The Manson Family


In the nineteen sixties were a decade of divisiveness and change while some protested peacefully Charles Manson and his followers made sure. This era of counterculture ended in bloodshed the summer summer of sixty nine is now forever synonymous with the Manson family murders. Welcome to kill her knowledge. A park cast original. I'm Kara Roy. And it's time to learn some true crime history as two players go head to head. In this twenty question Trivia podcast every episode we cover a new topic like the headline making Zodiac murders shocked. The Nation violent mobsters like John Gotti who gun their way to the top up in serial killer. Ted Bundy who craved notoriety. This week we're looking back at the Manson family murders that resonated beyond the California hippie culture joining me today are two very special guests ready to show off their incredibly deep. True crime expertise hosts of multiple multiple. PODCASTS here on the park network. Greg Poulsen and Vanessa Richardson. Are you ready to face off. YEA drags trepidation. You our listeners. Play along as we find out who has killer Hiller Knowledge Greg Vanessa. Welcome to the show will get into the Trivia in just a minute but first before we start. Let's remind our listeners listeners. You can play along with more episodes of killer knowledge and find other par- cast originals on spotify. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. We also want to hear from. Can you our listeners. Leave US review wherever you're listening and reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and on twitter at podcast network Greg and Vanessa. Let's lay off the rules of killer knowledge for you and our podcast listeners. There will be twenty multiple choice questions. ABC broken up into three rounds. Fair warning the questions will get more difficult as the game. Plays on a correct answer you. The point for that question and incorrect answer gives the other player the chance to get it right greg. If you buzz and I will hear this sound Vanessa your buzzer sounds like this and one player will be eliminated in round two to while the other will move on to play for some amazing prizes including the park asked golden headphones. Make sense to you. Yes okay let's play killer knowledge here we go with round one for this first round. The questions will follow the story of how a young Charles Manson developed developed into the cult leader. We know today a Manson had a rough childhood. He was born in Nineteen thirty four to a sixteen year old runaway mother in Cincinnati. atty Ohio and a father who was a well known local con artist from Kentucky after being in and out of a boys school in Indiana Manson eventually found himself. Living with an aunt and uncle truancy became an issue for young Charles. But it wasn't long before things got more serious. Manson got caught stealing from his uncle on Christmas Miss Day in nineteen forty seven when he was just thirteen years old. Here's question number one. What did Manson get caught stealing stealing a money? Be A gun. C- Cigarettes Vanessa. I believe it was a gun. You are correct gun. It was after that incident. Manson was returned to the boys school but he ran away. Way again okay. So we're often running Vanessa. One Greg Zero after running away from school this time. Manson got involved with a group of petty criminals. On this is when his own criminal record would begin so for question number two. What did Charles Manson I get arrested for? As a child a arson be assault see burglary. We have a taker with Vanessa I'm I'm going to say is I was burglary. Burglary is the right answer at the time. He was with a friend's uncle when the police caught them. Eh Grocery store in Illinois at thirteen years old. He was then sent to the very strict. Indiana boys. School Vanessa with two points Greg at zero. While at the Indiana Boys School Manson claimed he was severely bullied and assaulted in response. He developed a Defense Mechanism Zim in which he would screech and wave his arms to scare off his attackers for question number three. What did young Charles Manson call his his defense tactic a the insane game? Be the bully game. See The screaming Game Greg. A The insane game now. Manson was Small Mall as a boy Even as an adult many believed he was somewhere between five two and five six top. So as a very short skinnier child Charles hoped the insane game name would give him leverage and convince anyone trying to attack him that he was crazy and would leave him alone right. Greg is on the board so it is now two to one in favor of Vanessa. You won't be surprised to hear that Charles eventually escaped the Indiana boys school with some other kids. They were eventually caught in a stolen car in Utah. Sixteen year old Charles. Manson was attempting to make his way to California which we know he would do years later. But from nineteen fifty one to nineteen sixty one. Manson would end up in prison multiple times from juvenile detention centers to maximum security facilities. But he didn't didn't waste his time in jail. In nineteen sixty one. Twenty six year old Manson would find himself imprisoned in McNeil Island Washington on. That's where he learned to play an instrument from famous depression. Era Gangster. Alvin creepy carpets. Here's question number over four. What instrument did he learn to play in prison? A PIANO BE- Guitar See. See Her Monica Vanessa. Guitar Guitar is correct. It is now three to one Vanessa. Charles Manson also educated himself in other ways as while he was locked up in Washington he reportedly spent one hundred fifty hours studying a religion before deciding. It was too crazy for him for question number. Five what religion did Charles Manson reportedly spent one hundred fifty hours studying a Christian science dance be mormonism see scientology. Vanessa's in there. See Scientology Scientology. Is the right answer. It's believed Manson studied scientology from cellmate in McNeil Island. It's even been reported that. He declared himself a scientologist in the summer of nineteen sixty one but in reality was never an official member. After auditing the religion story goes he declared it to crazy. So we now stand at Vanessa. Four Greg Won. But don't worry Greg. There is a long way to go. Even though Manson was still imprisoned prison in Washington a popular urban legend says that in nineteen sixty five. He auditioned to join a popular rock band. Here's question number six. What influential sixties rock band did Manson allegedly want to join a the beach? Boys be the monkeys. See The doors Greg. The beach boys a that. That is incorrect. Okay Miss the door for you. You can guess I I it would the doors also incorrect. Oh go ahead to be monkey. Is the monkeys those the Rupert Band monkees member. Micky Dolenz confessed. It was a joke. He made that got interpreted as fact the rumor was also debunked since Manson was still serving time in nineteen sixty five. So the point tally. Ali Doesn't change for Greg One now. In March nineteen sixty seven. At thirty two years old Charles Manson would be released from prison and finally make his way to California but he had one request before being released question number seven. What was Manson's request before being released A? He wanted to stay in prison be he wanted his record cleared saying he wanted his cellmate released to greg a he wanted to stay in prison. A is the correct answer. He wanted to stay in prison since by this time he had spent more than half his life behind bars. It made his prison cell feel more like home than any place. He knew. Okay with that Greg now has two point. Sodas four to two in favor of Vanessa. Well we now know Charles Manson the earlier so as we bring this round close. Let's transition from prison to freedom in California after being released Manson made his way to San Francisco. Right as the summer of Love was starting on the hippie culture at the time boded well for Manson's unconventional lifestyle and love of hallucinogenic drugs. And he began attracting attracting groupies soon. He was pushing religious philosophies on them so for question number eight which spiritual figure did several followers followers soon compare to Charles Manson a Jesus. Christ be the Dalai Lama see Mohammed Vanessa. Jesus Christ a just that is right. Jesus Christ is right. Manson began talking about the end of the world and the judgement of humanity which only I pushed their comparisons to Jesus more so it is now five to do in favor of Vanessa soon. Manson and his family of six women move towards Los Angeles Settling in various areas. This is when Manson's interest in being a singer. Songwriter comes into play but for question number nine which member of the the beach boys did they meet and move in with for a summer. A Dennis. Wilson B Brian Wilson. Listen see Kara Wilson. Greg Be Brian Wilson. That is incorrect. Afraid do you have a guess. A Dennis Wilson. Dennis Wilson is correct. He meant to of Manson's followers when he picked him up hitchhiking on Sunset Boulevard and took them to his rental home Little did he know the entire family would eventually show up and stay. Manson even shared his desire to be musician with Wilson who introduced him to industry. St Contacts Including Executive Terry Melcher. Who at the time lived on Cielo drive in Los Angeles okay? The score stands at six to two in favor. Aver Vanessa now. After Dennis Wilson purposely let his lease expire and moved out of his rental home Manson and his followers discovered what would become their headquarters in the San Fernando Valley question number ten to finish out this round. What was the name of the ranch where the Manson family would become famously based A to Panga ranch be spawn ranch see cal Amigos ranch? Greg be spun rich that is correct now. The spahn ranch was an old fifty five. Acre movie. Ranch used for Westerns in Chatsworth California and it's where Manson would settle his family and really begin to push his armegeddon conspiracies. Okay with that point Greg. Up to three and Vanessa still has six and we are now at the halfway mark. We've followed Manson from troubled child to full blown California -fornia cult leader when we come back the trivia gets more difficult in round two as we get into Charles Manson's teachings that ultimately lead to murder and one of our players will be eliminated from the game. Why looking at me welcome back? You're listening to killer knowledge. I'm Carter Roy podcast host I Greg Paulson and Vanessa. Richardson are here this week. were all learning about one of the most notorious Killers Charles Manson and his family. Let's see we're Greg and Vanessa stand with points. We have Vanessa with six and greg with three still very much in contention by before we get into round two. Let's get a little rules. Update the questions are still multiple choice. ABC and correct answer is worth one point each. However there's a twist in this round called the killer question? That question is worth three points because there are no multiple choice options you who either know the answer or you don't and you better hope you know it because one player will be eliminated at the end of this round. Let's keep playing here. We go with around two as we learned earlier Manson educated himself while in prison besides Qatar and scientology he also took classes that taught Dale. Carnegie's Book How to win friends and influence people. Well that book is retrospectively ably credited with transforming Manson from an awkward and uninfluential person to the charismatic cult leader. He would become the second round dives into Manson's teachings and manipulations leading up to him becoming a murderer mastermind. Let's start with question number. Eleven and which nineteen sixty eight Beatles. Album did Charles Manson convinced his followers contained a prophecy for the end of the world. A Abbey road be the white album. See Magical mystery tour Vanessa. Sta Bi the white album the Beatles which is also called the white album is the correct. Answer the album which sold over three million copies in its first week in the. US was a huge success and is the band's most certified album in history a Manson believed it contained hidden lyrics. It's about a revolution and used it to preach about an impending race war. Okay Vanessa getting on the board and round two now with seven points. Greg has three now. One song from the white album was more influential and Manson delusions than any other. I see some head. Nodding looks like we're GonNa have a a tight race on this one question number. Twelve what Beatles Song did Manson use to describe his imagined impending racial conflict. I am the Walrus. Be Yellow submarine. See Helter skelter. Greg see helter skelter. That is very correct and well performed as well. That song title was. Also the name of Vincent Instant Bugliosi's famous book about the crimes and trial of the words. Helter skelter would later be found written in blood on the refrigerator At these Sharon tate murder scene with that answer Greg. You got a point in round two. So you're up to four points to Vanessa. Seven again killer. Question is out. There were three one question could be right back in a very tight race now while Manson mastered the way of speaking to his family that kept them believing his outlook on on the world for question number thirteen. What psychotropic drug did he also give his followers to manipulate them and persuade them of his vision? A LSD be heroin. See Ecstasy Greg a LSD LSD. Is the right answer. That brings Greg to five points to Vanessa's seven points. Manson's vision took a tragic tragic turn on the night of August. Eighth Nineteen Sixty nine on the family had killed before especially in hopes to start the race war. Manson had talked so much about but it was the murders on Cielo drive in Los Angeles that captured national attention. Since one of the victims was actress. Sharon tate wife life of director Roman Polanski that night Manson sent four of his followers to the House to kill everyone there for question number fourteen. What family member reportedly said? I'm the devil. I'm here to do the devil's business before they began killing healing people a Susan. Atkins be Tex Watson C.. Linda Sabin Greg a Susan Atkins that is incorrect. Oh my goodness ludicrous. chickened out Tex Watson when NASA is correct thinking I was thinking woman interesting. I was just thinking about this a little like you thought it might have been shows you you you know where my mind goes characters right all these names you knew it was Tex Watson yes it's now eight to five and remember we still have the killer question. Pop Up worth three points and one player will be eliminated at the end of the round. Now as the Manson family left the crime scene after the murders Susan as an Atkins wrote a message on the front door question number fifteen. What word did she write a pig? Be Eh di Sea Devil Greg. A pig that is correct atkins wrote the word pig using Sharon. Tate's blood on front door. Yeah it's probably one of the most talked about details surrounding the murders and the word is connected to another song from the Beatles. White album called hauled piggies which was an anti establishment anthem. Now that brings the score. Eight to six in favour of Vanessa. Hope here that that sound means it is time for the killer question. Remember killer question is not multiple choice. You either know the answer or you don't and the questions were three points in this case Greg you would take the lead Vanessa. You could really start to put it away so buzzing if you know the answer question question number sixteen the killer question. One of the Manson families victims at Tate's home was the heiress to which famous coffee the company Vanessa Folder Twenty five year old Abigail folder was one of the five victims. Yes she was at the House with her boyfriend who was friends with Tate's husband Roman Polanski now by taking the question. Vanessa has moved up to eleven points to Greg's six now. The murder scene on Cielo drive in August nineteen sixty nine wasn't discovered until the next morning by the housekeeper the Manson family wouldn't be connected to it until weeks later but that didn't stop the family from killing again before their arrest. The same four killed Sharon Tate and her guests joined by two more family members murdered Leno and Rosemary Labianca in their Los feeless. Home the final question for this round question number seventeen how long After the Sharon tate murders to the Manson family kill again. The next morning be the next afternoon soon. See the next night Greg I would say be the afternoon. I'm going to take a stab at the next morning At is incorrect it was the next night a Manson accompanied the family the next night to the law Bianca home but only gave orders before leaving hand allowing his followers to carry out the crime. And with that question. We've come to the end of round two with the score. You're eleven vanessa to six four Greg. Unfortunately that means we have to say goodbye to Greg. You brought so much killer knowledge alleged to the show. Thank you so much for being here. We're going to take a short break and come back with the last three questions of the show with the Manson family murders carried out. It's time for the aftermath. Come back to hear how much Vanessa knows about the Manson family punishments. Welcome back to killer knowledge. I'm Carter Roy. We've been quizzing. Zing Park cast hosts. Greg Poulsen Vanessa. Richardson about the Manson family murders. During the summer of nineteen sixty nine with three questions left. It's time to cover the aftermath of that crime when we left round to greg had six points to Vanessa's eleven points and that means Greg was eliminated from the game so now in round three only Vanessa. We'll be answering questions to win some amazing prizes now. This time points don't matter but right answers answers do here the rules. There are three multiple choice questions. Each with two answer options A. or B. so you'll have a fifty fifty shot. Each correct answer is worth an amazing prize. Get One answer right. And you'll get a spotify premium account free for one year. If you get two to questions right you win a role in an episode of the podcast original unsolved murders hosted by me. And if you get all three questions right in this round you'll win. The exclusive car cast golden headphones. And the chance to come back for one of our best shows to compete against other killer knowledge champions Vanessa. Are you ready. I am so ready. Look ready here. We go with round three now. It wasn't the Tate Labianca murders that got the Manson family initially arrested question number eighteen. What criminal charges I brought law enforcement to the spawn ranch to arrest the Manson family before police realized they were the killers? It's a robbery. Be Car theft. Technically robbery is car. Theft is robbery but it specifically be car theft. That is the correct answer. You get spotify premium free for one year now. The trial of the Manson family began in June nineteen seventy it included seven counts of murder question number nineteen which Manson family family member testified against Charles Manson and the other cult members during their murder. Trial a TEX Watson B.. Linda Indika Sabin That would be be Linda Kosabe Ian Yes to for to technically Kosabe. You did not participate in the killings. So she was granted immunity in exchange for testimony. Okay Vanessa that means you have one these spotify premium account free for year a role on unsolved murders hosted by me and you are still in the running for the podcast golden headphones and chance to come back to compete on more killer knowledge. Okay Vanessa. We are down to the final question of this episode and we want to end it on a question to really hear how deep your Manson family knowledge goes so so question number. Twenty which former Manson family member unsuccessfully attempted to assassinate President Gerald Ford in Nineteen Seventy Five A. Lynette squeaky FROMM BE PATRICIA Krenwinkel. I'm going with squeaky. Lynette squeaky fromm. You got all three right. Meaning you get spotify premium. Mm Free for one year. A role in an episode of the podcast original unsolved murders and the exclusive par cast golden headphones are yours plus. We could see you back here again to compete against other killer knowledge winners. How do you feel fantastic? I mean obviously. I'm so excited I. I'm so thrilled for all of especially those podcast headphones. I'm so excited all of it. Thank you so much. This was a great opportunity. And thanks to Greg. Thanks to both you for being here. Both Greg and Vanessa you brought so much great true crime expertise to the show and again remind our listeners about the shows you host here on the podcast network works so they can keep learning from youth. Thank you okay. Well my definitely serial killers of course Cults as well with Greg and I Female criminals is also so fascinating. Look at tails different spin mythology. Mythical monsters not guilty famous fates and secret societies eighties. Okay all amazing park shows for anybody out there who's listening for a new podcast. Listen to you. And how about you greg. My shows are secret societies with Vanessa. Of course serial. The real killers colts those three with Vanessa. I also host singly singularly haunted places urban legends and podcast Crime Bites Nights. Well we can't end the show without wrapping up. Our journey through the life of Charles Manson from a young age Manson was on a path to destruction. It extended extended from petty theft to murder mastermind and in the end after all the brainwashing manipulation in murder Charles Manson died in prison on November nineteenth. Two thousand seventeen. He lived to be eighty three years old to everyone listening. Thank you for playing killer knowledge with us us. Let us know what you thought about. Today's episode by leaving the Review Wherever you're listening and by reaching out on facebook and instagram at par cast in twitter at podcast network. Thank you can also listen to more episodes of killer. Knowledge and other park has two originals on spotify. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. I'm Carter Roy come back next week to hear who will become the next true crime. Expert killer knowledge was created by Max Cutler Zeh podcast studios original channel it is executive produced by next cutler produced by Kristen GITA MIRA in Jonathan ratliff sound design by Kristen osservato killer Knowledge Stars Carter Roy thanks to our sponsor better for it a new podcast from A._D._p.. Each episode features visionaries talking candidly about mistakes. They've made in their businesses. How they worked their way through them and came out better for it? Listen on spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

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