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law however to be listening seize one of our geeks podcast power through worked out on going to be windy in your ear holes for ninety plus minutes a game and goodness st l. Seize your downloadable commentary for the week delivered the way eleven to be and that is completely free. Thanks to our sponsor this week third love. They're bringing the show to you. You'll see of course the show. All about games in their many forms games put on desktops laptops and consoles. Also games that involve dice luck and cardboard. i'm your host. Jeff cannot spell the two ends in won t and i'm joined as always by my friend slash co host slash nemesis. The guy who is the choice of a new generation mr christian spicer hello christian. Hello jeff hello everybody. Happy new console current jan welcome to current gen every body and please stay home and wear mask. Hello happy to be here. Yeah we got. We got more of that in the world that we need to deal with be safe. Be safe we're heading into holidays but please please be safe. We're too many things to be worried about. But my goodness you're right. We are in a new generation officially of consoles. I'm so excited about it. You know the dlc always stands for your downloadable canada and you're downloadable christian but this week dlc stands for debut ing the latest consoles because we're going to be wall to wall talking about the xbox series s an ex and the playstation five. And we have. I would argue the very best possible guests. We could have for this episode of the first person. I thought of thankfully she was ready. Willing enable our friend. you know her from. What's good. Games ms andrea rene is back with andrew. Hello gentlemen o. m. g. was that an intro for the ages. I love the energy that you're bringing mr kata encapsulates. Just how excited the gaming community is this week in the wake of these two slash. Three amazing consoles. Yeah right it's it's it's something to genuinely excited about. We've got lots of things to keep us indoors and look there's cool things to be indoors with. I know i'm sure there's lots of you listening. That are like hey. I'd love to be that excited. If only i could get my hands on one of these consoles because Scarcity is still an issue and people are still having a hard time in a logging onto websites to say they have them. And then they're all gobbled up by scalpers and things. And that's a bummer. But it sounds like from all indications there has been a huge number of these things that have hit the hit the retail channel and a lot of people them in their hands. And we're gonna talk in depth all of these all the consoles We have both consoles. Andrea actually has all three. I think right isn't that right. That is correct. Yeah so we're going to set aside the normal format of the show. You know we start with story of the week usually but there's only one story this week and it's the fact that the console's have both dropped two days apart and so we're going to start talking about the console's as consoles and then we'll get into the specific games. I mean if there was ever a week for this this week. I mean it. There are too many games. But we're going to do our best to talk through as many of them as we possibly can so many huge titles releasing a. We'd been playing as many of them as i could fit into my thumbs in eyeballs And and we're going to have a great time stepping through these consoles. So let's get things started by saying I the first console to launch. On tuesday of this last week was the xbox series x and s so i should just. We'll just start in chronological order and i. I have lots of thoughts about the xbox series x. But i'm actually very curious andrea about the xbox series s because i saw on your instagram and twitter that you have one of those the smaller less expensive consoles. And you're really. I think from what i read. Taken by the form factor. If nothing else right. I love that little thing. So xbox was kind enough to send what could games and xbox series x so i purchased for myself an xbox series s because i knew that i was going to need one in our. What's could game studio. But i also wanted one in the living room where i'm going to play it most of the time and so like well. I don't really need four k because streaming and four k still just isn't really a thing that's available on twitch rip mixer they really were doing high resolution streaming the best out of anybody. I know that caffeine actually doesn't pretty good um high resolution streaming as well. But i was like what the xbox series s is going to work for me in the studio because i don't need really more than fourteen forty p and i love the form factor. It's so small. And i love that compared to the vsbn. Which is just a monster ons. Which i know we'll get to in just a little bit but the value proposition. That microsoft is bringing with xbox game pass. Xbox game pass ultimate in for those who are interested xbox game cloud x. cloud wherever they're going to finalize that name to be. I think that it's a really great opportunity for people to get in and obviously we saw the news that we're gonna talk about just the second year that microsoft announced its their biggest console launch ever and that is to do because of the xbox series s. I agree having that low price. Point was really smart. i mean obviously. We've seen nintendo reap the benefits of having a low price point for new hardware for generations. Now and it. It actually like the sony and microsoft finally got around to realizing. Oh yeah if we don't charge through the nose for these things people buy more of them But tell me a little bit about your experience using the the s are you noticing Does it feel like a generational upgrade from your xbox one. It's interesting that you bring that up because that was one of my critiques of the new consoles that they didn't feel like a gigantic leap forward from the xbox one x specifically now i know that most consumers are probably changing generations between their original xbox one or potentially they have the xbox one s. But there's probably not as many people. Doing what i did going from the one x to these series x and the series as the low times of course are definitely faster. But i think microsoft. I don't know how. I really feel about the fact that they did not change the i like. They launched this he on the old generation and they kept at the same. I know that there's a big portion of the games out there that are like thank goodness. I don't wanna have to relearn something. But i just i think it kind of takes a little bit of that shiny sparkly new console feel away from it and overall. I just didn't think that outside of the loading times that there was anything dramatically new. And i think a lot has to do with the fact that there wasn't a first party exclusive game like now they have launched with halo infinite in halo. Infinite was running at sixty frames per second fourteen forty p on the xbox series s different story. Yeah i i agree with you. One of those people that you know apple always releases their their update to the to You know a few days before the new phones. And when i get a new phone i never upgrade the os on my old phone. Because i just want the new phone to feel as new as possible not like i don't want all those new features of the os on my old phone. My new phone. If you're like. I can do this new stuff now. Even if i didn't actually need a new phone for the new stuff. And i definitely relate to that with the xbox and it's honestly my my sort of meta comment on the whole process of this last week is that i think it's kind of a bummer. That these two huge things happen within two days of each other just as a fan of the industry in a fan video games. Because i can't help but compare them to each other like it. It's just setting up that comparison of these two big new hardware cycles starting. And i feel like if we had you know six months or a year or even a couple of months between the release of these consoles. It wouldn't feel quite so a comparison it would you. I really be able to sort of sit in the joy of one specific new console for a little bit longer but ultimately. Yeah i think the experience of being on playstation five especially with the controller which we'll talk about in the new os how it feels more new and more different than the xbox series experience has been. I think part of that and you know were maybe jumping. Hopefully i'm not jumping ahead. But i think part of that is a testament to the excellent work that microsoft has done and their philosophy of. We don't care where you play here. Is this incredible. We've honed it. I mean the xbox one has had some bad you. I it's it's a good. Ui you know like it's in a good place in the fact that it's the same across consoles you're playing on xbox that's what they want here you are. You're playing and how. I've tried to wrap my head around her contextualized. This series s and x is it's like getting new ram new. Cpu gp for your computer. And that's very exciting. And i don't expect steam to look different like wow. That's that's fair. And i think what one of the things that microsoft really pushed when the xbox one x launched was if they likened the new life cycle for xbox products to the way that other consumer electronics are it was something that had the ability to interview people on the hardware team about and they said you know. Look at the way. That consumers are looking at other types of tricks. Televisions cell phones. They're used to getting incremental upgrades. And that's the type of consumer that we really want to start catering to are these people that are willing to pay to get more power. But they don't need to wait like four or five years between each life cycle of the device that they have now those consumers that do wanna wait are obviously always going to be there. But they're not going to be as left behind as they were in previous generations. And i like that. I mean it's similar like just point about his phone. i'm. I'm not the person that gets the new phone every year. And i like that. I get an update to my os at some point I've i've definitely been there. It's like oh my device no longer supports the new os time to get a new device. But i liked that other things get brought along in. Sometimes things become long in the tooth and you go okay will. This experience is going to be as good on this device versus that. I should look into upgrading. But i think it's really interesting and fascinating to see how people respond. I do. A hundred percent agree with you though andrea that even if it was still on xbox one but had halo launched i think the xbox launch would have just felt different kind of like for me. Miles morales i know it's on. Ps four but not in my head. It's not it's a. Ps five launch game impeach. Our excuse me on both consoles. It's different gaming andrew. I don't care you say does pose. Here's what i'll say christine steamer my co host at. What's good games. who's also been on. Your show started playing miles morales on. Ps four because we only got one. Ps five between the three of us prelaunch to do coverage as soon as she started playing. She was about five hours of so in when she said i'm done playing on. Ps four because she came to my house in played a few minutes on the ps five. And she's like. I'm done playing forum waiting until my. Ps five gets there. That's how different experience was for her with miles. Morales i think have been that i think hey like hundred and twenty frames per second multi again. Get the game out. Make it right. But i think to me. That's what xbox is missing that punch in your face. This is what we're all about. Why i have a funny story. I was gonna wait until later to say this but it seems like the right time to tell my funny. Miles morales story and is christian. Knows this because i was on the phone with him trying to figure it out and again. This is first word. Problems like a reviewer who gets code for games. I'm not complaining. But i will step you through this funny situation that happened. Which is that. I also got a code for the playstation. Four version of miles morales from sony and was playing it as people know. I talked about it last week. was playing it before i had a playstation five on my playstation four. And i think the game looks fantastic on playstation for. I really. don't think anybody that's not able to get a playstation five console. Has any reason not to play. Miles morales it's still going to be a phenomenal experience. The frame rate is solid. The game looks great. It plays great. It's it's great on playstation four. But then you know. I was very excited to see the the upgrades on the playstation five version. And i installed my playstation five. And there's this whole process when you turn it on to you know take stuff from your playstation four and transferred overseas games and stuff. It's a long it takes a long time if you're on the same network and you have both consoles turned on at the same time. Intellect transfer stuff over. And i was able to just transfer over my copy of miles morales and after those several hours of waiting for that whole thing to complete. I jumped into miles morales on playstation five and went this look at. He did friends. And i don't understand why i was like this. I mean low. Times are a little faster. I guess but like i don't really get why people are excited about this. Looks like the same game. And i i played it for several hours and was just looking looking for reflections and things and i was like. Maybe there's a mode that i have to turn on the ray tracing and looked in the options and couldn't find anything and i finally Texted christian like hey man. I don't see any difference between the playstation four version playstation five in christians like why didn't play the playstation for but it looks amazing. The retracing is incredible. Are you sure because it doesn't look like it's the ps four version right now. That's the sorry there are two versions and you're you're you literally have to have the the main takeaway from this is how much i appreciate. What microsoft is doing with the smart smart delivery. Oh my gosh because this was anything but smart this was delivery. That was so dom- it didn't tell me to upgrade that. I had to do an extra step to upgrade. It didn't like sense that it was on the playstation five and go. Hey by the way. There's a version of this that you're not playing that you could be playing especially because they're giving the upgrade free to people that have the playstation four version. But i mean we were in the menu christians like did you try performance mode or fidelity fidelity and i was like that. I don't even have that option in my menu. I don't understand why but yeah the playstation four version doesn't have that option so it was a comedy of errors for our. It was a story that came out over the weekend. That lots of people jeffer- doing the exact same thing. And i think that's what's i mean. I don't wanna get to our down the ps five rabbit hole. I can save my comments about what happened with tsn then but it alone. Yeah and ultimately. I think it reflects really well on the strategy. That christian was talking about with microsoft. Where they're kind of working on a different path you know. It's it's not so much about you to get new harder to get the new games and yep you know. Somebody's doing some of that too because there are those two versions. But like this Gamer forward kind of stance. Microsoft is taking where everything works in. It's all smart it all hands it automatically for you. If you have the better box it will do the better thing. It's i really appreciated that. On a level that i hadn't before because of that experience and i also had the experience of turning on my new shiny xbox series x and to my game library and it was like. Here's your game library. And there's like hundreds of games from three or four generations of xbox. Oh these are just all immediately accessible to me. Because i once owned them on a previous xbox. It's like how it should always have been. And in fact the first game. I played on my xbox series x was geometry wars because it was. It was a fast download and i wanted to see how like. Hdr upgrade the the algorithm. They use to add. Hdr games looks on old games and it looked pretty cool so it is. It is kind of apples and oranges to compare these boxes because yeah there wasn't that big first party exclusive on my xbox but i also had like you know hundreds of i had my game pass games already to be downloaded but i also had like all these old games that i played on my three sixty in my xbox one there are just sitting there as games ready for me to play now. It's pretty cool. So yeah so so christian what. What was your experience with xbox series x. Because i know you said for a long time you weren't going to get one and then you got one right. No my experience with xbox series x is reading about everybody's experience with xbox series x. My experience was i really appreciate microsoft's philosophy and i am a game pass ultimate subscriber and i didn't get one when after all no i did not get one. I decided to hang out and know that. I'm not going to miss out on any of their exclusives. I can play destiny beyond light on my android when. I'm not my pc to via X. cloud and grind. And do things there that i might not undo. Main story missions later and because of that ecosystem and cross progression which is not necessarily microsoft's thing but no i am sitting out. I do not have a compelling reason to get that piece of hardware. And i love. That microsoft is okay with that. I think like i'm into their monthly sub. I'm downloading the new games. I'm enjoying game. Pass as much as i ever have. I wish that the ea stuff came to p. c. at the same time that it did to console. There's like a little bit of delay in lagging games. You get a pc. But i know that any of their party games. I'm gonna get day and date. And that's also like i love it so andrew you and i will talk about the series x then S because I there are a number of things that i really really love about it. They did not oversell the time it takes between turning on the console and playing a game. I mean it is single digit seconds. It's like two or three seconds to between literally picking up the console urban. Excuse me picking up the controller and pushing the little x. button to literally starting to move in a game that i had a quick resume feature on you know and that that's pretty impressive No longer are we waiting for anything to boot up. It just instantly on and that's that was the first thing that really made me go. Yeah we're in a new generation. Yeah i think that the on boarding process. The experts setup export xbox. Excuse me set up was really simple to do. I did it through the xbox app on my phone. The app installed took like a minute. Maybe two minutes to jump right into the dashboard and like you said. Get your library and start playing things. I don't blame christian for making the decision that he did. I think a lot of consumers feel the same way people have come to us like. I'm sure they've also come to you to to ask. Which console. Should i get this holiday. If i can only afford one. Or if i'm only gonna ask for one as a gift from somebody. What's the one and i just couldn't have a compelling reason to recommend people to get you know the series x s over the ps five if they were only going to buy one console the season. I mean honestly. If you don't have a switch may be one you want to actually looking at. That's a conversation for another time. But think i think the only my only caveat to that because i kind of agree mike caveats would be if you have a gaming. Pc the xbox is kind of redundant. But if you don't have a gaming pc and you are into the idea of game pass. Then i think. I don't know i as much as i love. The sony exclusives the idea of ten bucks a month. Getting you what it gets you on xbox your price conscious and you wanna get this. The series s and game pass. I have a hard time telling people. That's not the way to go. Because i mean if you really price conscious i only need one thing and i want to get the most bang for my buck. That's a pretty big bang for your buck. That's a very good point as well. I think that people who don't own a pc are looking for simplicity in their gaming experience. It's the reason. I'm primarily a console gamer. Even though i've played more on my steam account in two thousand twenty nine ever have probably collectively my entire life. I've you've been playing a lot more on my than i ever have before but the there's just something about hitting the power button on the controller having it turn on having power the television on and having to do nothing. I don't have to install anything. I don't have to worry about my audio rowdy and it'll have to do anything and i think that that experience clearly resonating with consumers as well particularly at the price point of the xbox series s. I think you're right. There's a ton of great games to plan game pass and i think the ultimate subscription is definitely an amazing value even the base subscription is a great value. I think all of the added things that microsoft is doing to entice people. I'm sure you guys didn't miss that. They are now giving away thirty days of free disney plus if you get a game scripture in which is which is really timely of course at the mandalorian just hitting streaming for disney plus. I think there's a lot of other things that are good added value bonuses without as well so not particularly interested in sony's exclusives than than. Yeah then xboxes definitely the way to go but if if you're really wanting to play new games that feel shiny and new and next gen then i mean it's all about ps five. Yeah and maybe we should transition to that. But but i also struck by going game passing all those new eight. Ea games in there. I was like oh my. Ea literally dumped like everything you can play madden twenty eleven if you want you know. It's it's pretty wild. I just went. Here's all of our stuff on game pass. So that's kind of cool too. But yeah i mean i like the x. A for me. The the the box is whisper. Quiet i. I think it turns on fast. Low times are much improved. They're not nothing they're not zero. We haven't gotten to the point. Where games have no load times. you know even oriented blind Oriented the will of the wisps still has a low time. it's much reduced. But i think we will get to the point where these games have zero load times when they are designed for these boxes but it wasn't a magic wand that made all your games have zero load times which i think i you know people could have been thinking. I was wondering if that was going to be some thing that i would see. Where magically these games zero slowdowns. That's not the case. But it's cool seeing much reduced load times it's wonderful. Seeing how pervasive the backwards compatibility is and how you can play just all these old games that i was scrolling through my game library. I don't even remember playing that all. Yeah oh i remember that game. Wow yeah it's it's kinda cool just having that experience but ultimately it doesn't feel quite as fresh and quite as new as the playstation five. Because you know that controller it works. it's a great controller. But i said it down in my office where i have. Everything hooked up and i had my xbox one controller in the same area and i inadvertently picked up the wrong controller. Because they're exactly the same you know. There's no no discernible difference. But for the new controller. Which is i guess. Good but also i wish that was at least some kind of color or go on it then. We need an easy to know which freaking xbox controller. I picked up in my room. Elite controller for your now xbox one i do not because that's the difference right is the d pad is the deep had. That's the really the only difference that you're i will see. It's i'm with you. I think that it would have been nice if they had done a little bit of innovation with the controller. I know it's a great controller. If it ain't broke don't fix it. I hear you. I hear you but you still have to justify the price point that you're charging people. Yeah i think this is not an original thought. I'm sure i'm not the only one that has had it. I think i'll save the back half of this. What i think about the dual sense. But i think that microsoft is going to release updated controller like the elite. You mean no. I think it's going to just a standard controller. I think third party games are going to start taking advantage of the. Ps fives triggers. And i think. I think xbox is going to release a control. That does that too. That's a guests. Well don't use up your predictions to early man. Sorry sorry on of the month. Harbor punk gets delayed again All right well. Let's let's transition to the playstation five. A little because two days later that playstation five came we all have playstation five and I mean this one does feel really new and different. I mean andrea already talked about the size of the thing. Everybody's been making a big deal about it. Can we call quick. Yeah i i saw pictures. watched on boxing's for me until i had it in my house i did not comprehend the size of it. It is so very big. Like i had it vertical and we're all in southern california and i was like no. I need earthquake. Straps for this like this is to is crush child like it's so big i don't know man. I didn't think it felt that much. Bigger than the playstation three places was huge to a friend of show. John davidson's texting him. He's like i have my. Og three the five huge. And i was like thank you okay. The thing about the design is that. I really enjoyed that. They did something different and unique when they first unveiled it but once i got the unit into my house i was like. This is a little ridiculous. Actually that really frustrates. Me is the way that the design that base holder it screws in if it's vertical but it barely clips on if you're putting it on. Its side which the vast majority of people are going to do it like barely clips on. And if you nudge that thing at all if you're moving hdmi cables or if even if you're plugging usb cable in and out of the front jack like it'll pull it off the base. I'm like come on. So this gotta fix. This rarely meant to be vertical. Right they it was an afterthought people put on if they want to. Yeah i read it again. Click on and i was like okay. But i mean i i did have that moment of kind of recognition that man how many years of my life has been the dual shock and all of a sudden this controller is really different and i kind of love that it was that moment of like. Wow this is a new generation. I'm really holding a playstation controller. That's a is completely different and You know i'm sure everybody. Listening has heard people rave about the motion sense and the the way that the feedback has been brought to another level and really much more sophisticated. But i'll tell you. I was genuinely skeptical. That i would be wowed by that because to be honest. I've never been a huge fan of rumble in the controllers. It's fine but it never felt super additive to me like oh an explosion happened in the game and my controllers rumbling. Okay but the thing that it never really was before is subtle and that is what. The motion sense allows in dual sense controller. It is subtle it actually has subtlety to it. It's not just a big rumbling. Thing in your hand it's tiny movements. It's little difference in location where it is and how it almost becomes a just a sense that you're not really paying attention to its not being hit with a mallet on your fingers every time it's really just sort of subtle inputs that give you a different sensation of what's going on and then the triggers the fact that they can set different tension levels. And you know you have to push past a appoint and it's really difficult and then easy. Oh that stuff. I really underestimated how much it would feel interesting and cool and be additive to a game. I one hundred percent agree with you. It was the thing i raised about the most. I'm with you. In the sense that i traditionally don't like rumble in my controllers. I find distracting. I typically turn off in all of my devices. But what. Sony developed with haptic feedback in the adaptive. Triggers is just really really innovative. And that to me is what makes the ps five. Feel so new is that they took those little things. In addition to some other features as well but i think the controller and what they implanted with game play and then demonstrate is so beautifully with astro playroom which is a pack in game that every. Ps five gets to play with just brilliant. Yeah great yeah. Go ahead christian. I tweeted this out. And i will still stand by now a day or two later. I miss my my pavel's of my league and of the dualshock four. I really started to grow accustomed to in like paddles on my controller But the dual sense is by far my favorite controller. I've ever owned. It's just a joy in my hand it fits well The little bit of extra width. I guess they gave to it like a typically prefer asymmetric sticks. But i find that the little bit extra width. I'd i'd enjoy the symmetrical sticks on it the triggers i find myself just sitting there being like okay. Turn off okay. I'm gonna go out of the game. That's a regular click. Click through the game back on their behalf. That resistance feel that resistance in the haptic feedback. It is the switches. Hd rumble realized in a way much greater than the switch has done it. You know like ooh ice cubes or whatever they showed with it. The differences and andrew had mentioned an astro and just even games. That don't use it as much as kind of showing off all the technology just the subtle changes in footsteps or different surfaces being reflected back into your controller it turns rumble into something. That is immersive in a way. That is a game changer. I think for you know maybe competitive games. You still might turn it off You know to not have those things kind of getting in your way of trying to get the most kills or whatnot but subtly immersive and all the best ways. It's a joy in my hand when they release a non white version are one hundred percent by one because i know it white controllers look like for me a year but i. I love the dual sense controller. It is the best video game controller. I've ever used when especially with the ps five that takes that uses all of its unique features. Yeah there's a part in astros playroom where you you can collect things and then you go to a central hub and you're able to play this sort of ball grabber game Like you at a pizza parlor or something with a grabber hand goes down and grabs these little spheres and then once you find one in pluck one out you have to squeeze it using your little robot hand You squeeze it pops and then whatever the cool goody that you plucked out of their a comes out and the way you squeeze it and pop it. Is you pull the trigger. But you pull the trigger on the controller and it it resisting resisting resistant. That pops and you get past this point and then it goes fast. I it's hard to describe but like that little thing. I was like that is incredible because it feels like i squeezed something until it popped. I mean literally felt like. I did the thing that i did and i was blown away. That little feature so cool. Yeah so playstation five as a console. We talked about the the form factor. We talked about the controller. Let's talk about that you. I a bit because it is new and different andrea. What is your feeling on the way the. Ui feels the way you know. The the boot experienced the on boarding experience. How how did all that rate for you. I didn't do the traditional on boarding experience. Because i told myself i wasn't going to do a full transfer of my. Ps four over to my ps five. So i didn't transfer anything. I put two game saves. I made sure that they were updated in the cloud. And that was it. And then. I just downloaded the games that i wanted on my. Ps five. Because i am hyper aware that i have two min max my hard drive space very efficiently because boy. Oh boy did not realize that. Sony was going to pull a craziest snafu and not allow people to store. Ps five games on an external device. Which is something that. I hope that they're going to fix. Relatively quickly the idea that. I only have around six hundred and fifty gigabytes to work with. And then i have to start. Deleting stuff is unacceptable to me so i didn't transfer stuff so it was actually a real easy quick process for me. 'cause i just booted it up i logged in with my you know. Id and then. I was ready to start downloading gains when the from my library. I like the you i look. I think the look and feel is really great. I think they made a couple of things slightly more inconvenient from a workflow in an intuitive workflow standpoint but that also could just be that. I need to just through muscle memory practice during where those things in the menu are it kind of reminded me a little bit of moving from android to iowa and just really struggling for the first couple of weeks. Feel like i don't know where in the settings this thing is that i need where those things are hard time turning it off like i forget where does where does the go interesting. Now hold on the button. It's just tap this time. Yes and so. It's a and then i go okay. Well i tried long holding the button and that didn't work. Where is it is over here in the upper right where those things are. No it's on that bottom but you gotta push the button. It's like you're right. And all that stuff will become a become acclimated to at a certain point but yeah it is not super intuitive on certain things and it does take some getting used to but i guess that's a little nitpicky. Yeah overall though. I really liked the you. I think it looks clean and slick and i think i'm going to really love it. There's a couple of things that i haven't quite decided if i like it or not like the activity cards i think aren't really fully being utilized yet because it's still so early in. I am looking forward to seeing if those will actually be helpful things that i wanted us. Or if it's just gonna be like a super gimmicky kind of like how the touch pad as an actual button that is functional was felt a little gimmicky at first until we saw a couple developers do some interesting stuff with still overall most developers. Just use it as a button to you right. I think that the playstation has built in a lot of really cool tools for developers to use an. It's just about time will tell if developers actually use those tools. Yeah i agree. I feel like those. Those cards are useless to me right now. I mean there's one remember seeing something in mouse morales was like you're on this mission. How much more of the mission do you have to go about four hours. I'm like how do you know that. That seems weird for you to tell me but i kind of don't know how to make those things useful in in a certain sense and maybe it is something that developers will get more in tune with and find ways to surface information that super useful to me but ultimately i've been basically ignoring that you push pause it pulls up these little cards that give you some information about the game. You're playing but ultimately i. I stopped reading them pretty quickly because it just seemed superfluous not particularly helpful christian. What's your take on on boarding. And you i so i appreciate it. Very similarly tie andrea. Did i came into this. This is the next gen. I have my saves in the cloud Which is still kind of bothers me that that's a premium experience that's part of playstation plus But i'm locked into that ecosystem. It's like i forget that it's locked behind a paywall. 'cause i've been paying that day off for so long into people pointed out and i'm like yeah i would be better if it wasn't i i agree with that But so. I have the safes. That i want there But i'm sure at some point. I wanna revisit old games but i got to a point where i ran through my backlog. I finished the games. I wanted to finish on. Ps four as very excited about ps five as a new console and kind of a new generation for me. So i actually haven't downloaded any of those Pulled any of those saves from the cloud yet. And i got bugs snacks. Which is ps plus. I got spiderman. I bought spiderman. And i downloaded astro bought and i was ready to go and i liked the playstation plus collection of games. I downloaded days gone. You're never really played on playstation four. I downloaded god of words to have it. But i haven't pulled my safe down Have it on desk all. Have this digitally while. I'm here but it was. It was seamless right. But i wasn't trying to resume go back to a game that has in the middle of carrying something over. I was very deliberately playing new games and new experiences on it and it was. It was great The thing that i really enjoy about the council. And i think this is the same for this series x. It's quiet yeah. it's very quarter I have to concede some haft my entertainment center in order to have a console. That doesn't sound like a jet engine. I'm on board. I will give extra ten inches or whatever this thing is to have it. Run as quietly as it does. And it's snappy going in and out of things. I know it doesn't have quick resume the way the xbox does for my experience going from game to game going into the i and going back into a game. It's it's fast. It's efficient in. It feels new. Which i agree that i've had those moments of like. How do i say what do i do. But i kinda like that. It's like ooh. Where's where's cruise control on this car like that way. I kinda like spending that time with it. So i've been very impressed and i thought i i use the qr code from the app on my phone to to a log in and it was really nice. I don't know i don't have. I don't have a lot of complaints. And it was pretty smooth. I think andrea had on the biggest complaint as a for the system in total and that is the internal storage is just not enough and I have duty on there. And that's all i need. It's eight hundred six. Gosh well two things. I learned this generation. Is anita bigger hard drive. And i'm gonna need faster internet. It's like downloading three or four games at one at a console launch excruciating. Although it's nice out that these councils can do a lot of that stuff in the background whereas in previous generations it would have to pause and download to start a game and some of that stuff can be handled in the back. I mean if it works. I think the real frustrating part for me is that i was really hoping against hope that when. Ps five launched. And i went to go download destiny to i would not get that copying file menu. That is the bane of my freaking existed. Still there there why to download and then spend more time copying the file over. What have you not fixed. Playstation on file structure is to make that thing. go away. just make it go away well as long as we don't turn the. Ps five on in every time over the next five years downs. Update you know before. I can do anything. I'll be happy about that. Because i feel like ninety percent of the time when i turn on my playstation for still living an update. I'm like what was the point of putting you in rest mode. Was you do that on your own. Refer this up in the chat. I wanna hit on one thing. I absolutely love in different people find different parts of it. They love our system level accessibility stuff. They should five. So i am. I believe we're in the minority now. But i am an inverted y axis person in every game. When i started game. I have to go into options and change it and sometimes you can't change it during the first like intro before the title seen quite there's no option got a struggled through this a five. I went in default every game now inverted access. You can default system level choose Performance mode even difficulty. You can have it at the system level instead of each game. It's pretty awesome. It's color blindness. I believe is one. And i love it and i think it was xbox three sixty have that for the why access to but then it was gone on on one and i believe it's not there on the series x s as well and i love that stuff when it can be system level. I know i want this all the time or you can have it. Set to like game default like fidelity motor performance whatever the developers think is kind of that ideal experience. You can let it do that But it's it's an actual game changer. For it makes the experience that much going in. And i love that. I would love to see that. Be an update to xboxes as well anything that lets more people game also I think indra you tweet about this as well but we're talking about it. Shot up to twitch in their million dollar donation to it will gamers is great. Yeah som- really really cool and i. I want to see more people playing our hobby. And so i've anything that can be done at a system level to make that possible is Hats off by me. Yeah all right. Well let's dive into the thing that is really the most exciting part which is the games themselves but first let me thank our sponsor which is third love on my goodness. He's been a minute since we talked about third love but we love third law. 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I love what they did bringing miles a story into the video game universe and i know that people want more from his story. I also really love that. They wove peter parker in where it made sense to bring him in. But this was not peter story. It's very much miles a story. And i also just love that. It's all i. Christmasy could almost christmas. So i've been honestly kind of holding off on plane it so that i have a reason to just swing around new york and enjoy the christmas vibes in december. Yeah it's so great. I love when christmas. Things come out actually at christmas because i remember like the first division came out. I think didn't come out in the in the middle of the summer or something. I don't know. I remember it feeling very distant when it was all these christmas ornaments everywhere and i was playing in the middle of summer. But yeah it's great when you're like. I am excited for christmas. And this game is set in christmas time with the snow in new york city in central park. It's like yeah so good christian. I know you've been loving this game right. I absolutely love love. Love love spiderman. Miles morales i am blown away by. Yes it's you know more of the same of what spiderman. Ps four was. But i loved that game. But what i think this game does so well is build on that formula but may get kinder's habits miles a story and the animation changes in the way that he moves in navigates through the city just from web swinging to the subtle animations Like idle animations or any. Lana perch she's not as confident as peter in the pierre's four-game and those little things may get so fresh for me also his story. I really love where it's you know. Miles i'm not going to get into spoilers here but you know it's mild story in him experiencing new york city and swinging around and the little quips and things. He sang to himself as he swinging around. And it's like oh. His mom calls a friend calls. There's a crime happening over here. And he's like okay as spiderman fan for as long as the and it's like oh miles no you can't no you can't you can't this is going to be bad. You can't do all those. Peter knows peter knows. You can't do all that it will wreck your life my friend it will wreck your life. But he's not at that point in his journey yet so there's optimism and even the little things going to get cranberry sauce or whatever it is in. It's so fun to see that experience on that side of the character And then the game itself is stunning playstation five. I'm playing in fidelity mode. Which has the ray tracing in new better for you know. The bells and whistles I turn on performance for a little while to see if sixty frames per second web swinging would win me over and It it didn't to ray. Tracing is worth the thirty frames a single player narrative game. I will probably choose. Those graphical whistles and bells over higher frames competitive game will probably try to try the frame rate but it's just incredible Sometimes it has changed suits to see what part of his suit is reflective that picks things up and just like the shiny bids on his suit reflecting back the city. As you're running up avengers tower and you see miles reflection in the glass or swing. Low down into the city like there will be a point where i start to take ray tracing in this technology for granted and i always want to remind myself of it at anecdote i said when i was streaming. The game today was like when i moved to southern california. I made a point to tell myself that. Like yes your sweaty when you're running but it's also four. Pm on in august in. You're going for a run as a kid from houston. You can never take this for granted that you can do this. And i want to be the same with like ray. Tracing graphics are gonna go. It's just the level of merging. That i think it brings into the city when you're walking by dag and you see the pedestrians in the city behind you reflected in the glass. It really just brings you in while. Miles morales doesn't utilize the dual senses new capabilities to their fullest. Just the little bits that it does use it for the haptic rumble and some of the the trigger for web swinging and stuff like that. It feels so good like to know that this is a cross gen game. I can't wait. For what insomniac is doing ratchet and clank or whatever else that is strictly built on this hardware But the game itself. It's i. I love the combat. I love miles as new powers and i love how they add to it. I think. Visually stunning venom blasts and everything. Just jaw dropping lee gorgeous. They've nailed the animations again for health. Spider-man moves in general and the cinematic touches coming off of finishing moves and combos building large streaks together it is such a joy to play in the characters feel very well realized and fleshed out. There is a part Whereas the first part one of my stream which i think is still a dark hived on my twins like as andrea mentioned about that being new york in christmas like i got emotional Because like they had friends over for christmas. Like i love this market in christmas like they're talking to people on him dislike. We can't have that this year. I don't think. I wanna pandemic game necessarily but it was. It was tragic in touching in a way that i didn't expect to be caught off guard by by the interactions felt real and and realized between these characters and friends. Just coming over and hugging. And it's like. Oh yeah yeah. We don't have to the characters. It's yeah and it's something that i praised in the first spiderman game. I think we we all did this. Focus on not just the character in the costume but the character out of the costume right. Miles morales is as important as spider. Man peter parker in the first game was as important to spiderman in both sides of that character were explored. And i think that that's a testament to the folks at insomniac understanding what makes spider-man's special right. It's awesome to swing around. The city is super awesome to beat a bad guys and save the day but it's also super important that we understand all of the challenges and life stuff that these young people are going through as. Well that's what that's why. I love spiderman as a kid is because it. It was like me and you know he was. He was a justice worried about homework and going out on a date and making sure his his parental figures were proud of him as he was about saving the day. And i think that that's a retained in these. Both of these games and i think seeing that personal side of miles morales stories really really special and like you said the game is a joy like there's so many games that are dark and brooding and all that stuff and that that's fine. I can have fun with those games but boy even in a game. Where bad guys are running rampant through the city of new york. It's it just feels light in positive and fun. And i really appreciate that about it and i will say with this now. The second iteration of this You know that baton that the bars been raised per se but as that metaphorical baton gets passed back to rock steady or wb montreal for the next batman game in suicide squad. Insomniac has nailed this comic book. Combat arkham spiderman style combat. Like it feels so good and the finishers and using your web gadgets are such a wonderful part of the flow. The experience that rock steady in. Wb they need to bring their a game like this is not a a genre now where you can just rest on your laurels and beco- we did arkham combat again. It's like we'll find but in psalm next the top of their game over here so i'm really excited to see what those games can deliver because it feels so good to play a spiderman again. And they've nailed how fast he moves. I remember that was a history of the. Ps four game. And i think a testament to the level designers here in miles morales again as well. We're like you're inside. You know there are levels where you're inside and big combat moments and you don't feel hamstrung by not being able to zip around or web. They build the space out in a way that is both believable and allows you to you know. Do the things spider do It's it's a phenomenal game. And i apologize now for having five games. Be all from sony. The you don't have to apologize for playing excellent games there. So i love it so much also can we can we say. I hope the game three is spider. Gwen i want i want. That's the next one we can do. Peter parker we can do miles in the spider gwynne. Assist speaking of. I don't know if was just a preorder bonus. We can get to another way. But i preordered the game and as a period or bonus. There is a spider pursue. And oh my gosh. I actually make the game harder harder for myself at times because two of the suit abilities that you can pair what you compare that with any consenting like mix and match but that come with that suit our pow bang booms that show a header like and bright and just beautiful when you suck people that are like looks like spider verse in the other. One is at animates spiderman on the twos which is how he moves in the movie and it's unbelievably awesome to how you see the the kid that that. Yes remade the intro. To the to the spiders in the game which has been allowed it. I do love it. But i also find it a little bit ironic that you can set the game into the sixty frames per second mode and that it literally like this feature is dropping frames spiderman. The rest of the world still moves as it moves. But it's pretty fun. But again i think it's a testament to an insomniac and everybody that worked on this game understanding the character doing that nod back to spider verse away and the suits speak to the richness of the character and understanding it and treating it with care and its. I'll shut up 'cause otherwise we're gonna to run on time. It's real good but andrew. I want to hear you. Tell me about a game that i do not have and have not played and that is god fall which i think is a a real exclusive real New ip and. i think a big question mark for me what do you. What's your take on god fall. I've been really having a great time. In god fall so far and i know that the reviews are pretty split on it. I am of the mind that this game is clearly taking advantage of the power of next but they need a little bit more guts of the game which i think is a very fair criticism. I don't understand why people are are are knocking on it for anything other than content because it smooth. It's fast combat feels crisp. I think what's really great about god fall which is a looter shooter hybrid mashup game so it's not a shooter brawler but it's taking this kind of sensibility of a borderlands where there's a bunch of gear to go chase and mashing it up with the kind of hackensack that you get from a game like assassins creed or a game like demon's souls but i don't want a directly compare it because i really do think what they're doing is unique and i think that whenever you compare against the iconic franchises when it comes to gameplay mechanics people get very nitpicky and then they kind of push up their glasses like well. Actually you know this is the way demon souls is and i was just like yeah i just. I'm trying to grasp something that you guys can do. A comparison with what i love about god fall is that it really allows someone like me. Who's been turned off by the complexity. And the intricacy of the souls games to really get my feet wet in the perry and dodge evade style of some of the more complicated hack and slash games where you can't just run into combat scenarios and beat your way out of it by just like throwing your weapons around you really have to go into each combat instance with a game plan and with your load out ready and with your your potions. You're healing spells all the things that you need ready. And each combat scenario which. I think god's feels great And the the classics are just out of this world i. I've seen some people complain that they went overboard with particle facts. And i'm like i don't care i love it amazing on. Ps five and. I think that this game has a lot of potential. Now i have also seen some people comparing it to anthem which i think is not fair. I think they are very different games. And a wide variety of ways. I think the only thing that they have in common is that they were very promising up front and then it kind of left players wanting more from the from a content perspective. I do think it was a mistake for them to roll this game out at a seventy dollar price point. I think that that's too high. But i also understand that sony is trying to get consumers. Used to the idea that games are going to cost more this generation and the games at the beginning are gonna get thrown into the butts. No matter what no matter what game it is right like short of cyberpunk Quite honestly. I think that people are going to be upset at paying more for games. That's just the way it is and we're going to have to all go through those growing pains together. I think what. I've really loved about my time with god fall is that it really allows you to start customizing your game play right away so you play. The narrative is is kind of tropy in the sense of you. Know you play this Ethereal character who is set on a task to go after this mad god to prevent them from like breaking the realm right. The guy. I don't need to get into the weeds about that. They're not doing anything really super innovative with the narrative. But that's not the focus of the game that combat is the focus. And you have these things called valor plates. And the valor plays are essentially suits of armor. That act like a class. Have twelve different valor plates that you can collect almost kind of feel like the javelin in anthem. But there's way more variety in them and the design them is freely fricking cool. Yes wore firm is a perfect example. A lot of people have been comparing god fall to were frame but obviously war frames been in development for many many years now and i think the comparison is quite honestly not fair to 'cause it's brand new game am it's from a studio who a lotta people aren't familiar with by name counterplay games and being published by gearbox and. I think that this game could go on to do some really cool things if they can just get their feet under them but nothing. I played in the game was broken. The game looked beautiful. Game played supercross super smooth. I think it is. It remains to be seen like how deep the end game is going to go. But they're not alive service game which is something that i think. A lot of people are going in assuming and they've had to really kind of beat the drama of no. We're not alive service game. Were more of a action. Rpg that anything in the the content of the game is in the game. And it's tough. Because i think consumers have kind of gotten into this rhythm where they expect almost every major combat rpg hybrid game to be alive service game. And that's just not possible for a lot of studios so it's going to be interesting to see how the narrative and the combat and the progression keeps going. I've played about six or seven hours so far. So because i'm like you guys trying to split my time with games right now but i'm definitely going to go back. I've really really loved the combat. It's interesting because i'm playing a lot of assassin's creed valhalla. And when i play god fall. And then i go back to assassin's creed i'm way better at the combat in assassin's creed because i actually take the time to think about what i'm doing because i have two in fall otherwise i'll just die constantly. It's an assessment screen trainer. This zone assistance. I'm curious about god full. I haven't been tempted to jump into it. But i i've i've risen those mixed reviews in and it's interesting to hear you hear talk about it. Some kind of rooting for it but does feel a little bit like it's it's in the Borderlands model of good content coming periodically. But not as live service right. Yes exactly and i think borderlines is a great comparison obviously wildly different in a lot of ways mechanics arts style overall feel but it's an action. Rpg at its core that has all of the content in the game. But i think the content that's in the game is just leaving. People like wanting a little bit more depth and a lot of that country that there's not a lot of variety in the maps and others activities. That are reused. And i think that people's boris set incredibly high. Because there's some really fantastic games out there. And i've done blame people for no be really discerning with their dollars. I just want studios to be able to take risks on really cool projects and i thank god. Fall has potential to be really cool but people are so quick to just shit on things and it makes me so sad. I hope this game finds an audience and finds people that appreciate the work that the team has done on it. Because i think that it has potential to be really cool. It's a rough time of year. I mean i understand wanting to every game out as a control. Console launch exclusive and get in that window of holiday and all that stuff but man it is. There's so many things to play. And i mean there's so many things just this week to talk about The game that i want to a mentioned is surprising to me as being what i think is the most next gen game that i played all week having played a whole bunch of them as much as mas morales looks great and is it is beautiful game the game. That just feels like oh. This was not possible before. And i think hints at what we're in for over the next five to six years of these consoles. Lives is demon souls. That game is gob smacking. It is so beautiful. And i'm so looking forward to win games like assassins creed and spiderman in. Everything looks as good as demon's souls does right now because holy smokes i. I wish i loved that game more. Because i've been playing way more than i thought i was going to only because i just wanna see you Area like and with the next enemy. Looks like it is stunning playstation. Five you have. You had a chance to play demon souls. I've downloaded demon's souls. But i like you am not like a giant demon soul fan because i find it incredibly punishing if i only have a few hours to play games why honors fi selves. But i am looking forward to trying it. And i've had some friends volunteer to kind of carry me through. Yes the at least. The i just play the first little tutorial segment because it brings you through a number of enemies that don't really hit hard and then it gives you a boss that can one shot you But that entire sequence yeah well. That's that's the game But the the That entire sequence really. I mean the first thing you see when you turn the game on it says on the first day and then it like puts this picture on the screen. It's like that's the most beautiful thing i've ever seen in a video game before and it really doesn't decline from there. It is stunning. It really feels like they leaned into the capabilities of playstation five. I mean every every ray of light every area full of detail and like note none of the walls. In previous generation the previous version of demon cells you'd see a brick walls that are basically flat textures none of the brick walls or flat textures. That are all you know have jutting out and and complex geometry all over the place it just it puts every other nexgen game that i played this week to shame graphically and i'm down fit. I'm ready for the next wave of these next generation games. That are all you know not crossed. Jan didn't start their lives being developed on old hardware Really leaning into where we are with the hardware capabilities of these new boxes. Demon's souls is the only game. I've played that hints at what we're in for and Man i can't wait. I'm so excited. let's talk about assassin's creed 'cause i you said you've been playing a ton of that. I have also been playing a ton of that. I'm so excited to have a new assassin's creed after. Having a year off from this franchise. I was such a huge fan of odyssey. I'm playing assessments. Greenville on xbox series x. What are you planning on andrea. I am also playing on xbox series x okay. I decided to do that. Because i played odyssey on my ex and i just felt like Yeah it's feels right. And also. Because i felt like if i didn't play essence kriva hall on xbox one ex There wasn't much. I was going to be turning my xbox one xbox series x on for So you're not wrong. It's the only reason why. I'm turning mine on right now though. I did download odyssey on my playstation five to see how the load times are and boy. Oh boy fast. Travelling is so fun now. I used to always avoid fast travelling because the loads are take forever any more. That's exciting so the first thing i would say about the holiday on xbox series x is. I don't know if you've experienced it. But i've been seeing a lot of screen. Tearing which evidently is a known issue in one they have said they'll patch but for now it really bummed me out a having a brand new console that's supposed to be so powerful and it mostly happens in cut scenes Which are a lot of its ripple. Let your screen. It's the most power it's tearing out. Well i mean that's what screen is traditionally is that the display can't keep up with the frame rate but i don't know andhra. Have you seen any of that. I've probably seen a little bit. But not enough that it's been like immersion breaking for me and i think that those kinds of bugs like i guess maybe i just have grown tolerant of open world games from all developers having you know slight bugs here and there just because it's like open world games are hard and all those competing systems are hard but Yeah i mean it's definitely not perfect when it comes to graphics but boys at pretty super pretty the last two assassin's creed games really kind of opportunity with graphics. Odyssey was just gorgeous and the draw distance when you're a synchronizing from the viewpoints and just looking out. It's just it's incredible what you be sauce. Art teams and engineering teams. Have done as as open world games go. I've not been a person that uses photo mode in games very much but odyssey. I was using it all the time and i've already started like take a picture of that. That is so cool And i don't know how far you are. I basically haven't been in england very long Which basically means. I just very recently got off my starting island. But that's only because the starting island quote unquote which norway in this case is is so awesome climb the mountains and explore the snowy mountaintops and i just did it for hours just wandering around the snowy mountaintops and mining or in finding different places to look and take pictures. And little quests and wealth that you could find up in there. I was like. I don't wanna leave norway. This is amazing. I saw an area in norway that was like power level to eighty. So i was like. We're coming back here. So i force myself to leave norway pretty quickly so i've been in england for quite some time i have. I've made some really good progress in two forty. My alliances in england. But i'm i'm with you. It was really difficult for me to tear myself way. You know it's funny but you say not. Is that every time i started like an oprah. Rpg game i think back to your story jeff about the hinterlands in dragon age. Yes yes yes. That's the best advice. I can give to anybody in that game. Leave the land. That's what i tell you. Get out of norway. Exactly back okay. Well i i did. I did i did but i. I haven't been england very long but it's such a cool moment to leave this snowy dark icy area and enter into england in the fall. It's it's it's so pretty. I mean the the world nowy dark area or kidding no it's it's beautiful and it's full of greens and browns and it's like fall colors everywhere. It's really pretty. Yeah the world's that they build in these assassin's creed games. Now are just love exploring them. I i don't know what it is. I i keep trying to put my finger on what i love so much about the last few iterations of these games and i just feel like it exactly as his note. That just is so perfect for me personally. But what's your feeling about it andrea. I really like what they've done. It took me a little bit to get used to. I'm still salty that they nursed the bird the way that they nerve nerf it a mannequin. Anything with with my raven friend but I think what they've done is they've tried to marry the assassin's creed of old with what they've started with the rpg forward assassin's creed. That began with origins. I saw a constant q in the chat asking about you know. Is it more like the old ones are like the new ones. And i'm a diehard assassin's creed fan. I've played every single acids create game. I have all the statues of the assassin lined up on my shelf. Here in the studio and i love classic assassin's creed and i think what's great about. What they did with is that they brought some of those classic stealth elements back and. They're not easy. People were complaining. That the stealth wasn't difficult and ubisoft was like okay. You want difficult stealth you because if you don't have the game on easy mode. The stealth is israel like the guard c. You from quite a distance away. You can't just you know kind of cheese your way through the bushes anymore. Like you really do have to be cognizant and without the ability to tag enemies with your bird like you could in the last two games. You really have to be more cautious about the way. You're approaching large encampments fortresses. That have a lot of enemies because you can very quickly overwhelmed. And i think that that's going to be something that people really like. I do like that. They kept some of the more breath of a wild style exploration where you can climb almost any surface. I love it and i think that that is marrying some of the things they started with origins and odyssey and still kind of keeping true to where the roots were an acid longtime fan. I was so happy that they jumped into the modern day. Stuff right away and have a lot more of rhythm between when you go back and forth between. What's happening with layla. And what's happening with eight four and i think that for longtime fans that feels a lot of a lot more rewarding than some of the other games have been i mean particularly an odyssey. Go maybe twenty thirty hours without doing a main quest line let alone doing any modern. You know even even tells you like one of the early times that you're in the quote unquote present day the animists stuff in essence create even tells you like okay. You can get back in the economist. But you're not gonna be back here for a while so get your own literally tells you. Yeah it's gonna be a long time before you come back here But yeah i know a lot of people. I find a lot of people Criticize the modern day stuff in the assassin's creed games. And i understand that. It's perhaps a bit of underutilized or not fleshed out entirely but the idea that there are this this entire series of games in each of them is the story of this time period this character in this time period and it has a full arc of that character and all these side quests and that entire world is explored but then also there is this other meta story that only moves forward slightly in each game but each game is interconnected and an has that story that is that is progressing each gift. I think that is such a cool idea. And i'm so down for the fact that like there's something not very first sequence it when you come in this game involved khawla and there's some very important item that i i know what it took for me to get it in the Odyssey and it's like there it is it carries forward. Is this meta story. I dig that. And i really hope. That's the direction with that. Tv series that they're planning because i think that'd be cool too. I mean i have. I want the best for that after what happened with the movie. Very you know skeptical. But i want. I want something cool to happen. Because i think the narrative has so much possibilities. And what's interesting about what they're doing with the character. This time around is the they give you the opportunity to pick male or female ivar but you can also let the animists decide in the animus than will choose male or female at specific points of this story is really any time to act like the choices fluid in the course of the game for you. Yeah yeah absolutely. Which i think is really cool and i was pretty on the fence about if i was gonna like the settlement feature because i was like. Oh this just feels like one more thing to manage. The game has already so big. But now that i'm out probably twenty to twenty five hours into the game that i i feel like i get it now that it grounds you and that this whole clan that you have your raven clan that you lead as as was siegert as that it makes it feel like a family and cassandra didn't really have that you didn't really have that sorry by we call him back here. It was good games. 'cause he's big but i just think that's really an interesting idea that they're doing with ivars. They're kind of grounding this character by saying we're going to make you go back to your settlement to do specific types of upgrades. Were not going to make it a pain point. You can upgrade your armor to a certain extent in the field without having to go to a blacksmith. Now which is great but if you wanna make really meaningful upgrades you have to go back and see you know gunar at your settlement. Is you have that interaction. And then all of those characters interact does really feel like a family and that to me makes me more immersed in your story than i ever was in cassandra's that's interesting. I was going to bring up the same point. But i'm not sure i came to the same conclusion yet. I mean. obviously you've played more the game than i have so far but I do think that my biggest takeaway so far in comparing odyssey of all hala is that you know. I played as cassandra. I loved playing as her. I loved her as a character. I love the vocal performance. I just thought. I was so in love that world. I love what she was doing. I loved that game so much but it was this lone wolf character. It was this you know she. Would you choose to align with a one army and then literally in the next battle aligned with the opposite army and she was a true mercenary. She was she had no allegiances. Other than what you decided as the player and you know it was it was a a singular character in the middle of all this chaos and all these other factions that are at play and invol- hala evora is as you said like part of this family. I think every design decision was about making it. Feel more like you're on a team and you are progressing with a group and you know as much as i loved all of the battles that you would get into the can't remember. They were called the war of conquest. Your conquest right. I love how that played out it. It felt really epic and cool and it was just one. You're one character on this massive battlefield with tons of mpc's and you can attack whomever you wanted and that has been replaced. I think by these raids and so far. I'm not as in love with the raids. As i was with the conquests that grows on me but it feels a little bit like. There's like old Lord of the rings games where they tried to do stuff like that and and never never really feel like i'm part of this huge group taking down a thing. I do still feel a little lonely in those situations because it's just like pockets of people fighting amongst themselves and i mostly running past it to do whatever it is i want to do so i don't know i don't know how you feel about the reading that you feel that way because i definitely don't i mean i have any rates. Have you done so far. Not many i think three so. Yeah not a lot okay. So once you start recruiting your own. Yom's vikings which are the powerful people that are going to fight alongside you and once you upgrade an open your barracks at your settlement you'll be able to customize your raid crew the people that go out on those raids with you and then you will see those people that you specifically pick. And you'll see your yom's viking that you have armored in the armor you want them to wear fighting next unit feels totally different. And i have gotten to a place now. I i have not. I was really resistant to. The raids was also really resistant to the idea of the the narrative overall even though i come from a norris background my like literally ancestors were not and i'm from you know. I have a lot of scandinavian heritage. And it's just. It was the idea though of going into places and killing people and taking their things because i want their things. I really struggled with that where we're at as an enlightened society in twenty twenty Compared to where they were at. And i really had to let that go. And remind myself of the era that they lived in and how desperate it was to just be alive that i was maybe over thinking it just a little bit like this is a fantasy game and is all about violence. You should maybe just let that go. And then once. I kind of started to live into the fantasy of the vikings a little bit more. It made more sense as like hey. These resources are few and far between and you. Either you know make alliances people or you have to kill to get what you need to survive. And that was just the way that it was back then and i think we lose. Sight of that is interesting that they're asking you. You know sympathize with the group. That's like we're gonna come into somebody else's land. We're going to run through and and kill all of them set fire to their buildings and take their stuff. 'cause we're really nice. We swear a interesting. Have you seen the show. Norseman on net flicks no. I haven't i recommend it. It's all i could think about the entire. I five hours. I was playing. This game was is norseman is a comedy it's a it's like. If game of thrones had jokes like it's making fun of itself but it's all these nordic actors doing their authentic accents and everything and portraying this time period but doing it you know ironically and was its basically the office or something but instead of you know. gp tps reports. it's pillaging and going into war. It's very funny. It's very good show. But anyway reminded me of that. When i was playing i have a few other little nitpicks that i want to mention about. Assessment creed hala in my early hours. I'm sure people are going to hear me talking a lot about this game because i plan to play a lot of it but my early impressions. I really really don't like what they did. With the skill system and the branching. It's almost like path of exiles wildly branching skill point system where it's like this massive flow chart and you put a point in a thing and then it unlocks a whole other arm of the thing. Excuse me The thing. I like least about that to be honest. What what bugs me about. It is that i never know if this is the right direction to put my my skills into because it's all got fog of war on. It's it's blotted out until you put enough points and then it shows you where you're headed. It's like no. I want a plan. My skills based on the cool thing that i wanna get. I don't know if this is the direction to get a cool thing or not. It's baffling as to why they did that. I thought the odyssey skill system was so elegant and great. And i know that they've kind of Broken off a lot of the action based skills into into finding them in the world. And i really did that. Because i think it's added a bunch more puzzles into assassin's creed than they had before. Like how do i get to a place. I know it's there. But how do i get to. It is kinda cool but ultimately the skill system is very frustrating. And i think it was one of those things where they're innovation made it worse my opinion. I'm with you. I think that the idea of constellation skilled charter so overdone and it's like cool yet. Another person is making their skill tree of constellations. And i get that narrative laid with with norse mythology at. There's a basis there. But i'm with you. The fog of war thing was really annoying. I guess the only saving grace is that you can reset your skills and then respect them knowing like where are the branches go but that i know i know it took me like twenty hours to find where the reviews fall damage was in the skill tree. Oh god why did you make me go search for this. But i'm with you there that they've definitely a i don't want to say it's quite one step forward two steps back because i don't think that they've gone backwards that much but they definitely made some choices that or head scratchers for me because i think they nailed it an odyssey and they changed it for a whole lot on my but i know there's things that were so perfectly odyssey and it just change for the sake of change which i guess you kind of have to do with iterative series like this but it also seems like the the game as much stingier with new loot and they really put the emphasis on you upgrading. The you already have. But maybe you'll tell me that that changes as the game goes on. It does not as somebody who got the i. Think the ultimate edition from ubisoft. Where i got the bear armor set from the very beginning. I am still wearing that same armor set. Because i haven't had a reason to change off of it because i haven't gotten that gear. Now that's being said i actually don't mind that because i got really fatigued of constantly having to manage my inventory odyssey. It became overwhelming. Like i do appreciate that. They didn't have encumbrance. And i could carry a bazillion thing. I'd do that but it was still like a lot to go through and sift through every time you wanted to check something out now. I'm that once. They get a little bit further down. The main path like more types of armor will because typically the best armor comes from like major story beats bosses. And that's why again as much fun as it is to get lost in exploring you really do have to kind of push yourself to go down that main path to get the best rewards to unlock key. Beats that will actually make the overall gameplay experience more enjoyable i do like the the armor as you upgraded also will change. Its appearance has part of part of the fun of getting new changing the appearance. But yeah again. It was a thing in odyssey that i really liked this. How often i changed cassandra's clothes and she was getting cooler. Shiny things all the time. And i just love the look of all that awesome grecian armor you know is it was. It was neat hour like of the same firs for ten hours you know. Yeah that part is kind of a bummer in the stuff that the the cosmetics that they rolled out in the store none of them are speaking to me. Which is a little bit of a bummer. Though i do really want that really dumb unicorn ship pack so stupid. I wrote the unicorn in odyssey for a long time because select rainbows. But i do like that. They took away a lot of the time. Savers that they got grief over the loss. Assassin's creed which they rightly should have like. I shouldn't have to buy thirty five dollars. Worth of dlc time savers literally called time savers in order to not have my game go from you know three hundred dollars to one hundred hours. That's bach i. That was the super deep dive on. Assassin's creed involved. But it's a huge game. Evidently it sold double the amount that odyssey did in its release so people are down for for val hala. It sounds like it seems like and you're going to hear me talk a lot more about it. I'm i'm really loving it. There's something that they just honed. In on with with origin an odyssey and novel khawla that just scratches exactly what i like about video games. It things feel streamlined. In the best ways the exploration is super rewarding and find. And i liked. I liked the combat. It's it's real good. I'm really liking it but christian. You've been very patient. I apologize for going on and on about that Tell me about another game that you've been playing this week i want to talk about. Astros playroom because something we've all played with and where i want to start is that it's a packet talking package. We talk this year's a pack ins hankins. It's package and they didn't cheat to get and win the world series we're talking astros playroom not astros have the world series championship hat in my closet. I can. I can say that. I'm pretty sure that the playroom is where the cheating started. But let's one in which is incredible because to as as an old as an official old representing the consortium of olds. I sometimes forget that a playstation five is going to be someone's first console and astros playroom. Is mario sixty four. Which was not a packet by the way was not a pack in that this is bundle just a download it but part of this purchase price for this council which is not cheap but as part of it and in an experience that walks you through a controller demo you know for on tencent purposes but is also an outstanding game as who and tastic. Replaying the mario games with a whatever. It's called thirty fifth anniversary. Three all stars collection Universe is still a galaxy. Sorry is an incredible game. Astros playroom is on that tier like this game. We talked about aster a rescue as like nintendo had made people raving about it. You know blah blah blah blah blah. This is that again. Like i agree. This is third person. Platforming exploration mascot game have wanted to find this genre perfected is a demo for all the great things controller can do yes. Is that awesome. It's also a love. Letter is a love letter to playstations history to which is kind of a delight in and of itself much like rebels in that s running around and seeing all those little. Oh maget everywhere. yes like. The wall is playstation logos. The zip cords are what. Ps one memory card tied to ps one memory cards. Unlock the the fund. That like what. What's the uncharted one. Like on bought charted or whatever and a dude raider. I think gave her sitting playing in a little room or something like that like the little cheeky references and then the actual re-creations of old hardware and peripherals in game. That you unlocked. But then the gameplay itself the level design is exquisite. And i i called my wife and he got to play this. This shows off these new triggers perfectly. And she's like kept playing. You know like it's really well designed game that also highlights with this console can do in it is just so adorable in beautiful and bright and and so. That's all the stuff and then i'll stop here. Jeff congress say something that we all agree with. did does it need vr. Like all i think it would be better with vr. But don't understand our on islands. But i agree with you. I agree with you up to that point. I mean i. It makes me wish that it was in vr. because it's so great. I mean s robot. Rescue mission is is just so wonderful in vr. And it made me miss vr. But you're absolutely right. Sobe team is. I think up there with the greatest platform designers. It comes down to the thing that i praised with as well. It's just so full of ideas. Like that's what always made mario games. So magical and why. I think that Galaxy and galaxy to are my favorite or of. My favorite mario's is because those games had so many ideas in them. I mean Galaxies the same so many ideas. And that's what you find with. Astros playroom is every single level. You're like oh my gosh. I get to do this. This is incredible. There's little suits. That astro can jump into that. Give you new abilities a monkey suit like the first time i got into the monkey suit and you do the climbing as like. This is brilliant and it doesn't like they've done it. I now know everything dual sense can do. I guess i'll play one more little no way. This is incredible. Yeah yeah it's i mean there's bespoke little levels that do completely wildly different things and they're smart and challenging and interesting in their own ways. It is so good. And you're right. It's such a great show off to the hardware. And i think it's a delight like i can't imagine anybody not liking it in fact i don't know about you andrew but sony also sent me sack boy and i think that game is very charming and very fun but but it's also it feels a little redundant with astros player like astros is doing it so much better and it's free. It's like i kind of waited and released sack boy. Maybe like next year. But i mean i guess they were looking for more family. Friendly options at launch because spiderman is not really family friendly for younger. Kids and riddick shines. Cuban soldiers curly family friendly. Astros playroom does not have that multiple people playing in co op. That sac boy does. And i'm sure i have not experienced like that and i'm sure when you're doing that it's on a whole other level but just on a pure like platforming i think sack boys adventure is is really attractive. It's really fun it's it. It's almost like the best of the best of little big planet levels. You know it's it's really well designed has all those things you remember from those kinds of platforming levels but the jumping is actually good now. So it's really good. And i really like it. It's just that astros playroom is so much better and just has so much more interesting ideas in it that it's hard to go. Well this is the free one and this is the one that you have to pay extra money for. Just play the free one. I don't know. I'm curious if you were as blown away by astor's playroom is i was. Oh yeah one hundred percent. It's the i'm with you guys in the sense that it's the thing. I told everybody who has a playstation five that they need to play. I am like i know. You wanna play spiderman. I know you wanna play. Demon's souls please do play those but you must play astros player in i. Because it's such a great intro to what the controller can do but also it's just so whimsical and fun and the graphics are everything you guys said. The level design has grade. Anybody who's a fan of playstation is going to see all the nods. I just i couldn't get over the gpu song. The big guy in the background the gpu just singing his little song about being gpu. Like i. i love this so much. I so many reasons. And i hope that everybody who owns a playstation five is going to be able to play because i remember when playstation four launch. How excited i was to be able to show the original playroom to my nieces and nephews at christmas the year that console came out handing than the controller with the touch pad and the light bar letting them swipe up on the touch pad to throw the little robots around the room and how magical that felt at the beginning of that generation and sony capture that again with the playroom one more time at the beginning of the ps five generation and. I think that they absolutely need to be applauded for that. Download it like. It's there on your. Ps five do not sleep on it. Download it play. If you move on from a great but like don't just blow it off as like not for me it's for you. It's good To others that. I can hit on. Let's see I i find it to be an interesting time to drop. And i think it speaks to what generations are now in as andrea talked about kind of microsoft's philosophy of you know increments things are always changing. Is that the days of new console. The same day as the xbox came out destiny to release its big new expansion or content. Pack whatever they're called now Beyond light and the next the series x nps five upgrade patch. is yet just still the base game. I'm playing it on a pc mostly and then some on android via x. cloud. And i think it's a testament to what games are right like. This is a game. That's going to continue. There will be a better version out but they aren't rushing to get the best version out. I mean i don't know the behind the scenes thing but it's not like day and date with hall like play it here but you can play it there but still the same one you had but just on there I think is just fascinating about what video games are. But that aside from where i am in it narrative louis and i'm not anthony tower or some of the people that can really dive into know the larger changes. I really like what beyond light is doing with the story and how it feels more narrative than I just lost. It was the last expansion war thinking about shadow. Keep shadow keep yes. Thank you shadow. Keypad narrative hooks but they were kind of sprinkled into the daily grind. If that makes sense and i feel like beyond light has a campaign. Which i why i love can't was shattered. Keep to on my gosh chris. How are we not nerd out over destiny before because i've been playing autonomy beyond light. It's so good. We're great so i'll let you talk about some of the more intricacies in 'cause you're maybe further than me shattuck louis c. k. Di was the name of that you're thinking of forsaken the first romped right up comparing shadow forsaken forsaken amazing campaign incredible cinematics. They gave kedah beautiful sendoff shadow. Keep was not that beyond light. I think approaches that. Like it's fan service a really great way back characters that you haven't seen in a while and it's like the meaningful things have happened to them over the time of course like new ability is great and it just really really clicked for me and i liked. This is not a spoiler. If you've been following the news at all. I like how narrative they justified things not being in the game anymore. Yeah that's true of all. Tim roth or being swallowed like i like that. It's acknowledged and it also implies that it might come back which they've talked about things will rotate through the vault but like other narrative reason for why it happens andrea. I'm curious if maybe you've experienced signed. They're talking about the balanced not being exactly what they want to be yet. And maybe there's a patch or patches came out but i haven't gotten to that part of the grind yet Before i am i love. I love beyond that. I find myself going back to even playing mostly on pc's re pretty but even though it's not a quote unquote next gen game. Oh yeah. I think it's fantastic. I have been loving in. I'm a die hard destiny player. I play pretty consistently throughout the year. I'll come and go when the seasons aren't you know at the very beginning like if it's near the middle of the end of the season depending on what's going on but i have jumped back into beyond light in a big way and i've run through the campaign already. I've been helping some other friends go through parts of the campaign. I'm doing some of the odor world continuation of the campaign because anybody who's done any campaigns of indesit. He knows that the campaigns kind of lead you wanting more. And it's really just the tip of the iceberg and that you really get into exploring more of the cinematics more of the missions in the content that comes after the main campaign. I've always struggled with the way that bungee handles light progression. Because i feel like it's so grinding for the sake of being grind easy and i struggle with that after being a destiny player now for over six years and i think that i would like to see a little bit more progression of the progression through lack of a better phrase. And that we're not having to constantly chase this gear and use gear that we don't want now the way that they've overhauled ornaments in a how they're going to be eventually introducing a transmogrify station system which is way overdue for mmorpg's fps hybrid. That is destiny. I think is great but it's still not there and it's tough because as fans were like why isn't a here yet wise and here yet but the one thing i will say that i really love about bungy as a communicative studio is that they put it all out there you. They do these weekly updates. They'd tell the community whether at they've been very open and honest the pandemic has been particularly hard for them this year and that it's really set them back which is why we can play on. Ps five and xbox series x. but it's really just the backwards compatible version of the game but that being said plane on. Ps five is a noticeable difference particularly in audio than plane on the ps four. Because of the way that the audio processor on the ps five works in the way that it kind of decrypt that signal. That's coming in. I've been loving claim destiny on. Ps five and i cannot wait. Until december eight th when they launch the update that really pushes destiny into nexgen and hopefully will bring parity with. What's happening on pc phil confirming that. You're getting a hundred and twenty france for a second in pd on xbox series x destiny. That's wild. yeah and it's it's free. I mean it's game pass like you have beyond light on game pass which on on destiny continent game pass. When they announced that my jaw hit the floor. I was like no there's whereas the fine print and gets a great time to jump in like i don't know what it's like to come in cold but i think that does a pretty good job. I think bungy has for a while. Now done a pretty good job of on boarding people As they come into the game mechanic giving you a tutorial mission to kind of get you up to speed or if you've fallen off putting level the start the next things done if you're curious or have been curious about destiny You know there was the free version that does it but if you have game pass it's really easy to recommend as a game to sink a lot a lot a lot of time into and i can't i can't wait to see you know where it goes because it's something that like you mentioned earlier. It's like as a fan. It's like why hasn't hit this year yet but it's coming like you look at where the games comment i think they're they're working. They're make i love What they added to being able to customize your ghost kind of the things that that al. I logged hangnail. It's really fun and really smart and it's beautiful and like you mentioned console. Gamers are going to get one hundred and twenty frames per second and then this isn't exclusive to destiny but as someone who is not married to it. It's like game. I i like destiny. The way that i like regular season basketball. I'll watch a few games. But i don't really care until the playoffs. I love destiny. But i can't only play destiny right and i love the fact. I love cross progression any game. That has it definitely is not the only one but it was incredible to be like. Yeah you know what. I'm sitting in bed. I'm gonna play my ex cloud. There's my character there i am. I'm to just do some open world stuff grind up a little bit because it is grinding and then now back at my pc. There's my character again. Let's jump back in to some other stuff. Oh on my playstation four. There's my character. let's go play. I love that and destiny. Does that does cross play. Yes hits with cross progression. Chef's kiss jeffrey to run this last one or someone else won't talk for a little bit. I mean i feel like we can push the last one until next week. I haven't played it yet. And i will buy next week but if you want to mention a little bit you can t it up. Call of duty black ops world. I'm playing on pc. For all of those ways. We provided a code I'm only playing the campaign. It's stunning just course it is. I mean what holiday duty never gets enough credit for the technical prowess those studios have. It's just not fair that they get thrown the bus every year and it's like those studios innovate and do amazing things year after year Yes one hundred percent yes to you were right on studios like when this game loads it shows you all the dirty all activision. You like all of us. All of us worked on this work. Done this game trying to find it. I think i texted jeff. What i when. I first started up but i don't know if i can find it but like i don't know how they do it every year because i played the last one with you know some ray tracing also on pc as like this is really pretty. This one looks so much better in that. Good start the campaign. You're in like a bar. And so it's like reflect the and has just like i spent an hour and going retracing on retracing a reducing reducing. I wanna plan on. ps five. Because i've heard that the triggers are incredible for in the campaign. Each gun feels different. So i might do that. But the campaign is big and bombastic in a way that captures. I'm having finished it yet. But from what. I've played that captures set pieces that i think were somewhat missing Before like they've always had these big moments but it was almost like i could put my controller down big moments kind of thing and so far and black ops cold world they feel involved in the right way My only critique at this point is one jeff. i think we've mentioned before we played any of the game. I think the reason advanced warfares at the space one is my favorite called. Duty campaign is because it's detached from some fictional romanticized version of real world events. It feels weird to be playing this game and like with reagan. And i wish it was just like made up la la land. Let's go kick some butter. Who la la land. Ray guns than reagan. Right am i. Right reagan's with ray tracing our next week to y'all all played by then i downloaded but there's just too many games you guys. I do want to say before you guys wrap wrapped the game section. If you have a playstation five and you have a playstation plus account. There is no reason why you should not play book snacks. Oh yeah. I wanted to ask you a bug snacks because i have not played it so killing the reason why i should be downloading it. It's super fun is a game of the year. No is it going to make you laugh and smile and as a whimsical. And is it free. If you have playstation plus i just. It's a nice pallet cleanse from some of these more heavy action focus games that are out and it's just got that whimsey that young horses is known for so if you aren't familiar young horses at the team behind octo dad and they've been working on bug snacks for six years and they decided to launch and playstation plus which i think is a an amazing Decision by them to get that game into the hands of way more players than they would have. They just launched their Twenty four ninety nine price. Which is what i believe. You can buy it for on the epa game store. If you're a pc player in it's fun it kind of like mashes up the mechanics pokemon snap with a little bit of like a point and click adventure game and i just love it. It's just so much fun. It's it's so cute and it's so dumb at the same time and it's just a really nice change of pace and it's simple and the the bug snacks like say their little names out of the out of the dual sense controller. Like when you ask them at me and like i just got so much. Cute factor going on that. I had to get my two cents on their about mouland. Glad you brought it up. I was going to had a note to ask you about it. And i missed it. But i'm i'm so glad you brought it up christianity. You downloaded buds bug. Snacks have downloaded bug snacks. My kids like we wanna watch you play and i was like okay and then they were like art renegade boarding house like spider man. It is not somebody in the chat. Says that it does get dark and it does but if you have kids watching you. I don't think they're going to understand how it gets dark. But there are some narrative themes because you are in fact you know eating creatures and then becoming part of these creatures so narrative it does go play says but it's not inappropriate to have kids watch you play. Well my last little one one off before we go note is that i also played ghost of tsushima on my playstation five. And i think it's night and day different. I think the upgrades that they brought over to that game. On playstation five are really impressive. the higher frame rate. There's no is i. i noticed. A lot of jackie's in all of the moving grass and stuff. When i was playing that game on playstation four gone i think the game looks way better on playstation five. I was shocked with pain. Yeah so i mean there's too many i feel. There's this weird ticking clock right now that i have Basically a month to try to get through assassin's creed and all these other games before. I will cyberpunk gifts so if you'll all this pressure but there's but i kinda wanna go finish goes to sushi now that everybody talks about how much they love it and now i feel like i was you know bounced off that game i compared it to odyssey and for my money a lot of people disagree with me but for my money it did not compare favorably to that experience and i love the assassin screen new version of assassin's creed so much that i just bounced off of it but i think now that it is even more beautiful and i think maybe i could. I could fall back in love with that game. I will say make sure you again. This is the one of those. Make sure you progress through the main campaign because that game in particular gatekeeper some really cool mechanics behind main story mission completions. So if you don't keep progressing because you sidetracked and the world stuff which is way easy to do. You're not going to really have the most fun with that game as you can. But i'm with you that i still think apples to apples. That odyssey's is a better game. Glad somebody does. 'cause i get a lot of pushback on that both of you. You both no longer exist. I love the show. Thanks for hanging but honestly andrea if you have not. It's worth re downloading and on playstation tidy yet. Now good now now. I know what. I'm doing later. Because i am legend so good. It was a free update. I know gosh. It's yeah so i mean we haven't even really talked about backwards compatibility on these consoles but like there are some real improvements and i played gears five on my xbox series x and like i said geometry wars and some other things. It's i haven't downloaded a massive collection yet. 'cause like one hundred and twenty gigs. Something like this one hundred ten gigs or something. Got that china time. But i'm looking forward to it. I want to see how the old you know. Combat evolved books on on series x. So it's a great time to be a gamer. And the only the only bad part about being a game right now is whether it's console or pc xbox or playstation has just availability like that's really in there's some reports of consoles crashing. There's like the vape dumb gag thing. But i absolutely fabricated. Yes some some actual xbox issues on their actual playstation issues as well. I've had one hard crash. Playstation five and astros playroom brick. But i've heard like plates spiderman remastered. Maybe has some issues asleep mode. But again i i think the only issue right now is availability like both consoles incredible. The thirty eighty three hundred series video. Chips are are incredible. The switches still incredible. It's really hard to go wrong. Yeah the only problem is but andrea rene. It has been a delight as always talking with you. I can't think of anybody better to celebrate our new generation of consoles with thank you so much for being here. Thank you so much for having me. It's so great to chat with you. Guys yeah we love you and we love talking games with you. Tell folks about all the wonderful places they can hear you. Talking about games on the internet. I would be happy to the easiest way to keep up with everything. I'm doing to follow me on twitter at andrea rene. Wherever you listen to deal see you can also find my show. What's good games. Do you can subscribe to us on podcasts or watch our video component at youtube dot com slash. What's good games Mr jeff cannot. I wouldn't fact will be on our. What's could games live next monday. The twenty third at eleven pacific time at twitch dot tv slash. Good games if you want to drop the follow so excited. It's going to be so much fun. I don't know if you've had eleven. Am jeff on his show. Before though. but i don't know if it's up early eleven. Am jeff post. Kids is has been up for five hours so no worries there yeah eleven. Am jeff is ready for his nap. Chris despiser what woody you got going on this week twitter as well as the best way to see at spicer and then last week for on monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday on his weekdays. I started putting up some gaming quick hits. So they're all about a minute or so and they'll be weekdays Hopefully they go before one pm. But i'll post them to twitter. You can find them there. And i've also started a playlist on my youtube which is a christian spicer seven one three the number seven three again houston so i have the world series championship gear. I can say they cheated But you can find them there. They're all short one minute or so things of Quick takes of a lot of them are about like ray tracing on retracing only one of them. I think is that in. Its spiderman is real good and Yeah that's it twitter and you can check those. I hope you like them. And you can follow me on twitter also. I'm at jeff cannata which is spelled tunes in t- I've got a number of other shows that you can check out. If you're so inclined the first i wanna to mention actually is a game. We didn't talk about. But i talk about a little bit next week although i have to admit i'm a bit biased. But there is a new version of rune to that just hit steam. It's just was released. And i do. I think four voices in that game of characters And i'm super excited about it. I'm super proud of it. I've i've been playing the game a little bit i. I've been playing it. Just 'cause i want to run into my my characters. I play four. And i play a bunch of other people So i just wanted to mention. If you're playing rune to in you find a character that sounds like me or sounds like a voice. i'm making Please let me know at jeff kenna on twitter. I'd love to find out. We think because it was it was such a blast to voices for that game. Also if you talk about movies and tv shows you can do that at the slash film cast at slash forecast cast a me flesh film. Cast dot com is where you find that show And i do a comedy. Science show with anthony carboni called. We have concerns. You can find that we have concerns dot com. I also do a long form dungeons and dragons show called the dungeon run a lot of fun last week wacky show. The title of last week's episode was off the rails and it wasn't just because they had a fight on a moving train with a giant slug. It was because the show was wacky and fun. Give it a shot. You can find it anywhere. Get podcasts but searching for the dungeon you can find it as a youtube show as well but searching for the denver there or by tuning in live on wednesday nights at six. Pm pacific time at caffeine dot tv slash the dungeon run and then lastly also Doing a show about sports There's a fan controlled football league that starting in february and we're doing the official companion showed a fan controlled football. It's basically madden in real life on you. Hill hear all about it. When we stream thursdays at three pm pacific time at twitch dot tv slash f c f. Alright oh one of thing. I want to mention If you wanna email this show you can do so at. Dlc feedback edgy email dot com and we got a great email this week last week. We had alex solman on who a lot of people really loved hearing from him. He is a former developer. Had great insights about a sort of behind the scenes of the industry. Well his son. Jake sent us an email this week at dlc feedback gmail.com with a review of our show Luckily jake really dug the show. And i really appreciated that. So thank you jake for listening to the show was awesome having your dad on and thanks for the kind words about the show all right. Let's wrap things up now with our parting gifts andrea renee. Do you have a suggestion to help. People get through their week oh. Mg the thing that i have been doing preparing for november seventeenth has been rereading brooke. Three of the storm light archives. Because i'm so excited for rhythm of war yes. I don't know where i'm going to get the time to read that book for it. I know here. I am like a third of the way through bringer and i'm just i know i'm not gonna be able to finish it but i try to read a little bit a couple of chapters at least every night before bed pan. I was really hoping to get. But i'm comfortable enough with the book that i have been skipping through some of the older sections specifically. I don't need to relive his flashbacks again. Like third or fourth time. But i mean that's coming out this week so cool yes brandon sanderson's epic book series I'm also a fan. It is so good. So i highly recommend that i can't the first book i can't remember the way of kings kings. Yes the storm light archive. If you haven't checked out start with the first book way of kings but yet the fourth one of i think ten that their planned. Oh my gosh. I didn't realize that many plan. But he has his prolific as an author. There is no georgia or martin shenanigans with sanderson. He says a book that's coming out. It's coming out. Yeah he definitely. He's a workhorse. Man it's awesome. Yeah great forgot that that was this week. I'm so excited. Chris parting gift. Acdc's new album power up. It's incredible it to me feels like vintage. Acdc you could have released this any time in the band's long career and been like yeah this is this is it. This is them. It's really good And they've overcome some hardships in to have this album. Drop this year especially during the band's been through into have it sound grades does It's awesome. I wasn't able to listen to it until it came out publicly but not got to listen to it and then i went back. I mentioned it a few shows ago. dean del rey. Got to interview with them on his podcasts at their retirement and like listening to the album now and then going back and listening to those interviews again. It's just incredible so if you like any. Acdc song ever Checkout power up in it it hits all the right notes it is it is rock and roll unabashedly rock and roll. It's really great sweet. My my parting gift is a new show. That hit net. Flicks is a sketch comedy. Show and i think it is genius. I was laughing my guts out. It's called auntie. Donna's big old house of fun and i i. I'm firm believer. That the the best sketch comedy show ever is mister. Show with bob and david but auntie. Donna's bigger house a fun is already approaching on that territory. It's i feel like it's the next great sketch comedy show and it is so brilliant so funny so out there. I was never superindent. Tim and eric But this feels like the the sort of zany of tim and eric but focused more into something smart and and more laser focused. I think i just. I love it. It's called auntie. Donna's bigger house a fun is on net flicks couldn't recommended higher. We also listener suggested parting gift this was sent to us at. Dlc feedback edgy. Mel dot com. It was sent by david. Who says hey guys not sure. If you've heard about this little game called haiti's we should've mentioned that once or twice christian seems game haven't heard of haiti's it seems up your alley. Well this rogue like has an incredible accompanying docu series from the youtube channel. No clip no clip has created some high quality documentary content the super giant team while they tackle the challenges of early access development from launching early access during the game awards to trying to hit one point zero during the pandemic the deep dives and insights into a game. I've fallen in love with has been a great way to strengthen my appreciation of an incredible piece of art in the gaming space. Yes i've also watched as danny dyer's amazing series a friend of the show dr And highly recommended very very well done and it will give you more even more appreciation of how hard it is to make. Video games a very very cool. Check it out on youtube. No clip all right. That's going to do it for this episode of gail is that though it's a little game called haiti's you should try it. I've been trying to recommend it to you for months enter. Can you hear him. He keeps cutting out at you guys. Hey it's going to do it for this episode of d. l. c. Thanks again to injury. Her name christian spicer for hanging out with me. Thanks to the folks in our chat room for hanging out with all of us live and making the show better in real time. We appreciate you thanks to our musical. Contributors patrick l. sean madigan and zero star making those bumpers that you heard and thank you to each and every one of you who listen to the show. We appreciate you. Welcome to the next gen will be here next week to continue our love fest until then think about what you put out into the world make it a better place.

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