Tnak's Monte Carlo Crash Won't Slow Him Down


Hello and welcome to gravel notes so covered on David Evans. I should have said that but I but you knew that. Anyway have you recovered from rally. Monte-carlo what an opening round. We had wasn't just sensational. It was everything that we hoped for. Let's let's face it coming into this season coming off the back of last year. We didn't really know what what to expect. Did we read loss rally Australia last year. We lost rally chilly. We lost citron. Skoda we lost the WAC launch. There was an awful lot negativity around the WRC going into Monte. We needed a really strong event For the championship to bounce back for for all of the fans around the world to really get hold listening and say yes you know this. This has the makings of a great year. And that was a brilliant way to start a very what's going to be very very great year. Tearing very novell how absolutely superb was he in the in the final stages on Sunday unbeaten Sunday perfect final day for him and completely deserves. Serves a victory. You know he really. He missed out last year by what was the second and a half something to Sebastian O.. J. He deserves that he deserved it from that first night when he was what twenty five and a half seconds quicker than than anybody in in the second stage that was heroic. You know that was a a proper great stage so I've got to say I'm delighted for Terry. I'm also delighted for Dreyer. Adama The charismatic team principal principal the hind director. Donald lives just come comes from lives. Obviously right now now Zeno where he manages behind our team but he's from Kirin and Monty was the round that he used to go to like. I used to go to the with my father. He I used to go to the Monte with it with his dad and to see you know his dad was there at the weekend and to see just the raw emotion that came from from Adama You know the guy has a lot of critics a lot people some know lots of people. Some people don't buy into I do I think he is absolutely genuine heart-on-the-sleeve on a slave great guy and to see as I say the emotion when when he won was was fantastic his wife sports about you know it's about the human aspect and we certainly only saw that with him and theory in anterior and Nicholas Jolie's co-driver. They did a very good job. But what are we to do it. You know one of the most up and down Monte Carlos we've seen in years we talked about this. Didn't we the week before that. You know you can easily lose a minute here minute. There Hoffman here but you never really kind expect it to actually happen but it did you know novell was twenty five point five seconds quicker on the second stage then. He lost a heap to to Alvin on on the Friday. And then when it all back ultimately won the event by twelve seconds it was superb achievement behind. I am a real demonstration that take that that has got quicker and his getting quicker Toyota. You're going to have all your own way this year. I would say that that's for sure but equally it. It was a strong event for Toyota and it was a super strong event. For Elvin Heavens one of the things that I was really impressed with early on. If you're going to look I stage to make a statement in Monte Carlo. You know you're gonNA really struggle okay. Terry made a great statement in that second stage where the conditions are very tricky changeable but the warm place that you know everybody will push hard is when you've got consistently dry stage when the conditions are very predictable. Everybody's on the same tie the super soft or whatever of a and it's a level playing field that was the first stage Sebestyen. OJ quickest he got in there. He knew that he had the opportunity to put that market down and to really show the world what he could do in a in a Uris and he did it beautifully but after that didn't he struggle to keep hold of of Alvin Evans Have Evans was brilliant. On Friday morning nothing short just as much praise as we give Terry for his perfect Sunday we should give twelve infringe perfect Friday morning joining unbeatable on as I three stages Elvin was the guy who got hold of the Yarra for me and felt more comfortable more quickly you know there was some bumpy road roots around gap. An elven was on it. You know he was. He was comfortable in the car. He could understand that you could read predict it all J. struggled a little bit. You know certainly in in the morning on the first run. It took time for him to understand what college doing generally got quick as always does on the second run but yet a- as much as we offer huge congratulations to tearing avail. We have to offer seriously big commiserations to Elven in an Scott Mountain. They did a stunning job Ryan until Saturday night Sunday. The feeling wasn't quite the same. An elven said that he found found himself. Having to push the car. Push on overdrive a little bit and that's where the seconds go you know that just going a bit too hard into the corner. He didn't find the same feeling. The stages are very very different from from gap. Where you've got more countries ice ages down south to the ounce where the they're much more of the kind of a racetrack obviously very changeable conditions and Alvin? Just couldn't find the same feeling that it had on the first the first few days it was such tame and he knew as soon as your Internet I as to feeling wasn't that and he could see a time starting to go ashamed that he lost out first goes to the win any law second but still third podium fabulous result for his first time out Toyota. He must keep in mind that he must take a huge amount of strength and from what he achieved from. Hin score achieved in in Montana and move forward to Sweden typically another classic dry from him where where he was comfortable. It was quick. Didn't want to risk everything. And as he rightly pointed out. Perhaps or tonic. Did risk illiterate. Mommy so what happened to him. ONSTAGE onstage four when he crashed off the road in spectacular fashion that's not as way OJ will build and build and build until he's comfortable with the car completely and and then he let rip and no point. I don't think did he feel one hundred percent comfortable on the bumps and this and that to actually really give the car its head that time will come. Make no doubt no doubt even and we're just going to say more and more speed from from Seb when it does quick mention of Toyota found huge disappointment on Sunday afternoon in monte-carlo They'd had they'd gone into the day first first and second they came out of it second second and third. Yes or just doing the math so I think there's a real feeling that they lost the event rather than tearing the winning. I don't know one thing that I spoke to Lindstrom after I said you know we all disappointed. Of course we could have a win here. We have two drivers in the win but we shouldn't lose sight of the fact we've got three drivers in the top five that's impressive. They lead the manufacturers three nerves in the top five all four drivers in the top seven Kelly Rovanpera era fifth delivered. One of the most brilliant just brilliant but in terms of the pace it was superb. You know where again again where it was dry where he knew he could push and have go. He went quickly. He went very quickly. Then for me you know as as much as it was a brilliant driving it was also one one of the most mature thinking drives. I've ever seen for nineteen year old to understand to come right back and have the presence of mind to just slow himself right down where there was any kind of risk any. Did you know we watched him in a couple of places on some really icy bits where he kinda thought. I'll have a bit of a go here. He didn't he he literally wound the IRS. Back and just do just tiptoed across the ice it was. It was incredible. And just as I say maturity way way way beyond Sunday's years for me that was one of drives of the rally. Kelly won't agree at all because he had massive frustration at having to wind himself back and just take Jacob time learn what he's doing but it was so important that he did that and again takemoto at Ceuta. Great Okay had worn minor liner off into a snowbank otherwise very very solid event one of his best and one of the most difficult Monte. We've had in years. He he showed real potential so huge number of reasons to be cheerful photo in fact four reasons to be cheerful for Toyota and plenty look forward to moving on with them. We should talk. Oh come out tonic. It was a huge accident again. You know he tends to have these kind of crashes that really grabbed the headlines and footage of it will go viral as it did But ultimately the first part of the accident it was if you can have good accident that was because as we saw the energy dissipated he said the accident rolls on and on like that the worst thing we have is the big impact you know the huge g loading sudden stop. That's we don't like those and what we didn't like about tax crash was the last bit where he dropped thirty meters or something off the edge of a cliff. That wasn't clever and that that was not nice for anybody but the boys are out there. Okay Nice in a hospital just to keep an eye on master. After the number of Jesus they went through but good A. and Tannock journalists. I said to me when we'd spoken to calm Saturday when he was out of hospital. They don't buy into all of this provider auto and all of this are not affected by this. That's Tannock you know. I'm sorry he is that cool. You know he's the guy that shriners way way out of a car. That was the bottom of a lake. He's the guy that his car caught fire in Portugal the year after or whenever is after the year after his car caught fire in Portugal he ran into the fire to pull it out. He was the one that was attached to Toho to hold the car out of the FI. You know he is that cool and he will move on from this. It's it's a big big crash but it won't slow down. It won't play on his mind. He's down there. He's moved on like you said you know he is now all about the gravel all the loose surface setup. He'll go and do a long test with the hind. I get ready Sweden and crack on from there. He does obviously have a good place on the road for Sweden. If we get snow whatever the condition certainly is probably going to have a good position in Mexico So you'd have to say you know he would potentially go certainly to Mexico as favourite. So yeah what else can we talk about. We can talk m sport a mixed bag particularly the transmission problem. That team you shouldn't in had on the first night was a real shame. Nothing team has ever had before. I think that they're talking about hydraulic draw related issue as a completely new for them and a real shame because synonym for me would have been he would have been pushing fourth or fifth around and that could have given team even more good points. lappy drove well on his on his debut. Didn't he you know. He took his time where he wasn't confident. He backed off. He had a few issues with his eyes note. Crude not quite getting new information. He wanted from them but again as he got to learn the car he got quicker and quicker. We saw this with lappy last year in in a citrus. When the confidence comes my goodness he is very very quick? When the confidence isn't there he can really struggle and we saw that at times and Monte him lose his head a little bit in terms of the fact that we couldn't really get on onto to the same pages the car it's coming and it will together and you know they took good points from fourth Philippi and and and what was the eighth? So you know it's it's not the the end of the world at all green difficult one obviously very disappointing for Gusta miss out. Only the top sixty cars go through to run over the tyranny and all of the Sunday stages simply because the Monte organizes can't do. The tulips are stages with any more than sixty. That's all they can fit through so it's a real race on Saturday night to make Internet top sixteen. I think ended up sixty six or something and after what he described as the worst just moments of his career that was it was a tricky crash. Wasn't that you know you could kinda see what he was trying to do it. That really icy happened left. But it just didn't quite come off he will bounce back There's no doubt you know gus is not a guy short on self confidence and we'll I'm sure we'll see him back stronger. Where will we say him? That's the big question isn't it. Let's take a break now and when we come back we will talk about round to breath. So welcome back to growl knows round two. Where is it going to be oriented Sweden around two or skipping around too and actually go directly to Mexico? What am I talking about snow? Do we have an answering. Do we need any in Sweden. This is the Glenn also saying that guy is the CEO of rally Sweden and and he said to me that essentially snow is not an absolute necessity for the stages. It's good for the pictures. Of course it is and you know a winter rally with with snow is a definite winter rally without snow is it not just essentially the pictures not just rally. Gb kind of pictures or a wet thousand lakes eggs or something. I don't know we don't need the snow. According to what we do need one hundred percent is very very very cold icy roads. We need the is that there is will give the studs something to grip onto and it will potentially stop the roads being shredded by those those studs on the car is this perennial question isn't it. Is You know is waiting to happen. We get tired of asking the question but you know. Imagine Agean. How Sweden organizers failed? You know they their face to this every year and it is. It's a bit of a nightmare for them and the answer is always talking about. Yeah go off offer go. Further North Korea maybe skip Sweden go straight to the Arctic rally which have fabulous conditions. Weeks ago it's not that easy it's really not you know. There's a place called oray in in the north of Sweden where we could probably even go back to the frozen to the frozen lake stages but the trouble is anywhere that's got some hills Elsa undulations some snow north in Sweden. It's called a ski resort and we much as we want to go in there and take over all the hotels the hotels details full anyway. You know there's not the space for us to go there. It's not that simple. You know there are areas office and all of these places we. I should put our faith in the fact that people Glenn Olsen and the Rally Sweden organizers are investigating and looking and if not then they should lose their end of the championship but I know for a fact they are witold via decision affirmed decision one way or the other by Monday. We're told that there is snow coming to Sweden with told the temperatures are dropping Willa temperatures. Drop enough. I don't know who knows The minute we are absolutely in the hands of God's we just don't know so let's say it will be a huge shame if we don't get to go to Sweden one of my favorite events but it would be a very very different rally without any snow. You know the remember sixteen. Obviously we got there and the weather held held a gun today. Events head through throughout Out The ricky and eventually we just about made it to some stages but it just wasn't ideal not by any stretch on. I think it will compromise job if we run without any snow. It'll look And much is I genuinely hate to say it could potentially actually be the end of the event. I don't know we have to say it's difficult future and I genuinely fail. For for the organizers of the event. It's it's it's a tricky on because particularly you know when we get the right conditions there is nowhere better than Sweden to to watch around. It is quite magical to see these cars absolutely flat out in sixty balancing the knife edge on those skinny ties. And it's amazing and the whole experience is fabulous. So let's see let's cross our fingers and hope that the weather gods deliver forest. Actually they're probably time just for one piece of news for me. I as you may have redden in my column in Motorsport News and all to export I'm leaving This is the the final gravel notes and my my last week with with Motorsport Network It's it's been a very difficult decision to make And I just failed. You know quite right now. I'm ready for a for a new challenge. I'm not going to go on for long hair. I'm hardly johnnym leaving today. Program I it's just an opportunity to say a huge thank hugh to all the people who have read Mein. Nonsense down is twenty three and a half years and I've been absolutely privileged To work with some some great people at Tisdale Haymarket and Motorsport Network and autism. What media it's been? It's been an absolute blast. And you know from the day that I walked into stand at house in September nineteen ninety-six absolutely lived the dream of this job. It's it's been quite extraordinary meeting heroes. You know a lot of people talk about. You should never meet heroes. Forget it always meet your Heroes Heroes Because for me Colin McRae Richard Burns collar sites. These guys have one hundred percent lived up to my expectations. You know it was a genuine privilege to to sit alongside Colin McRae on tests get drunk with him afterwards and you know and the same with Burns and these are moments events that I will never forget this job with bought me into contact with the most amazing people and I will miss it all and you know I Even a Monday press day. Those stinking stinking horrible Monday pressed as I will. Maybe I wouldn't miss those Actually I will you know. There's a huge cameraderie at all to explore and and on on an obviously it's changed down is you know there's there's probably less office cricket played Now the northern we're at t's down at Standard House But yeah it's it's still all about the people and there's some great people you know from from when I started people marks Curious Lawrence Foster amazing raising editors you know people are. I looked up to for an awfully long time. Just gave me that the most amazing halpern a great start. And as I walk out through the door no I leave. Turner in charge of autosport and Matt. James Judge both amazing fellows and you know these both titles are in very very safe hands. so. Yeah Yeah I think I made this decision a few months ago. I said I wasn't going to go on a now. Listen to go on and on. I made the decision of a few humans ago and for me. It was the right one. I had a huge wobble on Christmas morning. Selena when when my my son Oliver bought me a the copy of motoring news from from the weekend was born in seventy two and when I rap that too it was was just incredible and I just Kinda then thought wow you know I have been so fortunate to be part of a great institution you know Motoring News as I I. I walked in through the door and as I read it from a child you know. My father competed in rallying for an awful lot years and motoring users at the center of our household And I know it gave mom and dad gives my mother you know unfortunately dance not with us But it gives my mom still a huge of pride. She's not a big motor sport. Fan but not to have seen me grow Inter Inter job and into the role and everything. It's it's been good for her and you know I know my father's up their dad had you know looking down and he's pretty proud that I hope And I'm sure he'll be proud of the next move which is coming very soon. I'm sure you know I'll be talking to you again soon. Bert it's there we are. I said I wasn't going to go on. I'm going on far too long. Having mentioned Ali I must mention my gorgeous daughter Georgia and my beautiful wife Sandra and thank them fabric dumped me. I also need to say a big thank you to Martin Lee who produces this podcast and turns this nonsense that I'm talking right now into something that you actually want to listen to you so thank you all the best everybody baseball and I hope I still really opportunity to write your feature. You Will Al- always have of a place you know very close to my heart. It's it's been amazing but I said goodbye.

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