The Biggest Women's Health Myths


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Iran Lambert registered nutritionist bestselling author arena should simple way to eat well and found every TRICIA London's leading private nutrition clinic over the next twelve weeks. Special guests and is mission is to expose why so much advice can often be misleading. We'll be using the proven science to sort fact from fiction and dispel everything that remains confusing in the world of wellness so that together we can love fact from fiction and empower the healthiest and happiest versions of ourselves with the trusted expert advice. Do you ever feel uncomfortable in the workplace or amongst your peers? Simply because some topics are left, unspoken about, and they seem unmentionable. William, not alone. There are many other women who feel slightly the same as you do want to open up the conversation. Stigma and booze around women's health remain unescapable. Their effects can have serious consequences to be can lead to women, not having access to hygiene products, education feelings of embarrassment as well as possible health risks. So this week's feed for thought sees Dr Brooke Vanda Molen, who's currently training as a registrar in obstetrics and gynecology breakdown the many myths in women's health with me. Hello broke. Hello, thanks for having me absolute pleasure I think when it comes to women's Health Barra just. There are too many to be on the so true. It's so hard to get good quality information everything so confusing. I, mean if we start off gynecological house on a whole, and I know that we spike about this at the full of festivals. We had you on our panel. It's not really about. It's really and that's why I've been doing what I'm doing. Creating a platform to encourage women to get get the right kind of information and just speak about these things because it's women. We kind of try to do everything. Try to be everything to everyone. Be Successful half the kids how to be a great parent and be scraped at work and have everything, and then when we kind of have symptoms, we often ag no them. We don't want to talk about them. We just wait for it. It to get better, and it can be so hard when you Google online to find the right kind of information as well that you can rely on so yeah, there are definitely some areas that people people speak about enough I would say like the top of my head. You know fatility, definitely massive taboos still to this day, and there's so much that can be done. period problems, people kind of Grin, and bearing it experiencing years and years of devastating pain, and yet kind of muddling through. Without realizing something could be done to help incontinence after childbirth all these things I think. The people are often surprised. There is stuff that can be done to help, but we just talk about it enough. We'll yeah I, think I remember growing up and then when when you got your period or go, you almost told told to be quiet silence co Hush Hush seat discreet. Yes, let these things until bags and no one sees whereas actually it's such a normal part of life fifty percent of the population in the world. That is crazy that we're having to be so discreet hundred percent, and also by being discreet where often we don't pay attention, because we kind of trying to hide it or something's not happening, whereas actually what we need to do is paying attention to our bodies. What's normal and if you know your body inside out and you know your your cycle in everything, then you can also pick up when things when things go wrong when things aren't right for you, yeah, because I think a lot of women I've definitely been there. I think we all have at some points Phil embarrassed about it. We will have those awful moments where you're worried. You're period league three trials. To you. And really men should equally I think be educated around periods one hundred percent. Yeah, I, mean I. It kind of disappointing to me that like on my grandfather was like something like ninety eight percent of my followers A. Day You know what I can do to change that, but I would love more meant. Be Kind of paying attention. Sometimes, do get much more interested when it comes to pregnancy and they kind of they kind of see the women's cycle in reality, and how it's relevant when you're trying to conceive for example and also during pregnancy, but often it is something that's happening. Happening to somebody else. It's not happening to them. So yeah I would love Momento understand it, and I think that they could then also oversee be more understanding in the wider world as well when it comes to the workplace and and things like that, because there are some countries where my concentration clinic. Some of them weather from. They automatically sent to see a gynecologist. That's not quite the same in the UK, is it? No, it's yeah I. I also come across that, but yeah, in the in the UK the way it works. Is You have your routine screening like your cycle? Smith Almost always done by nurse in GP practice so without seeing any doctor at all, and then if you have any kind of gynecological concerns, you see your GP, and then they can often. There's loads of things that they can do medication sky, and things like that, and then if they need to then refer to. As the next step so gone apologised like me. It's good because when patients come, reach us. They usually really have exhausted. Certain options kind of easy things to sort, and then they need more specialised. Using expertise so it doesn't you don't just self refer to a kind of colleges here and I think that's better for the patients. Because you can get quick, you'd have to wait months a month. See Somebody, and also GP's are often best place to to deal with those kind of quite common concerns. I'm you mentioned smear tests and as go into those who's eligible for these age ranges? Are we talking about yes? Oh, this the Smith testing starts at the age of twenty five in this country and they're done that every three years off to that. Question I. Often get is why don't we start to early? Than Twenty five people, people get cancer early not so the cycle screening also known as a smear test, but we kind of call it screening is there to pick up changes in the cervix before they become cancer so precancerous changes, so it's not that pickup concert and it's not to be done if somebody has symptoms of survivor cancer because. Because, that means that it's already quite far along, so we just do the screening every three years to try to pick up early changes, however, anybody that has any kind of symptoms of cycle council, which would involve things like bleeding after sex bleeding between periods, funny smelly discharge. They're not used to anything feeling bloated feeling. Things are not right should wait for Smith has and whether that's because you're, too. Too Young to have Smith as that's because you already had a Smith's last year, and you're not joe another one for two years. Don't put off you go see your doctor just because you're having symptoms, so we can pickups Michael Cancer before the age of twenty five, but that's not through Smith US and the reason we don't start the smears earlier than twenty-five is because in that young age group is. Is quite common to have changes in the cervix which are normal and you kind of off bit of time. They settled down again and what? We don't want to stop worrying people by picking up abnormalities in the Smith, but actually it's just part of their services kind of turning over naturally, so we don't need to start until the age of twenty five. I mean that's refreshing and great to. To hair, I think because so many people probably don't go because they all worried, and it's one thing that I'm often asked about a lot. Surprisingly as nutritious other miracle, things foods that can help ease the symptoms, and like you need to on colleges to go and get some help exactly answer one of the kind of we have I think with social media. That's only we'll tell you this food food. Food will kill this symptom, not symptom and I think people confuse like symptoms and illnesses, and so if you have a new symptom, a new problem, the first thing you should do is see a doctor if they can reassure you that that isn't a symptom of anything concerning then that's fine, and you can look for other ways that you can manage that thing that you're feeling yourself, but in the. The first instance you shouldn't put off going to see a doctor because you've read something else on the into. No especially I think social media I mean social media is a wonderful place to get information out that it's good, it's it's triggering the conversation, but another area that I think affects so many of our listeners while female listeners and men will know about this with their partners polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Syndrome. Could you touch into what this is? And how people can manage it because I'm asked about this with diets and supplements interesting the all the time. Yeah, so polycystic Ovary Syndrome is when you get a large number of cysts, growing on the ovaries, and the system salves, concours, issues, and the main issue that people have when they have. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is that they have very irregular periods. So, that's kind of widely outside normal cycle, nor saiful twenty eight days see you might have very long periods more than about forty days coming very close together say kind of eighteen days apart cycles, or even closer very irregular cycles and other symptoms that they might have on top so excessive hair growth is a common one skin changes so acne, and then weight gain a been quite difficult to lose weight. Those are the common kind of symptoms that you get as part of the syndrome. You need to have a scan as well. That shows that you've got the multiple system your ovaries. Being big show to have these symptoms and you be told you have polycystic ovary syndrome now the main effects it has is, it affects as I said before difficulty in losing weight, and you get kind of a sugar resistance, an insulin resistance as part of it. And you can also get Because of the issues with your menstrual cycle problems of facilities, and that's not to worry. Everybody does this thing that has been told they have to job then never going to get pregnant because many many many women. Have have no problems because you know if you are having some cycles, and you may Welby of unique communism exactly is is is a common illness. It possibly is a bit over diagnosed. Because, it's very common to have polycystic ovaries a way, you have lots of system, your ovaries, even being on something like the contraceptive pill can give your ovaries the appearance of having lots of cysts on them, but not everybody has policy over his has got the syndrome, but even still a syndrome itself is certainly common and until you kinda stopped trying to conceive, you don't know whether it will have affected your facility, but if you're having extremely irregular periods than it's possibly not ovulating on a regular basis and. And so the kind of the treatments that we have polycystic ovaries mainly focus around helping whatever is bothering you at the time. We can't cure the syndrome and take away completely, but if paternity is your concern, we can help you manage that by stimulating ovulation. If you kind of insulin, resistance and difficulty losing weight is a problem, we can amuse the medication called Metformin, which is commonly used in diabetes, but it helps to reduce that incident. Resistance all we can kind of target the individual symptoms like like. Have removal and individuals skin treatment, so it's not something I would say that there is one food or something that will kill on those shoes and I. Think it's important to work. With your doctor and you can look at other other things that might, you might find, help you complementary. But yeah, I wouldn't say that something that can cure. All I'm so glad you said that because I'm often. Being asked about PECO's with sorry p.? C. O. S. often being all. Oh, you know so, and so said try low carb diet or this supplement. Nas is going to suddenly magically take everything away, and if only it was that easy, most people I find. Don't get enough fiber in that dies, and then they'll take out these food grapes and the left, actually in a worse place than they started out. Exactly see I think you need. Need to look at it as a whole and just talk it. All of the things that that are are at issue for you, and that might change throughout your lifetime. Because at one point, you're not trying to get pregnant. Dig Anything. You can't stop getting pregnant. And then it reached the point when you do want to get pregnant, so you can change which which things go using different time. Yeah, life. Completely and something I'd like to touch on. It is hormones because again this I mean this is your job is your area of what broke, but US women were affected by them heavily throughout our lives daily hourly. Let's face it. Is such a thing as hormonal imbalance. It's. It's again quiet like a trendy term that's thrown around a lot. If we think about Joe, hormone levels so many different types of that you in your body, I think most of the time people are referring to the homeless evolved in the menstrual cycle like issued and progesterone, and they vary completely throughout your cycle, and they should vary because what helps you to have the periods that you have for example you'll progesterone levels. Go up through your cycle to the point when you're about to have your period than they drop very low that the drop in progesterone is what gives you your period. Whereas your again. Your eastern is involved in violation. It goes up and then it drops down in the later part of the cycle as well so again you want the home in levels to be changing. They sh-. They there is a balance to them, but the balance is constantly shifting now I think people mainly concerned about kind of hormone imbalance when it comes to the PMS or Menopause? Those are the main times when you you know. The hormone levels basically aren't doing what they should do, and they come become excessively high, which actually inhibits the rest of the cycle. Well I would say to people is think more about the symptoms that you're experiencing rather than worrying about. Do I have a hormone imbalance? It's more. Are you experiencing MPM master? You have extremely regular irregular cycles. do you think you're approaching them and pause? Those might be times when your hormones are not doing what they should do. We wouldn't usually test hormone levels unless there is a strong indicator to do so because they constantly changed sides. To science out there on this subject. Yeah, exactly and so for example like one home and we do sometimes check is progesterone, and we can check your level progesterone at day twenty. One of your cycle two walkout ovulate that month because it should be a certain level at that point, however, testing pedestrian on day five with a very different result, so you don't want to be going around. Your home ends at different times of the month. Unnecessarily because that's that can be widely misinterpreted and doesn't really give any clear answers, so what you want to do is just looking at south. Think about what symptoms of my experiencing if any of. Of those are troubling. You see your doctor and they tried to help you to walk out. If if there is a hormonal problem hair, or if you know, it's all part of their normal cycle yet, definitely right down, you'll symptoms and again I see a lot of supplements marketed at home. Balancing food supplements, not I I see it all, and just listen to what Bro, fat and hopefully that will be helpful to I think another misconception. Brooke is contraception that can make hormones worse so surely there must be two sides to this as well. Yeah, again kind of we we. We label hormonal contraceptives as bad because they have hormones in. So the the hormones that are contained in in contraception and actually HR tears well, our East shouldn't progesterone, and they just different versions of. Different kinds of makeup of East Asia different of progesterone, and they're in different combinations, which gives you the different contraceptive pills. I think there are a lot of benefits to taking external hormones for certain conditions. For example you know if you if you have got P. C., O. S. than taking a regular combined contraceptive pill can regulate cycle and provide you with contraception excellent that that. Gives you some predictability to alive and also provides good contraception. You could have hormones in for example a Mirena coil, which the really fantastic form of contraception it's a coil that goes in contains a home in its released into your into a uterus, and it can take him for around three to five years depending on which ones use Camin. Women who have really heavy periods have very light periods or no periods at all again. That's a fantastic that can really change. Change Your Life if you're debilitated by having very heavy periods, and you struggle to leave the house and go to work, so I think it's not great to label hormones. It's like a negative thing. Of course they do have side effects. Even circulating Easterns capone health is exactly exactly, and you know if women that have been through the menopause for example that considering taking hr t them. There is benefits of taking each rt like it can reduce your risk of heart. Heart attacks strokes bone health as well, but of course there is risks involved. There's there's the risk of breast cancer with H. T., for example, which we think probably has been overstated in the past box. You know what what works for one person may not be right for somebody else, and we have to consider things on an individualized basis. Thinking again about what is your your troublesome symptom? What is the reason you've gone to see your doctor? What would you? You like out of your either contraception or hr it and rather than saying like all hormones bad think. Do I need at this time, and you might might not be right for you. Now might be right in the future, so if you're thinking about having a baby soon, trying to conceive, but right now you want some good contraception. For example you might not want to have a hormone which will mask your menstrual cycles because it's quite good in the run-up to? To trying to conceive to track your cycle work. How are you likely to be late? I've had friends that have got pregnant without having a period so hopefully, the soccer must've been coming back. They didn't that exactly. You have to come off the pill for example before trying to conceive, but some people would like to see what their periods of doing on a regular basis, so that's fine. That's when you might not want to be on hormones, but if you still. Still, need some contraception. Maybe a copper coil is good, because that doesn't have hormones in it, but you know at another point in your life, when maybe if you, a baby and your periods of much heavier, you're PMT as worse than a combined pill might be good for you, so it varies throughout your life, and there's different situations that you know. Homes can be good, but they aren't without risks, of course, so interchangeable I think bodies fascinates me about health in. In general the fact that we're never quite the same person every second every minute of the day different periods of our lives, it goes to show how individualized approach should be at different points in why we should be speaking to people that cannot feel because all too often on all there may be a cherry pick study that makes the headlines that does say will hate chart. He gives you breast cancer, and of course that is not a that's quite worrying the. The been so much scaremongering, and what what that left was women that were having debilitating symptoms, just having to put up with it and avoiding a treatment that may well have helped them, even if it's just a short period in their life, so yeah, we we. We have to make sure you know things that I talk about on here. I might not be talking about cutting edge treatments, and someone might listen and say oh, but she didn't mention this the. o S, but actually what we need to see. Lots of that are replicated showing good quality evidence, and then once it's incorporated in the guidelines that means office compactors and prescribe the same thing, and that means that's when we know it's. It's reliable, and it's safe, so yeah I'm not here to come and talk about cutting edge treatments I, think there is, there is a lot of good treatments that are available I'm yeah, we should all be working in a way I couldn't agree more with which is really good. That's who was what the podcast. Out Thought. Another areas if we move on from PCs hey chatty onto end dimitrios because I felt that it doesn't get as much time as pc as could we explain what that is flawlessness, and how it affects bodies. Definitely, it takes an average of seven years for women to be diagnose endometriosis when she first go to a doctor. Can you imagine in this day and age? So what limit chairs this is is it's a condition where you get tissue that normally lines the the womb. Meet your lining growing in places it shouldn't so it can grow kind of through the lining of the women. It can also grow on the. It can grow on your bowel. They can go and basically in different different parts of the abdomen. And when you get your. When you get your monthly cycle, you complete during your period from these places as well that can give a whole host of different symptoms. The main thing people experience is really painful periods that the main symptom they comes the doctor with. and pain can be on a particular part of the abdomen or can be all over. That may may also be because on the ovary where the endometrial tissue grows, even give you a certain type of cyst and again if you're bleeding into the system with your period, that makes that pain was. The other main thing that people experience is when they come to trying for a baby. They struggle to conceive because endometriosis is as part of the way that it gets deposited around, the abdomen ca make scar, tissue and things like the Philippian chips can stick together, and it can become difficult to conceive for in a number of different ways, and only becomes apparent. You may never know you. Dimitrios assist until it comes to trying to conceive, so you know if your again having either those symptoms doctors if you're having really painful periods where your normal painkillers like parasite tomorrow profile just aren't enough you. See your doctor. And the other thing is yeah. If you've been trying to conceive for a year or more don't wait any longer if your older we say. The age of thirty eight, you could see doctor after six months of trying to conceive because they may speed along the testing, so you don't have to wait too long. I mean what about pain during sex which something that I? Think is reacted sometimes. Yes, is definitely exactly and that's that's depending on whether deposits endometriosis are for example then, yes, because as well, you have adhesions within within the womb yep, slick payment diagnosis process. Then it's not as. As you'd like it to be trial and I. Think. That can often be a bit of women goes. The doctor may have painful periods. They kind of reassure them that it's normal or even an ultrasound scan doesn't wish show endometriosis. Way of seeing endometriosis is actually saying with our eyes and the way we do that is through laparoscopy. That's when we papa camera into the tummy done under general anaesthetic by gynecologist. Your GP camera question ultrasound for you, but ultrasounds don't show these adhesions. It can show if there's assistant at some time shows, some features may be in keeping with endometriosis, but it may show a completely normal scam, but I would I would encourage women as if you're still experiencing the pain you know despite having an almost gone just maybe maybe go back to Dr Again. Author any links I'm sure a lot of people think he will. Is there anything I can do to prevent this happening? If I don't know, it's happened now. Other links between stress lifestyle that could be mentioned. I think when it comes to our mental cycles having a regular cycle, an exercise having a healthy diet, all really really helpful they use. It also helps with things like PMT. And things like that when it comes to endometriosis, it's it's kind of a condition that you. You will have got for genetic reasons all your no fault of your own that the best thing that can help actually as being diagnosed months. You know that it's there and you can plan treatment at the right time in your life. That's the best way of helping it. I wouldn't want anyone to blame himself that it's because they let a certain lifestyle. That's that's resulted in that exactly because I think it's all too easy to have that. Little voice in your head just loves to pick on you every single day. It's like oh well. It must be my fault, but but equally it can go too far. I have stories of women, the over exercise which could not help the whom is e, Eva. Yeah, well, exactly because once you your over exercising that that increases your stress levels, and also will can lower your BMI. and they'll BMI as rubbish marker of Health. We know it's kind of is something that we use when it comes to undestanding cycles, fertility, treatment, and things like that because low BMI and very high BMI will make it more lightly. You weren't ovulate each month, so yeah, because it affects affects the the balance of your home to well, this is the thing that I find is is very tricky to talk about. UNDISCERNING listeners the next subject to bring up a little bit triggering. Just just to give you a little bit of a warning. To switch off if he don't want to continue the subject of fatality miscarriages IVF I feel that more and more couples now are struggling. We know to get pregnant and they more common miscarriages than you think they. These things do happen frequently absolutely when it comes to miscarriages, one in full pregnancies will end miscarriage, and if you know, many won't just have one child or one pregnancy, you might have three or four that the chances are that you know most women, or at least someone in your immediate family will have been through a miscarriage, so miscarriages is extremely common, and then when it comes to facilities problems of Talisic. TALISIC struggles, one in seven couples were conceived within the first year of trying to conceive so yes, they are very very common and again topics that are difficult to talk about for a number of reasons, but I wish we talked about more because what you often find anyone once you mention an if you. If you were to tell somebody. Yeah I was, I was struggling or am struggling to conceive. Often be like me to or I went through this that the other as we can really help to support each other, but unfortunately what happens is. For a number reasons I, think people don't talk about it I. Think partly that's Self protection because you don't want to admit the people you're trying for a baby or that. It's not hunting for you that it's always go financial implications. You want to protect yourself from your employer and people from from knowing that is happening, and the other thing is this kind of shame? I think as well as all emphasis is on the woman exactly and this. This feeling that like my body isn't doing what it's supposed to, and I am a woman and I'm supposed to be able to. Do my exams go to work. Be Really successful in my career that I'm GonNa just whenever I choose to just get pregnant immediately, and if if other things have gone very well, and then this part doesn't it can be really hard. HARD TO DEAL WITH And there is this kind of shame which absolutely shouldn't be there. Because it's not something that you can easily control or predict and like you say it's not just the woman as well. I think it's even harder sometimes for the men when it does end up being a male factor that leads to the facility. To. Encourage I think the conversation that we talk about this happening, making sure both partners you lead a healthy lifestyle. Take the right steps in the run-up to trying for a baby, and then you know being able to support each other whatever the reason might be, it's such a delicate topic and I think having a support network is obsolete crucial, and you mentioned the topic of BMI and weight before, but we do know factually that your way taxi does influence taunts facility, being too high or low of course, which would affect hormone function. And there's a lot of stigma out there at the moment anyway about. Discussing wait on a whole. It's a very tricky subject even for me right now to address. Because of see, we won't be encouraging. Lots of different body shapes and sizes, but you are an individual person. I think if you have a niggling feeling that you're not in the best position, you could be definitely seek how absolately help make a difference. Yes, it's a really difficult situation. Actually sometimes when struggle a couple maybe trying to conceive for a while they go to see the GP. The GP refers them to to us to the gynecologist, and if if the woman has a BMI above. Most of the time we con- with facility treatment, and it seems really harsh, and it's like what why wouldn't you offer me the same treatment that you're offering? You know other people just because of my. But that's because I'm having a high BMI does have significant impact on facility on the likelihood, the ovulating, and also if we do prescribe any treatments whether or not likely to work so bringing your weight down into within a healthy range through. A balanced and healthy diet, not kind of extreme measures. Extreme restriction is going to improve that I could the ill-conceived spontaneously, or if you do need treatment that that treatment is likely to work, so you actually don't want doing going into San Ivf cycle with Obama forty, because you're putting yourself at great risk and elected as if you spend a huge amounts of money, and it's not gonNa work so what you want to do. Do is give yourself the best chances. And ideally, if you made the changes before you come to the point of trying to conceive then again, that's going to put you in the best position to not need extra help, and Yeah Ivf is something I spoke about with Dot Zoe Williams she's. She's going on her own journey quite publicly, which quite refreshing to see different women speaking out that it perhaps using sperm Dinan now. The so many options out. There aren't there for anyone that's looking, but equally IVF is a postcode lottery. Yes, so the availability of IVF in the UK is really difficult, because there are some places now that have no, they will fund no cycles of IVF, and there are others that will fund three cycles, and it seems so unfair that people have to move to a certain area of if they think they're going to need this, it's. I really hope in the next few years. Something is going to be done to change. That unfortunate would've probably mean we'll have to balance. Things are a bit so. Let's say everyone's offered one cycle, which is not great because, but it's some the child says they quite that the Hfea I believe are working to try to improve that because it's just not fair that it's not balanced across the country, but funding is as we know a real issue at the moment in the NHL S and. Funding something like this walls I. believe every single person should be entitled to three cycles of IVF. It's a very difficult case to make. It's another ethical immoral which I find as a nutritionist hot enough. Let alone how you do this. Subject of bringing a life into the world because I'm often stating I'm a nutritious I. Say facts about nutrition. Yeah, I often have to remove. The subjects of Your ethical reasons sustainable reasons, but I think when it comes to bringing a life in people are faced with a well. Maybe if you can't not truly, that's a sign, and some people read it that way. Whereas for other people, they Washington will be like no, it means you just need of support. There are two big camps out there that a quite vocal absolutely, and it's such difficult conversations to have I think when we remove money from the equation than from you know for many people. Yes, we would keep going with Sutton options. ABC's sperm donors or egg donation. Fantastic things are out there now that give. Give people couples a real chance to bring home a baby, but there is that financial restriction on top and the question of whether you know we should all funded or whether you have to funding yourself, but in a way it's so unfair that one couple might might go through this for no fault of their own in another couple doesn't conceives really easily. It's yeah, it's it seems so unfair. Even the psychology of it so I would urge anybody body listening to seek out some sort psychological. If you need it because I can imagine, couples have had still buff or miscarriage ought trying IVF it's failing. Is that something that is available? Yes definitely and I think that is so important because we the these events that go on in your life I think it comes back to this Tabu like it can be a long time before someone even acknowledges that they went through a miscarriage or went through still both or the struggles Ivan see women who have struggled to conceive through facility problems then conceive, and then actually when you're faced with having A. A pregnancy after going through of everything you've gone through the pressure. That's on your pregnancy. It can be so difficult to cope, and that can exposure to the risk of things like post-natal depression and anxiety so absolutely please seek support loads of places you can turn to if you are pregnant than speech, make your doctor if you aren't pregnant. Then speaking to your GP, the Samaritans Line and if things. Things become really acute. Then there's there's lots of places that I. I would definitely edge people to get kind of support mental like with their mental health. Things like CPT can help because again anxiety around around going through treatment. How that feel monitoring the psycho mytek I mean for every single woman out there I think we need to us. How credible we are females the fact that we cope with many. Many different floods of emotions and life events that are thrown autists, but there's no shame in asking for help. Absolutely and I think that crosses the board for all aspects of Women's health, I think there should be no shame and that we would rather you know as doctors. Would rather you ten times in my consultation room? The Nazi you that one time that we miss something. That was important I think. The help. Maybe the first point of is just to ask the people around you. If you have a partner or if you have family, you can talk to just check in with them. Do you think this normal g? Think you know I'm feeling like this? Is This K., but don't don't wait. Don't sit on problems the too long here. Because another pressure and aesthetic pressure, I think that can come from from these changes in our bodies from pregnancies from miscarriages, all sorts of different things that happen to us and gone logistically. Quite a bit I mean some of it can lead to things like eating disorders if you don't get the help, the risks high absolutely. Yeah, we really need to try and kind of pick up on these things and there are. It doesn't mean if you go to see somebody that you're going to get sick psychiatrist. You'RE GONNA. Be On medication. There's so much that can be done it before that point. Things like CPT is fantastic. I'm treatment. That's cognitive. Behavioral therapy can be used in a wide range of issues and hopefully prevent things like you say S-, would you say it's a bit chicken and egg? Sometimes you must see clients that come in to see you. perhaps they have an eating disorder underlying and you haven't been given that information yet. That will have triggered their reproductive perhaps problems absolutely and is a question that people don't think to ask I think as doctors. We don't tend to Pat Diet. You know it's just. She's got to colleges and secondary care. By the time someone's come. Come to us while we would have assumed the all those dietary changes would work those kind of standard things and we're going to go straight in with medications scans treatments. But like you say that person sitting in front of you with a BMI, my normal, BMI or even a low low bear. or even hybrid minded. About. Yes, it's an eating patterns can as we said earlier affect the likelihood that your dating and have resulted in that, and maybe if we offer more questions about. How often do you today? What kind of foods do you and just to understand a little bit of that person's psychology and how they're thinking about food that could suddenly maybe reveal an relatively easy problem for us to fix opposite. It's not easy to change eating behaviors. Yeah might prevent them from needing to go down the line for for more intensive trees, having a healthy relationship with food. We Know Long Tom. If that's not long term, it can reduce their risk of getting pregnant or anything. They want to achieve rarely definitely and yet. It's not something that you could just eat normally for a week and suddenly old homes a fix. It needs to be something that is a over a period of time. Yeah, and so I think task I keep talking about these questions, breath and I could go even farther down, but I know we have a different episode for moisture disorder related questions, but let's move on to the. Physical Effects Stretch marks cellulite how your body changes. Why do some of us have so much shame around this area? How has this developed? I, think social, media, Taboo tabloid magazines they have so. They are so much to blame for this issue that we see women the images that were presented like look house. Oh, snuck back or look at the celebrity and one year later still the baby weight look at her in a bikini. This is the problem is coming from. We're being presented with the wrong type of images, a messaging for sure and I think you know certainly for myself. Since having a baby since having two babies my relationship, my body's completely changed. In a positive way, but not in the way that you would expect my relationship with food has changed as well I mean so many people that you find when you pregnant appetite often goes up and then especially. If you breastfeed Oh my goodness there, there is nothing like. Hung, I can't even put into what. You end up. Even if you are very controlled on certain food groups, before you end up having this insatiable appetite, and when your body has nourished your baby for this time growing your baby then continues to nourish your baby outside of your womb and son so much then you can feel so much more positive about things, and yes, your boobs may look like raisins at the end of breastfeeding, and that you have some stretch marks up, but you know we should be able to. To look at in a positive way and I get people saying to me, oh I had my baby, but I couldn't have been able to shift the body weight since and I'm breastfeeding. Why didn't this happen? There is a lot of women breastfeeding might help you drop weight really quickly for some women actually does the opposite. It just makes you kind of playing on behalf of. It's not just about shrinking the uterus. It's about feeding chat that exactly that and I think i. I get so annoyed that question even comes up. How do I get my body back? Where does your body go? You'll buddy didn't go anywhere I league. Jd, is generation thinks I already hair in different generation grapes. I don't think they mean any harm by it, but I'll go into a room like well of course when you breastfeed, you leave all of that. It's just this kind of social norm. We've developed and when I have my my first baby. I found that I I was one of those people that I kind of lost weight through breastfeeding quite quickly and people would say to me. Oh, you know. Oh, you look great. You're back in your jeans and I've had I almost wanted to say like. Why are you commenting on that? That isn't relevant. I've got a brand. New Baby who I'm really proud of that. My body shouldn't be kind of commenting on, but as soon as you get pregnant and you have a baby it's. It's like anyone can kind of pasta judgment on what you look like. It's a very interesting what I've never had so many comments about my personal license. Fooling Abba and we market, so many products broke all. Thank goodness I do any of these actually work the anti-satellite creams and the Scott stretch mark I think I don't I don't believe so because I. Think what what your doing in this time in your life is your. Your skin is being put under such intense. Intense pressure physical. It's not just the way that your skin naturally works. If you think about how is being physically stretched the rate of growth feeler. Yeah, and so a lot of women robbing you religiously Robin, those creams every day, and then the day off your babies born, the stretch marks appear because your skin than springs, and there's no way present preventing that from springing when suddenly all the water is released in your baby is no longer in your womb, which was holding. Holding it so big in tight so i. think that, yes, maybe to an extent, just keeping your skin moisturizer hydrated is a good thing your skin, but I wouldn't blame yourself. Use The wrong created. Some stretch marks a pair you know I used them I've got stretch marks whatever lay will fade over time to an extent and I think we just have to accept. That is just part of having the blessing in the fortune to be able to grow your child means you. You end up with some stretch marks completely because women women guy through so much. That I wasn't aware of the leading most buff the May, and even going to the toilet I'm the ability to walk perhaps much mobbing on as well. Yes, exactly so we don't talk about that early postnatal period enough and a lot of people are completely floored by the fact that why do I do so awful? Why do I feel like I've been through a car crash I think now. We? We need to know what to expect. Before the baby arrived that we can be prepared and have kind of stocked up on what what you're going to need. So I would say the things. When baby arrives that you can expect to experience. This bleeding is definitely one and I. Always say When you pack your bag, make sure you pack in maternity pads that bleeding, because you are gonNA benefit from both extra absorbency. absorbency of the thick pads and the cushion that you get to sit on, because you may have torn or been cut over ninety percent of first time. MOMS that have a vaginal birth. We'll have a tear or cut so pain as a feature. Definitely, you're going to have some pain whether you have a vaginal birth REC- sex. You'll have some pain. Take regular painkillers. Don't be scared of them. You have been through a massive. Change and maybe even an operation, so don't be scared to take painkillers. You would any other point in your life if you had any other procedure. If you had some dental work, he probably give you know. Take painkillers for a week, but people are almost like. I'll take it for a day and then I'll stop because it was just when I have my baby I. Think because every woman's done it in the world baffles somehow it makes it a painful traumatic experience giving birth exactly. Yeah, it is, it is pain, and you need to kind of stay on top of the pain. Allow you look after your baby, if you. Also. The pains that you get the after pains we don't talk about enough. You have all these contractions during Labor, and that's all to kind of push your baby down down down how they'd be descend, so that comes out through the vagina, and then off your babies born. Your uterus is still kind of large the size of your you know thirty nine forty week. Uterus needs to get back down to being the size of your fist and the thing that helps contract and to shrink, or we call it INVA- looting is continuing tough contractions. Contractions because those squeezing squeezes the blood out and stops any bleeding and also helped to get that uterus back down to the shape to the size and shape it should be, and you continue to have some contractions now. They are not likely contraction. They'll. They'll be milder, but they they are definitely there and often each. If you do breastfeed when you latch the baby on, women often find that accompanied by an increase in these contractions, and it'll lost usually like a day or two but yeah, we don't talk about it as women enough. This period off to give him buff that I think a lot of women are expected to just crack home with it in. Get up and go. It's a bizarre mindset. And I think mindset is something we should kind of finish up before I take questions from from our listeners. Because advertising brands pushing products like post birth. Waste trainers or Even miracles for things like breast cancer is now. I can't believe some of the things I'm seeing, Brooke. Do you think. Can you line of work? The confusion and the media helping you get a message out there balanced now between the good and the bad I think yes. You myself as a bunch of qualified healthcare professionals out there on social media, speaking in the media and I think that's great, because we do need to dilute of the rubbish messages out there, but it does sometimes feel like with fighting against this tidal wave, and trying to dispel myths, and I think for everybody that's listening. Just making sure you've posted about this before. The you are kind of checking the information that you receive is from a reliable source. There's so much out there that people people do want to help and they. It comes from a good place. Place but we do need to kind of fight fiction with these good facts that are backed up by evidence. Yeah, and it can be so hard sometimes. I know that people mean well, and that's when it's even more difficult to kind of sad. Appreciate your comment. Thank you so much. I think for anyone listening one of the best tips I've ever ever being given and has enabled me to continue just to say thank you feel important. Just kind of let it slide, and then try and focus into you so anyway. Questions from. We've got John First. John has said I'm in my late twenties and I have P.. C. O. S.. I'm wanting to get pregnant, but is it likely it'll take longer than normal? So we kind of discussed this little earlier I it's it's possible it will take longer with with everyone. The biggest impact on your fertility is not pitiless age age something. We needs to speak about this earlier. And if you're in your early twenties and you're thinking about facility, fantastic well, don cause for so many people. They don't consider it until later, and that's okay. If you have met your partner until late in your thirties. You know you're not in that right place. That's fine, but you do have to accept the fact that. the the number of of ex- We have in our lifetime is fixed. You're born with the total number of eggs. You will ever have a new lose many on a monthly basis. So that's why in your late thirties your the ex. You Hover of low equality, and it takes longer to conceive so if you're in your early twenties new, start trying to conceive then you still have good chances if you having irregular cycles than. If you're having widely irregular cycles and I would say GP after six months of trying to conceive because if you really, they're really irregular. The chance ovulating tool says no point in giving us off a full year, but if you having regular periods, even if you've been told, PCS? In the past, give yourself a year of trying to conceive because the chances are, you will conceive in that time, and after that point. If you don't there is, there is quite a lot that can be done to help to help. Stimulate ovulation, they go. John is Our Bala has said so. This is different breast. Cancer runs in my family. Are there any home test kits that I can use or is it just checking? My breasts regularly Yeah, what you what you want to do, the best way that we can pick up. Breast cancer is to just be really aware of breasts. Regularly examine yourself and kind of weld on the even thinking about it. Being a whether you've got a family. History means that you know you may be at higher risk in your lifetime. Having a distant relative may not increase at risk too much, but if it is a close relative like a mother sister, then, yes, you may be slightly higher risk of developing breast cancer, even more reason, but everyone everyone should. BE CHECKING THEIR BREASTS I. Felt doing exactly, and there's a company that feel on the first the first of every month. That's your reminder. have feel if you WANNA do it in the shower or when you're in bed, do in different positions because you're breast, tissue will fill different in different positions, says standing up and the gravity will. Affect the rest issue in that way then in different positions and anytime you noticed any changes, and that's not just lumps remember with breast. Cancer can be skin changes well like puckering or dimple pulling. You can see. That, the skin just looked thicker or that, you are lactating when you're not expecting to lactate, all those kind of things can be indicates that breast cancer as well as feeling for lumps now lumps can come and go especially if you're younger. Saddam panic felt a lump. There's there's a chance that could be assessed or bit of fibrous tissues. Don't worry. Just see somebody. Get checked. It's really easy for us to have a look with an ultrasound Maybe reassure you, but if not, we would way rather pick it up early. One hundred percent excellent advice, thank you. so Hazel has said it when it comes to contraception. What option has the least amount of hormones? Again something. We hopefully a little bit earlier, we we shouldn't be too scared of hormones, but I understand why some people may wish to avoid hormones entirely in which case that the main options you've got a rather condoms, am remember no other former contraception protect you against st is only condoms, and the benefit is yet. They don't have any any hormones, said but the other option you have is the copper coil mainly another thing he will mention more more is cycle trucking and yet the fertility awareness. Because I've Ari very yeah I've been asked about it and I've had very mixed reviews especially for the contraception side rather than the getting pregnant exactly so I am fully on board with anybody that wants to track their cycle I encourage you to especially if you're worried about any symptoms to do with your cycle, how regulate your periods are whether you're having pmt things like that track. You'll cycle put all the NAP on a regular basis. It's really good to be informed by your health when it comes to using that cycle trucking to predict when you're ovulating so that you can have sex and avoid ovulations the essentially you avoid getting pregnant just through the timing of when you have intercourse. I get a bit nervous about that method. Now the have been studies of certain APPS which come with thermometer. They tend to be quite costly. F, you know ninety pounds or something plus to get maybe a thermometer. It relies on you checking your temperature every single day at the same of day putting into an APP and it gives you a calculation, and says you know green or red, whether you can safely have sex on not. My worry is firstly we mostly don't lead predictable lives, so you know for example, someone shift work at off work. I'm asking times I'm working nights now. How coming ensure that seven am day I'm able to to take my temperature, and that also have been asleep or whatever it's been going on in. My Life is constant up. Until that time, it's impossible I just don't think it's realistic and so what? What ends up happening is people take the temperature slightly different times of day, or if you take temperature seven am, but you've been up all night on a night shift. That's going to give you a different reading than it would otherwise so with perfect use, they might say that it's ninety eight percent effective, but I would question if anyone can really use this over long time periods with perfect use and. If you, are, you don't know about boulevard. If you get pregnant, you know. Maybe you're thinking. We're probably going to try for baby in six months time. If it got pregnant now, not a big issue then fine. You know that might be a good method for you avoid. Contraception Info voice anything invasive. But if the pregnancy is something, you really strongly want to avoid that it be a really bad idea. You may consider abortion at this point in your life. Please avoid this type of contraception because I just think the failure rate is too high, and you just want something a little bit more reliable, and there's a lot of brands pumping money into. These products again is makes me really question. Yeah, some of the appetizing. That's out there on social media whether it's right to monitor appetizer contraceptive I'm I'm not so sure because I think we should be having these informed discussions with a doctor that can take into account your lifestyle and recommend certain things to you. Thank you excellently actually discussed that does move me on t the facto fiction round of the pocock. Ready I'm so ready. Hey We okay, the coil helps regulate your homemade's fiction. This two coils, marina and copper. There's actually more than two, but broadly there's a hormonal a non-hormonal coil. But even the one with hormones, it gives you an exogenous hormone gives you progesterone, but it doesn't regulate it into a regular cycle. That would be yeah, a completely confused and statement. Enemy traces is just a heavy period. Definitely fiction as anyone with endometriosis will tell you. It's painful periods as the main feature, you can have heavy periods. And also you know infertility as feature of that, but it's not just a heavy, awful sumptious. Yes, you can still lose your period if you're healthy weight. Fact Yeah, there's lots of different reasons you may not ovulate, or you may not have a period each month. Most health products feel vagina. Don't do anything. Probably fact. Products? There are now few and I'm maybe through GPS. Stuff is not yeah I mean I guess some of the dishes and things that yet sutton creams, so probably not necessary to put external creams washes on your vagina rate cervical smears a painful. Fiction. Although it can be fact for some women, I think they can certainly be uncomfortable as a word I would use mainly the speculation that the the you know the little devices inside that the president's doing it conceals cervix, but please don't need your Smith because you're worried about the pain. It's better to go and have the appointment even if you don't end up having the Smith at. At time, go and discuss your fears around it. There are people half vaginal for example if you're if you have painful sex, because you know the the muscles of your pelvic floor, tighten up that can make having Smith US really uncomfortable, so it's better to go along talk to the nurse or doctor about things that can be done to help that for example using the smallest size of specula-. Using vaginal dilated at home or allowing you to insert the spectrum yourself, there's loads of ways to improve it. Don't avoid it entirely good tonight. Eastern in progesterone are the two main hormones in women. Fiction the lows of hormones yet alleged episodes all the. Loads Luthuli by you only get stretch marks from pregnancy definitely fall fiction false. Whatever you WANNA call it. If you don't have a family history of breast cancer, you won't get it. False fiction I'm afraid yet. There is only a small proportion of breast cancer as Over ninety percent of women have satellite. Sounds fairly reasonable. I would say I. Don't know if I could call it a facts because I'm not about searching, but that sounds like a pretty true statement, really facto fiction and so informative break. Thank you so much. So, that does not wrap-up is upset I'm so sad. There's so much more I want to ask you, but we do need to finish off eve. Thoughts today so I. Think Mine which pretty much be the fact that we don't I. Pan Up enough as women talk about female health, it's a problem and one. The irony really became aware of falling pregnant to be honest more than ever before I think subliminally. It was always there at school. The messaging that we have to keep it hush hush, but if we did all speak more, we'd realize we're not line. and. I think FEMA health also has such a big impact on our mental health, how we feel our self esteem every single day, and as I discussed before bright with a chicken and egg situation. All you leading the lifestyle? That's going to be impacting your female for your FEMA. How that's impacting your lifestyle either way life can be addressed absolutely help, and if you could leave us Brooke with something that our listeners can take home with them. Yeah I guess just kind of build on what you say is. Don't just don't just pop with symptoms. Speak to somebody if you speak somebody around, you don't just laugh it off as normal either I think you know a puff. Example of that is leaking urine after having a baby, a lot of women. Kind of you know you'll joke with your friends about why you go for a run anymore. You can't get on the trampoline, but yes is good to talk, and yes, it's good to laugh and to use these things because you know if you if you're not laughing than you know. How can you enjoy life and everything like that? That but at the same time we shouldn't just laugh off problems. There's a lot that can be done to help you know taking incontinence as an example, physiotherapists women's health fitness fantastic. They can do so much, so he doesn't mean you need operations or complex procedures or medications. Just seeing somebody talking about what what's affecting. You can mean that we can make huge improvements in your life and then you can go and tell your friends you know. Yeah, we I was leaking now I'm not and you should go and see you to. Break I tell you even at how to thank you enough coming on today's episode. Thank you for sharing your wonderful knowledgeable. Thank you so much for having me. If, you enjoyed this. 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