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Cozmic's journey from heavy metal to eclectic pop


This is cosmic and you're listening to Dini rock and roll circus. The artist known as cosmic coming up next on the Lou rock and roll circus. You're listening to the Lou Dini rock and roll circus changing rock history one podcast at a time. Welcome back to the Lou Dini rock and roll circus everybody. My name is Lou Lombardi, aka Lou Dini and in minute here. We're going to meet the artist known as cosmic and listen to a little bit of cosmic music, get to know cosmic a little bit. But bef-, but I wanna give out a our website where you can check out more great podcasts. And that is it. Lou, Dini, rock and roll circus dot com. Always something cool happening there from our daily rock and rant podcasts to our interview series, which you're listening to now as well as our weekly live show that we broadcast on rock ridge radio live, Lou Dini, hard rock and metal circus with my co lily v six and Keith Hawkins, and you can find out more about that at Lou Dini, rock and roll circus dot com. All right, guys. We have cosmic on with us today. Venice beach native rising newcomer has been making waves in the urban electro pop scene for the past few months with a couple of recent singles going viral on social media. Media critical acclaim in the indie music blogs and a recent deal with cobalt music's a wall. Cosmic welcome to the Lou Dini, rock and roll circus. Thank you. Good to be here. I'm a man. So why don't we talk a little bit about? Let's give a little bit of your history, man. Like how did? How did you get started in music, like what got you like all turned onto like, you know, go out and start, you know, doing the thing. Good question. So I started pretty young I was around fourteen and ice. My first project was actually a metal band ironically because entering pop now gag, but one of my friends in high school was starting a metal, Dan and he's lake Johnny singers. And I'm like, I can sing. And I had never sung before again. So he's like all right show next week. So I practice like crazy. And I addition with Metallica song and kind of florid all the guys, and I was in the band, and that was kind of my my entry into music in high school. Okay. So so you've been playing music since you were in high school. Do you have any sort of professional or like formal training? Or is it just your passion and your drive? I've been taking vocal training since I was fifteen so for a while. So over ten years, and yeah studied with some amazing boys teachers recently with Don warrants of based at a New York who's. Taught everyone from Bano to Mick Jagger to lady Gaga, and then recently Valerie Morehouse who teaches CEA so some really amazing world class of Olga coaches or done a lot of vocal training. Guitar. I taught myself how to play on YouTube videos, starting in high school, of course, cell how tell us a little bit about the progression. You did the metal thing for a while. How does it sort of? How do we end up to where we are? Now. Yes. Benefit journeys twisted road. Yeah. So I played a lot of rock and heavy rock in in high school, and then college I started getting more into hip hop. So I actually joined a hip hop group. And we used to play around in LA. So I went to UCLA, and we played the sunset strip seen in college parties and things like that was kind of like a little bit of a fusion in a little bit. Like twenty one pilots were make seeing you know, alternative and hip hop. And so some melodic vocals, and and some RAB, and so that was abandoned for a little while and kinda just Ganic Lee happened. And then I I was in a few different projects as club reading with some DJ's. I had a band called butter thief, that was world music mixed with with indie pop, and and then cosmic kind of just came to me of a couple of years ago and started extra three years ago. And I just had this vision of doing a solo project that was, you know, electron ick influence and mixing a bunch of John rose. Wanted to do something that could reach a lot of people and be a little bit more mainstream. A lot of the projects that had done before were more eclectic, which I'm happy that I did them. But I wanted to do something that would just reach a lot more people and be more accessible and yet have artistry and poetry and meaning and depth behind it. Like some of the pop artist that I loved, you know, that, you know, my older sister had turned me onto and I was a kid like prince and Michael Jackson, and some of the people who, you know, even Madonna who are pop, but they're still very artistic and unique and have a message to share. So you said you mentioned the word eclectic that you feel that that's kind of, you know, your tastes are just you just like a lot of different stuff. And that's why you've been able to sort of flow so easily through these different genres. I think so. Yeah, starting when I was a kid. I remember I just was into stuff that was all over the map. You know, hip hop artists. Indie rock pop electronc. So yeah, I've always been into and played and written in across genres and respect for pretty much all of them. And and ironically, even though pop has a lot of rails to it and banks to the river lately. If you listen to a lot of pop music, it is really a fusion, you know, a lot of pop music nowadays has rock elements in the elements. Hip hop elements EDM house like it's kind of a mixture. So ironically, pop is away where you can bring a lot of genre. Together and still kind of relate to a lot of people. So yeah, definitely. Okay. Well, let's take a listen. This is your latest singles called worth the wait. And this is cosmic worth await on the Latini rock and roll circus. Kip ac- Griffey years now. Yeah. Harry, the play Anna can't believe. Since he will stay from the moment. This like, I can look. And you have been wrong. Shame on you got your questions 'cause you remember before. But baby there's no pressure. We could take slow. Everything. News on it. You mean? The the way you dance through the food use choosey movies. Make you cry. And we started laughing. Already fears. I cancel mine because we've been friends for Tom now. And no one knows me. Get. So I know that this come out if you wanted to on you got your. You got your questions 'cause you remember before but be has no pressure. We could take slow. Something. You. Cassini with you. Your questions. To fool. We slow. And. You may worth. You me were. UB weren't worth the wait cosmic, and that is a really like very soulful. Catchy. Tune man nicely done. Thank you. Thank you. And you've only done like a couple of tracks so far right as cosmic or or do you have or or have that wrong? No. That's correct. I've released that's my fourth song released. So I started releasing stuff about a year ago. And just you know, every couple months putting a new single I recorded a ton more and written a ton more. But I'm just piecing myself wanna keep offering something fresh, you know, every month or two to listeners tell us about some of the people you're working with to help you produce. Sure. So one of my main partners in crime is a guy named Charlie Snyder. He's a co writer of a lotta my tracks, and he's really kind of up and coming maybe like three. Years out of Berkeley school music, but he's already written for like, BB Wreksa and MAC Schneider and machine gun. Kelly ex ambassadors Nash like a bunch of cool stuff. He's doing. He's like a young up and coming writer friend of mine. And so we do a ton of stuff together working with other producing John silos who is classmate of of Charlie and he's also up and coming, but we have this kind of cool music collective in LA. They live in a house with a bunch of songwriters and producers who are all doing some some really cool stuff and working with them worked with producing him Ramey. Beats who's done a bunch of cool stuff with he produced kid Cutty in Chris Brown. More like, hip, hop and Rb artists. So yeah. Definitely working with some interesting. Interesting collaborators, I you're not too far along in this journey only kind of doing this. But tell me yet tell me one story I need a good story of crazy this half because it musicians. Every musicians got like a, you know, and as you go along you get more of them. So I'm sure you've got one or two you could share shares a story, please. Okay. I didn't think of that one. I don't have anything amazing off the top of my head. But let me let it marinate it have to be caused Nick related or just this happened during your journey. It doesn't have to be Cozma. Okay. Okay. I'll tell it interesting story. This was like a while ago. When I was first starting out, and I was in college, and we had I was working with this kind of independent record label like some young guys, and I was a partner in it. And. The one of the partners in the label. Like he went to London and was trying to find investors for this record label. And he kinda ended up in leg. I don't know who these people were I think there mafia or something now had us me. Yet as beat these guys in a club. And there was like an altercation the club in London all this. And I left freaking out who are these guys trying to get to business label like it's not worth it. But it was basic like it, you know, in the music industry and relating to people, I think might have been organized crime. But it freaked the heck outta me. So I'm like, I'm not gonna work with this label anymore. Oh, yeah. You'll you'll collect us or as you go along friend. I promise. So why don't you tell? So what is being re releasing singles here? So what is the next six to twelve months? Look like for you. Yeah. Good question. So I'm going to be doing a new single every month or two and going to be starting to play live shows in the late summer. So like August-September right now have been just really working on the production in the writing in the club ration- and having played his live as much, but I'm going to be doing that. And hopefully, just continue to expand the region connect with more people with the new songs and gonna be releasing some collaborations with different artists as features which should be fun. And you know, just keep going nonstop writing every week. I'm working on new material every week. I've written one hundred fifty songs recorded actually already about thirty songs. But I'm just being, you know, very mindful of like. What I wanna release share? Absolutely. So once you go ahead, then and share with everybody out there where they can find you on the internet. So they can check, you know, here when you have a great new single coming out. Absolutely. So any any of the music services if you just look up 'cause mic CEO's E M I C Spotify, apple music on Facebook on Facebook dot com slash. I am cosmic with z and Instagram Instagram dot com slash I am 'cause mic. All right. Everybody will cause MC. Thank you for taking some time to talk to us today and share some music with us really enjoyed meeting. You. I'm gonna wrap up the show. Now, if you can hang out for a minute, I need to do a little business with you. When we're done to got a minute. Yes. Awesome. Everybody that was caused mic greats. Just great soulful pop stuff. They're worth the wait. I'm still rolling in my head. It's just one of those great tracks like that. And you know, if you grew up listening to artists like Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna and stuff like that. There's definitely that. Great soulful pop vibe going on there with that. So and it's Cozma guys. See owes E M I C. And I am cosmic on Facebook. You can find them there and Instagram and get a YouTube channel whole thing. And all the links will be there in our show notes. Thanks, you guys so much for hanging out with today and the Lucchini rock and roll circus. Hey, if you'd like to get some exclusive content you'd like to join our be part, excuse me. Let's put it this way. We apart of a very cool community of people that are really passionate about great music. Police. Check out Lou Lombardi music dot com slash enter circle that gives you access to all kinds of cool stuff. Off exclusive music, exclusive Ideo 's and is a great bunch of people there that like minded folks to hang out there, and you know, just just makes friends with and interact with and share coal stories with and everything, and that's it. Lou Lombardi music dot com. Backslash inter Cercle guys. Thanks so much for listening today. We really appreciate that. If you have not hit the share button. Please do right now. We this is how indie music of indie artists get known. These days is by fans getting turned on and then sharing with other fans. So please hit that share button, and shares whatever service you like if you're a Twitter person or Instagram, whatever you like just share it. That's very important. And would you do that? 'cause MC appreciates it. I appreciate it. We'll catch you guys all on the next Lucchini rock and roll circus.

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