Dan Patrick Show - Hour 2 - Tom Izzo (03-06-19)


It's all about me. Dan, Patrick gas. There is more where that came from click back for new episodes all week, log, let's consider the secret life of the innermost nesting doll living, most of her life in the dock inside the other nesting Dole's. He has plenty of time to think if we could sadly, she has no brain, however, when an INA most nesting doll. Here's the Geico not only saves people money, but also has been providing great service for over seventy five years. She thinks it's obvious. You should switch because. Yes. Switching to Geico is a no brainer pity the innermost nesting Dollond her lot in life. Broadcasting from the Mercedes men, I really love this game and think he would be with the Lakers pace as Dan Patrick, welcome to the program already in progress. It's our two on this Wednesday. If you missed our interview with Lincoln Riley, the Oklahoma head coach who had a different opinion than Charley Casserly of the NFL network Casserly taking Cuyler Murray task through sources people said at the NFL combine he didn't interview. Well, didn't do well and drawing up plays on the whiteboard. And had basically one of the worst interviews that he's heard of any first-round quarterback. And he's been around the league longtime, but Lincoln Riley had some comments. If you missed an interview go to the Dan Patrick show app. We will bring back some of those comments here in a little bit Tom Izzo Michigan state head coach. He will join us in a little bit Doc Rivers, the clippers head coach a little bit later on as well say good morning to our three hundred sixty radio cities around America. Also, Sirius satellite radio channel to eleven and our TV affiliate. That's direct TV audience. Don't we're channel two thirty nine Celtics handed the warriors their worst home loss of the Steve Kerr air last night. One twenty eight ninety five can a team lose a game by thirty three points at home and still go on to win the NBA title. It's happened three times previously. You have the Celtics couple of times cabs. The warriors. Celtics again. But you and you start to look at these teams. I Golden State strikes me as we hate the regular Susan. I kind of we don't want to go through this. This game was great for the league, by the way. Because now all of a sudden, you go and the Celtics. All right, if they get it together, you know, they're not a finished product. Hey, you know, what maybe that's what they could be when they get to the playoffs here. Now, I'm not buying into that. This is what I would be curious about if I'm Steve Kerr in that loss happened last night. Let's say it's one in done in the NBA playoffs. So if you have one bad night you're out because that's what can happen to do. I don't think you can beat Duke for times in seven games if we reverse this. And now all of a sudden Golden State you're going to play a couple of tournament games, and you could be one in done with a bad night. Then it's really interesting. I still don't think. Golden State is going to lose four games in a series. They were the best offense last year statistically in the history of the NBA for one sees. And then you add boogie cousins, and the reaction was the rich richer. Well, here's the problem. You couldn't get any better offense eternally, but you could get a whole lot worse defensively. And that's the difference. Boogie cousins is not a good defender. You couple that with Steph curry, and now you have a little bit more of an issue. I think once you get to the postseason. I think boogie cousins minutes are going to be limited. I really do. And you usually shortened your bench when it comes to the playoffs. That's going to be a tough decision. Boogie cousins wants to play for a new contract and new team. And I'm sure the Lakers are gonna look at boogie cousins believe it or not in the off season. If they don't get any of these big time free agents, you know, maybe you're looking at boogie cousins, maybe Bradley Beal, you try to you know, trade for I don't think you're going to get these market guys. But I do think boogie cousins is not a great defender and get him in this pick and roll and they took advantage. But Boston played great last night and Gordon Hayward. So big win last night spring in the head coach of Michigan state. All he does is get to the tournament. I believe twenty one consecutive years in the NCAA tournament is that right coach Izzo. Yeah. I think it is twenty one dome. Don't act like you don't know. Come on. Okay. I'm going to start with you here. You were a division two. All American, right? Yeah. Really small college. Okay. But you played northern Michigan. Right. Right. Okay. Who plays the game in the NBA the way you played in college. The manager now. No warriors. And he's probably, you know, division one all American. But where you know. I was a pastor, man. I was pleaser. I kept other guys in touch. You know, I did the same thing in high school. I tried to feed mariuchi the ball. But he missed a lot of shots. So I didn't get any assistance high school so college he was playing football. And so have to worry about all those Mishaan he'd have. But you were division two. All american. Yeah. You know, they had those out if you no good stats, and you know, I, you know, I started my first start if you can believe this is my sophomore year against Michigan state at home. Gus connec gets Gregory kill sir came up to northern Michigan. You think that wasn't a an? The UP that was something big how how much you lose by twenty five. Okay. That's not bad. It wasn't too bad. You know, if I had a shooting contest between you coach K and Jim boeheim. I think I'd win it. I really do. I think I win it just because my usefulness. How? Coach K has a back problem. But he was a great score in highschool at the, you know, city of Chicago and score. I know what Mike getting old, and he's and he's and you know, he's got that back problem. So I don't think he Titian as as an as good. So you're not getting old. No, I'm I'm actually staying the same division who you gotta stay the same. You know, that doesn't change did you. It's just Eski were division. One guys. Did you recruit Zion? Williamson. No, sometimes, you know, you you look at certain players and. Excuse me. You know, you're probably not going to get them. So that was one of them. You know, I think Zion was destined for Duke or Kentucky who else did you say like, did you recruit Kobe did you recruit, Kevin Garnett? Lebron, you know, we didn't recruit Kevin Garnett and LeBron a little bit. We'd won the national championship when LeBron was a freshman in his high school coaches from the state of Michigan at that time keep damn broad who's now the coach at Duquesne. And so we were in there a little bit. And then I saw him that summer. And I realized that there is not a chance in the world that he's gonna call. Okay. Well, we begged out of that one. All right, where where are we headed with the one in done rule looks like it's changing. Yeah. I think it's definitely going. I think all these rules are going to change. I I just Dan. I mean, this is strongly as I can I I I know everybody's thinking we're giving the kids the most freedom, and that's best for them. But I don't know about you, Dan. But I I've made a lot of average decisions that eighteen nineteen years old. You know? And I I think a lot of these kids, you know, there's going to be saloon bronze. But there's going to be a lot more that aren't LeBron's. And then what are they gonna be like in a year or two, and they don't make it. So I I worry about it. I think it's going to cause a lot of kids to kinda beg school. And you know, I hear some guys talk. And then it's only going to be six or eight kids. There's gonna be a lot more net that think they're good enough. And there'll be a lot more agents and Bill men telling them they're good enough. And I I don't think it's gonna affect college that much. I don't I think it will. The toll a little bit more. But I think the biggest person it's gonna fact as the kids themselves, but you're not I mean, how many times are you recruiting a one in donor at Michigan state. You know, that's four of them and two of them didn't think they'd be one in done, and they ended up one and done. But I I'm not recruiting many kids that you know, you go into it that way. But I think once that rule comes out there'll be a lot more kids thinking, they're one and done. And yet, you know throughout most years, there's not as many that really can do that. But I think once the kids get set on it. It's gonna change, you know, and it's gonna make it a little more difficult for them. And for us. Issue. I'd take issue with what you're saying is we don't care about kids in other sports who you could have soccer players who could be signing. You know at ten twelve years of age tennis players. Do this baseball players hockey players do this. Golfers. Do this. I it feels like we're looking out for basketball players when it feels like that's more of we don't want to ruin our sport or are tournament. We want to have these stars. You know, I'll take somebody one in done just so I got to see Carmelo for one year. So I don't I don't know it feels like we're overprotective wouldn't mind, I wouldn't mind taking a one and done. So we could have a year. But now that won't happen. It'll be none in done. And and as you say that look at the other side as it worked out so bad for football football players. Do you think the NBA players? Do you hear the Commissioner talking about, you know, are these young new millennials having any fun or the enjoying it or they appreciate an? It, you know, could you handle? You know, fifty million dollars. It's eighteen years old. I can't handle it a lot. I mean either. That's exactly what I'm saying. And so I don't think we see the studies on what it does. You know, if you look at Hollywood, you know, those those young stars that come out later on in life hasn't ended up very good for a lot of them. That started really young, you know. Yeah. And I I worry the same thing. So I listen, I I don't care. My Michigan state. It's going to be standing whether we're wanting done Dun done or foreign done, you know, but why not why not look in the other side of it. It's worked out pretty good for football. And, you know, those kids get a little more mature, and and they get a better opportunity, and maybe they can handle things a little better. He's Tom Izzo. Michigan state head basketball coach joining us continental tire coaches corner. What what's your best closing line? You ever had with a recruit like you ever walked out going? I killed it. Usually get on my hands in these. There. My wife and my children, please come. Have you ever have you ever cried when he lost to recruit? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Chris waiver. I mean, I'll remember it till the day. I'd I 'cause I recruited them for over four years and of Chris, and that was one of those I was kinda young then I was still an assistant. But you know, you do you do get emotionally involved with some of these kids, especially if you recruit them for a long time have you ever gone out? Have you ever waited or gone to recruits house and then gone outside? And then saw like coach K ready to come in or something Calipari. Oh, yeah. I mean, you know, more and more. So at the schools, you know, when you go there, and everybody's lining up, and you get you know, different times. And yes, that's not always a good feeling. You know, those two guys seem to be able to last SU most of the guys they want, you know, they're to me they're more selections stage, and I'm gonna more in begging stage. Happens when you get to the tournament. Like, what changes with you and your team that we've seen these runs out of Michigan? We're not surprised anymore. So what well, you know? I do think for the most part, you know, if we can stay healthy, which we last couple of years haven't been as healthy. But if we can stay healthy, I think teams, you know, we've gotten better. And and I think there's a culture here where they believe they can win, you know, we've gone to a final four I think is a seven seat and we've not gone as a one seed. So sometimes it's a coin flip. You know, the one thing Dan about the tournament. Boy, it comes down to matchups comes down to, you know, middle Tennessee beat a couple years, you know, which go beat Duke do mean sometimes teams get hot the different soda. I tell my football buddies, you know, usually in football, the bigger stronger faster better team wins. But in basketball between the three point shot and referees, which could eliminate guys, you know, in football, you can get five holding penalties. But at least. Tackle is still in the game and basketball. He's out and that makes a difference for more upsets and and more problems, but we've kinda hung in there because I think we've got a pretty good culture where they believe that we can do well in March. Are you more apt to send a text to your one of your former players after a good game or a bad game? On their good game where my good game. No. They're good game. They're bad game. I I usually send more after bad games, you know, other girlfriends and family members are sending them after the game. You know, they'll be like chef they're bad game. So I sent a text to make a call after a tough game. Or maybe if a guy got injured or something, but that's the fun. It's been fun to follow your guys that are in the league. And and it's fun that they follow. You get some guys come back this weekend. I think they're going to try to sneak in. Nice. Nice. Is that Michigan game the Michigan game? Yeah. By the way, Weber did say when I asked him about, you know, paulie, do you have the Chris Webber? Yeah. Coach Bob four years ago. We had Weber on the show, and you ask to be at a mulligan. We go to Michigan or Michigan state and Christopher said, quote, don't do that. Don't do that don't do that. He's he's talking about the love had for you. Because the truth is I don't want to answer that right now. That's fair. You know, I I did have a I think a great relation with Christmas family, infect, his younger brother came here as a walk on. And and still a no Matini, Chris close, you know. And I have have a lotta respect for Chris every said recruiting when he was in eighth grade. I really did and head 'em up. Here. Fact, Scott skyline was playing then if you can believe that he might have been in seventh grade and we had him up for the last game of the year. And that's where the recruiting started. It just then played good enough for us. But I've remained a friend him. Can you confirm this story? Wisconsin. What is it? Okay. Michigan state is playing Georgetown. In Schuyler, his dribbling by the Georgetown bench and says to John Thompson, I need you to get a bleep and bleeper out here who can guard me. Well, if you want the truth, I don't know he said that and I would never say that the John Scott's cool crazier. In the first half of that game. I think he went one for eight. And if I recall it right in the second half, I think he was seven for eight. And when Scott got on a little roll, I was just a GE then. But when Scott got on a little roll, he had a tendency to be the Michael Jordan of his day. You know, he could talk with with anybody. So it wouldn't surprise me. But I'd never say that the John I know what you're step for Joe was one of my favorite players. He wasn't afraid of anybody. No. You know, I'll tell you a good story, Dan, it was Valentine's Day senior year, and we're playing Iowa and. Oh, I think it was God I'm trying to remember the player and the coach now player I think was from Michigan to take for the bulls very good player little guard. And and he goes running out there. BJ Armstong J Armstrong. Yep. You J, and he goes running out there with this big card and the he gives the cart as they shake hands. You know, that's the two teams would alternate. And they'd say cans at the middle. You know, they don't do that anymore. But he gave Scott a card got, you know, Barbara bench. Give it to me. You know, what the hell's this? You know? Well after the game, they asked the coach, you know, why did he give them a card? He said well, everybody else makes got mad and he scores thirty five. So I decided to be nice to him and he only got twenty five. So that was a true story and Dr Tom Davis. Oh, no. That was. Oh, God ended up going to USC. I'm. Mm. No, no, no. Oh, jeez. And you can't remember it's your guys job to figure those things out. All right. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Well, we'll wasn't lute Olson midnight lute. Now, it was named George George Raveling, George Raveling. It was yours. Great. You know, he was kind of guy to and and he had BJ give him that Gordon card, and it was a nice villain, tines Descartes. And he said, you know, and it's true. Scott's goes to this day was one of the few players that ever could play maddening -gree. You know, a lotta guys think they can. But it usually works and their detriment. He the matter he got and the more people got on them the Petteri play, you know? And so that's why jed got them all the time. Riled him up. Hey, good luck against the wolverines. And and we'll probably talk to you during the tournament. That is heavy great man, either you bail out earlier, you have your usual tournament run either way. We'll probably check in with you. I appreciate it. Dan. Thank you show. And thank you, man. That's a Izzo. Michigan state's head coach. Yeah. Scott scowls. Didn't Scott's gonna have the NBA record for most assists in a game. When he was with our landing like twenty four he had the record for awhile. Let me check. Okay. Continental tire coaches corner. Proud to be the exclusive Thai of the Dan Patrick show. No matter where you drive what you drive how you drive continental designs tires for. What you do? For more information. Visit continentaltire dot com. Continental tire for what you do. Yes. Billing according to basketball reference, Scotty sky still has the record at thirty assists in a game in nine hundred ninety John Stockton has number two or three number four. I thought Kevin porter was in there too. For some reason. Now thirty is the best John Stockton at twenty eight twenty seven twenty six Rondo had twenty five kids up there. A few times Rondos up there. A couple times is Magic's up there bunch. All right. We'll take a break. We'll bring back some of the comments Lincoln Riley had as he gave his side of the story to Charley Casserly subpoena in the former NFL GM who now works for the NFL network had some things to say about Kyla Murray. They were not complimentary of color Murray at the combine. So we'll bring back some of those comments Doc Rivers in the final hour of the show will look a little closer what happened with Golden State against the Celtics have that for you coming up right after this twenty one after the hour, Dan Patrick show. Okay. 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So dive into something new golden road, spike. Agua fresco twist on tradition. Try to debt. Soul. This from Adam Schefter teams that have spoken to the Pittsburgh Steelers about a potential in Tonio Brown. Trade have been told a deal is expected to be in place by Friday league. Sources tell ESPN keep in mind any trade. That's agreed upon can't be officially announced until next Wednesday at four eastern when the twenty nineteen league year begins. So he's got three years left on his deal base salary of twelve point six eleven point three twelve point five, no guaranteed money left on that contract. As of Friday last Friday, three teams have shown the most interest. The raiders Redskins titans. There was word that AirAsia was not interested in Tonio Brown. I thought the jets might be interested in Antonio Brown. But I have these are the teams titans Redskins and the raiders for Antonio Brown. So something to keep an eye on here in the next forty eight hours, by the way, I mentioned that we had Lincoln Riley on the Oklahoma head coach, and he was talking about Cuyler Murray. Kyla murray? There was little character assassination with Charley Casserly from the NFL network. And I asked Lincoln Riley, his reaction to what Charley Casserly reported. Not surprising. I mean, that's just in the fact that it's at time of year, you know, people are going to say different things. I just hate that people go go out make these comments, and you know, you'd never even thought to the two people that have actually coached this kid. You've never you haven't talked to teammates. You know, he went on what one team. Said was that's probably smokescreen knowing of this draft deal works and all the different, you know, back and forth. But this kid's a tremendous tremendously for us a tremendous leader, very aggressive, very poor. They have all he cares about twenty. And that really I think our team took on personality without a doubt. So he's he you know, and as far as processing offense. I mean, they they just had the, you know, greatest single season in the history of college football. So I think he can process just thought. Yeah. I don't know. I don't know if he's a quick study. I don't know if he's a bookworm. I don't know if he's a guy who loves getting in there and staying in there, you don't have to be chatty. You know, who had one of the more. Unbelievable interviews at the combine. All right. And he went he could have gone number one in the draft or he. He eventually went at the end of the first round. My source said the best interview that he's ever been around at the combine. Aaron rodgers. And he went last in the first row. Alex Smith went one. Aaron Rodgers went last Johnny Manziel blew people away at the combine Peter King wrote a column v real Johnny Manziel because we thought maybe that's who Johnny Manziel was. He was coached up to be great in the interviewing process at the combine. He would remember your name if you've ever been around somebody, and they will try to emphasize your name, though, they might talk to you. And they might give you an answer. And then they'll go, but you know, Dan, in athletes will do this. Sometimes, you know, they'll personalize it Alex Rodriguez would do that all the time. And you know, you personalize it in doesn't feel real. But you know, sometimes you have people do that Johnny Manziel was doing. He he blew away. He knew their names, he remembered their names, and what did that matter? I just wanna know do. Johnny Manziel didn't work hard at football. He was really good at football. He just didn't work hard. Michael Vick didn't. Work are jamarcus. Russell didn't work hard. It's really hard to have a great career. If you don't love being a football player in absorbing all of that information. Like Brady loves it. Like, he he he eats it up. It just can't absorb enough of it. Peyton Manning in the same way. It's hard to just go. With my talent. I'm able to cruise because it'll catch up to you. If Cuyler Murray doesn't love football in doesn't show at the respect that it deserves at that position. It'll catch up to him might be three years maybe five years down the road. But it'll catch up to you because the gain changes, and you must change with it. And you must study the reason why Brady can do this at forty two. And I told you the quote that he told somebody that had had related to me because I go do you think Brady continues to play? And you know, my friend said Brady said to me, why would I quit? It's so bleep and easy. But he he's actually he gets better in some ways. Because mentally he studies he goes to the line of scrimmage and processes, so he knows what you're doing. But you only get that do that. And are able to do that. If you put in the time in the effort, and that's what separates are you? You know, what would be a gym rat in basketball? Are you that kind of quarterback? And if you are coupled with your natural ability, you have a chance to be very successful. But you can't trust me you can mail it in and try to skate by on just natural talent. And you could end up being Michael Vick who says as talented as anybody who's been in that position. He just didn't put in the time Ryan leaf with was thought of on equal footing with Peyton Manning physically was better than Peyton Manning. He didn't put into time it'll catch up to you. Yeah. Going back to nailing the interview either. A bunch of stories here of two thousand thirteen EJ manual quarterback. Florida state love everyone is gushing about him at the interview. Remember, he came on our show and afterwards rock. Wow. That guy's awesome. He went right up the charts. He's out of football. He had a couple of couple of Cup of coffee in a league. I think he's still in the league. He may might be a third string quarterback. I think he's still. I mean, he we we liked him. Yes, personally. Yes. I thought that he was great. He was very personable. But just because Kyle Murray wasn't personable with me at the Super Bowl when he was making his rounds. Doesn't mean that he can't be won't be a good interview. He got bad advice there. But the fact that Lincoln Riley set, in fact, Seton we'll play this because I asked Lincoln Riley about if he saw the interview I did with Tyler Murray at the Super Bowl he told me about it. He told me about it after actually what did he say? Well, he was in a tough position, you know, 'cause he hadn't he hadn't made up his mind yet. And he's he's such a kid. I mean doesn't wanna lie doesn't wanna tell anything wrong? He's he's a and and so it was a tough position for him. And so I think that's, you know, part of the reason news ready to just get this decision made and get on with. It was the kind of constant back and forth. Not really being able to talk about one or the other. You know, put the kid understandably in a pretty tough position. Yeah. He wasn't a tough position. And then I tried to talk to his dad who was in the room just to 'cause I thought, you know, the dads pulling all the strings here. But he never should have been on tour with the product knowing. I have to ask you about these other things and these were really simple questions to deflect. Have you decided when will you decide what do you love more? What will this come down to you know, you you you can get around this? But if you put somebody in a room, and Sarah, here's the question. Because if I'm Gatorade or anybody or his agent, I say, okay, I want you to look great. I want people to say, man. He's awesome. Russell Wilson who we have enjoyed a relationship with him since college can come on and not say anything Derek Jeter, an entire career of not saying anything, but being available to not say anything Cuyler Murray should have been in the position to just you know, I can give you a sort of a little bit of an answer flirt with the a little bit here. But I can't I haven't made up my mind. What do you love, you know? I love them both you know, I was successful at football. And you know, I didn't know what people would think of my talents, and you know, my too short to play in the NFL, and there's part of me that wants to prove people wrong. But you know, the Oakland. As I'm the eighth pick and the baseball draft. So I really have a tough decision. What do you think it comes down to you know, I think I got away in everything from everybody. Here. What is my future? What position when do I make the majors with the Oakland A's in my first round talent? Could I start in the NFL like you could you could have him come off as he's giving thought to your questions without really giving you answers, and that's where people around him failed failing. Because when I had him on a November. He was a good interview. Now, he wasn't over the top great. But we were pleasantly surprised when we had him on. But there was no decision pending there. You know? It was like, hey, I'm going to go with the Oakland. A's? I got five million dollars waiting for me. But then all of a sudden, hey, you can make a couple of hundred grand promoting Gatorade. Yeah. I'll do it. You don't wanna pass up that cash, especially if you're giving back five million to the Oakland A's. Oh, and he says to me before we do the interview we're out throwing the football. And he said I hear you're a tough interview. And I thought oh boy like who said that. And so I talked to his dad a little bit there. And then I realize okay. So Cuyler Murray, then goes back. He's he talks to his coach about that interview in the front offices, the NFL front offices have that interview. That's being shared by these front offices because they're looking at that with Tyler marine those who may have the opportunity to draft him. Like, that's a big moment. You're on a big stage and you freeze up and you didn't look good at all. What happens if there is controversy? What happens if you have to get in front of the media? What happens? What do you say? Like, these are things that really matter. You're the face of the franchise if he goes to Zona, you're the face the French. Hey, lost three in a row. Okay. How are you going to handle that? Tom Brady, no matter. What happens? They can be blown out in Kansas City. And you're onto Cincinnati Brady has to stand there and take the, you know, the fire he's taken the bullets. What do you say? How do you say you're the face of the franchise and that is an important role. But as far as what he does on a whiteboard diagramming place. I don't know. I don't know that. I had know the former NFL scout. Who tweeted me text me this morning to say, here's a couple of things he goes down to easily, and he's got a ten step drop, which you can't do that and have protection in the NFL, but his arm is legit member. You had the scout. Who said they had questions about his arm, and I went I don't know who that scout is, but I could've had you standing next to me at the Super Bowl when he was wizened twenty orders to make love, and and there was giddy up in there like that was where you if you play baseball in somebody's throwing over ninety or ninety five and it just has that hop. He had that hop. He had that zip so arm strength. No question. The scout. That I talked to said, I'm not sure he's five ten. I'm really not. I want to see if he gets measured at his pro day. So there's going to be questions because he got he rose to quickly Patrick Mahomes. They couldn't take him down because he rose right at the end right before. The draft because you know, the label on him is he's farve like, but he thinks he's far like, but he can't play like far he takes he gambles too much risk taker, but you didn't have time to do that. Because you're thinking he's not going in the first round, he's talented. But you know, he's going to be a second third round pick to Shawn Watson, you know. He lost a Pittsburgh. He's not a great runner. He's not gonna hold up in the okay? This is what happens, but if you rise right before the draft. Nobody can carve you up, and that's what happened with Patrick Mahomes. Kansas City goes we'll take him. Wait. You got Alex Smith. We'll take him because they knew personality confidence not afraid, and I guess he is a little more like Brett Farr. Maybe better than Brett farve at this age. The kind words name. Thank you. Thank you. Patrick. All right. We'll come back your phone calls, and paulie has a new poll question. I didn't know we had a poll question. We'll find out what it is and numbers tobacco by claim the Golden State Warriors with and without boogie cousins. That's after this on the Dan Patrick show, vivid seats is an online event ticket marketplace dedicated to providing fans of live entertainment with experience that last a lifetime with vivid seats listeners can watch their favorite teams and artists perform in person vity helps fans find their seats to any of their favorite live events, including sports, concerts, theater and more. They offer great prices and an easy purchasing experience with the podcast code Deepak. 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Join any winning sportscasters Suzy Shuster with co host Aaron Larson as the all star team faces off against the LA clippers the Denver Nuggets. And the Boston Celtics play was phenomenal in forget about it. He he deserved a place in the all star game. But he he really showed what he could become the NBA. Download the official Lakers podcast every week on podcast point sports net. Wherever you get your favorite podcasts. Stay tuned for sixty seconds of AP news headlines right after this podcast sky, dining visits, amaze. Jeff, but you know, what else is amazing an iphone six s for just forty nine bucks at metro really imagine streaming all the way down with that amazing Cameron. I've. Switching that smart. You know, what else is smart parachutes? Switch to metro and get an amazing iphone six s for only forty nine bucks. Metro T mobile phone offer requires porting of number not currently active on T mobile network or active on metro and past ninety days. See store for details and terms and conditions. Email after I mentioned putting down my dog Louis yesterday this from Trish, Annella, DP, you touch my heart and you were talking about Lou this morning. Seventeen years is a good life, and it's obvious. He he brought you joy, great joy. Hope you're able to bring him home in bury him, or at least make sure you got his ashes or special dogs in beautiful boxes in our home is from Tyler. Emailed longtime listener first-time, Email or my condolences to you. And your family about Lou if you're anything like you are off the air than opposed on the arm. Sure, you had he had a wonderful life, many blessings to you and your family are J in Washington. Sorry about you saying goodbye to your dog when he talks about doing the same thing where you go and put them down. I told this story about you know, putting my dog down yesterday and he's seventeen and I didn't know at the time that you also have to let the other dog in the house say goodbye as well. So the vet said go get your other dogs. So it's a mile away went home and got the six year old brought him in sniffed Lou when he was on the floor. He had already passed away. And then the six year old peed on him. So my oldest brother just text me to say, by the way, I don't want you guys to get any ideas about what your dog did to Lou I'm going to have a closed casket when bear. My brother my all right. Okay. So close casket. All right. I get it. Yeah. I think everybody knows or they know somebody who's gone through it. But it's not easy. And I was asking Seton yesterday. Just you know, what I I didn't know what I was gonna feel what to do and how to make it any better. And then I just said, you know, what I went in there crying, and I left crime is like, you know, what he was worth it. The reason why it hurts so much as you love them so much, and they love you so much. So that that's really what it came down to and got to hang out. But I have so much respect for these vets. I did. Anyway, our dog was the third dog that he had to put down that day. So could you imagine going and knowing how important these animals are people and your families? And you gotta go in there. And ours was the third one you had to put down the well, we put our dog ruby down. I'm a cry for sure, and my wife is a crier. So we were sobbing when we did this and the the vet there's a vet and then like. A technician there, and they both started crying. And then the one whispered to the other Harry up to it. Because it was just like it was just an awful scene. And like, all right. We just have to get this over with now. But thank you for the emails in tweet. Thank you. We did go through all of those. And I I do appreciate your reach now. But that man that's a that's one of those raw moments, and we just went home and just kind of sit around, and I said to my wife, let's go get a couple of beers. So we went got a couple of beers. And then we just sat there and told stories about the dog were crying while we're tell. What are we doing? We should be at home drinking these beers. Because people are looking at us like what's wrong with the Patrick Finn? You know, their problems. They're crying. Yes. I can't believe you're dog pee on. No, I know. Wild scene. Well, you think it's going to be one of those great moments where the younger dog who was around the older dog for six years. And he's going to say goodbye, it's going to be emotional sniff him, you know, maybe he'll lick game or kissing him or something. And then all of a sudden he does one lap around the dog on the floor on a blanket. And then he listens legs and peas on him. And and it just broke the tension and even the vet needed. It is. Well, he goes, oh, those damn Sheba's and other known for this is such a no not dad when you look up the this. They're not peeing on type of dog. Frisky loves family owned a peon former. Yeah. But I it was where my then my wife goes, you know, we all grieve in our own special way in a just lighten the mood considerably because it was dread- and it hit me about halfway through yesterday show where you just start to think. Okay. I got I got to take him in a two thirty Easter. And so, you know, I I had time I still had to do that last. I'm like my head just wasn't in it. I was trying to stay in the in the moment in the show. And I just said, you know, I'm just going to say this. And you know, it was it was a good moment. Good moment. Was telling mclovin, mclovin came in. He said, you know, me and my wife were crying last night. And I didn't say exactly that. I was she was. But one of the things is we have young kids. And I kinda don't wanna get a dog because it seemed very emotional dumping. They give you so much. That's the I mean, they're always there even in pain even in old age. He was their tail wagon. You know, God. That's why to hurt so much, man. Yes. He and they hold no grudges. They held no grudges yet. Right. They forget, you could be a jerk. Forget to feed him or something or just whatever. And then it's like, okay. No problem. Where's my tennis ball? Let's go play knew where are you going to take me for a walk? Yeah. Hey, you want to go for a ride is that a treat butter? Yeah. But thank you. Thank you for the emails in the tweets, and hopefully, you never have to go through it. But if you do I hope it hurts because that'll mean that you really love that dog and vice versa. I mean, that's the way we took away our pain final hour coming up Doc Rivers to the clippers March is women's history month and this week the producers guide with Todd garner is highlighting past interviews with some of the most talented women in Hollywood like rebel Wilson Isla Fisher, and hunger games producer, Nina Jacobson. Once you've told somebody wanna do your project. You can never really say, you know. I really want to do. Somebody you don't like every night forever. Don't miss the producers guide with Todd Gerner this week on podcast one. Sky diving business amazed. Yep. But you know, what else is amazing an iphone six s for just forty nine bucks at metro really imagine streaming all the way down with that amazing Cameron. I've switching that smart. You know, what else is smart parachutes? Switch to metro and get an amazing iphone six s for only forty nine bucks. Metro by t mobile phone offer requires porting of number not currently active on T mobile network or active on metro and past ninety days. See store for details and terms and conditions guy covert since I witness interviews with inanimate objects. This is Brian Bruno live on the scene of a recent windstorm here to describe the event a chest of drawers storm howling outside. So I thought I'd stay in and watch a rom com. Five minutes into the flick, a tree branch slams through the window. Where are you hurt? I just gotta scratch on my chest. Your chest of drawers can't help you in a windstorm. But the geiko insurance agency can help you get covered for personal property damage. Co gyco to see how affordable homeowners insurance can be. I'm Rita Foley with an AP news minute everybody on board. A Virgin Atlantic. Charter flight to London from Barbados is in quarantine in London because of some sort of illness on board the plane possible. Chest infection says one passenger seat. Our Kelly insists he's not guilty of abusing underage girls. He cried talking to Gayle king on CBS this morning. Crazy passing what I've been through. Oh, right now just think I need to be lost in whole girls against a wheel chain them up in my basement. And and don't let them eat and don't let them out unless they need some shoes down the street from the ankle he was arrested in Chicago last month is now out on bail. He talked to CBS this morning. A lawyer for President Trump's former fix or Michael Cohen reportedly spoke to the Trump legal team last April about a possible pardon for Cohen Coen's going to prison for lying to congress and other offenses, but he's now cooperating with the Russian. I'm Rita Foley.

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