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Friday Night Guided Meditation | Ajahn Brahamvamso | 24 April 2015


Third NOW TO PREPARE FOR TRIPLE J. I'm going to shut up and just teach at a bit of meditation which is a wonderful way of starting this evening all being busy maybe talking too much. I certainly have now. We're going to learn how to be cited as often say the best wisdom comes from and there's no happiness better than a peaceful mind so now we're going to test and see if that's true so if you'd like to just sit comfortably kosher is with your eyes. Closed often usually start exactly the same way every week to get you into the habit of learning how to relax your own body first of all revis closed when you shut off the brain from visual things become more sensitive to sound but also to physical sensations especially physical sensations. I would invite you to focus on how you feel in your body. Sometimes so busy interacting doing things we spend very little quality time to speak with our own party understanding her relaxing healing. So please feel your body and if there is any part of your party which is uncomfortable. Please adjusted by moving scratching coughing. Whatever is necessary the does take a while to get into the best possible position for meditating. You'll find is not always the same position every every time. There's no magic position. Don't look into the books. Don't believe these Gu's is a have to sit like this or sit like that is really up to you to find that most comfortable position but it's a comfort which you can maintain for a long period of time an office trodden area. You find how to put your body with feels strong comfortable and ready to the meditation but as You keep your awareness on your body. You'll find the mindfulness get strong. Start to be aware of more things going on in your party and especially be aware of irritation and pain. Many people come to the center on a Friday because I've got physical sicknesses. Be Aware of that imitation. That pain that Chuma. That whatever's going on inside of you feeling when you can get with the sick parts of your body when you connect with them instead of running away from you have the chance of healing so be without imitating part of your body painful pot notice. The mindfulness gives you feedback of quoted. The Diaa on the dashboard of your car. Which showed whether you are over the speed limit. Toronto the speech gives you feedback now. See what's necessary to have that rotation are paying less intense in other words to relax it into a deeper state of comfort and ease. You may not be able to take it all the way to imitating or painful feeling at all. You can lessen the pain you can ease the discomfort if you can notice what you did to ease discomfort. What actually what to relax and you will find what you did is called letting or letting be kind is called making peace with this rather than fighting it. You learn how to relax tainting parts of your body learning how to let things be and the feedback. Because you're being aware of the quality of your body how relaxed today's or how tencent his being well of and by seeing how it changes you can become aware of how to take your body into very deep state of physical accession. Irritation pain discovered anywhere in the body focused on it filling your awareness without feeling and learning how to relax it how to bring it to a state of ease and comfort capon relaxing body pot byproduct can be aware of your party and everything is relaxing can be antibodies ease. Nobody is tease. It has a certain pressure life-form feeling as if you can notice the took relaxed body. There's no pressure on it. No stress that delights and so so healing happening quotas relaxed enough. The body can hit itself. Everything is that he's and could recover reenergize so important modern world with seventy sicknesses to do something for our body so that we are in good shape for many many years very simple message letting things be relaxing enjoying the delights body. Just deeply relaxed cost you money when the body is taxed as much as you can then you can look at your emotional mental world. Let's see if you can relax to house your mind right now has air -tations Ma'am as poss- which causing you pain has any anxiety sicknesses about the future treat them like wounds on the body like sicknesses by tensions and pay Neva. -tations in your party. See what you need to do to relax. The scientists soften your reaction to what happened in the past so make peace in the mind. The mind relaxes healing. Happens pain for families of the past like tumors in the body. They soften shrink evaporate. You let them go. Toba take action of the fear of the future anxiety. Titans that tension stopped she relaxing and enjoying this moment. Sufferance solutions as you listen. I'm not tie connection between you rod here some ideas and fears of your future with letting go of possible future not through false through a wellness. Mindfulness just letting things making peace letting US didn't go vote future just relaxing softening the mind. Then you find the sewer gas soft slows down until you can feel this moment here. The sound of the wind without giving anything a name without having a conversation about this moment just knowing so fully aware of the sound making Peace Act spoiled more you come into the beautiful present moment the place where your future is made. This is important just to be now an open the door of your heart to. What have you experienced in this moment? Don't think your through meditation. Usually emotions feel your way into peace. Smo need to give a description of things Muni in a commentary research without giving things names feel. Think an increase in the end of the meditation game. How do you feel how much apiece is inside of you right now and why just reflect on this last one minute how your body and how your mind feels you understand? Why we meditate. I'm not going to bring the garden three times to the meditation praise. Listen to evy. Sound from the gum on the Lao sound vanishes out of the Thad ringing. Come out meditation. We got pushing. Hey good so now for those of you get comfortable outside when it come in with nice and warm and cozy peace come in.

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