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Watch Out, Losers! AMD is Making Video Cards for PHONES - WAN Show May 1, 2020


And Welcome Ladies and gentlemen to the One and only when show. It's the only show. Where Linus and luke sit in their homes and Kinda talk to tack that they've never heard about before. Actually some of the topics this week. I have looked at already throughout the week because they are darn exciting. It's kind of Nice. It seems like for a while with everything that's going on in the world. Nobody wanted to announce new tag or anything like that Just everyone was focused on other stuff and now it's like people are like okay. Well you know at some point we're going to have to launch these new products in this new cool stuff's going to have to happen and it's happening now so my big highlight topic. You know what normally we do two per host. Okay normally we do to host. I'm going to break the mold Luke. I'm doing one one highlight topic. So this is a rumor but it looks pretty credible The new upcoming Samsung. So this would be some kind of exodus successor. will apparently use AMD GRAPHICS. That could be up to three times faster than the snapdragon eight sixty five. We're talking like a different Tier of performance in mobile graphics. So actually. That'S PRETTY COOL. Exciting into lunches tenth. Jen Desktop. Cpu's officially announcing that. I am five generations behind. That is less exciting news. Luke and I think one of the bad ones but assassin's creed I'll Halla third punk twenty seventy seven and all mixed up studio first. Party games including Halo. Infinite are going to be Like multi consul one purchase. Basically I love. It passed by late if you if you buy it on. Xbox series exit all work on Xbox one and vice versa. Which is that's so amazing. It's like console. People are getting to enjoy the same thing that PC people have enjoyed for twenty years. It's Great Oh. Isn't that NEAT? Just one more step towards everyone going like yacht. It's just a PC yet. It's just a PC and it's just a piece of software. So here's whatever you're playing it on and here's your license to play the game. That's it it should really be that simple in sort of all nancy now. We're we're launching into a bit of a topic here K. It'll be really short as I promise. We'll get to the headline stuff in a minute but on that. Same Note Seeing things kind of go from it's funny how it kind of happens in waves like in the early days of Computers Computer Games were often like systems Pacific right like even for. Pc's you know whether it was Commodore Amiga whatever the case may be and then we moved to the IBM compatible and everything was like cross compatible. And then you had graphics cards that I'll use their own rendering techniques and everything got kind of vendor specific again and then direct accident open g. l. kind of standardized everything again and then you got consoles which were kind of around the whole time but then consoles really exploded and everything gone kind of vendor specific again and now it feels like we're coming back around once more to cross platform and just owning a license for the software and being able to use it and view it if you could think of it kind of like movies like view it on whatever you want but there was some bad news and this is something that. I would like to see the circle there. The pendulum started to swing the other way on I forget what game it was but I was scrolling through my twitter feed. I'm sure that fleeing chat or one or the other chats can help me out with this but there's a game that just shut down their service and I think it was. It was one of epic's games and people were just like. Yeah I mean thanks a lot for the memories and everything but like this sucks and this is why this whole paradigm of game. Companies controlling their Their servers and not allowing the community to also run their own servers needs to go away because there is an entire era of gaming experiences. That is going to be absolutely lost. Once the company's maintaining the servers go away. Oh yeah one hundred percent for sure you're saying paragon battle born I. It sounds like this paragon sounds right. I think that might be right. I'm not sure yeah so. I think I completely agree with that. Yeah and I don't know it's just like I've actually got a video plan pretty soon. You'd probably like this concept It's I forget what the title that I had. Kinda workshop for it was but the basic premise is going to be running really old games that I played when I was younger or that other writers played when they were younger and then never went back and revisited on modern hardware absolutely cranked balls to the wall. So actually you know massive upscaling and stuff it would be great to have you come on as a guest and wind with like a contract to pack and like running at Eight K. super sample down to down to four K. And like I would love to. There's there's quite a bit you can do with with more when it's still everything. It still looks terrible but right it's going to but yeah that'd be awesome. I think the one that I'm going to do is not actually that old of the game so it maybe not quite the point of that. I'm trying to get across but the one that I really want to do is far cry because that was a game that I played before I could afford top tier hardware. I played that on a ninety six hundred pro all in wonder graphics card which is a good mid solid mid range. You know remember mid range. Graphics CARDS COST. Two Hundred Bucks Canadian. A good solid mid range graphics card at the time. But you could not crank that game and I WANNA SEE. Looks like AK or whatever remember. I mean nowadays. It's like this whole controversial thing. Where like US team should return people's games if it can't run on their systems and all this kind of stuff ruin back in the day. It was like aggressively on you to leave the specs on the back of the box. You open that. Ceo on the game box like it was so easy to rip games by just You know burning the CD. And then writing down the product key and then returning it. That stores were real. Okay G. About that and like it actually mattered yet to be. You had to really make sure your computer can actually run it based on the specs on the back of the box. Okay haven't even like I thought I swear we're going to get to our topics at some point. Guys a great discussion and I love it. Tell me a game that you got over on by buying it without having the right specs to run it and you just like never got to play it. I actually don't think that ever happened really. Well how nice for you jerk. Because my dad was always super concerned about that Okay all right all right. He got my brother and I on the like you have to read the specs on the back because he was into computer hardware right back and he was very very much like you have to read the specs on the back of the box. You have to make sure it's GONNA be able to run because you don't want to buy this relatively expensive thing. Yeah I'm home like it's worthless So there was a number of times. Where like there'd be a game. We really wanted. Dad Brings to the store to go get it and we'd figure out that it wouldn't work and then we'd have to go do odd jobs. Paper routes whatever until we could afford the the component that we divide upgrade the computer by the game bubba. How about this? Tell me game that you upgraded for I talked. Start writing this down because I actually think of so many. I had like I think warcraft three. I had some pretty ratchet computers when I was a kid. I think we needed more ram for warcraft. Three and there was there was a game that we needed a graph his card for because I remember because we bought the graphics card from future shop. Remember that just felt like the most insane thing like I felt so cool. Destroy an anti buying probably low to mid tier graphics card. I know right. It's felt awesome and I remember like I wish they still did this. But we're clearly in different Arab but like the art that was on the box or the Graphics Card. The so epic yeah. We'll you were in the era where it was probably like anime chicks and stuff like that right and like these like like dudes with like four thousand pounds of armor legit. I don't remember what game that was four though. But I'm rather certainly had to upgrade our rams warcraft three. Okay my buddy had the enough ram to play it and I was like all right so I'm going to start with Man I don't remember exactly which one it was so I'm going to start with a game that I legitimately never got to play. I bought it at London drugs. Hawaiian I was super excited to play it. It was It was a crusader game. It was called Crusader no regret. Or Crusader no remorse. I can't remember which was the first one in which one's the second one. But it was the sequel one and it required some kind of something and I wasn't very techie. I was a kid like I was a little kid. And no one in my family was techie. And even when we upgraded the computer later. I legitimately never got it working because it was like a dos mode game or something and you had to do some stuff in the dos. Prompt in order to actually like launch ed or. I don't remember exactly what happened but I looked at the back of the box and I was like this. Looks like the coolest game and I never ever got to play it. It's actually on Geo G. so it's a bit of a lie. I act- I fired up when Alex did that build that we did a while ago. Where reloaded it with? Like top thousand games on Geo G. or something like that so I actually played it for about four minutes. It's not very good. It doesn't by modern standards but it was it was like so. It's one of those things that I remember. Twenty five years later as an adult being. Just like devastated. I didn't get to play this game right as for games that we upgraded for you know what I love that you mentioned warcraft three I upgraded for warcraft three to that was the first game that I played when I built my first gaming rig with G. Force onboard graphics. So I'm looking at this. I think I'm trying to find the requirements but I'm having a hard time doing it but I think the game that we have had upgraded graphics card for was Conquer red alert like the original one. Red Alert One nine. That was it. You know what it probably was. You probably had to upgrade for the full motion cut scenes. I think that's what got me there. Because they had those like movie like cut scenes. I'd better why because I know that. I know that a lot of people were upgrading around that time to faster. Cd-rom drives 'cause they weren't fast enough to stream so we had to move. We had to upgrade our system to run mixed up mother. Goose evolve things when we were kids. that was one that we did get to play ultimately. And then there's a couple other ones that upgraded from that I upgraded for a tie. Fighter was one that I upgraded for For my birthday one year this is like one of my most memorable presence as a kid. My aunt got me an upgrade to a pentium processor and a top gun joystick. You know what's funny? I still own it and I was. I've been cleaning up because I'm clearing out my attic to re insulate it For the Air Conditioner Project and here it is my thrust master Topgun Game Port joystick. You can still get adapters for these. They still work. That's pretty cool straight up and actually like the feel of it like listen to move you know it. Sounds like you squishing leather around when you move it right and even compared Lake Lake. I remember shopping for a joystick. A while back has What happened with this was when I moved in with my mom. I left almost everything that I owned with. My Dad and I didn't get that stuff back for many many years and so I remember shopping for a joystick. All this time later and by then everything had turned into totally cheap plastic garbage and even the ones that had like force feedback like I would look at them in the store and I couldn't even justify spending my allowance on it. I was like this feels horrible. I don't even want this compared to compared to my old pop gun. You know it sounds so good you know awesome. I gotta I gotTa go back and play that game again. I think there's like some mods and stuff for some of the Old Star Wars Space Space Games that make them look pretty outstanding. Oh my goodness I think. I figured out the graphics card that upgraded for red alert really. I think it was an A. T. I rage one. Twenty eight ultra. Wow that is wow. That is pretty acces. I'm pretty sure that's accurate. I was like I was looking at different websites and it showed under recommended specs. And that's absolutely something we would have done and I remember that it was a TI. You guys got cool cool stuff when you were a kid. I had to upgrade graphics card for civilization to test of time So in test of time compared to the regular civ two they added these three d modeled characters for the the ambassadors or the other world leaders. Or whatever I think that was the main difference and then there might have been like some in game cinematic differences or something like that and like a higher resolution soundtrack like it was kind of like it was the same basic game but like hd not hd but but better you know kind of like like now you'll have like little now in HD remastered. And I ended up. It was a bargain bites. Was WHAT THE STORE IN. Mission is just a little hole in the wall. Computer Gino from bargain bites. He helped me install like the most basic possible. I see the thing is I went in thinking. I was some kind of a baller getting like a graphics card. It's a car just for like games. That's nuts right so I thought I was doing a big upgrade to my computer. Whatever and he's just looking at this going like okay so you really you know. This is the minimum SPEC right so the game called for a you know that I can probably look at better can look at it Test of time minimums specs here. We go because it was whatever. The minimum specs was. Thank you see. Net for having existed forever Minimum Megabytes of Ram is the minimum. So I had to get something that just had video memory at all. Apparently it was like sixty bucks or something. It was like one of those graphics cards. That doesn't even have like a cooler over it. Like just a little little fan right. Oh man that's a. Yikes yikes indeed might have also had to upgrade to a four x CD ROM at that time. Can't remember exactly what the what the time line was there. Amazing apparently you can still buy this game for twenty dollars on Amazon. We should we should know. Yes you can. Yeah all right anyway. Sorry go ahead. We should probably rule intro. Oh right Yeah let's show sorry. Sorry everyone I like this topic but yeah or people getting mad. I haven't really been looking at chat really actually talking about video games. Some people were like is the boomer. Show the boomers show. No left for dead came far later. Okay a get. It didn't play much left for dead. I did not boomers. Are One of the zombies. Oh don't worry about it. Don't worry about it. I'll good bigs. Hey when we played effort. That's was pretty fun. We've really need to do that again. So it was very. I'm super dome. So why don't we jump into the first big topic today? that's the rumor that Samsung's upcoming. Soc is up to three times graphically faster than the snapdragon sixty five. This is so exciting because you remember like man. What was it like ten years ago? Five years ago eight years ago. I don't remember when it was but the the big PC companies used to be pretty into the whole mobility thing you know. Intel had their ex scale processors like going back to when I listened when I was joining the painting. Business is like I don't know fifteen years ago or something like that like you could get like five hundred megahertz intel x scale processors that ran in lake. Pda's and I forget what a Ti like X. Zeon or something. At I mobile graphics X. Something man I can't remember someone's got someone's got to help me out He Ti like hand-held graphics. I don't remember but they were imagine. Imagine that's it so. At I had their imagine thing going on so when was this? Naji Gone Products come on give me a year. GimMe a year. Imagine line was rebranded under MD and sold to qualcomm in two thousand nine so amd was into it actually sold that technology to qualcomm and then has just not been in the game. Well a lot has happened in the last eleven years. And there's no doubt whatsoever that invidia and amd are the leaders when it comes to graphics So the fact that you know however many hundreds of millions of smartphones out there are running graphics chipsets. That are not made by invidia or. Amd is like it's kind of mind blowing right because all of this performance for all these years has been left on the table whether it's due to licensing or whether it's due to patents that these companies hold but others just can't use even if they did think of it And I'm just. I'm just really excited. Because you like you look at what has happened when someone who really knows graphics like an Invidia has gone in and tried to make graphic centric mobile chip like a tag. The invidia shield was so far ahead in gaming performance from what anyone else could do at the time and it didn't take off because honestly I think a big part of shields problem. I'm talking like shield portable. The hand held game system was that it was just so far ahead of its time and to a lesser extent. The shield tablet as well like most things in general to be honest yep actually a lot of videos immobile graphics endeavors. Do you remember but were they calling them super phones? I think was there I think. Superfund yeah yeah. I think that was about nine years ago and video came up with the concept of a super phone which was going to be a regular phone but like with better graphics and videos. They're not the best when it comes to sharing you know So I think the stumbling block they ran into there was that instead of licensing the tech they wanted to build the whole processor themselves and do phones and phones. Just it's such a different game. They just have clearly had no idea what they were doing. And by the time they could get a product to market it had been leapfrogged once or even twice by the guys who were iterating their phones much faster and everything was moving so fast processor speed was moving at Warp Speed. Display quality was changing by leaps and bounds every generation camera quality leaps and bounds. Same thing so they just they just couldn't make it work but I think if they came back and tried to tackle it again they might be in a better position. Hard to say so. I you know regardless. It's really nice to have them back in the field. Md until we're both kind of in this space before as you mentioned and it it almost feels like they both kind of bowed out. We had a while. They're not way too long back where it was basically just one company and our spreading back into more which is which is great More more conscience. Good happy so just to give you guys the scoop on what's going on. Indian Samsung announced a mobile GPO partnership in mid twenty nine teen and early reports show that that may be bearing pretty awesome fruit so a poster on South Korean Tech Forum Clinton states that Samsung and amd's in-house Radon based GP quote crushed unquote qualcomm. Adrenal six fifty a bench test scoring one hundred and eighty one point eight F. PS on the Manhattan. Three point one test. That's less impressive but could also be. Cpu bound remember. A Samsung is still going to be using the same arm. Based course that QUALCOMM WILL. So you're not gonNA see in a CPU bound a super significant difference in performance but more impressively. We saw one hundred thirty eight F ps on Aztec normal. So that's more than double. What an Agena six fifty would do and just about sixty F-. Ps on Aztec high which is almost triple and adrenal six fifty so when it comes to a high fidelity mobile gaming where. You'RE NOT CPU bound. And you're you're you're able to crank up details so whether it's a shadow detailer Antioquia sing or whatever. The case may be this kind of horsepower. Could be a total total game changer. And what's cool is that okay? Maybe you're not into the next galaxy phone running Exxon processor. Because maybe you maybe you. You're an IPHONE PERSON. Or maybe you're a one plus person or whatever who cares or you're just unlucky enough to live in a region where. Samsung doesn't SHIP EXODUS SHIP. Snapdragon instead your luck of changed if that's the case because typically it's been lucky to be in the snapdragon region not the other way around but okay. Maybe you don't care about the particular device that this article is about but amd graphics in mobile could be a movement is what I'm trying to say like it's going to make its way into Samsung's tablets as well and so maybe that kind of graphical horsepower isn't necessary for a phone but on tablet or on something more akin to like an android based gaming device. Kinda like Nintendo switch like Dhakal controller docking gaming device. It's just good news. Absolutely good news all around. What do you think this would do for Mobile Gaming? 'cause like there's clearly a lot of mobile games right now but most of the gains that they're playing they already like when when things are still look pretty good yes. Most of the action is like super canned sequence like you. You put one input. Your character does a whole bunch of stuff and then resets back to their position. Like it's it's not a live rendered type of type of game play and a lot of the game plays a little Sorry Mobile Game. Bros but it's a little empty Because they're just trying to get your money. Do you think this could change the types of games that are made for mobile to me? There's a few things this means. There's going to be a long lead time on anything significant changing because if I'm a mobile game development company I'm targeting the broadest possible audience so on IOS that means envy cooker. Anything that is on. Apple's still supported device list. I'm GonNa make sure that thing runs a okay on it android. I mean that's why you see android games. It's still run on like android six right like You want as many people as possible to be able to play your game but in the very long term you're going to get all the usual benefits you're GonNa get better graphical fidelity obviously because anytime the industry gets a big push forward that forces others to play catch up and then once that hardware is all out there. I mean game developers. Yeah some of the people who work at game. Developers are horrible suits who are just out to extract as much money through micro transactions from Wales as they possibly can but a lot of the people who work at Mobile Game. Developers are artists too. And they're gonNA try and take advantage of the hardware that's out there so I think you're going to get better looking games. Another advantage is you're going if it doesn't look better it's going to use less of the resources so you could see better power consumption like maybe. Samsung takes this this early test? Because we're not even expecting device until Samsung successor to the Post Nine Ninety in twenty twenty one like maybe Samsung takes. Us early testing goes. Hey We'd actually don't even need all this performance to be competitive. Let's ratchet the power consumption way down. Make this thing crazy efficient. Maybe you're gaining on your phone for six seven hours of screen time because of technology like this right. That is one thing Like these tests. They don't talk about power consumption or thermals at all. Yeah so it. It did. Perform extremely well But we don't know necessarily how well it does in the other. Rina's the other thing that I see potentially happening and this is pure speculation on my part but if amd is in this partnership with Samsung it means amd is learning a lot about how far down they can scale. There are Gina. Rda To is what this one is supposed to be based on. Unfortunately it's not in my nose. Oh yes it is our DNA based so what they're learning a lot about how they can scale DNA and what that tells me is that that knowledge that they're gaining through this partnership could potentially be applied elsewhere. As far as I can tell Invidia has been pretty foot-drag on their mobile GP's because they basically have no competition in the space but if all of a sudden amd came along was like you know what. It's not good enough for us to have Microsoft and Sony lockdown. Why don't we make another play for Nintendo if amd is learning enough about our DNA and how it scales down? You know maybe we see a more powerful switch and then maybe in video response because they WanNa win it back in the next generation so this just means better technology for consumers moving forward the more players in the space the less likely you are to have an incumbent. Just sitting there twiddling their fingers. Because nobody's around to compete so I'm excite you go. Yeah that's good. I mean anything. That pushes space forward is good because It would be cool if mobile games. Were actually like good fun and stuff. This is spectacular. Did you see this in the notes? One that the the the name for for qualcomm ongoing graphics is an Anagram of Radio on because it is based on the imagine intellectual property here trying to remember it was called Naji on this actually in my notes down at the very bottom. That's hi Larry. I totally did not realize that. Truly Great Yeah I had no idea But yeah like and it's something that I would also like and this is maybe a painting me via boomer to agree but whatever Is One thing that we saw a little bit like a year and half ago? I think yet were ports of like constantly. Pc Games coming to mobile phones and they they just sell them for whatever amount of money. And it's not a micro transaction thing. It's like a one time purchase of the game. I know they did that with Star Wars game in a couple of things more of that if the phones have more graphical power could be a pretty cool way to dislike cruise around in some game that you're gonNA salvage about on your phone while you're bored absolutely. I mean that was something that was pushing back when they released the the shield contract stream instead she'll console. Oh really yeah interesting. Twit stream is down full plane. Still going Well I don't know Anything no sensory. Oh really. They're all dead back. I am supposedly still alive. Which is back. Apparently it's lagging back still down. Well hopefully it comes back. I think Youtube SPEC now okay okay. We're good cool. Move on to our next topic here. Yeah what do you WANNA do? I picked the last one. You go ahead. I mean there's probably not a lot to talk about but ingred. Valhalla was announced and with it. It was announced that you only need to buy at once on xbox that would include xbox one xbox series acts basically whatever bucks constantly. You have as long as it's past three sixty. I guess It would it would work and with that includes a number of other things as well including cyberpunk twenty seventy seven which probably means city project red moving forward which is great Assassin's creed being included. Probably means UBISOFT. Moving forward and Microsoft has said that Microsoft Studio titles moving forward will all be doing this as well including halo infinite so there's three studios basically already signed on which is which is fantastic To a certain degree I think this already kind of worked. You just had to buy the old one because if I remember correctly. Backwards compatibility was a thing so you could just by the xbox one version and use it on your xbox series ex but for digital stuff. I'm not harm percent certain that that worked so now that this is the thing I think. That's really cool. I just great for consumers. Yes so he doesn't have anything similar yet but the reality of it is. It's a two player is a two horse race. What one of them does the other one has to respond to in some meaningful way and I think that while we are getting our consumer rights eroded slowly but surely by the move to Always Online drm's schemes and multiplayer game modes that you can only access by playing through the game developer servers. So that you're you're not able to continue to enjoy them. Ten years later when the game developers not maintained those servers anymore like our ownership of software is going away. There's no doubt whatsoever in my mind. I mean you can even see the big industry trend towards our away from a single monolithic purchases towards buying a license for the game in one form or another and don't kid yourself buying the game and then like a season's pass and then a deal see and then some in game items in Game Currency. That's that's all effectively games as a service is the same thing. It's trying to keep you paying for something more the more that you use it. That's the that's the paradigm right So as that happening it's good to see at least there's one area where they're giving something back to us and that's in our our right to enjoy the content however we see fit it is baffling to me that if I buy A BLU ray of movie that it is not within my rights as a consumer to rip aforementioned Blu Ray and watch it on my phone through plaques like that that would be madness to me having a blu ray of a movie in my personal collection and then having to rent it on the Google. Play store so that I could watch it on my phone. That's that's that's not. You know completely agree. I mean honestly even even I'm GONNA I'm GonNa propose something that you know wouldn't be popular to to business people but I think that for upgraded formats for content. There shouldn't be an additional charges. Well if I owned the DVD of some show and the BLU ray comes out like they remastered on Blu ray five years later or whatever the case may be I think I should get the high resolution version for free. I already paid for a licence to it. I shouldn't get the physical one no but I should have access to it I should. I should completely guilt free have access to it. In some way and I'll I'll be completely honest with you guys. There are things that I own on. Dvd and I have my dvd in my attic. And I just I just downloaded a high def version of it because like no no. I'm just not doing that. I'm not playing that game. I think that's a stupid game You'RE GONNA sell plenty of copies of it to people. Don't already own it but you look at how much as an individual consumer you're contributing to the production of whether that's a TV show or a movie by actually buying a DVD. Or a BLU ray. And it's like way more than anything other than going to a physical theatre and to see it so at that point. It's like yeah if I if I own all already gone to the theater and seeing it and now you're also buying the DVD. I almost never do that. Believe some people do not necessarily you did. I know my family definitely did with Lord of the Rings Yup. I'm not saying it's a crazy thing to do. I'm just saying like I've kind of become one of those people that doesn't watch movies again. Last last star wars for example. I only watched it once. Although that's not why I only watch yeah. That's a rough rough series of movies home. I yeah I kinda rarely watch shows and I rarely watch movies. I have very recently started watching these pretty off-topic but very recently started watching Bob's burgers with either meaning Kale. I heard it's pretty funny. I like it. I liked archer a lot and it has the voice actor for Archer. Voice acts a bunch of the characters in Basel Burgers and he's like his main character. Bob Is like the same person just if you put that person in like a middle aged dude that owns a burger shop instead of a super assassin spy got and it's it's Great. I like it. It's awesome the meaning to watch. I heard it's really good but that's like it. I don't I don't watch anything else. I don't know why I'd usually rather do almost anything else. Then like sit passively and watch something. So you've watched Rick. And morty though right not all of it really. It's mostly due to limited access not your lecture. That makes sense. I should do that. Yeah I mean no totally. Don't have those I know I know Utah. Whatever I where my I actually I? Sometimes I'm a little bit slow on my physical backing of what's on it but my record Mardi Blu rays are all here now so there you go. I mean that's another thing so my personal sort of you know code of ethics on all of this is if there's a high resolution version when I make my purchase. I make a point to buying that one even though it is more expensive But then also you know we've got actually this discussion in floatplane chat about sort of my approach here because people are basically like Oh midst piracy and it's like you know what you can you can see it however you want For me it's not about. Did you a break the rules or did you violate this section of whatever code to me it's about sort of having a personal sense of ethics about it and supporting content creators. By the time I spend sixty dollars or whatever it was I have contributed so much more to the production of that show then someone who sits down on their cable subscription and watches. Rick and morty every time it comes up as something that they can watch. Yeah that I I. I just utterly guilt free. I've watched a decent round. I like it a lot. I just yeah. It's it's been a limited access issue and I've also have done the same thing like I bought the Blu rays for all the seasons of the clone wars animated series because I just freaking loved it and I wanted to sell them. Watched it yeah? It's good I I have always watched it while doing something else. Okay that's not a great indoor. I like it a lot Yeah Lake. Okay sure okay. So there's there's a couple of people talking about this emplo plane. Chat saw wolf says maybe release. I could see but not a remastered. There was money to put toward that. Now okay the problem for me. Is that a lot of the stuff in a remastered stuff that I care about. I never watched like behind the scenes extras and interviews or anything like that. Yeah that's that's that's tough. I probably shouldn't have used the term re master to be perfectly honest. I think that's the bigger issue 'cause if we're just taking the If it's something that already existed digitally for example. Because there's there's movies now that were actually probably. I'm just trying to think if they would be if they would be film film masters or a digital masters for some of the stuff. That's gone from From a DVD original. Release TO BLU. Ray Now on a little bit hazy on that so I'm not going to talk about it but I guess it depends on what really happened with the re master if they have gone and added Added deleted scenes Gee I worked on them every studios just going to try to find some way to justify the fact that they can't give you the remastered for free. Yeah yeah that's true so I guess we're GonNa let here's what I'll say I already gave you your twenty bucks And you know what I'm I'm just not going to feel bad about it there. That's that's my personal line. I gave you more than most people ever will. What about a situation? Someone just posted this in Twitch Chat Yup FFA remastered for example paying extra for them to optimize the game for PC Sorry which one was this. He said five eight. I don't understand. Necessarily what his comments about timing but definitely played it on. Pc final fantasy it already existed on PC was like six disks or something Yeah okay here. I'm not really one hundred percent. Sure what you're asking and that's I mean that's another. That's seven or corrected to set okay. Seven is a perfect example of a game that you should absolutely pay for the re master because seven if I recall correctly was not available on. Pc or was it. I don't think it was a lot of people are saying it was seventy eight now. Yeah Okay Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah no. I don't think that ever got a PC release and the final fantasy seven I wouldn't call it a remastered. It's like they didn't just update some textures. Like this is a re-imagined game And that's absolutely something that you would you would have to pay for. So there's so there's three there's re released remastered and reimagined. Yeah so I'm just I'm look. I'm just saying the line is a little bit blurry and if I'm not getting any additional content that is meaningful to me then I don't care in my life. I have owned two box sets of the star wars original trilogy. I have one that has Blue text on the front for a new hope. And then I think it's like purple for empire and then read for Return of the jet. I that one that was before any of the lake do backs decorated and then I also owned the Golden Special edition box set and both of them were thrown away when I moved But they weren't given to someone else so as far as I'm concerned they're still mine. They were ultimately destroyed. I paid for them. I have spent as much on the original three movies as I feel like I have to and I will download a new copy of the demo. Police they're like I am not going to I. I'm sorry I'm just I'm not gonna I'M NOT GONNA play that game people in chat or super pissed that you destroyed the unedited version. Well I didn't mean to guys I moved like I moved from my dad's house to my mom's house. All I had was my clothes on my back like I didn't destroy it. I thought you meant when you were older. I don't think they realized. Oh no no I was like I was a kid and And I and I decided that I was. GonNa I was GonNa mess with my parents. Split and I decided that I was GONNA move in with my mom and it was sort of a a an emotional decision and I didn't really have a Lotta time to plan left behind everything like I didn't Yeah I didn't have anything. Sarah's brings up another thing you also can't buy the specialized editions anymore but you can download them. Yeah that's a good point. Now I again again down to my personal code of ethics here. I I gotta give I gotTa give Lucasfilm Disney. I gotta give them some money if I have never contributed to the production of those movies before but I could totally see myself being like okay. Yeah you know. Here's some money I'll I'll buy some other crap. I didn't need You know some some friend of my kids for a birthday party instead of getting them like twenty buck plastic thing. I'll get them like a really nice. Like seventy five dollar. Eighty dollar like star wars thing. Okay here you go. I will now guilt free. Just go download those movies because ultimately you've got my money. What does it matter beyond that that people are able to create and be paid for their work? Which broadcasting will come on? I'm done okay. Thanks the head. Pets Yeah He's a good kid. Okay should we. Yeah we probably do sponsor speaking of make one quick question before you have on. Did you pirate games when you're younger? Yes you run a quick question. Oh sponsors I. We'll we'll get back to that all right. The land show today is brought to you by mechanical. Keyboards DOT COM began. Their goal is to be the largest dedicated selection mechanical keyboards and also a resource about the culture of mechanical keyboards. We are really at that level now. 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When they shut down that money back up Ridge. Wallet helps you carry less. They use two metal plates that are bound by a strong elastic band to keep your cards tightly together but still accessible their rfid blocking and they offer a lifetime guarantee they don't sell wallets. It's they've got battery banks. Beg smartphone covers and more and if you use offer code lines to get ten percent off at Ridge dot com slash linus. Finally the show's brought to you by private Internet access. What's in your online security tool kit adding a VPN? Lets you mask your. Ip and encrypt traffic tuned from your devices private Internet access. It's great I've used it for many many years and one of the things that I used it for is is not having to bother ripping my blue race. Many of my blue rays are still sealed in plastic but I definitely definitely have copies of them and I have never gotten I've never gotten a letter from my Internet service providers. So I'm just GONNA leave it there slash check it out all right cool all right go ahead. You can hit me with that. Just a quick question again. If you'd like to start a discussion so you you had pirated things. When you're younger was that mostly owed of inability to purchase okay. So there's a there's a number of elements to me pirating games. When I was younger as a kid I like did not have money And I'm I'm talking like I was a kid not when I was like sixteen. I'm talking when I was a kid like I was thirteen. I did not own money Also you know like at that time. I was still running. It was either pentium ninety or a pentium. One sixty six and you guys gotta remember. That's in like nineteen ninety. What year did I start high school? So that's unlike nineteen ninety nine like your two thousand. Realo dated hardware at that point like. If I had money to buy games I would have money to like own a game console or like a better computer. I really did not have any money. So yeah didn't have a lot of money. The other factor was that my parents didn't believe that video games are good for you so I didn't really like get video games as gifts. There were a couple of exceptions. My and it's funny like the kinds of things standard to you when you're in adult rate like my My Grandma bought me warcraft. Two ties the darkness and beyond the dark portal. She actually got me the battle chest that had warcraft one in as well. But I don't really play warcraft. Warcraft two is infinitely better game But there were very very few games there. Were like the ones that you know. My mom thought was cool like Missed and like as a kid. That's not a particularly compelling game. Whatever I could get my hands on was what I went with. I also I also straight up pirated music. You know and that one I think was as simple as I was a kid and just didn't care We got a CD burner and Napster. And I was like this is the best thing ever. You'd have to be an idiot to buy music in fairness to me the state of the industry at that point. Where if there was one song if you like Barbie girl by Aqua you had to go buy a bunch of actually up was a bad example because all of their music is fantastic. But you had to go buy an entire album of songs you don't care about for these one hit wonders and that was revolutionized. Thank you apple by the I tune store. That was that was a stupid situation and as a kid like twenty bucks on an album when I really just did not have twenty dollars not realistic and so I can see why I saw. I used to love this old. I think it was on new grounds video. That just had like this animated pirate swinging arms like this guy fatal debate and then it just said. Ll Lime wire in like great. So did you ever go back and try to No no I don't think I did a even once like things played down time ago. Yeah but you haven't actively supported since then I I have. I have definitely not been perfect at it. I will say that much But I have made an earnest effort to contribute to the things that I care about like I will actually impossible. I can tell you now. There's there's definitely movies on my plex server that I do not own physical copies of but I can also tell you that the vast majority of them I have never watched and it's more about just convenience. It's like yeah. I'll probably want to watch that at some point And that's not. That's not something that I personally think is right. That's something that I just have allowed to slide mostly lately out of convenience and I probably shouldn't do that. That's sort of my. That's my take on that interesting. I I have tried in a bunch of different ways to support in some way since then there are certain games that I like bought Merch for because the game had been so discounted at this point. It's like two dollars. Yeah and I'm like it's not gonNA matter. The retailer is going to be taking fifty cents of this and then there's nothing left basically. Yeah so I'LL I. I think I'm basically done now but I would have bought a shirt or like some. I don't know I would have done something okay. Try to support it. Here's a here's another sort of you know Fine Line sort of question. How do you handle? Show that you love that. doesn't have like Like a you own it forever. Blu Ray style release yet. You know where you're expected to to pay on a per episode basis or whatever the case be but you own all the previous seasons but you do not have a cable TV subscription see. I think I'm kind of lucky in this situation because I don't really watch very many shows. Okay Fair enough. I'm yeah I can't think of a major major one there because I'm I'm not not super into shows there is some Yeah no everything that I do. Like has some available way to support them directly right. I guess the thing for me is as a contact creator. You know. I see the economics on our side. If someone watches every line is -tective video and keeps keeps. The odds turned on Their monetary contribution to be clear. I am not down on any any of our fans the ones that turn ad block on never buy anything from LCD STORE DOT COM. There is still a clear benefit to people watching line tech tips or techy or whatever short-circuit there's a benefit to people watching it because Elbruz Mickley. That helps you know even something as small as leaving thumbs up or comment on a video is totally meaningful to me and I am grateful to everyone who participates in that way but there is also the monetary aspect of supporting content creators. And I can tell you guys that based on the numbers that we have very real access to compared to somebody who watched every video the lines tips ever made With the ads turned on someone who someone else who keeps their adblocker on and buys one. Water bottle has contributed more to our bottom line to like paying the salaries of the people who make the content. So you know when I when I go out and buy even one season of show. I have already. I know for absolute fact contributed more to the bottom line of that show than someone who watched the entire thing ad-supported So you know knowing that gives me I guess some peace of mind In my approach. Because I know how I feel about it and so if the golden rule is to treat other people how you WanNa be treated than I'm trying. Yeah someone brought up letterkenny. I really like letterkenny. I don't know if it's age appropriate for everyone watching so pay attention to that. But they said it's impossible to get in Australia. Yeah Yeah Australia against the shaft on a lot of stuff like that. Yeah I'm looking right now. You can buy the physical. Dvd's but like they're almost certainly coming from Canada. And I doubt they have a a nice shipping. Set up there so the shipping for the one. Dvd's probably going to cost more than the DVD So that's a really unfortunate kind of situation. People are pitching us all these edge cases grand fat non over on floatplane says okay. Line is in Luke. What about when you have a netflix account? But they take the show that you were watching off the service before you got delays season. Do you just go on pirate last season honestly speaking. I would like like. That's not my fault Mom and dad need to get their issues sorted out as far as I'm concerned I'd maybe look into me. I don't even have a netflix account. Because of basically this Kind of unreliable. Yeah I did. I don't like the idea of streaming services because of that something like Disney plus. I can actually get behind more. No way that frank is terrible. But the okay. Yeah so that's fair. Yeah I'm not I don't so I have no subscriptions right now. I don't even Amazon prime. I cancelled that really got into it in order stuff online. How do you not ordering stuff online for Amazon? You freaking cheapskate. You literally buy nothing. Wow kind of amazing and I usually I mean I don't want them to literally run the entire world so I try to often by things elsewhere but I don't I don't buy stuff so the the yearly subscription I did the yearly subscription versus The cost of paying for shipping. And I was like doesn't make sense for me at all and I don't I don't watch the shows I don't do like I don't get any of the other benefits I don't know I don't know if I told You know I told you this. I don't know if I told the one. Show this They sent me physically male telling me to watch Amazon prime really like. Do you know that you have this benefit and I was like? How old do they think I am right? You must you must've fill up as straight up. Boomer probably yeah so I I killed. That bet girlfriend has prime. Nope don't think so. She might actually. I don't know I don't use it though I sincerely doubt So yeah I don't know I have literally I have Active Subscriptions Zero Streaming Services. Right now and I'm not hurting fabricator. Says he gets it through your account. Linas law okay. Actually no we very recently people from using the work prime account and the reason was that they kept billing personal purchases to the work credit card and it creates a lot of work for the accounting department but for the longest time we actually did have like twenty five people using that single. It wasn't me I wasn't in that too. It's just like I never explicitly. I'd never explicitly said it was okay so I was just gonNA plead ignorance if Amazon was like Yo. This is sort of against us. I've have no idea what their terms of service are but Yeah No I. I did get the emails being like who bought this. I never what about blizzard? That's not they don't know what Stream chosen and movies but all right Intel launches tenth jen desktop. Cpu's not all of them who tells comet Lake. S processors announced across core. I nine I seven I five and I three tiers the top tier ten nine hundred k. What a terrible name will sport ten cores and threads peaking at five point three Gigahertz and one hundred twenty five watts with four hundred. Eighty eight dollars suggested retail price This will likely make that chip the leader when it comes to gaming still no PC. I expressed four but there is new and express graphics over clocking features to try and mitigate the amd advantage in this area. They're using a new socket. Lga twelve hundred and you will need a new motherboard if you move to s so what this basically means is that these chips are not for the upgrade market at all. And if you are buying one of these are also definitely buying a motherboard pudding this new platform up against. Amd's Wait. They've announced one. Second the data yes. Amd has already announced the beef. Be Five fifty fifty B five fifty chipset. So they're up against a budget chipset from amd with support for TI. Gen Four and even bifurcation. I don't know if you know this but be five fifty is what do we know that would be careful? Just never know now You know you never WE'LL And then that that I'm actually not one hundred percent. Sure whatever the point is they're up against Remind they're up against Value Chipset okay and great value chips. And they're still running fourteen nanometer. I'm just GonNa shut up before I say anything that's wrong because I think I got from an information wrong in there either way to have been launched. Lots of sites have content out about it. Now the up as Knowsley. I just throwing that out there. Everything I said before is alleged. Nice Perfect Yep allegedly As far as I know there's still some content that is embargoed like the ten nine hundred k. It's over parking is that am I correct on that. I actually don't really know anything about the ten nine hundred k. But I do think people at our company do know about it There was one feature that we actually tweeted about today on the work account so I know for a fact I can talk about that. It's got this is. This is spectacular. Here we go. It's got three different levels of boost. So you got your bass clock all right up to three point seven. You've got your turbo boost 2.0. With which has a maximum single quarterback frequency of up to five point one. You've got your turbo boost. Max Technology three point till which is up to five point two. And then you've got your intel thermal velocity boost technology single core maximum turbo of five point. Three what even is that. Like what are you even talking about at this point yeah? I'm trying to find this tweet. Where's this tweet? Oh there it is? Yeah it's great. And what the heck so I wish. I wish Intel locked but it does look like it is going to be a bit of a rough ride over the next little bit I've until the beginning of every single one of those things. Well tell Intel trademark unocal the branding. Is You know how the branding is. They gotTA have Intel. Tm In there for everything. What else we got going on today so I have an update on the Joe that spin our our. Ups exploding in the server room so our new unit from eating is here and we're going to be installing it with Brian. The electrician sometime in the next little bit. That's going to be a video and eating going to send someone out to make sure that we've done it correctly this time They gave us a very good deal on the new ups even though we were out of warranty They they've helped us out a fair bit here. And so I'm I'm I'm pretty jazz to have our servers protected again because we actually already had a pretty bad situation with some power flickering in some servers turning off and We actually had some data corruption on one of our machines on the The cash drive with that was holding. Our VM so we lost a couple of VM's that's caused jake a fair bit of headache so he in particular is very excited to get. The new ups rolled out. I suspect so More Intel News. This is interesting According to the original source from Nanotech Intel's ten nanometer node could actually be less profitable than twenty two nanometer. Even though if you think about it with ten nanometer the chip should get smaller and should therefore use less silicon so you could make more of them per wafer in an interview with Intel. Cfo George David. He said that will be less. Profitable than twenty two nanometer. Let alone fourteen nanometer says. Look this just isn't going to be the best note that Intel's ever had that is such a great quote. It's already not the best note Intel's ever had. It's going to be less productive than fourteen less than twenty two. The fact is it isn't going to be as strong as people would expect from fourteen or what they'll see in seven also commented on ten nanometer performance not chip performance but financial performance saying it hasn't hit the targets required. So do you read. That's rough I would guess it has to do with that and to do with just the costs to produce them big mix. I mean part of it too. I am not reading all the notes here so I'm just kind of guessing at this point but part of too could have just been. How much cost. They've sunk into development of it at this point and just knowing that they're just never going to get some of that back but until is is on the record. Admitting that they're they're playing catch up. And you know the thing is guys a lot of people are talking about. How in tells you know down for the counter? They're doomed or I'm going to take over whatever like get really guys. Intel is a very organized business organization. Whatever said organized twice but I think it bears bears mentioning twice. They are an enormous machine and they have their fingers in so many different pies that even if amd took one hundred percent market share of desktop. Cpu's until would still be very very much alive. I mean we did I did new station build this week. Running thread ripper. Third Jen twenty four core processor processor. I'll a little harder than I expected. I was following Intel rules when I suspect the cooler for the system so typically with Intel. You've got eight different ships that are rated at whatever. Tdp and as you go down in clock speed or core count like that was just like a worst case scenario. And it's like actually a lot less than that so I assumed that the two hundred and Eighty Watt teepee of the twenty four. Th they're den thread ripper was like probably not no no definitely actually actually sex back two hundred eighty WASA power. When you're loading it up fully so we're GONNA have to change out the cooler in that but anyway the point I was GonNa make it. Was that even in an AMD CPU AMD MOTHERBOARD SYSTEM. Intel still got some silicon and we went with an obtain based BOOT drive because it is hands down the fastest. You can get for a boot drive today and these. These are serious machines for serious work. We want that responsiveness. We want that endurance. And we want that trust honestly like when it comes to knowing something is probably not going to die. I would take Intel all over almost any brand quite frankly like when's the last time you saw a dead. Intel. Cpu and like yes. If you work in tech shop sure you're going to encounter them. It does happen but as like a consumer the odds of having a CPA from either md. Orientale die just sort of spontaneously very low. I haven't seen a CPA death on either side that wasn't prompted by some form of Misuse in like many many years. The only one that I had die and I it was over clocked so I was definitely pushing pushing it But I didn't push it. That far was I had an Opteron one. Sixty five die. That was that sort of overclock friendly Yet Skoda quote server chat but actually it was just a desktop chip that people were buying for over clocking because cheap for some reason. I think cloud stuff isn't really GonNa care about pretty much everything that you just mentioned. Though because a lot of infrastructure these days Or the acronym for it but it's like shoot it in the head or whatever. Yeah if something just starts acting. Improper elite just ended and get another one Unlike spin things down and spin things up rapidly in have tons of redundancy and also the kind of stuff so like one server going down is not catastrophic And if they can save on their monthly by having like cheaper hardware hardware that does more They're probably GonNa go with that and then just do more should in the head operations if he too which is I mean processors like like we just said basically never go down on either side so yeah pretty well on that well. That's pretty much all that I had for must talk about topics. I guess we should go through some super chats. Probably NOT GONNA have time to do a ton of them as you guys know. I'm supposed to go down to eat my dinner. Robert Mail says our voice on Fermi isn't as easy as Kepler newer due to. Esol were driver modding now on forms if I get it working. Oh Yeah Okay. Just a lot of discussion around our takes place. No I'm not actually using it. I'm just in a quiet room right now. Have you tried. Oh No you don't have an RT X. Card you can still use it on the older ones you just need to modernity exc- or something like that. Oh interesting it does use up some some Khuda cores though so it could affect gaming performance. Even if it's marginal okay Lucky says saw your tax intron. Another video does that mean. We'll see it more often. Yes that is the plan as for lt x news stay tuned stay tuned not yet startup says architects voice. Did a great job of taking young kids and your wife's but kept her is at the same time way. Do I have it on. I don't I don't think I have it on guys nope I am. I am not using it unless Obama's is set to nope you imagined it so that's okay. It's okay to imagine things Oh shoot on nick. Nick said hey bring up the job postings are hiring again where are they? What are we hiring for? Where is it? I don't see also we gotta go buy stuff not see store dot com so that we can afford to hire these people I assume can go check him out. Linus Media Group DOT COM. We've got who new job postings on the team I will actually just bring that up in kind of read. You the highlights. Here we've got a we're hiring section on there somewhere presumably really update the site. We haven't really looked at it in a while. What's worked for higher? Oh no that's just that's a stupid name for that jobs there. Okay manufacturing engineer slash industrial designer. This is for Creator Warehouse. So you'll be reporting to the COO. That is Mr Masirah Nick Light. I'm so you will. Lead manufacturing efforts around variety of custom consumer products which will be distributed throughout CDs toward dot com and other online marketplaces or looking for an individual. Who is motivated to work in manufacturing and design and he's willing to work both independently as part of a team. So we're looking to create some pretty next level stuff. Basically we also need part time customer support representative slash assistant for also creator warehouse over building up the team. Their ALTITUDE STORE DOT COM has been very successful. Thanks to your guys support and we are very very excited to keep making more and better stuff for LTD STORE DOT COM. So yes nick I have. I have in fact told them about it. Thank you very much for that. All right so thanks for tuning in this week. Oh wait no. I was doing super chats. I S time against a strange question. I WANNA swap my thread ripper. Nineteen twenty X for Nineteen. Fifty X can find decent one used. Can you sell me one? I mean. I don't even know what we would have lying around for something like that Sorry Blake says any plans for new sleeper PC. I do think we are GONNA do sleeper. Pc sometime in the next little bit so very successful series for us and there are a lot of fun to do so Might not be in a computer this time maybe like a VCR or something like that. It'd be pretty cool. Nicolas says if you could make an educated guess you'd think rising four thousand desktop chips will support before fifty boards or will aim be locked them two x seven forward. I'm not even GonNa yes I mean. Amd has been in a good way. But they've been kind of all over the place with respect to forward and backwards compatibility Langley pressure washing says Lt Minecraft Server M. C. Dot T. Dot g g the segue brought to you by the Lt minecraft mud team. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah and yes. We're still working on. Skied lock Jake spin really busy fixing server infrastructure staff and getting videos prepped for me. So we're we're working on we're working on it Zion says what are your thoughts on. Western digital's use of shingles magnetic recording in Nasr drives Dad Have you been following that saga? No Oh yeah. Am MD Western digital term. Remember if no. I don't think he got caught doing it too. I Western digital got caught using shingle magnetic recording in Nasdaq rides and more importantly just in drives without disclosing it yokes. Yeah so particularly for something like raid operation shingle. Big Medic record is not optimal should never have been in a wd read. I don't know what they could have possibly been thinking. Pretty Gross Smartphone says. Hope you're safe and doing well love your work any thoughts on the future of Samsung Dax or decks like products so using your smartphone as the desktop experience man android is a desktop. Just so obviously not a focus for Google that I just I just have dealt digital ever be any good base started and abandoned so many things Samsung seems like more into it but Samsung also gets like really into weird stuff. That never takes off sometimes. So Yeah I. I don't know this might be a weird take but I'm kind of happy at died just because I think it gave people of like false hope of something they could do and probably drove purchasing decisions. That were not very easy to take back well. Decks isn't dead. Yeah but it's kind of crap isn't it? It's better now. But yes that's what I mean now is like if you like if you if you try to promote which no one really does which is good if you tried to promote Vr as like a Six monitor multi desktop hyper Hyper Productivity Oh no. No desk decks is different ideals. Oh Okay if you tried to promote it that way all I see what you mean like. Just a okay. So when they launched the note nine Samsung had this gigantic segment of the announcement that was focused on decks. It wasn't that good so China like when people were promoting VR. Like amazing and then people tried. It wasn't that good and it's our demand VR forever. Yeah so I would like kind of hope that it tied for awhile right. I don't know how long that while is and then eventually gets really good and you can genuinely just have a phone that you doc. Everything's great That would be cool. But I don't like the whole concept behind that to completely die just because it kind of sucks right now and they over promoted and make it seem realistic to normies. And not just hyper early adopters. If it was just like a feature that they had and they were working on and it was kind of cool to mess with every once in a while. That's fine but the promotion of it as Like a legitimate thing is slightly problematic to me right. This is interesting. There's A. There's a message in the chat Actually worked on the SM G AMD GP you as an intern interesting to see it here. What's what is Victor Talking about. What's the SM GAAP AMD GPO? We talk about that as some genius. Deanna Google is not bringing anything up. Now there is oh he probably didn't Samsung all. Okay cool okay. Because I thought he might be talking about something else entirely so there's a weird Quad Quad Radio on ninety seven hundred card from like a flight SIM from Lake. Twenty years ago that I just bought on Ebay and I thought. Maybe he's talking about that or something and I'll say how did you know about that stemming Human Simpson? The ORCA says because of my work construction. Many sites haven't seen my kids for seven weeks. Lame we watched the show together. Virtually highly to the week. Can you say hi to nate? And bree non freight. I can't do that now. Not GonNa do it. Sorry who not GonNa say it. It would mean a lot to them in me. No problem no problem I d burned. Feld says about the steady about a month ago love it other than the left-handed zipper not used to it. Sorry we did actually consider doing and other handed version of it but it just didn't make sense to double our skew count for the like honestly like point two percent of people that even notice it let alone come on it. I still don't even like fully get it. Don't get it. It's it's it's totally a thing and it's kind of like how I think for women and men like buttons go on opposite sides and stuff is just the kind of thing I never would in a thousand years not only know that because I watch the office. Yeah that's the only reason why I know that and I would have never noticed someone swapped it on. Andy's young says take my money at block user since fifteen bucks all right fair enough fair. Nestle Fair enough. Victor Liu says saw your recent HD video. I haven't h four hundred monitor and is often considered not worth at tech Is it actually worth using? And leading on Man. It depends on how the contents mastered. That's really something that I have found with. Hd Our content is it can make a bigger difference halbe content creator masters. Sometimes the master will be crap and the SDR one will be good and the other way around Alright I and that's it. Oh slushy says is there a kick proof architects twenty eight T I? I wish there was because we had that one that we dropped the other day but No not to my not to my knowledge aright. Thank you very much for tuning in guys spin a great show enjoyed hanging out with y'all and we'll see you next week say bat time. Same Bat channel. Oh role that intro intro role in intro. I'm going to give it to the music. Just make my own music rolling. Intro show's brought to you today by the cat weight up Bridge Wallet Plural. Pi and mechanical keyboard. Whatever OKAY WE'RE GONNA? We're we're out over the stream.

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