MINI POD: Game 2 of the 2019 Finals


Playoff time is when things start getting serious on the court players are more driven than ever to win these big games, and keep advancing good knows all about being more driven to working hard to help you advance on and off the road. Let Goodyear dot com help you choose what's best. He got he has to take away tech one two, three four five six seven eight nine ten he's still has confetti three four five six seven eight nine. Gucci. Oh, three two one one two three. What did three? Hello, welcome to the hoop collective game. Game to hear warrior's tie the NBA finals, one one, I am here with a special special guest Pablo, Tori. I'm wearing glitter like Kendrick Perkins. Philipino filipino. I was told to do that through glitter on everybody earlier. Cassidy Hubbard back again. And perk, we are literally three feet right now from Drake seat. You were you were in this exact spot last year getting into Drake's face. I mean right on the spot. Will you blame me? No. Okay. Your cell tired. For the moment. No trying to trying to let it go. But it do bring back memories though saying Drake's troll game tonight was a little lame almost got dream on technical. The referee, let him get away with it. I was more thinking about his sweatshirt, which was Kevin McAllister and the writing of Kevin from home alone. Did you know that it's Kevin, Kevin McAllister from home alone? Did you know his last name, Galveston I did? But Brian, I was very distracted because I was sitting in rows behind Adam silver, and Bronco and so trade. Brad. Most famous guy that was in the. Checkout perks tweets. But Drake is like, you know, the thing so. The thing that bothers me about Drake is that Drake is kind of like the definition of a front runner. Right. So when things are going, well, he's up off the bench. He's talking noise. And then like when his team is down. He said, you can't get a word out of you gotta be the same way. What is how low right? Here's the thing about this is a great basketball city today, have a great basketball atmosphere, absolutely. But perk, you know, this for some reason, this is not that tough of a place to win. And in the third quarter happens here. Everybody went out into the into the hallways. There was nobody in the bowl the start of the second half and I'm not saying that, that it does matter when there's no energy in the building, because that's when the game was lost it do matters. Specially for for this team, I think, for this one so team I think they feed off the crowd, and I think a lot of teams that they first time being in the finals. That's the reason you fight for. Home, could you feed off the crowd? And then all of a sudden, you come out the crowd dead is no energy. And then all of a sudden, go to stay going to eighteen nothing run. I mean. That's a great team. Eighteen and a lot of open shots. Jed goes on drought scoring drought. There was like a twenty two six run, but it was dead in here. I, I was one of the people who was not in my seat in time, and I sat down you were hanging with open with Obama, always. Jealous jealous. Pretty damn seats hanging over. Yeah. No, we kidnapped here's been executives and stole. There's this sure that you rate that high ESPN. We'll talk about that. I'm ryan. I'm poisoning. People until I think the fans in here also understand like it. It's real, the threat of the warriors is real. And so, like, as much as they may believe in their team, I think from experience, they know that the warriors can snatch your soul. Very quickly. And I think that's part of it. That cheer point. Yes, this this arena. You know, you can win here, but also it's the warriors. I mean, how many people got hurt, in this is they have the heart of the champion this show. I love being in Toronto people stood outside in line for drastic part for eight ten hours today. There was no energy in this building when they needed it most. That's I'm just unfortunate perk at the end of the game. That was where the game was decided in my opinion but at the end of the game it's a one possession game. There's twenty nine seconds. I think twenty seven seconds, twenty seven seconds. What do you do in that situation out the foul? That's what I think, so. Crazy. You have the foul and as in this essay like for like. It comes from the coaches, but it also comes from the players like you have to be aware that you got to save as much time as possible. You gotta make it a free throw game after their hope. They miss give possessions, but they didn't like I said, we always look at the end of the game situations and see why they lost. But like we said, we'll never look at the like, you know, first second and third quarters to mistakes that have by the way Steph almost costume game tonight, too, by the way house technical. Technical, he almost turned over the ball, that most gotta still on this. Right. Got to the he probably would have got it wasn't one hundred percent tonight daily with an illness. I must say that the, the warrior, I was in the in the in the back by the warriors, locker room the whole game, the action, the warriors locker first off the worst training staff getting Andre ready to play that was big being able to hit that dagger. I mean clearly and actually it would ally in the back after the game was crediting Livingston for getting the ball to him because there was trapped common beat the trap looney. What happened? Okay. Collarbone sternum. I don't know what I'm allowed to say when I'm not allowed to say, I, I saw I saw them working on his right shoulder. Okay. I don't know. They said, sternum shoulder, I is that how did how close those are? Then obviously clay, but then Steph went back there and whatever they did when he went back there because he was looking. Yes. Right. And then they whatever they gave him back there. Whatever gels or aerosol was eating a lot of jails on the sideline doing shells. He was eating jell what do you eat jealous? Tell us what gel does he have you taken gels before. Been queasy on on the bench. Can you Perkins face could not be any less than pathetically ideal not at all? Because this is my thing you could be sick, like, once you start playing. It's like that goes out the window. You know what I mean? Like I'm serious. That goes out the window endless, we gotta quit making excuses for still Kurd. This is his stage. K D is hurt. Now. Clay is her is his stage to step up. Like, okay. Yeah. You might have a little cold some sniffles, but we gotta go out here and play basketball, and he did he came back, and he did whatever definitely better after that locker. Visit. But by the way after this game. Trae mon- comes over to park trae mon- looked like a conquering hero, man. Why defending him at the end pushing the ball dream on what it was. He for you guys to misreading about. I mean he's one of my favorite players because I think the things that he brings to the table is invaluable. And I told Brian is he's everything that you own the. Football player. I mean it's nothing that he can't do. And he proved tonight. And when he said the day that he's the best at what he do. And he might be the best defender of our. Yeah. How can you disagree? We never seen a guy that six six that could guard one through five like we never seen that in life. Like. Yeah. You could say Dennis Rodman, and Scottie Pippen, but Scottie Pippin never had to guard a firemen or Dennis Rodman, never had the go to a shoot a Kawai Linda or something like that. So at the end of the day, I, I love joy and light, I think he's the heart and this team I say this time and time again and the things that he brings to the table is invaluable. He gives them swaggie and everything. So DeMarcus cousins, I think a little bit of a gutty decision. Stardom. I think this is a little strategy to with, you know, kind of maintaining health throughout in having him, come off the bench and it being kind of cold as opposed to just starting that means they're rehabbing DeMarcus cousins in the NBA finals. They played them twenty eight minutes. I don't think they wanted to play twenty minutes balloon. He got hurt and they eat a bogus came into me. Three huge baskets, my God. The three of the biggest volleyball plays where he just. Yeah. Throw it up there to him. I mean that was big. And I mean coming back from he hasn't played in six weeks as credible. And this, you gotta give him his cO and on there, because which way bogut and cousins, they flat out. I play Consol answers like it wasn't even close. So you gotta give a lot of credits book, because he came out and he played extremely well, both teams your guy in the back, by the way Durant. When when I made that shot would he do? Well, see I I had our truth when I call it. What is it called the? Feet. I had like the actual live live feed. Okay. And where K D And the warriors front office was watching the game was on, like the four second delay the security footage. Yeah I had the secret feed. And so, basically, I knew when they were gonna freak out like four seconds early. And so when Iggy hit that shot. I just looked over there. And K D like. There were, there were words said that we can't say on this podcast. But basically, he was like, it's one one and we're going home around. Some other words he was really excited. So so fired up back there. We'll Katie always been a great a great teammate. And that's that's the thing you know, like, you know, some people say, why is that idea why he's not on the bench? Will you rather have him on the bench? You rather have him in the back getting treatment around the clock. You know the try to prepare sell to even play in the final. So he's it also prize me at all. He always been a great teammate since we've been in. Okay. CNS. Just the type of guy players care about having you know maybe their star player who's injured on the bench mean lease. He's in a hallway dapper them up on the way they really thinking about that. I think is, I think is a lot different when you when you're talking about Golden State because they championship team. You know, they've been the finest five straight years, so they don't need Kevin Durant on the bench. Now you talking about Toronto Toronto Raptors in Linda maybe hurt. Yeah. They may lead his his his leadership. But when you talk about it saying that they went to five straight finals, you, definitely, you know, need Kevin Durant on, on the bench cheering you on when you can have them in the back getting treatment, and getting ready to possibly play on the phone. He was found sit around and clay was hopping around. But that's the question right? You come out of this with a win. But the desperation to get him back has only intensified. What's more desperate than ever like does he come back for game? Three is then to me now we're going to have a forty eight hour. Wait and see on clay, and Katie. And I mean, if the raptors have to have to feel I mean, there's one one so okay, but Rapids have to feel really terrible that they weren't able to take advantage of clay being out Steph, having sickness Igwe up being somewhat hobbled looney getting hurt. They've well, thank solo Brian. I don't think I think if I'm if I'm if I'm to Rondo I, I have a good feeling in going to go to stay, because one, I thought Golden State should have put should've stepped on Knicks. When they had the chance I thought this should have been a blow out. And by letting Toronto hang around. So when you go on the film Nick knows probably going to say, hey look guys we right here in the game. You know, we right here, the whole time we weather the storm. We came back. We gave ourselves a chance to win. So at the end of the day, you know you go back to the drawing. Boy you go back and watch. I mean, they had so many unforced turnovers careless turnovers. And yet they just kept. Grinding lot of wide open, miss shots absolute naked grinding it out novel suddenly comes down to, you know, a one possession game at the end when it should have really been twenty five point blowout, by the warriors. So I, I still remain convinced that this is going to be a tight series. I just don't know who's going to be available to play. That's right. I mean we come into all of these series of these Xs and knows breakdowns. And then it turns out that human bodies are just these meet sacks, and they fall apart. And that's the story. I mean, if the warriors come out with strengthened number shirts on they're on the chairs for grain three. We're really going to be testing, if that's true because they're going to need those tough, white right, permanent five and a half hours. You know, that doesn't help injured bodies. I don't think I just I just feel like I think now this guy is going. I think the series going said, I really do that. I'm looking at it, and I'm like, man. These any given night, you know, know who goes step up either team like cook came up big. I haven't seen him hit a shot in months, and he came up hit big three's. When the rafters was making runs, you know with these injuries down in collaboration has his best game. And some a couple of silly fouls like a couple of questionable. Yeah, he will. Yeah, but that's six foul was dumbfounded. I was done. And, and he's been in foul trouble throughout the whole playoffs. He he can't take himself out. Maybe, maybe if they had him on the floor at the end smarter. His time, though. Yeah, good. All right. I've gotta go. Gotta go beyond stuff, amped up. Thank you. Blow. It was a pleasure and honor, I'm going to get some gels. Yes gel. Oh, thank you assume collective. Peels salt. Illegal substances. So. Collective. Playoff time is when things start getting serious on the court players are more driven than ever to win these big games and keep advancing. Good your knows all about being more driven to working hard to help you advance on and off the road. Let Goodyear dot com help you choose what's best.

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