Feb 12, 2010: University of Alabama Shooting


This episode is brought to you by click up. Get more done in less time. By replacing all of your unorganized work apps and bringing your tasks stocks goals chats and more into a single shared workspace. Click up is here to help you crush your goals and help save you one day every week. Guaranteed clicked up his free forever. Sign up today at click up dot com slash spotify i. Today is friday february twelfth. Twenty twenty one on this day in twenty tem university of alabama assistant professor. Amy bishop shot six of her colleagues at the colleges huntsville. Campus fatally wounding three welcomed today in true crime. A spotify original from podcast. Due to the graphic nature of this killer's crimes listener. Discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of school shootings and murder. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen. Today we're covering the twenty ten school. Shooting by amy bishop. After being evaluated for a tenure position bishop was denied a renewal to teach at the school for the next academic year. However there was little to suggest that she wouldn't simply move on and pursue a career at another university. it was mid february at the university of alabama huntsville. The spring semester was just starting to ramp up again which meant that amy. Bishop was back to teaching her classes. That friday the forty five year old biology researcher and assistant professor instructed her anatomy and neuroscience lectures actual. The faculty meeting that followed was typical for a week day. Bishop join twelve of her colleagues inside a conference room at the university's shelby center for science and technology. In fact her fellow professor deborah moriarty would recall the gathering as so laid back as to be almost mundane as talk about budgets scheduling events. Peter don there was little to hint that something violent was about to happen but about an hour into the gathering the calm was shattered out of nowhere. Amy bishop jerked out of her seat. She pulled a handgun from her purse and proceeded to open fire on the room. Bishop i shot the woman leading. The faculty meeting then took aim at numerous others around the table. The conference room was windowless and the sound of gunshots. Echoing inside became deafening. Amy bishop continued to fire at colleagues in the room. Turning the gun on deborah maury already herself the professor clung to bishops leg pleading with her to stop shooting when bishop attempted to shoot moriarty the trigger clicked. Her gun had jammed giving moriarty of fleeting window for action. As bishop tried to toggle the trigger loose moriarty crawled into the hallway. Bishop followed her. Still fumbling with the gun. Thinking quick moriarty sprang back into the conference room and shut the door. She and her fellow faculty members then barred the door with another table and wedged a refrigerator against it for extra weight. Meanwhile others in the conference room who were not critically injured tended to those who'd been shot as they called nine one one. It appeared that no less than six faculty members were wounded. Time seemed to stand still within the barricaded room. Deborah moriarty later recalled the entire incident from the moment bishop began to shoot until the door was barricaded. Probably took less than one minute. However brief there were grave consequences next will discuss a troubling event that was later tied to amy bishop's in february twenty ten. Hi it's vanessa from podcast. They say there's someone for everyone a soul to share your secrets with a companion to grow old with a conspirator to commit crimes with starting this february on spotify learn about the lethal and legendary lovers. Who fought the law in the podcast limited series criminal couples. 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She intended to slip out unseen and meet her husband outside the shelby center but was intercepted by police outside. The building bishop was then arrested and taken into custody. The shooting critically wounded six of bishops colleagues. Killing three it was a senseless as it was ruthless and many wondered what prompted the usually reserved scientists to turn violent. It didn't take investigators long to uncover a vital clue according to the new yorker a police chief from the boston suburb of braintree. Where bishop had grown up called huntsville's sheriff's department the morning after the shooting. His warning was grave. The woman you have in custody. I thought you'd wanna know. She shot and killed her brother back in. Nineteen eighty six according to amy's mother. Judy bishop when amy was twenty one. She accidentally shot her younger brother. Seth as judy told. Amy been home visiting from college and mistaken seth for an intruder. The family had experienced a break in their house the year before and amy's father purchased a shotgun for security. Amy raised the loaded shotgun but stopped short when she realized it was only seth arriving home from running errands but when she attempted to unload the gun. Amy accidentally shot her eighteen year. Old brother killing him. Amy was held in police custody until that evening. Boston police indicated. They believed to be an accident. Supported by a medical examiner's analysis of seth's gunshot wound though the incident likely caused. Ptsd shock. amy. Bishop didn't receive counselling or psychiatric treatment following her brother's death. When bishop later married and became a mother. Despite the appearance of normality it became clear that she was prone to explosive behavior. She reportedly lashed out in public on various occasions. Even physically assaulting a stranger pancake restaurant whose family was seated before hers bishop was also known to dismiss graduate students in her lab that she was supposed to be advising some acquaintances believed she was growing arrogant and resentful this increasingly erratic behavior coupled with reports that bishop had grown bitter and isolated after being denied tenure led investigators to believe the shooting was a demonstration of retaliation and anchor as bishop awaited trial in prison. The case of her brother's death was also reopened in june of two thousand ten. A grand jury indicted. Amy bishop for first degree murder of her brother shortly after she was indicted on multiple counts including capital murder and attempted murder for the february twelfth. Shooting though bishop initially pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity she ultimately pled guilty and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole bishop tried unsuccessfully to appeal the ruling and while she later express some remorse for her actions as nbc. News reported in two thousand fifteen many wary of bishops sincerity one survivor of the huntsville. Shooting cited it as a ploy to reduce her time in prison to date bishop continues to serve her sentence in an alabama penitentiary. Thanks for listening to today in true. Crime i'm vanessa. Richardson today in true. Crime is a spotify original from par. Cast you can find more episodes of today in true crime and all others spotify originals. From podcast for free on spotify. We'll be back with a brand new episode tomorrow in true crime today in. True crime is a spotify original from cast. It is executive produced by max cutler. Sound designed by john boorda with production assistance by ron shapiro. 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