A Conversation With The Captain


Song welcome back to American Billiard radio. Today is Thursday October 22nd home and we've got a slightly different format to this episode something. I've been tossing around in my mind and I finally decided to give it a shot off. The difference is usually I quickly some up stories from the past week or so. And and this is something that Dave England used to do. So that's that was his thing and because he felt strongly about that I continue to try to do it at the beginning of the episode. It's not really my game. But that's that was something he did. So what we're going to do a little different what I'm going to do a little different in this episode is I'm going to focus on a couple of stories and not give you some sound bites from people regarding those stories and then we will get into the one big interview that I usually do. So the main interview for this show is Home Team USA Captain Jeremy Jones, and we will get to that but first bring everybody up to speed on the news if you're not an avid viewer of azbilliards, why wouldn't you be the poisoned vg10 ball competition that we talked about last episode was Nate that finished up album. Rushan defeated Tyler steinhagen the finals. I talked to Nate and I don't have a sound bite from him, but I'm going to he said that he wanted to talk about the event after he'd had a chance to wage. To finish it all up in and get his his mind together. So that will most likely be next episode. It's nice to see some of the the big events that we've gotten so used to in the midwest coming back all of them kind of disappeared due to Over there to watch that event. We had a a big event a big streamed event over the last week with Tyler steyer Found Jesus. Atencio. They were playing ten ball at Roy's basement. Jesus was given the nine ball. So for the one or two people who don't understand that spot Jesus could win by making the 9 or the 10 Tyler had to make the ten. It was a great match that I watched part of it online. I spoke to a boy over at Roy's basement about the match. And the first thing that he mentioned was that Tyler really impressed him. So listen to what he had to say about Tyler. I know a lot of folks were like kind of like they want to be Tyler fans, you know, but kind of like, I don't know he's got this Eagle, you know, he's too much, you know, he wants everything he's waste but you know, what as soon as he came here and Roy's basement he opened up to me and then he we we made him feel right at home him and Hong Kong didn't want to leave the place anymore the basement. They said this is a dream place for anybody who's taking pool seriously, cuz I showed him the gym that we hang out where we train, you know for cardio and all that which you do need for long sessions of pool plane and his like man, I want to live here and with that in mind, he said that he was also extremely impressed with Jesus. He wasn't as familiar with Jesus his game, but he he described how he saw Jesus and then went on to describe Thursday. itself and his he showed me some he came back. I mean this guy I'm talking about ice veins, you know, I mean nothing you can't get nothing out of him while he's sitting down. He's so focused on the table like he wants to get off and shoot again. And so he he's a warrior at this young age. I think he just turned Twenty-One or twenty-two with Tyler even though the first day Tyler was a 12 points at one time and I'm like, oh, okay. Well, we'll get this is what we're going to see if Jesus can come back with this down twelve points on the first day going a hundred thousand. So he slowly, you know, he slowly got his game that he I mean he's he was calm, you know, not panicking and all that. So that was a Plus on the first day off and he cut the lead down to end the day once from 12 to 6 points. So I'm like you showed me something I got. Okay now they too big turn around his shoes took over. Just to go over the day too. So to end the day too with a score of him being up now ten points on the third day and then attend the first day they were given over under on his dues to end the first day the over-under on the first day the stand for Jesus 10:00, and and I think it was 33 me if I'm thirty-three twenty-seven. I think that was the score during the day one. So tense. Oh, okay. Those guys were like ten that's the overall under, you know, twelve years now on the day to the chat box switch around. None of the power fans, were there any more you know, it's it's all Jesus day to like, oh Tyler's so, you know, so to start the day it's all about Jesus fans. And that's so many cuz it's not known came along chat box. I'm saying his Pilot's done. This kid is done. Guess what for a young age to Tyler? He showed me something here again. He's so focused. Like I can't believe it between these two. I mean, I couldn't believe it. This is probably one of the great matchup ever done in terms of what they put in the content, you know, I mean, it's all hard, you know, they're so focused, you know for the mayonnaise and and it's like two Gladiators in the arena that they just want to chapter each other's heads off after the mat. They shake hands they eat the same food from the basement. No, they joke around, you know, they're both sponsored by Predators, you know, but on the table, I mean, they're Fearless the Warriors, you know, and I'm like, oh, I like what I'm saying here. I watched some more of this. So on the day 3 not the thing happened Jesus being up 10. I saw him just sitting down on his chair for about eight games. Mike and Tyler putting on what he could do on the table. That's why you've been seeing him a lot on this virtual pool tournaments, you know where it's going to go. So whatever that's why you've been seeing him a lot getting in the finals, you know. Training paying off, you know now being down 10 points on the third day, which is the finale of the match off now, he's up one point at 7271. So I'm like I'm believable. This match is something else and I think he got up as much as a 75-71 Four Points, you know on the third day. And then and then back and forth swings back and forth. I take the lead, you know, you take the lead I take the lead back, you know back and forth. So the match could have gone either way at the end even at the back end when the school was 97-92 Jesus and he stopped shooting and it's Tyler's turned. So when when it's Tyler Stern at 9 to 7 a.m. To being down Five Points He looked at the school right next to me. And I mean his soft voice. She said Roy watched the eight pack cuz I just done it recently on the Facebook live doing the ghosts. Watch the 8-pack. It could happen again. I was like, oh my God, I mean this is something else. I like this. I love this match. You know, I mean, this is probably the same matchup ever done in the basement. You know, I mean, it's not about superstars the top Pros, you know playing it's it's the it's it's what they did to the game at that moment. You know, I mean, they give you 100 20% to the game, you know, it's all about I gotta win. I got a win, you know, and they respect each other, you know, they just let their games out there and pay so be it. Let's see who's a better guy right now, you know and he did he did ran three packs. Okay to make this 499 a month. 95 okay when when he broke. To Cuba got smacked around and ended up on the side pocket. I was focusing the camera on his shoes. He sitting down thinking am I going to be back up again and get to shoot again? You know, he's got this looks like I might I might not be able to shoot again. He could finish me off from here. I want to score was six seventy-five. He could finish me up here. I'm going to be able to get back to the table and on the other hand. He also have this look like I could see him changing his body language was down like like like grabbing his his little towel holder and then cleaning his Q like, oh, I can't wait to get up. I'll finish him off. Give me a chance to get up and shoot again. So that's that's the body language, you know grabbing HQ, and I was like why you grabbing you sitting down and shoot, you know, there's no way you know, you're going to shoot out, you know, but he's game Ready? That means he's giving you a sign huge get ready. I can't wait to shoot again at this moment. I looked at Tyler's face was like you ain't shooting again while he was on the table. This is it off. This is it I'm going to I'm that's it. It's going to be 192. It's probably going to be the greatest money game in rotation finish off, you know, that's how close that match but okay. So 97-95 toddler broke scratch on the side and that was it like that's how close that match was. And when I talked to Roy about what he's got coming up, which what is amusing is when we talked he didn't mention that he was working on a rematch between Tyler and Jesus that was announced after he and I spoke but again while we spoke we talked briefly about what he has come home. Ben what he wants to focus on right now to tell you the two with this match that we just did with Jesus and Tyler. We're in good hands in the future if there will be more players like young players like this month. I think we're in good hands for the for the future of pool. You know, I mean, they just handle themselves, you know, like professional everything the way you want it a play that would be the day. That's how they express themselves. And just so that you can mark it on your calendar. The rematch between Tyler and Jesus is scheduled for November 13th through the 15th interestingly enough the Oscar Dominguez, Mika. Immonen $10,000 one pocket is going on at the exact same time. That's November 13th and 14th. And then just announced Tony Chauhan and Scott Frost are matching up to play one pocket and November 19th through the 21st. So for those of you who enjoy those challenge matches online mid-november looks great speed of challenge matches. The biggest event coming up this weekend is a doubleheader Rackham TV is doing it Omega Billiards is also involved in a big way. This is Shane Van boening Dennis. Orcollo. One more time. They are playing 10 ball race to 120. There is also what you might consider a month undercard event with Team Oklahoma versus Team, Texas Sky Woodward Jeremy Jones, Roberto Gomez CJ Wiley and Ming-Ming 14, Texas. Joey gray. Chip Compton Shane McMahon Billy Dyke and Brittany Maynard for team, Oklahoma. I spoke to Mike Wang over at Omega Billiards off and you know, I mentioned that the team event kind of feels like it might be an undercard of sorts. But from what Mike said, it sounds like that wage. 13 matchup is a lot more than just trying to fill space around this Dennis schain match. I can look at the sport. I look at the basketball and NBA NFL baseball and why do we what do people connect how do people connect to those teams? What they find the connection kind of like, you know, I live in Texas so long to root for any teams from Texas versus in a different state, you know people in California the more likely to root for any team from California when that team play and you know a team from New York. So yep, that's how for me that's how it came about in terms of like, you know, try to create a connection between the the the average fans of the game or people that like the game and and and connect them to the prompt us and that's how the Oklahoma all songs and the Texas all the stars being spotted and while though that team match is certainly important to Mike the shame. Tennis match is the important one for just about everybody else might described how that came together. I want to make it into a huge huge event. And you know, I'm a little concerned with with the the two all-star teams might not be able to bring enough exposures to themselves. So I was like, well, let's see if we can put together match, you know between freedom watch the news greatest player to ever live in in America too versus to the number one money player in the world right now. And that is Shane and Dennis and while Shane on going away the last time the two played Mike described some changes. They were making this time to hopefully make things a little more level of a playing field. Not that you necessarily have to level the playing field when you've got Dennis shooting on one side, but still Mike described some changes they made and hopefully that will will even And things up a little bit. It will be a race to $129 with a $9 on the brake on on the spot and break from the Box 3.0. So I you know is a thing a lot of people say that shame can only be dentist because of his Superior break. So we will find out because by doing this format that the you know, we're kind of takes away Shane's break, but you know, we'll find out how you know, I think Shane is so underrated as a you know, kinds of pool play Pocket in balls, but he's you know how long you know and unfortunately strategies but you know will we will find out this is going to be great. We also had some sad news this week. The passing of Danny Green with Danny was the creator of the planet pool tour out in Washington. I reached out first to Jenny Malloy looking for some information on Danny. She had posted job. Line about him. She recommended that I speak to Vicky Capone Mike Capone from Capone custom cues wife. I spoke to Vicky and I asked her to tell me a little bit about Danny Danny for as long as I can remember. He was a pool player. He started playing pool as a student and Community College. There is a like a community rec room on the campus and Rockville Maryland where he was attending classes and he started getting really good at pool and and I started skipping his classes and eventually pool is very much Danny's life as much as this community gym and pool and in this region was influenced by Danny Green Danny Green's entire life was influenced by pool pretty much every wage. He did from that moment when he first started playing pool at the community college somehow centered around living a life in the the lifestyle of pool in the culture of pool with his his friends were pulled players. There was really no one or still to this day. No one in a Washington DC region who has been a pool player who hasn't touched by Danny in some way either through Planet Cool through his office as a cue maker and and a key repair person the lessons that he gave he was an instructor and and taught many people myself included a lot about the game. They're still shots that when I Step up to the table to make it it's Danny's Voice. But I hear telling me what to do, you know strategies to like for for suitable off The Rail Club or something like that. Danny played all over the region. He played all over the country. You were a player for a long time. He liked to keep kind of a low profile if that was even possible given life, you know, he was such a kind of Infamous player. He was really Dynamic player. He he played fast and loose he had you know, like his pre-shot routine was almost non-existent and you know photographers used to joke that it was really difficult to get a photograph of Danny playing pool because all the photos were blurry Because by the time they could focus the camera on him. He he was already moving on to the next shot. You know, he was fast and loose and really every part of his life. He he was an idea person. He had a million ideas for businesses that he wanted to start hotel rooms that you wanted to open from, you know other businesses always somehow related to pool but there was always something brewing and off Planet pool alternately was one of the outcomes of his creativity and his sons are sort Hardware to say entrepreneur very entrepreneurial Spirit. He started playing pool and really grow it into one of the major regional tours. That was really long long lasting it was years but Planet pool existed. The tournaments were always sold out. He did a lot for The players a lot for you know, he supported a lot of women playing pool and made sure that you know that there was good prizes adequate prizes for the women's tour as well as for the men he arranged actually the time that my husband was my husband. Mike cottone was one of the sponsors of playing pool and if memory serves if you were the points winner for the women, then you want to come custom Q big deal for women school back. Then I had also read that Danny was very proud of being acknowledged in David mccumbers book playing off the rail. So I asked Vicky about that. Yes. I was something that came up from time to time even even recently but back in the back in the nineties when that book was first made it was the late. Yep. I can't even remember now in that book was first released. He was over the moon, you know, he was really excited about that and excited not only for himself being featured in the book. But you know, his girlfriend was with him on the day that that they that he ran across and Camber and Tony a Negroni his girlfriend was there and he was proud to have had her featured and there's several other young players that were mentioned and he kind of felt like it put him on the map and and kind of gave him even though he was he didn't always want a lot of acknowledgement. He didn't want a lot of attention as long as role players can attend to try to avoid it was nice. I think for him to get that kind of an acknowledgement is bludgeoned is being this, you know this good road player. Okay, that is pretty much it as far as as bringing people up to speed on the news again. My my main interview for this week is Jeremy Jones. Team captain Team USA Jeremy and I talked about mosconi cup as you would expect that we would then we went back to an interview that I did with Jeremy years and years and years ago when the camel tour was going on and and we had talked briefly back then about the idea of a Players Association and really I just kind of wanted to come back and touch on that idea in the interview and we kind of went down that road for a bit longer than I expected that we would we also touched on his budding career in commentary and that's who he thought might be the next Sid Waddell and then we cycled back around to Moscow niqab and talked about the decision for the fifth member of Team USA. So long without all in mind I give you Jeremy Jones Very proud to be joined by mosconi Cup team captain Jeremy Jones Jeremy. Are you busy getting ready for my Stony? Yeah, Mike besides a constantly thinking about it, you know, the guys have played a lot more pool the last couple of months. Um, a lot of them are actually preparing for a couple of events coming up which is really good. They're going to get some good stiff competition before going overseas. So yeah, you know Joey and I discussing a lot of things every day. You know, we got a of course the format it's been pretty similar to last couple of years. So we're you know, we heard maybe there's going to be a change in the format mildly. So we're kind of waiting to hear about that. And then and then think accordingly so and how exactly has the the covin situation changed the way that you guys prepare. I know, you know in a past the the team came together, they traveled overseas they played in events, but that's not really possible this year. Yeah, we you know, we did some one-on-ones some of the guys fortunate enough to be able to come a couple of times here to the house and found, you know, like last week. I saw Chris and Peoria, we worked a little bit and talked a lot. You know, of course is not like going to Russia and playing the dream Challenge and and having a few other events to hang out with all year, you know kind of build that camaraderie, but I think it's a pretty close group. So we got the Texas state open coming up soon, which is going to you know, get us all together for about a week or so. So I like the position where you and I talked to Chris either day. He mentioned the possibility of having to quarantine before the event. Well, we know the guys have to live and what not and do their things but we have to test before we go overseas. And so that test is on the third day to where we feel like, uh, give it give the advice to the guys and recommended. Hey, you know, we want your practice and we want you training we want you happy of course, but also you got to be smart cuz we can't I can't really afford a negative test. We try to hop on some flights you played on mosconi cup you and I talked before we started the interview. I believe you said seven times right? How did the years as a player contrast with the last two years where you were vice-captain and then and then this year very different I was kind of always a player that that you know, whenever I was you know in the right shade meaning practicing a lot training a lot whatever get prepared being prepared is always a player that kind of played by myself when I was in a match meaning I didn't see cameras too much. Of course, I felt the moment of the mosconi cup and can't ignore that but much more stressful. I think as a as a co-captain the last two years than a player. And I can't really pinpoint why I guess maybe just because you really involved in every shot, you know, you go through a whole year of some training and some things that you know, all the players have Tendencies meaning whenever they're nervous or whenever you know, they make the mistake. It's very similar mistakes. So, you know you work on things for a year and then you see mistake come out but I just like a match as soon as they make a good shot when a game all that's forgotten. So, I mean, it's just a different feeling I guess overall way more stressful way more anxious as a as a captain on the sidelines. And when you were playing who were the captains that you played under? Plane captains most most of the time Nick was a captain. It wasn't playing one year. I was also under him a couple of years as a plane Captain Johnny was a plane Captain Earl one time was a plane Captain if I remember correctly and that's about it. I think Nick may have had four stents of the car or plane Captain while I was there Johnny to an earlier one, I believe. What kind of differences do you see from the last two years with Johannes the captain back to the playing Captain days when you were playing? Well, you know back whenever I played we really didn't do a training sessions and and travel as a group so much. I think you know the game fortunately to bring it up to the years that the US law so, you know some consecutive years kind of puts a different plan in place, um, you know directed towards wage going to cut but also trying to build that that degree of greatness in pool in America again, especially at least at the professional level. So I you know, I think that's the way it's going back, but you know whenever I played Of course we talked about it. We trained together while we were there to England for a week before the tournament or or in Vegas depending and you know, we gave each other life stuff, but it was just a little bit different meaning, you know, you expect those professionals to show up ready and also, you know, we had a tour usually it's just something that constructed a tour of a lot of great events that was kind of like training in itself. Right? So I would wish I would say is the direction it's heading back in as far as not only tournaments here, but the guys getting prepared through competing and you know, it's more like they were getting themselves in shape and then like the mosconi cup. Is that balance, right? So when Johan named you vice-captain now, what do you think? He saw you know that that made him choose you. well, there was a he told me really there was not many others just because of I think some respect factor with the the younger guys have a low connection with the younger guys kind of just I was still playing a lot compared against them. Also, you know knowing the guys also I think in 2017 explained to me that he didn't feel a real good connection with some of the players and not knowing my background or going on for twenty years or thirty years or whatever you might you know, however long I've known a lot of them and I you know, so I think that just pretty pretty much Supply to bridge between Johan and the players and also I'm sure some knowledge and and what kind of conversations have you had with Johann over the last year or two prepare for this year. Where we really haven't talked about this year at all really be honest. We hadn't spoken with him and and and sometime this is kind of you know, I guess we both got busy with pandemic and trying to deal with things but you know the last couple of years I certainly learned some things from Johann massive or Asian and he's really really good very smart, man. Yeah, I mean, I guess it's kind of like I said, I think it's going to you know before the pandemic it looked like it was going to be a lot of events to be able to see a lot of things off about 4 and then you know, of course the Moscone was going to go back off of the rankings for a few of the spots. Uh, so I think it's heading back in the direction to where these guys know, they can win and and they're dead, um going to be prepared a lot more without the captain being so involved, you know, of course will train but it's not going to be crazy. You know, that's hard to train at the group and travel as a group. You know eight weeks out of year. That's a lot, right? So We actually did an interview had well over 20 years ago right about the time the camel tour was ending and you mentioned in that interview with the idea that the players could have done more and should do more to come together to organize the future of the game if we could match room out of the equation. It would be pretty easy to say, you know, the game of pro pool is in no better place than it was when the camel to our collapsed looking back over the last twenty years. What do you think the players could have done? And and what do you think the players did right and wrong looking at at their future? Well, you know, I kind of always say it about myself write it, you know, we could always do a lot more leg work. Meaning, you know, it's kind of like kind of like the nature of the Beast a little bit. no, you got a The mentality is you gotta look out for yourself a little bit. And that's that's very true and many many facets. But as far as like the guys they still don't. And it was good of friends as they are. They really don't get together and work together as much meaning like I said doing a little legwork that really builds the sport and you know, that's not their fault. I mean that's like I said that you got to think yourself, you know, everybody has individual sponsors that are and and fans and different people that are pulling at them. So, you know along with trying to raise families and whatnot. So, um, you know, you pick out situations and you look at it individual and the last thing you can say about each one of them is probably like you can't blame them meaning like, you know, if this person is going off and working for themselves and not trying to build the game as much. Well, they're probably doing it for a good reason because I need to so that's a hard question though mine. So, I don't know. I mean, I think the players could use an association still even though a lot of associations have ended up not being too good. So we're kind of tarnished a little bit. But I think it done in the right way. I think players could on some tournaments themselves along with working with other promoters. And obviously you get to see this from the inside, you know, what is going on at Matt's room and what some of the goals that that Emily in particular and matchroom have long. Does it look as promising from the inside view that you have as it does from the outside and you know, it's been a long time since we've been able to look at something and pro pool and I consider it promising but you know, Matt room seems to have an awful lot of of plans when it comes to Pro pool especially apropos in America. Yeah, well, I think they know this is the market at least on the amateur side. There's a huge markets everywhere for it. But on amateur side, it's huge here. I'm not sure than anywhere else in the world. I think anyways. and you know the one thing about mastering the very smart obviously and at the same time trying to be successful for their company as they should but I think they see that it's a sport grows know there at the head of it, you know, and they're going to make good decisions. They're probably going to be very successful with it. Whereas You know again, I can't blame anybody but there's a lot of promoters that I feel like had this little Nets bag. You might say that their secure with doing every month and they don't, you know, not saying they don't improve their tournaments or do things but you can honestly say we play for sometimes a lot less prize money than we did twenty years ago. So the mentality is let me make sure I get that Nest Egg rather than take a chance at a long-term growing kind of thing. Is that make sense? Well, the game has definitely stagnation and if you want to compare back to the camel teases, it's certainly taken a step back as far as price funds go and organization. Do you think the the bulb the path is an outside organization that runs eight or a sort of tour with the possibility of wage and Association of players maybe being advisors. Yeah, definitely. I mean I that's what I say about in association. I think it done correctly with the correct agenda that I think it's very doable to where the players not only work together as a unit cuz we are colleagues even though we have to unfortunately beat each other for money, but I think that not only the players will work together as a unit but that unit could easily work together with outside sources and I think that's really the main way that the game will grow to its fullest and what I'm getting at is the player could realize that you know, we should be adding money to our internal. We should be out doing the legwork the promotion work and stuff like that to where you know, we go to a certain tournament a and we say, okay you're adding as much what we want to add this much on top of it. I think that's a very doable system and it works in other sports as well. And there was I mean not to not to name individual names and certain we've got, you know twenty years to to refer back to but you know in the past we've had player organizations and they really didn't seem focused on dead. What they could bring to the table. Let's say best case scenario. You know, let's let's just say sky's the limit and you're running wage Players Association. What can you bring to the table aside from? Well, we'll add X number of dollars to your prize fund. Well, like like I said the players working as a unit like work. I mean like, you know, when they have a pro golf tournament Chicago, let's say and it off Sunday. Well that following Monday. They start working on that that next tournament 12 months away in Chicago now, they don't work every day at it. But you know, you send you send players out of the unit to promote in those areas, you build a fanbase, you know, you do whatever you can as far as like I said legwork you build a charity you do think create a fan base because that's what it's going to take. And to be honest with you my God, I solely believe if the players were as a group in a good way. I think you should see the amateur support of that go through the roof. I couldn't imagine that we're talking about really making pool and professional pulls good as it can be I couldn't imagine the amateur players around the country and really around the world not supported. Anyway, that that that's bad. I mean and there's a lot of other little things that go along with it, you know, all the guys know that hey we're working together. I think you would see a massive change in the World Arena as far as the sportsmanship and not saying it's bad, but I think you would see it grow even better, you know. On on the ladies side of professional pool. There's the WPA and and part of the reason the wpba succeeded was that all of the players were able to set aside their own agendas for the most part and and create the tour now whether that tour is as successful as it was at one time is not the question. But do you think the top males are able to put aside their own personal interests for a an association that could help the game of pro pool? Yeah, I mean and to further on that. I mean you wouldn't ask him to do to set us. I mean you got to think of yourself of course, but it would be in my opinion a win-win situation. You know, of course, you know, you ask again player number eight at sponsored by you know, company page whatever they're doing their company names going to be right on their shirts. So, I mean, it's like a sponsors would love personal sponsors would love it all would be was just being able to promote the players and promote wage, you know, whatever Tour tournaments that need to be promoted. I don't feel like you know, how could they not right because the well we're trying to do is build the purses and and have more tournaments. So if that's happening, I would think the support from the players should be home. Actually. I think it would just only benefit them as in a short-term answer. It would just benefit them in the long term. No problem. I mean no questions asked it's just basically adding, you know their name. And and I want to change gears for a second back to you personally. Now you have you have a huge resume in the game u.s. Open 9-ball Champion US Open Market Champion runner up at the world 9-ball. And now you have you know, seven-time player Captain A Team USA. You've become one of the top commentators in the game. How did that come along? I mean what got that started and and what do you think it is that makes you as sought after as a commentator As You Are Well, I mean first off the information is pretty pretty good kind of know all games pretty well that helps so, you know, there's a a lot of material that I've done so people feel pretty well, you know pretty good about hiring me but it kind of start I believe really I remember correctly. I started doing it at the world nine-ball championships. And then with Sid Waddell, I don't remember sit or not. He was a he was a thousand. Yeah, he was great great commentator. And and so I started doing it with Sid which would sit made it easy. He was always a lot of fun. So I had the little success doing it there and then I started off just to do it, you know for a few companies will action t a key stats. And it just kind of went from there and and it's weird because I kind of grew up. You know, when we grew up Mike. I didn't have cable TV until later in life. But you know, there was like Monday Night Football there was of course a few games on Sunday commentators for the World Series and what not, but the commentators in my mind were kind of part of the show off. Whereas when I watch a lot of games these days or when I did last year year before I didn't know half the commentators, you know, when they were telling me what was going on with the football game, but I grew up watching Howard Cosell a lot and stuff like that. So I always kind of like the commentators be honest with you Frank Gifford. I believe was one of them to you see another Sid Waddell in the game right now, you know what he brought to commentary. Well, he was pretty unique. That's for sure and a lot of experience. I mean, of course you just didn't do pool Affiliates. It's pretty awesome. He's definitely changed than said you can't really replace it. But feel is very very good. A lot of fun very knowledgeable always says the right thing at the right time seems like uh, so everybody I've worked with I would say feel silly 8 and close as you can get and and and to come back around to Team USA you recently announced your five players and and the first 4 Picks. I mean those were packed automatic. You were successful the last two years with Tyler. Why wasn't Tyler automatic? Well, I mean, I think it'd be silly to look at anybody is automatic. Of course, there were three names in my mind that made the team that way, you know, you could be as close to automatic as you get I guess and you know looking back like I said before the pandemic started. I really expected and it looked like with the tournament selection and and the players that were out young players. They were out playing. And some veterans that they were going to be maybe six seven guys to look out for those final two spots and in a fair way, that's the right way Captain look at it like it's a numbers game. And and nothing to take away from Tyler. We did win the last few years with Tyler on the team, but just like we won the year before with Corey on the team after not winning and how long eight or nine years. We changed the team the very next year because it's basically this, you know, you work with them you look at them and then you got to go make a decision usually and it was a very tough decision this year, but just got to go what we feel like it's going to earn it the most points. I looked at a lot of tapes from the last two years of the mosconi cup evaluated some things and and and you know a gut decision just led me back to Christian know and and and that's just It is what it is. I like our chances. That's the best pic. I like our chances with and what is it that you see in Chris that you think makes a good mosconi cup competitor? Well, you know, it keeps it simple. Constantly trying to learn he's very humble. I think he'll connect and take Direction not only outside the arena the mosconi cup, but also inside the mosconi cup Arena. He's a guy that was training really well and right direction trained really well last couple years and got better and better and honestly, you know, he was wage second of the Americans after three events with the points before covid-19. But just like I said evaluating everything it's just letting me towards press and and that's what we went with. Okay. So, where do you go from here? I could schedule wise and and traveling wise you've got taxes at the end of the at the end of the month. And then what do you have after that to get ready for the cock? I have we are we're all going to be in OKC for an event 23rd through the 25th. And when I say all of us most of us and them will commute down to Austin for the Texas state open then after that, you know, we're going to ask the guys of course he's training and playing a lot but I'm trying to be smart about it as far as cuz we do need to test before we fly over on the 22nd. So we need some you know, all negative test in that regard. So basically guys, you know, stay with the family hit balls. Um, so your thing and and get mentally prepared for the London. All right, sounds good. I think we're all looking forward to seeing how the event goes and of course were 95% of my listeners are pulling for Team USA, but I won't keep you any longer. I appreciate you taking some time for us today and I wish you all off. in the world in London Thanks Mike. And thanks for the interview. Hopefully those were sufficient answers tough questions sometimes but that's how it goes. Right? No problem. I think they were great. Okay. All right. Have a good day Mike. All right. Thanks Jeremy. All right. That was Jeremy. I appreciate everybody's sticking around to the end of the the show. You know again, I tried something new. We'll see how it goes. It may crash and burn it. It may break and run ten. Who knows so we'll see what happens. I want to send out a thanks this week to Roy over at Roy's basement. Mike Wang over at Omega Billiards Vicky Capone and a special thanks to Jeremy Jones for the interview that he did. That is the show for this week. Again. I appreciate everybody listening and Dave. We are always thinking about you. Turn off.

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