BK Breaks Down The Steelers Game with Rick Lewis


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Hope you're starting to climb out of that funk, but it is a Malays across all of the Rocky Mountain region I think right now because of the injury news reported the Portland Sutton injury yesterday tornado torn MC l. done for the year that was confirmed by VIC Fangio also put the Dream Jones news out there is about he was going to be out for about four weeks. Fangio confirming reports that we already suspected about drew lock shoulder turns out. It's a bruise not a sprain necessarily and he's GonNa be out anywhere from three to five weeks. In fact, I let you hear a little bit from Vic Fangio's he explain what was going on with all the injuries. There's nothing structurally wrong with his shoulder you've gotTA. Bad Rouge there you know when a true throwing shoulder. Time to heal it's gotTA calmed down. Your strength back to were. Fully has an economic berate. Honor at one hundred, percent eight has more detail here as to what exactly is going on with drew lock shoulder. Yeah. There's nothing structurally wrong with the shoulder Bad Bruise there. You know when a true throwing shoulder. It's going to take time to heal. It's gotTa calm down. Strength Back to tour. Fully. Has It an economic rate. On a one, hundred percent, one other injury, no devante hairs dealing with a hamstring injury. So he could be out a couple of weeks. So you look at what the Broncos are going to quarterback while it's all about Jeff Driscoll vicks thought he played pretty well, all things considered and I'd have to agree with that. When you look at the numbers ends up putting up the two touchdowns, two, hundred, fifty, six yards the one pick wasn't really his fault. Of course, being more costly with Cortlandt Sutton done for the year vic also said, they wouldn't add any receivers already a little heavy there with seven. So now though Kerry six, those will be. Led by Gerry Judy becomes your number one. This Caja Hamblur jumped passed him. Patrick has the number two. We'll see how much work does day Sean Hamilton. Get tyree Cleveland will now be up and then maybe you'll see stuff where you get Devan, deontay Spencer and Kgan Marlon together. So I'd I'd be down for that just from tribulation standpoint it seems like jets not only have to rely on those young guys, but also his tight end. So driscoll be your starter against the Bucks, br ribbons going to get promoted from the practice squad. I'm guessing they'll put drew lock on I R and just shut him down for the full three weeks. If he's a fast healer, maybe they'll regret that but you've got. The bucks coming up. Then add the jets quick turnaround, and then at the Patriots, St Lucie Drew Lock Against Cam Newton, but it feels maybe unrealistic. So they will. Make those adjustments will they add another player from the outside? It's Kinda. Slim pickings out there Vick was quick to say Colin Kaepernick and not been in their discussions. Blake. Bortles is kind of the only name that's out there. Would you WANNA come here to potentially start for a few games and then yield his starting gig to drew lock probably not you could sign a playoff practice squad they have to agree to come here. So Josh mccown certainly wouldn't would trevor Simian maybe, but he's probably happier being in Tennessee right now. At least knowing that teams trajectory is certainly headed up in the short term more. So than the Broncos, here's Vic Fangio yesterday. This final thing we'll play from VIC. On where the locker room is and I appreciate him being honest with us here the question was actually about just his feelings for everything going on because he's not one to really show emotion you'll hear rick. Lewis talk about that coming up in just a little bit but he was vic yesterday talking about how these injuries are affecting him disappointed for the players that have gotten. Injured you know. It's never good to get injured. On an individual personal basis. It does have a negative effect on the team on not going to insult anybody's intelligence that. Losing the type players and the amount of players that we've lost doesn't have some type of fact. But. We do have good players here in the building. Still they're gonNA come rally look at it as an opportunity for them to. Play good at what they got. Going to get them ready as a coaching staff to go out there and compete. Try and find a way to win these close games. One thing that is affecting vic it was reported last night that he along with Kyle Shanahan Pete Carroll are all going to be fined one hundred thousand dollars for not having their face coverings up on the NFL sideline and League is not messing around with that one hundred grand each of them while all these coaches can in theory afford that's a lot of money does go to nfl charities but feeling that will be certainly a reminder if not a. WAKEUP call to coaches and think they may have gotten away with it around the league or are thinking about slide in their mass down and I don't even know how it relates to assistant who can't afford that as easily. But three head coaches Victorian one of them along with Kyle and Pete Carroll there. So that does send a message. All right before we hear from Rick Lewis WanNa. Remind you about chug water chilly. We know the weather's going to turn here soon and you want to be ready to make. That great Chile. You can also use their. Awesome. Chili powder on Tacos and throw it on other kinds of meat because it's it's really just an enhancement to your meal. You can pick Jaguars Julie up at a grocer near you. It really is the gourmet spice of Western life. You can use Promo Code, Chug, Water K for a twenty five percent off. Offer on their website water chilly dot com on all their chug waters surely products again chug water vk jug water chilly dot com. All right. Let's get to Rick Lewis now. Color analyst for Your Denver Broncos and. Looking to start this conversation before we get hard core into the nuts and bolts of the broncos and where they're headed with these injuries. On how it was for both Dave and Rick to call the game from an empty empower field at Mile High and you're you'll hear him describe how everything kind of went down. So without further do the one and only Rick Lewis. Rick I imagine. You have done plenty of unique things here in twenty twenty and now add to the list calling football game. From an empty empower field at Mile High, not empty with no fans in the stands in a game in front, you empty all the way around with a game going on in Pittsburgh what was that like, and then we'll get into the specifics of the game and the mass unit that is the the broncos coming up. Tell me tell me what it was like being in their just you and Dave and your broadcast team in the booth and no one else. Yeah it was it was weird to say the least I've mentioned it during the pre-game that. Both Dave and I got into radio in the eighties Dave after playing in the National Football League in me. Taking a stab at trying to be an actor in Hollywood and This is Something that was completely new for both of us in something that I never thought. I. Would see in my career and you know it in a way. I was. A little bit excited about. What it might be like, and you know doing something different outside the box so I was trying to just embrace it. it was. It was a bigger challenge for Dave than it was for me. As the color commentator. Tough for play by play guy. To be able to do that off of monitors in really tough for our spotter. Jim Zayas he he's been spotting for Dave for. I don't know how long twenty plus years probably. And it was really tough for him because. What we had was. We had probably. Eight or ten monitors in this little booth with like walking into a best buy. These TV screens everywhere right and One of the monitors for each of us was an all twenty two, which is an NFL feed. It's a basically an aerial shot of all twenty, two players on the field. and. The other was a feet from the network. TV network that was doing the game, the one that everybody watched on TV. The problem with all twenty two is it was such a high shot. In grainy that. None of us could see numbers on the guys. And so that made it really tough for the spotter to to spot the game. which made it tougher. Dave. for. ME. I would just basically just glance at the all twenty two. once they got into their formation, just trying to basically just check in with the defense of coverage was. And then I would go and then look at the TV feed. Because you could see in oil way more detail right what was going on in the field? So for me the all twenty two. It didn't really. Factor in for me. One way or the other. Dave told me today that he watched doll twenty two most of the time. that. That's what he was watching. And our spotted couldn't watch it at all. So it was kind of a mixed bag with the all twenty two it was. It was weird to say the least. We're in Denver in a completely empty stadium we may have been. Maybe the only six people in the whole stadium, there was a guy who led us in. Somewhere. He probably someone had to stay there. There's probably a security guard, twenty, four hours. We want you to think that the stadium just empty I do know that there's one security guard around, but that could have been about it. Yeah was probably about it. The cardboard cutouts were there. They were leftover from the Monday night games. Yeah. I heard. You mentioned them. They're. Yeah. They were they look like they might have been hung over and they were they were real quiet again. We're watching this game from Pittsburgh. On. TV. You know and they kept showing this. I don't know if this was on the. On the main TV broadcast or not. But it seemed like every time they went to a break the feed would go to this aerial young of the stadium. Because there's no fans to show and instead of showing I don't know why they wouldn't just come back and show the sideline show. Big Ben Throwing look at his arm off an injury or keeps you on the broncos. Silence show Mike Tomlin show Vic Fangio show the coach and quarterback talking on the sideline. But they they did they kept coming back with the scene set aerial shot, of Pittsburgh, during the day. Yeah and I. Think I said Three Rivers Stadium at least twice in the broadcast because I'm looking at this you know during the break I'm looking at this aerial shot and I, thought it looked beautiful. Looking at these three rivers and we'd come back and then I would say three Rivers Stadium? Until agr producer wrote me a note put in front of me Heinz field. Right, yeah right. Prefer Stadium hasn't been around for twenty years. so but The whole thing was. It was confusing. What you didn't hear listening was the scrambling. That we were doing in the booth to try to make the broadcast sound smooth. So none of us was comfortable that we were scrambling the whole time and and so it would have been easy to make mistakes along the way I don't know other than me saying three rivers stadium if there were any real mistakes in the call or names or whatever but. We did the best we could and from what everybody told me, brandon? you wouldn't have known unless we would've said something. So that's a compliment and I appreciate that. I'm right there with everyone else I. I. listened to the entire game and I was listening to the to the pre-broadcast feed. 'cause I had the ability to do that with my setup at home and wanted to be a little ahead of it. It was a kind of a strange way to watch a game for me something that. I. Haven't done too much. There's been times where I've. The TV and radio broadcast because when we go through our website, you can do that 'cause it's a little behind her right on and you can kind of as your dvr but I was a full play ahead, which is kind of what it's like being at the game and that was sort of the way I approach. It was when you're at the game, the play happens, and then you look up at the Monitor when you're in the press box to see exactly how was blocked or or who missed a tackle or whatever, why did receive receiver catchable or DB makeup play. So that's the way I kind of approach, but I definitely missed a handful of plays because. I would react to something you guys said tweet it out and I did that a lot and so I was ahead of the TV feet tall second look at you. So there's probably plenty of people who thought I was at the game based on me Ryan o'halloran and Andrew. Mason. And Mark Kessler, the only three reporters I know for sure that were at the game and I was routinely ahead of them even though they were sitting in the stadium based on the call from you and Dave and some stuff you guys were able to to get out your broadcast. So anybody listening to the radio I guess would have likely been slightly ahead of the TV as well. But I'm glad we made you look like notre of exactly exactly. That's what I was going for. In fact I. Probably more actually. Yeah. I probably shouldn't have pulled the curtain back but yeah if you want to be ahead of the TV, here's the thing if someone's follow me on twitter. And you're falling for play by play it's maybe the worst way you can watch a game because there's even the little ESPN or Yahoo game crawl will have like. A fake bought, you know a a digital football that will show the kick off and then like move with each play and have the play written out. So the way I'm doing it is kind a silly antiquated way to do it but I was doing it for a handful of people might just be glancing to see I. Try to put context with not just what happened on the play Regardless it. It didn't sound like you guys weren't there and honestly the only time that I thought about it. We're win you mentioned it and it wasn't like you were beating us over the head saying after every play. There were even times where I could tell you weren't exactly sure who had made the play and you do a good job covering for Dave or David Give it an extra beat that he may not give during a game because like you said, Jim couldn't see it and he would still get it right because he'd glance at the TV feed or understand as the ball carrier stood up or the tackler got off the tackle especially on the defense side I. Think you guys nailed it considering that it's hard to see who it is and you were able to to from your vantage point. Determine who made the tackle from fifteen hundred miles away. Yeah, you know what? Really, what I did was just fall back on my experience I I've been in broadcasting almost forty years. So I just wanted to make the broadcast sound smooth. And professional and Kinda just fell back on that as a default and you know an and at that probably worked the best because there was a lot of confusion you know if you if you would have been in the booth and could see us after a play, you know looking at each other and pointing like. Who made the tackle? You know who? Who who made the catch there was times where we we really didn't know for a second or two, and it sounds like you picked up on that but you know and even Dave Logan who's been doing this forever. he's a he. He said this on the radio today on Koa to. He said man, we might as well just go. Be there you know be there for these road games, you know the broncos. Charters not available to us this year at least as of now. But he was saying you know we might as well. Just. Buy A ticket and go because I. It's. Especially when you've had as much experience as him calling games, the traditional way you get used to that and you're used to seeing everything and when you're Dave Logan, you could see everything Dave's got a brilliant football minded Dave knows. He knows he can tell you what plays coming just by the way they line up you know, and so we'll see how it goes the rest of the year, but I wouldn't be surprised if we at least go to. A couple of road games well, places like Kansas. City in Vegas or easier trips for sure getting to Pittsburgh not as easy New York, New England coming up maybe not as some of these games. But but the ones you know put nearby in quotes are probably a little easier and here's the thing too. Though like you said, even though I picked up on it I've been working in radio long enough and know the mechanics of calling a game and listening to the broadcast to know if you guys are split second later than you normally are. But for the majority of fans who aren't sinked up watching the game and listening. They're just in their car or they're just at work and they don't have access to TV. They wouldn't have known the extra breath. I could hear when you guys were trying to determine whether it was Justin Simmons or Kareem Jackson or Alexander Johnson Josie Joel and I realize those guys I'll look a little different but whomever the tackle with whether it's dream Aunt Joan's or shelby hair Joe Casey who are all built about the same in all wear numbers in the ninety s you couldn't tell I think the casual listener that enjoys listening to you and Dave every week you couldn't tell at all so Kudos to you even a struggle. All, right. We're glad to hear that about what happened on the field and then the subsequent injury report that came out today I guess let's start with the game before we spin it forward. When drew goes down and then subsequently Sutton Goes Down Jeff Driscoll. comes. In. I imagine you like most of Broncos cut your well, not only here goes this season. We've got no shot in this game and that's not what happened. You're you're you're right about that Jeff Driscoll. Is The guy who started eight games in his career record is one and seven. I thought going into the year that the broncos probably should have. Signed a ten year at that. That's out there guided. That's been around the game a long time. He could mentor drew lock a guy that's maybe even started. You know twenty twenty, five games in his ten year career. And just let that guy be. You know a guy there kit. Not, only mentor locked but if you had to use them the guy, you could win football games with I didn't think through Jeff Driscoll. WAS THAT GUY But after watching yesterday I was impressed I gotta tell you I was really I was really impressed with him be played pretty darn good. I think you can win some games with him. I don't know if he's a guy, you would want starting the whole season. As. Your guy like your number one but I think you can win some games with him now keep in mind. The broncos these first two games to play two of the best defense in the league. They play to the best teams in the League. And they were more than competitive. They should repeat Tennessee in in day could've beaten. Pittsburgh yesterday. So the broncos. They've got a competitive team. That is very resilient battling through all of these injuries which I have never seen. Injuries to key players like this in my entire life. Of Not only covering football playing football watching football. When you've got your number one quarterback down your number one wide receiver down your number one pass rusher down your number one corner down your know IRV. Be Running back and your number one right tackle who opted out because a cova to begin the year that's devastating. That's your six best guys at all your key positions. It's unbelievable. That they've been playing as well as they've been playing and looking back on the twenty twenty draft now with Portland Sutton off at the year. You gotTa feel pretty good that they took. Excuse me. They took judy an Hamblur. In Rounds One and two I know they. You know the so-called draft experts were hammered elway Broncos for taking handler in the second round after taking judy but. It sure worked out to be good. Didn't it well, and here's the other thing to everyone wants to jump on Garrett, Bowles he played well against Tennessee obviously part of the no sacks no penalties was rated as the highest broncos player in pro football focus. Then today even though he did have that hold yesterday, he was rated not only the best offensive lineman for the Broncos he was rated the sixth best offensive lineman tackle on those tackler alignment either way even if it's six best tackle out of thirty two tackles. Sixty four tackles he was rated as six best in the NFL yesterday despite that one hold that had everybody in broncos country groaning. So I'm right there with you I was excited about Jerry. Judy. Who was my favorite receiver in the draft and then when they drafted cage a lower, the idea that you'd go receiver receiver and try to match the chiefs. On. Offense as well as beat their brains and on defense with a better defense at the Broncos on paper did have going into the year. I think that it's a credit to elway and maybe even Vic Fangio who certainly is still going through growing pains as head coach he was not down when he talked to you guys this morning or when he talked in his press conference despite all these injuries. Yeah we'll Fangio seen everything I. Don't know if you've seen injuries to this extent, but he's been around the league. So long I vic Fangio, it doesn't get up or down. You Know Vic. Fangio is who we is I've I've never heard him. You know just real excited after a big win up. Never heard him really down after A. Crushing defeat. You know he's pretty much the same guy every time you talked to him he seems like he really likes Caja Handler. We asked him about him today and then I I believe later in this press conference, he was heaping praise on number thirteen in there's a lot to like watching him yesterday think about this guy's twenty one years old. Playing his first snap. As a professional football player, no preseason games hardly any training camp and the guy is a baller. Imagine next year when they have Hamblur Judy and Cortlandt Sutton plus no fant. You could see what they're what they're trying to do. You know they're trying to load up with speed and an explosive talent and they've got it. You know hopefully, these other guys can stay healthy the rest of the way hopefully we get drew locked back because even even if the season. Is. Pretty much gone by the time lock comes back. Say he comes back. In after the bye week in the broncos up one win or two wins you want to see this kid continue to develop you want him to keep getting Reps. And get better for the future. So I'm glad that he's not going to be out for the year. and I think they could win a game or two with Jeff Triskel. I wouldn't write him off yet. Well, we know that the bucks are still trying to completely find their stride. They didn't have Chris Godwin this week they're good on defense with guys like and Dominic ensue and. got a bunch of tacklers there. But they've got Tom Brady and Gronk and Mike Evans still trying to figure out the offense for nets probably going to be featured more. There's no guarantee that Tom Brady who has not always fared well a mile above sea level and he's come here is going to just walk all over the Broncos next week. Then you go to the jets were there a complete disaster right now and the Patriots looked good in a loss to Seattle they look pretty good last week but. I think the Broncos are going to continue to remain competitive and to the point you brought up. These are two of the better teams that they'll see an I'll make the case. These are the two best defenses you'll see till at least week twelve with the saints. If not all year, these might be the very best defense. They certainly terms of Pittsburgh's blitz package and. Pass Rush. So I understand why why folks and Broncos country bomb today when you hear Portland Sutton's down for the year when I reported that this morning as well as all the other injuries and lock out for anywhere from three to five or six if not longer, it's a bummer but it doesn't mean that the sky is falling and goes back. We've been saying it's a credit to elway and and Matt Russell that they've been able to rework this roster to keep them competitive or what we think will be competitive here in the coming weeks. Good Point I. Don't think anybody expected them to be a super bowl team this year. There were expectations that they could be a playoff team. And and that's still possible especially with the extra spot right nine and seven nine and seven tiebreakers I. It's too early to write that off in this new NFL. But what they're building there they're building for the long-term now. Now that they have their quarterback, they're trying to build around him and put an explosive offense around him. gave him a whole lot of weapons. They're all really young they're really talented. So you're still looking to the future for this football team and I know Denver. broncos, fans her very impatient. And I get it. You know they they've really been spoiled over the years. This franchise has set the bar really really high. And broncos fans. They don't know what it's like to lose like this. They don't know what it's like to not go to the playoffs. So there is that but I you're going to have to be patient with his team. There's a lot to like about this football team injuries can't be helped. You know. A. Death. A pretty big deal which we're going through right now but. I I on the bright side you're you're going to get a chance to see more of these younger guys. Get some snaps and reps and playing time and all the backups, a number twos and even number three's. You know guys that. Can really benefit from that and. I think this t I think they're really building something for the future idea. I never thought this year they would be super bowl I thought they could get in at nine, eight seven no. Get a playoff spot but next year I think is the year to watch. Assuming everybody's healthy then I think you can maybe raise your expectations for the football. Team. and. So kind of the point you were making it it'll be good whenever do does come back you certainly don't want to think that there's pressure off but you're gonNA play games that's kind of what he did at the end of the year was he just went out and played they were out of the playoff race and he was able to just kind of relaxed and I don't think that he was pressing or anything it was way too early to tell yesterday with just thirteen snaps and WanNa five and certainly steelers were getting after but. To your point with such a young core, these are going to come out and just continue to play and we saw it on defense to Michael. Jordan had a rough day by by any measure, but certainly for a rookie and he saying, he didn't play I don't think as much as maybe he anticipated play a fair amount he he didn't have his number call too often because they were. Media, but these guys are just gonNA be able to build on that and you're going to have to solid pieces of your defensive secondary for a long time that you're going to get some valuable experience as well as some of these young guys up front Mattel James going to be a big part of what they're doing now for the next couple of weeks because no dream Aunt Joan's and know demarcus Walker at least for a little bit. Yeah and they love him too I was Kinda surprised. That he's been inactive. I who games. They loved him in training camp and yet which I think is player. it's the toughest position to play in the National Football League specifies certainly on defense in probably the toughest to play coming out of college. At any position as cornerback in OJ media, I have been watching him pretty carefully and I like what I see from him. The kid the kid is he's a big corner he he's a hitter. He loves to come up there and make tackles and he's a good tackler. He's come close to making some really big plays. He got picked on yesterday Big Ben went after him as the weak link back there. and he he'll. He'll benefit from that that that touchdown pass. With with Ben. Rolling. To his right to thirty eight year old quarterback kind of lumbering along. You know bad knees and. Bad everything. And, then he just throws a bullet. To the Guy thank you. At the. Johnson a Bay wide receiver in Ocean Moody did not have bad coverage. Now, he almost got his hand on it. He did he did in at that's something that he'll learn from. You know he never had to play. quarterback like Ben Rothlisberger play against one like that in college or probably even a wide receiver like Johnson. You know. So these are all things that. Will benefit this kid I I expect. Big. Things from them. So it's good that he's getting all these reps now. All right before I let you run. A save your your thoughts on the bucks for the very anything else that we missed or something that jumped out from the broadcast other than the mechanics of it. I did appreciate like you touched on earlier referencing the. The cutouts in the stands and they'll be I guess w mixed in a they're gonNA have to move some of the cuts I gotta think some of those seats are really good seats for the fifty seven hundred fans. It'll be there this Sunday. But anything from the broadcast that you want to highlight. Again, I wish that we still had the the notes that you you and I would do years back that we would touch. After and you know. Anything that the made Dave laugh that I may have missed because I was doing something else or. They made yourself laugh. I. Can't think of anything yesterday. It was so weird. It was so different. In honestly, I was scrambling all game. You here. We all work PK so much to the point that. You know even during breaks you know were looking around and asking each okay who who made that tackle and who made that block and? Trying to just get caught up during the breaks and then you're right back on the on the air, the call in the next series and I. I. Just I don't remember if I said anything that may dave last. But I was trying to focus on just being smooth and seeing as much as I could offer these monitors to. You'd be able to give the listeners a good picture of what's really going on in the football game. I did note that are cardboard cutouts were really quiet staring at us. You know there is were just kind of earned in through us. They look right to you. You know those cardboard cutouts if don't look them right in the eye. because. They. They kept his hypnotic stare. And they basically are just looking right through they can see right to your soul. So I try not to look I'm right in the I just like I try to not to look at the. Big, blue for the airport. Yeah. Blue surprise I don't look I. Don't look at him directly either when I go to the airport. So I'm kind of superstitious like that. There are some story and I meant to bring it up to you because my wife told me the other day we had to drop are any of the airport and. I guess some guy drove up to it and Either tried to do something maybe tried to kill himself or did or something I needed to find. Did you hear that story I? Realize? That's not exactly broncos daily podcast material but. Talk. About blue a lot. I'm GonNa see if I can find the story. I don't bring everybody down and see if. I try to avoid all. For I've got a friend who every time he goes to the airport here a picture of it and text it to me. Until I opened up texting like damn you. Coming in. You're getting rick rolled by blue safer instead of never gonNA, give you up its. Forces me he should put the music. We should figure out a way to put the music under to that. All right. Well, okay. Final thought then as I let you around and always appreciate that I steal more of your time than you plan on But what do you see for? Sunday with Tom, Brady and Shaq Barrett and company come into town Broncos, they're underdogs again. as you know PK, the broncos have covered. Both Games even though they lost depends on the number yet for the Tennessee game because it kept shifting but yeah. Covered the two and a half they did they did cover that they covered again yesterday. The broncos are really competitive and losing. I don't think. Anybody would expect that the broncos could be Tampa Bay. When they come in here with Brady on Sunday, but I wouldn't put it past them. This team has so much heart chapter risk will get a full week of prep in all the snaps in practice which should benefit him. I would think probably quite a bit and we've seen that the broncos defense is good. This broncos defense is good. They have they have good personnel on that. Pretty much the whole defense. They really played pretty well again, yesterday at all three levels, you like you like the way the teams built. Yeah. You really do I mean the steelers had to. Two big plays on them. And other than that. They really held them pretty much in check I see them doing the same thing on Sunday keeping the game close and then maybe maybe they'll get about. At. It's it may I maybe it's their turn or the football gods go. Hey let's get the broncos the balance of the turnover at the end of the game here and get them a w. they could happen. You know what it feels like the last time they got it was wind shelby Harris intercepted. Big Ben Two seasons ago, and then the football gods have been against them since. Maybe now the loop was closed yesterday and We'll see if if the football God's will now look favorably upon them. Like how you think I'd like that thought. Loop has been closed. The football God's will look favorably down on the broncos and do not look lucifer straight in the now and do that but feel free to use that on either show this week listening to both. The time is always talk to you next week next rick. Thanks as always Rick Lewis make sure you're listening to him on Fox and on Koa and follow him at one Rick Lewis on twitter and instagram tomorrow to talk with Big Al Well, competition already happened but you'll hear from big Al and also a handful broncos players as they'll talk to US Tuesday in zoom calls and talk to us about the mood in the locker room where everything is with these injuries what their plan is to stop Tom Brady and bucks in a defense of my I may have underestimated because I talked to somebody in the league that. Has Seen the bucks play now twice and is A big big fan of what they're doing especially on defense. All right. So I appreciate listen we'll catch you next time on the broncos daily podcast. 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