Day 1,000: Pelosi says Trump had a 'meltdown' at the White House


Creating the already isolated president is not well for his part the president insulted and diminish the Kurds who fought and died alongside American tonight the blow up at the White House the photo shows the speaker standing up to the president right before she walked out saying trump had a meltdown in Lindsey Graham has been so incensed over the president's decision to pull US troops out of northern Syria that today he actually said bad things about the decision seven thousand miles away Russia's much lesser Iran is right there Turkey is right there a longtime water carrier for this president current embassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor will get his chance to speak to Congress also a closed door deposition next Tuesday back in September the president facing furious pushback from Congress is looking very much to preserve protect and defend his friendships and alliance the heat is now on trump's friend and lawyer and the letter proudly released by trump today that people just assumed was a fake or NBC News Headquarters here in New York and this indeed was day one thousand of the trump administration and tonight by all accounts and increasingly isolated Addis Meantime in Congress the impeachment inquiry is moving fast another insider spoke up today another rudy associate was arrested today as the but as the eleventh hour gets underway on a Wednesday night we'll good evening once again and the president is not listening to his commanders he's not listening to his advisors he's not is making the biggest the center of the pressure campaign against Ukraine The New York Times reports former trump Russia adviser Fiona hill testified for her part on Monday she considered that has nothing to do with us and the Kurds are much safer right now but the Kurds know how to fight and says in his own party trump's effort to stonewall the impeachment inquiry took another hit today with testimony from only the latest veteran State Department official up before house investigators Michael McKinley who quit his job as a top aide to Mike Pompeo just last week testified for five hours today in his it's in Syria trump today defended his decision to abandon our US allies the Kurds who are now battling a week long assault from Turkey mastic political objectives tomorrow Congress will hear from trump donor turned ambassador to the EU Gordon Sunland who has emerged as a figure foreign service employees caught up in the impeachment inquiry on Ukraine and second by what appears to be the utilization of our ambassadors overseas to advanced opening statement he said quote the timing of my resignation was the result of two overriding concerns the failure in my view of the State Department to offer support to on Monday a potential national security risk and described him as quote metaphorically driving in an unfamiliar place with no guardrails and no GPS mistake of his presidency by assuming the Kurds are better off today than they were yesterday that is just unbelievable I can imagine if Obama said that what re Republicans would be saying now somewhere to say it with trump that is just unfair dangerous and quite frankly is just he sent a text to sunland about the wisdom of withholding security assistance to Ukraine in return for help with a political campaign on the matter of the crisis there's a lot of saying that they can play with our view the situation on the Turkish border with Syria to be for the United States strategically brilliant as I said they're not angels and not angels take a look it's not often order we shouldn't be losing lives over it it's a lot of sand they've got a lot of sand over there so overwhelmingly to condemn trump's withdrawal of US forces. The tally was three fifty four to sixty that means one hundred twenty nine Republicans supported that resolution against trump after that vote congressional leaders headed over to talk with trump about Syria they were invited to the White House according to the Democratic leaders present the meeting and defensive and frankly it got worse from there he was insulting particularly the speaker she kept her cool complete the president that shortly before the meeting we had a vote Congress just couldn't handle it but to the one Republicans voted to oppose bleak but he called her a third rate politician he said that the communists involved in you guys might like that he said honorable for us to abandon the Kurds problem oppress trump he tells slide Ronald Reagan and he acts like Rand Paul this afternoon the House voted Pelosi by the way later clarified the president's insult this meeting on the wrong foot bliss doing in Syria just couldn't handle kind of engaged in a meltdown the president came in to my observation angry communists are taking isis were communists would be happy I mention of Communists on our watch glad to clear that up tonight trump posted this photo of today's meeting writing nervous Nancy's unhinged meltdown Schumer did note that they went off the rails the meeting started by the president saying he never invited on there for the meeting Speaker of the House reported trump also handed out copies of a letter he said he sent to Turkey's president a week ago three days after trump told Erta one that he would withdraw US troops from Korea. The letter was first released by Trish Regan a Fox business and it reads quote dear Mr President let's work out a good deal you don't want to be responsible for slaughtering thousands of people and I don't WanNa be responsible for destroying the Turkish economy and I will history will look upon you favorably if you get this done right and humane way it will look upon you forever as the devil if good things don't happen don't be a tough guy don't be a fool I will call you later there was also this from the president today while alongside the leader of Italy is looking into the corruption of the twenty sixteen election this was one of the stranger days of recent times if this isn't chaos it'll do until chaos gets here asked Peter Baker chief White House correspondent for The New York Times Frankfurt Lucy former FBI assistant director for Counter Intelligence and here in New York Barrett Burger veteran to President Obama I happen to think it does with that and here for our leadoff discussion on a Wednesday night we welcome back to the broad in federal prosecutor former assistant us attorney with both the Eastern District of New York and the Southern District of New York good evening and welcome to you all Peter Baker it was a corrupt election whether it's Comi or McCabe or struck or his lover Lisa page two great lovers there was a lot of corruption maybe does this indicate a total lack of structure on the inside I did feel like a day was kind of spiraling out of control at various points from one extraordinary moment to another to see the President I states say on camera and fun of the world that we don't care about what's happening in the Middle East was rather striking especially given that it happened just hours before his vice president and secretary of state were jet off to the region to try to implement a ceasefire that certainly didn't help their diplomatic mission to have the president say this at the moment it feels like things are sort of unraveling a little bit Barrett Burger you've been with us to talk about the law for a good many before the house these are insiders who have chosen to stick their heads up and say what they saw and I imagine the under if these past one thousand days of this administration so we have the Muller report it comes and goes the difference right now is this parade of testing wiedersehen Adieu the third politicians say raid third way for me wish you were quality a confirmed perhaps to you about the kind of government we're being governed by currently I was on the air today doesn't really matter to the United States that it's not a concern to them then to see both parties not just the Democrats but the Republicans pile on with criticism is something we haven't seen are is because this is proceeding in Congress we're getting a lot more information about what's happening in real time that one of the things that everyone said about the muller team and it was to their credit it was that there was no leaks coming out of their shop which was really commendable but what it meant is that we were in this black box we didn't know these big developments that were happening there wasn't sort of this rant of everything we're watching every day the legal jeopardy just increases I think one of the big differences between the Muller investigation and how things are proceeding there's something where he is driving the train people around him have tried giving them advice that's different than he is taking yet and he's following his own instincts his argument is I got here Lee of desperation this is the leader of the free world begging for help after a colossal error and what does that mean for our government I've heard people said chairmanship has said that he's going to release the transcripts of what's happening as soon as it won't affect the investigation so we really are able to learn more about this and I think it's building public supporter building public outrage in the same way that there is now the fact that even the witnesses are now testifying in closed sessions we're getting reports about what the government with every action that he takes and it's dangerous it's reached the point of dangerousness and frank while I have you because it's part of your title and because what I see in the letter is a president who is begging for help saying I screwed up can you please help me please don't slaughter here on my own and if I had to you know follow those instincts they will be successful for me and I don't have to listen to the advice that I consider to be bad advice but I'm very often in this presidency and then you see this remarkable meeting with Speaker Pelosi in that letter that you quoted you know it's it's a it's a one man presidency obviously case but let's assume for the moment that they are looking at Guiliani from a CI counterintelligence perspective what does it mean well it's not a criminal investigation it's a national security the net we have a leader who every day is not just vacuum he's not just absent he's actively undermining our national security and our form of because FBI agents who happen to work counterintelligence are questioning people doesn't necessarily mean that they've put Rudy Giuliani's name in the subject line with Nicole Wallace when that letter from trump to air to one was released and she read it and I after I realized that it was not a hoax I was saddened by thousands of Kurds I'm going to look really bad and of course you flips it on Amazon and says it's you that's going to look really bad let's make a deal it's it's education and specifically it means that there's predication to believe that a foreign power foreign intelligence service is somehow operating against US interests through people halogens investigation just what for us the consumers of this news what does that mean I want to exercise caution because this word counterintelligence we saw those reports today that Mr Giuliani is the target perhaps or among them of a counter in into campaigns or packs that's a lot of money that we get the FBI's interest and that four national number one is supposed to be a Russian that would get even further attention and then we see even rudy openly saying I'm working over there with Ukraine I'm working for a guy who was pro Russia candidate and that would get the foreign agents registration act which is basically a pro transparency statutes saying if you're doing work on behalf of a foreign government and you're either lobbying liked perhaps rudy and or his associates so what would some predication for that be well let's look at what we know we know that about a million dollars flowed front president though seemed is remarks today seemed to be fueled by genuine anger and emotion hard to tell if it's going to turn out to be a mirage FBI's attention and say are you unwitting or wittingly working on behalf of Russia as Nancy Pelosi said today all roads seem to lead to Putin for the FBI something things that he's been fighting for and feeling strongly about for many many years and obviously overrode his sense of loyalty that he has been expressing about president trump. Does it Sion's for not doing that so that could be one of the areas at the southern district is looking into Giuliani if in fact what he was doing was not really traditional legal advice that was the last twenty four hours Brian say we we are seeing a government like never before we're seeing a we're seeing what it's like to have no government I say it may be even worse are now under criminal indictment I mean to build off of what frank was saying one of the areas of the southern district could be looking at is a potential violation of the fair statutes which is the king at Rudy or his associates all rose may indeed lead to Russia and bear at Burger course this year former shop it's never a good luck when four more associates of yours are rounded up as part of this talk about the potential legal jeopardy Giuliani's looking at yeah I mean I think we don't know yet has longstanding feelings he's a hawk in the McCain style of his mentor specifically about the Middle East the issues of Iraq and Syria Afghanistan hoping the public able to follow more long enough to really understand the severity of this for what was your takeaway from today what did it Asia in the end if it's real will he give other Republicans air covered come out the I think in Israel I think this is one area where Senator Graham mm Russian or shoot me four national number one that's what they call him in the indictment of these associates into the United States and through the associates and whether the unit they don't think it's an impeachable offense they've been relatively quiet just about what he did in terms of pressuring Ukraine because that is existential threat to this president and that is a line air covered others yeah I think you saw that today as you pointed out two thirds of the House Republicans voted to review the president on this two thirds senator McConnell opened his weekly knife hey msnbc listeners. It's me Chuck Rosenberg this week on the oath CH- coming on to start off our conversation Peter Baker Frank Figliuzzi Barrett Burger thank you coming up for us the former supreme allied commander of NATO Aclu what the the range of jeopardy is that he's facing but you're exactly right it's never a good thing when four associates people that have paid you money Dan and later the White House stunt that backfires and the grieving British family stuck in the middle of it as the eleventh hour is just getting started on this Wednesday was crossing more in to the lobbying realm Peter Baker. Let's talk about Lindsey Graham as we said a veteran of a water carrier for this allied commander of NATO a position that had historically only been awarded to army generals join me as I talked to Jim about the enduring importance of the NATO alliance when Bob for the President I think what you owe a president is your honest opinion it has last post Jim was the first navy admiral ever to serve as the supreme available now wherever you get your podcasts we don't get the chance to say this often but earlier today he international security world is that Russia's still kind of dangerous and also we discover terrorism that's this week on MSNBC's the oath in Syria we bombed it because we won't be needing it anymore and we didn't want the Turks to come in and take our stuff and this is all because the United States F. Fifteen fighter jets bombed our own facility it was an old cement factory that had been taken over as an American military outposts master to continue his upward trajectory and simultaneously put war criminal chemical weapon user he's here to lay out just what we have done to our allies and what we have triggered in the Middle East which are president described today as a lot of sense well it's hard to imagine how one could in a single stroke re enable ICES allow this forest fire which had and they feel like if they cross might be a step too far for them our thanks to all three of our start off guests for tonight we appreciate you very much others and so I think on this issue Republicans do feel free to break with the president because they do have a lot of company what's different is not speaking out against him on the Ukraine thing most been put out to reflash elevate Iran a significant part of this allow Vladimir Putin the puppet he also happens to be the author of a new book you will start seeing wherever books are sold it is called sailing north ten admirals and the voyage I sit down with retired four-star Navy Admiral James Stavridis you have to always balance the question of whether you can do the right job which included warehouses used to train and equip the Kurdish lead fighters came after Turkish forces moved on the facility on Tuesday as the Turkey the Cold War ended a lot of people said well that's the end of NATO we don't need anybody to keep the Russians out in for a while we kind of thought that and then what we discovered in the of character it is a great pleasure to have you here thank you for being here thank you sir what has the US what has our president gone and done in the Middle East or doing some sort of public relations work here in the United States you have to register with the Department of Justice you have to to make this known it has to be you know out there and they're conference by saying you know he feels occurs and he wishes this is not what was happening obviously Mitt Romney spoken out Jodi ca jody earth from Iowa retiring with the rank of four star at only happens to be the former head of the US Southern Command he happens to be the former supreme allied commander of NATO small hinge that a big door swinging on this is a geopolitical mistake of near epic proportion Bouchara Assad in the driver seat in Syria with one stroke of a pen really one phone call to the Pentagon is he Pelosi on one hand and over here Mitch McConnell are in agreement this is a mistake the president auto reverse the United States as an ally and let's face it here's an issue upon which Bernie Sanders and Lindsey Graham are in complete agreement back forces move closer to the Lafarge Cement Factory facility south of cobaine the Kurdish forces set fire to their part of the base and teens engage today to destroy our own facilities indeed a generally when a military force is burning its own equipment destroying in its wake and effectively cutting and running the next thing you see our helicopters lifting off a rooftops drawing two or three thousand US troops from Syria a tiny number Brian when I commanded the mission in Afghanistan it was one hundred fifty thousand troops chorus on this at a minimum we need to do everything we can to try and rebuild our position this photo the president tweeted out from the White House meeting that went on the Patriots or the Red Sox you also know that his hatred of politics is genuine and long standing and he loves the US Melanie Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley if you know him at all if you've ever met him you know he's a taciturn new englander unless you WanNa talk about you and I are old enough to remember Vietnam nineteen seventy-five it has that kind of feel and the knock on effect here will be a lack of trust having been around naval aviators all your career and knowing the fearsome capability of our aircraft it must also break your heart to know that we had to so the American military retreat from the area as ordered by our President The Wall Street Journal is reporting this way tonight the decision to target the base ends the same Kurds who are now on the run and being killed by the Turks because of trump's actions and along the way he also managed to insult General James as you know well Afghanistan one hundred eighty five thousand troops here in Syria we pulled two thousand troops out and yet that was the derails today there's a lot to take in but I noticed one guy in particular seated to the president's right he is our new chairman of the ahead with US tonight we are so pleased to welcome to the broadcast Admiral James to reach us and a graduate who spent thirty years in the United States Navy Rumsfeld a famously difficult secretary of defense debris we settled on mark milley fellow Princeton graduates mark was also captured. Yeah I know mark extremely well when he was a colonel in the Pentagon I was a three star officer and I needed somebody to brief don more candid conversations some of my favorite reporters about things we usually discuss off camera listen for free wherever you get your podcast just before Congress tomorrow this is where we are two of our veteran White House reporters are here to explain it all when we come back you go without bombast without endlessly touting himself he did it in the way of quiet confidence that character is all another important day in this fast paced impeachment inquiry the President's ambassador to the EU is expected to testify in defining feature for our nation and in the end light a lamp in this very dark troubled world we live in today we Admiral Chester Nimitz I was a four star Admiral in wartime only we have five star admirals fleet admirals Chester Nimitz indeed and here again Nimitz continued his march she continued his voyage. I should say and enable context he continued to work for roles and the voyage of character coming up for us what to expect when ambassador Gordon Sunland one of the so-called three Amigos appeared home and almost all of them kind of smoke themselves to death and they lacking their central cause to be alive they were dead within a few years twee lacks so much in our politics today book is on sale across the country who do you hope reads the book beyond those of us who are naturally drawn to the subject matter Jake character which is inside ourselves is more important I think it's a book for everyone in that sense the door of leaderships all about and that's really what the book is about and like guys like McCain's Dat like Admiral Halsey these guys were legends they also came on it's and his ethos and whether or not we can get that back today boy I hope so Brian here's Fleet with top Ukrainian officials in the White House in which he explicitly mentioned the Ukrainian Gas Company linked to one hundred Biden amend negotiations don't what I hope for the book is that it is a lesson that leadership is what we exert over others it's important but at the end of the Chet Nimitz came from a small town in Texas to command of the Pacific Fleet a couple of days after Pearl Harbor he surveyed his beautiful fleet and they were Jackie's on the deck of a diesel submarine and he squared his shoulders he built a team in a defeated the Japanese empire took him for years he did it without it the nation representative to the United Nations he lived into his eighties he's an inspiration to us all for the kind of quiet confidence uh okay let's reset here regarding tomorrow it wings on the small hinge of character so I hope it's a book that can help ameliorate the polarization our politics bring us back to characteristed private on the hill are Josh Letterman is reporting tonight quote lawmakers planned to Grill Gordon Sunland on Thursday about a private discussion he had journalist and senior White House reporter for NBC News Digital Along with Joel Cohen White House reporter for the Associated Press Welcome back to the both of us eh four star admirals around these parts thank you very much for visiting we'll do it again thank you Sir Admiral Stavridis again is the author of sailing true North Ten stay out of politics Mark Milley is in a tough spot right now talk about one of the men you profile happens to be one of my favorites on that's Admiral Chattanooga over granting Ukraine's new president and audience with President Donald Trump that's a lot and here with us to talk about it tonight Shannon petty piece of veteran Junkyard Hulks in the water core died in the air he couldn't take command on the deck of a beautiful battleship because they were all sunk he took command in a parakeet and Shannon let's let's not waste time let's go directly to speaking English what's the guessing on the ambassador is he gonNa take one for the team exceeded election and to investigate this energy company related to the Biden's what I think the revelation that could come out of this or at least what then a donor he was put into this position as ambassador to the EU and then even though the Ukraine is not part of the EU that was additives folio presumably because the president trusted him to deal with the Ukraine and put this sort of pressure on the Ukraine that he wanted to see to investigate the twenty the congressional investigators are going to try and get to the bottom of is whether or not the president was dangling a meeting over the Ukrainian president INEX- chain forgetting the Ukrainians to investigate the two thousand sixteen election and the Biden's and that meeting between the the American President of the Ukrainian president was something that or he's going to tell the truth because I don't imagine you can do both well he is a at least was at one point a supporter of the president and her delegation in the Cabinet Room at the White House today his last words were we'll see you at the polls are we to indicate from that that he loves to stand up there at his rallies at the podium saying that he is under attack the establishment is trying to take him down he'd be able to tell his voters that be very important to the Ukrainians to establish this relationship with the US to show the Russians who of course there is this sense that the president trump has very close conditions of the Crean's investigating trump's political rivals Joe Kovin it is said that when the president bid farewell to Nancy Pelosi he is not bullish on the chances of any impeachment proceeding removing him from office prior to election day well that is the thinking of multiple offense lack much of its administration from cooperating the State Department is not cooperating and yet in almost sort of silent revolt you have cels in the White House and a perspective that the president seems to have adopted here whether that is a result of positive thinking are any kind of actual king effective talking point you've already started to see now how his campaign is trying to target what they see as vulnerable democratic see it specifically all to get enough people to essentially defy the White House's request and come forward and give this testimony so it does show Ukrainians wanted this was something that would be very strategically important and as we saw from those text messages that Sunland was involved in it appeared that that meeting was but beyond that then the hearing docket quiets down a little bit and so I don't know necessarily how much they're going to advance things rally this time in Texas will have a preview when we come back districts putting the pressure on those Democrats saying is this really what you elected these members to do to impeach the president of the United States and Shannon in the meantime can relationship with President Putin but to show Putin Ukrainians have a close relationship to and the US is still on Ukraine side so it's not just sort of like a vanity meeting that that there is some momentum to their investigation but I'm not sure we know where it goes from here we know next week I think Bill Taylor is scheduled to testify calling the White House's guidance and not turning over documents vice president is not turning over documents and cooperating so yet the Democrats in the house have still been able speak to the tonnage of testimony that's piling up that the house is taking and this from White House that has pretty successfully validate that election and they're trying to do it again in twenty twenty so this is something they believed that the president might be able to weaponize in the twenty twenty campaign Kratz in Washington have tried to impeach him from day one that they're trying to undo the votes of the two thousand sixteen election and that this is the way that they're trying to impeachment rules of the Senate we'll take the matter up the chief justice will be in the chair we will have to convey and every day six days is there is there palpable distance increasing between the president and these Republicans he's going to lean on donal is preparing for a speedy impeachment trial that would conclude before the end of the year writing quote McConnell told Senate Republicans Wednesday that he expects department officials continuing to come forward and testify the White House isn't handing over documents of the Office of budget management not turning over documents the dod is week from now of course everything keeps advancing so quickly it's really impossible to know where we'll be a week from now I'm glad you feel that way because it sure seems that way from here both of our guests have agreed Acre Nancy Pelosi to approve articles of impeachment as early as Thanksgiving according to people familiar with Wednesday's party lunch McConnell then surmise that the Senate could deal with the trial by Christmas concluding the impeachment proceedings before the Democratic presidential primaries began back for round two where the points are now doubled some of those Freshman Democrats who won in twenty eighteen in the midterm elections district the President one in two thousand sixteen and they're trying to take the case holding events in these Shannon petty peace and Jill Kovin Jill McConnell went asked about today's White House meeting said he didn't see anything and wasn't going to say anything day you had the house overwhelmingly with Republican support passing this resolution slapping his hands saying we don't approve of what you're doing here in this burn out of seven at twelve thirty or one o'clock in the afternoon senators will not be allowed to speak which would be good therapy for oh hard in the days and weeks to come such interesting political dynamic happening right now because just as the president needs Republicans to rally behind him to be on the Airway fehlinger information they're gleaning from the ground is completely unclear but they're thinking is look this is a president who has really excelled at being able to run as the victims umbro and we intended to do our constitutional responsibility so politico reporting today that that man Mitch stay with us just over this break and coming up day one thousand one of his administration will see this president at yet another campaign on raising numbers have come out lately this president has raised a ton of money yeah an extraordinary amount of money and I will say that they are reporting a significant creasing dire situation and at the same time then coming out and defending him Shannon petty piece the President Tomorrow Night Dallas Texas goes toward the trump reelection campaign

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