Jessie Buckley Seeks The Spotlight In 'Wild Rose'


Yeah. Broadcast center at KPC this is the frame. I'm Steven Cuevas spilling in for John horn on today's show, summertime ain't so easy for big budget movie releases like men in black international. But is there more going on than just sequel fatigue? Then I receive an actress Jessie Buckley goes country and Scottish and her new film, wild rose had no relationship to country music at all four star to this. And I thought I was I don't know my peripheral was that it was a bit lacked damn. And will meet the singer known as to Cuban James Brown all that coming up on the frame. KABC podcasts are supported by HBO, presenting game of thrones critics have hailed the final season as TV's greatest show of all time and irritating. Emmy eligible for outstanding drama series and all other categories. Welcome to the frame. I'm Steven Cuevas filling in for John horn by weekends and men in black international was hardly in the black box office returns for the latest installment of the franchise were disappointing to say the least as we're critic reviews earlier today, we reached Bloomberg's Lucas Shah, who told me international isn't the only big budget sequel that's got a case of the summertime. Boxoffice blues is the it is the latest in three or four different sequels that we've seen over the past month that have not done so well minute black international gross less than thirty million dollars in North America, and about half of what all the previous men in black movies at open to it. Did alright internationally? So it's. Worldwide. Total is is north of hundred million dollars, but given the budget on this movie, and what it costs to market, it, most people would ask to me, probably gonna gross lease four hundred million dollars even break. Even this is just based on first week in a box office. Some of the foreign returns, isn't it a little too premature to call it a box office bomb. There are a lot of movies that underperform in the US and Canada and then have legs overseas. And so, you know, the end of eking out a lot more than you would have thought the First Pacific rim movie, is one that comes to mind. I remember it, you know, it was really expensive and had all these visual effects, it, didn't it did, okay in the US? But then in particular so well, in China that successful enough that they actually made a sequel to it. So it's possible that that's the case here, but really the best case for this movie. Is that like it ekes out? You know, maybe break, even it's probably it's, it's certainly not going to be a successful movie, and look, it's it's coming out in the. Middle of summer. So this upcoming weekend. I believe we have toys twenty four which we all know is going to be a huge hit and not long after that. I think you've got both a new Spiderman movie and eventually in the summer, we've got Lion King. So it's just got a lot of competition, which makes it harder. Also, to sustain that opening well, despite its underperformance at the box office, how is men in black international doing critically with both movie critics. And with audiences very, very, very poorly, the scores on most aggregate, metacritic and rotten tomato are very low. The audience score on that is a bit higher audiences tend to, to be less discerning. But still not really high. It's not one of those cases. Sometimes he'll have a movie that gets like twenty or thirty percent score and critics, but ninety percent audience men in black. Is, is not that movie. Well, we also saw films like dark Phoenix, and the secret life of pets. Underperforms. Well, so is this a case of sequel fatigue urges bad movie fatigue? I think it's been ladder. The, the thing about sequel fatigue is my calling, and you did a good piece this week on some of the recent bombs, and what's behind them, and then I went and looked on the, the internet. And I saw it feels like every summer, we have some story on on franchise Petit sequel fatigue. And that's because Holly to makes so many sequels. So if you're gonna any summer, they're going to be some movies that work and some movies that don't either because they're bad or because the franchises, just tired, even marketing was not good that district strategies bad movies fail all the time. And when it's the summer in all Hollywood is doing is releasing sequels and reboots and reimagining and things nothing. That's a regional, of course. Some of those are not going to work. Well, speaking of underperforming, you've also been looking at YouTube kids, it's kind of been bombing with its target audiences kids, roughly fourteen and under just a little background. First YouTube kids was created four years ago. Back in. Fifteen can you I sort of tell us how it's different from the main YouTube site? They've used technology to limit of videos from regular YouTube, that get pulled into kid. They're supposed to be those that are really only, you know, the types of videos that you only want your kids to go on. I was just browsing through it last night, just to familiarize myself. And remember what's on? And you'll see what's called an unblocks video work kids open up Toya box and talk about what Senator animated Barbie videos that kind of thing you, don't you don't have the ability to search for anything and everything in some cases, you can have search and it is not one of the main points of controversy with the kids at is that it is not all handpicked or curated. It still does pull any kind of user uploaded video based on YouTube, kind of tagging and its allies him, which then leads to flaws where every once in a while there will. A video that gets through the sensors that should not the real problem that, that you to pass. And as you alluded to in your introduction is that most kids don't use U two kids. So the latest data that we have in our stories this week is that you kids has more than twenty million weekly users YouTube has two billion users a lot more than twenty million of those are kids, because if you look at some of the most popular channels on YouTube, whether it's this guy Ryan's toy review or coca melon, just for nursery rhyme Caesar channels with tens of millions of subscribers that on their own have a larger audience than you do kit. And that's where all that content created by YouTube users and viewers is going. And so the main site is just kind of monopolized it, I guess. Yeah. Kids between age of two and seven. It's a little easier to control what they do. And if you're an attentive parent, who only wants them to use you kids, you can probably pull that off. But if you have a kid between the age of say. Eight and twelve that's a kid, who's already dreaming of being like their older sister brother, who doesn't want to be limited to Justice kids app that has probably seen as pretty they want to be on YouTube. And frankly, the U two kids that might not have enough to satisfy them. And so they're going to want to use regular YouTube, and there just aren't enough safeguards on regular YouTube in the same way that there is on TV network like Nickelodeon, or the Disney channel fact is look, yes, they might go on to watch one thing, they might go under watch, you know, their favorite prank, which, though, being really being name is child friendly, but that could then lead to place because you have inexhaustible library and videos on YouTube. It's really unsafe for children, Lucas reporter with Bloomberg where he writes about the business of entertainment and technology, Lucas, as always, thanks so much. You can read Lucas coverage of the entertainment industry at Bloomberg dot com. Coming up on the frame, the Irish actress who plays a Scottish singer, trying to make it big in Nashville. KPCC podcasts are supported by HBO, presenting sharp objects based on the bestselling novel by Gillian Flynn. The story focuses on Camille precursor a journalist with a history of psychiatric issues who returns to a rural hometown to cover the apparent murders of two preteen girls. The limited series was hailed by critics. Exquisite auntie compelling and a true masterpiece. Emmy eligible for outstanding limited series and all other categories. Visit H B O dot com slash FIC. For more on sharp objects. Welcome back to the frame. I'm Steven Cuevas in for John horn. Thanks for joining us. The new film, wild rose begins with its feisty main character roseland fresh out of prison. She's got broken relationships to meant to kids to feed and his nursing her own hunger to become a Nashville country music star on actually trying to Nashville. Oh, and I'm meeting today's a couple of grandson. And get flights and hotel. And, and it wouldn't it be more than two or three definitely less than five. In of Saric. Give you money. That's what you'll suggest it was. No. It was aunt roseland isn't just a broke single mom show. So lives, an inconvenient four thousand miles away from Nashville in Glasgow. Scotland, the actress who portrays rose Lynn, Jessie, Buckley, sexually Irish and she got her first big break eleven years ago. Appearing on the BBC TV singing competition called. I do anything. Buckley came in a close second. I don't know how I stick through the Nash because I was. And I was so like innocent and ignorant to the whole business of know. Was it the musical theater was your first love? Yeah. Probably was yeah. Like where I grew up that was kind of my peripheral ping, I could be involved with and yeah, I loved us to the point where I remember one night, I was in production of Jesus Christ Hooper star, and I think my pen deke's was bursting on stage. And I was like I've got to finish. When you need to go to the hospital. I just I loved being part of it. What role did you have? Jesus Christ superstar, you know, hurt spear carrier. Hugely important, probably my best work. Well, what attracted you to Nicole Taylor script for wild rose? I read it. I Tom Harper who worked with an warm peace had got sent the script, and we were having a pint news, like, oh, a real of torito's, I would only want to do it, if you did it. So I love Tom and he told me to lie, down train track, and I'd be like, yeah, sure. What times the train? And when we going, but I then met Nicole. And when I read the script it was just I never really read a, a woman as irreverently fearless, and she's like a tornado in lots of ways. She has come out of prison ready to just take on the world. And she's put blinkers on of everything that might stop her. And so she's trying to run as far away from who she as and where she's from water responsibilities are because she believes that's the only way that she can catch. Her dream? Down the track. And you play a Scottish woman who's like insult with American country music, but you're rich were you aware of any, this music? No, I had no relationship to country music at all moist. After this. And I thought it was I don't know my peripheral was that it was a bit like you. Hake when I found it in phone Redick good stuff in the lyrics really in the stories that exist within the songs are kind of three minute movies. It's compe- stolen, my heart and he's quite like Irish music in ways. There's that kind of tradition in Arlon of the storyteller they call it, they call it the Shanna, he, which is this guy. He's a traveling storyteller who travels from town to town with a box goes into different pubs and stands on this box and recites stories about these different characters that he's met on his travels. And an and even within the music, there's a lot of resemblances with folk Irish music and folk country music, and even the Tanada is quite simple. But it's very emotionally deep talking to Jessie. Buckley who stars in the new film, wild rose. Did you have any say did you have any input over what songs were used for the film from up from other artists? When I was, I kind of coming to terms with country music and learning it and figuring out what rose lanes voice was within the Joe Nora. I would and other musicians like new McColl and Jack aren't not reserve music supervisor we all bottled up the shed of Northland and every two weeks, and there is some songs, which I dunno you're looking, I suppose within the film, the songs are an extension of the scene are sometimes not. But Tony you're looking for something which will tell a story or an emotional piece of what Rosalyn wants to say that she can't say, in her real life, and often, it's energy wise. Some songs we took like country girl, the primal scream song, which is at the very beginning of the film, that was only came kind of later but it was so. Right. And so their version is quite punk rock. Whereas our as we kind of arranged it more country. But it just had. Irreverence and bowls in this, and you can get like more like better kind of feel for the beginning of that film, because you have a sense of who this woman is and where that frustration. And that drive is coming from within that song. Contry. Through the. But it's the thing that's kept growing organically, as we did all the music live and saw some the songs, which is take on their own shape within the scenes a rose. Lynn's quest is to get to Nashville to break into country music. And she I think, has a very romanticized vision of what the city of Nashville is. And what it represents? I know you were not that well acquainted with country music prior to this project, but if someone had asked you, when you were prior to this, what do you think of Nashville? What do you think Nashville is or what it represents, what, what was your idea of the place? It is kind of cowboy boots and kogo hats, and, and dusty bars and some old dude sitting in a bar having drunk too much whiskey. Who's got great story. And you end up spending the whole night with kind of chatting, I don't know what kind of my head smell dusty. Will what was what we're jesse's impressions of, of Nashville when you got there. Well, like we nearly didn't make it to national at first because we when we were initially meant to go our visas got lost. So, you know, and you can't book the Reimann willy nilly, just because your visa gets lost. So we actually didn't think they were going to make and our whole shoot went on hold for, like, four five weeks. We didn't know if you're going to even get that part. So when we got there, it was kind of like resembling Rowsley journey itself. So we got there, and it was like this kind of hallowed ground of like, oh my God, where here. Spirit. So the character roseland her employer, whose wealthy kind of recognizes her talent and helps her get onto this larger stage in front of his audience of people that could support her in your career, and she has a difficult time when she's finally up on that stage but she freezes up the way you played that scene that come from any personal experience. Could you drawn anything that's ever happened to you a performer? Oh, I've had like that. It's never stopped me. Even while I was filming while rules and I was in the really like trusting environment escaping, the most horrendous panic attacks like four seeings. There's always interesting. What scenes were would initiate, the those attacks? But it's never. I mean the thing is you can't that's basically if you're on say on, you know, you're part of a team and you've got pull yourself together and, and Tom was incredible because actually whenever those times would happen. He would take me side and say that what he'd be like, are you? Okay. But he's also like this is very honest. This is human, maybe put it into the scene. See what happens does that? Also apply to win performing a musician. Oh, yeah. Yeah. God who so funny the other the other day we were in Nashville, and we were supporting we did like few songs actually McBride and I definitely I was like a black sheep of like who, who. Like this kind of English, she Irish she like, you know, and they're all gone Ashley kind of real redneck, and I go, and I was quite nervous because she's so brilliant singing guilty. And when you have this amazing song coke guilty. And when you have the aliveness with an audience, like you have to be awake to them. It changes how you sing something? Every time. And as always sing is she's got like these quite incredible Molles wearing Bolshie women, and they're like, oh, we're going to give you feel guilty about sweetness, and I got I, I out laughing I needed making three. This song was such an exciting moment, because they gave you something. And it changes, I mean my nerves were like, screw you Jesse like this is hilarious with that. Actress and singer Jesse. Buckley stars in the new film, wild rose in theaters, June twenty twenty-first. Thank you, Jessie. Thank you. Coming up on the frame, the singer who's known as the Cuban James Brown. U s Cuba relations appear to be sliding back to the Cold War era, in April. The Trump administration announced a new policy reversing changes President Obama put into place, five years ago Cubans who want to visit the US now have to travel to a third country to apply for visas. But that didn't prevent a recent visit to LA by Sima funk. The singer who billboard magazine named one of the top ten Latin artists to watch in twenty nineteen the frame contributor, but the art goes spent some time with a singer whose called the Cuban James Brown. It's a Friday night at the no name restaurant and bar on Fairfax, the blaze is backed with a couple of hundred people as Sima funk and his seven piece band deliver a blistering set of dance music. Sima funk is the brainchild of thirty year old Eric Iglesias, self taught singer, moved to have Anna eight years ago from the province of banana del Rio Iglesias did not attend Cuba's renowned music schools, and he doesn't come from a musical family, but he grew up solving a wide range of music, especially American bop, which you heard on cassettes, in the family car every time that I could get into the cassette. I just literally kill the battery of the of the just Lisa music line. Rishi. Michael Jackson's the Albany, this one of my favorites. My St. walnut. Also. Dando looking. Iglesia has got his first break. You successfully addition to sing background vocals for. Pop singer. Row will pass and began collaborating with different bands and projects. Iglesia has joined interactive will collective project with some of Cuba's, most prominent alternative music figures led by pianist Gerbert oh, carcass during the time he was with interactive will Iglesias and a couple friends created a cover band called la-z-boys, and he started to develop his own musical ideas, because I was crazy with the realize I may I need to start to sperm in the how I can I can know this way to seeing this way to perform the the group. So I say, let's make a ban on, we only gonna do cover from stevia for Michael Jackson. Once we understand what is about this problem that they have, then we pass through all the stuff that was the plan, but instead la-z-boys started making all kinds of other music, like this one called what you think. Those boys got a contract to work for eight months on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean on the tour ended Iglesias had saved enough money to buy the equipment, he needed to record his style them. But he didn't have a name, he learned about the Cimarron culture, runaway slaves and Cuba, who created their own communities and live freely in the forest black people from many places for, for many tribes from, as you from places of other countries on all day was living together with difference, as sounds with different groups who different reverie tools with different, maybe different God, even and they all live together in, they have to live together because was the only way to be to live without be slave. He called on some friends and together, they came up with the name, Sima funk, combining Cimarron and funk. County manager is Regis. He says the respected pianist gotta carcass in gave him. Some valuable feedback deco every media your own car. You're in a car leaving concert on when he heard the record. He said, this is going to be a big thing. That's the first time. I heard that Chas. See my phone has been touring the US for the past six weeks, making stops in sixteen cities, including south by southwest and Austin, New York, Chicago and New Orleans. But this is not a normal US store. I recently caught van having lunch and jamming at San Polian park in LA skit row, an area with a huge homeless population. We always try and make everything to as as much as we can bring Cubans and Cuban culture and thought leaders to the US redo shall we bring a lot of entrepreneurs and cultural axe here, that's calling Laverty the man behind Sima funk store Lavery is leaving expert on US, Cuba relations. He runs Cuba educational, travel an organisation that takes Americans Cuba doing the tour laboratory organized showcases for Google YouTube, a Netflix, I asked him why he took Sima fun to skid row. And he told me what the band said to him upon arriving two nights ago. We performed for Leonardo DiCaprio, and so that stretched alone and a star studded lineup on a forty million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills, overlooking all of the shitty and two days later, we're here in skid row. And so, I think in terms of. Getting a taste of America and understanding and also appreciating what they have another night. Sima funk took part in a Q and A and performance Grammy. Museum moderator Scott Goldman s Teague list. Yes. If he considered himself, a renegade changing the perception of Cuban music he was candid. Recycle what he's done the reading. I know changed any of doing things, I'm pulling music Stein. I'm putting this, this stuff I put together in a personal way. After the QNA Sima funk, perform to one adoring audience that good, not stop dancing, Colin Laverty says my funk has the talent and division to become the biggest modern day Cuban artists. So he is going to be the face accu-. He's going to be the cultural masseter of Cuban. I think that serves a very important role in terms of allowing Americans to understand the talent the kindness and the war of the Cuban people, which he clearly represent liberty says, for sixty years, we've been relying on governments to resolve US Cuba relations, and they haven't done a very good job, but he believes cultural exchange can continue to build bridges, especially with artists like Seema funk for the frame. I'm bet our. I bet. Fema Funke slated to perform, July six part of the data of sound festival in downtown Los Angeles. And that's it for today. I'm Steven Cuevas. Thanks for listening. We're back here tomorrow.

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