Trump orders tanks to the Lincoln Memorial for July Fourth celebration


good morning i'm james holman from the washington post and this is the daily two oh two for tuesday july second in today's hong kong police use force to clear protesters from their legislative building the dhs inspector general will investigate racist and sexist posts on a private facebook group for border patrol agents in the top five staffers on john hickenlooper campaign part out in the first big shakeup the twenty twenty race but first the big idea president trump has asked the pentagon to marshall broadening array of military hardware including tanks in fighter jets to showcase his planned fourth of july address to the nation trump who'd already ordered up a fly over by military aircraft including air force one in the navy blue angels has pressed to expand is a venture further with an f thirty five stealth fighter involvement of the marine helicopter squadron one which flies the presidential helicopter he's also pushing debris military tanks to the side of his plan speech at the lincoln memorial prompting national park service officials to warn him that's such a deployment could cause severe damage engineers this week or examining the site the determined if the weight of stationing armored vehicles there will affect the structural stability of underground room right beneath the lincoln memorial trump confirmed our porting last night talking to reporters in oval office and said he's ordered tanks to be stationed at the lincoln memorial abrams tanks which trump repeatedly referred to as abraham tank will speaking to reporters borders wait for more than sixty tons they're usually transported over long distances by heavy rail trump also said last night that he's especially excited because they're gonna have what he called the brand new sherman tanks in fact sherman tanks haven't been used by the us military since the nineteen fifties but because their way lighter than abrams tanks the sherman's might actually cause less damage to the national mall the dc city council in a unanimous resolution reiterated its opposition to this event they say the tanks should not be driven on the city streets tweeting quote we've said it before and will say it again tanks but no tanks they use of such massive military hardware for thursdays event is also so sparked sharp criticism from advocates for the park service which noted the agency already faces eight maintenance backlog of more than eleven billion dollars the defense department hasn't released estimates of how much the celebration could cost the pentagon but they use of numerous aircraft driving well into the millions of dollars when counting fuel and maintenance d f thirty five cost about thirty thousand dollars per hour the fly according depending on estimates each blue angel jet costs at least ten thousand dollars per hour operate in the cost of falling air force one is more than a hundred forty thousand bucks an hour because this is they trump event naturally there are signs of will be both chaotic and disorganized white house officials plan to give out tickets for attendees to sit in a vip section in to watch trump's speech but they didn't develop distribution system before most of the staff what frazier last week according to senior administration officials white house officials were also still working on other key crowd management details such as how do you get attendees through magnetometers in an orderly fashion ethics watchdog are alarmed because the republican national committee somehow got a huge stash of the vip tickets to be taxpayer funded event and they're handing them out to major g o p donors traditionally major gatherings on the mall like this one or inauguration had feature day designated event producer but in this case the producer is literally the president himself to major fireworks firms have donated it pyrotechnic show valued at seven hundred fifty thousand dollars but the park service wafted pay employee's overtime to clean up the remnants of that display on the direct orders of the president's the fireworks display where they're being shot off from has been moved to a new location this year in west potomac park there is some speculation that trump did this in order to give people at the trump hotel slightly better view this whole thing will cause other inconveniences ince's for dc dennison's all air traffic to and from reagan national airport for example will be halted for three hours on thursday historically on july fourth a ground stop it lasted only about thirty minutes don byer a democratic congressman from northern virginia he represents alexandria says ministration is ignoring the views of local residents he said he doesn't believe any of his constituents want to damage local infrastructure and dumped huge piles of taxpayer money under what he calls the the never ending bonfire of donald trump's vanity now detroit trump a group of veterans plans the handout five thousand t shirts during the naming insignia of the uss john as mccain during the event the shirts feature an image of the navy destroyer named after three generations of john mccain's including the late arizona senator they're being made by rags of honor a company that employs homeless veterans trends and that's the big idea here three other headlines this should be on your radar number one hong kong police use force declare thousands of protesters in and around hong kong's legislative building overnight after some some broken unoccupied it yesterday deescalation is brought hong kong and unprecedented and uncertain territory this represents the biggest test yet of beijing's grip over the global financial hub in the status under which it operates on tuesday morning local time hong kong streets streets were reopened the rush hour traffic flowing through like any other day the demonstrators occupying the complex where a declaration that included a call for overthrowing what they called the puppet government and they said but then just after midnight on tuesdays police equipped with a riot shields teargassing projectiles began forcibly removing protesters from st surrounding the complex sending them fleeing officers then retook the legislative building stopping in frisking those who remained nearby number to congressional democrats condemned postings made any secret facebook group for you us border patrol agents and alumni the targeted migrants in some prominent lawmakers with racist and sexist attacks the posts sparked special outrage among a delegation of about a dozen house members who would just start at a tour of federal immigration facilities in south west texas when propublica published its story some of the facebook posts disgust included throwing burritos at the visiting lawmakers here's while others joked in profane language about the deaths of migrants including that dad and daughter who died last week trying to swim across the rio grande another post included vulgar illustration of congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez being forced to engage in sexual act by trump the border patrol chief described these posters completely inappropriate and separate statement from customs and border protection the patrol parent agency city inspector general of the department of homeland security he will conduct an independent investigation in this morning the union for the majority of border patrol agents says that this is the work of a few bad apples and most of the agents are good people number three the five most senior staffers are leaving colorado governor john hickenlooper campaign including the manager the national finance director of communications director the digital director in new hampshire political director m e smith who managed the reelection campaign last year bob casey democratic senator from pennsylvania will take over this comes on the heels of picking loopers lukewarm performance and last thursday night's debate in which he was forced to stay in between two first time gadfly canada's marianne williamson and andrew yang pick a liberal is a successful two term governor of a purple state right now it looks like he might not qualify for the second debate next month he's far behind in getting the hundred thirty thousand donors that he needs to get on stage most tellingly the shakeup cup is coming the night after the closing of the second fundraising quarter the fact that clippers finding instructors among those on their way out suggested nikkan livers not gonna post a great number he is going the finance director that is to work for better to work in el paso that's not exactly a thriving campaign eater which shows you how dyer hickenlooper streets appear to be and i'm told that hicken livers deputy finance director may leave the campaign later today as well now other campaigns are feeling pressure to qualify for the next debates in that could leads to a forthcoming shakeups indeed there scenarios in which more than half of the current democratic field don't qualify for some of the debates in the fall not necessarily august

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