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I could spit everything bound decisions that would take a near the wisdom, particularly the grant and more fish. What's the difference between the Richmond standing in that a heavy wristbands? These this is not wishing. This is Anderson pack in his new album is Oxnard the song. We're hearings the opening cut called the chase in Ronnie when this started off I thought the sounds like it's going to be a score from some blaxploitation era film or something totally used to like Anderson, peck as Superfly right hell. Yeah. Disco and funk. And yes, so I mean, this is easily one of the most anticipated albums of the year. This is first major release on the aftermath label is produced by Dr Drey who introduced most of us to Anderson pack a few years ago on his Compton album. And you know, what kind of makes sense that dream would package him in his own kind of blaxploitation flick. I mean, because when you think about Anderson pack, he's such a throwback in in certain ways, he's like this virtual sick musician. You know, he kills on the drums. He has this real gift for lyricism. That's just really rare. Especially with contemporary Rb artists. But at the same time, it almost feels like contemporary R and B is almost too small a box, for Anderson pack and some of the conventions on the album. I think is sound great. But in certain ways, they end up feeling a little more formulaic than I was hoping from this album that I was really looking forward to how much of that. Do you think is that the expectations are just so high going, that's definitely a huge part of it. I mean, you know, if you've been listening to Anderson pag for this few years, he's put out some incredible albums that really blew people away is almost impossible to meet the level of expectation. But it's still some great stuff on this album about halfway through. He gets political on a song cost six summers that really looks at the crack epidemic, and he gets really personal on another song called saviors rolled. That's a street and Oxnard California. Which is where he's from. Which the album is named after. And you know, there's some great moments there, the album starts to really open up and feel as collected as Anderson pack, is Anderson pack is the artists the album is Oxnard. Let's go to Chris Cornell. The March of posthumous releases continues with this new retrospective of Chris cornell's, work self titled and include a bunch of previously unreleased live recordings and cover songs, including this one. Just that. Did. Seen his face. Liberally was really sure if he was from. This is Chris Cornell, obviously, the songs that day in the life of cover the Beatles. Song a day in the life. And this was recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall in may of twenty sixteen and Chris Cornell died almost a year to the month after this performance may twenty seventeen I think is when he passed away. But Stephen reminders, Chris Cornell is and and then what we're getting on this Chris Cornell, obviously was lead singer of Soundgarden. He was also the singer in audio slave. He put out solo records. He was a guest vocalist on that temple of the dog record in the early nineties that helped usher in Seattle grunge music. He was a massive and major player in rock music for thirty years. Sadly died by suicide last year, his family and collaborators put together this compilation which actually exists in several forms. There's a seventeen track album, and then there's a box set sixty four songs that has about a dozen unreleased. Recordings. Some of them gathered from live performances some gathered from his personal archives given that this collection is sampling across multiple bands. And across several decades. It's a big sweep you realize when you listen to this collection. Just how much major work Chris Cornell did in rock music for so so long I think the deluxe version is actually the way to go with because it's all those live recordings are the real treasures here. He does so many cover songs, it's not just the day in the life. He does that nothing compares to you, which came out whole lot of love even does version of Ave Maria. Well, it's hard to sum up Chris cornell's career on one album, this this thing. Sure tries and that's Chris Cornell is the singer and the self titled album that is out now is a career retrospective across all the different bands that he was in a okay next up. Lars, let's try to just contain yourself with this next one. This is Mariah Carey and her new album caution. Baby. On that. Made me. This is Mariah Carey her new album is caution. And you talk about a legendary artists who's been putting out music for almost thirty years. Now, I don't know what her most dominant period was maybe mid mid to late nineties. Pretty good her. But how does she sound LARs on this her fifteenth album? Mariah Carey aka my Queen aka Mamie, aka VN, lucid Shantou's perfect imperfect angel. She who bays in milk. Interviews in her lingerie, I've loved riot carry ever since I was a preteen and fell in love with her during the always be my baby video, I think that was a pivotal moment for a lot of young men in the nineties that video particular, but this record shea has scaled back as much as you can scale back. Mariah Carey and she's found a consistent tone, consistent tempo. And she's just done all these really fun bops instead of working with the same producers that she's worked with light germane to pre. And folks like that she's gone a lot younger. She worked with nine hundred eighty five of division DJ mustard, scroll IX provides like some really interesting beats for track. But the thing I love about this record is that she's having fun again. I was really taken aback listening to this record by how restrained vocals worth she's going for. This kind of icy cool quality that I as somebody who had checked out of her albums wasn't necessarily expecting. I tend to think of her as one of the mount Rushmore of singers who inspired the vocal style. You would hear on American idol Bill. Yeah. I think this is one of her better records in the last two decades, but kind of fits in really nicely with them. Butterfly from nineteen Ninety-seven when she really hit her spot and figuring out where she wanted to land between pop are NBA and hip hop the album is cautioned from Mariah Carey, and what goes better with Mariah. Carey than Glen Campbell's. I was just gonna say I didn't want to jump the gun and start talking about going Campbell during the Mariah Carey. So I know a little obvious perhaps, but Glen Campbell the new album from Glen Campbell is Glen Campbell sings for the king. And then. Vista ms. The. Two. Indoors. All I needed was the rain from Glen Campbell sings for the king a collection of recordings made between nineteen sixty four nineteen sixty eight the label capitol records is calling this a lost album is Steven what is this exactly? This is such an interesting historical artifact. Do you had this songwriting team of Ben Weisman and sid Wayne who wrote a ton of songs for Elvis Presley? They were very strategic about pitching songs to him. And so a bunch of the songs that they wrote to be pitched to Elvis. They would have Glen Campbell come in and perform them, and they would do full arrangements, right? And kind of have him perform a little bit in Elvis's style. So Elvis could hear how it would sound sung in his his own voice. And so they got a singer that Elvis really admired. And that was how these songs were presented to basically as demos. But if you now take those recordings and reconsider them. It sounds kind of like a Glenn. Campbell record from Glen Campbell's mid to late sixties, pop heyday, and man Glen Campbell. Newsflash could really sing he had an amazing. They had this the same sort of range, and he could sound an awful lot like Elvis in Glen Campbell. He was a really sought after studio musician too, particularly as Qatar and he he played on hundreds of reporting. Yeah. He was part of the wrecking crew, which was this group of studio musicians in LA they actually performed on the Viva Las Vegas soundtracks. You can actually hear recording which Glen Campbell plays on an Elvis songs. So they ran in some of the same circle. So it was only natural to have him help sell these songs to Elvis, and that's Glen Campbell sings for the king new album new collection of songs from sixty four to sixty eight from Glen Campbell. We still have a few more albums to talk about for this week's new music Friday, but first let's take a short break, and we'll be right back support for this NPR podcast and the following message. Come from Lia less studio. Three d premium audio offering studio quality sound for your road trips. It's a whole new dimension in sound ELS less studio. Three day precision crafted audio performance. Exclusively from Acura, it's new music Friday from all songs considered. I'm Robyn Hilton. I'm here with Rodney Carmichael, LARs Guttridge. Stephen thompson. We start the second half of the show off with the Kaley. Forty seven and her album acrylic. Have any? Say city. Would've legacy. No hate here. A lot. Say what? Try to. Scale. We have any. Right. That. Right. Man. This is insane. This is Kaley. Forty seven the album is a critic the song. We're hearing is called tick. Boom, man, Rodney I had to completely redo my top ten list when you shared with me, it will meet to and she's at the top of it. Yeah. Yeah. It's insane. I I mean, I I heard of her I think she was on the insecure soundtrack, but mostly new discovery for me, and this one it just completely blew me away. I'm claiming his right now as my favorite album of the year. Yeah. And I wish it had come out earlier because I fear that it's going to miss a lot of lists. Because people are already putting them together. But she definitely deserves a listen. You know, I've been familiar with the Kaley forty seven. You know, I knew her as the artist who always wears the ski mask right came from the noise rap scene a little bit. And that's kind of where I I knew are. So she's put out, you know, some some some really interesting singles a mix tapes. And then last year she had this really dope album called washing set. But this feels kind of like, you know, a coronation a party for her. It's like, you know, this this really big album and a so many colors on this record. I mean, she does everything from trap too are in B two house ADM, there's some jazz and some gospel in blue sprinkled in. I mean, she's touching all these different layers four minute. I really had a hard. Time even trying to explain this album or understand this album for myself until I realized it's not really an album as much as it is a musical. Right. And it's like she's embodying all of these characters, and it's like the mask that she wears it gives her this anonymity that allows her to assume these different characters, and if feels like a big black musical where she is taking us into her world and introducing us to all of these different shades and characters that color her life. Yeah. I I had that feeling when I was listening to this record that I don't really know how to describe other than say when feeling you get when you're hearing something that is just not like anything else you've been hearing it really knocked me out. The record is called a critic from a la- Kelly forty seven that's L E. I K E L I forty-seven, the Kaley forty-seven. Let's go to this new compilation from brain fetal brain feeder ex. This is Georgia and Moldova. One of the many artists featured on this new collection from brain fetal brain feeder ex. And LARs what exactly is this? So brain feeder is a record label based out of LA that was founded by flying Lotus ten years ago, and they are celebrating with a massive box set that comes in to have. So the first half will have kind of a best of the label. And then the other half of the record is all either unreleased or completely brand new tracks or trucks that maybe accepted online only and are now getting a physical release. So for instance, like flying Lotus has a rap project called woke and they're getting a physical release the track that he did with George Clinton georgeanne mold rose, one of the more sorta straight up songs on even it's a little bit too. But there's so many little oddities on this collection. Well, that's kind of been the incredible. But spiraling through line of brain. Feeder for the last ten. Years because it mostly existed to kind of documenting LA scene as happening about ten years ago. So they're mostly center around flying Lotus who comes from electric music, but also from free jazz. But also from hip hop, but also from every little bits and pieces, and as you say all kind of had a bent to. It was also just like a little weird the music that brain Peter tends to put out is almost it's descended from George Clinton's. Mothership is to send it from Alice, and John Coltrane's other-worldly jazz that isn't jazz. It's descent from Detroit techno that came out the eighties. There is no one central place. Just cosmic cosmic music. It's just 'cause McMahon. Such a dope description. That's all I have to. I like the idea of the mothership beaming these songs down to earth for us to discover brain feeder X is the collection. We've got one more record that we wanna play for this week's new music Friday. But I there are handful of other notable releases smashing pumpkins has a new record out called shiny and so bright volume one no pass no future. No, son. That's all wanting one title and keep Bush Kate. Bush doesn't have any music outfit. All of her albums all the albums that. She put out have been remastered are being put together in these massive box sets. The first box set is out now on November sixteenth from Kate Bush. I've got to interesting reimagining of previously. Existing work is Riley Walker. He has an album length cover of the Lillywhite sessions, which is the unreleased Dave Matthews band album from about fifteen or twenty years ago, he recorded this album with Steve Lillywhite. Ended up getting scrapped its circulated as a bootleg Riley. Walker covers it in its entirety which I thought was an interesting idea. The other one is the greatest showman reimagined if you are a greatest showman person. And there are a lot of there are many. There are many many many people who loved the movie the greatest showman. If you know the Hamilton mix tape that collection of covers of the Hamilton cast album. This is kind of in that spirit is songs from the greatest showman. As performed by the likes of pink and panic at the disco. This is me which was the big Oscar-nominated anthem as performed appropriately enough by Kesse and Missy Elliott. Right. So the greatest showman reimagined if you perked up at the sound of that. Now, you know, what's out if you're looking for something of little heavier. I recommend to records for you. I is the record heavy yoke by Zuza. There's also the record called let pain being your guide by portrayal of kilt. A love you, LARs. I know. And it's been a good year for of like really chaotic and hellish hardcore Mba's fits directly into that mold and on a completely different spectrum. The Japanese pop singer, piano ako issue Bosch. She has a new record out. Call the dream might bones dream in echoes record is just beautiful in weird, and it'll corkscrew into your brain and really strange and beautiful ways. All those records out now on November sixteenth along with our last record our final record for this week's new music. Friday comes from the good the bad. The Queen the album is called Mary land. New. Often. Of. Does he go? Say. Strain. Twitches? Stephen you mentioned the greatest showman. One thing about their good the pad the Queen their music. Always sounds like it's from some demented circus. Same thing. I've worked with you Robin long enough that I that I thought to myself, I bet he's gonna say demented. It does know and maybe not as much on this record as their previous one. But so they put out a self titled record in two thousand seven which I loved it was on my top ten that year. And and then that was it. Yeah. It felt like a one off tobacco up slightly singers Damon Albarn from blur and guerrillas Paul Simon in from the clash Simon Tong from the verve and afrobeat pioneer. And drummer Tony Allen they made the first good the bad McQueen record. And it was meant to be a snapshot of life in Britain in two thousand seven and a lot of commentary on the country at that time and its relation to world events. But basically they wanted to reassess England in twenty eighteen obviously Britain has been an even more turmoil with Brexit, and again, it's relationship too complex world events. They have called it. A reluctant goodbye letter. To the US UK prepares to leave the European Union. Yeah. It's just a lot of observations and reflections on what it means to be British and on the cut we played truce twilight. They sing enjoy it while it lasts because soon it will be different. And it's it's that in-between time when it seems like, yeah, we're going to be. Okay. Everything soy because they haven't completely hit the button yet. But the album from the good the bad and the Queen is called Mary land. Thank you, gentlemen. Rodney. Hey, thanks, Robin. Lars Guttridge to quote, Mariah Carey about you skews me. Let me call your ballet habit. You take your things and be on your Mary way. And Stephen Thompson got nothing. Okay. Thanks, everybody. A reminder to tell your friends about the program and follow me on Twitter at NPR obe- in to see a list of the albums. We talked about check out the podcast description for this episode. You can also go to NPR dot org slash all songs. You can hear full versions of the songs. We featured from these records and a whole lot of other great releases in the new music Friday playlist from NPR music, go to NPR dot org slash Spotify or open the Spotify app and search for NPR music and for NPR music. I'm Robyn Hilton be well have a great weekend and treat yourself to lots of great music.

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