the next. He's threatening one moment and he's happy the next. This guy's doing a really good job of playing that. And I think you've got that with the red viper. He was he's ready to kill one moment and he's charming the next. There's there's this charm, but underneath charm, the charm is like a veneer and underneath that is this layer of violence just working under the surface. So we get the back story of how Hector got his bell and quite similar to how I got my bell varies us more similar back story. I knew it. I knew you burn down a hotel. When you got your first bell? Rob, I knew this. I knew this. Does it smell like burnt leather and horse? Hide? Yes, yes. Always sick wondered what you. I always wondered what a rob sesame Nobel smells like dick idle leather, I think authentic bellwether. Yes. So this is this. I thought that was, yeah, I knew I was burned down a hotel. I was knew there was some professor that you had a beef with that. You expunge. So he we see lallo have a one on one with Hector, and he ends up. He dismissed dismisses Nacho and wants to talk with Hector, and he comes back. He wants to have a conversation about the Chilean, and then he tells a classic. Hector just wants to go and kill. Everybody just wants to go kill everybody. That means it seems like he wants to kill Gus. Like that's the Chilean in question here. I'm assuming I don't know. I don't know if that has been described as the Chilean before I something where we know that that's part of his back story. I think that it may be as something that we've seen maybe once or twice. It's not something that he's commonly called, but I think it's something that the Salamanca's might call him. It's definitely gusts that he's talking about. I just let scene was great. I don't know. I'm wondering how much lallo does or does not trust Nacho because he, he lets Nacho witness that back story about Hector, killing that professor and burning that hotel down and where the bell came from. And then he ended by looking at Nacho and saying, hey, why don't you go get some jello like is just such a great switch, not only to English, but a switch in terms of his attitude. He's pumped Hector Salamanca up and really appealed to like the dark, depraved, like sociopath and him or psychopath as it were. And then he says, hey, why don't you go some jello to Nacho? It's just like, so Dr. And then he comes out and says, like, hey, same old. Hector just wants to kill everybody. And we see this throughout like he goes, they go and they meet. They go in the eat low spoils or mottos, and Gus number one loyal employees is there and tells them. I think some of those guys are here. Again, they go out and LaLa is just so nice to us like, oh, you're chicken is so good. Oh, I want to eat it. And then we have the scene with lallo and Gus in gusts office what the heck's going on in this scene, rob, this is a mind games happening here. Yeah, definitely where he's talking about how you know we really, we owe you a debt gratitude because we heard how you save Hector, and then. He's calling out Jala. Donald audio would love to see us fighting with one another, and he goes about making them. We should make a move against Donald audio and messing with you. That would be crazy if we did something like that, but we know that Hector would like to see something bad happened to Gus. Interesting where this is going to go. What I am wondering do we think that there will be some sort of a move that lallo is going to make against gusts coming up and we'll Nacho have to tip off. Gus. I wonder how he could even do that. Like that's the part that I'm wondering about is what what ability Nacho even has to communicate with Gus and how does that work? Because he, it seems like Lalla wants to make a move against us in some way. I don't know if it's a very aggressive move or if it's a physician force, if he's just going to say, like, you know, we get six week now it's eight, and that's just going to be the new rules under the Salamanca crew. We've got medical bills to pay for Hector. We certainly appreciate everything you've done, but we have to eat at this point, our organization has suffered without him here. So now we need aid week and that's that. And I. So I wonder if he's going to try to make a power move. I mean, we saw power moved from him in this episode where he throws his drink Cup in the lot Adler, spoils or modest, true power move just littering, right? And gusts layer God, it's litter. He's going to be right out there to pick that up. This is rough. So I think he wants to see where this is going. I mean, I don't think he wants to see where. Those drugs are going because he wants to do nothing. So clearly he's going to take some kind of action whether or not that puts Nacho in a tough spot. That's certainly seems to be something that we have had brewing. Is it possible? We have the thread. We've been tracing for Nacho throughout the season, and the heat is off of it a little bit. But the threat we were tracing is that Nacho could die. That Nacho. I mean, he almost died this season. We know he's got the Canadian ideas or he and Papa is possible that Nacho does not make it out of the finale or we not set that up enough at this point. Would feel like a bit of a senseless death for Nacho to die at this point. I just think that Nacho is really caught in this tug of war where Gus owns him in the Salamanca's own him. And then we've seen this situation with his family and he wants to do what's right for his dad, but this could be a really tough spot for him if he knows something bad is coming for Gus, we saw gusts shoot him that look at. Most players Hermanos when he's like, why did you bring this guy here? And he's like, I didn't know you're coming, you know, nothing to do with this. All right. I just don't know. I don't know that we've done enough at this point where would be earned in this finale the season felt like at times we were telling the story of Nacho not being able to get out and ending up in the crosshairs. But I feel like now we just brought lallo in at the eleventh hour and if he's a casualty of something between the Salamanca's and Goss at this point, just feels like we could have done better for that character. And maybe one episode isn't enough to set up the the, the poll that he might feel one direction or another. I think we'll might do wallo clearly as a guy that they're gonna maybe wanna do more with and we know that he may play a better a bigger role in the better call so universe as a whole, and maybe even with regard to agnosio. So I think we could see more between the two of these people where you're right. There's probably a lot more grist between between not with Nacho being caught between these two people who are at odds rather than one. A big incident next episode where it all blows up. Yeah, and I think that the ultimate goal with Nacho is going to be, I think he has to attempt to get out. I mean, we've laid that track of, we see his ideas, and I do think that medically the central idea in between Walter white and Jimmy McGill and Nacho is there is no way out. I think that that is ultimately the the problem you can get in like the hotel, California, you can never leave this universe and we're seeing that with regard to gene, like even the guy who got out quote, unquote is in a position where he's looking over his shoulder every time he can't even take a cab home without freaking out and worrying that the guy who took the cab from is there to kill him, and maybe the guy is there to kill him. So he is not in a good position and he's the guy who quote unquote got out. So how is not going to make that look differently? And that's why I always said like, we don't wanna revisit what happens with breaking bad because I. Don't think the stories end well, for the characters that were we leave on quote, unquote, high notes. So I think we're, we're seeing that play out with gene and I think you're right. We see play out cyclically speaking with a lot of these other characters, and somebody should've told that to Werner rob like somebody should Werner like, listen, this doesn't end well for you. Yeah. One lifting unnatural. I wonder maybe if we see Nacho go back to Papa in this next episodes, I dad, we have to go, it's time to leave, and I think the Papa will be resistant. Why am I on my businesses here? Son? Why do I have to go anywhere? I'm not going to do this. I'm not going to leave. It'll be fine if it happens, it happens. Yeah, you could absolutely for that conversation, we're nachos so shook by something. He hears about lallo planning that he wants to just turn tail and leave and Papa won't let him. So I it. We'll see. We'll see. We've seen disappointed fathers in this series. If you want to consider breaking bad part of the series for sure we've seen fathers let down. We've seen plane crashes so I we could see Papa and similar situation where if he says, no, we're not leaving, and then something bad happens to Nacho. Maybe another plane. Maybe someone's upholstery is gonna fall off their car and cause a massive wreck on the highway. So let's get into everything going on with with banner and l. fiction self addiction. Now the episode is called vita Zane? Am I pronouncing correctly? Vitre San, yeah. So what do I know? That's what's written on the rock, but it's also presumably what van is saying as he is checking out of the compound. Four now for now he can check out anytime but he can never leave. So yeah, not great. I think leader saying also maybe means just like, see you soon or see you again. So I don't know. We're gonna see the rock again, but I have a feeling we're gonna see veteran Johnson. What a cameo that would be that would be for AMC. That would be huge for them. I don't. I don't know what he was going to be another Salamanca enforcer. Rob. Yeah. I mean, he kind of looks like the cousins. Yeah. You'd like you'd like the giant jacked up version of the cousins gonna play bald head darker skin? Yeah, muscle guy. This could work. This could work. I will let let's not go down this of. Rock impressions and dropping the people's elbow on Goss or what's going to happen. Chicken man is cooking, right? Yeah, this is no good. Yeah, but you know, I would. I enjoy this story. I like everything going on with the German. I was surprised Alan seven wall said that he felt like that this was more filler here for the second half of the season for Mike. I didn't. Yeah. I didn't see that. He said that, but I too have liked it a lot and I've liked it. It hasn't always, like we've said, it's defied my expectations to appoint. It certainly did in this episode I thought I, that Verner might die within mistaken blast because of KYW's like irresponsibility with the blasting stuff. And I thought that might cause a major problem for the project and a major headache in a major anger blast from Mike that didn't happen. That scene was shot in presented in the acting in such a way that I was so nervous in that scene. And yet Verner escapes and the rock is blown up and everyone's happy right then. I thought Verner gets back and he sees everybody cheerfully, celebrating that that happened and he's all bummed out. And he talks to Mike, maybe I could go just for one weekend and KAI could supervise by the way, rob that was verners biggest mistake here, right? You should never have recommended to Mike. That KAI be the super, yeah. Pick a different guy. Major Reeser audience here, like know who you're talking to. This is never gonna fly. So that was not grilled. That was not good, but then there's that that really almost tender touching moment where the music is playing and Verner is is wondering around the compound. Just looking up at the cameras and looking at the people playing soccer wherever they're doing, casing, the joint pace, and he now that's what he was doing. But at the time I thought he's gonna take his own life. So bummed out. He reached it. He saw his own mortality in that room with the rock and not not doing Johnson, and he is going to go back into this this room and he's going to take his own life. And later when they said there was a voltage spike, I thought, oh no, by Kiel. Executed himself. This is horrible. Stuggle four gonna sock it. He's done this horrible thing. Mike is going to carry this guilt around with him. This is going to drive him further into the darkness. He's probably gonna take it out on KYW. This is going to spiral horribly. I did, and I probably should not say I did not see that coming with the German guy escaping I did not see that coming. So Mike finds a letter on the bed. We don't find out what the letter said was the letter to Mike of. Here's why I've done what I've done or is this the instructions for the guys on how to complete the job? I think that there seemed to be some plans there, right? Some drawings system sketches. So there was probably some of that, but it had to be a letter to Mike. I would think. I mean, Verner has to see this as a personal violation, like he had built someone of a relationship with Michael as he puts it, and Mike's mistake was was was seeing the humanity in Verner and not treating him as a drone as a worker as. Somebody who was getting paid. That's what the money is for Mike gave into seeing the sympathy and the humanity and Verda. He let him talk to his wife too much. You let them focus too much on what he wasn't doing and focus too much on things outside of the task. Instead of just focusing on the task, he didn't really give them enough of the stick. He gave him a little bit of a pep talk this week, clearly didn't work by the way where he said, put your head down Verner just you're, you're gonna have so much money. You'll never have to be a part like that didn't work and his his sin in this in this instance. And we see it happening where the guys are like e watching Verner, talk to his wife and listening in and Mike, let him talk as long as he wants. You know, like that's the problem as he gave Verner too much and Verner took advantage of it. So this is a personal affront for sure, but it's also a professional one, and it's a professional one. That is a bad problem for Mike because Gus fring is not a guy who falls around this potential. Mike's asked like, this is what's actually Mike dying. If Verner is out there as a loose end against Gus fring, having seen his face and knowing about the operation of this is a major major loose end for for for from Gus, and that is going to be taken out on Mike. At the end of the day, this is Mike leading gusts down by Verner leading Mike down. I think probably Verner. No. Some of that I don't know if he knows how bad that is or how seriously Mike will take it, but I think that letter had to be for Michael for sure. So what do you think we see in the finale is this Mike now has to go and hunt down of Erna or is this now this Mike need to oversee the job with KAI who he's been at odds with? Well, what do you think. I think that my casted go track Verner down in gonna, kill. Yeah, he's got to kill Verner like this. This is brutal, but he has to like he has to do it, and he asked to do it to show gusts Frings at that he shouldn't be killed at the end of the day. I think that he has to do this to show Gus fring. He's a serious man who will behave seriously and understands. This is a serious matter. I think if he lets Verner skate in any way, he's risking his own life and they finish the job without Verner. While was how finished was the lab for years later. That's the ultimate question. And can they finish the job without Verner? We only saw one other applicant who was turned down in some respect because he was using the same tool that Verner ultimately used to fry the cameras and escape, right? The laser pointer measuring thing. So I don't know if we bring that guy back, we bring another guy back. We didn't see any other applicants if KYW becomes a longer running guy, Mike just has to get along with this. Mike have to because he kills Verner kill all of the Germans. I don't know the answers to this, but I think that at the very least in this finale we're going to see Mike having to make the call and probably pull the trigger himself on Verner. It's it's interesting because we have a Verner who has his problems. And then also we have KAI who has his problems. And so I don't know what that looks like. If I mean, do we ended up killing a Mike has to kill Verner? And that is like. See, Mike have to go further into the underworld after completing that assignment and then next season about sort of the feud between Chi and Mike in terms of getting the job completed, we'll talk about filler. I don't know we've set up. I mean, we even had like go out of their way. Like even in this episode, the guys who were watching the screen, they're watching them play volleyball and they say that guy cheats. So like how many more character notes do we need about chi- being a guy that Mike would lifechi- is bad news. So I don't know if killing Verna is an option. Well, I mean, I, it's not an option. If this is your only crew, but you could always just wipe out the whole crew in start again. And that would make the line that Mike says to Walter interesting and breaking bad about how you just can't kill eleven guys to cover up one mistake or whatever. So that would be an interesting connection if that is something Mike has done in the past to cover up one mistake that Mike made other mistakes. Mike made here, and I just, I think it's undo of what the breach is done like Werner does not come back to this job. There's no chance in hell. In my mind that Verner gets a second chance with Mike trout. After this. The only question I have is designer get away or does Mike kill him. And I think the answer to this is Mike is Batman might kills him like, Mike, we'll find Verner no matter where he is, but are we seeing might go to Germany in this episode we might divert or make it to Germany? Is the question like he, how long does he had and what does does he have his passport? Did Mike take that from him? Is he going to be able. To get away like I don't know the details about all of that, but we already saw Mike, go interstate commit crimes and breaking bad. It wouldn't shock me if we saw. I don't know how Mike would get a gun in. That would be an interesting subplot. I don't think we're going to do it in one episode. I don't think Verner made it out. Like I think he's still in the US. He didn't really think through this plan and he's going to get got by Mike in New Mexico somewhere. Okay. We'll see, but I enjoyed the storyline with the Germans. I, it's been unpredictable. I haven't been able to. I didn't know where it was going in episode I, you didn't either. So I think it's been interesting right me too. I liked it and I like seeing the side of my Kerman. Trout at the storyline has showed I like seeing the scenes. Even in this episode we had Mike, are we heard Mike talk about being married. We never really heard my talk about being married before we saw him briefly in blink and you'll miss it wearing a wedding ring in the flashback scene that we saw earlier this season of him building that carport with his son. But we never, we don't know a lot about what Mike's relationship was like with his wife for who that wife was or what really happened to or what the, we don't know any of these things. Part of the problem is you can't really tell flashback with Jonathan banks, rob because we can't really age the guy. Like I said, long ago might help him to sit in that warehouse and undergo. Round in that mind for a few years because the sun's not doing him any favors in his point. So he needs to part ways with aside. I'm no, I've said that and I agree with it. So I'm sure I agree with that. I said it, but at any rate, I really feel like what we have seen from Mike in the story line is valuable, and it showed us aside of micro mantra. We haven't seen there have been that moments like that throughout the season that really aren't connected unless you start to sit down and think about what have they done with Mike the season. We saw him at the therapy, meaning calling out calling out the guy who was lying, you know, we, we've seen Mark poor, Marc Evan Jackson. Like we've seen this all play out with Mike over the course of the season. The larger story has been, it's not great with Mike. He's not a happy guy. He's got very few things in his life that give joy Keighley's just about it. He's trying to do right by her, but he's cranky and he's angry, and he's now wrapped up with this killer and this this drug, cartel guy who if he screws up with this, this guy. I could kill him and it seemed like earlier in the season, Mike was ready to go bike was basically saying, like, you know, you brought me here if you wanted to kill me, would've killed me. So make your offer and make your ask, what is it like? You know, he asked him to set this job up, but I'm Mike has been at the end of his rope for a long time and the story that we have to tell with Mike trout as we've talked about is, how do you get the guy from half-measures and maybe wanted to take innocent quote, unquote people and being willing to kill those people which he is in breaking bad. So Verner other than the fact that he was building a meth super lab for a drug kingpin is an innocent guy. So I know that's a lot big guy, not innocent. But on the other hand, he's not really done anything overly harmful or criminal. He's not hurt anyone in Mike's immediate vicinity. And all he's done in this instance is flew the coop. The chicken is out of the coupe Rob's has flown the coop chicken coop. So at the end of the day, what we've got is the story for this. I wish chicken Gus makes delicious chicken. It's crunchy on the outside. And not dry on the inside on how he does it despises or great. We ultimately are telling story Mike trout, getting to the point where he so dead inside that he's willing to make other people dead inside who were not directly involved in these things. And I think Verner is perfect flash point for that. And what we've seen develop with the story is a perfect flashpoint for that, and it's going to be hard Mike's gonna feel personally violated because they had built a little bit of a personal bond. But this isn't a bad guy. He's only crime is Mike, not letting him see his wife like that's not really a crime. Mike should have probably brought his wife there. I don't know why that didn't happen. Why didn't he bring her to a hotel and nobody somewhere. Yeah. Yeah, come on Mike. And I, I have a little decency for Christ's sake. Like, I don't understand why this didn't happen. He's only crime. Verners only crime is Mike's mistakes and mice event. I'm not sure Gus would have been on board with that. Maybe not. But Gus would have been. It seems like what Gus was on board with was whatever Mike needed to do. So our and our was okay getting these guys out, letting them party was okay, but Latin, the guy c is wife wasn't okay. I mean, I don't know why didn't why not? Okay. With a with a two week break. Like why does this have to be a slog in a grind? Like why aren't these guys getting arrested and coming back? I don't. I don't. Why can't they do that? They know where the lab is going to be like. So when they leave, they're going to know where the lab is anyway. I don't know. Maybe the guys can't be trusted to that expect to that to that aspect. But certainly earner could be like, these guys don't have to be working. They can take a two week break and just chill out in that house. While Verner goes and holidays with his wife. I don't understand the why it needed to be this way and verners sin is. Is violating that pact, that really is not the most tenable pack. But again, it's a suitcase thing. That's what the money's for. I get it, but it's just a little rough. I don't know. I feel bad for Verner because it's curtains for voter in my opinion. Okay. So you think Verner is dead at the end of this week's episode? If we're doing a death draft, I'm taking verners my number one pick with a bullet guy. KYW is is a good shout. I mean, what you take Verner out the other question is or any of those guys even gonna wanna work on the job anymore. You killed our boss if they know about it, you made them disappear. I don't think those guys are gonna wanna work anymore. KYW's going to raise the biggest stink about it. I don't. I doesn't seem it seems like KAI might be the kind of guy. You know how this show doesn't. They're going to want to just continue using this guy so they might want to keep them around for a little while. But I wouldn't say that guy is he's got an knockout plot, armor. He's not safe for making it in the next season. And that being said, the super lab is still not open for business. I mean that in the breaking bad time line is, were we waiting for a cook that could come in and use the super lab or did it only get finished at the point of the season three or breaking that that seems to be a big debate on the better call Saul read it right now. People not really being sure one way or the other, how much Gail may. Or may not have used the lab. We saw Walter unpacking a lot of equipment, but some of that equipment was what Walter specifically needed to do, what Walter needed to do, and his cook was obviously superior to Gale's we knew that coming in that was why Gus wanted to do business with Walter is that he was making such a better product than gale, but we've already seen Gail now on this show and Gus basically saying like, no, I don't want you to make a batch of math for me in your lab here. I wanna wait like there's something better for you. So I could foresee a circumstance where the lab gets opened in some capacity and Gail is working there as as a cook in a smaller capacity before Walter shows up and really wants to take it galactic and really go significantly huge with it that that seems to be what we see in breaking bad is Walter zone specs being put into play. But I don't think that means the lab was never used before Walter walked in there. And does gale have the blueprint of the equipment that needs to be put into the lab like, I don't know. I know does Gus necessarily know exactly the machinery that needs to get purchased down there. Gail would probably know how to do it to Gail specifications, writing best way to do it for Gail, but clearly that wasn't the case with Walter. So what we see with Walter is a lot of new equipment for Walters cook. But like I said, I don't think that necessarily means that Gail never use the lab before that said things clearly not close to being done. I mean, they just blasted that last rock out, but there's so much more work to be done on this thing that, yeah, this crew is not finishing this in a couple of weeks. There may be halfway through as Werner sad, and I think that's accurate and they don't want to be. They don't want to be over. I guess Werner's other crime was being the idiot, who decided that this job would take a lot shorter than it did. He really screwed up his time line on this. And that seems to have put everybody in a bind including and not limited to Verner himself. So he's at least not not guiltless in this regard, but that's that's a simple mistake. I mean. I don't think we should die for that, but now he's definitely going to die for doing what he did. So our IP Verner for sure. Maybe our IP KYW maybe our IP Nacho, although I would be more surprised by that. I think somebody's going to emergency in somebody's going to jail regardless. And I think the jail part could be Kim. That's the, that's my big call for this analysis. Some that's going to happen with Kim and Mesa, Verde that flips the script a little bit on and surprises us. Wow. I mean, that would be a big blindside. But I think if you think if you think back to it and what we talked about in this podcast here, I don't think it would be unseeded. I think the fact that she has stuck her neck out the way that she has and the fact that she's got a an unknowledgeable co-conspirator was another lawyer in page who already has on record saying that that thing couldn't be done. And now when it gets done, if she looks into it at all, she'll be able to discover that it wasn't accurate or wasn't wasn't on board. And the question is what happens then, and maybe that's not something we'll satisfy, or maybe that's not a question that they're interested in giving the page the agency to answer. But I certainly believe that they've written page as a character in her position as having the agency to answer that. So it remains to be seen whether we'll see that result in the finale. But I do think that we'll we're going to see something to that effect. I really do do vendor and Nacho and Papy end up at the bus terminal together. That would be pretty good. Right? Like that would be a fun scene. We see. The three of them Verna just stumbling shambling long in the background and Nacho and Papa turn a duck, their heads down, it'd be good. Maybe they maybe the maybe they're like two ships passing in the night. Maybe they help each other out. Maybe they all go to because shot. It's a small world after all. We've got Germans here. We've got everybody that's ready to ride this ride going there because shot I just wrap yourselves in. Okay. Anything else that you want to talk about before we get into the finale I'm, I'm just hype, rob. Do you have any predictions that you want to put on the board in any way? Similar to my Mesa. Verde biting him in the ass in some way prediction now? No, I just I've really enjoyed the back half of the season. I know that we, you know, at one point got to like the where is this going after three or four up into this season, but I've really enjoyed the pacing of the back half of the season. It's a, it's a different show. Right? It's not a show that takes ten episodes and starts a story and episode one, and then clearly builds it. It builds it with the characters, and we'd take these characters in different directions. And when we look back at what they're doing, there are sometimes go over the course of multiple seasons or multiple. TV shows. And so we have these like what seemed like vignettes at a time. If you look back at season one Sandpiper doesn't come up until the last couple of episodes, and it's a big story in those last couple of episodes, and then everything that happens with Sandpiper and the problems that causes Jimmy and Chuck and everything that happens at Davidson. Maine is a large part of season two, but that was just a to episode story in season one. So this is a show that does that right? This is show that introduces a story and then plays it over the course of multiple seasons sometimes Ortiz's arc or does a couple of episode thing like we saw what the, he'll babba, no, where we had the incident with fuel, and then we had a cliffhanger and then we saw followed up on. So I do like the pacing as well. We seem to have these these Capers that come up or these stories that are connected over the course of a couple of episodes rather than maybe a season long thing. In some cases, I think in the past that has hurt better, call Saul where they've done a lot of bricklaying. But I think at this point they've built buildings out of those bricks that really pay off. So anything that happens with Jimmy. Now I'm remembering the Jimmy McGill that was upset earlier this season. I'm also remembering him on the streets selling the phones, but I'm I'm still remembering everything that happened with Jimmy and Chuck, and that's why he's carrying all this around. So they're, they get the benefit from everything they've put in place already and they're there. I mean, that's why these shows are so good with breaking bed and better calls all they're fully cognizant of what has happened with these characters and telling those multiseason character arc stories in a way that doesn't make the characters feel stale, and it makes it feel unexpected. And I think if anything, we've certainly seen that in the second half of the season. I did not expect that committee to tell Jimmy, no, even when Jimmy was in the meeting, the only time to ever really seem like a could be a problem for me was when that last question was asked about, was there any influence on your views just felt like by this point it was established repeated and then an another way of asking the question and they didn't get, he didn't say Chuck. So that felt like we could we. We could have a problem. But if you asked me before the episode is Jimmy, not gonna make it through. I would've never said that. So here we are. We'll probably be wrong about everything we said for the finale and we'll be happy that we're wrong. Let me give you a couple of quick rapid fire questions. I is Jimmy reinstated at the end of this finale I say yes as Saul Goodman, but that probably means that he won't be. He'll still be Jimmy McGill. I maybe not maybe more time away from being a lawyer, and then he gets further. Maybe there's another flip phone type thing that he ends up getting involved in. And that's what alternately leads him further down the dark path. Interesting story. I'm sure they could tell right is they combine the user superpowers and it doesn't work. And for whatever reason, Kim ends up worse for wear, whether it's Mesa Verde or otherwise as a result of the things she's done with Jimmy and Jimmy isn't a lawyer. And so they're both down in the mud like that is a possible track for them to go for. Sure. So I could see it going either way. I think we're probably going to get into Jimmy being Saul Goodman as a lawyer because I think the pacing the show will pick up in that respect. We've already seen that bridge being cross. I think it's time to cross that bridge even more here. And so I think that's what we'll see what else? What other questions do we return to the gene time. Line in a super size season four. Finale I would love to get back into the gene pool is told you that's the that's the we have to go back moment, right? That's the through the looking glass or whatever you wanna call it moment where the show the reality of the show changes when you have a different gene seen outside of the finale I have not read what people are saying. I'm sure critics have already seen the finale. I have not read what they're saying. I gotta feel like if that was the case, these self, these luckily self involved critics who are always complaining about how they can't get their screeners to work, or they just love bragging when they've seen a good show in advance or one episodes particularly good. I gotta feel like one of them would have been like, oh, man, don't miss this next better. Call Saul, the first five minutes are going to blow your mind or maybe not that overt, but one of them would tipped it. They can't help themselves say no. I say no. I say probably not as well. And then wanted to be yes, but I, I think it's a no will we have a 'nother. Also, you know, I don't wanna say major, but will we have any in another important character introduction into the better call Saul universe of breaking bad character? I'm trying to think of who might be left on the board. I mean, we could see, yeah, I mean, we could see we could see Aaron Paul. We could see some someone like that come into the story. That's a possibility. I don't think so, but it's possible the the idea would be that they've maybe signed on one of them as a series regular starting next year or somebody they're going to use more often. I don't think we'll do just a quick cameo in the finale I think we have too many masters to serve in this finale with the stories we've got set in place. But if you're telling me that as part of this larger story, we're going to bring somebody in that could be possible for sure. I, I don't know why we can't see d Norris involved in this storyline. That could come. We've talked about this. I think that that comes when there is a more major incident between the Solomon Kaz and whatever's happening with gusts if it were to have happened, it should've happened after the Salamanca's wiped out that entire crew and like eighteen to twenty people were killed and they ran back to Mexico to lay low. It should allow him. Yeah, Lalo to Lao low, not lay low by policies. It should have happened, then it should go. Me should have come into the play, could come into play them. The DA could've come into the story. Then there has been talk. There's been at least whispers of the DA with regard to that story from the characters within the story. So that was certainly the the opportunity for that to happen. We've time jumped like eleven months now. So unless we find out with pull back the curtain and find out the DA is tailing someone involved in one of these cases or maybe Lau low is working for the DA as some kind of secret second air second agent or double. Agent or maybe Emilio or someone to that effect is working at that point. We, we pull back the curtain and see that that's a possibility. But otherwise I just feel like that should have already happened, and I think it will happen when there's something more major that happens possibly in the finale will be the beginning of that starting next season. I think we could see a scene. I think we could see like a in Ghomi pull up or something like that deal like a boy. This is a real mess or something like that. You know, just like I feel like that we've gotten a little bit here and there like the end of the season like it was back freeing is back and stuff like that. So I feel like that, you know, big finale I think it could happen. I think it's a good. It's a good call. I think it should have happened already, but maybe they wanted to save it for the big finale. So it's a good call. I think it definitely could happen. They wouldn't shock me. I think you're right to suggest that it might so that'd be great. It would be fun. It would be a fun way to. Set up the potential excitement for season five when that all comes in and how they're going to play that out. But I just don't. I feel like it should. I feel like we were wanting that to happen earlier in the the time that it made the most sense to happen was earlier, but maybe it's been happening in the background, Robin, we don't even know it or maybe there's something major that happens. This episode that is too much, so it's possible. I wouldn't mind seeing maybe what will happen. Jaw I rob is that Marie will come in and steal a Hummel figurines for Jimmy, and maybe that's all, or maybe that there will be a piece of the vita Zane rock that was blown up that ends up in a Hank is mineral convention. This come from? Yeah, it's got a little bit of paint on it. I don't understand what's going on here. It'd be great. Yeah, maybe Verner is is a consultant teaching handcuffed MC Schrader brow. Maybe maybe no. See this is not a half of ice and you make this this way and he's a chemist do. Yeah, he's a chemistry that would be good. That would be fun. All right. I think we've set up everything from the finale. I can't wait to get into it. It won't be long until we're back talking about recapping the season. Four. Finale okay. This we promise you this. We promise you. I will podcast on my birthday when we're gonna. We're making this happen. Oh, I didn't know this Tuesday. Okay. All right. Happy birthday. Hopefully better call Saul delivers me grow nice birthday present in the form of everything that we've predicted birthday in German. Gosh, who knows. Somebody knows how knows what? What is it birthday? Happy birthday. Okay. I'll learn. I learn the Saul, please. Please learn the whole song. If you don't mind, I would like you to sing the whole birthday song in chairman, if you don't mind or if I will play a YouTube version. Sounds good. Okay. Antonio. If people have feedback on the finale BCS at post show recaps a dot com. We would love to hear from you guys. After we watch a jam packed, finale of better call Saul you because Paul Antonio on Twitter, he's at a Missouri with Tuesay's and a one are I'm at rob cicirino Antonio. Anything else? No. Thank you. Everyone again for your patience in us getting this up, rob, thanks for taking the time on this Saturday afternoon to chat with me, and I'm glad we're getting post this up before the finale because I hope we're going to be right about some of this stuff. And I like being right on the record, rob as vita, Zane everybody by.

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