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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Lakshmi Singh. The White House's enlisting more legal star power in president trump's impeachment trial they include former independent counsel Ken Starr who led the Whitewater investigation into former president. Bill Clinton former Florida torney General Pam. Bondi is on the team and former former Harvard University law. Professor Alan Dershowitz will be called to present his views at trial. The president stands accused of abuse of power and obstruction of congress in his dealings with Ukraine. A total of six suspected members of a neo-nazi group were now in federal custody. After three more men were picked up this week. This time in Georgia we have this update from. NPR's Hon allom. The Rome News Tribune a newspaper in North Georgia reports. That three local men were arrested in connection with a conspiracy to commit murder hand participation in a criminal gang arrest warrants obtained by the paper. Tie them into the base. It's a secret of white. Supremacist group known for advocating violence in hopes hopes of triggering a race war. There were no other details about the alleged plot or specific charges. The paper said the court documents were still under seal. The arrest occurred Wednesday the day before the FBI announced charges against three other men two Americans and a Canadian law enforcement official told PR those men had discussed attending a pro-gun rally rally in Virginia. That's becoming a magnet for some extremist factions Hanau lamb. NPR News in his first Friday prayer sermon in eight years. Iran's on Supreme Leader says Germany France and Britain our enemies that cannot be trusted. NPR's Peter Kenyon reports on the latest rebukes after Iran violated the terms terms of two thousand fifteen nuclear pact. The three European signatories to the deal invoked. It's dispute resolution mechanism in the wake of a series of violations of the deal by Iran Tehran onset violations were in response to President. Trump's move to pull the US out of the deal and returned to sanctioning Iran. I told Ali also said the. US had failed in its efforts efforts to pressure Iran and divide it from its neighbour Iraq. NPR's Peter Kenyon reporting warmer than usual weather in December gave a boost to homebuilders in the US but depressed oppressed demand for heating. NPR's Scott horsely reports housing starts surged last month while the utility business suffer. Housing starts jumped nearly seventeen percent in December led by a big increase Greece in apartment. Construction builders started work almost thirty percent more multifamily units the fastest pace in thirty three years construction of new single family homes. Holmes also increased by more than eleven percent. The housing industry has gotten a lift from low interest rates as well as higher than normal temperatures but the warm weather in December number put a dent in utilities business as furnaces didn't have to work so hard the drop in utility man dragged down overall industrial production last month offsetting modest gains gains in manufacturing and mining industrial production in December was down one percent from a year ago Scott horsely. NPR News Washington this is NPR. China's economic growth in two thousand nineteen was the slowest in decades came in at a growth of six point. One percent within the government's target the the former chief of Puerto Rico's public schools has been indicted on federal corruption charges for the second time in six months. NPR's five minutes report. Julia Kelleher is now charged with bribery. Wire fraud and conspiracy Julia. Kelleher served his Puerto Rico Secretary of Education From Two Thousand Sixteen to Twenty nineteen after hurricane. Maria she oversaw the closure of hundreds of public schools and pushed for charter schools and voucher programs now she could face decades in prison. According to a federal indictment accusing using her nine counts of fraud and bribery. This includes living in a luxury apartment for several months for just one dollar the FBI also indicted Kelleher and July live last year. Alleging a conspiracy to misdirect federal education funds to unqualified contractors with political connections on E. Cabinets. NPR News Recording Academy CEO. Debra do in is defending herself against misconduct allegations less than two weeks before the grammys dougans attorney issued a statement saying what what has been reported is not the full story. She was just six months into the job when she was placed on administrative leave after a senior member of the organization alleged alleged misconduct. US stocks trading higher with the Dow Jones industrial average up. twenty-nine points since the open. Twenty Nine Thousand Three Hundred Twenty six the MP's M._p.'s. Risen seven points. It's at thirty three. Twenty three Nasdaq is up. Five points at ninety three sixty two. I'm Lakshmi Singh N._p._R. News.

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