Week 12 Was Crazy... To Say The Least


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Thanks for having me back on the show as you said when i asked you fun topic for the time talk when it comes to the nfl so let me ask you but when you start from the beginning air with this branca's story so when you i heard about what was going to happen. I believe on saturday afternoon. What were your initial thoughts would i. i was like. This can't actually be happening right. There's gotta be some sort of mistake. There's going to be some sort of contingency. That one of these guys is going to be cleared but i believe my first reaction was like all right. Let's let's be the snow quarterback offense but also a little bit like disbelief but the way the twenty twenty has gone the way that the nfl has been enforcing its protocols and sticking to the letter of their memos and all this sort of stuff like i'm not surprised that they made the broncos play this way But it was bizarre. And you know. I've i've been covering the nfl since two thousand eight nine live in denver most of that time. I've been covering the broncos light. You know every minute of the tim. Tebow era a lot of bizarre stuff has happened around this team. I'm not sure there was a crazy or twenty four hours. Then what happens last weekend. From the quarterback being ruled ineligible to kendall hinton's promotion through whatever that was that they put on the field on sunday against shane's i love at the broncos quarterbacks and the only thing you can think of or the most the most relatable thing you can think of when it comes to that is the t bar where there was a quarter not really a quarterback. That was. yeah. I mean i have. My initial thought was well. I do remember the broncos winning a game on time or the only completed two passes. So it's not like we haven't seen that before and this was houston hill. Was the other starting quarterback in this game. Who reminds me a lot of tim. Tebow and the the taste of hell experiment and the offense with putting together for him You know honestly the offense that shades brought out. They rolled out when they kind of. Leave your game plan knowing. That can probably weren't gonna have to score a lot of points. It reminded me. A lot of the broncos would do back in late. Two thousand ten and drought part of most of that two thousand eleven geez and it was very very familiar to me but yeah it was Yeah it was his are. It was very jarring. I was at the game at mile. High watching whatever that was. And i had sheep's bucks on my laptop pulled up on sunday ticket and it was it was like we were watching two completely different sports. I mean one of those games might as well been played on mars because it was completely different. Just watching patrick mahomes and tyreek hill. What they were doing in the first half compared to what. I was watching on the field where i think at one point. I think it's a two minute warning. There was negative nine net passing yards and not bronco saints. Game in a quarterback is hard. I think is all jazz with no practice in. I don't want to criticize him whatsoever. I don't know if anyone really is now not i. Everyone has been like everyone's on the same page. irreverence data. like you did good. You're not the problem. You're the best you good. All visitor did a reasonable job. It's just the circumstances in which beings should you are in our ridiculous crazy and so you wrote about this plane for the athletic. And i wanted to ask you. Can you just lay out. Sort of the timeline of events that led to saturday so from the beginning of the week what happens in denver to cause this. Yeah and i think there's a lot of lessons for around the league but can be you know that the other teams should take from what happened here because it wasn't a kind of stuff that was really out of the ordinary. it's you know it was kind of a normal. You know normal in air quotes because nothing is normal but On tuesday was the player off day. Drew lock the starting quarterback. You know kind of organize a Informal washing don't watch accession so that was with chapter school red ripping and blake bortles blake. Bortles was their quarterback is on the practice squad and they said all right. Let's all go. We'll go hang out in the quarterbacks room and watch film for a couple of hours So that's what they did and they would be prohibited from meeting off campus The nfl koga protocols very clearly As of late. September early. October very clearly state. That players are not allowed to gather facilities. So they they thought that they were in the clear you know. The broncos had been given permission to hold quarterback meetings and that's multipurpose room inside their field house bigger than a regular patron. But it's not a large room. It's like they were setting out on the turf field and fieldhouse tiny means but the during this some fashion According to people who saw the video their surveillance video from inside the room they were there for about two hours. They were pretty inconsistent with wearing their masks. During that time they were eating They also were not wearing their con connects on tracking devices. Those are those little like tags but all. Nfl players and team employees have to wear whenever they're inside the building that so the the nfl collects data for contact tracing. They figure out who has been in Who has been in contact and for how long they data's automatically uploaded all this stuff. They were not wearing 'cause devices this tuesday they. They'll come back to work on wednesday. They go through regular be you know. They go through regular practice on wednesday all for these guys together. Thursday morning jack driscoll who technically number three quarterback he learns that he tested positive for the coronavirus and they immediately ben started the contact tracing process. One they don't have the contact tracing data from the connect devices from tuesday because the guys weren't wearing them and the other quarterbacks were not forthright in their interactions with each other. You know if they were asked. Did you know how much time did you spend around jackson. Say oh not that much or you know where every time we were around him. Where you wearing your math. They said yes. of course. we wear masks well. There initially cleared. You know they they say okay. You're not high risk close contacts all those guys You know they're not ruled out. There determined to be close contact with michael high risk and the the distinguishing the difference. There is that if you're determined to be a high risk close contact and there's a mandatory five day isolation period there where your clock starts the day after your potential exposure. You five days you have to return a negative test each of those things and then he can be clear. We've seen talk all over the league right. I mean we tire week. Where the the entire Las vegas raiders offense line. We're determined to be higher close contacts A bunch of raiders defensive. Starters have gone through this. There's a whole bunch of guys on the reading list. Currently that are determined to be a high risk close contacts So that should have been the end of that right okay. They're not determined to be highest close contacts. Well at some point on thursday. The the broncos believe the nfl pa. Got a tip. Basically said somebody who i'll somebody else. Who's in the field house on tuesday that you probably need to look at the surveillance video There's reason to believe that what the video is going to show is not going to line up with the statements that you guys gave and So you know if the video it's a couple of hours worth of video they ought to the nfl for review And then they wait and sure enough. The video showed that there was inconsistent matthew but they were laxed on those protocols. And how closely were adhering to that and So broncos because their ability on friday abundance caution they did everything virtually they can actually practice But saturday they come back to fill it either. Going to walk through. The guys are out all out on the field when they're one of their complaints guys. Get the call from the league office. That call says you. Gotta pull all the quarterbacks off right now. They got to get out of the building. We're gonna we gotta keep looking into this. So lock boorda and ripping. I'll get pulled off the field. Megan back home at this point. Broncos coach is still think it's precautionary they still think it's just like they have to work through something so they go through the rest of the walk through Their last kind of walk through in preparation for sunday's game and without a quarterback but they kind of go through this just to walk day before game type stuff and then within a couple of hours. They get the official word that all the quarterbacks are yield out. So that's kind of how this time line goes but by now we're to saturday afternoon. We're middle saturday afternoon. You know three or four o'clock when they're officially ruled out and kick off sunday's game is that to fifteen or two oh five local time. So we're less than twenty four hours here and they're figuring out. What exactly is our quarterback situation gonna look like what a interesting turn of events because it sounds like if there had not in a whistleblower in the organization presumably call the nfl. Hey double check that video. The broncos probably would not have had this issue now that is my understanding of situation because they were initially cleared. They were initially determined to be just close contacts you know. Has most quarterbacks would be within a quarterback group But then the the video evidence not review and i believe the fact that there were inconsistencies. They're probably helped the nfl make their decision there as well but yeah i mean i it could. It's very easily could have ended their and it's definitely something to consider now or to think about with these other situations and how closely now they're looking at various evidence for Peter contact tracing aim. Your sodas totally say since two thousand eight. You're particular covered. All the fallon able from organizations are. Are you surprised that somebody within the broncos organization or someone who had access to this footage would contact the nfl. It almost seems like you know there are organizations where you actor a culture of saying. Hey if this happens don't tell the. Nfl these are the consequences would be and needed those people from the broncos organization. You'll like this was lowered the wrong thing ordinance to the nfl. It's a it's an interesting question. Because yeah i mean you put the team in a really bad place right. I mean they had to play a game but if they win the game now not having a chance and we found a way that the same offense played like they would have had a chance of drew lock with playing quarterback there so it you know it really is an interesting dynamic and interesting question but you know i think there are a lot of people within organizations across the league not just not just in denver but that are you know understanding that kind of everybody needs to be following the same sort of rules and this is not an organization that has been immune from kobe cases. I mean they had a number of players. A number of coaches. John elway thirty general manager. And joel who's the guy who basically is there one. Basically they're acting owner and part of the one of the trustees but he's the one that goes to the owners meeting for he also had kobe. their defensive coordinator at donatella was hospitalized kobe. So i think there's an understanding of how serious this is and what the case numbers look like in denver which has been very bad and it's just like they are in most places in the country right now so you know i- i- injuries to see what comes of this after but i hope that whoever was that you know said hey there was. There was something. Imagine you should check it out. But they are not They don't face any sort of retribution. In goes one of ninety six does his best is was not especially all that great but again no one. Christmas is not the problem here. Is it true. Broncos wanted to start a coach at quarterback. It's true that they asked if it would be possible. I don't think it's super realistic. That they actually would have been able to go through with it I don't think the joe have actually had that happen. But they did ask. They wanted to see if it would have been possible. So rob calabrese there Offensive quality control coach and he was a quarterback at university of central florida in the early two thousands. I believe two thousand twelve ash so look. He's played quarterback in the division one level. it's been quite a while She didn't necessarily have extensively more quarterback experience than kendall kendall hinton dead who played quarterback I think he had fourteen starts at wake forest a quarterback Earlier in his career he ended up converting to wide receiver his his final two seasons or so In wake forest. But look. I mean it was it just last year. That was four and matt patricia. Both like twitter achilles just like walking around practice. We can only imagine what would happen to me. You know. twenty eight thirty s or year. Old man trying to get chased by. If you save by cam jordan. Ray i think we all would probably die so I mean. I don't think he was ever a realistic option. But they didn't inquire about it. I mean rob calabrese Was at ucf with blake bortles. So you know there could have been some kind of synergy. There's owes a lot of dots to connect the dots to borders with there. Is the practice squad. Quarterback is like a whole separate issue. And why if you're going to have in there. He hasn't actually been quarantined. I can spend a lot. Time unpacking to blake bortles situation but But yeah well. I think it's a fair question though. I mean we've heard about teams. Think the bills jake farmer in example of teams who happiest. You've been quarantining a quarterback. That guy will not go into in person meetings more happened. He was just on zubaydah's or the other quarterbacks he doesn't practice with the team he shows factors gordon. Chris mortensen some drills with a a selected group of practice. Squad buyers is basically kept separate in case what to the broncos and obviously. I don't think the broncos expected all of their quarterbacks to be caught with amazon and half to quarantine but dean think the broncos should have at least consider this as a possibility and prepared by having one of their quarterbacks. Yeah anything they are. Everybody should have maybe more actively considered it. You know it was something. It was story line through the offseason. I think bruce arians was the first one he floated it as something that might be possible and we all kind of like a little chuckle about it. But you know it did end up mattering right. I mean no matter. Goodness game. I think other teams would be wise to do probably do the same I would. I believe there are more teams. That are not quenching a quarterback than actually are. There's only a handful of them The eagles were one. Who work weren't union quarterback in the most extreme way when they had josh mccown on their practice squad and he was living near houston and with participating in. There's meeting and a lot of questions about how they would actually the logistics of it. They needed him because he wasn't in the bills you know. He wasn't actively in their the testing protocol. Where you can't just bring a guy off the street like normally would in a normal year so this questions about the logistics of you know if you needed. Have saturday afternoon for example that would have actual well But look i mean now that it's a realistic issue. And i think other teams need to look at doing the same The us his plan was going to change if he would corner quarterback About monday afternoon and he. He said that they didn't have immediate plans to do. So and that. If everybody probably protocols they would be fine Later that afternoon they did. Fine kyle shurmur. Who is a former college quarterback vanderbilt You know he's been on practice squad in the nfl. Most recently with kansas city last year. And obviously he is pat shurmur broncos offensive coordinator son so they did sign him to the roster yesterday. He's gotta pass through all of the coated protocols before he can actively be either in their building or especially on there but So you know they in theory could quarantine him now like. It was a little bit more got contingency plan. Let's say lock rippin or bortles test positive or all three of them were test positive and they would need a quarterback next week against the chiefs. Who and they needed somebody other than kendall and so i you know it's interesting in kind of complicated situation. I mean i think the one thing that the nfl keeps kind of coming back to is that everything has been a mess this year. And i mean but as cases are rising and all of the there's been no documented cases onfield transmission You know between teams or something that has happened. Actually like on the fields. You know. there's not. We're not seeing offensive linemen. Give it to defensive lineman in the course of a practice or a game. Whenever we have seen spread within a team it's come from meetings Wait where sideline interactions and so there's a little bit the vic fangio's right that was like look hasn't been gathering together to have a meeting in person and not wearing masks whatever This when that happens pange i. I'm gonna be very curious if the next step for the nfl. you know they. They put all of the teams into these intense protocols after week. Eleven i i. I don't know we're in because we're it has finished. Yeah right like i guess. We're in week thirteen but we're still kind of week twelve But there have been allowances teams can submit proposals to say. Hey we want how i want to have. The broncos wanna have our quarterback in the in this multipurpose room years square footage and the ventilation and all that sort of stuff and i have been approved but the players getting together on their off day there to hang out and spend several hours together. That's completely against the spirit of these intensive protocols. So i would not be surprised if the next step from the nfl. To say under no circumstances will there be in person meetings own meetings whether those are players. Only staff coaches personnel. There will be no meetings. Even if you're the los angeles rams and you have a twenty thousand five twenty thousand square foot outdoor tent. That's like the rams. Do no more in person meetings to try to stop any future situations like this dan. I mean i think that's plausible. Certainly tough to enforce especially off of the visibility because don't have players are players in clear they're not wearing their player checking Devices outside of the facility are they know their jets for inside the bill. Way there were you know. And i i. I talked to Folks at the league office and people who are dealing with those devices early in the air when they first preseason about some of those questions and they couldn't legally have them wear them at all times. There were a lot of Kind of ethical questions about you know where you are at all times here in close contact with and they only work if you're around another person who's wearing line so they weren't going to make all of the family members or nannies or whoever it is where these devices also so the only work if you're in in the building and you're required to wear them when you're in the building and some of these other places that we've seen protocol breakdown so that's tennessee baltimore Watch vegas there have been issues with inconsistent use of these tracking devices. And that's something that is considered a violation of protocol teams will get punished for about the game itself And then i want to talk about sort of punishment issue in terms of what the brockers were actually doing on offense during this game. What did their playbook look like. On such short notice for kendall and the marcus offense. Yeah so they You know they started having these meetings. Saturday afternoon saturday evening. There thirteen hotel. And it's you know so it's kendall and it's Shula their quarterbacks coach. Pat shurmur And then if also phillip lindsay and royce freeman who you know two of their running backs. It's basically those guys figuring out okay. We're gonna run all we're going to do. They put in a couple of tapping passing packages. But they just figured we're gonna do wildcat as much as we can They started out the game really on this rotation of the lindsay taking breakfast. Roy freeman taking some naps. And then they would bring him kendall hidden in person third down but they got into like almost all third and long like they were like thirty eight thirty nine hundred twelve. And it's like you know but the broncos often ends up in third amongst a lot no matter who their quarterback is but it was a you know i would be a little bit better with chew lock third and eleven than i did with a guy who never played in the nfl before But yeah it was really this You know at. I was like confuse the saints. Can we just you know. Do enough to cycle different people in and out of the huddle They're really try to construct the edges a bit. You know we know how dynamic phillip lindsay is right. And they don't that i drive. I think he broke off like fourteen yard run and you had a moment there. You're like maybe they'll be able to get into field goal range or you know. Move the ball a little bit and then very quickly at all kinds of you know you realize just wasn't going to be a functional functional and they're also playing against one of the nfl's best defenses. I mean it would have been a lot easier for being a lot easier but it would have been a bit easier. Had this game been against like cincinnati bengals or dallas cowboys. But they're reminding up playing cam. Jordan markets import. And you know they weren't going to pass much. But i pass that Pendleton maturity through downtown Marshon lattimore which felt like maybe not the best. Maybe not the decision that i made or the guy with a guy with a targeted early. But yeah i mean it was. It was really an impossible situation. And this is not to solve kendall hinting at all because i mean key you imagine a situation not only had he never played in the nfl. He'd never taken shops quarterback. I mean he was. She was signed to the broncos. Practice squad on november four. So he hadn't even been here a month. You know practicing the team. And he was doing all of his work as a scout team receiver and doing a lot of special teams work and he was working on catching punts doing a lot of know. Special teams coverage and Either just last week actually. He texted a picture of himself catching puns in practice. He packs about picture to date crossing his coach. Way for us to say like hey coach like thanks for making me work on special teams because look what. I'm doing now here. The broncos and figured that would be a path to at some point getting on the active roster and so it was just it was really an impossible situation and Just a ton of respect for him the way that he handled. It employs His teammates you know really supported him a lot. You know i think around the league. He's getting a lotta respect. The saints guys were like tipping their taps to him and just understanding how difficult this is. Because i mean. I think you can make the argument. The playing quarterback in the nfl is probably the single most difficult position in all of professional sports and he was asked to do that on twenty four hours notice without any practice time not impossible and It's going to be a hell of a story that he's going to be able to tell the rest of his life and you know. Hopefully the the final score the final stats. Don't diminish just exactly what it was that he was asked to do and and you know he put. He put forth a good offer. It it just you know it was just way too difficult. I mean you know. He was not great for being honest but he was opened on the first half of one or two in the second. Half there are actual. Nfl quarterbacks who have been quarterbacks in college. Jackie quarterback with the number one eight know played as an actual nfl quarterback who have really bad games. It's not like he was so much worse than your maytham peterman's of the world or a really backing from jake degrom or even tibo. I mean like he was but against a very techy with one day notice. He was kind of a little bit. That's incredible. I think that's was impressive as we've seen all season that i hope that he gets opportunities whether it be the broncos this year or down line in the years to come act is a position now. Hyphen sieber were specialties. To happen career because this for him and obviously you know hey at started going to get. You're going to be some people are gonna remember twenty five years from now. I'll bet one gimmick in started but at the same time i think it's also you know hopefully humor recognition and adding show me did He'll get an opportunity to clay. Were meaningfully admission. Murray has perhaps the possibility of watching a long-term. Nfl career are. We'll get back to our show up here in a moment but first last week is in the books it's over now. It's time to review the tape. Check out the numbers and prepare for this upcoming week of football. 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My last name get gonna free shot up millions of dollars in prizes with your first deposit. That's code barnwell. Only at draftkings make it. Rain minimum. Five dollar deposit required eligibility restrictions apply. See dr king's dot com for details. Here's what i want. Because i i have the actual text here of the memo from roger. Goodell sent out this year. Mary's the quote. And then i'm going to ask you broncos situations name what unquote if a game is postponed due to one clubs inability to play because of covid cases. The burj of any competitive financial and consequences will fall fall. More heavily on that club ciccarelli. If the club is not adhered to the health and safety protocols has failed to cooperate contact tracing or other views in response to positive tests among clump players are stat and So we broncos reportedly wanting to pushes the back to monday. It was denied broncos. I was lost of competitive game broncos fans at least the ones i see ensured very. You're very rare happening. Denver broncos fans are upset. They're saying. Hey the ravens where he will get their game. Laid different times broncos route so given the terms laid out by roger. Goodell about this exact situation. Do you think the broncos treated unfairly by the nfl. i mean. I think it was an unfair game but i don't. I don't think that they were. They were treated unfairly I know there's a lot of people who believe that. I don't know if it's fair. If any of this affair none of us is right. Is there anything that's happening to season the fair but under the term but have been laid out the rules that have been established we hundreds of pages of memos that have been sent the words that have been spoken what they've talked about it owners meetings all of this stuff they operated under those will and it that's the broncos and wasn't the broncos it was going to be somebody at some point and i've seen you see this around the league and when you cover the league at large like you and i both do you kind of take a little bit more of like a thirty thousand view and look at what's happening and every team and the niners that they have been treated unfairly. They believed they were treated unfairly with about thursday night game and they play without all of their wide receivers and they got blown out the packers who were also missing. Almost an entire position group because of positive contact tracing. they didn't have their. They're running back the niners to have their wide receivers. Now the niners are having to go on the road for basically the rest of the season. I mean they're relocating to arizona for three weeks. I'm playing to home game At the cardinals home stadium. So you could argue the doc on their the steelers a case to say that they've been jerked around and treated unfairly. The raiders fans feel persecuted. I know the saints believe that they've been treated unfairly. you know. Those are the teams that have been fined from those that also have been docked. Josh pex so you know. I think there's a lot of things you can say berbie. We've we've been unduly burdened or we haven't been given a chance oliver versus thing. But i kind of look at it like this is very clearly lined out and if and if they had pushed this game back a couple of days based on strictly these roster issue they would have every single team now that had contact tracing issues and then guys that have been pulled out you know for the five days you know for the browns collins. They push arcane back myles. Garrett is on the kobe or you know you could argue that you myles. Garrett is just important to the browns and drew lock is so the broncos right So i just think it was would have been setting up really dangerous precedent for having to evaluate every single case. Now make you know teams will be able to make the case that they were being treated unfairly. I think you could make a different health and safety arguments. That how safe is it to go out and play with a quarterback who is not taking a single snap That maybe they could have and if they can push the game to monday. Those quarterbacks wouldn't have been eligible. They're not. They were cleared to return to the roster till tuesday so if they had and they did ask could you push it. Ideally they wanted crystal tuesday but if they pushed it from monday that would have allowed them to go through one. Practice with kendall. Taking some snaps from lloyd cushenberry. But the first time he wasn't handling snaps with during pre game. Warm up I think that's maybe a reasonable argument but Pushing the game for a couple of days just to let these other guys finish their isolation period and return all their negative tests. That really goes against all of the terms that have been laid out and agreed had been voted on by league ownership. All thirty two owners agreed to this. The nfl pa signed off on pretty much. All of this and yeah. It's i mean. I just think that everybody inch getting at some point every team. If you're going to get screwed for lack of a better term right can. I say that on podcast. I don't think you can guess now. Okay i agree. I think that's true but given that everybody who's a weird season and that teams would have to be flexible scheduling thinking about the ravens steelers team at one outstanding game charles. This was supposed to happen on thursday of last week the ravens as re and a half point underdogs escape or something. Let's say at three forty in the afternoon eastern classic but all the nfl showed cited for wednesday lunchtime football. It'd be lunchtime here in denver. I'm i'm excited for it. It's great. I'm really excited to. I'm afraid it's going to become a trip to encourage the nfl. Like having some afternoon is free. But what is off. Albie entertained by but rarely japan a week later. Almost they are ten point. Underdogs dies out dramatically. They have been hit by the providers so number one. If you believe this game is actually still being played this week and number two. Do you think the circumstances stranding this particular game. Her both are on the steelers. Go beyond those sort of expectations of everyone stating spur and there are some very real. Very real health and safety concern. Better going on with this game Certainly from the ravens side. And i understand i mean there have been reports over the last couple of days that ravens players have been concerned about one flying when they her spell. There's still made some be some question about who could potentially be infected and not a tested positive yet but then also just the fact that you're going to go out and play without really practicing like they were gonna hold. I think they were able to pull one walk through. And maybe kind of one kind of practice before getting on a plane and flying to pittsburgh on tuesday night and that's a pretty long layoff. I mean they were not able to practice they all last week. So you know you're going ten days. Plus really i mean. They haven't practiced since their last game. Which now feels so long ago. That can't even remember who went that. They played without mickley. The tighten up their life is the titans right. She tennessee tendency wasn't the patriots house. No it was. It was the titan game because we had har- by on her by migrations jawing at each other game betting i guess it was those two teams last play. But that's a really long time. So i do understand that there. You know why there are concerns there. There is of course precedent that this is what the titan basically have to do but you know when the titans their outbreak that you know they're building was closed. They had very little practice time. You they were. They were not able to really work back into football schade before they had to go to buffalo and play or i guess they hosted that game i before they had to play the bills. Which was tuesday night game. I was the choose again that we got right Feel so long ago. But so i you know i think there are. Some significant questions are about what this team is gonna look like you know the the league and the agree on on a rule different roster rules the practice squads were expanded to sixteen players they have basically unlimited number time variable to call players up off the practice squad to be just as cova replacements and they immediately revert back to the practice squad after the game. They're able to sign veteran guys to practice squad. Which is why i was like blake bortles and does bryant who've been on practice squad this year. I'm josh mccown. you know. Forty year old. Josh mccown was on a practice squad this year. So you know. This is the first time the biggest test of those rules because the ravens because of this long delay have been able to get a couple of the guys back Including mark ingram and jk dobbins were the first players and up. You know to test positive and end up on the list. It's been so long that they're actually going to be able to play in this game when they are going to be without a significant number of players including lamar jackson. Obviously the most important player. So yeah i mean it's totally it's going to be difficult And it doesn't make it a compact. Yeah i you know. I don't think it makes them competitive and game Maybe that's the one thing that the steelers can contain gotta vest when they certainly have been jerked around. You know they lost another kind of by week or would have been a mini by week. they are playing a greatly diminished team. For i mean it. It's been a really fascinating that does dealers because they're also undefeated now. It's not as if this week. Who said okay. Well that lack of rest finally dots that we've been able to overcome back. So i i treat ac- have as might benefit dealers and long long-term One press release set out wrestle. The nfl santana. The one to the game being moved to tuesday before it was moved again to stay in the press. Release the nfl said quote unquote. We are acting out of a abundance of caution. Do you think that is fair. Even how they acted Over the course of the last week with the steam well. I think for acting out of abundance of cova cautions i mean i think all of these decisions are being made based on who is positive right now is the virus. Still being chanted within a team have they isolated cases. i think it's just a very narrow. Look at what is caution and not a broader. Look at like well. Are we subjecting these guys tamar achilles injuries or you know what's going to happen because they haven't practice or the fact that we're going to be having you may have some offensive linemen who have never played in an nfl game lining up against j. What you those sorts of abundance of caution not sure. Those decisions are going into it. You know i guess my one just lingering question out there is why the league has widely. They've been filling locked to just either just trigger that week eighteen option. And just say okay. Let's do this or you know at some point. Just press pause for a week and you know. I thought there was caused that they could have done that. And maybe you should have done that back. in early october when the titans The titans outbreak was like really still ramping up and the patriots were going through their situations. Patriots traveled which you know. I think you want to criticize some of the move but the league has made claim that monday. Night game In kansas city the patriots chiefs game right after Cam newton tested positive. I think that was a mistake. Go more into the testing positive immediately after that game then they had to push the next week's game. I think that was mistake. I think they learned a lot From that game. I you know why have they. Just don't know why they're so reluctant us that we gave option because if they weren't gonna use it in this situation where this is the game that matter they they have talked about how it's so important that the games that are the impactful games and this game is going to impact the playoff because one the steelers they desperately want to keep that number one. They don't want that she stand up catching them. And having you know getting not one seed and the ravens are right. I well right now. The playoffs started today. They wouldn't be in it but they're going to be right in the middle of that. Afc wild or grace to the rest of the season so this game matters. It's not like this. is you know. I'm trying to think of a you know. Angles jess type of game. Right where while that would matter for draft pick rankings or whatever but it wouldn't matter for the overall outcome of this season. You could cancel that game. You could just postpone it. Put a tv on it This is impossible game and and matters to both teams that matters to the whole league. So you'd think you'd wanna put it in the best situation and then when they do keep doing all these other movement it's not happening in a vacuum there's so many other dominant the ball and now it's it's not just twelve problem. It's a week thirteen problem now. Where we're gonna have all these games on next monday night because the one thursday night game already got moved and then pittsburgh's next game. Their game against washington has gotten moved off sundays so it it's really hard. I don't envy the position. That schedule makers are in. But i just wonder at one point. They're just gonna say let's just go to eighteen. Let's give ourselves flexibility and not having to put so many teens through the wringer hair just to get some of these regular season games on happening within the next two questions actually Because people keep asking me. And i have my answer. Adot confident my answers akard. So don't think it makes much sense the idea that number one. Why is bush engaged back to eighteen and number two. If this wasn't a reason to do this what would it take to make a week. Eighteen gave happen and my stockins. Those they're basically does not want to move the date of the super bowl Yeah and they have. No flights to hotels look infrastructure. All this matter by number one because we're in an era of kobe. So you know. There's tons of conferences happening in tampa like you could move date week and it it be the end of the world in the to. You still have the week off between the conference championships. And the super bowl. You have to work with so we gave team. Isn't the issue that possibility of wheat. Nineteen that would really concerned the nfl or some to move back in the super bowl a week. But i just don't understand what it is doesn't it's not the super bowl mark. What else could it really be. Yeah you know. I think there is a bit of like messaging in it do like. They are so determined to like. We're going to do this. We can do this. We don't have to have. All these destructions are protocols. Are going to hold up You know that kind of that feeling that we can get this done even though they did. I mean the owners meeting. I guess i was november. All my dates and our getting jungle out there but at some point in november there was they earth. They voted on this and they gave they formerly gave himself that option to complete the two hundred and fifty six game schedule Or slate within eighteen weeks instead of seventeen weeks. So they're just so reluctant to paul. Because i think once. They know that they've done that then. They're not they're going to be out of all of their options and you know clearly. They would rather reschedule multiple games than one week. Then push anything that we gay teen and you know. I think there might be a bit of just concern but once they do it and they start filling up. You know once the steelers and ravens. How game put in two thousand eighteen if the ravens situation isn't resolved there's another outbreak or now the teach you how the steelers had their own outbreak or some. They need another game that you don't have any other options I don't know there's a bit of. It feels just stubborn afraid to do it. I just think they're kind of stubborn. Insight we can make the top and we can get this done within the framework and you know how why is that how is that. I'm not sure you know. But they're gonna they're they're determined to make it happen. Yeah this is almost takes pride in how little affected by the outside world. But you can't pretend that league is and impacted by cova and we saw a game where you know a guy who was not even a college quarterback very long was the quarterback for eighteen game. That could end up impacting the playoffs heating in the nfc. I mean. I don't think you can pretend that it's not being impacted the ray so this sort of arbitrators station up oh as long as we get to fifty six done by sunday night seventeen. We accomplished something like you can do that. In the process you weed compromising what we're seeing during some of these weeks especially this week as sort of the most significant example. I mean it was entertaining. But i think entertaining in a way. That was a little embarrassing to leave the same time. Yeah yeah. I i agree. Yeah i mean. I think it was. I think it was embarrassing on a lot of you know for a lot of reasons and you know it was ki- it was like a curiosity for a few minutes. And then at pro howard. How are they going to pull this off. But by the second half it was just sad. It was really difficult to watch and You just felt bad for all the guys out there. I think phillip lindsay was doing all these direct snapped and calling plays off his armband 'em he tweaked his knee and he has to come out of the game and they don't believe it's a long term injury given what the game looks like at you know. Basically by halftime there wasn't really much point in putting back in that game. But yeah i mean it's just. I wasn't a good product. It wasn't Highlighting the quality of play that the nfl. You know the standard that holds itself to and Yeah it just it was. It was just a rough week all around. I mean it was happening all the time where you know. The niners are going through this stuff and the ravens the ravens outbreak. And you know and then you look you turn on. Tv on thanksgiving and there's thirty thousand fans at gerry world where it's like the pandemic the at all but how voice for two nfc east teams but even a good game. Yeah i i. I feel like maybe should do some examining about decision making their if that was how you spent your thanksgiving. But that's the yeah. Yeah i don't. I don't need them. Having into my mentioned right now. So i i will leaving all that aside which is impossible but just for a second to finish up here. I've already tried to previous game once last night on the podcast brinson. It got delayed nor marco vitesse or markova bosses more close contacts with move from situation like you said. Jk dobbins came back marking also came back after testing being on the co visit. So we've had guys go through the process negatively back onto the active roster. The ravens are six and four. I don't know if they're playing for their lives rape four behind the steelers Pretty much playing i think. Or if their seasons something close to their season do they have any hope of winning the scene a yeah i mean. I think it's just been such a weird week. It's not like the steelers have had kind of a normal preparation. They also have had a number of players based on the list Which was kind of a reminder to me that during all the screaming and yelling from segments of the steelers fan base about how the ravens should have to work at this game and then with it like forty eight hours James conner and Onto it and i think there were a couple other guys replaced on the list was a reminder that nobody is immune from this but i was the steelers do tend to play down to competition sometimes but you know they. It's not like they've been the juggernaut weekend and week out. I i think they shown games where they can put up a lot of points. They've shown a lot of games or their defense. Looks really really good. I think they've got kind of really relying on the weekend and week out You know what it's not like you're going in with practice bible and receiver. They do have our three if their backup quarterback who just like they're gonna have to completely change their offense systems When they're going from. You know losing lamar jackson going to rg three. So you know. I i don't wanna say they don't have a chance i i. I wouldn't bet on them. That's for sure. But i don't think it's quite the same situation as the broncos where you knew going to die game. There was no chance they were going to win. If it just as robert griffin has not been good for several years now even given his spot appearances for the region houston bad. He was all the brands. Although to fairview jackson habit apple with the browns. Yes the problem You know i. I would like to believe they have shot. Certainly still some talent bear but it just seems awful tough. I mean if this is how reefa end up missing out on the postseason do you think they have a right to feel sort of hard done biking circumstances or do you think they asked hearing to say. Hey you know. Our coach has as a positive in cincinnati. And didn't tell anybody and this is sort of you know we are reaping what we so. Yeah i mean. I guess it kind of goes back to this thing where it's like. I think we have to throw out the idea of fairness and equity here. Because it's just not it's just not there's just not there it doesn't exist this year. I think every team at some point is going to have some sort of reason to grumble and you know. I would much rather this game in week. Eighteen when both teams or fully healthy. And you have lamar jackson and you have Kind of your full your full roster. But that's not gonna happen. That's not the reality. Unfortunately that we're living in and you know they're going to get to play this game without you know they might. They might have sixteen practice by players called up week. And they're not gonna. They're starting quarterback But this is the game that we're getting. We're getting it on wednesday afternoon. Which is going to be weird. But you know i hope. It doesn't cost them their season right. I hope you're able to you. Know rebound the titans. I didn't think the titans were gonna win when they after their outbreak and they had to. They didn't practice almost two weeks. I had to go to buffalo. And then they lose the doors off of the bills so it's certainly possible but It it's a talk break but also like you said. I mean they were at fault. Ray i mean this is my This is not like a blameless situation. Yeah i if it's complicated that this is something i keep coming down. It has years propagated. Your that's easy answers for anything when it comes to the nfl this year. But i feel like that's insight from one of the best in the business talking about the nfl. Hopefully next time you john's we'll have war But for ninety next to a fun show. We'll do like a coach draft or something which we believe is something you did on a recent podcast of yours. We the coach fight club. Okay on ours. In our podcast. Yeah where we yeah. We didn't we didn't necessarily dropped to we. You know. I know that stan ghazi on us. I don't wanna step on his. I don't step on his chirp there but you know. I'm sure i'm sure we simply give something planned for next time. You do football podcast and of course you other stuff with funny yes so yeah. You can follow me on twitter at by h jones. And you can you call all my contents is there and you can hear me on the athletic football show. Podcast robert mays on thursdays. So we'll be recording that. I believe during the ravens steelers game which will be Which will be kind of fun. So yeah catch that on. Thursday awesome lizzy always excellent coming on bell. Thanks so much to my friend and see joe the athletic the show. Hopefully i said we have more. Football remained topics less disease and contact tracing related conversation. But they really fascinating story. Denver's talk about added. I think ravens fan. I just wanted to happen this. I'm just like i've been preparing for for over a week now. Just ready for but we will see open tomorrow. I'll be guys doing all guys a healthy and happy thanksgiving. We have more audio coming next week. Socialists or on the way and now another edition of obvious news from geico. A study says that soft talkers. Do not make great radio personalities. We asked local librarian. Steve sage about this. And here's what he said. I don't buy the harry. Captivating radio also an obvious news geico makes it easy to save money and easy to manage your policy with the geico app so switching is a really smart decision. How steve feel about this. I love the guy co op. Use it all the time. That's all these news from geico.

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