1376: Ready, Set, Stress by Joel of 5 AM Joel on Handling Stressful Financial Situations


This is optimal finance daily episode. Thirteen seventy six ready set stress by joel of five. Am joel dot com. And i'm your host and personal finance enthusiast diana mariam. This is the show where i read to you from. Some of the best personal finance blogs on the planet sometimes a little too enthusiastically. But i can't help it. Money is an incredible resource that we can use to craft the life of our dreams. So thanks for joining me today. And every day things to anger for hosting this podcast anchors the easiest way to make a podcast little distributor. Podcast for you. So can be heard everywhere. Spotify apple podcasts. Google podcasts and many more you can easily make money from your podcast to with no minimum listenership anchor gives you everything you need in one place for free which you can use right from your phone or computer creation tools. Allow you to record and edit your podcast so it sounds great. Download the anchor ab or go to anchor dot. Fm to get started but for now. Let's hear today's post and sir optimizing your life ready set stress by joel five. Am joel dot com. How well do you handle stress when you're laying in bed awake at night. Are you dreaming about the fun things in life or are you stressing about the potential problems you come across each day. I used to think stress came and went as a result of the environment. I was in. But what i've learned over the years is that i 'cause my own stress anywhere anytime even in very peaceful conditions. I can always find a way to stress myself out wednesday. This past wednesday was a very relaxing day for me. I'm currently on vacation. My wife and i rented a boat and cruised around bass lake all day. We drank a few beers played in the water and got back to our tent around four pm for a nice afternoon nap. Best day ever until i woke up to this text. Message tamra when you have had a beer or two today which you could make a call about prairie me Everything okay tamra. Well do you have reception to talk or do you want me to techs at all me. I'll call give me five minutes. Is anyone hurt. Tamra not yet. L. tamra is one of my property. Managers prairie is one of my rental properties. Something is wrong. She knows i'm on vacation. Wouldn't bother me unless something serious is going on. Ready set stress. What would you do in this situation. I want to work at starbucks. Have you ever wished you just had a low stress. Low responsibility job. People at starbucks always seem happy. Same trader joe's employees. Why can't i just get a job there and have a stress free life. Here's why you create your own storms. Then always get upset when it rains. Although starbucks seems like a stress. Free job i can picture myself stressing about little things. Here are a few examples coffee. Bean delivery guy is twenty minutes late. He said he'd be here at eleven. Am it's well past that. Perhaps something is wrong. What if he doesn't come today. We've run out of coffee. Customers get corporate fires me and my resume shows that. I couldn't even hold down a basic job stress. Stacey isn't frosting. The milk properly is starting to annoy. Jeff who complains to me stop about it. Customers are noticing their law tasers milky. And giving me rude looks we've ruined. Everyone's day stress builds. I'm guessing my job at starbucks could actually turn out to be equally as stressful as my last corporate position when i was negotiating million dollar contracts. So if stresses everywhere what do we do about it. Well if you believe like me that you create your own stress then you must also believe that you can create your own piece to. Here's a few things. I do to manage my stress number one. Ww j. d. what would john do my old boss. John was one of the best handlers. I've met no matter what situation was brought to him. He would handle it with grace n es a customers product is broken and they want to sue us for a million dollars in damages no problem. Let's respond with xyz done in my life when she hits the fan all at once. I picture how john would handle it number. Two my calm down songs music calms me down and gets me out of my own head. If there's no music around here are the songs. I sing in my head. Three little birds by bob marley permanent home day by mike love. Don't worry be happy. By bobby mcferrin number three things could always be worse whenever i have a massive problem to solve. I picture the problem swap game in this game. You're sitting at a table with all your friends and family. Everyone writes down their biggest personal problem. They're facing and puts it into a hat in the middle. You have a choice you can pick from the hat and get stuck with the problem you pull out or you can keep the personal problem. You have currently. I always choose my own problem. It's easier to solve than everyone else's number four daily appreciation. This ones my favorite. I am totally at peace. When i remind myself. I'm the luckiest guy in the world on a daily basis. I practice appreciation for the little things in my life when i look around. I see good not bad. I generally stress. The grass is greener on my side. So how did wednesday end up. I've owned rental properties for so long. I've trained myself to remove all emotion when facing issues. It helps to think of every problem in real estate as just a money problem. I called tamra and asked her to explain the issue quickly she did. She gave three options to solve the problem. A b or c. I choose see it will cost me fourteen hundred dollars but handles the issue immediately. I have reserves and insurance for this exact reason within twenty minutes back to relaxing on my vacation. Problem solved no stress. No worries ready set. Relax sir you just listened to the post titled ready set stress by joel of five. Am joel dot com and thank you to nord vpn. 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Free goto nord vpn dot com slash. Oh fd and use our coupon. Oh fda at checkout that's n o r d vpn dot com slash lefty and use coupon code oh fd. I really enjoyed this post because gaining perspective about stress not only helps with financial worries but can improve other areas of our lives as well. It's interesting to me that the mind has this habitual way of turning anything into a negative but if you watch this closely you may notice that this has little to do with circumstances and much more to do with the stories we tell ourselves so for example when i graduated college in two thousand nine. It was extremely difficult to find a job. Every time i was passed up for a job opportunity my mind went down a rabbit hole. About how much of a loser i was and how much better off i would have been if i got the job and how my situation was hopeless then. One day. I started telling a different story when i didn't get a job offer. I tell myself that. I dodged a bullet. I would tell myself that. I was so lucky that i didn't get that job because if i did i would be so much more miserable than i was without it. Here's the thing whether i was telling myself negative stories or positive ones. They're still just stories. There is no way to valley if any of these stories are true. And there's no such thing as an alternate reality. Think about all the ways we torture ourselves with this train of thought if x would've worked out this way then why would have happened in reality. You have no of knowing if that's true so if you're going to be telling yourself a made up story why not tell a positive one. The other thing that helps me manage stress is realizing that many times. It's the result of worrying about things. I can't control i'm in sales but i can't force anyone to buy when i'm selling. I don't let myself get stressed about a deal falling apart. Because i can't control a decision someone else makes but i can control how i handle their objections. Or how much cold calling do or how responsive and persistent. im similarly to jol. I often remind myself that all of my problems are first world problems. This helps keep things in perspective. If you're looking for a good book to help you manage your perspective around stress. I highly recommend the book. The obstacle is the way by ryan holiday reading this book. Me feel invincible. That should do it for another edition of finance daily. I'll be back tomorrow with a post from a guest author with the finance twins. So i'll see you there in the wednesday show. Where your optimal life awaits.

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