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397 Teaser - Football 4 the People


It is like like the cultural residents of football in America is inextricably tied to race in. America always has been because most of the people who play the sport overwhelmingly black men and then it's audience of not overwhelmingly. But like it's it's it's like you know white mainstream. America that's assuming it and loves it more than anything and like how do you feel like it? Do you feel that? That tension stole their experience. Sat at all I personally don't and and go. I mean going to go into a chargers game. There's actually a huge amount of a Latino population you know. There's a good amount of black people. Obviously there's GonNa be majority white but there's there's very influx of a lot of diversity which I love to see I love interacting with our fans who you know especially at the training camp practices like. There's like a lot of his belly. We have a very strong Hispanic support base. Which is awesome to see but I think sports I think for me. Sports has always been an amazing place. Because it's a place especially when I got to college where I can interact with people from all teammates brothers from all over the country and we don't all have I mean there's there one hundred hasn't caused so we didn't all have the exact same political views and stuff but we could actually sit down and talk to each other and we can disagree at the same time. I still love them and we still. You know we eat together. We practice go. We play together all sorts of stuff and I think that's a place where sports brings people together And I think that's kind of been taken out of it when you put all the you know you put all this partisanship in there and all you know have Colin Kaepernick type stuff. It really takes away what sports is supposed to be about which is bringing people of all different backgrounds together cheering and and being on the same team for something and And that's what it's been so amazing for me with sports is I. I really feel that and I felt like that has informed my politics because now I can actually talk to people who are you know? Republicans Bend Republicans. Whatever we can actually talk about issues without me. You know resorting to just name calling a common experience of a discipline or suffering or joy at you know achievement or or winning or something like yeah exactly so that that's been the best part of sports for me and that's like. I said it's helped inform my politics and I think it's helped me be someone who can go out there. Speak my mind and advocate for something without absolutely shitting on dunking on disparaging Other people who who have their own reasons for voting and how can I get them to see that? Those reasons actually are reasons to support my candidate and not the not the one. They seem that that door mostly for the most part at the media or culture at large swings. One way at this point yeah like it's it's not like a completely like a level playing field of mutual respect like all people's beliefs or political stances. When you're saying that about bringing people together was made me. Think about how to what extent sports in this country have been exclusively claimed by the right wing as like. This is like a conservative thing to like sports to be a football fan like there is no space. You know. There's there's no realm it's like The good the good liberal baseball fan or something because you because it's got winners and the is still like winning their wine to want it just like whining and participation trophies. Yeah No. That's that's definitely interesting. I think like you said it's been claimed but I don't think it's necessarily representative of the fan base. You know I think there's I think there's fans that are. I think it might be a more of a representative sample of the country than you would think but I think like you said it's been claimed so loudly been screaming to the heavens by only one side That I think in our mind has kind of been flipped to think that. Oh it's just one side that are that are really into that And then obviously with the cabinet thing you get the president involved and then it turns into a whole shit storm and then yeah like you like you said before I think it's just the claiming of it That has changed everything. But I don't I really don't necessarily think it's as far as far as the fan base conservatives as you think.

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