Best Of: The Black Cat


And for a laboratory today we are just a day or two away from the return of Dan Le Batard who was on his honeymoon before the wedding this is the Dan Le Batard show with this to spot cass me now has it in studio he's sleeping he's thinking it's two am is that Dan hasn't gone asleep or Dan is already up there's really no telling him no matter what time he's in I always get a text at the same time I really couldn't pin down the time difference between where I was he was just because there was no consists you can be incredibly empathetic and also not kidding doesn't have his consistencies but he's back to any idea when he's coming back or if he's coming back what's going on here I'm starting to get two. AM text messages in email so he's back anyway accept it only needs is thirty seconds of deep rapid eye movement sleep and he's good I think that's what Dan is doctor strange plus he's not good murmur I didn't hear rumblings murmurs my bet have you guys heard the murmurs that Mike probably knows and my the group tax so he doesn't know who he sex thing in the group tax who always waking up like he has no idea nor does he care around the Pacific Rim because of the time difference no a two thirty am tax means. Dan Is back in Miami and back on his normal schedule actually that's earlier than usual that's what I was GonNa say accomplish their yes I wonder if some diggings at two am texts now you I know what you're thinking normally this would mean he's still in Asia or outfit that he's been wearing oh absolutely saying about fit he's GonNa show he's GonNa come back here with that outfit on the black sweatpants black shirt with the Lebeau hats geico sound like a very inconsiderate God well no he's the most considerate guy I've ever met my entire life when it comes to texting yes that's the one that's the one spot for him yeah he can be both would it be a two am anyway even with the aid of a time machine I don't think he's bound by the concept of time my college roommate way M three four five six you know I mean you just never know because you never know what he's what he's doing what he's thinking he's always thinking I mean we even in one zags from Lebanon tarred since he's been gone and it was make sure that Mike Golic senior massages your gluts that's it's fabulous x means he's back we think that we say one last week at two am and I was like Oh this is the time change but I get these two am text when he's here so how is it that I'm Ah that's the Friday outfit you're say took them forty eight years to wear pants regularly to work and since then he's been showing off with the he I think he does Doctor Strange I think in the comics just takes like micro naps yeah like for thirty seconds he is like reo up it Michael Jordan was referred to the black cat I've never heard it before this I'm not talking about you media guys I'm talking about inside Oh okay start the show there so you had the raptors over the Pelicans in overtime I was a fun game would have been more fun with Zion Williamson and then you had the the threat to the tax I was receiving and developed a time machine and was in the future and tried to contact present day us what time would he sorry I was trying to get facts apparently Michael Jordan didn't even know this was his nickname and they patterned his shoe after a Black Panther Paul who's more in the know about Michael Jordan the Michael it's three thirty four eastern when I get because that's usually one am my time on the West Coast and I get a Dan Libertador out the blue I'm with Mike I've gotten him at same pair of pants you don't you don't think Valerie would have got him something some some vacation attire she did he didn't wearing waste that's what I did for you I know basketball I'll teach you basketball expert in basketball the Black Cat Michael Jordan boarded seriously I think this is made up by you goes this is all you're looking for Buchen right here both turnaround here book three pointer here in transition I was I was mind blown because what it is that you know 'cause early I Google has confirmed that he was known as the black cat the man actually says only the people in the note to like all right about that it wasn't this Google Clippers who were trailing early one twelve to one or two of the Lakers and it means something to me right before the microphones went on he said Kawhi Leonard is Michael You gotTa have a theme song to let people know something like that because I think you should just play the theme song right now no okay never mind moving along goes all all accurate and clinic he looks exactly like what he is a guy who grew up watching Michael Jordan on Youtube over and over and over again and try to emulate that and that's the closest thing I've ever I've ever seen but anyways he retires he goes to plays baseball comes back and he's not unathletic but he definitely doesn't have that same feline quickness and explosion that he had is what our show is known for but sports happen the NBA happened I mean is here to talk NBA The NBA did he actually wanted what he's doing when he's at his apex student it's shoulders a square he's facing the basket these jumping straight up and down and that's what we saw last night why Leonard Wood on nicknames I've gone they call them the black cat I've heard some black I've heard Mj his erronous can we put that on the poll did you know that Ah Michael Jordan Cologne was wafting over on the aided by the rough smart but not in terms of the game the game like boarded nine thousand nine hundred sixty Michael Jordan that I've seen it a hundred times when I saw in the second quarter of the that's Jordan right there that whole okay you guys had your fun Yep gave him over this is the one time you should've played that silly believing song that was a one time are you blaming somebody I'm blaming that stood out we're not like this thousand six Dwayne Wade aided by the refs no very year no no aided by the refs did remind me a lot yeah Michael Jordan I hope you're saying that I mean if you call them Jordan wait who's better than Jordan it but you're making it seem like it's anyone I can call legler and he would do legs would know he would have legs with no okay anyone who was around that don't don't call these young people you got it or Nitro plus premium gasoline now with four levels of defense against gunk where corrosion and friction guests on the Dan lebatardshow appear via the Shell Pennzoil Michael Jordan was explosive quick he was catlike they call him the black cat he went everywhere news they call them the black cat was never heard any what's that time was a concert by the white man we should have life you are late all the time one thing we know for my college roommate's it one thing we know for sure is he's still wearing that in his career so what does he do you re- patterns is getting models game after more on a mid range after incredible footwork and balance right no matter dummy that's why he was the greatest ever he hit that shot and then he tells the fenders you were this close Oh if you just jump a little higher you would have gotten that one he's teasing he's Oh performance line and now your sportscenter update world series game won nationals defeated the Astros five to four one Soto three for four with three the army is and a Solo homerun NBA Opening Night Raptors beat the Pelicans one thirty two one twenty two in overtime Fred Vanfleet thirty four points five rebounds and seven eighty five points ten rebounds five assists Lebron James Eighteen points nine rebounds and eight assists and finally a Paris Zoo showcase a mysterious new organism lean like a like a cat with a ball yarn that's what he's doing and that's quite Leonard was doing last night it was tremendous peak Kobe didn't give you the same last week dubbed the blob which looks like a fungus but that's like an animal Blah has almost seven hundred twenty six no mouth no is money buying it seriously examples the nicest spending on yourself guys I appreciate the character banter comic you know these wing motion activated security cameras amazing right well home security has got easier because now blinks histon and a half I don't know why we wanted out twice that has seven hundred twenty six's damn went to Paris no this thing has no mouth in those the magic with the more supercharged offensive game and he played defense last night well well that we were waiting on that I mean he did took eleven and by two points Anthony Davis Lebron James that let me tell you that Danny Green on the team that has Anthony Davis and Lebron James just seventy nine point nine nine visit blinkprotect dot com slash Dan blinkprotect dot com slash Dan Rather headlines and information tune into sports center on ESPN radio all throughout the that's the only time I've ever watched someone play basketball yet as Jordan get a shot off from anywhere on the courtroom rise take a jump shot his rise up of the guy that's guarding him and hits the Doc Right Mike why are you whispering I'm trying to have an NBA Conversation Hey sports was last night I'm trying to have the conversation we gods on ESPN radio ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance the Dan Lebatardshow God's is brought to you by the News Show v Avenue NBA insider and all you keep whispering into my headsets is take talk business this business a foot we should let audience know there's Asia leading score knuckle Donlevatar Yo Chicken Times Stugotz Mardi gras these live at our show with this amy and I thought to myself is the closest thing I've ever seen Michael Jordan on the other end I saw Lebron do stuff. La What about Lebron. I said well Lebron doesn't really play like Jordan though now he points you have Danny Green he is third in the NBA Right now in scoring twenty eight points per game technically you'll be fourth because whatever ties are the same so aww at times he did play the events and Times like Oh that Patrick Beverley going in for land how `bout that shriveled up in the fourth quarter us a parallel conversation happening I would like to explain why it is he is whispering tick talk to my headsets nonstop he eats commercial break in the middle of that conversation shot at a pretty high percentage and always in control and there were a couple of ones I remember could TVs colorful had a really good contest on the baseline and it went in any way reminded me of late there's no way he could keep like he's not GonNa do that every night but that's an important part because Toronto who lost Kawhi Leonard I did find it interesting seok comes a year better he's really good and lead if he can do something close to that if twenty points a game at play that efficiently like he did last night Toronto's a chance to be very good in at least that isn't as good as it was or suffer the consequences of having to fight in a finals with Andy Dalton if your quarterback the reason we're talking like this on the Matrix apparently is Dan corrected van Vliet is tied for the NBA scoring lead he died with his teammates Siaka that's right and then you have second with thirty sorry we had Aaron come in for draft workout and Apollo was telling us about and he went to he was a councillor Jordan's camp he said I think I could have got Jordan uh-huh oh Mr Weiner you said that you had quarterback issues starting Andy Dalton and get your team still has a very good record if you have any intentions of winning the championship you should probably fix your car this year there's not a whole lot of depth in Toronto not right now but they need help they need Stanley Johnson and Rhonda Hollis Jefferson step up a little bit because I'm watching last night I'm thinking not getting strong arm so long as Andy Dalton is your quarterback you know who has a strong arm Mr Weiner Conner Murray but I await your response like talk what you're right order back ails yeah I offer you a solution to those ails Mr Weiner okay I'm offering you Carla Marion Carlos Hyde for one Andy Dalton Josh Jake this I cannot I could come back with I can't make you an offer I can't I can't take your counters Mr winner except the deal that is in your inbox now what he said Oh yeah we played against them and every time you're going to turn around I'll be you know I almost block them I'd be right there and he just hit it anywhere else again that's Michael Jordan no stomach yet it can detect food digested the bomber was has seven hundred twenty six's can move without legs or wings and healed itself in two minutes quiet the close I mean you know basketball I wholeheartedly agree this is an extension of what we saw in the summer quite Leonard it's league now he's the best player on the planet they met until the end of the hour to accept steel wow Mr Weiner Wow C. O. B. I. me not even a C. O. B. You're giving me C. O. H. Not only that he's he's closing the circus within our midst opening up a million giving me library I invoke the power of veto you have someone better than Jordan I mean you have someone better at basketball is better than mine but I I would say this while I was watching the it was trying to have with you about the raptors he thankfully by the way was predict talk into headsets because I am no longer having a conversation about the raptors I I still what yes veto the commissioner no but I can veto a trade right like saying hey this isn't fair I don't know why we can't just vote and we're just gonNA allow any right Google this well let's try to find inside basketball it's they've ever referred to Michael Jordan is the black guy all of Taro's of in Jordan it will get the the window the window is shrinking Mr Weiner Eh billy why are you shaking your head Mike is how he goes down discussing assist the leading score in an NBA right now clippers defeated the leaker lamey green seconds the Lakers one twelve to one zero to Andy Davis Commissioner on this was the commissioner Lorenzo allowing showrooms hurt for Philip Rivers Keeper League I'm keeping them for next year for any one of those four quarterback he's out for the year bill threat that's why no one has a quarterback because you drafted all of them would seem there seems to be have Tom Brady drew brees Philip rivers kirk cousins if you want any of them just send me any trade off L. except really yeah I don't care anyone yeah I made out to give you a joke right now Taylor Mary not great okay I'm five two with a rifle and once I figure out how to log out and log back yet I think will have access to free agents again Zahn for any one of those four solid I'd like an opportunity to get the solid so this is just a vendetta if you want to make it plausible right idea that you can't trade them for for Brady because everyone would veto that breezes probably your best bet but there's no vetoes well there's no only me that you will give me any one of those four quarterbacks for anyone on my team that we can get past Lorenzo who's the commissioner here Dini wide receiver I mean I walk it has to get approved by the by the Commissioner Mike Tech Semi don't do it I got Kyle Mary play four for one how can I turn that down right I mean he offers all the bells and whistles like he offers you all the decorations and asks for your Christmas tree this is descended into chaos guys why would you aim low and say why don't you ask for Brady he's he's going to do it anyway go for gold badge because his fancy numbers state okay so Mikey says he's my consultant on all things fantasy what am I he's playing a game of chess I mean it's nicer and I feel like he's GonNa give me till the end of the show at least oh you can have until the end of the year if you want any player that's healthy here's the problem I love it billy why are you shaking your head don't get strong-armed here I'm not negotiate with terrorists that I'm not going to get strong-armed here okay I can't figure out how to pick up maybe you're four quarterbacks again I have Tom Brady drew brees is coming back Philip rivers and kirk cousins who by the way at the time not a great pickup but he's been pretty good as of late and fantasy ah why did they fire you mean felt me coming out of my mouth I mean how good they've been since I left nope but not according to Mikey that's those are my metrics you know what I want to happen Mike eventually hire a lawyer to do all the negotiations I have Shepherd Sutton and DJ shark but I also have Michael Thomas I'm one I can always start three of them so who cares what do I don't have to teach about leverage this what you do you trade him you're in dollars by mail in rebate when you purchase a gold series battery or save ten dollars by mail in rebate with the platinum series swing by today and they'll help you power through the season I get more stuff oh wow see your jared gm never GM something inside of 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how known these the more if you don't see yourself clearly can you really expect others to I'm having a breakthrough it's not easy to be vampire but with Gyco it's super easy no one will even let me into their house I knock knock but they ignore me what else I look in the mirror don't even see switch and save hundreds on your car insurance donlevatar baseball has figured out here's what you get baseball the national pastime you get Wednesdays in September installment of the fast and furious franchise David Ross Perot's is a world series MVP it says cody on their cody on it I progressive insurance small business protection for more than vehicles with insurance expertise to keep your company moving forward more Progressive Commercial Dot Com guests on the Dan Le Batard show up here by the Shell Pennzoil performance line and now your sports interrupdate Major League Baseball said it will interview for them and you don't even hear from Mike you hear from his lawyer a window has shrunk now well hard network out I have a nicer window the cubs are hiring cody Ross to be their new manager and finally vendettas revealed Cardi B. has joined the cast for the upcoming nine the relevant parties regarding allegations against Astros Assistant General Manager Brandon Todman published Monday night in a sports illustrated article Oh correct you why am I still doing this voice the best part is I know neither David that's what you need to learn is you gotta offer me that fourth guy that will never play three guys I'll never play for one guy I'm never going to do you offer me that fourth guy that I'll never it's pretty good yeah got a cannon stugatz got limps in with his first words on the national show is just a useless he's got a can he does just fun manolete useless contribution they these are show with Stu gods on ESPN radio ESPN radio is presented BA calls. I mean we'll take your NFL calls. Billy just whispered to buy headsets that the Astros have no right handed pitchers or no left handed pitchers that correct no left hand fill out your roster every time I text him about it he's like that was a test passed Brady schefter coming up next STU gods here it seems Arcona well David's the new cubs manageable related David Lee Roth I believe David was a CO worker uh-huh trading him a legit player like why are you saying there's no vetoes while the US veto because I have a lot of wide receivers again you can always start three and I am hearing rumblings that he might return tomorrow a probably Friday rumbling that's all I'm saying you've heard the same rumblings correct doc seven Blair's one time for one guy blame though look if you got close accepting things from him just so he stopped sending me stuff right is that a team doesn't have any left handed pitchers roster no south boss what was a first world series nineteen three and neither team had left handed pitcher right although they'll be like feeding a cat then they come back every day I have one I have to look it up but I I'm pretty certain you offered me six or seven players from Michael Thomas Response was how you can pitcher I find that impossible to believe was the truth you don't have any left handed pitchers on the roster the world series and Anthony looked it up and I believe this is the first time since the first world series God wrote the book on Leverage you're not you're not reading it right now they're not reading it right now you trade them in for Brady then you take one of those wide receivers and you train them somewhere else isn't the commissioner should rule veto solid me you know stu gods is asking for trying to take advantage of him and that was a fair trade according to the metrics they have these decorations but there's nowhere there's nothing to do with because he has your tree that's a great analogy thank you Judy Gotti this is all our first rodeo purchase at advance auto parts all the latest headlines and information tune into sports center on ESPN radio all throughout the day. I had a lot to get to here Adam Schefter GonNa join us in an hour he'll take emme you think we know what it was called before nineteen hundred as you guys know who cody Ross's won a world series. MVP for the Marlins I mean they can at any time one in four batteries about the fill their re battery testing free installation with any automotive battery World Titan either Yes he wants he want an MVP impactful and now I have to look it up also played colleague here yeah rats this sportscenter is brought to you by advance auto parts they can with the Phoenix Suns mean they got this right about this I it was either Ale knows world series and they'll see us for who the giant giant yes. MVP thousand ten they call it but before nine hundred thirty baseball game I'm serious I eighteen eighties right while you see we're still on top of it So I was shocked to hear that from billy no southpaws now the astros at a difficult spot because Garrett Cole wasn't lost in five years sure sure he has five home runs in fifteen career postseason games I'm glad the nation is getting all its information all sports from US right early we'll just say done it we'll just assume that switch players all right so I'm giving you an joke you and you could use the quarterback brady or cousins semi either okay two minutes Oh do you know where it is now I can show you maybe I was finally getting to the story that you were southpaws they have had Chris my apologies I was two words away for be done with what I was saying I'm sorry I'm sure done sure good don sure I'd like just done and nothing understand you actually have to log in your fantasy team Portland Sutton BJ shark now. This is too complicated or it's one wide receiver for one quarterback now you're GonNa have quarterbacks yeah you said to people what they say when you have four you don't have one so give me let's go I'm giving you a shark shepherd if you made them like three stooge a Suj- I think three stooges this is not good when you're trying to do impersonations but I think I mean has to announce who we portland sutton for kirk cousins or Tom Brady that's that's the offer that's on the table that's a good offer but you don't need an joke for anything semi him in jokers hurt I haven't I did do that period I'm sorry man even though I'm loaded I will I will make a run now because I'm happy I give them the head on I I just find it curious I know that you think that the Paul part it is the confusing part when the south why would using the register hands you'd think it'd be East and West when you go to take this deal over what kind of contribution solution I mean he's terrible he had a monster game in Baltimore he did okay. Dj Sharks the billy. That's why I need to get this passed doing before he says they're all North Pas why you care about what all of that laid out federal government so it's going to be interesting here it goes burland are basically has to save the season for the Astros but he's going up against Jospin you gave me the head nod taking Josh Allen whose breath and Matt Brita all I had to give up Hunter Henry really leaves him without a quarterback is a quarterback dear I'm telling you there's no process sent me that so Joe Cooper Brady Don Cherry sent it to me I don't know how to send it to you just say done can we do it verbal Tayo so for Whoever whichever breeze Brady Joe Jarvis Landry drew brees and injured quarterback for a wide receiver that's making contribution means nothing to those who care and it's not like we can't cut down we have eighteen teams the proposal today can we do it on Air Mike Sue he's back okay Liz it on air right now I am offering you no other sound is the Amax got pause everywhere pause at Sousse House and I promise Adam Schefter Don Brady no Brett Farr coming up next promise Donlevatar ah I'm GonNa give you a joke who for brady cousins how about that so what you got otherwise no league for me next year or belly what kind of threat is assistant general manager Brandon Todman published Monday night in a sports illustrated article the cubs are hiring David Ross we do announce a one Juju Gotti and myself have made a trade Oh yes yeah yeah and for once he got the crap part of the deal really yeah yeah tells the deal old pennzoil performance line and now your sports interrupdate Major League Baseball said it will interview relevant parties regarding allegations against Astros that I'm releasing all my players and there'll be a free fall down yeah go ahead really players right now actually I'm out I'm out next season if he doesn't prove this one to be their new manager and finally breathing the air and Beijing has the same health risks as smoking twenty-one cigarettes a day really he's playing chess I've heard from the Commissioner he's vetoing the ridiculous trade which was which was the joker for quarterback it's absurd yeah I talked to him about that already but if you beat honestly what sort of interest is there for Jim Harbaugh right now I thought he was one of the best coaches in football my favorite coach in the NFL and I was a huge believer and I'm absolutely shocked at how poor it's gone for him in Michigan considering the expectations but he's really like in my fantasy trae Juju got billy do we still have a deal intact here back on the I r Sir it's ridiculous it's not fair especially when I'm offering drivers landry for drew brees what if I throw in Darren sproles lowered value right I don't know in the NFL I mean the last thing we remember about him in the NFL he's the guy who took the forty niners play away from winning the Super Bowl and a play away from getting that regard that's fair but then if we saw harbaugh coach on the level where it's all about coaching and then Philip being a salesman why would his reputation ticket hit going on this brady thing but there's a lot to get to Jim Harbaugh Michigan some rumors about maybe him going back to the NFL harbaugh courses denying it and blaming Ohio State Essentially coaching and I think college is more about being a salesman recruiting? It's can I go into someone's living room do I have enough connections can get the best players it's a totally different sport you know to the NFL fails and goes to Alabama job you as a college you can go try the NFL doesn't work out you can come back to college with as just the same oh with those two guys on ESPN radio ESPN radio is presented by Progressive Insurance guests on the Dan Le Batard show appear via the Shell back to the coaching job it's a good question I don't think that his value we'll take a hit if he wants to go back to the NFL that's the place where he's been good that's the place he's proved himself. Wait a second let me out just hear me out here me out Brady Gronk harbaugh all to the jets you know what good forgot about what you're not so though I cannot stand for David and Joe coup going for a quarter Ron latest headlines and information tune into sports center on ESPN radio all throughout the day all right a lot to get you I'm GonNa stay was that frank was that creamer I can't tell right motivate them south again and people complain about his offense left and right so why would he come back to the league and run an antiquated offense it does seem to a degree that the the game is sort of past Mr Bill that you can have in joke it according ability it has to get past they understand what you're trying to do there's no approval process here all right commissioner and we will file does get Dan to stop doing this thing to find we'd all be happy it's not doing what an empty threat additional pocket offense you got gronk as a target Levian bell out of the Backfield but to your point college these are players out we can't have a show league without two guys I'm out I'm telling you right now about next season if he doesn't approve this straight right now seconds ago you're against the trade because it was unfair him by look my great coaches coach towards their personnel you got Colin Kaepernick you go RPO got Tom Brady more get to another Super Bowl with Colin Cameron that's the last thing we remember it didn't end well with him in San Francisco why does it not work like that and the opposite right Nick Sabin coming you know so I don I think teams would I'd almost say lineup to get Jim Harbaugh but I think a lot of teams will be interested I think the jets would consider fiery Adam gays after a single season of the new harbaugh was happening with the run pass option the but then the rest of the league totally caught onto that and you're seeing fewer and fewer of those plays even Sunday to Sunday and then he's gone to mission would you got as a fool he's GonNa offer his old team the billionaire whoever he has left does he ever win yet the shoe did you got it he's in he's up at the top half of this them to get Jim Harbaugh even though he went there if you're a coach by any other name certainly would be gone by now right Brady hoke gone by now yes I mean it's happening changed to God's Tom Brady's lawyering lawyer these Libertad Ah who ninety don't have me thinking at all yep that's where I like to be sweetser your minds guys Alex Guerrero head trainer for Michigan Football. I thought your mom would be blown there billy that's a great point by main maybe maybe Brady is the next James Level of esteem but the opposite isn't troll go to college you feel you can't come back to the NFL you good on this level either the NFL's more about actual coaching right whereabouts. I don't know it's not that crazy they're both Michigan men that's through former Michigan quarterbacks that's true and I'm willing to listen you might consider an answer at that position entertainment okay what's this question what is the best quarterback that a team would be willing to give up well hold on tipping point that that that's where I'm at that's what if Tom Brady is going to retire because he's going to be the new head coach of Michigan football how about that yeah now I'm confused open coach at Michigan hear me out everybody on the TB twelve program all of a sudden Michigan undefeated every year now you've got me thinking Brady wants to be a player coach in the NFL. Okay but now I'm back okay a joke you for Brady or cousins okay so go to hell and when you get there say hi all part of the master plan usually they're all talking about their contracts in the same week by accident let's say I love it I mean he he did have an interesting offense with I just want to see how far teams would be willing to this is an interesting discussion and if we can really entertain the thought of a free agent Tom Brady art and it seems like they give them a lifetime contract if Brady Calls Jerry Jones right after the season's over and says me wow that's the surprising part of this entire story is it seems like Michigan would give them a lifetime contract if he wasn't if he didn't arrive with such HOOPLA and being so desired it was quite the hall for he selected he has a now he has shape patterson who coming out of high school was considered the best prospect at quarterback in his class and another weather I'm surprised Michigan still want your mom I have the team and it's so in line with what is executive always does and getting older quarterbacks and it's worked out once and it's failing right now Denver you could blow out the head could actually see that I could see him weighing that option but going back to that so if he calls Jerry Jones and says me Grog Guerrero get rid of deck and what I WANNA ask you a serious question that seems ridiculous other one by the way Brady hoke was fifty one and thirty one it makes you get in five hundred they are your heart by after four years percentage numbers winning percentage are by seven twenty nine and sproles sproles e get back time to pay for another for years what's horrible in five years he's fifty nine and forty three but made it to the fifth year Oh God we actually work with this and we occasionally care about sports this is an interesting no no that's that's my mistake I read the wrong I thought we were all just messing around coach things one unspectacular year he's already older not GonNa Offend Anybody Bhai firing fangs right Tom Brady can call his shot you already have what about Andy Reid but what do you mean he's got Patrick mahomes third weeks but about hoke was six oh eight Carson Wentz and the eagles all right so he calls Doug Peterson I don't know why have ready made the calls as you can do it for him but it's better if brady does it because from a team standpoint what would be like quarterback but I think you brought up a good team for Brady because they have a bad quarterback but very good defense and that's the Chicago bears like I could see the Vikings I mean doesn't have Minnesota ties Minnesota roots I remember like when they won the super bowl of Minnesota we are it's not just what he does on the field it's a brand well yeah it's a huge business moves so I think you would see teams that already have it part of his family's from Your Bay area guy but he's got Michigan Roots Patricia Stafford no big blue head coach I think you've got to Michigan before Michigan I I've Brady Hogan Har- basically the same record through five or six years I see what you guys are doing an actual serious conversation about my bad yeah trying so for Brady it's got to be I want to apply maximum pain to ballot check but I also want to be in a good spot where I can assure myself team's going to be good well I'm not saying from Brady Simple Tom Brady some maybe one thing that we're ignoring here the ace up the sleeve that Vincent Kennedy McMahon has Eh Happen without trying to heal brain never logged in a five hundred without him it username password sorting people by we thank spa yes with one caveat if harbaugh goes metrics oh how many meters tipping point honestly do think that turtle might be the tipping point a guy that's has really good tape but also has really bad tape feel like that one fence that's quite good over there I mean if you are going to mahomes division there right understood what about the raiders uptake that back from the niners it's up sort of trade and Bella Jack Beats Brady Saints in the three quarterback system where you play Teddy Bridgewater some breeze brady does it it's real this is Tom Brady dog get rid of Carson Wentz and I'm there do you think Doug Peterson does that I have I have the team either team I think I have it too I don't think we are I think Brady is going to go elsewhere next year I do think Schefter is right I think Brady's not denying it I don't think Brady's GonNa retire any Brady's GonNa play next year I do he can a real discussion guy we definitely wouldn't do it I listen Tom Remind Andy Hey I came into your house okay I came to Arrowhead and I beat your quarter Adam Schefter and now your sportscenter update Oklahoma University says that these sooner shooter schooner sooner schooner go to Canada the CFL hey I think we can all agree that that is the best land it's time to pay for another tool sows I think player coach with the cowboys is the most realistic I think we're wasting everybody's time a ball go so much fun it's a game of centimeters Donlevatar do St Espn Radio is presented by progressive insurance guests on the Dan lebatardshow appear on the Shell Pennzoil performance line including our next guest automatic universe the satisfying crunch of Nature Valley crunchy bars can keep your family going which means more outside fund for you hold it up nice good Brady Beedon ahead the head on the road AFC championship game and they brady at five touchdowns in that game so we're we're talking about next offseason we're not talking about next week guys so we'll know gone he's going to be okay that's that's that's about the niner's Jimmy Garoppolo how maybe Navia Greats Evie grant but then you worry about getting robbed Dan Patrick Mahomes is a shell of his former wife because McVeigh see that's I can listen to goth concerned point unspectacular or Jackson at wide receiver what's okay billions I'm in trouble following what he thinks he's rational and irrational Adam schefter get you ready for the NBA season he takes your MBA call seven eight six four five six four eight three seven amine we'll take your NFL costs is Adrienne now I I gave you a total gains in his wins so he's not fifty one to thirty one he was thirty one and twenty and four years at Michigan Brady hope which didn't make sense mathematically and schedule and finally writers for Deadpool have confirmed that the merge with the mouth will indeed appear in Disney's marvels we'll be shelved for the rest of the season and only be featured on display following the crash in sooners win versus West Virginia Chinese state television did not points like they definitely would do that you're too many people would say you can't give up on Sam darnold billy what he got although I totally read the in in Iraq right but we have to get to to Tom Brady I with Adam schefter because we play this Adam Schefter on Monday night countdown earlier in the show we played Brady's re his age tradition cameron bright he's always open yeah and lower taxes and cameron breath chargers ask the chaser game midnight decades the funding went traditions unlike any others that you can have multiple traditions they're not like any other so schefter is GonNa take the latest headlines and information tune into sports center on ESPN radio all throughout the day all right here's how we're going to do this Adam Schefter GonNa join us on the shell pennzoil performance line amino acids for laboratory laboratory back on Friday mean Israel Gutierrez HQ later today four thirty eastern on ESPN it's a tradition unlike any other Gotz and with whole grain oats and real delicious honey it's really tasty to nature valley oats in honey crunchy bars John Stu what Adam Schefter had to say on his weekly Radio Show W. E. I in Boston and this is well listen here's what you can feel good about alcohols right yeah this this is fun this day ESPN realizes wait a second we have gone general sports show Schefter loves doing this the NBA season started last up Brady did not deny it that's what comes a gentleman in Tom. Tom Knows the situation I didn't say anything other than the basic facts was it. Philip rivers changed a weekly tradition unlike any other about why game on Saturdays Yup a also seasonal weekly tradition unlike any other how many traditions unlike any other do you have I've not enough to be quite honest for the masters that's that is the tradition unlike any other well Asian unlike any other we've never done it with a mean so adams portion is a traditional like any other means is not at I am worried about the amine portion of a means portions of the tradition just like every other career the NBA's opening my game Tuesday and the League streaming partner tencent reduced its schedule and show just the Lakers clippers contest Oh and wouldn't and Harbor Garrett the puppet odd you think Jerry Jones Bites on the non non back I don't think the situation this is not an opinion this is not anything more than the simple fact situations do that's basically selling his house there and I said that you could construe as controversial or negative or natural no nothing we agree with it I mean listen you're stating the it is completely one hundred percent non committal he knows he knows yes MHM quarterback I beat him last year. AFC Championship Game Twenty Years Younger Than Tom Brady right we haven't seen them place hurt though he may not be the same accurate and he says hey me rock Guerrero we're coming to Dallas get rid of Jack what he jerry's response would be lost last night and Sherzai was okay wasn't great but it was enough and so as for Brady to go I just I just wanted to ask you one okay I just WanNa I wanna get your feeling for this if Tom Brady picks up the folk any calls Jerry Jones Tomorrow Abihu twenty nine and twenty no he is forty three and sixteen I'm very confused yeah we'll start to see how about how about hope hope was four years how many games over trainor selling the house he structured his contract void after this year and all I said well there's a real possibility that he's not going to be doing going after this year is there anything what's going to happen I don't know the he knows exactly what's going to happen but again I think the signs point to this being his last year but again on the on the Brady Front it is what it is the the facts are disputable and as I said and I will maintain and as I believe Oh that's absurd we have them coaching Michigan we're trying to be something about the Ravens and Bill Polian gets to be right they put outstanding facts here Adam home for sale trainers home for sale there were package deal we have the moving in together by the way contract you could void out of the country act after after the season so we were playing around because we think this might be tied to rock we think he told to take a year off the rest of the body glazed place we dabble in is a lot more fun Than Yours Adam Harbaugh coaching the whole thing all part of the plan here NBA goal seven eight six four five six four eight three seven that's the same place where me we'll take your NFL calls on the same number seven eight six four five six forty three seven I believe there's a real possibility that this is last season and they wanna go now I'm not telling you that he's leaving to play with another team or retire I don't know conversation you can feel the whole show that way I'm not going to answer anything on an NBA today okay not talking and ailing it stugatz slow it's quicker path I mean it's just these lebatardshow with two guys on ESPN radio the fall we can I'm a lot of this lot of different teams right we go through thirty one other scenarios and have a phone you got and there's also scenario Brady's the next Michigan coach all night is going on a guy but we were we were trying to think the like the maximum amount of pain the best a- and by the way everything that he said he said the Randy Moss the other night he said to me I today he said the season is coming up you and I are going to go somewhere I do now we're now we're really getting conspiracy that does that meeting let's let's get to know you love We know you love the association let's go out to Joe Joe go ahead you're on with ESPN's Adam Schefter you're with the Patriots interesting signs I like that seven eight six four five six four eight three seven all right you're here to talk you're right my bad let's let's get down to it you're listening to the Dan Le Batard show with Stugatz thanks to one eastern on E._S._p._N. radio and you can wash on e._S._p._N. news picked up Emmanuel Sanders there's some question you know if it was a good it was a good transaction they gave up third and a fourth They got a v Dago you're on with NFL expert Amino has it this is hard to even talk to me about the NFL but amine doing this on so that takes him out of the equation I Guess Tread Ends Adam Schefter Got Sheffi chef what's the first thing that's going to have major injury and what team will have a major trade I is to predict injuries and when we're talking trades the power base already had go to let's go to big big you're on with with NBA expert Adam schefter good guys Lebatardshow in the world he's nothing but the Celtics lost a lot of key people look they may be better for it no car Reno Horford take some blows there but I think that you're going to see Gordon Hayward it'd be Kinda option and this is your decision attention like this okay go ahead there's there's been some you know the forty nine handsome go ahead you're on with ESPN's Adam schefter bigger much taking my call days quick question should be heat start dion waiters considering the you know instagram issues that he's been having or should they go with hero or maybe you'll get a different direction with your date they tell a hero fan yeah waiters you starting the season not suspension we're gonna see what heroes got right away he's got a chance to make an impact let's see what he's got the four making that decision let's go to dog dog you're on with ESPN but you know it's it's easy to reach the end of his can produce well I think you know you gotTa let deal play out we still still early to say for it but who does it matter that anybody's not giving them putting game yet let them give gifts come on let's go to ten a NFL question go ahead so getting more love I I love and fans ask why my team's not getting more respect more like who doesn't matter to you is that GONNA change the one loss rate yeah we we get that one you guys nailed that one of the first season the first trait of the season I'm trying to think of a guy who didn't get an extension who wanted extension buddy he'll got his deal I just want to ask this question why why aren't the Celtics getting more love Philadelphia as a Las Vegas Stars they're not as good they got a bunch of scrubs on line NBA questions are definitely more challenging as you dig deep and really think hard as I'm sure the case remain there and so this really gets us out of our comfort zones and or this year that a Lotta people expect he's a huge year you'd like to think they can do is going to deliver big for the Celtics and sometimes subtraction as addition and maybe they'll be better whether he's GonNa whether he was worth it or not but as time goes by we'll figure out whether that was too much to give up her mind centers you know what's great about these questions can be legal Julio Jones right definitely let's go to knee heart go ahead you're on with Adam schefter and I was wondering remember being like like those questions I football question is so my comforts and it's so easy it's so simple answer the questions for me and alleges plausible that's my whole career Adam wasn't call you notice here on the board tank for an entire season in the NFL to get a guy that maybe came up in the last few weeks and is starting to make a run for the number one spot you do it for the guy that you were planted issue that's GonNa drag onto into his professional career he's definitely worthy he's clearly shown as the number one prospect in the draft board and this is what you did this whole season for you know Bango head who would you rather have back Levin leading your team or Mitch Trubisky Lou well let's start let's start with Schefter after leading your team Zach Levine or Mitchell trubisky I'm an NBA guy or stick with the NBA. Here I'm GonNa go Zach Levine all right I'm GONNA NFL gone they've got they've let's Get Rid of Steve Matt Matt go ahead y'all out of Jeff I pulled in Audubon gotta switch my question to a mean wow I mean you got Harvey Eagle or Julia Jones Oh man I bulls make the playoffs let's go to Gerardo Gerardo go ahead you're on with NFL expert amino acid hello just want to ask you the dolphins forget about taking into Java John Mirant I know argue about immediate impact but I just think that it's smoke patient Memphis but I'm GonNa go job let's go to see the Mitch Trubisky Zach Levine is a lot of flash in the PAN but he'll ask all right there we appreciate it get Outta here we know you have some some entertainment Schefter Michigan Guy Michigan Oh wow that's more tea-leaves though for too since he's hurt and there's clearly other options there she's GonNa go for take from maybe not I think if you've got an opportunity to the injury as long as it's not a long term I got a consultant for children that WANNA get back to you I mean it means right here I mean maybe a little bit he thinks Chris Paul Adam all along that's a pretty all right all right so Basel Ben as a question for our NFL expert has an end our MBA expert Adam schefter how about that where we have schefter Guerrero Brady in the same house Yes rock and growing in Michigan three and a half men let me know and you guys haven't worked Mortiz leads the guy the all his Michigan stuff is coming together Chapter Maybe coaching them next year and they all live in the same house the people are doubting other fingers I was GonNa make the two and a half man joke you guys added Gronk in there you look in the mirror and you start to realize you're going thin up top to out of every three guys are going to start losing their hair by the age of thirty five thirty five you're still a young dude at that point I read the re- Who's coaching Michigan next year just curiosity who's the head coach Tom Brady chefs are just staff Guerrero I think people are gonna be able to make the leap into the playoffs thanks I like the Bulls this year a lot of young talent think they do take the next step up windows really challenged us to be our best inr selves guts that's the segment Adam you get a thank you for explaining everyone uncomfortable let's go get Outta here with that Stugotz Yeah Richardson and make money off Sammy Sosa he won the bid in two thousand nine this was Po- Sammy Sosa well that ruins asked hundreds if you went to the doctor or pharmacy so go to four hymns dot com slash ESPN that's F. O. R. H. I. M. S. dot com slash ESPN four hymns dot com about it. Well guess what that's wrong for him DOT COM is a one stop shop or hair loss skin care and sexual wellness for men prescription solutions backed by science written by Tom Slash Espn Donlevatar Tom. Ricketts is saying that the cubs will not allow Sammy Sosa back into that organization for anything moving forward until he go to Nick's spurs tonight and Celtic sixers real action I come on man feel free to run with that grog stuff and the Jim harbaugh stuff as well okay Dr delivered to your door thanks to science baldness can be optional good a four hymns dot com slash. ESPN right now it gets started for just five bucks while supplies last this would is clean and when I find absurd about that and what a hypocrite this guy is is that family made hundreds of millions of dollars off the name Sammy Sosa we're GONNA start losing your hair then think about a year from now it's all gone in everybody used to as soon as you start losing your hair that's it it's genetics it's father time and there's nothing you can do Lebatardshow up here by the Shell Pennzoil performance line and now your sportscenter update Oklahoma University says that the sooner sooner schooner will be shelled you never test positive for steroid use and if he was using steroids which we all assume that he was my guess is if he was using it the Ricketts family had an inkling that that was Carter being back and make a difference market and his boys to explode Kobe white at the point guard position on a Puerto they got a lot of young talent there and I say to make better and yes five star reviews go to Casper Dot com and use code stew for one hundred dollars towards the purchase of select mattresses terms and conditions apply see Casper Dot com slash James Tuesday and the League streaming partner ten cent reducing sexual schedule and showed just the Lakers clippers contest and finally terms customer experience and product reviews based on Casper Dot com authorized retailer sites and Google for all the latest headlines and information tune into sports center on ESPN RADIO ARGUMENT BCC Donlevatar Show with stugatz on ESPN radio ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance guests on the for the rest of the season only and only featured on display following a crash in the sooners win versus West Virginia Chinese state television did not air the NBA's opening for ACS Rockies revealed he has sex addiction casper is the most loved and trusted sleep company with over fifty thousand today it's refreshing to have you read those because I'm pretty sure students would have called them a dollar sign up rocky probably that on their own clubhouse ever come out many many years later as Sammy Sosa must come clean for us to allow him back into our prestigious organization our club the bike for another tool sows he was being sarcastic running with it I think is with it I think I know what's going on with him why he didn't want college people that aren't eligible for the NFL that might look at that average salary of fifty five thousand it's been reported that the salary is going to be higher for potentially some college for I got three Schefter small yeah but you're doing a callback to joke that never went over the air to an offense this shell uh get it don't get why you set it just then they had three and a half men I'm on it I'm on it to the bottom of this right now we'll dog is it thanks guys have a great day Seattle the League in general yeah yeah they just had their draft and not a lot of names but I have a feeling they're going to play for college kids I think there are a lot of who I think it's McAfee Levy or Lonski and leaves and Diana Rossini on silence I think that's an amazing grew it is a great crew looking forward to that are you looking for Roth if they do it correctly with increasing revenue for one which would put more money in the player's pockets eventually maybe not for the first group of players I'm sold is making yeah it's

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