The Day We Went Toilet Shopping


We can't make progress because too many of our country's rules and institutions were designed to exclude black people. We need real change. It's time to eliminate the Filibuster Makdissi Estate seriously fixed the Supreme Court and abolished the Electoral College. We must vote in November but we need a pen of action. Now it's time to finally will a true equal and just democracy. Paid for by just crecy. Hi, I'm Amy Nelson and I'm spam. We're the host of IHEART newest podcast. What's her story with? Sam and amy we both have our own businesses and between us, we have seven children. Since the moment we met leave sharing our stories with each other. The thing is we all know the story is of Industry Titans, Bazo jobs, but the stories of women he remained incomplete. Ask questions. No one else even touches. We are not afraid. It's get personal. So listen to what's her story with Sam and amy on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. prerecorded. Just. Always makes me laugh I just can't get enough of it makes my morning. I don't even notice that I'm sitting in traffic took I wake up to the show every day literally listen all the time it use up all my data. I just love their interaction. They really seem to generally love each other love each other. In the morning show hey, we rolled into another day. Tuesday September twenty-ninth were almost two October. Isn't that wild. It is the Daniel in the month of Danielle in everything cobwebs and spiders. Ghosts, and GOBLINS. Ghost is maybe by the end of the show, a Goblin is oh, no dirty jokes froggy. Godwin stopping good. Morning Scary Good Morning Hi producer Sam good, Morning Danielle Good Morning I'm looking at Danielle Zoom Room. She looks a little like Ruth Bayer Ginsburg. What. All the. disodium say did you see what I'm saying and there's a Gandhi Gandhi how? Did you change your hair color. It looks different today I didn't. But you know as time goes on. I. Think it just changes on its own GOTCHA. Frogging. Fellow there Scotty with a new microphone. and. There's a straight nate in there. We got way too many people working on the show. We haven't even a lot of people working in the background to make us look good. Hey. All right. So today is froggy day not only is a national coffee day. It's FROGGY Day froggy you get to choose a first song today. What is it? It is it the backstreet boys and? Larger than life? No, it's not. Yes. Are you kidding me. Here we go. Hi. My Name. But. A Away. down. She. Can't you see? Get paid. I song request backstreet boys you got it right What a day? I was supposed to see them in concert, but the pandemic killed that. So we'll have to wait 'til next to you, but that will hold me over. Aj on dancing with the stars what do you think I'm gonNA say so no. This Tuesday's GonNa bring a lot of interesting things. I still have yellow jackets flying around my house, the infestation continues. We have the first presidential debate tonight that's going to be a show. Crowd show. Everything what today it's another day another another view at an interesting world we're living on. So let's get going. Let's start with our first caller of the day Jonathan Line. Three. Oh. My Gosh. So Jonathan Hey Danielle Jonathan works at your favorite place on Earth Jonathan Daniel where you work. Dot Com. Amazon. Absolutely Jonathan what do you do at Amazon or do you have to kill us if you tell us? They don't have to do that. Script. I'm a store and I put items into been where the pickers could pick them. So you guys could ordered on. There if you weren't there, we wouldn't be getting yesterday. We received three huge crates of fans from Amazon because over the weekend Alex drank something ordered all these antique looking fans to put an all of our rooms. Are they going back or you keep it off. All the retro fans thanks to you Jonathan. They all made it into the band and they all made it to my house. Listen. Amazon of course, Amazon and everyone delivering everything from Amazon. So essential all these months. Thank you so much for what you do. You are our first caller of the day and we must in your honor remind everyone I, think Amazon. Prime Day coming up to. October thirteenth and fourteenth is that That is correct. That is getting very, very busy right now. Oh I bet she'll ready for prime. Day Our Jonathan. You make sure those bins are filled because we need stuff and we'll definitely gonNA send you your Elvis Duran morning show scrubs from Hackensack Meridian. You're the first caller of the day. Thanks for being an essential important part of our lives. Jonathan thank so much. Hello elitist. You should put uncle Johnny one of those bins and send them out see where he's going. A hold on Jonathan. Thank you. Thank you so much. Well, let's get going. I know not yet been around the room from all of you will be on the way too early to ask what your headline is. Did you know? Around later on I. Oh Danielle. My wife and many others and apology. In other words, it's another day we're froggy. Scary. What's your headline for your around the room today I? Don't have a headline just yet. Okay. Early you're developing developing story hatching the headline you? Gandhi. I JUST WANNA. Say I. Think we have some of the office listeners ever and I'll tell you why come into. That what about you? Daniel. Stores that celebrate the holidays early make me happy. That and more on the way our producer same who you're doing your horoscopes with all right today is Danielle? Alright so I'll stay in the room for your. Birthday, today so happy birthday to her capricorn do not allow yourself to be manipulated by other people's viewpoints stick by your beliefs and stand firm your days and nine Aquarius go out of your way to pay it forward for someone you know or a complete stranger Karma will reciprocate days attend Pisces be wary of something that might sound too good to be true. Take a good look before you put your eggs in one basket you're days seven areas remember that without our failures would not. Be Able to enjoy our successes embraces projections, your days and eight Torres feel free to take a break from a project you've been working hard on taking time away could give you a fresh perspective your days nine Gemini Time Heals all look back to your pass relationships and maybe think about potentially reconnecting if the moment calls for it days nine cancer tried carving out a minute in your day to reconnect or meditate can help you find the stability that you crave your days nine Leo new. Opportunities lie on the horizon the open to all opinions as you seek new perspectives, your days and eight virgo do not go out of your way to convince others of what you know is right. The truth will always prevail your days tenth libra believe in yourself, create a task list to keep yourself on track and motivated toward progress your days and eight. Scorpio you may be feeling emotionally drained planned to take day to yourself to recharge your batteries. Your date is a seven and finally Sagittarius. Every superhero could use a sidekick or to allow yourself to let your guard down and be open to help your days eight and those your Tuesday morning horoscopes. Excellent. Excellent. All right. Hang on was going into the three things we need to know from the woman who received her phone nipple rings from Amazon yesterday did and I love Them I wanted to test it out because I one hundred percent. Sure if I was going to like a nipple piercing so I wanted to you know see they're. Taking protests I'M GONNA. Get my foe Prince Albert Ring I think today. I'm going to connect that to the taint and see if I, like it. Along. Attaining the Prince Albert goes into the other end. Okay. I'll I'll send you photo. All right. Sure. It comes with instructions I. Hope. So it's both so it's not going to really go through the skin. Into the three things we need to know Gandhi. What's going on president trump and Joe Biden are gonNa Square off tonight for their first debate Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace will moderate the debate. It'll be ninety minutes and held in Cleveland. There are six topics that will part of this debate the trump biden records, the supreme court, the corona virus, the economy race in violence in US cities, and the integrity of the upcoming election announcement was made yesterday that the federal government is going to distribute one hundred and fifty million coronavirus rapid tests to. States in an event held in the Rose Garden President Trump said the US leads the world in testing calling it unprecedented. He also expect expressed some optimism about a development of a vaccine and predicted that next year will be great and finally tamp- the Tampa Bay lightning are the Stanley Cup champions after beating the Dallas Stars and game six of the Stanley Cup. Final Edmonton the lightning earn their second cup in franchise history froggy. I'm not sure if you're a huge hockey fan or not, but I thought that might make you a little bit happy today. But I'm very happy for any Florida team to win. So theft and those are your three things. Thank you, God you guys ready for your Tuesday. Yeah I'm not convinced. Are you ready for your? Tuesday yeah. You guys are lame. For Tuesday. Oh God. Why so loud. All right. Let's have a Tuesday. Elvis, get ready for brace yourself taken. froggy there's foam. Oh I, have Homo Gandhi. Vengeance starting your. Ran In the morning show. Danielle. If you feel a cough coming on, well, you gotta nipped in the Bud with Vicks vapor rub it's that soothing sense. You never forget an instant feeling of calm and relief that only vicks vapor rub can bring in always here for you. In the morning show. Yeah. We rolled into the day. We've got a busy week My dog trainer will be on Thursday and Sean no never mind. Forget, I said anything. Hey. Welcome to the day. Astound you yes please. Did you know? Scary Yeah Jimmy Music for this. Can you stop chewing? What are you eating? Eating eating trail mix but I'm gonNA stop eating I need music for this I'm okay I'm swallowing homosexual guard can you swallow and work at the same time I know I can Talented Man Morton. No, it's time to astound you. Going to be like a shut up did you know? Yes, the reason we capitalize the letter I is because writers in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries thought the lower case I looked to week for what it represented it was representing you. There you go. I know you're good for a small I. Did you know. People in Costa Rica are only allowed to drive six days a week to cut down on traffic and pollution. The last digit of your license plate number dictates what day you're not allowed on the road. Wow. I. Like that idea. Did you know? According to our sources, it's illegal to own a pet hamster in Hawaii. The climate is too good for hamsters. So, if it ever escaped, they would start wild colonies it would devastate. Hawaii's beautiful native crops okay. Here you. Did you know not a single NBA player has ever had the Jersey number sixty nine. I'd. No one told me to shut up on that one. Did you know? Oh, here's a good one. Did you know there are twenty nine million tons worth of spiders on spiders on earth right now based on the amount they eat in theory those spiders could eat every single human on the planet in one year Stassia. What. Did you know a mattress doubles? It's weight after ten years of usage collecting dust and dust mites. Eat your skin. Shut up. and. There you go. Another round of did you All the Canadians are going to love our show. We sign on in. Toronto Monday. So we need we need to ramp this thing up when we win should we? Really training for the Big Day. Toronto raining we start Monday maybe like Monday morning. I cannot wait wait. Anyway let's get into the field goods with producer Sam hey producers. Sam. What do you have today? All right. So a bunch of listeners sent me this story I had to freak and feature it already pulled on my heartstrings. There's an eighty nine year old man in Roy Utah has named his Derwin. Nui and he works harder than any man his age should have to he lives alone and he can't afford to pay his bills on social security. So He's a pizza delivery guy for a Papa John's and at his job he's gotten pretty close to a guy named Carlos Valdez and his family who orders from him a lot and he says it's not because. The pizza is just the best in town. It's because of Derwin he just loves his interactions with them. This guy is so sweet and he's gotten a lot of attention on tiktok because of it because Carlos is always sharing their interactions. Well, Carlos is really sad that Dylan has to work thirty hours a week just to pay for his basic needs. So he decided to ask the Tick Tock community for a little bit of support and with the help from his followers, they managed to raise over twenty twelve thousand dollars for Derwin and made the trip to his house to bring him the check and I have a quick little clip of his reaction right year. Which scary forgot do not forget it this. Trump talked. To say, oh, just so sweet you've got to check out the video. It's at Elvis Duran DOT COM and every once in a long island telling you social media blows goodness out of the water and that was one of the examples. So thank you everyone who sent the story over and you have a story that deserves to be featured email me, Sam Elvis, Duran, dot, com, subject minefield goods. What's for dinner? Oh. Good question. How something with Halliburton I've got a lot of that leftover from. Allah you gotTa like. Tiny. Thank you producers same. Have a beautiful day. Okay. Have you guys love you more Daniel Ready to go coming up next YEP HAVE DEMI levato is Still talking about the home break-up. uncomfortable. All right that and more on the way after this. But the Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Chelsea handler. Hey, this is Taylor swift. Hey, what's going on? This is Brennan from panic at the disco. Elvis Duran Elvis Duran and the morning show. Hey, here's what you do. Call your friend. I'm coming over with surprise here on National Coffee Day okay. Coffee when you get there, instead have a big box of Taco bells nachos. Surprise. Love that always keep them guessing I say Taco. Bells. NACHOS party pack. It's great for you and all your friends. If you're having a little fun outside a game night reality TV marathon with your roommates whatever. It's TACO Tuesday NACHOS. Basically, tacos chance smashed to Smithereens right same thing. It's their biggest box of nachos loaded with all your favorite toppings and more than enough for everyone to do grab a couple of fists full bring the good. Times to wherever you're going whatever you're doing with a NACHOS party pack available for a limited time participating Taco bells near you. If you're looking for something to do iheart radio personality Elvis Duran may be able to help all of us out. In the morning show having conversations with straight nate about he and his fiancee heather out. For their new house today, we're having the toilet conversation. You know what? I'm a firm believer in when it comes to toilets and beds in computers. That's where you spend your money because those are the most important things in your life typically. Yeah. A lot of people want to go out and save a lot of money on a bed because it's no big deal because they're not gonNA show off that bed to their friends that bad is. Something Sleep Pin, and you need your most comfortable moments in your toilet. You WanNa toilet that flushes correctly that removes all the stuff you want to remove. You don't think about you don't want to think about your toilet. You just want to sit there and do your business and leave and it doesn't John Right. Yes. So don't don't go cheap on your toilet go by. The Mercedes Benz of toilets. To know if I can do that Elvis interest, the Mercedes Benz of toilets caused literally as much as a Mercedes mercedes-benz now, they don't stop. The one toilet I sat on, it had a remote control. It basically talked to you. It was nine thousand dollars need that you need that you do need a nice a nice a nice toilet experience but all I'm saying is when you? Okay, we'll talk about when you flush, you want everything to go down you. Anything too late start circling and hanging. Here's the thing. Here's the thing because they had these toilets sitting in the showroom, right? Right. How do you know that? How do you know what's GonNa Swamp? They should Try. To be fair, you probably should be able to try them out because you should I'm looking at colours toto's you would want to try it out after somebody else tried it out. Well, they should have like demo mud next to the toilet. Gandhi necessary. Last night and froggy. Maybe you can help me out too because I was reading the reviews. I'm torn between a toto and a colour. Todos could but I'll tell you into Elvis's defense I have three toilets in my house but I replaced the one that I use the most with a really good one. So that I know that there's always one toilet that is never going to give me an issue and that is this like the industrial strength. No matter what happens it's all going down. You don't want. One, you don't want an issue with your tissue. And I will say that I used to this toilet I gotta go find one and I'm sure it's the most economic. It has no ecology worth. Whatsoever I mean it was a double swallow. Have you seen these? Burn. You. You. Do Your Business and you had flush it with the handle it would go. and. It would go down and it would the water a comeback into. It would flush it twice. Didn't see that on Grindr reduced. Known for something. I'm reading right now just to just to wrap this up. So I started reading the reviews and I mean some people really rip apart these toilets because there's people that buy them, they don't work, and then they go on and write a bad review. So this guy wrote wanted it was titled Crappy Crapper and talked about how whatever you put in the toilet which swirl around and make marks. Tell, you could really sink the toilet industry if you actually read these review why no? Good. Then read those reviews but like Scotty be. Cheap cheap stir up there. It's like I spent four fifteen on toilet four dollars fifteen cents. Go what are spend so much money. That's right. I know what that toilet is not a good bad toilet listen all based on your pipes though what isn't it all based on your pipes? The houses pipes Duct isn't it isn't it? The the pipe takes the stuff down. All Ano- we we go full throttle with toilets beds, laptops, three of the most important things in your life, and these are three things. You don't share with other people unless you're in the bed. It was what you know when I was in the market for a new toilet two years ago. I was reading advertisements and the champion four was listed and it was billed as swallowing eight entire bucket of golf balls in one gulp there you. By the way I. Don't know what you're what you're what you're eating. What's in your Diet you know why? Are, you need that I bought it based on that I never put it to its limit test. It's limits but I'll tell you well, pretty damn good. I think American. Standard does the champion. That's correct. That's their line. That's the one wait. How much did you spend on a couple of hundred dollars? It was really it wasn't as expensive as Todos and you're you're flushing GAFA. I was afraid to let a coin go down my toilet I stuck my hand in after it. Dollar Scotty. Happens. Scottie Hey Marissa online twenty two has a secret about toilets looks you'll find out we love toilet experts. Marissa. So glad you found us today. So what's what's your toilet secret? Well, my dad worked in the plumbing and heating industry for thirty years and wholesale, and so he was very familiar with every toilet under the Sun He started working home depot now that he's almost seventy works part-time there the glacier bay toilet from home depot. The top was double flush glacier bay absolutely rocks and he has seen every toilet. Have has to two buttons on top one for a full swallow in one for a half swallow. Right. Here. Why is that such a great toilet other than the fact you can choose your swallow? Watches really well, and he's like he's done all the flesh test. He was out in our garage, hooking it up with a hose showing us before you even plugged in how good it flushes. He was super excited about it. But we can solve it and it's incredible and it was like I. Think it was under two hundred dollars and he is put it up against every top rated toilet out there. So. If a toilet named glacial something, I'm afraid it's going to be ice cold when I sit on it. Glacier Bay glacier. Bay. Good if you're penguin. Look for thank you. You Tell Your father said thank you as well. Marissa in. I love fact you got on our show and this is what you're talking about I. Know I've been trying forever so. In a one of our textures reminds everyone as Alex's done in our house, you gotta replace all those those live. That will eat you with those soft closing lids. Nothing clothing with broke did the replace it or not that? Much Cushion your because when you sit on it, it goes see. Yeah, there's nothing worse than getting up into the night and going for whatever, and you just close a toilet spam. I. Santa Bring me a soft closing toilet see. Adam is online twenty. He is a plumber. Adam as well. Let's let's find out Adams consult on this high atom. We're doing. Okay. So from plumbers point of view, you see all sorts of tortoise we should listen we have to say, what is your favorite brand you're? You're sending nate toward. I would definitely say it's definitely better than the caller. Id. Tour, why would you not use toto dorothy dog and the wizard of? Oz I, mean spelled a little differently. But anyway, what is it about Koto? I mean they just don't clog as much or what's the deal? Well they they don't. They already qualities much their their conference if you know what I mean. I mean close. I mean, like I said I'm so we've had a lot of problems with those. Okay and that's the reviews I was reading a lot of reviews. And it said Kohler. Problems Toto generally a lot less maintenance Adam talk about. A stall. Okay. Good. See. It's so good for your plumber to. The interesting clogs that you've come across. Maybe we learn something it. Seems like to me? It's obvious what you should or should not put down a toilet butts off. Through I just WanNa scene was someone through coffee and that's A lot of people don't realize coffee grinds up probably the worst thing throw down in your promises they don't break down. Is that why? They don't break down they don't they just clog up like a ball of mess. So just ended up being on your hard rock. Can You dispel the myth about disposable wipes? They really aren't all that disposable. Don and toilet. That's the worst thing to do. It that way boy. You end up having a big mess. Is Better. It's your toilet. I'd be very selective with what you put in there I. seriously they say flushable long, but they don't listen to them there. What did you? What about tampons because my sister moved into a house like a couple years ago and they had so many problems with the toilet plumber came it was filled with Tam answered your own question do not put Tampon. This disposal. By the same thing. Happened they just sit there and the water and take up all the mess. They just ended up sitting there and I tell you should. You should be very picky about what you put in your toilet. It needs to be something from your body. In that you produce or or a toilet paper that's made for toys, and even then you should be using of that stuff. You know what? I should be a plumber with you. Do Great Job I'm with you Adam. Thank you for your direction. Thank you for your your consultation. We appreciate it have a nice day okay. There you go. There you have it. Toilet Talk. Are we done? Can we move on different type talk? We call the Danielle report. That is not. Daniel, what's going on today last night on dancing with the stars it was Disney night, which is one of my favorite nights of the year Carol Baskin took to the dancefloor dressed like a lion of course as she danced to the lion king and somebody did the home at the end of the night I'm not gonNa tell you who who it was because I don't want upset chip you dvr already did. I did. Not. Did Not at all Prince William and Kate's son. Prince George. got a prehistoric shark tooth from David attenborough for his seventh birthday or well. Now, the people of Malta wanted back for the prime minister is saying that it needs to be displayed in a local museum and they want to give a back. So I don't know. Okay you get back. Demi Levato ex-fiancee is still claiming. That they are still together. He says, things haven't officially ended. He took the instagram story series of messages which have been deleted by the way he deleted them before they disappeared and he said, please stop trying to thank you next me for I'm just a human being who has to go work tomorrow and I have families and kids relying on me and he says and we're in real time I. Love Her if you're reading this I love you always and he is totally convinced that things are still going on there so I don't know I guess time will tell and we'll see what happens s and dynamite spend a second week at number one on the Billboard Charts And also is from number two number one on the billboard global two hundred, which is big for them, and by the way the record label big hit entertainment is valued at four point one, billion dollars it's member has a share of the label worth eighty, million dollars they each member of bts. Boom went up eight million dollars. Absolutely and Your K pop group Black Pink has a new single. That's coming out on Friday from their album, which will be dropping very soon, and they have a documentary on Netflix coming out October fourteenth. So that will be cool Cardi B. to make more money from wasp she's got a clothing line. She's got a jewelry line. She's got backpacks, handbags and fanny backs and all kinds of other things coming out with the WADA name on it. I don't know if you're going to buy any but. Kids Bop. Bop. Rowdy so that to me. I hope Garrett's is gonNA play it he. Will find it for you we have to starving. Gomez was talking about. Her Song Love you to love lose you to love me and she said that was the most difficult song for her to record hardest part for me to sing the song was the bridge. It's the ending of the song that's just the part where it's like you know I guess this is goodbye forever for us and that killed me and she just said he really was tough to. Write that Song tonight on television. It's all about the presidential debate going on their specials about it, and then you have the debates that's going on the wing. The Weakest Link is actually debut in tonight with Jane Lynch the new one that's on little people big world series premiere, the season premiere of that. I know you're still love and the boys you finish that one and Rono. Voice Finish. Finish the great last night I love that I'm so sad the first the first season's over a loved the great so much. And I was so watching ratchet on Netflix's and honestly it is getting even better as you go along you may want to pick that up as well and that's my daniels. A show is great. When they start doing spinoff they're actually doing a boy's spinoff. Yeah, cool. Yeah. Badger toilets I love this Erica three one, five techs only thing that goes in your toilet the four P.'s P. Poop poop in paper. That's it. Okay. I love also people are texting in a yelling at each other fighting over toilet brands. There's there. So locked into their brand, they're defending their own brand of toilet. American standard. Our family. It's American. Kids in my family it's been American standard. Then the color people like screw the American standard color is always the best. Frie- Frank is online twenty four and let's see what he's up to hello frank. Welcome to Tuesday what's going on Frank. I were you were doing well, what can we do for you? Well. Let's see last night. I finally download it audible and the very first book tonight dominated was Elvis's book. Yeah I only got. A wake up early obviously and I only heard the first chapter. and I can't wait to listen to more. I would say it's a page Turner. No in the air opener. Opener audible. Don't you get your first title for free? So you got that one complimentary right? Is that true? Yeah. Actually. Use Prime so I got twelve free credits or something. Is Yes. We love a smart audible person. Hey, you know what you know what else is out today is the new Mariah Carey Book which I'm going to crank up on audible to frank is that's going to be an ear opener I can't wait. Yeah I think I think that's when I'm going to get one also. We'll listen thanks for supporting audible you're GONNA, have a lot of fun. There's so much stuff you can listen to on there that it's not even in book form I'd like there's meditation and there's all sorts of stuff anyway. Thank you listen for listening. Frank. Have a great day. Enjoy your your book. Love you guys thank you so much. Thank. You know it's kind of weird. You know. Charlemagne. The God put out his first book several years ago. And he said know when you put your book out, people are going to constantly be buying it is it's not just in the beginning and then they stop he said you'll be hearing from people for years. They just picked up your book today I'm like. Well. Thanks thanks for the read. I. May read it again. I. Forgot about what lies put him back. To remember those thing. So you Danielle so today Mariah is is arriving audible and or if you order the book, the books arrive at Your House today. So interested he mariah story as. We should take a break. We'll be back after this. Part of the next conversation where watching everything you text to fifty, five, one, hundred. Now you're on the radio talking about it, which is my favorite thing ever. Derek's ply. Durant in the morning show others look a lot different these days but whatever you're doing Taco bells nachos party pack will bring the fun they're loaded with all your favorite toppings. So there's enough for everyone they're available for a limited time at participating Taco Bell near you. Least Story. Okay I want you to do me favor. Pulled your hand out in front of you and look at the back of your hand the top of your hand. That's your hand. Yeah. Okay. This is interesting. I was reading this earlier this morning I read it here. Okay. York University in Toronto our new favourite city. Believe it or not they did a study. In even though you look at your hands every day. Since, you've been born been looking at your hands because of that, you probably cannot pick your hands out of a lineup. What no way I could do it I. I could according to Okay because I'm prompting you. According to this new study, people really don't know what the backs of their hands look like the researchers say it could be because we see them so much typing holding steering wheels whatever it's just rare that we actually look at study them. They looked at distorted pictures of the backs of hands. Then they tried to adjust them till they. The right size and people really had trouble figuring out the right proportions of their hands. And they think is because we we see them like you said all the time we take them for granted. Yes nate. So that expression is crap. The back of my hand. Exactly. You know what? Next time someone says Oh don't listen to them. Listen to me I knew it like the back of my hand you say, well He. told me. You don't know crap the back of your hand you don't know anything. But the back of your hand. I thought that was interesting. How many people are addicted to caffeine me here on National Coffee Day National Dunkin Day going on. I never knew I was addicted until this past Saturday I said we don't have to have coffee today. Let me see what happens. And then I started thinking about it. It was like I really could use a cup of. Coffee. And then I kept saying, stop it stay away from the curie stay away from the whatever that machine is. And So finally, I did it I went in there and got it. My girl. Detox right now, and that's one of the things she had to give up and she said I could give up all the food in the world everything that they had me not eat carbs sugar block I cannot give up my coffee again it's killing me. Well. Here's what's going to change me about coffee is the taste in how you make it. If you use A, you actually use your own ground coffee and you use like a really great delong decent that. The flavor is so much different than just putting a pod. I mean, that's is too easy it actually but now they they have coffee makers. Now it's along coffee makers that make it easy to use actually actual ground coffee so i. don't drink it because the drug I drink it because of the taste well, two cups a day Hey. That's the only reason I drink coffee is because I like the taste of it, but I can't take more than three six in the morning because I get jittery and become crazy. So when people like to slam it I'm so impressed by the ones he can do that. So a coffee ten, seventy, five percent of the Caffeine Americans take incomes from coffee. Sixty six more women. Women sixty two percent of men drink coffee every day. The average coffee drinker put down three coffees a day. I can't drink coffee one o'clock because I'll be up all night. We drink about one hundred and forty six cups of coffee every year. Not as individuals, but as a collective company country. Yes. Scary. Last week I had that experiment where I decided to have two cups of coffee instead of one. That was bad. Remember you guys were accusing me of bouncing off the walls you? Can Call. Bouncing terrible I limit myself to the eight ounces but I pour the Dunkin beans inside the grinder for the delong at it is beautiful every morning. I thank you to wait. Well, Anyway So excited about a my next cup. I'M GONNA go for a second cup just to screw it up. Yes Gandhi you drink coffee. No only just a couple of sips because it pushes me over the edge. I do like the tasting coffee ice cream is my favorite ice cream but Duncan today is actually giving you a free hot or cold medium coffee with any purchase in honor of National Dunkin days. So if you're heading that way, you can get a coffee, Roller Duncan I like my Caramel Lante. But I have to say to them please put skim milk and the other day somebody did not put skim milk and that was not good. I almost I almost didn't make. Totally honest that double swallow toilet. Yes I. Can we google derby double swallow toilet I need that I'm looking at. Kristen online twenty four has to disagree with this This research project that came Toronto. Yes Kristin. You can or cannot recognize the backs of your hands. I can because I have. What I call the Meghan, socks them, I don't know if anyone's ever ever noticed. I refer to them as Megan Fox slums I talk with like one short like wide, dumb. I have two of them. Toes. Your. Special hands as they call them. Laugh. It's right. She does have those toe fingers. It's big. Toe Her one dollars. Each one shirt in one regular on at least I'm. Your. Some your toe thumb have a good day. So you always know your your hands have a have a great day. Thanks for listening to us. Okay. Yes rocky. See I. Think I would know my hands because I like fat Shrek hands. So I think that unless they put a bunch of other people with fat Shrek hands in there, I would notice my hands like put normal hands and mind I would say, Oh yeah, those are mine. I'm sitting here looking at the back of my hand I don't. I. Don't recognize these hands. These are not my hands. Someone else's. The Toronto experiment actually worked with me. All right. Excuse me. It was getting to the to the three things you need to know I'm sure the headline tonight it's a presidential debate night I've I don't know if I I I'm dying to watch. But at the same time I don't where is this going to go tonight? I think it's GonNa leave us all feeling of it emptier than before but we might as well, just watch it. You're right. You're absolutely right. We need to watch this tonight. Your three things we need to start right there. President trump and Joe. Biden are GonNa Square off tonight in their first debate, Fox News Sunday Co.. Host. Chris Wallace is going to be moderating. It will be in Cleveland. It'll be ninety minutes and they're going to cover six topics, the trump and biden records the supreme court, the coronavirus, the economy race in violence in US cities in the integrity of the upcoming election can turn concerning. There's something wrong with me today maybe I do need coffee. Four Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron's office say that a recording of the grand jury proceedings and the Briana Taylor case will be made public today. This is all happening after a grand juror filed a motion to release the transcripts and recordings related to the investigation. and. Finally, this might be my favorite story of the month five parrots at a zoo in the UK had to be put into isolation after cursing out all the visitors apparently when they were adopted, they were put into a room together. They're African grey parrots and while they were in this room together, they taught each other how to curse the staffers thought it was hilarious and. Loved it but how to take swift action when they started using obscenities on guests? So now they're in a little time out until they clean up their language, those are your three things. Can you delete link bad language from a parrot I don't know how that works I. Don't know how you would do that unless you just reward them for better words I have no idea. Daniel. For years and we just can't get her stuff. It's a problem. Excellent. Thank you. Gandhi. Twenty five dollars free money phone tap coming up for this. I just think this whole thing is crap. Elvis ruin in the morning show. So. Well, you got to mail some stuff today stamps. Dot Com is the way to go anything and everything you can do at the post office you can do at home with stamps, Dot Com they print posted on. avoid going to the post office everything you need to do right there in your own house or your own office stamps dot com also offering ups, shipping services with discounts up to sixty two percent and no residential surcharge. You see a Lotta money. If you're shipping stuff we ups if you used stamps dot com. So if you're a small business sending invoices or you're doing products that you're sending out of your garage or Working from home or just whatever simply use your computer, your print, your official US posted round the clock, any letter, any package, any class of male anywhere you WANNA send. In once you're ready, you leave your mail carrier or your schedule and pick up you drive it to the mailbox accent simple stamps dot com great discounts five cents off every stamp. Excuse me. In sixty two percent of USPS and ups shipping rates. Right now you because you're listening to us, you get a special offer. It includes four week trial plus free postage and a digital scale without any long term commitment by going to stamp dot com click on the microphone and type in Elvis that stamps dot com click on the microphone and type in Elvis. Elvis Duran morning show. Anybody how we are so. We are so convinced that just like they do in the movies someone's GonNa show up at our house in northern just kill us We've had this discussion on our show before, but I'm looking out across the the woods outside my house is very foggy here. Today I mean it's it's so great and fog. You can barely see maybe forty feet, right? This. Is the perfect time to see like a shadow walked by and I will. Help. You will hear me I wonder if there's. Ever been so an on the air and they were talking like in the studio by themselves at rotation late at night and someone comes in and breaks in like radio talking like. So please help me. There's somebody here in the studio I'll. Identify Yourself. Why are you here for me? I. Don't I don't know why they talking dumb accent. As soon as a murderer approaches me talking like this, please please. Humanity. Let me live. Let me leave. We on the radio. Murdering Katherine Hepburn here in my. I'm in the wrong decade I've got go. No you'll get on that Hossen GOCO. Yes for you what I don't know why I read this. But I read somewhere that if you were to have like a home invasion or somebody was to try to do something that the best thing. To do is for you to just start taking your clothes off and get naked that you will freak them out and know there's something wrong with you in the league. What would you do if they're already naked now way? I'll get no. That would. That's a good idea because if I saw if they saw naked body. They never. Feel not a great idea for women leave your clothes on try to run away. Yeah. Maybe you should. Try, he's bad advice theater starring. Watching last night after dancing with the stars emergency call on ABC. So it's its actual emergency dispatchers and get to see what they go through and the calls that they get, and there was one woman that got a call about a bear and it was like you know bound to attack someone and I learned if it's Brown lay down if it's black fight back, that's what I learned. About White Die Right. They said L.. Gun If he's white good night. That's what they. If a bear comes in I got you elvis. Talk. Black fightback and Brown lay down and white. No lay down I'm sorry. Brown bear. Have to work for this dinner. Lord Oh it stinks a dog take a crap. Oh. How come you? God it's awful. potty trained. Yeah, he's He. Do have pads and house just in case but. Go in the pant. He went on a pad but not the poop head it's the pad that has the Peleton on top of it. Oh He's getting worse too. I gotTA GOTTA he figures nobody's using the Palatine. Why not? If I wasn't working. I mean I would have taken him out like a good dog owner. You know I'm. GonNa tell you what I can't wait to get your phone. Calls I'm putting that dog cried. Yesterday with the bearded Dragon, he crept guide on the wrong in this smell was on. I'm sorry. Logs. Let's move on. Thank you. Thank. God you guys you got how do each other stop it? What are you eating? Peanut Butter Sandwich but I just worried about what you were claiming that's. Your well being you worry about your peanut butter. Jelly Sandwich. Gross. Anyway. We gotTA hurry. You get into this twenty five dollars. If you're caller one, hundred, you win. Thank you scary for sponsoring. He vetoed all the money just to Scottie Scottie we'll mail you the cash. Be Caller one, hundred. That's all we had twenty five dollars one, eight, hundred, two, four, two, zero hundred who does the phone tap today Danielle Hero. Elvis Randy Elvis durant phone tap Danielle. What's your phone tap all about bubbles the clown is a little sick for a four year. Old's birthday party that bubbles is supposed to be performing ad. So bubble out bubbles is going to call the parents to let them know that even though I not feeling well, I'm still going to Xiaohua. Idea bubbles. Hello. I. Speak to. Mr Kirk Leeann please. Skirts. Hi It's bubbles bubbles the cloud for the party tomorrow Oh. Hey, how you? Do a really good I'm so excited about your four year olds party. I can't wait to be there. You got a little cold there lot. Listen you sound like you're just you sound like a coffee and you got a little cold Yeah I think it's allergies or something. It's really weird but I'm so excited I have all these blue edibles ready to go. down. We have so much fun. Are you sure that the that they don't want somebody? Allergies you're going to be. I mean you probably GonNa get germs everywhere this these are kids they. They've the weakened immune system. died it's five because when I call. was bungalows like that. Here in you can even here like what? Your germs in your voice even like its don't his allergies that's all it is is a little. Bit. Allergies, allergies no. This is not. Everyone uses the whole I m allergies excuse before if you bring germs over here, I've already had one kid for two weeks and then you're GONNA have we're GONNA preschool host. Played Party. Let me finish you're. GonNa. Call anybody I swear ad. Glued. Edibles I do face. Tattoos. Bajic the school they everybody. Here everyone knows that they're going to be here at our house he'll. Wind up sick I'm GONNA the next PTA meetings going to be a disaster kids love bubbles to cloud and I'm going to blow yourself. You sound like you're making snot bubbles right now. No curb beat is service some somebody else over here. Everybody's booked up. Old Party tomorrow current and everybody's booked up so it has to be a bunch. Of money for this it's fine. Everything will be fine. I'll just get there at all introduced by so we'll get a barney or we'll get something. Nobody do those body is at? The Bachelor Party that I did last night by that I had a cold you. You Bachelor Party here a stripper of to besides the cloud. GonNa. Do the same day get close party that I did last I believe the same thing I'm not an idiot I. don't my pig pong balls to kids party I i. WanNa, Talk To. Or? A river. Over there, you call me back. And You can't get your deposit back. Did you read the fighters? No no deposits back the show. Let's go over and. Arrested, know you wanted to ruin a whole bunch of kids day you show and they will get bubbles the arrests four, hundred, ninety, two performances that I'm not gonNA. Vote Show and how many of them living shows, side business and if You. Listen to what church you're going to be here. Don't company. On the side shoots things. Out. Of wherever. Just, not going to ruin the birthday I told you I have a gift for the girl, the birthday girl I have. We. Listen. To. Our kids you sick weird. Know. Somebody I. GOTTA. Keep twice I can't have a turn to hide that already. So I can't have last. At my house the same. Kid with Lice. I school the school just stop. Party. When a kid with Just problem solving Solve their bubbles you don't want your lice the you wanna sugarcane pong balls on your through whatever you're doing. It's On the morning show in Greece just phone tap to. Really Way that somebody can sound of that disgusting and still trying to get a job. Danielle. When you do that character I'm getting ill just began. Job. There you go your free money. Go Talk to Scott Line to. Scott. Yes Scott Hello Lady. You just one, twenty, five dollars. Enjoy your cash man I. Wish we had more, but we don't know times tough. But twenty five dollars it used to be scared. Now it's going in your pocket okay man. Awesome. I'll take it. Thank what he's doing much. What are you doing today Scott? What's on your list of things to do Well. I'm the sixth grade school teacher. Teaching. My kids here at school and on recording lessons for the other half at home. Why know that? It's a very challenging time. Scott. But you know what? Thanks to you. Oliver, educators it's it's it's it's an hopefully work in you know you're doing your best. We appreciate it very much. So thank you so much. You know what? I can't let you walk away with twenty five dollars. That's not good. You know September is national friendship month and we're celebrating our one of our favorite brands along either best friends. Were there other favorite brand Braun and they have these great multi serve coffee makers I'm GonNa send you one of these. and. I'm going to send you a five hundred dollar cash gift card. You can spend it anyway anyway you on you. That's for you. I really am. Yeah. They don't make them like anymore. Congratulations thank you. Thank you. It everyone who's waking up doing something to move our kids forward with their education today and hold on one second. Have a great day. You can always go to Bron household dot com used to do a lot of work with we still do. But I know all the delong stuff by the back of my hand as we were saying. But now blonde opens a whole new world new stuff that we can. Get a discount on a I. Guess I don't know. Anyway, another twenty five dollars free money phone with scary tomorrow Danielle you ready to go here. All right. What are you making up this hour? On. This is not made up beyond they send flowers and a personal note to a young girl fighting brain cancer. She told her I can't wait to meet you one day and I'm so happy you're home safely. You are a survivor God. Bless how sweet is that? So a Robert Pattinson opened himself up for a lot of criticism when he decided starring Batman, you know how that goes. But he said he is totally cool with it. He even admitted that he's enjoying the idea that could totally mess the whole thing up walked. Yeah. Batman fans are not going to be happy about that if it gets messed up, that's for sure. Exception of Christian Bale. Haven't they hated every Batman ever along Michael Keaton. Blake Shelton invited some foster kids to join him for Dave fishing on one of his farm ponds and Oklahoma. It was through a program called fostering outdoor Oklahoma families. The pictures were just released. I don't think it was recent I. think he did this a while back but but it's really cool to see that he did that and he opened his his house up to people CNN shared a story about the generosity of. Chadwick Bozeman, he wanted her to star in twenty one bridges with him. So what did he do? He ended up donating part of his salary to make sure she was paid fairly she said that was the first time anyone had done that for just shows you what an amazing person he was and everybody keeps saying that. So if you haven't heard that, he should do some research into some cool things that he did Let. a pandemic a house party got crazy I thought I was going to see scary some of these pictures but I didn't on the ended up on Porn Haub there was nudity torquing there was even a cucumber guys that. The clemson the cucumber had good time at this party. It was only over Labor Day on your salad. It costs fifty two hundred at cost fifty to one hundred dollars to get into this party. But if you're a lady and you came topless, you've got in for free lucky you lot. Time exactly. K I is he's big on Youtube. He's big on music and boxing. He's The guy who boxed Logan Paul in one. So now he says that he can beat Mike Tyson right now. That Mike Tyson is Will it happened I don't know if you have never listened to case is music is actually pretty cool. Let it tonight's the night. The presidential debate is going down. There's a lot of specials beforehand if you WanNa, watch it, I know this is two thousand twenty special as well. A Love Island. You've got the weakest link with Jane leached Jay Lynch Jane Lynch, the series Premiere of that tonight little people big world this season premiere there. and. You know you can always watch netflix because there's tons there's tons coming to net flex. I'm going to talk about that next hour. Hey interesting question on the text messages. You know how we love our educators. We love anyone everyone that has to do with education is not just teachers. It's everyone that's in the system, right? Question. If you're an educator, what subject would you teach or what job would you WanNa have like a school counselor or a principal feature? Interesting question have you ever thought about if you're a teacher what you'd want to teach or if he worked in a school or school system, what you would want to do to support What about you? FROG. Would want to do like home aker like teach how to fix things stuff like that because I enjoy doing that kind of stuff and I would like to teach people that. All right. Right down hold on a frog is going to work. He didn't do woodshop. Woodshop? I'm good with that which they still have those. They still haven't woodshop schools I did woodshop you're good with would. Trusted. US With all those tools like we definitely heard ourselves doing all kinds of things I'm sure what about you Gandhi? I don't have to be qualified for it right because I would want you need to be qualified for. You, qualified okay. I would want to teach science I. Think I think it can be either really boring or super entertaining and if you can master science, it's like you are a magician you know magic there's all kinds of stuff. You know if you're listening to this conversation right now I guess you are if you're hearing me say this. Think about it. What what would you want to do in the education system? It really says a lot about you. You know it really does what about you Daniel I would run the theatre program, a half to school activity I'm sure but it's important and they always get rid of like the music theater programs I. So i WanNa make sure that that sticks around because it's so important for the kids scary. Come on Mr Scary I WanNa be a gym teacher. Walk with you one time and almost died because. To teach the kids like, Hey, this is how you play this sport and You don't have to do I know in theory at a player remember Johnny Elvis. And he said, yeah He would become qualified okay. You're radically so be coach from now on your known as coach scary. From. Teachers don't participate all the time in their activities. Kids and religious want to blow the whistle. Or Media? Mass Media. What about? Straightening. I would I would be a history teacher. During school hours, and then like Danielle I would do the drama program after hours. Ago Drama Queen. I WanNa, do something with. A something like an agriculture thing, I would want to be cool to kids out to teach them how to build a garden or Is there something like that I don't know you could do the culinary one to some places have the culinary classes in the store. I was also thinking I love history I just really love history. You know in this day and age caused the other day we're talking about this how we're learning how different parts of the country use different histories, history stories L. Yeah. The same company that puts out the same exact looking history book. It's written differently for different areas of the country. So Shady. Shady I was because of that I would probably hesitate but taking kids out and. Putting their hands in the soil, teaching them, how I would need to learn because I'm not qualified to learn I kill everything I get near but this is no offense but teaching Jim is like Danielle teaching driver's Ed I don't. Want. Skip down. Be Really Fun to teaching an art class that would be awesome to get kids get to be creative and find themselves in. That would be amazing. You know what? The question worth answering on your own. So think about it. You've got all day Let's take a break. We're back after this. Elvis. Now. Audible gives you so much more listen all. You want to thousands of included podcasts, audiobooks, audible originals, and more for a limited time. Prime members get fifty dollars off their first year of an audible premium plus annual membership get started at audible dot com slash l.. 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Always makes me laugh. I, mean I just I can't get enough of it makes my left. I. Don't even notice that I'm sitting in traffic. I wake up to the show every day literally listen all the time it uses up all my. Interaction they really seem to genuinely love each other. It'd be Biden's. Saran in the morning show, we do genuinely love each other. Do you can't tell sometimes. We're family we bitch and Moan at each other all the time but if anyone else pitches moans about us. Not Allowed go ahead no. Go ahead. Not Allowed not allowed. Hey. So you gave us your headlines free around the room except for a scary hope you have around the room ready to go. We'll start with you scary. What's on your mind today? You know I've tried to get into Tiktok. You know that I've I've been I've watched tax, but I've now been tried to actively do these dances. CAN'T DO IT I've? Looked like schmuck. One I put. So I'm just GONNA. Sit There Levi on the sidelines watching tiktok and not participating. That is. Lies. I'm so proud of it's just I don't know. If you. WanNa, send me all your practice attempts though I would love to see. You come on. Now that I think about it I think we wanNA watch you try. Yeah. Come on scary. Get frustrated trying to pick up moves I try. To? Do. Not. have. Not Happening. I. Look at this even start with the opening jump kick please let's do this hearing you say. On tectonic aren't art be what's up with you today. Okay. So over the weekend. The music down a little scary as little hot little grew ahead Gandhi I'm sorry. Hello. Hi last week Danielle mentioned that Selena Gomez had posted a picture of herself with her kidney scar from getting her kidney transplant and I thought it was such a cool picture I love that she embraced it and I posted it on my instagram as well. Saying that this is awesome. The amount of listeners who shared their own stories about a scar that they have and how they were embarrassed by and seeing this photo is amazing for them I think. It's so important that people I like this kind of stuff and Selena Gomez really did a really good thing for so many people and I've been getting flooded with pictures of people scars and what they've gotten through and I love it because as we always say, a scar is a story of something you beat you got past an amazing story to have so good for all of you and thanks for making my weekend. It was great. I. CanNot believe you say that I love the fact that you said that scars are part of your story. Yeah. I was love love him always love your scars is a matter of fact, the other day when you discovered in your diary that you and your current boyfriend brand when you were kids used to make fun of the scar on his face, and now it's your favorite part of your favorite part of his body and as my favorite part of him kissing all the time I love that thing it's on his face and I, love it. There you go. What's up with you today? Well, yesterday I made fun of my wife or purchasing an egg cooker which I thought was the dumbest thing ever and Danielle said, she had one it was great and we had tons of listeners that text and and said it was fabulous and so last night I decided to try the egg cooker said cooker is so easy to use. It does make a perfect boiled egg and I had one this morning at least I had one I stand corrected I apologize it better than boiling it in a pot of water because it is much easier a very nice frog. Admit when I'm wrong barely and this is one of those rare cases where yes. I was wrong and I'm sorry about an egg cooker. Good I'm glad you got that off your chest Hey Danielle what's up with you today. So yesterday, we went to big lots which is like one of those big stores that has all kinds of different stuff in every furniture they've got food whatever they had three different aisles four. Different holidays. So they have following I'll, which was I think the next aisle was Thanksgiving I'll which was great and then they even had a Christmas I'll already. I'll yes from Thanksgiving y'all yeah. They had lots of stuff. I couldn't believe I've never seen so much stuff for Thanksgiving. I was a pilgrim stuff. Copious. Gathered together signs up, but it was awesome and it just made me so happy because especially this year I know a lot of us say. The holidays come. So early and Blah Blah. Blah. This year especially I feel like we need it. We read something bright and cheery and make to make us happy in the music and the lights and say it just made me. So happy yesterday I did buy a couple of things which. I think in our podcast, I will play one of them. Will. We should do them. We should show and tell them are fifteen minutes. Okay cool. Can you show until today on fifteen minute morning show podcast great something interesting please. hour ago one hour ago. This is interesting something kind of behind the scenes thing one hour ago we were talking about nate and toilet shopping. We're talking about you know you need toilets that suck everything down and remove everything from your bathroom whenever now everyone's yelling about the fact we didn't talk about elongated bowls. That another question I have okay. Here's the thing. We have some stations that listen to us an hour delayed right so they're just now getting the toilet conversation survey. This conversation was won't have for them for another hour. So I'm looking at the text messages. Thank you for being huge supporters of our educators Elvis. Thank you so much for talking about this and that, hey, what about elongated toilets elongated toilet? It's Oalvil Bowl right? Rather than around it's past. Most elongated. It's not a perfectly round circle. It's longer which allows for a little more comfort as you sit there exact it depends how big you are. Though because as a smaller person, those elongated toilets I can fall in and that's kind of dangerous. Okay. Well, something to consider. I Okay I you long gated meant that if you had a longer thing, it had more room for. No, it's not no well, that could tackle that too I. Guess. It hit the bottom. Line on. A pocket or something which soup from the boys was that off. Sausage sausage. Though okay. So sausage would have to get an extra elongated. Okay. So that has nothing. It's just a longer. With the size of your Weiner. Okay. This says that it gives men more space where they need it. Does. Not. Like the total reason, right because I went to my parents had an old house and it had a little small toilet and trying to cram everything to sit down with a lot more work. Many advantages to having elongated and that's one of them's put it that way you feel good I don't need it so I mean. I don't pay extra for that, right? Your guests come over needs day care about them. Okay. But turned sideways. Talking about toilets two hours in a row. A little more news on our new Toronto. Station that signs on Monday we actually the station's already there. It's called Proud FM. It's this fantastic station. The music is I love the music and the station was born I think back in two thousand seven. If I'm not mistaken, it's been around for a while and. It was all based on the foundation of being an LGBTQ station for Toronto Right. In. So we were. We're so honored. We were asked to be the morning show and we start Monday. So we were on the phone conference call yesterday, nate night with our friend from Toronto on our friends from here in the states and you know. Putting together in just let you in on the story. There were a lot of things that are unique to this station not only is it an lgbtq focused radio station, the music fun and festive as you can imagine, and they're allowing us on but being in Toronto being in another country. I, there are some differences there are things we have to rethink in contesting I. Don't think we can have a contest here in the states and they can play along Toronto but whatever. We're earning that all out. But so last night I was listening to it. It's not on the iheartradio. APP. Yet I think it's on the tune in. If you go. To Proud FM TORONTO DOT com you can say listen now the music fantastic way to you hear this. So I was sitting there listening to music and all of a sudden here. Hi I'm Elvis Duran I'm Daniel Minero and Gundy. It was it was us. thinking. I don't know I. Wish I was high and I wasn't. The thought of hearing our voices on a station in another country. You say it was a cell. Cool. So I'm so stoked about this me too me too and. I. Hope we do. Well I think. Well I. Think. We'll do very well, but you know I. Keep asking him out. Nate keeps saying stop doing that. I'm like you really want our show. Have you. It's important to be sure. I. Know We've had station sinus on without really listening to our show and they're like, what are you doing? That you should've listened you shouldn't on your homework is. When someone's getting married someone in the other family goes you sure you WANNA marry into this family the. IDEA. Do Anyway we're we're so excited to be on. We're going to be the proud morning show and proud FM. In Toronto in that begins Monday if you can. Do a search for Proud FM Toronto and you go to the website and listen now you can hear the music it's really good. Yes. Scary. What so I was just I had a mind blown moment when you had mentioned that Toronto is the number four largest city in North America it is. New York L. A. Chicago Toronto Toronto Toronto yes. Exactly, I know. That I am too and so you to keep in mind with what we do for a living I. Love the feelings I get when, for instance, listening to Z one hundred in New York being in Miami. With the beautiful ocean and the architecture and the people in the food and the culture and listening to y one hundred I love being in Oh my God being in Des Moines it reminds me of the Iowa State Fair listening to kiss being Philly, my all my old neighborhood fourth and spruce listening to the station that fired me the right bastards. But now I'm back on there. Being in Cleveland listening to kiss or being in Richmond listening to Q. I mean you all these wonderful cities and towns that were on in? And now we'll be able to fly over the border when they welcome us to be in Toronto listen to US There Yeah Gandhi what do you think that's exactly how I felt about why one hundred in south Florida like I grew up listening to that and now that we're on over there and when I'm down there I hear US I'm like This is cool I. Like it. Yeah it's Nice. We used to just do one hundred New York, that was it, and that was great. That was awesome. Know New York is always going to be our home New York z one hundred is always going to be. Be Our home right but I really truly know for fact, at once we started beaming our show out. It made Z one hundred show better. I mean I think we're we're now. Lot more well rounded. And that's what you call us and well rounded. After, this covert crap I am. Cancel my physical today because I'm having the. The exterminator come out because of the yellow jacket problem whenever. I was like Oh thank God. I don't have to go stand on the Scales Office today. Oh. Do you do what? I do take off every like when I weigh myself in the morning I, take off every piece of jewelry. Always this watch might weigh a lot. Let me take that off this ring. Let Me Take Your eyelashes out please. Go overboard. Yes. Gosh being. Saint. Augustine. And driving through Jacksonville listening to ninety seven nine Kiss FM. Another great feeling that's were froggy is right now it's up frog. To the doctor the other day and they like it was the big scale they can get on. So I take my hat off phone in my pocket McKee's take my shoes off the lady says, do you WanNa just get undressed? I want this number to be a small hiccup possibly be with Istan not. All my skin would save a couple of. Left, arm off late over here. Do you. I always tell us drudge myself out taller because then my height to weight ratio is a little bit better. That's. Really, who do we think we're fooling no one there looking like, yeah, we know you. You you have. Proud FM pulled up right now I do I pulled it out because I wanted to see what was going on over there you guys WanNa hear. Dancy. Tassels the Sky Ian Von. Scary scary. Remember that was like the number one song on z one hundred on nine eleven castles in the sky. Fitting, why would we build castles in the sky and we lost two of our most beautiful Sky Castle's City that day. So so crazy that song yourself from the universe. This is going to be great. Yeah we can't wait anyway starts. Monday let's go back to toilets Twenty Four. Jd WanNA, talk about Toronto and all of our affiliates or elongated toilets. We have so many things on the topic trade today where do you WanNa go Let me Okay I love Toronto Great City if you've never been there go there, it's amazing. That fair. First things first, you know if you've never been go okay Along gated toilets. Yeah. If you are well endowed, you need an elongated toilet with a deep bowl. That's what you need. Wow, you need. You need in front of N. below you you need you need real estate lots of real estate in an. Because you don't want that same dipping. You're doing your business. The Room to be able to get in there. Yeah. I know exactly gentlemen. Blessed all the right places. Some would say. The lucky ones but say anyways a humble. But You Guys you know you don't want your chandelier in the water. Right, exactly what we're talking about. This is the thing about guys we have. We had stuff hanging out everywhere it's you do have to. Brass I guess I guess the equivalent of women would be breast. If you're if you're over your well endowed or whatever you've got gotta deal with it, you know and. anyways. Thank you. Thank you. Jay what's what's our favorite character? I love sausage sauces are you watching the boys on? Dime. They have one superhero I'm not going to give away his name is love sausage in. His superpower is. The along as his Weiner in chokes people. Around I had longer. You know love sausage has a very elongated both anyway a pleasure talking to you big have a beautiful day. Isn't it heavy to carry around like if it's bigger like look I, know what? With. Breasts like it's can hurt your back. It can her whenever does that like her? You. Know. These are so many ways to court sort of Brag, like scary said like, Oh, I have to get an elongated toilet because it just. Site going and buying. Buying. Those big big condoms. Long one is the Magnum of toilet. To check in your out at the home. Depot. We, gotTa get into the three things we need to know from Gandhi. Of course, TV, tonight's going to be a big night. What's going on Gandhi? All right. There will be six topics covered in the first debate happening tonight between president trump and Joe Biden. Those topics will be that trump and Biden records, the Supreme Court, the coronavirus, the economy race, and violence in US cities and the integrity of the upcoming election Chris Wallace who hosts Fox News Sunday will moderate the ninety minute debate happening in Cleveland and Cleveland has already called in the National Guard in an attempt to manage expected protests, the event will air across various networks starting at nine pm eastern tonight universal, universal health services is reportedly dealing with a ransomware attack that shutdown computers in about four hundred hospitals. And care centres mostly in the US, it's being called one of the biggest medical cyber attacks ever the company will only confirm that it's network is offline because of an unspecified security issue but according to sources the attack began over the weekend with nurses and other medical staffers said to be hand labeling medications and having to log their reports using pen and paper, and finally we talked about this a little bit go. But the Tampa Bay lightning are now Stanley Cup champions after beating the Dallas Stars in game six of the Stanley Cup final, the lightning earned their second comp in franchise history and froggy is excited for all things, Florida sports, and those are things or your three things Rebecca after this. Elvis three in the morning show CBS pharmacists have a proprietary search tool that analyzes ways to help lower your prescription costs come in or call today to get a free prescription savings review at CBS, savings vary not all patients eligible for savings ask pharmacists for details. is, Elvis, Duran, and the morning show. Hey, I'm about to get into sound with Garrett. Lots going on today with sound I. Love It when you bring sounded. What we do for living it's all about sound I love it. We can't do a segment with Garret Cullen. Look at this don't be awkward. Unless. It's in the fifteen minute morning show podcast I. Think we're going to do our famous show and tell today. I'm so excited I've go find one. Yesterday. I should show you the selection of fans that bought from. Amazon. Okay. God, he's out of his mind. This is get into it. Let's get into sound with Gary. Can. We talk about your mom? Yes. Let's. It's very exciting today. My mom goes for her last dialysis treatment and she's been doing dialysis now for over a little over a year three times a week three hours in a chair. It's very taxing on on anyone who goes through it. And today's her last treatment, and then she goes straight to the hospital ends sometime tomorrow afternoon she a kidney from a gentleman in Wisconsin. Now, at the same time, your sister will be giving up her kidney. And that king would be going to someone else. Yes. She did that three weeks ago. She gave a kidney to a twenty nine year old woman from New York who? Needed a desperately and She's now walking around with my sister's kidney and in turn my sister, my mom shot up the list wants my sister donated, and now it's my mom's turned to receive that kidney from Donaldson who's doing the same thing he's donating. Today's the day. The gentleman in another city is giving up his kidney and it's GONNA fly into New York and fly right into your mom. Your mom is going to be landing strip. It's a miracle. It really is a miracle pull this off I'm curious about the transfer its like does the person sit in like a like a jetblue flight does he go? Does he go private does? Does he get a helicopter I. Don't know. It's super interesting. Let us know. We'll listen all the best to your mom and your family. Okay Garrett. Let's get into sound. All right let's talk about dumb idiots of the day. So two guys are on the boat out the ocean and they thought they saw a shark a now a shark that only eats plankton doesn't bother humans basking shark. So they said, let's jump in Guy Jumps in and then they realize it might not be. A basking shark earner verse. Art. That's not a basking shark dude. Writer. A bunch of dudes in about one name writer decided to go. They could have turned into a totally different piece of sound right there by the way and they're laughing get the vote to. Go. All right. Let's talk about family guys. We haven't talked about that in a while that show it's still on and STU. We remember stories the baby that only. Brian, the dog can hear talk but not anymore because St Louis said his first word while the family was in church on Sunday today's coffee service will not include chewy chips or. Hey. His word and it was a swear. Dishes unacceptable. We have to leave right now and go straight to breakfast. Instead we. F word. Injuries I were excellent. Go. All right. This is a cool story. So if you follow Rex Chapman on twitter he posted this yesterday a Brazilian pianist. Lost the ability. Chicago a pianist. The problem with this zillion pianist going inist pianist he lost the ability to play the piano twenty years ago he had problems with his hands. So this is kind of cool. Someone made a biochemical gloves to help him play the piano. So this is him playing piano for the first time in twenty years. What Day for him Ha Yeah. That's so cool. Who's in the background? My daughter She's crying it was a touching story. Okay. All right. We're talking about the parodies of what that are hitting the Internet and people are saying here here's the new kids Bob version. So this is the one Gandhi we're talking about earlier in the show this is wings and pizza. Yeah we. Hungry. I can't stop no wings. GimMe bought a ranch. Put. Pizza Hut. And then there's another one called waffles and pancakes. Kids our. Kids. Seven days a week off muscles in paying cakes oh that serum made me. These. WAFFLES and pancakes. Part so neat me this yesterday it is causing debate I guess since school got US started up again and it's from eight years ago from QVC they were talking about closed that there were there were getting people by but then the question of is a moon, a planet or a star came up the. Planet. I believe a star or something. It's that thing in grade school where you had the name, the planets and there was Uranus and there was Saturn and the one with the rings and the, and then the earth with the is never in their dude, it's not a planet. This is key lime. QVC. Hurt. That's QVC. There they have conversations. They've arguments on QVC I. Guess No one was buying addresses so they needed to just. Help. Okay, well, first of all, the moon is not a star the moon is not a planet it's like this. Thing, it's this chunk Iraq. It's. It's. It's a satellite thing rock right? I mean yeah. Planets natural satellites us. Nate what is it's not to start on him and we know that for a fact, they were both dead wrong on that one it's an astronaut nominal body. The same frigging thing we're reading. Astronomically, satellite. So it's like space garbage that just just happened to. No No. Stop It. Is. Son is a star. Yes. Absolutely. The more you know. All right, and finally let's play with plays Morgan Freeman. Listed by twenty one savage to help promote his new album and it sounds pretty bad S. Savage is defined steers. Beasley. Mode is defined as a way of operating or using the system. So to be in savage mood historical Har, not allowing any being to stop ordered her you. Basically this means when someone is in Sandwich Low, this guy can say. What's going on? What? What happened they? Scream and Jesus. Through his head. What are you doing, nate Nate what how? Do. This is tell us. Size it clown. He scared me with it. He put it around the doorway. My God. Era punk. Just crapped yourself. How'd you get? Oh my God, it is a full size it clown. Jealous. My apologies scared only job only. After it up way to go, guys? Anymore sound. That's it. You're good. especially putting with screeching nate. Scotty. As your. To us when you have stroke like you do and you do that, we thought something that was it's all over I thought I saw grabbing your head. That was my first thought. We had a stroke. I didn't mean for that to happen when you have your headphones on, you can't hear everything outside. So Scotty apparently was standing there going hey, hey, hey, and then I finally heard it through my headphones. I, turn around. There's a frigging clown right behind me I thought I killed you. REPEA- male. All right. We'll look a gary. Thank you very much. Have a beautiful day I. Apologize that Nate and Scotty ruin your saying. I'm sorry you ruined. Your own. We're listening to Gordon I mean who Morgan Freeman Listening to Morgan Freeman. Be, Morgan I don't know what he's talking about, but he's always sounds like silky smooth. It was narrating twenty-one savages album. Yes. Carol Navy okay, I'm fine. It scared me that wouldn't that scare you. Got To, control yourself how to control myself. There was a clown right behind me. I would scare the crap out of me especially, if I didn't know what was there forget it. I think. Shut up. God. While you're laughing. Time at the guys that we work with who are the scared EST humans on the planet and if something ever went down, it would definitely be Danielle and I had to defend all of you. Thank you. Be Scotty be screams. I would have defended myself. I was just startled. No. Clown inmates defense. It is a full size human beat looks like feeling constume where'd regarding? Six foot tall I hate clowns but pennywise is amazing who sent that? Is Cool but Scotty maybe it's Scotties fault. You shouldn't be scaring people in the middle of. The? Garrett. Sorry. You guys were talking about show and tell for the fifteen minute morning show podcast. So I went to the closet in the kitchen and got the clown from last year's Halloween I figured it was a good show in town from last year but I showed it to early I guess and told a little. Of what? You know what I mean. Sorry. For what it wasn't froggy that something vile and disgusting. Who Just snorted? Don't. Ghandi's right Elvis. If if crap went down scary would throw one of us into a wall to get out because that hauge's date and Scotty would screech froggy is not even here. Without but Gandhi and I would be the two that would help you. Know I would be with you the three, the three P.. Charlie's angels the three girls. Danielle and Elvis back to back. Hey. So we're all excited about signing on our news station in Toronto. It's called Proud FM. We are the proud morning show we start Monday morning and we're doing everything we can to get them on Iheartradio so you can listen to them here if you're not in Toronto. their station, of course, LGBTQ station in a lot of dance music a lot of rhythmic music. It's so good. I was listening last night when I heard Gandhi and Danielle promos like well, we're going to be. On. In. TORONTO. One of the songs they played with. Electricity. duleep. A lot of duly for this is the duly radio station. Great. So let's get ready for Monday. Proud all the way. Manning. Actresses Eddie Congo. Feel. With. You. Own. Own. Through you. Know you've. Treated. You. Get lectured. Give to. You. Live. College. Sees. Donald. Fringe. Finland. Yourself. You. Know you. Know. Enough. No Should Bernie. Chua. Come Ready. Nine. Point. Into you. Know. You. Know. I. duleep. Like one of our favorite remember when she performed that our jingle ball concert Madison Square Garden in New York City. So great as she was performing, her father was off to the side of the stage watching her performance. You could see a melting watching his daughter do her thing that she has more than anything anyway. Yes. So we'll be on in Toronto on proud. FM, the new prod morning show beginning Monday. So if you have any friends living up that way, let them know that were there to sully their airwaves? Danielle. Let's. Let's go. Are you have today quick shout out to Julia Cho who listen to us every single day got Jewish she got her first job at party city. congratulated. s She went all these interviews and she got it. So congratulations great place to work part city. So so happy. So all right Cardi B. About to drop a walk clothing line footwear, jewelry backpacks, handbags, fanny packs, I could keep going she's putting her name and that name on everything and you're gonna be able to get your light is all like moisture resistance Let's. Let's go very important. was arrested and charged with reckless driving one hundred, fifteen miles per hour in his white Ferrari on an Atlanta interstate last week So yeah that was kinda crazy. He's not in jail right now I'm sure he's going to have to come back and face that billy I. Wish the world a little blurry the new documentary about her will be in theaters a in February and on Apple. TV plus off your. Fans pretty cool. Also the live action movie Cinderella, it's going to be a musical featuring Camila Cabello is back in production. It took a little break. Of course with everything going on with Kobe was supposed to come out in February twenty, twenty one not sure if it's going to make it that date might get pushed but we'll see but I'm hearing there's no villains in this Cinderella James Corden actually co wrote it and yeah I'm hearing there's no Ville. Yeah I got do some research because you cannot have Cinderella what it's GonNa be interesting. What does she just made for? No Reason I. This makes no sense anymore nyah Rivera's axe has moved in with his sister he they were actually leaning on each other after she passed away and they've both been taking care of Nyas little girl and the mom and the dad has been helping his well, they're saying there's no romance there. It's just that they're really trying to get through this together and taking care of her daughter. I know right? Exactly. Let's see. Meghan. Markle and Prince Harry denied that there is a net flicks. Reality Show, lot of people are saying that that's going to happen and there say, no, we're not doing a reality show for Netflix's. We're not giving you a glimpse into our lives not going to happen off fresh Prince House tour remember I told you I think it was last week that you could stay in the famous prince of bel-air House in airbnb for thirty bucks a night will you start booking it today if you don't get to you know book it, you can still take the virtual. Tour, which is pretty cool. Just to see what's going on there and SNL will be coming back for its forty-six season. There will be a live audience when it happens but here's how they were booking tickets. You can only get them in groups of two, seven, eight or nine depending on the size of your social bubble. This sounds like something scary would do everybody in a group has to come to the show and you have to get a mandatory Cova test temperature check facemask has to meet. Certain standards, there's certain ones you cannot wear, and there's a lot of other things and by the way the date, the premier date for the dress rehearsal sold out already. So everybody wants to go to this. I. Thought Scary. Would have already got his hands on tickets, but he's got to say something this is a forty six season of Saturday. Night live not crazy. Are you ready for this? Yeah I remember the very first Saturday night live washed it. Awesome. I was a little kid. Thank you. Thank you. I was I was like, what is this I was? So I remember my mom had already gone to and it came in Dallas it came on at ten thirty. After the news and so or Saturday night and it was either that or Saturday night wrestling on channel eleven. I remember that. What were those brothers? They're Dallas. Oh Not Dukes of hazzard. Brother. Whatever the vans something, the vents, something brother they were kind of fame. And this is the one week. I didn't watch wrestling and I watched this weird new show on Channel Four Channel Five whatever in Dallas Saturday night live forty six years ago she's I'm so that's insane. I'm still breathing I'll stop it the von Erich family. Eric's crazy Eric family. Tonight on television, you have the presidential debate. There's also a couple of specials. Beforehand is a twenty twenty special. You may want to watch that weakest link could be series premiere. We Jane Lynch is on tonight little people big world, their season premier and that's that's my Daniel report. Hey. So we have the sound of Nate rudely interrupted Garrett bitten. When Scotty be flashed the The. Clown what's his name? pennywise. anyways his name. Here here's the sound to stop ordered her you. When? Jesus. Seen It. It was like a cartoon. His hands flew up over his head like one of those things at a car dealership, the inflatables and. Think, you're supposed to think that's just a natural human reaction. You're supposed to make yourself look bigger when you're scared, right We'll run away. Data pennywise is going anywhere pennywise shows up in your house. Make sure you make yourself a bigger. We've got to take a break back after this. Guy's this is Selena Gomez. What's up? It's watcher. Malone Elvis Duran. How dare you, Mr. Elvis. Duran in the morning show, I. Really do think it's a good idea Dr on through your participating Taco Bell right down the street, pick up a NACHOS party pack and take it over to your friend's place. Maybe they're in the office maybe the work you maybe they're coming over for a you know a gathering tonight whatever you're doing. You're out back just hanging out having some beers. Think the TACO Bell Nacho Party. PACK IS THE WAY TO GO Their biggest box of nachos loaded with all your favorite toppings. More than enough to fuel the entire crew bring the good times. They'll remember what you brought to the Party when you bring the NACHOS party pack from participating Taco Bell near you. In the morning show. I love this text that came through. From Area Code Six oh seven no more music. We want talk show we want talk show we want talk show we will talk show. Love you is too much I. Love that. Did a three year old get a hold of the phone though to text that will be nice. Okay. We're GONNA put them on I. Think we're calling the back I love people who are enthusiastic about him talk show. Talk Show. What kind of? You think Pope John. What are you have, nate. Nate Yeah. Yes we have. I. Tried them twice knowing. Picking Okay don't worry about it. Well, let's talk about should we stop playing music? Here's the problem. Started playing music then we don't have time to run and get a sandwich. All about US yes plus don't think the music sets the tone. For the for the show. If said tone. This is what we play. This is kind of what we represent. Yeah. I think it does I don't want us to not play music I get maybe a little less sometimes when we have a lot going on but not know music did you know we only play three or four songs an our? We play a lot of. Oh God I remember in the old days got how many times? How many songs at Tom Bowman forces to play per hour like fourteen thirteen our yeah and we whittled it down to six and then get complaints if it was any less than five. Yeah Yeah. But. It was as the ratings went higher we we could. Maybe, they're listening for us you know and the music it's a Lincoln, a mix of music in us, but I don't know I would miss the music I really would. Yeah. But truth be told when we play a song I don't know what you're hearing because it's a different song on every station. We only know what we're playing Z one hundred in New York, but you know so the. As this type of format does they repeat the same songs over and over and over I'm sorry. We have nothing to do with that. But when you listen to our new station that we're going to launch one day, it'll be all our decision. We'll play music will play what we WANNA play. When we WANNA play it, we may come in some days and do nothing but Waldo music, and maybe just do the weather the name of that station. W. t.f yes. What's that scare? You look like you WanNa, make a point well, no. You said you didn't hear what was on the radio on Z one hundred. We were playing one of your favorite songs of all time nothing on you from Bielby. Omar's that is one of my favorites. One of those songs that takes you to an exact moment at an exact place that song me to Los Angeles with a very good friend of mine I remember that and so now every time I hear that song, it takes me to that moment myself back P opb where's that take you? Back to the only year that I went to Catholic school and I remember there was somebody's boyfriend driving by the rue the school we were in one of the classes and we were getting ready to be dismissed and we were so excited to get outside we started rolling are skirts up. We were we were ready just brings me back this feeling of high school and stuff like that songs do that. It's the soundtrack of your life as they can do. It's it's so true. But yeah. When we start our own show on our own, our own, you know whatever we'll just play whatever you WANNA play. We can play something news something old something borrowed something blue. Anyway not yet, we still have to we have to work for the man demand tells us to do. We're working for the. Actually. We're working for the woman. And that's totally fine. She's awesome. So all right. The music sets the tone and that's what brings people into the station to begin with all these weirdoes in the morning. Let's give them a chance. So all right. Now people are saying we want more music less talk show. What. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry bless your heart. We can't help you. All right. Should. We take a break? Because we actually just talked and talked about absolutely nothing for like seven minutes success. Yeah out nate. Yes. Somebody's got a whistling booger. Who is? Well no one's going to breathe. I deep breath in because I thought it was me with my nose ring I was sure. Let me see I mean. Let me see if it's Scary. Foggy. Burger. I wish I did I, like when I do that sometimes I get one in the car I'll I kind of do it to the music for a Little Bit Authority? On tune is that weird or no? I guess no, no. No. Not Coming from that sometimes when I'm wearing my mask and I feel like maybe a loose booker, I do breath in and out a lot to move it around like. Gross. Just blow it out. Why are you gonNA move your skills on I just have to relocated a little. Okay I'm so glad thank you for pointing that out to senior executive. Keeping the quality up. Here the quality right now, we'll be back after this. Ms Part of today's show Elvis Duran on demand. Free show posted every day search. Only on the iheartradio APP Elvis Duran in the morning. Good morning every. Morning Show Hey. Thank you for listening where you're going what you're doing right now. Maybe you're off work going home, you're going to work maybe you're already at work you don't work. At the very beginning of the pandemic, we were wondering WHO's working who's not And you know people have continued to be losing jobs and getting new jobs and so every shifting people have different hours. People do different things. People actually gave up what they were doing because they just wanted to give it up, and now they're using the pandemic excuse to reset and find something else in life they're more passionate about. Everyone has these stories independence. It's changed everything for everyone. It really has really has you. You could say we'll outlawed you could say, no, I'm still doing the same exact thing I. Did you know six months ago? Well, I guarantee you you're doing it differently. The, different way of looking at it right course everybody has to have been impacted in some way whether it was maybe your grocery shopping differently because you have to stay up on things and stock up or you just don't see as many people as used to go as many places used to it's affected everyone by the way can I say something where the hell is the LYSOL and disinter? Stand why it's not restocked yet lysol knows we need it where the hell is it every time we bring this up people start telling us on the Texas what they've heard where they're just not producing it fast enough or it's going to people who need it more I don't know I don't know I I miss it the other day. Just paid for three bottles of Lysol. Going to tell you the dome on Ebay you son of you know what? Use that micro ban stuff yes. We swear by Alex introduced me to microbe and apparently you spray down like Lysol but it it's it lasts longer in. Yeah whatever now they have an, it's it. It would come in an air freshener type thing Lysol. Now they have a cleaning spray. So I bought some of that today I, love it. Man I never ever heard of micromanage ever until the pandemic this for me. Anyway it's a pandemic born product. Yes. We we bought some because we couldn't find the other. So Shelton's like. Well, I got this you WanNa try it on my God, try anything bring it in. Spray it with anything. Hey Never Mind I can't talk about that. I could but I don't WanNa talk about dogs. Okay. It's not about poet about dogs. So froggy you have two. Cocker Spaniels they have lots of firm, right? Yes. Well, my original dog Max doesn't have a lot of I never encountered this problem, but with extra ferry `Ali? I'll just walking. I'll find like a little tiny random poo just sitting there. Is that falling off there for like it gets stuck it could get could be getting stocks. So maybe when they groom him next time, they need to just do a little trimming around the exit door all this. Friday. Yeah. Because I I've I'm assuming that's what it is because it's not coming with a whole like produced set. It's like a berry. Exist. So that could've been from three hours ago but it was still he has no idea. It just hangs there and then eventually gets tired of hanging on and falls off. Just wondering. Member scary ex girlfriend was kind of like that. She was a hanger on just gave up. Please elaborate. Tertre fall off her. Did Arrow Harry them. And you'll say the worst crap in the world about you and then go. Sorry love you. That happen. I say it in the nicest way. Possible. What nate whatever does that to me all the time? I love at least Daniel. Before you met her Ghani Daniel was a hitter she. She would say something loud and start laughing hit you. So, funny I haven't ruse people of. Yeah, we had to talk her out of that. You had an intervention. Intervention. I don't mind you touching me just don't touch me with that sort of force. It the three things we need to know Gandhi. On. The first debate for the presidency is happening tonight between Joe Biden and president trump and there will be six topics covered as they go ahead. Those topics are going to be the trump and Biden records the supreme court the Corona virus the economy race violence in the US cities and the integrity of the upcoming election it will be hosted by Chris Wallace who hosts Fox News. Sunday he's GonNa moderate the ninety minute debate in Cleveland and right now Cleveland has already called in the National Guard in an attempt to manage Expected protests it will air across various networks beginning at nine. PM. Eastern tonight. New legislation is happening now in California Daniels talking a lot about Kobe. Bryant's wife suing the Police Department because they took pictures of the wreckage while now governor Gavin newsom signed a bill that makes it a crime for any first responder to take unauthorized photos of deceased people at the crime scene or any accident scene eight deputies were accused of taking or sharing graphic photos of the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash you it's going to take effect January first. Stupid. Things that you have to make a law about, why would why does it need to be a law about that people shouldn't be taking these photos absolutely not that is so devastating and traumatic for the family who was already in enduring all of this nonsense like to have that be out there it's just horrible and so disrespectful to people. And finally, let's lighten it up a lot. We talked about this earlier because they said, it's my favorite story of the whole month. So of course, I'm repeating it five parents are in isolation at is due in the UK because they got in a little trouble after they started cursing out all of the visitors apparently when they were adopted, they were put in a room together and started teaching each other how to curse the staff loved it but they had to take swift action after they started using obscenities with guests. So now they're out. Love that. Favorite. Can they can you reprogram apparent? E Low I don't want to say who it was but I, once worked with someone who nobody liked and he had a bird in his office because he was not allowed to keep the bird at home and so another employee taught the bird to say that this guy's wife was a horse. He put on repeat and left it overnight like for. And sure enough eventually the birds started repeating that. Would never stop saying every time you walked in the room the first thing that bird would say so you can't teach a bird to say whatever you want him to say if you say it enough. I love this guy by the way. You know him by the way. Thank you. And this is too much. Walk it every day your your pets calling your wife names not. GonNa take a break. Your phone tap is coming up after this. That I'm hearing myself. Okay sorry. Really. Only. In the morning show. Here's something you can do right now to save money get honey. Honey is the free browser extension that scours the Internet for Promo Code and applies the best one it finds to your cart get honey for free at join honey dot com Duran. Only. Elvis Duran phone tap Danielle. What's your phone tap all it? Is, a little sick for a four year. Old's birthday party that bubbles is supposed to be performing at so. Yeah bubbles. Is GonNa call the parents to let them know that even though I'm not feeling? Well, I'm still going to show. IDEA. I speak to MR curfew leeann please. Skirts curt. Hi, it's bubbles bubbles the cloud for the party tomorrow Oh how you doing? Do a really good. I'm so excited about your four year olds party I can't wait to be there. You got a little cold there. Said you sound like you're just you sound like a cop and you got a little cold. Yeah though I think it's allergies or something. It's really weird. But I'm so excited I have all these balloon animals ready to go. Down Are you We'd have fun. The are are you sure that the that that they don't want somebody I? Mean if you have an allergy as you're going to be. I mean you probably GonNa get germs everywhere this these are kids you know they. They've the weakened immune system. It's five 'cause. But bungalows like that. In like you can even hear like. Your germs in your voice even. Though don't Curtis Allergies. That's all it is is a little did the heiress is? Allergies allergies. This is not our. Voice everyone uses the whole allergies excuse before if you bring germs over here, I've already had one kid for two weeks and then going to have over you. We're GONNA have preschool whole. Artie. Listen let me finish you're. GonNa call anybody I swear ad I have balut edibles I go to face payday got tattoos. Jack about the school be they know everyone? Here everyone knows that they're going to be here at our house he'll. Wind up sick I'm GONNA the next PTA meetings going to be for disaster kids love bubbles to cloud and I'm going to blow. You sound like you're making snot bubbles right now. Could be is. Service some somebody else over here. Everybody's booked up. Tomorrow current and everybody's booked up so it has to be be a bunch of. Money for this it's fide everything will be fine allergists get at introduced by. So we'll get a barney or we'll get something ill. Nobody do those body is anymore the Bachelor party that I did last night by that I had a cold you're Jordy you bachelor party era stripper of to besides the cloud data to do the same thing get chloe's party that they did last night believe the same thing I'm not an idiot I don't think my ping pong balls to kids parties I, WanNa talk to foes or Barney or whatever runs the place over there you have to call me back. You can't get your deposit back. Did you read the press has no Deposits back this show bus go car. visit. Before. You wanted to ruin a whole bunch of kids you chalk and they will get to see. Four hundred ninety two performances I'm not going to. Talk. Show and living kids shows. That's a side business if you WANNA listen. Church you're. Going to be. On the side shoots. Out of wherever. The birthday I told you I have a girl, the birthday I have. Listened to. Our kids you sick. Weird. No. I gotTA keep advice. I can't have a I. Don't turn to hide that already. So I can't have. My House, the same. Lice. I it's school the school just stopped. Party when a kid with. Just problem solved in Solve their bubbles. You don't WanNa just. WanNa. Sure. Ping Pong balls, your whatever you're doing. Hey. y'All minero Elvis Duran and the morning show in Greece just phone tapped you. Really. Way that somebody can sound that disgusting and still try to get a job. was recorded with permission granted by all participants. In his. Ran In the morning show. Elvis. Duran the morning show. I'm not gonna be happy until everyone's screaming. Like like the moment of the day that's their favorite has. I'm loving smoke is almost done. Instead of seeing everybody can we do cyber one? Zero and. We'll try that in a few minutes Daniel give me a couple of headlines today what have gone on. All right. So Sienna Miller shared a story about the generosity of Chadwick Bozeman. He wanted her to star in two thousand, nine bridges with him. So he ended up donating part of his salary to make sure she was paid barely and she said it was the first time. Anyone had ever done something like that for her how about that and Cardi? B.? is about drop a wop clothing line, some heads, some footwear some. Backpacks, handbags, fanny packs, I could go on and on and she put that name on everything and scary this one's for you a pandemic house party got crazy. The footage ended up on porn hub that was nudity to working and a cucumber the come about a lot of action. Let me just wrote. Labor. Day Porn how it happened over Labor Day, and if you paid between fifty to one hundred dollars you could get in but if you were topless ladies Y'all got in for free. That's our report. On, a classy note. Thank you, Danielle. Historian in the morning show. Cvs Pharmacists have proprietary search tool that actually analyzes ways to help lower your prescription costs. So come in or call today to get a free prescription savings. Review at CVS savings vary not all patients eligible for savings ask pharmacist for details. From iheartradio gets the how podcast how Haguenau? A quick jared and We're going to be talking sports we have Julian Element on our podcast today Julian, football movies who's advancing between Jerry Maguire and wanted waterboard. We're talking entertainment Jeremy Piven didn't tell the story of and I'm going to I. I'm going to call my. Pal I'M GONNA call my Pals Syndey Tiffany Haddish Joe J. J. Watt Mr Kevin Hart Odell Beckham. Junior Snoop Dogg. Adults. Definitely. A hail. Mark Cuban. If you had to quarantine with one person, you didn't know who'd you Korn team with? Am I still married. Who should we call next. Dave. We're. Calling. If the PAL podcast, new episodes every Tuesday on the iheartradio APP apple podcast or get your podcast. Hi I'm Husky I'm bald I'm Charlie Sanders. I'm also bald and we want to talk to people about it Charlie. Did you know that the less hair you have the more interesting you become? Yeah. Of course, everybody knows that now right I mentioned it then well, our podcast ball talk we interview people about being ball Brian is this show just for Bodies Charlie? No Hair Os will enjoy this too. I, mean the show is about perception insecurity vanity just like human stuff and you wouldn't believe the things to come up listen to ball talk on the iheartradio APP, apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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