Ep 125 - Zoom Podcast w/ Strider, Joe, and Aaron


Got New copy other do I liked it. They're not resting on their laurels in critical time. Now maybe if I shut down I probably got like APPs running. That will help computers so I need a new computer China Rolling. So go ahead. Jt IAGO for a baby. What's up stoker's of Stoke Nation? This is Chad Kroeger Chad. Jt podcast guys before we began. I WanNa remind you once again that we are brought to you by manscaping skate. Thank you so much for keeping our trends for looking after our hogs for making sure that our dogs are looking fresh and clean because we may be in the queue team right now. But you don't want the lockdown to lift and then you don't WanNa stroll out into the street with a not well trained Don Also landscape is doing a There it's well April's testicular cancer awareness month and they're working to spread awareness so I will go over that in the mid roll but checkup landscape dot com go deep twenty for twenty percent off your order and some to stick. Oh cancer awareness stuff So yeah go twice get dot Com. And that's here with my dog. Zoom Domas put up boom clap Chad and we got Aaron as well in the zoom once. Again what a deeply honored to have your message on the pod. Do It's truly global pandemic. Yeah that's all it took it. It's almost worth it to have you on here due to a lot of comments. I don't know if you read the comments I sometimes take Gander Adam and a lot of love for an tons of very cool. Yeah depending legend or more. I'd say establish actually my bad. Yeah fully formed fully bloomed fully tort alleged Boehner you're fully erect. Legend ear. Reveal is like the reveal of Wilson home improvement or the first two Christian Bale's edge any cut to Christian Bale's prestige. Oh fuck this. That's even better that kind of twist. I don't know what it means doesn't really work but that movie was really twisty. Yeah I haven't seen it now. It's all been on a Steve Martin George. I really should watch yesterday to go. Watch the jerk. I watched Both finger now Trains and automobiles and I don't want to do next. I'm thinking maybe dirty rotten scoundrels or Maybe father of the bride. I saw that when I was a child La Stories Go. If I was GONNA say Dude Yeah. La Story and Roxanne. Because I think he wrote and so they really have his flavor on them. Yeah you get the full range of his his way. He's a witty motherfucker that he did. Did Evan watching his Johnny Carson appearances fire. I haven't seen those. They go there so good. That's cool again to it more. Because he's my legend but is you had I've been watching old Johnny Carson clips. It's pretty cool. I mean you watch old politicians on there and they're so composed and like spokane you like. Wow did you guys used to talk? A national discourse as eroded a bit even even old political commentators like maybe they were the best of the best people we watch so maybe we're comparing them yogurt today. You Watch like Gore. All and like William F. Buckley Bait on so heated back then in like put sentences together pretty wild with the I'm sorry can you say that again? It was cut out. Yeah just blabber and I was saying like even the political commentator I didn't like Gore Vidal You Watch them debate on TV and these guys are so much fucking smarter than the guys who are talking today present better. I don't know if present better for sure. Gorby doll crush on led show too. Yeah Yeah I can't hear either you now you can you hear me air. Yeah all right there you are. You're back yeah. Yeah Gordon was gay. There's actually a funny joke about that. In the movie in the loop James Gandolfini is like I'm the Gore Vidal of Congress and she's like Gore was gays. Dude him in like the Super Hot guy from Yale both fought in the army together. And we're in love and were like super bad ass and then like which is bound down both really handsome to yeah have. They made a movie at probably. Should right dude yeah. Schilling drove up. Fell I got to put is on you in person for the day. Yeah you're such a kindhearted gentleman. It thank you so much dude. It was good to see you a hadn't seen you in forever and then I drove by some of the other. Dudes house isn't just dropped off some supplies and then I'm GonNa keep doing that too. It makes me feel good and then And I don't have to get out of the car. Just them in bags in the back seat had their mugs. Look Everybody Great Dude Pels Zone. Look the best. It was a he sparked the most. Join me like when I saw him he was like. Goddamn this cute motherfucker Agnes. He has a great smile really. He just beams with positively giddy. Totally right and cuteness acuteness totally and then Merisi though dude he was. He was like sticking his head in the car. Trying to get to talk to you. I can't hear you. I was like her head out the fucking window dude but it was good to see him to and then and then this girl haven't talked contract drove by her place and just look tat for the. First Time Person. Wow Yeah first. Time ever have looked at her purse. Talking Judy was built in the romantic tension was like. Oh and this whole thing lifts. I'm going to give a smooch to end. All SMOOCH is. It's going to be like that one. Where like the sailor comes home and like holds the lady down or whatever. Yeah so or like it'll be like an image like that or like that guy. Lighten himself fire in front of the tank or something. It's like one of them. Did you have a romantic comedy kind of spark between you? Yea Romantic comedy and maybe like maybe like even more desperate war-torn romance like English patient or something like that. Oh yeah or what's a portrait of lady on fire except heterosexual? Yeah Yeah I haven't seen that yet. Is that good? It's good yeah. Did you draw you paint a painting of her and next time you drive by just fucking lifted up? Be like look at this. What made for you wo- yeah. Maybe her maybe heard address. That's on fire just to pay homage. Hugh would like that too. I think women like being described as being on fire. Oh Yeah I mean. Who doesn't I liked being described on fire. You are on fired sizzling sheltered. I did driver a bit. That was really nice and his collegiate is jeff which was realized there so lovely. We talked about kick call of duty. Oh Yeah Yeah. Because we've just been on there just pound and noobs but the lag is he's got ridiculous lag and so do i. That's why the podcasts audio has been kinda bad to my mom's Wifi is just not where it needs to be so I might just decide boosted. I might just called Wifi people and say yeah. You got a boost MOMS but yeah. It was really good to see him. We're trying to figure out other ways we could hang like a steel like a virtual lunch date or something like that. You know just trying to get creative in. Yeah Yeah I know. It's crazy man Spend a month. It's been a month it's out creek. Was the drive up like fifty five minutes. So breezy crazy. Yeah there's more traffic than you'd expect you know. Yeah also more judgment until if people are Nice cars right now. I don't know when someone has a really nice car. I'm like really now. It's like you're gonNA Drive Electric Blue Maserati That's just the dude's car and then a I didn't. I don't think I realized until today. Hama solid you guys because you know we stay. -cation yeah actually physically seeing you guys first time in a while as like man. I want to hug these guys and I want to go sit down in their living room and like just like chill. It's so whenever I wake up in the morning Mike. I'm pretty fired up because I'm attacked day I'M GONNA do. I'M GONNA kill some news on Halo Cod. Whatever I'm going to read a book you know like learn how to cook like a souffle or some shit but then by nighttime past like eight. Pm I'm just like what am I doing dude. Yeah because like Avenue Apartment Solo. I you know I've been in contact with people so I don't feel like I'm in solitary confinement but like it's weird I've been I've been alone for a month. It's crazy dude. Yeah it's crazy. You seem like sprightly. Yeah I feel good. I'm not My family's worried about me. They're like keep you know my brother's Worried about you. The most I'm I'm fine. You know like yeah but I'm thriving. I'm like I'm an introvert you know. Can you know Dive into that side of myself but it is weird when you when you stop and think of how much time has passed. Yeah you know I was in such a panic for the first couple of weeks straight up just terrified and just having a panic attack all the time that this last week. I've actually chilled out and I've actually been having a pretty good time actually more relaxed now than I was pre quarantine right like I. I don't even think I've liked kind of even thought about what the world is going to be like. It was just so worried about not getting the virus. And hoping you know my. My family doesn't get it. I haven't even really thought about you. Know How things might change and how long they might be changed for right. I'm leading into that kind of thinking but right now I'm just. Oh yeah good time and There's some stuff I got its week. I've been watching porn again. I got a curse you know. Yeah I've been big against porn but it did help me for a little bit against these Panic attacks but you know it's it was the lesser of two evils. But I am. I didn't watch today. I'm trying to put the Kabosh on it and I just want to. All I saw every porno yeah. I was watching porn from my high school. I think that's always the poor and that resonates to most she had that gross nostalgia than I thought I watched Johnny Sins Sixty hours and here's a fire tick talk to. Does he really? He's a beast. Oh that's great to hear because guys who knew how could dance like that. Yeah penises penis out and kicked out now. I mean that's all you think about because he's like trying to be funny and stuff like I know you have a gigantic hog dude. Like just at that. I think he's actually a pretty good actor. Yeah when he's boning when he's not boning he's a bad actor. He's Kinda what I think makes him an all across commerce. I think makes him. The best porn star is that he really stays in character while he's bounding like he'll remember details from the introduction when he's bouncing like it'd be a fake doctor and he'll be like Oh man. I wouldn't have brought my stethoscope if I knew we were going to get to this point and I'm like pretty good dialogue to say in the middle of legs being hard like he'll probably never get there. I know actually gets a lot of recognition because if you look at it. There's like stomach Appreciation threats room but he'll never get the mainstream kind of appreciation. He deserves well. Maybe that's good. They may be used in a sweet spot where like celebrity won't destroy him and he can maintain his cool and just like have his life and get some recognition. But not you know be like the Michael Jackson. The giant dogs really good really good reading on it for sure. Yeah That was going to say like you kind of did like the old parenting methods smoking where you just like make your kids smoked the whole pack. And then on any more yeah. He smoked the whole pack of Porn. Yup come down. It's awesome. Yeah I mean I was like my Weiner can't even get a retro down. So much like my. My addiction has outfaced my body and it's dragging my limp body behind it. Come on keep going. My body's like Bro. Anita fucking break. Yeah but I think my body's still pump to not be having panic attacks and just chilling in this new era of modern life. It's nice you seem to be a forgiving yourself which is nice because I think in time. It's like you need. You need some method to cope and also once you start. Dopamine trick is so crazy the where you're like done then your mind just like that craving for it yet feed me baby. It's insane. Yeah totally no yeah. I'm not being you know what I think. It's being around my mom. My mom has like like such good outlook on life. Yes really beat herself up for stuff. Yeah like I heard her talked about bread for lent and then I heard her talk to God and she just goes God. I'm starting I have to have two pieces of bread. And then she went to pieces of bread and Hell you like I would. I would like for three days and my whole fucking shit bag. A WHO gives have some fucking bread. It's actually it's kind of weird but I actually even asked my mom about the porn. Thanks as like your mom. I think I'm GonNa like maybe watch porn again. She's like John. Thomas Jerk off who cares. Happy Happy Go. Gosh what the fuck. What the fuck are you beating yourself up for God? I'm like all right cool. Yay that's awesome. Those are upstairs and read she walking on you. She's like that's good that's good. She's stroking him so happy jerking off. That's wonderful look at you. You're having fun that's great. I love you johnny. Since oh he's great at her. I think our approach is smart. 'cause it's like with all this stuff whenever you try to restrict yourself on stuff like porn owner bread or whatever whacking off Bounce back quickly from it instead of beating yourself up for. I think that's the right formula. Yeah that'd beat myself up so much bell that stuff you know if I like jerk off or whatever I wake up in the morning I'm like I'm depleted. I've no energy to do anything. You have going to watch the news. Yeah go ahead on but yeah with any of that stuff. If you like trying to stop drinking than you drank you just got to like bounce right back get back into your routine Ivan. Just forgive yourself quickly interesting? Keep moving totally. I think we live in this like I think. Our culture is like super into optimization. Right now talks a lot about earth and it. It just makes you realize that is good at like especially when something like this happens where the whole world gets turned on its head. It's like the right mindset for right now I don't know needed. I mean you should still be trying to get better. Learn how to do something. You never knew how to do with all this downtime yet. Also think it's like it's maybe a good lesson we have to go easy on yourself. Just try to get out of this thing in one-piece in like be wall to wall just like Fucking greatest thing. That's ever fucking happened every second of the day. It's like you just need fucking get through the day and then get through the next day and then we'll come out of this thing and hug the shit out of each other. Yeah Yeah my advice was going to be. I just meditated and have cookie. I'm just been eating carbs like crazy that all just noodles for dinner pasta too. Yeah yeah just with butter and pepper and salt from. Yeah Yeah. There's an oil though I've been in olive oil. I gotta get some all wheel. It's a good move. Yeah I've I've been eating. Spaghetti Os have been eaten Mac and cheese. But I you know every other day do. That's the key every that's what I'm doing with porn right now. I'm GONNA start going every other day. No more than an hour a week. That's my new as many mentality on it. That's what's it how much how much time elapses during her average sash with porn. Yeah do you don't WanNa Freak people out broke. But like I mean lately because my Weiner so tired it's been like it takes me like an hour hyper specific like I find like these very little moments where they like. Make good eye contact when they're in like this perfect composition. Art Can choose to that. It's it's not it's not it's the romance. Yeah exactly I had to find. I become like I think I mentioned this earlier. Become like a real critic like there's no one to talk to about this critical knowledge that I have but like I know when it's fake so easily now because I've seen so much as this bullshit bullshit holes then. I finally got to second part. Actually Ulcer Wallace talked about that in his book. Where like and it's funny. He wrote it as if you heard it from somebody else at a porn shop but I think it was just his perspective and then he just Attributed to some else to like disassociate talked about how? That's what like real porn lovers. Those moments of genuine human connection in goes. I think that's probably you know. He's a SMART DUDE. So he's finding the intelligence in something pretty seedy due to that a little bit. Yeah I've been trying to limit myself to just like sorta like What's it called when a playboy centerfold style photo? I've been trying telling myself to just like kids much better. But but then he no you know next day. It's so yeah I I have to have a big dog in there. I love it you know like old fashioned all American you know. But that's that's my style you know like in a unlike nine eleven that like on the anniversary of the replay like this is what the news was saying that day like. This is what was happening. Then this is what people are gonNA come back to. This is what we were talking about during the pandemic. Yeah big dogs in Porn. These guys are geniuses. Dude I saw to just a transition out a little bit like like 'cause I'm putting a ton of call of duty to. I've been probably planning our tim a day. That there's fifty million people on call of duty right now. It's insane. Yeah fifty million easy like if you're not on call of duty. Are you even in this of what's happening in the world like are you even alive right now? That play the guys. I need to get back in there with you guys. I've been I've been Vacillating between Halo in cod. But I I just left the war zone. Actually I got this. You're playing Judy Online. I I was in the war zone. Yeah Hockey I unloved. Ghani Rockin well if he played warzone no other word so it's like a huge map and it's like you start off with like a hundred and fifty dudes night. I just do Solos Sometimes I'll address like squad but like a solo and it's sort of like this huge map in the last one to survive wins so you you a parachute into the map. It's like grand theft auto sized enormous any just like raid all these buildings for guns N. Just try to find people so it's much more it takes much longer in. It's like a lot less shooting but it's fun. 'cause you just like it's. Sorta like paintball a little bit. You got fifth out of one. Hundred and fifty. Yeah I only killed like three people so I think I was kind of hiding out a little bit uneasy doing rely. I mean yeah the hunger games and he killed only like one guy. Okay call. Yeah Yeah you're much more you're much more cadmus Aberdeen. But like getting dominated games yet. Classic multiplayer is getting as getting hosed. Your were brand new to it and and we got some studs the and you don't know that level yet we've been planning level relentlessly for like three weeks it was. It was a great boon to our tour morale to have you in there. You got great vibes over the COMMS. Thanks Man Yeah it's Craz talk is such cool dudes in the in that squad. Oh Yeah. They'RE LEGENDS. Yeah after it. Yeah it with a head shot. And they're good with zing. What's your gun? What's your load up all right? I'm glad you asked. I've been rocking the MP. Seven as per brix begins recommend day. But then it's a machine gun so it doesn't have the long range that you really need for a lot of those levels so as my perk. I'm Rockin I got the perk where you can have two primary weapons so that was nice am for and I put like the APS Hologram scope on it. Said I can do a little bit of like a little sniping so awkward. Reach a house or building with my little son Michigan. And then I can blow domes from to click away my with my Danny do the American the MP Four. I think And then just a handgun. But I need to buy game. I need to get the two premier weapons. I think you're GONNA like dude. Yeah Bobbin bagging with Do we need to on twos and usually we get dominated because these kids are so good and they just fucking destroys but last night we had a pretty even match says a lot of healthy bagging going on with other ones when he gets just get dominated. You know it's like you get two or three bags or like but in this was like was pretty even Steven and they backed back which I was really happy about. I really like when did back me back because it's like all right. We're you know I'm not just stuff in your face. It's a nice like it's nice to find kindred spirits. Those people could you were in the world but they enjoy tea. Bagging your digital Avatar as much as you like tea bag in. There's yeah I know what that says about me that I like getting bagged more than the act. Itself a bagging. It's noble as fucked if you like bringing other people joy more than you like bringing yourself. Joy Did thank you so much Erin. Have you been balling it? All you want any of these systems No I haven't really played video games when I play. It's usually it'll be this show or rock band But I really haven't done those either. I've been playing my actual Bitar. More more they is yeah. That's cool would you don't be afraid to get college duty or Halo? Come come live the dream the Aaron and be fun. I know I have a wife so that went over so well. Yeah it's funny. I hear my friends wives over the com- sometimes I got you now so I'll be here my buddies and they'll be like talking there there. There comes wasted. Yeah broke get dominated bitch how you like that and then go from walk into like. Oh Hey babe what's ahead? Yeah let's do a side salad that's really nice and I'll start yelling new girlfriend voice over the cards. Your mom girlfriend boys. Yeah it was Did I follow. This is just like a like a model on instagram. But she lives in Miami and Not to change the subject so quickly but she and she lives in a high rise in the huge balconies. And they're just like by the pool. dance party for the entire building. And it's like huge twenty stories and I. I need something like that. You're you need a dance party. Now it's just like like can you imagine if you live in a huge apartment complex. He had this big balcony overlooking the ocean in Miami. And your own quarantined together. And you're all just like what are we doing? And then your apartment complex just throws you frigging dance party for the entire building at once. That'd be is everyone dancing on their balconies or they danced on their knees. Yeah Yeah who's the model Kiki Posco now Cindy Prada for sure? I was on some like super hot ladies like instagram live or she was doing a workout and like. I just wanted to talk to her. Yeah but instead of hey how are you doing? Hey Is there a way to work out your by subs without them? Getting too big. She didn't respond. I asked one more time and then I just had a shame. Xt off the live and I was like all right back to real life. That's good speaking of lives. Our lives gone do. They're so fun man I I really enjoy them. Yeah I mean it's like it's It works well with my brain because people just fire information and then I get real frenetic but it actually Kinda calms my brain. Sometimes to just have that steady stream of stimulation coming in. And then I'll just he'd up like my temperature. Goes up two degrees. That Regina do But it's fun and it's it's nice to talk to the to the stoker's like in real time like that. Yeah and it's it's a good way to feel connected and still feel productive. I've been really enjoying them. I think I think that's something that'll keep doing after this is over. Yeah I actually think this whole thing has given me a lot of clarity on Activism IN COMEDY. And like all this stuff we do you know we were working on some projects and I was just like so Invested in a good way. But I think it'll almost being too hard on the process because I was like I was being like I don't think I I was making activism in comedy too important right it. Is You have to care. But it's like then something like this happens and you're like dude. This is just like a privilege that we get to do this stuff. Yeah just have fun with it. You know what I mean. Just let it rip. Yeah I felt that same shift to like I didn't know what it was but I just felt much more relaxed in like free. And that's like the sort of giving us the opportunity to like. We've always wanted to remake fast and furious for stuff like that and then like editing those videos. I was just editing like all day yesterday. It's like most fun I've ever had. Oh you're editing. You're editing on the the race. Car scene was so on. The smoke was so good. I feel like I feel like Hugh Jackman had swordfish. When I'm editing. Yeah just fucking crank in. It's like I love editing so much But just like yet it just like. I've been much like Steve Martin and stuff and just Is given a chance to sort of get like a different perspective on all that stuff. And just SORTA like reevaluate. So you can get back to the fun I guess. Yeah Yeah and I think it strips away a lot of the politics to you know what I mean. Yeah you're doing comedy or and then we're doing our activism but we're also living in a community with other people who do that stuff and sometimes air opinion starts to change my opinion. I'm not even conscious of the fact that it's not even really my opinion that it's more environment. Plus you mean that direction and then and then all this stuff happens and all that stuff seems so silly. Yeah it's like who cares what like anybody thinks like it's all we're arguing about wrong. Just trying to like elevate our own station and make ourselves more specially like it's all just like a it's like a it's bullshit like it's all it's all of us just like finding ways to make ourselves feel a little bit smarter funnier than the people were with. And it's like who gives go ahead things that are like on the fence of like offensive. I'm kind of used to be kind of like don't see things at all offensive and I'm just like well. It's a bunch of people are dying. And there's crazy virus ripping through the world. If that's what makes someone feel a little bit more okay for a second. Maybe it's not that big of a deal. I within readings and I'm not saying don't run out of your house and say the N. Word. But just like. I don't even know what I'm saying anymore. I'm going to be an easier on people which is good. Yeah you gotTa Take Chances Take Ritz. Yeah not with never go. 'cause they not with racism racism racism. Yeah but just being edgy. You gotta you gotta you gotta you gotTa you know dance on that line a little bit. Yeah but I mean this whole thing is. It's a made me so much more excited to dive back into those projects. Because it's just like it's it's a much more relaxed any like watching like the Rick Rubin documentary like talk about creativity. How you know Any kind of stress stress inhibits creativity so Being able to sort of gain that more I keep saying relax perspective on everything. It just helps everything flow little bit. I think absolutely. I've been a guy much of the classics about Catcher in the Rye Grapes of Wrath and will say by. What's the other one out fucking dude? I'm GonNa tell you I didn't catcher in the ride. That guy's annoying dude holden caulfield. Oh yeah he he's. He's so ornery dude. Yeah and he's so self obsessed and he's like just I think too much to his like being authentic wrestle with that when you're in your adolescence and yeah but seeing his brain and one that's close to my own insecurities I was just like I did throw the Boko. Do just shut the fuck up rub. Yeah quit worrying about like your fucking professor and how. He's kind of onerous as as party dude like but people love them. I get it now. I think there is something about reading reading reading books. Like like Just good literature in the morning for me. I felt just In the morning I don't feel bad in the morning but it just like it does something to your brain it. Just I think it gives it like a boost fin. That's what I got to. I got Huck Finn Nice Dude. Fired up to read that again. I Yeah Yeah. Mark Twain Beast Beast. Yeah I think that's great. I think it it really does like I think it just clears the freeway in your brain in. And he's really clean. Well thought out sentences that are you know really well organized and paint a very clear picture and clean up your brain to think more like that right exactly. Yeah around you start like you know and then you see other people not reading. And you're like what a what a dawn stewed Schule hit. Let the dogs in. Let's get the dudes in here. Who should we do this? We're just going to bring in. What's the plan? Should see both same time. Yeah let's do it because I just eight forty five so see did I think I might think I might pull the trigger on a Celtic. A really yeah. Yeah I was looking at. I was looking at the the rogue echo. Because I've been I've been running. I've been running outside. But you know running on the pavement and stuff and Fucks up your legs. Yeah it's it's hard on the knees and the hips right. Yeah Yeah to get a bike man and some kettlebells. But they're sold out everywhere in there so expensive but I I mean I I can afford it but I just feel like guilty spending so much on my leg kettlebells but I love kettlebells announced. I I think it's I think it's good investment. I think like they last forever. Yeah where do they cast iron? Yeah added giving a competition bill. So I don't know if these ones are cast iron but there are some what's the other Iron Bowl Rossler? I'M GONNA get some Ryan bills and then today about a one pound dump broke so I can put on some muscle well-known skip rope yet to get my traps frickin. Loaded did not like John. Claude van Damme was watching him. Kickboxer did he has no traps really. It's hilarious he's so jacked and he just has zero traps. Albro feel at home in these things. Dude I just been online just getting murked dude by due to Rabat. Frigging DUDE BUT. I'm getting better. Love Got Cano man that just puts you in the right mindset to shoots down games. It was a no-brainer Dude. I saw I was like I was cruising on Amazon Australia. There Gain Joe. We lost strider. Joe How you doing. How's it going ice like three mile? Walk Nice Yeah it was. It was nice good. Dude Techs strider. How's it going? Oh there you go. Lejeune's thanked. Yeah Yeah two weeks lengths now from a full ause nice do a ticket buying call of duty or something exactly are geared up played for a while we played earlier today strider strategy. Your policy is if someone plays worse than you on your team. What's your policy or your Your theory it means we. That's why we lost because I am an should be the worst player so if I'm ever not the worst player it's that other dudes fault. Kill my favorite person to kill. Probably our Buddy Gregg Gable Dude. He talks good. Smack is the type of smack. That's smart and clever is just the right amount of time where it gets you enough but funny enough and And we started about the same time and he's way better than I am right now so just means that you know it's been the closest competition but not really because he's way better so it hurts. The most in hurts the most so when I get to. Merck came in a hard point. It feels good Yeah that's nice. Yeah what do you think about the connor boys on their their. They get a little too long winded. Yeah they're long winded on the COMS. Yet I mean look when you're on the COMS DUDE and you're at like you know. When you're at the caves zero you're trying to hold it down with holographic sight down there in the hard point one year. Grows up there sniping for you while you're sacrificing the body down there and you're hearing a story like a third person story about like. I don't know something funniest brother said in like in. It's getting all context. Dude no punchline you just gotTA GO DUDE. Keep it down. I need to know where the guys are coming in from the case but you know I love the energy. I love enthusiasm. They're unbelievable guy's great family connors all around. But yeah when we're were on cod you don't you don't busy up calms dude. I mean that's that's combat out one one over out. I'd say talk ten. Four Roger Copy that xbox I'm not I I don't feel like playing video games. I feel like it's going back in time. Yeah I have I have regressed to my sixteen year old self. I'm just watching porn reading a little bit working out and playing video games. I gotTa Tell You Joe. I'm maybe the happiest I've ever been. Well I mean I just feel like whenever I'm playing video games I feel like my mom's like bring a bowl of popcorn in any Like I just feel like thirteen again. I don't want to do that. And plus I suck now used to be really good at video games. I try to play fucking suck ass. I think it's more fun when he sucks honestly knowledge thoughts. Dude I suck up again back nonstop. It's awesome by knowledge now. I mean it's sick to be part of something you know you're out there you're connected was like some thirteen year old and like you know who knows where? New Hampshire or something like that. Dude just had a tough time. His Dad you know that these guys letting steam off on no no. I'm only talking about rose that kick stoker stoker's have joined our private games and we've had to boot some stoker's it's super flattering. That they WANNA play with us. I really feel privileged. But it's like you know it's intimate conversation going on there so it's hard to have someone who no one's met in person. Has that happened that they had to send an invite the invites but I just think us. Don't yeah how did he just hop on. If you're a private game and Kala Judy and they know your name. They can address a friend without you accepting it and then they can join your game and so they'll just hung up in and like all those whose whose F. T. for Geeta who's like pores. What are your kids? Get Out of here and I'm like. Hey Bro of Judah. I'm sure you're a good guy. But you gotta bail dude user. Yeah you gotta get Outta here dude. I'm like we'll we'll play another time but EXC right now. It's no Bueno Dude. There's a new etiquette we're learning. I mean that's got to be part of the etiquette you know it's like you know when you're calling with your Bros. Dude it's like a conversation. You know what I mean. You have calms going on your here in the connor boys go on for too long. And it's like you just walk up to someone else's dinner table sit down. I'll knock just gonNA frigging hopping on someone else's game but I didn't have been some some good Stoker due to even DM me and then like Yo. I saw that you were. You were gaming but I didn't want op and I was like Oh. That's legit dude. Was trying to find a time you know and the mullahs will merck together yet. We should do that. We should all get on and play do that. That'd be really fun. W Super Fun. You get a pretty. I'm sure we can but do or do we buy twitch. Capabilities are limited. Such a headache did like we did the light switch and they're like setting it up to like four hours. I'm like like the whole time I'm like I have no idea what you're doing right now. Oh He's a Chad will go work on yours now. He's like that. Just scroll up to settings put on the receipt. I'm like what are you talking about food? He's like you're all set to go like dude. I can't see anything came into the game and those guys were good at what they did to like. I really good how there could have done that. Any better like yours it. We all need to listen a million. No He's British ship. That can you do this and wine drinking wine go to Bourbon a second my second class quarantine. I started drinking arena. Jurors Brough cheers cheers. My friend Joe. Can YOU DO A British accent? Nah I don't think I can't really do any act. Try Give it a shot. What do you want me to say? Say I would like some crump. It's T. For breakfast please. I would like some competent tea for breakfast please. Good that's great. I was surprised. I didn't think he'd be able to get the Grefe out of your voice. You actually You've missed it nicely. Can you say? Can you say Ditka in a British accent just British? Get Cau- are you fired up the new the new Jordan doc. The new bull doc is coming out in like a week. Yeah Start Sunday. Yeah that'll be cool. That's GonNa be what's IT GONNA be on? Espn Earth for tomorrow part nice headlines throughout their last season together. That's cool awesome dude. You look at photos of Jordan just flying through there for a dunk. I mean that physique instead it's unbelievable yet a beautiful right. It's crazy Eddie just flying. I remember watching him as a kid. In like yeah man. He's so Jack. Oh Yeah so jazz long sinewy muscles that are just like so like perfectly composed and design for the sport. He plays so awesome. I was looking at this thing. Like remember that show sport science. You've seen that show the worst show. Dude Bro the formatting of it is like design to get nothing done I feel like they have two minutes of something to say an extended over twenty five minutes. Yeah it's like dude. This whole thing could have been done like that. It's like it's directed by the Connor. Brothers do thing but Dude like one of them that I read about how athletes when they dunked so. They look like they're flying indicated like size behind it which Kinda cool like in a just came down to like they literally just like push their back out a little bit. So it's an optical illusion just perceives that little flight thing by like while they're actually coming down gravity pulling them down they flat out their back so it looks like they're flying so But that's like an art form. You that's sick Jordan was the best at doing it. Maybe the guy. Dominique Wilkins is for those guys can jump so high taking get like payroll dude. Their forty inches in the air. They got time to do that. They could send an email up there. They could listen to an entire connor story there. Dude zing again dude? I'll Julia Hammer and my love. It duda how brutal is. Espn right now. Have you guys tried watching? Espn two sports centers. What's going on? They're doing? Like eighty seven masters like re re. Ah REWATCH and they're like talking to Jack. Nicholson after Jack Nicklaus. You're like this is boring. And then they got like gaming stuff on there all day. It's like world award. Craft like really technique young players. Play video yeah to Patrick. Beverly's as annoying video game competition on the court tires. Yeah he's talking shit the whole time. It's hilarious that's gold did. I've been watching some Some twitch guys playing cod kind of relaxing sky summit one gee just. Y MERC is based on a PC. Yeah he's on. Pc out to be honest like click clack. The keyboard gives me some Mr Action Setting. That's kind of why is like the these twitch geyser little like compound with their like fricken spark a race driver seat. They're just like you know something of attitude I can watch it for hours opulent right. Don't don't get viewership like that exceeds everything but like the NFL. Basically yeah. It's like. Nah they get millions of years and a but what's funny ears the commentary on the 'cause like all the fans or like debating all dude some. It's losing it did. He's not needing like used to stuff like awesome thing. It just like talking shit to each other. Yeah should we. Should we answer some questions? Shiite was go. Yeah Yeah Do the pod could have saved my life. Supervisors right did fan. Oh Yeah Yeah. Hopefully he's like some Eminem Daito Song right here. Dan I and super. Here's I just WANNA reach out and show my appreciate for your promotion of April being testicular cancer awareness month. After last week's podcast so fired up that ended up giving myself Examined found a weird mass. That wasn't normal by Stoke. Took a turn southwards. Oh yeah but but ended up going to my doctor and it turns out. It's normal mass not cancer. After the exam we even had a great bonding session. After about testicular anatomy and mountain biking now still globals heard an all time high dock and our homeys off able to detect something potentially dangerous and if it was cancer. I could have saved my life by the pods. Thank you all. Stoker's check your nets once a month. Thanks Baker logo balls a PS my fiance. And I've been cute team together for four weeks now and things have really quieted down romantically. Do you have any wrecks to rekindle the spark? My Jeff and I've been doing exercises together. Do like we'll do. Some Yoga will happen to some Lightweight calisthenics stuff bodyweight stuff. And you know once you Greenwich. Banging I mean you know. Sometimes yes sometimes. No you know what I mean. Sometimes I'm just saying it's Christopher walken there's yes something now is the wrong tote. You're GONNA do it again. Stab me in the face with a soldering when I used to work out with my ex accent always got us. Fired up afterwards. I'd like slacker but during the workout and Kamal Babe we got this and you get to feel strong and she gets to feel strong and then he both like look at the other one. You're like Oh man you're hard working person. Let's let's I respect. The will make a nice hell. Actually do I love that a healthy meal together? And you're not that couple at the gym do it. Because when you're that couple at the gym did a little bit distracting. Little bit like come on. We're in the gym. Yeah you're home. You're in the sanctity of your own boat. Anything fly you know what I mean Agri-food So this is the time to get creative. Did I mean you could? I mean you have so much spare time right now and you're isolating the team so you know you could get creative with what you do. You could have like a you know. Create like an Italian night deck out the place in like vines. Shit in you know. Just make some spaghetti have like a lady and the tramp moment in just get creative with your meals and like pretend like you're in Italy in one moment then pretend like you're in Brazil in other and then translate that to the bedroom you know however they are sexually. I like that makes sense. I liked it. There's there's role playing because you're essentially creating a new person then right in essence the person you love but there's enough of a difference there where it sparks some some new feelings. Yeah like a Hawaii have like a beach night. Throw on some floors you know She can wear like a bikini and then he just make Muhima here. Whatever or whatever you can get from your grocery store. It's tougher now but you know maybe just get some like top to Lafia. Pretend might he do to maybe play hide and go seek you know? I don't know how small it's fun because then you have to get extra creative boning but just fine I was GONNA say with your nuts too Props guy for checking The you know you're nuts. You never really think about having an issue with them. Like I've had two issues with my nuts and like when I was a kid I was in. Third Grade is the stickler torsion which is where it's like. It could have died which was swelling up. I was too afraid to ask my mom. Like hey can I go to the doctor like catch gate? Check this out. 'cause like it was my net so guys out there dumpy afraid to you. Know there's something. Check your nuts first off and if there's something off about your nuts don't be afraid to hit up the doctor or your mom or dad and said you know there's something going on down there because they care about the sanctity of your balls for sure. Yeah that's a fire. Pianists April good call. Don't be nuts talking about your nuts. Is You remember Tom. Green remember he was he had like a show about it. You did a whole episode about he like show the surgery on whatever happened to Andy. Monagas Morandi mill anarchists do. Yeah he's nice to see more wandering around sunset a little bit really. Yeah trying films something. Yeah Oh Wander House. All men are pitcher. Mike Brown bagging on scooter. But at least he's trying to be to sell harmon said his favorite thing was just to walk down sunset and just smoke a joint himself. Nice to Phil Hartmann Man. That sounds nice is his His famous film new architectures goal dude so his SNL audition him did Baluchis in Jimena Dana. Carvey so good walk snows new show Phil Harman's energy as how everybody like who wants to act imagines they can be that cool addition room. Just like yeah. I'm going to do this. He's like I do voices. Good just give me something. And I'm like someone does it. Nails it his body hops up during it frigging LE. Let's get up nearby. He's again. I'll pick this up Mitch dream. No big deal drills it dude. It's unbelievable it's crazy message today with a question in my most recent situation cove is totally Cock Block. Me and my awesome. Gif We've been stoked about each other for almost a year. Now we're out of state college relationship now. We're across the country just reaching out to get some opinions on what to keep the fire blazing over this quarantine time all sex. I think Joe's right. Yeah Yeah I've been away from Edgy In the but be like hey reached down there and tell me how big it is American. Pie Two zero. You sound like would you say when you have phone sex have phone sex? I just have a section the human to human old fashioned way our. Yeah your beast eighteen. I think has dabbled sex It's really fun I think it's You know I mean. I had a Webcam porn addiction. So it's like maybe my brain is specifically suited for but I I think it can feel just as alive as the real thing. Sometimes you just have to not judge yourself Just whatever crazy thing you're saying just say it and then if you and you just have to be perceptive to how the other person responds to it but You know you it's easy. I think you say something. You push the envelope a little bit like you're like okay. I'm GonNa Plumbing Fat Cock and then and then and then if you get like a moment of sound she's go you just change. Your Voice has okay and then naturally ever accidentally Jr is on the phone and the old man. Now I've never premature to. That would be. That would be very much meat. I gotTa have the problem the other way where I'm like. I can't finish but a the end of the month. Yeah yeah but it's it's really fun. Yeah I think give it a shot and then also you can just do sweet things for each other writers song or early. You know what I was going to say I was GonNa say Writer a Handwritten Letter Hanratty Fountain pen if you have one but you know. Ballpoint is going to do. Just fine writer. Did maybe even do a little bit of Chad was saying role play. Pretend you're like in the revolutionary war or something like that dude you like. I'm away serving my country. You are serving your country staying home. Never right up serving those people around the right now. I'm on my duty but I miss you so much. I can't wait to be back and then virtually get back then eventually physically. You'll get back and it's going to be nice to yeah. I think I think all this time apart is actually kind of good because it's like building up all excitement for when we see each other you know what I mean. It's like a techno song dude like toenail it's just like Oh yeah beat to come to just be dropped overs. Earning it right now earn. Yeah I've been away for my Jess Kerr month now but you know I sort of a take solace in the fact that the the separation is building up. Its stoking the flame you know. So then when they reunite teeing happens I can't speak when we ran. The reunion happens. It's going to be like a firework show Disneyland. Even though it's closed right now the guys are going to dissolve into each other and explode like fireworks. Yeah aw far. Yeah and all your particles are going get mixed up together and you're going to be indistinguishable from one. Part when Tinkerbell flies from the matterhorn in. It's just like everything's going off. You know what I'm saying spiral upwards in this beautiful dust cloud of particles straight up mortars sexual energy yes to love that blasting over the Los Angeles luminated our lives. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA light up. Culver City Awesome die very true. Renditions Grand Finale. Right there dude. I this this is one that I think. A lot of people are feeling right. Now Hey Chadderton. Jt and company. I've been SORTA wrestling my scene of high school. I miss the squad. Everyone is in quarantine. We didn't get to go on senior. Sp stoking bronze is at an all time low. How do we recover from this? Make the end of our high school experience. Something that doesn't feel like a waste sincerely. A one squadron. Ps everyone is going away to different. Dang school next year. I just want adapters. Homey so bad. It's sad. I pissed if I was a senior in high school. Right now. Sucks miss out on prom graduation and all that stuff. I think just right. You've got to feel you. GotTa feel anger towards it you know. It's like the five stages of grief right. You got a denial negotiation anger and then acceptance is that is in four stages on Horny in Horny and then but see you gotta go through them and you're right to be upset you know. It's it's a right of passage was zoomed prom. Yeah and it's been changed but but then I think we gotta get creative right like how can we make because I think in some ways? It's Kinda good because everyone will always remember the this happened and you'll be like oh I was part of the class graduated during quarantine you know what I mean? We lost out on all that stuff. And then it Kinda can provide an opportunity for you to come up with Ike. You know a code in that story where you're like. What we did is is we. We all got together. I don't know you just got to rent a limo. Do Down the road just cruise some of them with your crew. You know what I mean. But how are they? Are they going to be in the LIMO together after? Quarantine postponed style. You know we'll get postponed. I mean it's a bummer. That it's not happening real time but I think it will still happen. Actually maybe not. If it's all through summer fuck man. Yeah I guess I'm just trying to hold out. Hope that I can still happen for these kids. Renting Limos time. I think they're going to be a kids who are seniors in high school at this time. They're going to be like the can be like the quarantine class it's like. Everyone knows the Corinthian class. Has They live life to the fullest because they missed out senior in high school? So those game. I mean those guys itemize senior banged in the backseat. My Mom's Ford expedition and none of these kids are GonNa get to do that. We'll do I mean yeah that's true it's true is phone sex in the back of your mom's car. That's awesome rather speakerphone. Get some surround. Sound going if your mom's got a nice car. Yeah that's awesome bad that Ford expedition by the way. I'm surprised you're really nice. Car Wasn't explorer right kind of work. That tour woman hasn't been satisfied since you started off at the top of Mount Everest. And now she's climbing tetons and Mount Whitney and none of them feel as special go-to Larry's it's crazy. You gotTa Cougar to go to Prom with you. I'm just imagining. This was a cougar that you were with I. I wish you know she was also a senior but anybody guy that could bring older woman promised. Pretty Pretty Awesome. What's the Emile Hirsch movie? I only girl next door next door. Yeah good movie do really proud. Which is great legit movie good soundtrack? Really Good Dude. What's his name? What's that got these David Gray days? Also use that song. Whatever girl you were GONNA ask to prompt. Still ask her and then just do a zoom problem which is Youtube and play that Song. This year is love. Do and then give her. Hey give her a digital kiss at the end of the night gingy. That's a great call that song or if I may you know I don't WanNa happen. Dj here but another song. That I know you love Ariel Pink in the haunted graffiti that one. Ooh Baby he netted. Let's somebody else it haunted graffiti right. I think it's the Osmond brothers or something. Oh It's originally the Osmond brothers. And then she doesn't remake. Yeah Okay Yeah Yeah. You're right away from a lesson Jesse That the name of that movie. It's also from what's the one with miles teller now woodley. Yeah that's how I found out about it. Nice to all right. Well Yeah did. I don't know how you get your Bros. Involved but maybe God could all resume. Pretend you're like Benny Hana's together before the dance. Yeah and then you guys can do a fake limo ride somehow over zoom and then do a fig dance and then and then you can partner off with your respective dates and then from there. It's you know it's up to however things pan out. But Jim Foggy in and out door dash to your house if you can oh. Jt that tend to call you could do you could do it. Virtually do you could. Yeah I wish there was something more you know tactile we could offer but I think what keeps thinking we can revisit. What'S UP DUDE? I'm studying computer science in college right now and the whole reason I got into it was because I love creating things. I like to believe that the only limit to what's possible in this field is once imagination however my classes lately have not been given me any opportunity to be creative and it's really leaking my stove tags. How do I check more creative activities? In my daily life to creative muscle the juicy pump. They deserved and the stimulus they need to grow. I like this guy's attitude a lot. It sounds like what you would say. I lost everybody a bit. He wants to be more creative but his classes in computer. Science aren't making him feel more creative so he wants to know how he can enjoy his field with more a creativity. Yeah just to keep his brain activated and keep him feeling good because he likes it within Computer Science. I think so. Yeah did I watch the social network and just you know look at the way even though Knob Just look at the way. They sort of a had their own fun with their computer skills. You know they're like oh. I know these things are going to create this social network whatever Maybe sort of look at you know. Read about the tech guys thing about how they use their creativity to sort of think outside the box that apply that to your own Work that's ultimately what you WANNA do. You WanNa create something that no one's ever thought up before you know introduce something entirely new to the marketplace. Maybe just devote yourself to that pursued a cell as bad ass and have it have your dome so when you when you when you said your mind you know it's like I want to create this new computer software. Whatever your subconscious will be working on that and then one day the idea is just gonNa pop in and then you've got to prom every artist. You Gotta learn the rules before you break them. I mean I don't know how long this guy said he was in this program for but it's like you know. Just come out just playing jazz. You Gotta learn you gotTa get trained and then you can start hitting note. You WanNa be hidden with crew in your vitamin so. Maybe the creativity will come. Maybe you're maybe you gotta you know a very active minor. You're smart doing a little slow for you but I don't know I. I don't know where he is in the basics with. Sometimes you know you'd probably feel out of it but master those fundamentals. Dude you know yeah. Become Tim Duncan before you can become you know Madonna Kobe. Introduce some weirdness into your life to like You seem like you're really smart guy so I'm sure it's easy to get a lot of validation in a lot of Things could happen. Maybe like Try some clubs and stuff that are at the edge of your interest. You know what I mean like do a clothing design class. You know do something weird and maybe that'll create new vocabulary for you and no new lessons. New ways of thinking about things that will actually applied to To computer science. I'm thinking about range that book we read by David Epstein in like it's weird how like the more outside the box subjects. You can invest yourself in the more you'll get ideas for the things you really care about. Maybe read the next book read is Moore's Memoir say you know? I don't know what's what that's going to be about. But it'll be interesting to see the world through Demi Moore and maybe by beers you have something to talk to chicks. Yeah that's part of it but also I think I wanna I'm a guy and it'll be it'll be nice to know but that is a good conversation starter. But Hey I just I just read Demi Moore's by our women being to that and if I walk a mile in her shoes all better understand Demi Moore would. It feels like to be a-list actress who is fun to read about the anymore versatile after that excited for the chapter on. Strip tease yeah. That'd be compelling it's gotTa be Acting Yeah. I'm curious what our thoughts are on that. I think she was the highest paid actress for that movie at the time like in history. Yeah did yeah. Jane do such a good movie career. I've never seen a wild thing. Feels SORRY FOR ITSELF. Heard will drop frozen and dead off wire bile without ever uttering award of complaint something like that. But I think the best of Charlie's angels two full throttle. Yeah it is moving her desert eagles. Yep Good do ads movie and he said all he did yeah he said all he was doing the AB Roller Really Fuck Yadda here Justin thorough. Those knows work but they don't work that well. Did you watch that movie? And you're like that Dude wrote traffic's under ads are made in the kitchen too. He probably was on a good diet. True true that's a far. That could be a quote of the week dude. Apps are made in the kitchen do love. I think that's an arnold saying by the way WHO's been stomach. Have you guys been watching his instagram? IT'S A. It's an incredible crushing every every every year twice a year. A clean my boots and it's just like brushing his cowboy boots Tom. Smoking those Stogie having Jacuzzi and you know. Social Distance Arnold is the best. He's like he's on message in the weirdest ways possible. It's pretty cool like every time you look at them. You like. You're shocked at the things that are happening in the frame to little horses that earliest feeding. That's unbelievable yeah. It's just impossible to predict but it makes perfect sense somehow for him. Yeah these a student I let last question. What legends you guys you. The best have helped me through the darkest time in my life. And I trust the. You'll be able to help me with my dilemma. I'm college in my third year stuck at home for the rest of the semester and summer militia at home When I P and I get a little dribble down my pants every time at school are shared bathroom with a bunch of other bro. So I try not to sit method acting as a Nola gay about to drop a new. What is the reference to the a bomb atomic bomb and I don't know if that was NAGAS. Dock Your Hero. Shema maybe both not sure which planet here she goes. You guys are legends. I haven't seen questions do either guys strider said to pete or I would ask Joe but already knows hogs emerging the water every time. He sits my second question is how do I get the lead? I try to push it all out but looking guy splurged every time. Thanks Boys I love you. Both again do well. You Know Me. My one bedroom came up with this fire idea I was like. Can you know not You know maybe waker upper. She's sleeping do she's taking meetings and stuff all the time so I just thought it was a nice considered thing and honestly do they. Also a nighttime. I can do with the lights off and not worry about splashing anything I mean dude. I wouldn't get caught up in your dome about or judging you all European. And maybe they'll laugh about second on. I'd get more word about the hygiene since you said it's a Frat House and I'm sure those guys aren't listening to see but Do you dog. Don't want anyone judge you the way that seen as little as possible. Oh yeah that's my only concern frat house but outside I I would be like I think you just gotta own it. You gotTa rose I sit to P and then and then they start making fun of you about it. Just wear it and be like yeah. I'm the guy who sits down. And then when you go home at a club guy who rips it up on the dance floor any node does the worm and then and then you get up in. One of their faith gentle. Like and I'm also the guy who sits down to P and just nailed that worm at this club and then it's like you're not going to be defined by if you if you're afraid of it it has more potential to define you than if you just own it and then it's just another component of Yeta. This guy sounds like a trendsetter to me. I mean he's going to be the guy who starts to sit down when he p movement wherever he's going to school pretty soon seventy five percent of the dudes are going to be doing that because you started. I wanted to be copycats. Yeah I WANNA sit down to Pena because of this guy. I'm your standard P again. I'M GONNA try right after this. I'm going to sit on top as we're both. GonNa Sit Down To pee in the same bowl at the same time. Yup I'm GonNa get completely naked. Terminator one style. Put my arm up like this on the Gargoyles the toilet and pee into it like that dude do you remember? Do you remember our jags. Buddies to get naked. And then do the terminator coming out of time travel thing. It was unreal. He looked so Jackson. Look so good doing it did. It was like it every time it would get that ink. I honestly thought he just came from the future. I was like I didn't even know he was here. Right now are awake. I can so so. That's so bad ass. I guess this is a really good question. So let's let's do one more roque. What pieces of advice one to advice for you? Don't forget to jail when you're done and switch to darker pants. Smart Aaron based throwing strikes Jodi needed booster seat when he dropped a deuce. Yeah no I just I like my balls in the water a little bit. You see me waving my mom to get out of the rooms. I Dunno cookie kit. The Cat said business as deemed by the government. Please LERS COUNCIL. I come to you legends with a question. We hear about a lot in the pod. I always thought it could never happen to me until it did. Basically I've been talking with the sweet lady. Ever since quarantine started lengthy texts Kambas returned into three hour. Facetime calls the best. We've been talking for so long and I really like this girl. She's funny smart. Sweet Artistic Beautiful. The list goes on very recently. We had our first real life date where we parked cars in front of a pawn. And just talk to our windows at a reasonable distance. She laughs at my jokes and tells me I'm cute. We're both very open about how much we like each other. Do this guys the man. Here's the problem. This is in bold. She keeps talking about her friend. Jack Now I am normally not the jealous type. At first at first the Sky Jack sounded cool. If he's anything like this girl. I'm sure we could become fast friends but my beef with Jack has recently escalated first off jackets. One hundred percent straight confirming any paranoia may have had about. This girl tells me about times. He slept over. Her House. Often begins anecdotes with the words. That's just like the one time I was with my friend Jack. Kicker here dudes is that she's got in the habit of saying I don't remember if you're Jack told me this and ensure another short story about Jack and my and my head here seeing. I tried to kiss my best friend. Tick toxic makes me think this guy shoot I lost. Jt Juneau's here Erin. Audio's back Yeah Okay. You got me. Am I in my head here? Seen those tried to kiss my best friend. Take Me. Think this guy's going to try and pull a move on her and I think deep down I'd be okay if they ended up together. It's such a storybook romance and at the end of the day. I just want her to be happy. All that being said it'd be really cool. She talked about me. She talks about Jack in due time. Hopefully should I tell her that bothers me or respectively. Keep my mouth shut. Thank you and stay safe and healthy. Did ALYSSA are? There are the interrelationship. No they're like a better relationship Out Wait till you're in a relationship till you say anything about that because you don't want you know if you yeah I mean it's clearly Until you fully exclusive and you're like inner relationships and she's still doing it then say something but at this point here in your in the courting phase. Just be cool you know. Keep doing what. You're doing those romantic talks. Drive up to ponds and other bodies of water in you know Just keep doing that and just stay strong but I I totally get where is coming from with the Joseph It's tough his. His his fears are totally valid. But if he speaks on them now it will only throw her off and undermine whatever potential they have either so I think you just have to act like nothing in the world bothers you. 'cause you're who'll and confidence and then once you guys have said. I love you to each other and you're like verbally entrenched as a couple. Then go babe. I know. It sounds ridiculous but when we started off I was crazy jealous about Jack Jack near like I knows nuts right but you can't ever revealed out until you guys are like until you're certain that you guys are solid in that. She's she's with you. Yeah yeah that's great advice and you know what I gotTa beat Jack. You gotta be Jackass Miller would it be? Jackson is did not mention Jack ever. That's what I'm talking about. Jack doesn't exist because right now my dog. I was worried listening to this. You sound like you know. Obviously we love disco. You're talking about but there are some girls and guys correct me if I'm wrong. It got this like Beta male orbit going around him there's like three or four dudes are just the planet just while while the dude. Everyone's concerned about another Jack. And then there's a steve and then he's probably one of the dudes that Jack's concerned about. And so you're like there's this orbit going around this planet of hotness right here and it's like dude you can't be one of these. Beta male orbiters gotta be the Alpha. You've got to be your home planet and you guys got to collide worlds and make it happen. And how do you do it? You fucking start. You start saying more direct stuff not derogatory but direct stuff. Like I love the way you look. Look terrific your beautiful man. I wanted date. You just come out and say I would like to date you not a girl like you you because just what you never even talk about Jack. Do the fuck is Jack. I Dunno Jack and then I'm just getting fired up. I'm like dude. Don't be one of these orbiting. Dude got to get in there. You gotta get into kitchen. You've had some real coupon dates. That's amazing yeah baby letter. No I did it. A really sweet girl who had blown three of our friends at the same time and we're still friends with all those guys and she told me the story. You know what I said. Hey that's cool and acted they bothered me buck knife and guess what they were never a problem. They were nice guys literally. I don't know if it's zoom feature but when you said that dude like a cigarette showed up in your mouth right there it looks so I I do like. I don't know if it was. I don't know if Aaron did that. Digitize debut school dude I make a cowboy hat. Did this guy who wrote the emails cool? You can tell all chessboard. He sees the whole chest but he goes. What gotTa do he gets? It got a lot in common with this guy. Yeah all right. Should we do you want to do? We have another attitude before we get into our beefs legends. Yeah fired off I'M GONNA go get one of those cookies and my mom real quick while you do. Yeah Dude I was like you gotta get that cookie. I was like I know a fucking guys. I'm interrupting this podcast. Let you know once again. We're brought to you by manscaping landscape. Thank you so much for keeping. Our TRIMs Cubed for looking after our hogs for making sure that are are looking fresh and clean because we are in the queue team guys. There's no denying when self-isolation this is giving you ample time to get creative with your don cuts. Dude you know. Drop something cool into Europeans. You know experiment. This is the time to experiment. Especially if you're not with your romantic partner right now really. WanNa you know when we get out of this thing. Make a really good first impression. You know maybe draw a fricken. You know Some painting like You know Mike do like something that Dali would do in your pews. 'cause you can do that in with. Allama three point Oh it has that type of precision dudes. Trust me when I say in. Also we're in April now in its testicular cancer month. Hey did you guys know that one guy every hour. Every day is diagnosed with testicular cancer. So this is a reminder to all the men listening to check yourself before you wreck yourself manscaping. In addition to writing the right tools and solution for safe and easy manscaping has partnered with the titular cancer society to spread awareness for men's health and cancer detection together tea. Cbs and landscaped are committed to raising awareness for the most common form of cancer in May Jr Amend Age fifteen to thirty five loaded denies the most common form of cancer in men aged fifteen to thirty for thirty five giving support for fighter survivors families impacted by testicular cancer. As part of the we say balls campaign so guys remember. Check your nuts all you gotta do it super easy to go down there you know. Give them a little like structures. Make sure there no weird bumps around the balls. And then you're good but also get your yearly physical. Make sure he checked those out you know gives them the nice rep down So meg check yourself once once a month. If you do give your doctor call your frigging urologists and say you're nuts are feeling weird. So that's what's up guys. Get the perfect package reply. Now get the La Mer three point zero and get twenty percent off plus free shipping with the code go deep twenty man. Skate DOT COM. Always use the right tools barrier Johnson. Oh Yeah I like what you said about Ali Dude doing those dripping clocks on your but your dog piece. Oh yeah that'd be a human. Yeah I house three chocolate chip cookies. Oh my God look at these fricken legs Dude Dude Dude. So White Creamy yeah. Here's the thing to Joe. Just show me Joe. Do these face times where we talked to a few different friends on the phone and Joe has been telling me that? I can't do it shirtless anymore. He sees me shirtless on their pails. Or if I'm and I don't agree with that lifestyle. Just short tiny dancers their facetime in his underwear like that with no shirt on. Get a package dude. Jt Plano. That's Kinda like Calvin Klein out over there. Dude Bainbridge's how much it bothers Joe. We call him. He's like if you take your pants off. I'm getting off the phone. So he's dropped trial after he says that you love it. You love them naked at home. Now it's true I should say I'm at work right now. All right I'm sorry. Essential harass even. Think about it my bad dude. I'm sorry I should've asked you before idea. Sorry to Chad. Who is your beef of the week? For the week as the arch. My right foot. I've been running outside. You know trying to get my workout in China. You know go for walks up and doing some sprints here and there and you know now my fee have taken a beating in a Cabrera like I can't take days off because my the bright side of my foot is killing the arch and it's annoying because I can't go to the gym and just like hit like a you know has salt biker. Something like I can't jump rope because it hurts to jump so you know my foot's really you know crap out on me at the wrong time so my Yoga with Adrian Just trying to get that flexibility out trying to give my body. The carrot needs but Right now I just want to say big fuck you to my foot Yeah I'll take some tylenol. It'll be all good but for right now for sure. Legend strider with beef elite. You might be for the week. Is this just a came in yesterday? And it's lovely but I'm still have a beef with it and it's one of my most adult beefs of all time Do To frigging bird nesting my air conditioning unit and my bedroom like we have a window mounted unit you know and so the bird is building a nest in there dude in its metal so like. I can hear his little tiny talons in. There did inlet you. That's lovely that's nature dude. It's creating a family. Did it spring bro? But honestly do you know what it is doing this very adult raising about to use it. It's a newest instant new frigging nuisance to SOM- like I'm thinking my Dome Goulette Call Animal Control. I'm calling an animal control do that. Something never done before my life. I'm calling animal control. I'm like do what I gotTa do here. You know it's lovely having dark thoughts. I'm thinking about just you know you remember that book the Ringer. They made us read in school. Where the kids got going like ring. Pigeons next pretty brutal. I'm I'm thinking about that. I don't WanNa kill these little birds. I want them to live and be happy but I want them to live like a park did not in my AC unit and talk directly to those birds. What would you say? Look you will do? Offer ends up first of all. It's not a derogatory term. That's a fired-up term just means you're little and I'd be like look. I love you guys. I love that you got a family. You got some little chicks going right there. Dude you got your Jeff and you guys got eggs. But you're building your home on my home dude unless yeah August charging. That's what I'm saying. Joe Must you can bring the Cheddar. Did or the ACORNS or whatever. You're munching on you. Got To take a hike and honestly let me do you favor head over to Pan Pacific Park. It's beautiful you can watch people play basketball countries. They closed it down so now they just colds a free stater really. Yeah okay. People have should too much though. It's got out of hand because people are bringing their dogs and they're taking him off the leash there like making it a frigging dog park. No one's out there to be vigilant Joe. Have you thought about saying anything to anyone? I was doing my sprints yesterday and his dogs chase me like like the frigging beast in the Sandlot or some shit. What are your sprints coming in at like four four four five? Yeah very fast. That's awesome the week yet your aerodynamic yeah your hair dynamic Aaron do you have a beef We're going along with what? Jones is talking about. People who do not microchip. They're dogs so a stray dog. A lost dog showed up at my door on Wednesday and We're we took it around the block to see who was coming out looking for. It had a harness on but no collar. And we're like well maybe it's micro-chipped and then we can figure out who owns it and we took it to a place to hospital not No nothing so we just had to hang onto the dog and couldn't really bad luckily because I posted on a bunch of stuff like next door in the ring. Luckily we did find the owner of the next day but it could. It could have been you know. We had this dog for like thirty days. Yeah and you silent you keep it or shelters aren't taking dogs right now could have been really bad. Luckily it worked out but it had had his dog bin microchips It would have been at an hour two hours. Yeah it's stressful. Because I already have a dog in. This dog was huge doc. Great Dane Stein Yes you might be for. The week is with lag on call of duty it just when you're playing call duty. You're so happy. And then when you get lag you just want to persevere through it and hope that it will get better but it doesn't get better in maintains for the remainder of the match to then you start to your skills to because you're like. Hey I'm Ed shutting guys who I got dead to rights and he started to think maybe it's an issue with your trigger pulling your your your hand eye coordination but it's not it's just lag and I don't understand it at all. I think all Internet should I am in Boston. And it's just really disappointing when I wanna just knock heads off and have a solid Katie ratio and it gets undermined because technology. Because I know my ability is is more than what I'm showing an and people don't believe you when you complain about lack it feels like a part of an excuse that you're making but it's real and to all you people out there who have lagged who don't have great Internet. I feel for you. We will rise one day together and we will blow peoples domes off and call unity with the expert precision that we have that. But we just haven't been able to display because of our MOMS Wifi that's very heartfelt and very very very true in very righteous beef chat. Who's your baby? The week the week is staff there. Sanjay Gupta's constant look of concern. Ni- yeah 'cause I am the oddest Sometimes I feel like you look at the numbers of California and like you know. It's been a while sometimes. I feel the poll that poll of like I don't. I don't need to wash hands all the time like you know. I don't need to aid anything that makes me less cautious. And then I turn on the news and I see Sanjay Gupta looking so God damn concerned unlike Nah. Nah This isn't about me. This is about other people you know said that. Wash those hands at put that face vast gone hunker down in my place So schwer gives shadow to Sanjay Gupta. Thank you for your constant concern. reminds me of the seriousness of the situation and keeps me in check. So that's a fire one. Love the strider. Who's your baby? The week do my God be my gfd. Since we've been on quarantine did she was frigging taking a conference call on our kitchen area. Did and I was just doing some dishes. Dude and I saw her using three different devices of media brochures on zoom. Call right here talking to some dude named Tom then cleric Al-Zour talking about somebody in about an email. That's on her. Frigging TABLET DUDE. That she hasn't been looped in on yet and she went ahead and problem solve. Everyone's issues immediately stepped up. Got It done. She's like oh. She goes on and on Lipton on that earlier. But you know what I see it here. Give me a few minutes all sorted out and I'll I'll send you an email on all including attachments sites that you need and dial is washing our French press and I was like what Dude frickin legendary Broadway just got to witness that so sick being bossed. That's awesome that's awesome able to handle business. Joe Leisure Babe of the week I I you skip me on beef you on my beef and Babe. Skip your beep. Yeah to get up at the eve save you hit both love so sorry the The beef might be of the week is myself Because I got really lonely. The other night downloaded bumble again and I don't want any part of bumble. I don't like it and I'm disappointed that joined again. Women asking you questions like you know if you had to give up one thing Oral sex or cheese. Which one would you pick like? What is that you know? Which one would you pick. I duNNo. I don't WanNa frigging answer. That obviously not cheese. I'm not going to give up pizza crazy. You're going to have your oral say Speaker Truth intriguing question. I'm pretty fired up that question. I agree with you. I'd keep cheese. I think I've never been a huge fan of relieving oral sex prefer giving it to receiving it but I like the idea of it. Yeah someone liking me so much that they do that but the feeling of it is is not quite what I thought it would be when I was a young person who had not received it yet but was desperate for it thought about it constantly. Cheese cheese phonology. She's lives up to the billing every time right nurse. So many varieties chatter peppers Swiss. Brie Brie Larson go grey hair yet. Go is goat. The goat cheese NA NA Camembert camembert eleven is Canada crawl along who harsh Rela Armenian angry at the holy grail of cheese tied to put turtles judge? Put some Provo alone on there. Election up Cheddar straight chartres. Ooh That's nice. Yeah jeter that cut through the noise Joe. Who's your babe? Babe is John Vinnie's restaurant. Ooh Over here neighborhood during our regular. It's very hard to get that food. Is You need to make a reservation. They're like three months in advance but during quarantine they're doing obviously takeout service so called over there. Yesterday I got myself a great Easter dinner. Nice Dude Yeah Kozara. They need the business so great to support the local restaurant that tests phenomenal Italian food. Yeah it was. It was just a great meal. Would you guys Vinnie's? I love to hear what you get I had some chicken Parmesan I had pasta. Forget the pomodoro sauce in a container of a meat balls. That comes with garlic bread. Yeah their meat. Balls or world-famous good order there. It's a great spot. Yeah and I'm glad to see it's a alive and Kickin in these difficult times. Yeah Yeah you know what that makes me want to switch my baby week. I think my baby the week is to the a the countries and sectors that that you know we're getting hammered during all this you know. I heard the The economist Tyler. Cowen who I really think is a smart anchor. Good prognosticating saying that. He doesn't think the cruise business is GonNa Bounce back and that just might be like a bygone kind of treat of our era that that won't really resuscitate so to all you future earthlings for listening to this podcast cruise ships in crap dude. They were these large floating monstrosities that had like pools and some of them had rock. Climbing gyms all and they had arcades golden was like there was like always other kids your age on a hook up with the chicks hooking up with dudes like five years older than you so is kind of at a reach in this way that was very aspirational and then a your parents would gamble. Because they're allowed to gamble on the High Seas International Law. What is that called when you're out in the ocean and there's marital maritime yet right or international waters rather as you've been on a few cruises there? I've only been on one of Costa Mexica in for the Millennium. My parents Which one is it? Costa Roman it wasn't as bad as like carnival or or Disney or or one of the JOT. Actually I see to his greater knowledge on cruises. Does it right it bums me Atman. I love cruises. You know. Now you've got guys like Bill. Maher coming out like Joe. Obviously I'm like Suck Adong Bill. Maher Star. Yeah but like yeah. Do I mean like you know yeah? It's a floating Petri dish. But you know what I put myself on that boat because I wanted to have fun and you know people know. Rousseau is look nice rider no the year after High School. I went on an Alaskan cruise. There was this kid on there who was too old to be naked the whole time too he was like. I don't know how old it is like your your what your three chill was. Tan Dude Blake everywhere. Dude he I think he just put a bow tie on for a formal dinner Dude Naked. The whole way to dinner unbelievable prime members being on the cruise. Like this like this is insane. Where's this kid's parents do? It's crazy to think if her Shitsu done. Where do they go? What do we do with those boats? Dude Credence Dude Tech Guy. That's pretty cool dude. There's tons of instagram pages. That are like abandoned abandoned by their. Is Your Tech thing right? There Bro. Abandoned cruise ships. Just Take Edgy pitchers of it. Do Little Soundtrack. As a matter of fact twin or something. Yeah that'd be that's an interesting question. What would they do with all the bullets did? There's a place in the area where it's just all old World War Two ships do. They're all they're all just stocked San Francisco Green. Mary on Alexander was at a World War. Two boat was Admiral Bruiser. Yeah but it was commissioned armour to. Yeah Oh interesting. Yeah Hey you know what actually wanted I think now is the time has ever to chat do you. WanNa Intro strider making introduction for his big announcement on ATC. Oh yeah study down with that. Yeah let's do it Jackson or cut this as a clip and put this on going deep page two and we could see we still have to record some get some recordings in but I think we're going to schedule some stuff so yeah might as well Attention STOKER'S MEMBERS OF STOKE NATION J? T. and I are very proud to present this announcement from strider strategy. I'll let you do your thing. Thank you my dogs dude. Yeah I'm fired up to be a Christian into solo know without my dogs but my dogs are always in my heart and the indulging me guesting on my very own hosted podcast entitled history as Dank Dude. GonNa to be sick. What's it about this is about? You know what I mean. Whatever historian does and historian enthusiast? You know we look at our past dude and you gotta ask. Why do these things happen? You know what led to these things in what was chiller until about certain events like dude. What would it be a Bro? Up Bunker Hill with his frigging jeff across the bay having to protect it from the British dude or like You know like dude. What like honestly even some personal history stuff like do you like history of batting ninth. Did something I always didn't literally grown up. And like who are some chillers batted Ninth Lake new? You know what I mean. It sounds so the shelby like you with your strategy breaking down in different historical and each episode every episode is going to be high and tight. You know twenty five minutes dude get you to work do you get your dumb spin and it's GonNa be me just thick and a historical topic like You know I go on about like let's see again. Maybe even just a history of like this Dank Dog Togo that I'm fired up to talk about in the whole episodes can talk about this. Dank Dog Togo doing what he did on a sled and I'm just GonNa go do a nice little visit with that dude and it can be sick and then you know maybe even some questions because guys historical historical questions or some six stuff that you'd like to hear about I'd be fired up to research and You know share my share my thoughts on it. It's all about just spreading knowledge in Stoke. I'm fired out this podcast. It's going to be amazing. I can't think of anyone better to deliver. Historical facts and dog strider a perfect for Grey Works Drier. And we also have you on there talking about the history of the cubs dude. Yeah I'm smart. I know a lot of stuff you do. I'd love to be you know history of a bat nine but you've got a nine inch Dong. I don't WanNa undersell you though I was GonNa say nine is but I don't WanNa undersell you so I can't think of a better to have on the sticks than Aaron is the engineer. Because he's got a pretty deep historical knowledge as well. Yeah do you truly do so? It'll be a quite a luxury. It'll be a luxury when I'm going down the wrong path on my research and earns like actually do not be. That was a hero. Shema do that. You're talking about him. But I'M GONNA need that. That's going to be awesome man so pumped to listen to it. I know initially wrote a lot. Yeah I'm so glad. Yes stay tuned for that in download. History is Dank coming to you in the next month or so so yeah thank you. Yeah all right Chad. Who is your legend of the week? GotTa Babe area from all over the map. My bed no problem so my babe of the week is in that loss dog that we found end up being odin which. I didn't I didn't think about. Yeah we were trying to get like a million names. I've thrown names outlets right own. Was Not one of them but he was a big sweet guy. I want you to the big doll. Yeah just an absolute sweetheart. Thankfully these kind of kind of bright but yet is just a giant strong's all get out fast like like blowing by. Joe In the sprints flights but Swedes can be like just a bit of a bumper. Hudson was not taken too kindly to being humped nor was I when he tried and wrestling like enemy fighter but I got him off me and happy that he's back with his owner just around the corner suite. Go is Chat Hoosier. Legend of the week alleged. The week is Steve. Martin as mentioned early on Steve Martin Marathon. I took his master class and I had been crushing. Steve Martin Movies jerk though finger Planes trains automobiles. I'm GONNA diamond is subordinate. You mentioned. Roxanne. What was the other one? La La story stories were plaid. That's weird yeah her and stoker's chick is Johnny Carson appearances on the you know like seventy times or something but I mean they're all hilarious and he's just a beast. I read his book born standing up Probably like six years ago he's always been inspiration to May an will factoid. This was a rumor when I was in like Maoz thirteen but by mom almost went on a date with him. Whoa that's their way. That fires me up but Yeah he's always been inspiration to me. is childlike sensibility. is use of irony all that kind of stuff that the character he adopted was always just. I like to stop comedy because there was like kind comedy. No the joke was always on him. And I thought that was a really smart in fund way to to approach it. So shot Steve Martin Legend. Hope to meet you one day and Oh and he's a beast at the Banjo to he's I think he's a grammy winning edition more dude at the Steve Martin Story. That's quick do you want to hear it? Yeah Yeah I gotTa Meet Them. Valeting at the hotel which was frigging sick and has very brief as most valley. Interactions are like super busy during award season Any season and this car pulls up and sometimes we gotTA GET LIKE. Is it still busy? Can Away of the car and the car is not moving and like waving waving away on finding. I got a little impatient. I'll go out there and I'm like go right to the wind all next year. Can You And I literally looking at Steve Martin. He's like like Super Nice. Yeah I was like oh I just need you to He's like I'm here to pick up more. Michael's Oh yeah that's amazing. Yeah and like I gave them my super nice spot. Obviously yeah that was the entire interaction but he was very pleasant even when I approached him with unpleasant energy. Yeah Dude imagine being a fly in that car ride in the back seat as watching that they did a big. I don't forget what it's called but Like something may just be called like. I don't remember what's called but anyway or Michaels. Dan Interviewed in it. And he's like an. Steve came in with a sketch idea and of course he was already better than us. All at it immediately talking about how you like. Was this old pro. You know beginning beast. Yeah he's incredible a jerk. Was I saw that as a kid I didn't? I may have I thought was funny then but I didn't. I don't think I really undersell the jokes Watching it was just I mean. That movie holds up Yes stoker's if you ever feeling down in the Coubertin Watch Steve Martin Johnny Carson Appearances Fire Yup us brighten your day man. Joe Who's Your Legend League Ledger? The week is the Peleton company during his You Know I. I usually go through cycle house but I haven't able to do that. But they The workouts in there have been just kicking my ass and they're credible they're good. Yeah I mean that's awesome. Yeah the instructors are topped. They're not messing around you You know they're kicking it. I mean when I'm done. My assured is clearly so it's It's incredible love is usually. I would go hiking and stuff and running outside generally WanNa do that these days but the Peleton is really come through for me so it's great to have nice hanging you for getting to be a Peleton instructor do you also have to be a DJ or is that just optional. Play their original tracks. Dude Yeah Great. They're great they're the best they bring energy and stuff. Yeah Cool strider. Who's your legend of the week? Did my lead into the week is also a product you look at us through the endorsements over here my new ring doorbell. Do I got a ring? Also Nice because like I mentioned last time my psycho neighbor Agnosio. Did he thinks I'm trying to drill into his walls. Which was very alarming needed. Now let's go crazy. Had obviously on math. He's doing drugs that paranoia. It do percents so I got a ring doorbell at the Cam just for extra peace of mind but also boosted stoke around the house. Because you know I'll go out to check the mail or with my jeff goes out to check the mail or like you know her safe. Walk around the block would all look back at the campus. I note records. We get the motion on our APP. And I'll just do a little wanted to use a little muscle. Smooch dude right there. She'll see a dude just boosting each other stove with a new medium. You know so. Yeah Aaron who's your legend by Legend? The League is a Michael Shannon. The actor the greatest his. I think I watched my For the first time do imagine kind of movie. And he's just a small partner because I guess he was filming Mankowski Olympic time whereas playing generals odd. But he's just the funniest dude if you just look at his delivery of lines is it's incredible he said. I've got the quotes up here because I think what might be my quote but he's I think he's just saying like I'm your uncle but I'm kind of parent or something like that. I don't know if that's Allah. I today ringing a bell. But he I remember him being hilarious in that. Yeah I mean He. He can go from hilarious and quirky to like menacing. You know like both in the shape of water But like have you guys seen Ellison Nixon but he plays Elvis Against Kevin Spacey Plays Nixon which is wrong for all sorts of reasons. But he's so funny though. This is the funniest person to ever play. All this is ridiculous. It's just awesome dude. Yeah Shannon's a beast. What's that Tom Ford movie? That he's in simple man. No no American are What was it the nocturnal animals? Yeah he's great in that dude. Yeah guys got his face like Oak. Yeah he's great and everything he's Great. If you hear more podcasts. He's so dried so funny. He just thinks acting is ridiculous and he doesn't care like he just he just doesn't carry lives in New York. He's like I don't care about anything we so good at it. He's so good now. Watch I watch this thing? I need to Ryan Johnson was breaking down scene from knives out any said. Michael Chan was by far the funniest guy on set. I mean he I think he says like he didn't even see it coming but it just like completely taken by surprise. Yemi to me. That's how I feel about like the little party had much. She's like. Yeah he's so funny. He's the what he delivers lines. You don't move your Dan Groundhog Day. Yup Kit in that. Yeah he gives wrestlemania tickets exactly. That's all and he's got a good little switcheroo and that seems like stoked on it and his girlfriend says something so he's doing comedy from the from the beginning. Did my legend in the week is Pacey from Dawson's creek played by Joshua Jackson A slacker with a good heart who wins lady at the end of the day and fills his potential and then also can throw down. Here's a couple of fight scenes in it that have pretty solid choreography where he just puts the other guy down. And then the thing I love about screening. I think it really inspired me to try and talk fancy speaking in a snappy. Wbz style dialogues. Because I like the. They're they're like sixteen year old kids but they're all beautiful and they just talk so elegantly like Joey played by Katie. Holmes will be like Pacey. How dare you fill people with religious inspiration? Who are bereft of any kind of spiritual capacity like. Oh Yeah just how sixteen-year-old sex and then the slack? I'm sorry Joey in my quest to fulfil by endless endless parade of mistakes was something worthy of joy and beauty. Happen to cascade against your family. You're like yeah that's how dumb ass even the dumb ass. The show has like a great philosophy on. Why is the masks? And I just think it's like a beautiful way to look at the world where everyone's articulate. Everyone can string together poetic and then and then even like the dumbest. Bro Is kind of a a really sophisticated dude. So pasties plus Dawson was always such like a like a wet noodle and like neurotic can likes always trying to make everything perfect and just kind of stealing the fun from things in pasty was just kind of like a cool dude when with the flow and was loyal and could throw down. So Yeah pasties Chad do you have a quarter of the week? Yeah from a Steve Martin. Talking about music is like dancing about architecture. What is it again? Talking about? Music is like dancing about architecture. Okay I don't know it's just sentenced to me. It is a cool sentence. Yeah Yeah what's your quote of the week? My core of the week is Where the fucking females of its From Steve Stiffler in American Pie two kind of theme of the quarantine. I've been by myself and I really Miss Women Alive and be nice to see a woman so you had a lady over last night though right. Yeah but not for long wool guys get intimate Oregon Q. Team Yeah No. We've Kinda been came in each other company here on the block with a tight. Knit group here and So we'll do street corner meetings yesterday. We she came in but most of the time. We're just hanging out outside. I'm fired up. I'm about to walk this frigging web series after the Q. Team do you kidding me? I'm love and what I'm hearing over here. I like to strider. What's your mic quote of the week is bought is from Baas? Lerman's Sunscreen Song. Remember that from ninety seven the fun greatest great song and the reason that I'm quoting it in con- contextual from the movie about time that I watch remember I was telling you I was GonNa Watch where sticks and I was like. I'm calm on ball. It's a father son movie dude. I'm at the end. I'm just sitting there and my girlfriend is you know. She's watching Jeff and she's she's she's feeling the emotions but if you do do you have called your data while or something like that. You're just watching the movie. Do my face all all watching this thing on a fucking three getting like three gs of emotion my face like all not going mach six all to describe in like dude. I'm just feeling it Bro. And IT'S UNREAL. And then they got that song from like That guy same cave the cave. Nick Cave Bro. How long will I love? You do? Not How long will I love you? I don't believe into my God into my mom's dutiful dude spiritual and you said it when I told you I was GonNa do great music and you're absolutely right But this isn't a musical part but it's quoting a song and one line I liked and I think can almost China I was. I was dating my wife. We wouldn't saw in the theaters and I was eyeball to the entire credits. Dude got one. Miss DAD IS SO BILL. Ninety Bill Nye. He's The dad right and he's such a great dad right. God Yes data fun Lovin. He's full of wisdom in and they do they do it right in that movie. Like their tuck their border lining up. They've got theories on life and stuff but you're washing your life. Young man like that theory but Bosley that quote one thing and he says this line is just a line from the song and it says don't worry about the future or worry but no that worrying is effective is trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum. So Little Steve Steve Martin either. But it's just can't control these things you gotta right now are worried about Kobe. And all that and it's like do what we can do. Wash our hands and say we can't control it so that the wing it. There's another line I love from that salary. Says don't compare yourself to other people sometimes. You're ahead sometimes behind. But the race's long in the end only with yourself would yes. Yeah that all songs are just bangs with solid maximums into the the Medellin backer like just a quick little guitar and it hits like with the holiday. We Law strider. Did you get to ask Russell? Yeah we'll wait flam. Yeah he's deep in it. Did he could still be going right now. Not Know his frozen probably is going. He's GonNa come back at full trip will be soc- he's on a chopper. Given the traffic he looks happy. This is like at the end of a movie. They freeze frame him there. Oh No oh what up. I just went in my closet in went back in time. I switched my fist and just came back so I was GonNa Redo my quote. What were you saying about the medley from the song? Oh it's just that it's fire like it picks up at the right time and punctuates every quote. Yeah that's a good one Aaron. What's your week so this quote isn't as deep as the ones I've been thrown lately but it's it's from the movie mind it's from Michael Shannon's character to the main characters who is like a little kid. He's like fourteen. He thought he was dating this sixteen year. Old Girl She kinda like shrugs him off and so he walks into his buddies place and his goal is sitting there. And he's just says so you get your heart. Broke the walk round the shit. Look on your face get back in there and get your tip wet. You hear me perfect. Don't look around just kicked out there. She find the same thing. I tell all the smokers my my quotas from the show enlightened from the finale episode called. Burn it all and Laura dern has basically been working for this corporation that has been doing some shady shit and she out solve their to the La Times even they were going to promote her into a job where she could potentially change things but she just she can't change these places from within like it's kind of an us or them situation and then the CEO of the company confronts her and she's a little bit hippy. Dippy annoying and I feel like that about myself. Sometimes like I just had like these nebulous ideas that we shall be compassionate. But I don't know if there's real substance behind him in this guy gives addressing down to those kind of people that I think is super effective. He says you know what we you know what you are because we read your file. We know your whole story okay. You're a mental patient. You feel but you don't think you cry about the planet weep for the ocean you bitch and you Moan you can't understand anything you are hysteric and if you had the power if the world was won by you there would be no abandoned which is named company. Yes in in fact there will be nothing. You think you change something here. You changed nothing. You will always be in the margin because all you have are these fuzzy headed idealistic notions. I don't fucking apply scene. Yeah it's good show. I recommend it to everybody although I kind of spoiled it. But what's it called enlightened with Laura Dern? It's written by Mike. Mike White Guy did school Iraq Checking Buck. And what's it on? Hbo Okay. It's good it's super funny. It's got a lot of like awkward humor in it. Were you like kind of cringing? Because the main character Always does the thing. Like you're like Oh. Please don't say that awkward thing and she's the kind of character that always does but it's got a lot of heart. I would definitely recommend it yet. And that guy's monologue. You gotTA listen to it. The way he pieces it together is beautiful. All right Chad you ever phrase of the week forgetting after it but save that cruise for another gate. Oh Dude How's fire? You're at the bottom of the video now. Do you want to go next? What's your presents? The my furs. The week is tea time and five and you might think that that means we're going to have a t the linguist breakfast between the magic. But not we've been tone ended up with our workout bits. Do we're going to do it so we'll be live. We time and five and then we get out there. We do workout together Time don't exactly Joe. Yeah I would say Okay I'd say avoid fear because fear will weaken your immune system smart Erin let's get the day vitamin D. I added Attleboro In this book by G Toll Cina Trick Trick Mirror. She talks about sweet green and she says I think about but the worse things get the more. A person is compelled to optimize. I think about this every time I do something that feels particularly efficient self interested like going to a Bar. Class are eating lunch at a fast casual chopped salad. Shane sweet green which feels like a place to eat which feels less like a place to eat and more like a refueling station. I like refueling station. Let's fit the refueling station. Yeah that's is that like looking at food as fuel you change your relationship to really like. I don't need in cake as my taste. Buds any fuel to satisfy my body. She ripped sweet green and new astle but a push but she wouldn't rip it a new asshole if it dank if it wasn't effective being dank it wouldn't be worthy of getting its asshole. Ripped she wouldn't kick sweet green while it's down. Yeah exactly. She's got knocked. 'cause it's top dog. Yeah they're buffalo sauces Primo Bro movie grains dude she she into the entire notion of a personalized salad. That's made for you. Which is like I mean. That's like basically knocking on my door telling me I'm an asshole because like you guys see me ordered shops. You drill it a shock and it's great and like the like the Salads. Sounds like she's a little mixed up but you know she's making me think she's making me. She's making me double down and re fortify my love of chopped up salads. Yeah she's you know where you stand in having to stand firmly. So you've got an anchor for that Gordon her for that do all right dudes. What a of air do you ever week forgetting after we leave it to you to put those Tory? Yeah you did you get knotted. That's it the rest of the night on cod. Let's get on the box down to get some cotton. Yeah let's do it get on the box. Yeah I need to make sense. I need to go to the grocery store. A bunch of raisins again. Make yourself a nice ants on the log. Dude get a banana last that puppy in some peanut butter and drizzle some frigging raisins on the. I'm just missing the banana. Utterly eight throughout my food. Because I haven't I didn't like the grocery store but guy did tomorrow during the we know peanut butter raisins Put raisins in the peanut butter. Smart in a spoon dude. Thanks Bras are Bros. Guys you guys later got thanks. There needed skies alien. On what do Sean.

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