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The Dan Le Batard Woodstock. Gotcha podcast is brought to you by capital on capitol. One is reimagining banking offering accounts with no fees or minimums that can be opened in five minutes, Capital, One. What's in your wallet Capital One and a member FDIC? So Christopher Cody, let me know about his dad's most recent article, Greg, Cody wrote a really interesting article in the Miami Herald. I mean really interesting, probably a stretch ranking things it was, but it was made for radio. It's the top twenty five and younger. It's so confusing. How this is worded because I assumed it was a top twenty five but it's not a top twenty five. It is a top twenty five and younger stars of south Florida. The top fifteen twenty five and younger stars. Right. Affluent would love to talk to Greg, Cody about this. But Greg Cody is presently sauntering somewhere getting coffee. So we're going to put a little bookmark in that and get back to it when the sauntering is over and Greg, Cody finally saunters his way into this studio. The Miami Marlins were the hottest team. And all the sports we decided in, in sports, and then they lost three in a row to the nets yet for salvaging. And then they beat max Scherzer. Yeah. They won one in a row. So new winning streak building stuff. So you knew that they were going to fall back to earth. You were just kind of hoping. Well, the streak wasn't gonna go on forever. Right. I mean I thought they could have got the twenty. But instead, it turned into a three game losing streak and now it's a one game win streak right now. It's one game. When I was looking at some Lewis, Brinson stats zoo, he's not doing too bad in AAA and then fish stripes, re tweeted, what he's presently doing because he's hitting over three hundred right now in AAA is five homers. Right. Unless you hit another one yesterday and it's actually kind of in line with what he does for his career in AAA only the batting average is about thirty points lower. So if you were trying to get excited about Lewis Brinson hitting over three hundred and AAA ease up, because he three thirty six verse career, but you can get excited about him doing better and to living he was doing the majors. Is there any conversation about when he might get called back up? Lewis Brinson, did not make the top twenty five and younger stars south Florida. Probably I five out, though, honestly still. And. Team. No. Twenty-five. What's the Marlins record? How many are they fifty games yet because we can play this game again that we played last week. Yes. Are they there? There are fifty one so around down. All right. Fifty game fifty games last ten they're seven and three so twenty percent of their season. They're seven and three team. Boom. I want to ask the audience this because I ran into a situation yesterday when I was driving down KENDALL drive, and I was pulling up next to a canal and I saw a massive turtle trying to cross five lanes of trailing, you say, massive because he was strange. They can be John Ormuz, and they can be, you know, this wasn't one of those that you see, like humping that zoo. This wasn't like the giant tortoise of Galapagos. Where's was a this was a big pizza sized turtle where all pizza medium medium pizza sized her? We are on KENDALL was this was there canal like one this, this was between. This was between one seventeen and ninety seconds somewhere in between sort of, like, right off that snapper creek extension and K by the by the KENDALL car wash. If you know what I'm talking about tell. So I was listening definitely now where you're talking. Yes, I had to swerve out of the way swerve makes it seem a little more Dom toretta wish than it was just, casually went into the next line because there was no cars next to me, but. But I was like, what the hell is this? I thought it was like a trash lid at one point. And then I pass by and I saw this turtle just brazenly was going to be crossing at turtle speed mind. You five lanes of traffic and the core behind me. I saw this in slow motion was freaking out, because I thought I was really going to see a turtle get crushed by car even though I was trying to figure out, what would it Jack up more the turtle or the core? Do they both lose that because if he runs over the shell I think the turtle can survive this clearly, and then really Jack up quite I don't think so you think turtle could survive getting run over by a car. I want to get I think the shell you don't think so. That would be destroyed in this. We're talking about a medium pizza sized. I think Billy's dry I go with the car. We can ask Ron McGill today, weight of a car could survive the car cracks the shell. Yes, we're assuming this was a Siahaan the science that kinda look like a box. Yeah, we're doing that this turtle is really. Aware of what's going on and is quick to get into Shug. They do that move where all of a sudden they're just the shell. This turtle didn't seem like most self-aware turtle, what's that move called is that have the title like a total here to shell and turtle. Turtle feel like it'd be safer for him to put all his limbs outside, if he's going to the shells going to run over in the middle, and it's going to crack his skull won't get this look like the, the sign was on pace to run over the middle of the pizza size turtle. So I think maybe one arm one limb might have gotten a little jacked up, but it would have gone over the center of the shell were you looking back feeling a sense of I should have done more. Well, I was I didn't know who expects a turtle that be crossing KENDALL drive. That's not something you expect. But I was looking at my rear view mirror because I saw the car behind me. I'm like, man. That guy's in for the spread of his life. A turtle is just brazenly trying to cross KENDALL drive car behind me. Slowed down as I thought he was gonna hit it. He slowed down pulled up guy got out of his car did the right thing that I did. Into or think to do I guess, I was a little caught by surprise by the fact that it was a turtle where you stopped at a light because I would have thought you would have kept going. No, no that. How did you see it all play? I was looking at my review mirror because I was like I'm either gonna see Jack up a car, or turtle get jacked up or both your invested at this point. I wouldn't wanna see either who sees a turtle. I'm like, in the guy got out of his car, and he picked up the turtle, and I guess he put it on the grass nearby. I obviously didn't do the right thing that guy did, I guess he had the time to process this, or we saw a better, I was caught a little by surprise, by the whole experience, but I asked around here before the show. And I think everyone except for ROY said they would have done what I did, which was just move out of the way and let nature, take its course ROY lied about that. Like if it was a rodent, call me a liar, just like that ROY. You're not gonna it's easy to say that you would look. I'm watching turtles she'll get crushed by a hydraulic turtle in known others. No turtle in there, obviously. It's gruesome. Yeah. The mentioned that it was a five lane highway. Yeah. Right. Which is even more reason why you would not have stops to do it. But it's easy to say I would've stopped helped to turtle. I'm not ashamed to say it would not have stopped because I'd be afraid that it by my hand and I'd get some sort of turtle. Now being bitten by a road in if it was like a possum or a squirrel. Then I'm definitely not doing it. I would have thought about it more with a turtle, but I'm probably also I'd be worried about getting hit by a car because that's a massive road. Yes, KENDALL, try like I'm sorry, turtle. I feel for you. Cross the crosswalk at a red light. If you don't wanna hit by a car. No one has insurance on their cars and KENDALL. If you order an Uber eats and KENDALL, it's ridiculous. Eighteen straight times. I've ordered ubereats and it tells me the person's on a bike, and they're in a car and strategy there because you don't have to prove insurance. If you're driving a bike, come on Uber, like you got to know what's going on? You got to know what's going on? I just lift where it said that the guy was hearing impaired or death. And I don't know that he was, but I didn't want to like I was very quiet the whole time because I didn't want to like get. An and I feel like maybe that's something that he did on purpose or no one would talk to him. I hope that's not the case. But I thought Audie lied about it. Yeah. Yeah. I thought he might have lied to me about it. Why are you calling? Everybody lie. I'm not I'm saying, well, we none of us here to a man believed that you would actually pick up the turtle. Yeah. Would know you wouldn't down a five lane highway, you wouldn't that was this area was this does a five lane. Does a five lane highway midst kindle drive man I live in kindle, like I know that. But it's a popular center. You've been in the KENDALL ale house, once, you know. Yeah, kale house. That'd be terrible. So I we, we agree, you wouldn't pick up the turtle in the same sort of scenario. No at all. Another example we were talking about this last week. There needs to be, I'm sure there is that there needs to be like nine one one that you can call like Innis, where I see an animal that's in distress. There is animal. What's probably a different number. It's not a general number ten digit number. It doesn't have the publicity that nine one one, I need a number that anywhere in America. You call that number is just like, oh if you're in Miami, you got call. Seven eight six Ritchie. Like Siri if US series seven one, one of channel, you have an animal issue, seven one, one gets you. We want them to have hang on, if I just Google says seven one, Miami would be nine one one for animals animal. Control miami. I'm sure the other day I was walking down south beach. I saw a squirrel that had cleared just been hit by a car. I didn't wanna touch it because they thought it was going to bite me and I needed a number to call and I didn't have one, how would that work just out of curiosity 'cause like nine one dispatches to like the police or to like the fire rescue, or whoever so like seven one would call vets, or who would seven one one call the come get it, it would call somebody who is just ready to pounce in any direction. But you'd need lots of somebody's in different areas. So Miami Dade County city to play pay for this Miami Dade Kane county animal services, and you can call three one one house, you can call three one one, and I think three one one is a main Miami-Dade switchboard that can put you in touch with several. Parts and three one, one one or three zero five four six eight five nine zero zero ego. We're helping people I think three one. One is a little catch here. Then you have to go through a switchboard operator. How is how is our goal to end world hunger going? Yeah. Just on that show. New they're died down. I can't be held responsible. Seven people we've moved on now from ending hunger to let's start on nine one, one for animals. I mean I we can all agree. I made more of an effort than anyone here did in trying to end hunger. Very true. I disagree. I don't even really understand what you're for was other than say, send us a picture of your Fritz or you do like some food drive. Everything. That's not. No, I don't even I'm not even talking about that. I'm just saying telling you what to do something, so drab, smooth driver. And I try to get the word out now raising awareness, wait hold on a second. I'm not talking about. I'm just saying asking people to send you a picture of their free doesn't end world hunger in any way video fridge and with the hashtag show your fridge, and, you know, I just wanted to get the word out, and I feel like we did okay? I don't understand how that end hunger though. That awareness well, hold on a second because that's like telling people to send us videos of them walking through their mansion to end poverty. I mean, we're not hurting poverty, I'm more aware about world hunger because he started talking about agree. I didn't hurt hunger. Like I didn't make it worse. You did nothing for hunter raise awareness. He said that there were people out there being hungry. And that's something that most people don't think about unless he says it. Okay. Bill right now and your cards, people are hungry. Do something about it. I was learning this race. Thanks. Then. Some can, you know stuff. No, no, no, no. Don't do that. Set is a picture of video of your frizz that that does that accomplish hashtag. What was it has a couple of people send me a video their fridge, and then my response to them was, hey, you got a lot of extra access in there. A lot of little too much of everything. You. Ketchups send it to somewhere. Catch is catch up this thing you can send refrigerator thing. That's a parachute is a plural of ketchup ketchups. Or is it just catch up bottles? Tetra catch. Greg Cody is finally sauntered into the studio at morning say saunter, because you always have a Cup of coffee in your hand considering the traffic that you complained about. I really don't understand that. You had time to grab coffee. I got my priorities straight baby. You did a top fifteen of young twenty five and under athletes in south Florida. The headline was very confusing. I thought you were doing a top twenty five oh, because it says top twenty five and younger athletes, actually say that it's a top fifteen is a little confused, and we know what you're going to get to next. You can go catch the article Merrill, dot com. Greg Cody ball bought it for me. Thank you, moving on. Spoiler alert Barkov is number one. Right. I you are he's he keeps up for barky every time. Well, actually, I did this list five years ago and Barkov, I think might have been a rookie. Then I did not put them on my top ten five years ago. List, which I have is he should have, but five years later. Yeah. I mean this guy, I think I defer to ROY when it comes to hockey knowledge for me. Barkov is a budding superstar who could be like really, really good for a long time. Yup. Absolutely. Right. And I agree with this election is number one in south Florida. Thank you. Where do you think he's going to be on the list five years from now? Well, five years from now over twenty five he got me on that one. He got me you Laremy Tunsil. Number two. Yeah. We're going from the bottom or starting. Well, we're well, my, my real beef is that he has avian Howard number four, right? I have a couple of beef stew. She run through the list real fast. You wanted to use it for the next segment. Nobody will go anywhere. Coming up next segment. Greg, Cody taste maker in south Florida has made a top fifteen countdown of twenty five. It's very, it's very confusing anyways, it's tailor made for local sports radio. Depend. We do it next. So got your spring is finally here. And if you're looking to get back into a great workout groove, I had to tell you about the latest from peleton the tread heard about the bikes. I've told you about the bikes. I owned the bikes the tread, simply amazing, so innovative. 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Valentine is offering our listeners a limited time offer. Go to one peleton dot com. Use the lebatardshow get one hundred dollars off accessories with the purchase of a trade. Geico presents yet. Another voicemail from your roommate. About the kitchen turns out, when there's a grease fire, you're not supposed to throw water on it wouldn't own right? Anyways, the fire department is here and it's totally cool. Can call back when you get a chance. Geico insurance agency could help keep your personal property protected like if danger is your roommates middle name, visit Geico dot com to see how easy it is to switch and save on renter's insurance. Dan Le Batard. I was that local enough for you. That was local baseball. I feel like we lost everyone in our audience for Mike. Right. Mike Bank where it might go anyone stugatz. There's nobody producing the show right now. Billy, ROY, Mike and Chris all went to go get a drink. They're all hammered by the Cleveland or bar. Their drinking one of those giant drinks, that, that has beers ended upside down. This is our show with the stugatz on the ticket, don't worry. I'm not gonna do that thing where I forget, what I t's. We will get to Greg cody's lists of the top fifteen twenty five and younger athletes in south Florida because we got bones to pick but Chris Cody told me minutes before we came back from break. Mike, it's one hundred days. So the start of the NFL season gummy super excited because as a Cleveland. Browns fan. I have never been this excited going into a season expectations are high. This is I mean vintage letdown spot for the Cleveland Browns who have let me down at every turn as the dolphins fan. I've actually I've been I've done this, you've talked into just not really that excited. And I was going to say I've never been here before but I've been here often. Well, you I think there was a lot of excitement the, the season that they acquired Dante colpepper. They were the Thursday night game to kick off the season. You had saving down here, the was some buzz around that team was there not Greg? There was their buzz around the Culpepper team. Yeah. I mean, I remember they picked colpepper over breeze. But I just, I remember that. And I don't remember thinking we're going today if you like we were like, oh my God, we finally have a guy who's decent people were excited about Dante. I remember the mad commercial even had Dante colpepper. Celebrating in the end zone with his leg. Everybody get your roll on that. He has. He he had been a Pro Bowl quarterback like two seasons prior. He was in his prime. I mean at the time before we realized it wouldn't work out at the time it wasn't exciting signing and Nick Sabin created a lot of buzz. But, you know, when you look at it when they drafted Ryan tannehill that created a lot of buzz at the time we didn't know what Tanna hill would become. We just knew that he was the highest drafted quarterback since Dan Marino. We knew he was a receiver we did. But still when you're a quarterback drafted that high the expectations are high history will always look back on Dante colpepper the they consider the injury with him. But I think a lot of people's somehow wrongfully say he was made by Randy moss. Yes. To a degree but there was a season. Randy moss was added there whether it'd be injuries or shipped off the Oakland and don't. They Culpepper was very good when they Burleson, right? Excellent. So the expectations coming off that knee injury was at Dante colpepper continued doing that's up. And as you know, a bigger guy he couldn't quite do the same thing but enough about that. Dolphin. Shame and about this year's often team because they have scheduled the Monday night or same situation as colpepper debut game at Pittsburgh, primetime and Chris turned to me and said I don't know why they scheduled that game. I'm a dolphins fan. I can only imagine what the rest of the league is saying the game. It could be a bad game. It's a bad game show and it's already at the point of the season where you know the dolphins have already caught a bunch of bells. Yeah. But this is an interesting season. If you're a dolphin fan for me because yet you expect to be lousy overall. But you're seeing if Josh Rosen becomes anything, which to me is all that matters about this season is seeing what you have in Josh Rosen, you haven't made it out to OT as right? I've been to I've been to one or two k the reports are we've been hearing whispers from beat writers were out there already that Fitzpatrick was clearly, and I know profootballtalk ran a story that head and shoulders. Ryan Fitzpatrick, he's been the best quarterback as far. What do you make of that? Which is rose. And he's still getting acclimated down here. Right. He's not playing with number one so that obviously, you also have to take into account. He is getting some opportunities out there with the number ones, but not as consistent as Ryan Fitzpatrick, who's out there playing with the first team should there be cause for concern with Rosen not, not playing nearly. As well as Ryan Fitzpatrick. I, I don't think so because it's Patrick has been in the league so long that he's familiar with a lot of different styles of offense, including the one, they're installing. So he his miliary with this new offense is greater than than Rosen's is but Rosen is, is known for his intelligence and we'll pick it up very quickly in anything. We have to remember, it's may. It's a long time to go there first mandatory minicamp is is in a week or so. And then they're gonna take a break until training camp. I think it's very premature to say, oh, Fitzpatrick looks better. Now he's got to start the season to me, and I have written this to me, unless it's just clear you go the benefit of the doubt. Absolutely has to go with Rosen. He he's the guy who you need to find out about this year, not Fitzpatrick. And so to me Rosen is the guy who should start from day one my might be about this season? All being for what Rosen is, is we don't know what we want. That answer to be. Cause for a year now. It's been, let's tank for to us. We want him to be bad, so we can get to or do we want him to be good. I mean obviously we want him to be if he's really good. But we don't want what we don't want is Ryan tannehill, you don't want seven to nine again. Right. Which I can understand what happens happens. Well, if, but if they're seven to nine in, you look at Rosen and go, you know what this is the guy we can live with. This is the guy we can live with. We don't have to draft to tannahill. We could've lived with tannehill, can, we have Rosen's going to be better than ten? I, I think I think, I think we're over the ten right? Seven and nine with Rosen. That's great. I mean they were talking about this being a terrible team that could be in line for one of the first in the draft. So if you got seven nine from Rosen and he's the reason why he's been starting all season. I think that you should be excited about it because, you know, the Tanna hill wasn't going to be the peace moving forward. And this is a guy who basically in his sophomore season would deliver a seven and nine I Greg correct me if I'm wrong, the goal is to find a franchise quarterback yet here. And with Rosen you have one option and next year's quarterback class, you potentially have three that would have gone. I had a calamari the best case scenario by far is that the team does very badly three and four win range. But Rosen really establishes himself and the dolphins a year from now, do what the cardinals did, which is to draft to or just an. Herbert or whoever from or or Jake from all three of those probably would have been slotted ahead of Kyla Murray, exactly. And then, and then all of a sudden Josh Rosen who year for now it's still only twenty three years old has proven himself the past season this coming season more than he did as a rookie. And he's got real trade value, a when does that happen where a guy has a great season at quarterback. But the team is terrible. It's not like baseball where a guy could have a great individual season and the team could still be awful. But if a quarterback has a great season the team is not going to generally meet, too, and we're not talking about terrible, though. We're talking about seven wins the Cleveland Browns just had seven wins with Baker Mayfield. And everyone's had has kingdom as the next great quarterback. So you can absolutely do it. And you could probably do it this way. Because remember tyrod Taylor started off the season is about two and a half game Fitchet, Patrick will be our tyrod Taylor. Yeah. How do you approach the start of the season because you have Josh Rosen last year? Obviously didn't go well for him, he seems like a pretty confident dude, but he. The dolphins come out of the gates with four playoff teams now through the phonemes or at home. Yeah. But it's very tough Josh Rosen. It could be a little fragile of a situation and you don't wanna break going against a really awesome ravens defense. We all know what the patriots are world champions at Dallas. Am back home against the chargers four playoff teams. It might be best to go with the veteran savvy and the fits magic of Ryan Fitzpatrick at the start. And then you have your by week. And then you insert Josh Rosen as a fans call for, you know, productivity. Yeah, that's that, that's a reasonable scenario to me. The worst case scenario for the dolphins is you, you start with you go with its Patrick. He's your guy. You let you let Rosen. Learn from Fitzpatrick this season. You go with Fitz, Patrick, and they win six or seven games. That's you're spinning your wheels. At that point. You can't do that. And they're probably dolphin fans that are really committed to this whole tank for two thing and say six or seven wins. I really don't think it get too out of your. Mind, you need to find a franchise quarterback, and even with six wins, you'll have trade assets, whether it be Rosen developing, or you sacrifice a future first round pick to move up. There are three quarterbacks they're not all going number one. You can move up into the draft. If you're aggressive enough. Yeah, the and the good thing is that so many teams who needed quarterbacks have gotten quarterbacks in the past couple of years that you're right? The third best quarterback Jake fromm, he might not go in the top ten next year, even though he's top ten qualities, simply because so many games like the cardinals like the Browns like the jets have their franchise quarterback. Now what you need to watch out for. I think next year is, as quarterbacks stored aging, Philip rivers, Ben Rothlisberger. You have to account for some of those teams trying to get their next in line and the patriots and the patriots and maybe a team like Cincinnati decides okay, we're, we're at the tannahill level right now with Andy Dalton, we need to move on because they have a new head coach in there. So I think right now you look around the teams and everyone sort of has. As address a quarterback issue with the exception of the Miami Dolphins next year could be totally different case. You're right. And and but other than the dolphins, I would've said the Bengals there aren't that many other teams that, that absolutely need a quarterback right now. Am I the only one who wants to a little bit less because he's a lefty. Do you guys look at quarterbacks that are lefties, and you're just like was she was a righty? Oh, you mean like steel now I know are examples of good ones. But just in general when I see a quarterback that's a lefty. I'm like ooh. If tool was a righty. I would be all, entertain for too, right? But just the fact that he's a lefty. I mean, I don't know what I'm doing obviously, it's a rate lived handed people. Right. I just from a quarterback position like in baseball. You show me a baseball prospect, who's a lefty hitter. I'm like, all hall as the guy we need. But some recent quarterback I want him to be a righty. The only factor that gives credence to what you're saying. The only factor to me is that then you're right. Tackle becomes very important. Yeah, that's the blindsided. Yeah. And the dolphins have premier left. Hackel. They moving Laremy Tunsil to right? Tackle would they know they could they potentially because in it right? Tackle they could they could. But, but the ideal is you want your best, offensive lineman to be your left tackle in and to him. Right, only because that's a blind track. If the right tackle, all of a sudden becomes a blindside, then I think Tunsil moves around right? That, that could be the and they did sign a pretty solid right tackle a few weeks ago. So I don't think the dolphins offensive line is awful as you think the centers, pretty good if he's healthy who signed wait. They lost your Juan James. They obviously struggled with the injuries are any of those guys that got hurt last year coming back or they no longer on the plans, those that guy that was as big as a house. He's gone sitting. Right. I think he went isn't Kilgore. I don't have my roster in front of me. You know, it's may I haven't memorized me we're looking at this roster. We have all sorts of question marks about the edge rusher on the stalled yet. That's a big. That's a big hole right now. I mean dolphins, Jeff charge. What was the criteria for your top? Fifteen hundred twenty-five like how did you rank them since? They're in different sports. Is it just based on field that stuff? I obviously started with a complete list of, of every teams twenty five and under player, which was, you know, probably a total of odd way doing that. You started just crossing people and eighty percent of them. You know you put a big X through them right away. Who's that guy? What? But then you get, you know it was tough to who were the first five out like who are some of the guys that you didn't leave on that you didn't have on here that you almost for example, our will Wilson just misses a cut six years. Right. Jack Albert Wilson's age to he could be included. Of course I did. I did. Absolutely. And, and there were a couple of guys. I included like Uber dough from the Panthers who barely made it were does like twenty five years, and three hundred and ten days or something. So he barely snuck in. He's an excellent player Jess Hct. Yeah. And I put them lower because he is twenty five you know, a part of the criteria on my list is if I've got two guys of equal talent or promise. In one twenty one and the other twenty five I put the twenty one year old at fifteen you had Christian Wilkins, the rookie, just draft fourteen yet. Victor Victor, Mesa thirteen. You had glad twelve you had Josh Richardson eleven. You had Pablo Lopez feel like Pablo's a little high feel like Eck Blad Josh Richardson, a bit of ahead of him from your article directly. You're saying that his numbers aren't, great. He's three and five win loss record with this Marlin seem as never going to be impressed. But he does have a five year Ray, which ain't great do you take into account that he's doing this, the major league level versus someone at the minor league or Greg. Yeah. I do in the Marlins love Pablo Lopez. He's got I think he's the guy with the great right strikeout, walk ratio. I think he's got like fifty strikeouts and twelve walks or something. I mean that's that's impressive. And they, they like him a lot. You know I go a lot by how the teams feel about these guys like I really struggled with where to place auto. Auto and Justice Winslow and Josh Richardson because you could make an argument that any of the three of them have have a bigger future, but and the, the heater in love with bam. Bam and he he's working on the game. They're gonna experience. I thought, yeah. He's working with Chris Bosh, which is very exciting. He's proven himself to be a tremendous ball handler for size you can initiate offense. I thought the really interesting thing was that you put bam over Justice, and as coming off a very good year. I import they didn't make the playoffs because Justin was a little nicked up towards the end of this. He really shined, replacing Goran Dragic and having the ball in his hair a little low. I don't agree with having Josh Rosen, head of Justice Winslow when Winslow is already made contributions, and we don't know what Rosen is. That's yeah. A little that was a leap of faith with me being a believer in Josh Rosen, Justice Winslow, improved his shooting a little bit, but still is not a great shooter. He's a very dependable three points writer. Right. But but overall field go present. What was he? Forty two percent of he needs to get some touch. My biggest beef with your article was you had Laremy Tunsil at number two, and Xavi and Howard who just got paid line with what is the best contract for a corner in the league. Yes. Avian Howard at number four things. Avian Howard is proven more than bam on a bio at three. He's proven more certainly than Laremy Tunsil. He's right. A Barkov I think is a clear number one. Why did you put that there was that just you projecting Tunsil and bam to be better than saving Howard to be better than someone who's paid best at his position? Well, Tunsil is going to be paid the mound to extend tonsils contract. And, and make him a possibly the best paid left tackle. I think tonsils done as much as exhibiting Howard tonsils the, the best tackle not to make a Pro Bowl, yet similar, because playing for the dolphins you're sort of a no man's land, but you certainly could make an argument that Howard should be the highest rank dolphin. You know, the whole list is subjective, you know, and I wrestled with a lot of well, should my guy ranked thirteenth be hire them. I guy ranked night, you know, but I. Want it to be a conversation piece. You know, I want fans to read this and say, wow. This guy's rank way to lie. Or this guy's ranked a little low south Florida sports. Thanks you in the next segment. I want to tackle something with Greg, Cody that he doesn't really tackle because he's notoriously. He hasn't seen a movie in the theaters. Sing since swing vote the Kevin Costner via. But I wonder if he's seen, because I know your big Elton John fan, right? Rocket man. We get your thoughts on rocket man. Next. Donlevatar. Okay. John. Yeah. That's a good question. I was going to ask that is everything. Okay. Oh, cough night, allergies. So it makes me okay. No problem, Stu. Gods? You'll get. Yeah. Y-. Okay. Jeff yoga. How about you? I'm thanks for your concern. Never had anyone I've never met this concerned over the house. I appreciate it. Okay. I'm a big fan. Let me now I'm not okay. I don't care how I'm doing anyway. More. True. Even now. She sees the donlevatar show with stugatz on the ticket, Greg. I have a bit of a conundrum that I'd like your help with your along with the listeners of possible. Seven eight six four five six four three seven. I thought about making this a helping container but I don't want to abuse the power of the helping container and the help from the audience. So I'm not going to do that. Also, I need the help and usually I am moderating. The helping container. So it would be difficult. So here's the deal. I'll just give you a quick little back story. This weekend was a long weekend, obviously. And I went to siesta key, Florida lovely place. It was very nice, whether it was great. So when I was there we were, you know, preparing to have Long Beach days, and I went, and we took a tent to, to go have our, our beach days, and I was setting up the tent and I quickly realized I left a very important aspect of the tent behind. Can you guess what I left behind Greg, you probably left behind the hammer that pounds in the pegs more? Than that. I left the stakes behind that would hold down the tent themselves. Oh, yeah. And an a helpful friend Samis struggling with the fact that the ten it was a windy day. And the tent was kinda kept getting picked up by the wind. So he said, hey, I have extra stakes if you'd like to borrow them. I said, oh my God. Thank you. You're an angel. Why don't know if I said that. Exactly. But I was thinking he wasn't ngelo. So then the day, you know, we had a nice day. He was next to me him, and his family were next to me. We shared hamburgers stranger Aures. Yeah. I didn't know him. And then I saw him panta packing up because he had kids. So they were packing up a little earlier. They're going to go back to whatever it is that they were going to do. So I was in the water. I came back. I took out the stakes and I said, hey here you go. And he said, no, no, no. We're going to be here till Monday. Hold onto them. Just give them to me on Monday. You can use them for the weekend. So this guy is really nice, the next day, I got out there a little bit later and the group that I was with setup further down the beach from where he was. So we didn't interact on Sunday, and then yesterday, you know, back in my mind, the whole day, I'm like, man, I need to give this guy his stakes back before he goes, he had mentioned us from Miami. He's like, we need. I need to give him a stick five before he goes. So I went to the beach, specifically with that in mind that instead of my tent. But I had the steaks with me. He wasn't there now. Oh boy, he and his family were kind of socializing with another family. They were there. So I saw them. And I said, hey, are you friends with the group that was there because he let me some steaks, and they're like, well there for Miami were not we kind of just met? So I really want to get this guy. Stakes back and I don't know how to go about that. 'cause I think most people would say, hey, you know what forget it? But no, no, no. I don't wanna forget it. Do you have the six with you right now? I have three stakes with me right now that I'd like to get back to this lovely man. Those are well done. Stay, they they are. They were brand new mobile app bucket. Is they say brand new stakes that I want to send back to him because I don't want them and they were he said they were extras. But still, I'd like to get them back to him because that was the agreement that we reached that I'd give them back to him. Did he originally give you four? No. He only gave me three. I'm glad that you acid, and I want on the front and say, I did not lose a steak I three stakes that I'd like to get back to him. So this was your classic four corner tent. Right. It was what what we did was we dug holes and we kind of put it deep into the ground. And then we make like mountains around the legs to hold them in place. But then he offered the stakes and you know added security, so I use the stakes but I'd like to get them back to them. So if you know someone who is in siesta key this weekend, who lent me three stakes please. Reach out to me at the. The helping container at gmaiLcom. Do you have a name no name? I don't want to say his name because I feel like what's going to happen is everyone's going to say, hey, it's me, and they're going to say his name. So I'd like to if possible when you send the Email include a picture of the man, or if you are, in fact, the man himself send me a picture because I know what you look like I know who you are. And he also hold on a second. I have to call there would be a lot of odd, because those steaks have to have cost like twenty cents each. I mean, those are I want to do the right thing here and I want to get this man, his stakes back. All right. When you said stakes I was expecting these big like, yeah, you're looking at things. Peer unimpressive out. Three Allen, wrench, the. The. These things did the job guys. All right. Man. Shop doing table for my Kia fries. Christopher knows what an Allen wrenches. These things held this ten in place, and it both protected me and everyone around me because if that thing would have gotten up in the air, that would have done some damage. Just get four rocks and put them on the corner of the tent. I'm not an outdoor act. Like there's just a bunch of rocks on the BGN Iraq's. It'll be no really. Six years. Coral rock or something, rip the ten when's the last time you were at the beach like, honestly in a bathing suit at the beach. Wait. I love fourth of July fourth of July you always pass out with your friend as he. He. That's right. He has a bunch of Miller way and falls asleep on the sand thrown within it happy independence, debt. Right. God bless America. So that's the last time you've been on the beach. Oh, yeah. We're the beach, Greg. You could find a rock. Oh, yeah. No, you totally could find a rock. They're everywhere. Greg was that. The happiest like your favorite time of year. Is it passing out on the beach alive for is what's better than that? What other weekend? That's one of the few family traditions, their, their traditions, Mike, that I know of with Greg Cody and drinking one is that one and Chris one is embarrassing his wife every year at the office gala by wearing a lampshade on his head and doing drunk. Karaoke, you you always wear lampshade on your head. It only fits by the way on this beach thing. He was always famous because it would be a bunch of dad's. It'd be him in two of his buddies. Greg was always famous for like four or five in the morning, sneaking away and going into the hotel room where where my mom was. And they would be mad at breaking the pack right us. Right. By that time. I needed a little eight. See, I mean, but this was with this wasn't actually camping on the beach. We were just set up on the beach. We had like a tailgate. Okay. When you pass out on the beach you would just fall asleep on the. With nothing protecting your body from the sand. Well, sort of giving the illusion that you were washed ashore. Now. Like a beach WALE. No. Sometimes we had a tarp. Sometimes we slept on a tar, the reason they would do it is because we would have a whole setup and they would keep the tent they would protect it from, you know, our domain. They had many a time where in the night. I don't know if it was homeless people that were, they would be under attack. It'd be store. We'd all come up the next morning and they'd be like oh you should have seen the last night. These guys ran up on us, and it was interesting. It was equal parts. Ran up on you. Oh, yeah. It was equal parts. Homeboy tried to ransack you. Yes. Either homeless people or marauding teenagers, and you so fring beers. What do you say do a couple of marauding teenagers at tried to pill for your setup? Well, you know, you're yell as if give me an example. Give me an example. I liked the way humans are supposed to be with bears. Hey, hey teenager, right there. And then, you know, you, you act like somebody might have a gun. You know, Mike, I want you to imagine I want you to imagine late night, marauding teenagers. And now Greg, Cody emerging from the slumber that seventeen beards is caused like what? Yeah. Won't be any misunderstanding correction, I may have a gun. And then the next morning, the teenagers are retailing story. And it's like we went by this camps, I, we're trying to steal a couple of years, and all of a sudden this drunk guy, sits bolt upright and gold year never know if I may have a gun. Sing song. Get outta here. Never know trip over cans, and then just go. They. Thank you. And then everybody starts singing along it's like doom by three AM. If you guys get a load Saturday night in New York of Greg, Cody well, past his limit on forties. I really regret that. You were pretty drunk. Well, after the cowboy I wasn't I wasn't drunk on. You did forget to where the cowboy hat on staying home were wearing it after I brought it I loved it through TSA upscale hotel bar. That's it feels like a nightclub everyone there's dressed like they're going to a nightclub and Greg, Cody there with a cowboy hat and just drinking, it all owning the room, by the way, literally winning it. And also singing trailers. Stay little rent. I gotta finish that line when anybody when I hear the word trailers, even if it's not the beginning of that song. I just finished that online. What's the rest of it rooms for rent fifty cent rooms to let fifty cents? You never really get that far. It just trailing. Stay little rent. A good him. It never gets to the second lyric fading away. Plus, Roger Miller, Chris, how often when do you I remember hearing that in your childhood because I've been listening, you're dead sing that for about forty years, anytime? He exits the shower bread DeeDee. Brad, Brad in, when he burps, he says, Brad totally untrue. That is true. When he's burping he tries to conceal it by just shouting, the name bread. That's right question, Brad person in your past. It's just what his belches sound like they sound like the name Brad, Brad. But then you'd note, by the way, made the finals who really know Obrad that you've ever spoken to. And if you're saying, Brad after you every time, everyone would know your burping still, I know two prominent Brad's and what I'm trying to do is. I'm trying to dress up the burp because the normal, the normal sound of burp is rather off putting. You know what I'm saying? Okay. So you give it a name comes a little more classy, even more elegant name. I think you need a one syllable name clearly, no white. Clearly, we'll be burps than to be, once they, you know, is there classy wants a little name 'cause read, no but Brad's not class. Have you workshop to other names before you settled on Brad, it's natural comes naturally to me. That's the beauty of it, Chris. I feel like we should start a new segment. Chris reveals weird things about his father. I think if you went home and started collecting them, things like that would emerge all the time. I mean he for some reason he referred in his household to farts as pets. Right. That was a family tradition. Just let let a pet who led a pet. Chris knows all these things. He doesn't have to go home and studies. Just just trying to out the bread. And his father's been coming here for years without us hearing that story, he's got to be thinking one of the weird things my father does come up with a list for next week. They're really. I'm right now doing Socratic names only aristocratic one, simple, name that I found so far is Bo. But I'm just still working aether be. We'll Bradley is pretty aristocratic but we need one syllable, according to your room with Brad. So I am bread. Cage. Gauge that's not a risk critic say h. Grace grace because people might now to play on a prayer. I love the word grace. How about? Got there. This is how he does radio. He doesn't run through on the air. He forgets that you have to fill the breach with word. Like he starts thinking. I like that. Name hear the phrase. Silence is golden Quinn. Win. Yeah. Wasn't that the name of the fishermen in John's I think it was actually it was a great. Or the or the sheriff knows fish Quinn was. Oh. Yeah. Can't beer from Brad. Let's, let's just make that comedy. Quinn's can you name Quin Snyder when Buckner when the eskimo? Yeah. Like that, that's an ace, so three give three quince. Yeah, I right. Because there's Robert Quinn kit that quince Quincy. Right. Krinsky Jones and whatnot. Quincy Jones Goodwin. Roy how about Bruce Roussaly? This is thrown at first name. On that Clair's. Not on that list. It's not considered an aristocratic name. I'm David I'm very confused. By trailers say, Hello rent about Archie that didn't use. Now, it is you saw the Archie, not one syllable. No, it isn't. Let's you say arch, if you're just joining us, we're talking about how Alexander Barkat Greg, Cody number one, twenty five. Kip? Why do you sing that song? At all times. Why is it the song that has endured in your life as long as I've known you? Why is that like where what are the roots of that song being something that you've sung for the better part of four decades? Just love it to death. I love it like my own grandchild. It's a it's a song. It's one of the I think it might be the first song I ever felt comfortable having known all the lyrics. It was the first time I could sing all the way through because it's such a simple song, great Americana song. Are you gonna watch rocking men in the theaters? Are you actually go to the movie theaters? For the first time since Kevin Costner swing vote time, I am going to go on opening night may thirty relying. No, you're not. Yes, I am. I bought to, you know, nowadays, I didn't even know this. But my wife said Noah, you can reserve tickets and a theater. I to me, it's, it's been that way for a couple of years. Theaters anyway. My wife bought two tickets. It turns out, she's going to be out of town. So I'm going with my younger son. Michael, we're going to be there on may thirty first opening night. I'm going to be excited of seeing all the trailers, you know, it used to be a movie had one trailer and others. Right. Nine say Hilo rent now. There's like nine different trailers. I've seen every one of them. Mike. That's right. That's right. It's the one Cody wheelhouse. And yes, my we'll have to queue him every time. Someone says trailers? I can I can tell you, you know, there's been criticism of that movie and, and some of it's legit, but I'm still really looking for. And what are, what are the criticisms that are going around? Well, the, the big criticism is that for creative purposes? They're changing the timeline like Elton in nineteen seventy had a famous show at the troubadour that really established him. And that was his Rocketship, no pun intended into stardom at that time in the movie, I don't wanna spoiler alert in the movie at the troubadour. He sings crocodile rock, which hadn't even been written for like, three years. So there's line issues like that. It's not a totally faithful totally accurate movie in terms of the time line. But it's a fantasy. I it's, it's a true fantasy is, is the way they're phrasing. And so they take a little liberty with. So it's a bit of a NASA trip, kinda it. Yes. It's very trippy. You know, you don't associate Elton with psychedelia, but he, he did come up in that nineteen sixty-nine seventy. Nice age, there's no way Greg walks out of that. Eater, not saying he loved the movie he's to Intel and John, too. He's gonna love it, regardless. I am predisposed to love it. I will admit that. Yeah, I, queen's one of my all time favorite bands. I came away very disappointed. I think when your expectations are so high for something you, you can't be right. I feel like because of seen so many different types of trailers, that I know, the film a little bit, and some of the casting is, is pretty interesting. So Joel, you're talking, who's the kid that's playing out and John Edgerton? Yeah, yeah. What do you think about that casting? He was most famous for what the nights men. Yes. The secret service movie and I like the casting, because he does the singing in this movie. Unlike unlike the guy, unlike ram Molek, lip synching, Freddie, Mercury tyranny, does all the singing. And he's pretty credible. He's pretty good. Yeah. Surprised that with the voice outings, they decided to go with the actors pails and compare. But it's a nice little touch. It is indeed. So we need a full report when he come back from the movies, because I wonder what's changed about movie theaters since sowing the first movie that, Greg Cody has watched in the theater was swing vote two thousand eight two thousand nine oh I think even longer than it was back further. I mean who could reserve a seat in the movie ridiculous? Everybody been everybody. Knew theaters since two thousand eight. Every ten years, I go to theater seats recline now to carefully might fall asleep. You're going to one of those new fangled. We might get a back in my dad. Chris, I do think that you should grab grab some details like Gabrielle union has been making the circuit making fun of all the things that Duane doesn't know funny car wash twenty dollar milk carton target. I believe Chris, that you can find also some funny things that your dad doesn't know technologically. Gotti kidding me. The fact that he doesn't know that movie tickets can be reserved that he's, he's consistently getting shut out of the box office. So is it a is it Brad while you burping or Brad immediately following not? Brad is the burp. So it's like the verb is dressed read. Well, yeah, the dressed in the word bread. It's usually the air comes out. And then the Brad trail Brad, it's weird. You can't. Blessing yourself. Have you tried Ralph? Ralph would be good rows ago. My family goes with Ralph. Ralph ralph. Ing is well vomiting is rallying your family, does not do this. I just Rachel. Say Rao Ralph is good. Got got here. Disgusting five seconds ago and already he's better at it than Greg Cody has been for three decades.

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