MG 203 - The Punishment Room (with Anthony Troli)


This is a head gum podcast. Or friends come. Time. What are we doing get off? Check the song. I have an idea my head when we start off by Alice's with my wrist, kind of a nightmare is still fun to listen to to the marvelous Mrs Maes Okoye, I'm Kevin we are the major. Did you did you catch? Did you realize this episode? Did you catch me if you can did you realize in this episode? The first usage of the word Goi on the show you've been keeping that close of a track. I mean, I think we would notice because we are the tischler goes when are they talking about we've been waiting for them to for because as we all know, we we've interactions and she loves us. She thinks people on there in our very cool one thing. She definitely does this think about us a lot in our opinion. Yeah. And she definitely doesn't have a very derisive relationship with a majority of her audience. She definitely doesn't shit talk people at premier parties and call them. She doesn't do those things. She she's never done it. She's like a she's a very kind person when it comes to her fan base. And we're part of that we feel that jitter. Of spirit so Goi where where was it? The going was in the Bank seen would Joel. I remember that. That's the only. Thanks, amy. Thanks shout. For the show hollow. I mean stars hall out. I says. I have always said hall all the Malik. Like, yes. Stars all out. That's what the bouncer at the stars hollow. Do you feel like you'll cross paths with palladino ever again ever again? I haven't have you never met her. No. Of course, not I have met her. Yeah. She is an east coast county. She's an east coast gal. I've never been allowed to audition for any of the parts of the shows. You didn't read for Mazel? I was a series of rag at the time on peo-. So you couldn't I couldn't. Oh, my God that was out of like three or four pilot seasons. This could be a much different podcast. But you know, why without it? We wouldn't have to great sees. Glad Rachel does. It. Rachel does stuff is rich. Again. Confusing. You really? Rachel got it though. She's fucking awesome. Yeah. And there's you know rabies tireless I feel like she's a tireless actress a bit of a workhorse recording. We got tagged on this a bunch over the weekend on SNL. They did do the revolving door of impressions sketch format that they're so fond of where it's auditions for back to the future mission for blah, blah, blah, the very thin premise for this one was additional for the new Oscar host, and they did have Gracia Rosina Hannah's. Marvelous MRs Mazel an eighty Brian Amy Sherman palladino amaze. Did you see didn't let me introduce our guests, and then we can play a. Yes. Laze in. He has a cornerstone corn though. He's a cornhole stone. That's the Gilmore guys head bursts, Mesa family, give it up for Anthony. I just imagine people in their car right now like clapping towards dangerous. They hold onto the car. Under flying through the glass. Just make it a new role every time I'm on the bugets. There's like a five minute banter before you introduce me where I wanna jump in. So I could feel I I need. I walk out of the room. Making out. Wait, do you know, Rachel Brosnahan eight who knows I don't know hand to that. Because it was in the banter. You can't go back, and we have an indie band here where we and discuss anything. Rachel, but I wanted to correct. I am a fan. Yeah. Huge fan. What was your correction? Well. Maybe two things. Well, wasn't sexually strong playing MRs Mazel while. Yeah. What did I say Bryant played? I think it said it was racial bras Brosnahan playing. I'm sorry. And again, if I was here, I could've we could've nipped in the bud earlier. But you were just I was I was in purgatory like for like five. The arms of the chair. He's sitting on her just scratch to ours scratch. Emails. Anthony, give us the corrections that we get into. I'm taking care of this for the fans. And then another thing the fan believe they use the term Goyeneche in this episode. I believe as well. They believe. Yeah. Cam pretty sure Joel says it towards which as we know now is a sequel to black ish. It's black yet. Exactly. It's the Jewish version. It'd be the gentile version of black is that right? Okay. Cool. It's friends. I didn't know I didn't know what going to be honest. Well, now, you do this is the great work of this podcast is educating our audience, we are using America. You guys goes. Yes, you guys are. So this is a weird is this cultural procreation of the show itself as good using because speaking about a heavily Jewish. Oh, I don't know. I feel uncomfortable being here. How Anthony really embody? I know because we are going like we go going straight up goes if we were like the Mazel Jews. That'd be a little weird. That'd be not good. Okay. So let's let's watch the affirmation impression by sesame strong. You're eighty Bryant. Here we go you. From the marvelous Mrs Maes? A host. Obviously if I was hosting probably do a comedy bits. And of course, I would I would want the help of my fearless creator. Amy, Sherman palladino. Will ride it. Oh. Didn't need much. That's all that's all needed. It's so it was pretty damn good. Like that bid. I know we talked about it off pod. And it was like that. She's just so perfect because it's all of them just going like, here's a topical thing. I can do. And that's it and it works every time. It's like the SNL oftentimes the opposite keen peel came peel was perfect sketch riding on a scientific level SNL. Just like can you do so voice for five minutes? Yeah. And this is an example, like, let's get all of our current Cassidy impressions. Yeah. But the thing is I do watch it every time. Well, it's good filler thing about how quickly they shoot those and put in between sketches. Thank god. It's a refill. Thank god. God take on Brosnahan's Mazel was like lady Woody Allen, essentially a lot of you know, thinking about what I'm saying. Right now, we need. Coming to me. It's just a little less problematic than just like a recording today. More funding keeps me. Yes. Yes. More staff. So I'm sure you can look it up. It'll be late at this point this. This will come out way later should hopefully you'll know you'll know you'll know what we're talking Allen. Always relevant reference for this show because it's such a touchtone for a lot of. Call it a bad touchstone. Oh, it's definitely a bad touchstone. Good touchdowns, and there's bad, touch, and we need to define. Well, I think a lot of people have Apted that speaking style that so prevalent like all of his movies. You know, but yeah, it's just weird when you're like, but that guy fuck him. But that's style of talking. It's so it's like jazz for my ears for the last kind of off topic. Staying can I I want I want to look this jazz for years. He's into jazz music. Oh, really one. He plays clarinet. Incessantly? There's a great. So a rainy day in New York. Rainy day a rainy day in New York. It's raining out in New York. You still wet with girl you love. So. So this moosh. I don't know go moosh. Mood. From the Lynch. Smooth. Give smooth shades. Like what you have a smoothie it. You're both you give her a kiss. A little bit of. I can't hear myself. Very well. I'm seeing you make that change because I wanted to hear my impression better. Yeah, better. Yeah. I'm asking my. It is so rainy day in New York has maybe final movie he ever because he he shot at like two years ago or so starring Timothy Shalam, Selena Gomez, Rebecca hall, Lee Shriver Griffin Newman, all these great people, and they'll probably never come out. Because now we care about stuff. Well, literally like every cast member. Decided to donate all their money starting with Griffin Newman from the great blank, check podcast. He's like, oh, yeah. Looking back. I regret this donating. And then it just became the slow snowball thing. But here's the wanted to read before we talk about the marvellous MRs because I just think the world deserves to hear this. Because obviously as the kind of tide was turning or rising or whatever the metaphor may be people are asking those actors participated more and more like how do you feel about that you worked with someone who's like accused of some really awful stuff in the work represents awful stuff to why'd you do that. And they they did a Selena Gomez. She said to be honest. I'm not sure to answer not because I'm trying to back away from it the Weinstein allegations actually happen right after I'd started on the movie, they pop it out in the midst of it. And that's something. Yes. I had to face discuss. I stepped back and thought. Wow, the universe works in interesting ways. What? Just totally disregarded. The way. Isn't that? So good. She's like news pundit for like, the house of intuition. So good. I mean, listen the girls been through a lot. Avoided the entire question while the universe works and interesting ways is is like such Primo. It's a parody of an answer. It's good. Yeah. And she's interesting too because she's really into like the hill song Bieber brand of Christianity, which is like a lot of like self empowerment stuff. And like, I think would give you clarity on things. Like this like, this is good. This is bad. But instead, it's wow. About the year. She turns Tyson. She just got her Terry card greeting, and she's like, I don't know. Ride this out majesty of the universe. The way the energies flow really incredible shock RAs, you know, under the skirts of women who don't want all. Alison, I we're talking on the last episode about how this is in the last few episodes about this shows some of the first examples of female excess and the TV Sean excess excess like, wow like it's an on tour. They're doing a lot or they're spending a lot of money in there. Like visionary there. Well, I love it just to bring it back to this episode. There's full-frontal in this episode. We got Sean Hershey. The davey. Oh, boy ASP did you that was another flack I wanna get. I just want to get right into that. There's a pretty limp flex if it was a little still like full body, just like, mama Mia, mama Mia. But it was a flex because it's like every like game of thrones. You barely get it ever any penis. It's like once in four seasons. Right. And you're right near phases. She'll Toyota in extreme close up. I haven't seen a teddy yet. We know SARS. Teddy Richie Brasi too. Richie. Yeah. That's how I knew by the way not to. Well. I'm going to do it. That's how I knew the show is gonna win an EMMY. That's great. And you might not know about this about this. Kevin. Why don't you? Go ahead. Explain I think it's more fun for me to here. Let me explain what Charlie same when we first recorded a pre pilot for Mazel goes marvelous, Mrs Maes, oh men. Do you have the clip? I don't have. I don't have it ready, but I can easily find it got Tana's. I you probably have it. Yeah. I'll pull it up. So so we were talking about it was myself Demi digitally bay, Anthony trolley, and our friend. Jaime would him as well. And we were we were all very very positive about the show the pilot. This is off just one series edited not gone to series yet. But we had a good hunch. And here's what Anthony Charlie said me, I'm calling it right now if this show gets picked up not if but win the show gets it will win an EMMY, no. I will. No, they will. No, no, no. That's fine. I'm going to say you're on now. Now now Malia. To Demi at the washing. So it it was just maybe my favorite thing in the world. Edible. Like what feeling like a this was so fucking hit. All the right things. It's not even that it wasn't even that like, I mean, don't get me wrong. It's probably my favorite show on the air right now. But our computers, whatever you wanna call it. It's on computers. On computers chunk of Serie Buddha mister robot computers, but it was like it takes all the boxes like. Okay. Period piece. The costumes sets are amazing that on top of that. Like, the dialogue is witty. It's like a throwback to I know going back to like a Woody Allen type thing that people feel comfortable like voting for because they're like, oh, it's it's good. It's just part of the culture of TV and like immediately. You see that? And you go like, yeah. Oh and female empowerment, yeah. Yeah. Who shit? It's gotta win. There's no reason something would have to be so fucking good for it to be beat that. You know what I mean? Interesting. Well, we were talking about kind of cultural forces that might have put you also had said that like veep wasn't around. And so it kind of like there was a vacuum created by veep. So you're more on the side of history. Yeah. Yeah. It being anywhere on. It's like. On merit without that vacuum created by veep, which I think I'm more on trolleys side about that. Now. I mean, it's a more optimistic take than just like the machine's gonna work. There were I think there's two things to to get it to where it did. Emmys wise was one the veep thing and Julie Louis drive, his cancer stuff and then to cultural shifts. It's a good look for the Emmys to give like all the maze that it possibly can to show by women for women about women with feminists theme. Yes. Harry FU post stuff. Yeah. And that was before Weinstein, also and also Amazon paid for it. So I mean, there's that oh in Z campaigns Amazon can do or just like seeing seeing billboards for in Pasadena, California. I'm like where the hell. Tijuana. It's like for your consideration. Alex. They care. So you know, what Anthony trolley we've texted about? We've talked about planning. I'll never stopped taking it for were. Right. Where it was not just that you called it. And you're like that people. It's as if you'd said like it's going to win an EMMY and people like, maybe, I don't know. But everywhere, so add our. Yeah. Like -solutely not that was the funniest part. And I don't even remember them like getting on me that much until until Kevin sent me the clip like a week before the Emmys. I think the Emmys the nominations got announced, and he sent me the clip, and I was like, wow, that's fucking hilarious. How adamant these guys were about the show. It's interesting for me as well. Because I think part of what made the premise of even doing Gilmore guy. So find is that it was sort of rooting for the team that couldn't shoot straight. Yeah. Show. It was time an underdog critically ignored in that sense in those industry standard. Senses. Right. So then when you shifted to like, it almost goes against the grain of the the central premise of the show was like like bun heads plays into that premise more. Now, it's like an even cheaper show an ABC family. And now it's like, well, it's the big dog. So at this point, it's almost like am I doing a podcast about Star Wars or marvel movie right now in that sense, where it's like, I don't know what I'm rooting for in that sense. Because there's not I mean, that's just silly. You know? But but like, I don't know what I'm rooting for in that sense because there's so much of an underdog aspect and element to it. So we win against that. That's I think that's why I was so certain and I'm like no it won't win. Yeah. No. I understand that being said if I may possibly repeat history again it will not win for season two. I don't think it will come back and everyone's going to give them every it'll be their last. Let's face it season. Two was season. One was like incredible from start to finish. If you wanted to poke holes into it. It would be microscopic, and it wasn't like these huge huge plot point. Mrs was there a cat in here? There was a cat grew up again. Season two so far. And I want to bring it back to this camp. All the new host here. Okay. Yes. Sorry. I'm not a good. I'm so relaxed. Showdown alice. Thank you for doing this. So are you? Yup. I'm so big this season. So far has fell a little more all over the place like really right out of the gate opening on like going to France. Like, I think the only thing that they really set up. There was like I mean besides Abe and sorry part whose mom as low roses relationship like fixing that which was a problem for half an episode. The other part was like she does the stand up in the thing. And you start to realize what house is getting so pissed right now. Really? I don't know. I just felt like okay, let it speak his piece house without your giving. For the listeners. I'm not doing anything attacking me. There's a lot of the narratives of women and men she is loading gun right now. You can't see she she is throwing knives at Kevin. It set up like this the with her doing stand up talking about the affair and then no one reacting and she's like, oh, right? I'm sorry. Going back to episode one. But I just felt like there wasn't like it just felt like a whirlwind. It's been a whirlwind of three episodes so far whereas that doesn't sound negative. It's just been a lot to take to to fall sounds like something that we'd be printed on a four year consideration. No. I mean, don't get me wrong. I love the show. It's still my favorite show. It's so fun. But I mean that I it was so contained in story. And like, what do they say? Like some directors work better with parameters or whatever is while says the enemy of our is the absence of limitation. There we go he Kevin with the with the quotes. And I just made that up, but it just it feels like it's real. Yeah. It feels like there's no one will ever say no to what they want to do. And so they can just do anything. But I don't I don't agree with you at all about the rose storylines fine. I just called the show was gonna win an EMMY. So I I haven't been wrong ever to give you a Munenori. You want the fans turn on you and go back through your other opinions. We can totally fans. I don't know about. I I will say for myself personally. I'm mortified by things. I might have said, oh, that's a really good title for. You're not like your memoir mortified mortified by things. I might have said. And podcasting. I will say, you know. Everything is on the record that you've said in the last four or five years. One thing. I wonder what this recent like Oscar host tweet controversy when podcast become search heart thing, the Kevin Hart. Thank he had really awful tweets. And then they find him host because he said, no actually fire him. They said apologize. And he said, no, I won't apologize. So he he's like, I'll just not host. Yeah. Is that while people are defending him. And it's like he said he wasn't going to do the job anymore. It's like. Yeah. But but on that subject. I wonder how much Cal is going to happen. If podcasts ever become searchable like as in. You can search words search for slur. This person said across this many hundreds of hundreds of while you said the N word a lot or no never know. Anthony, you cut it all the time. In the room. Oh, yeah. Talk shit about women like rely heavily on the term chinaman and. Yes is you're right. He didn't say Chinese orientales. These guys we can't I Hanan body ironic racism it becomes actual races. I mean, you send it. No, this is kinda weird. I don't know why you're blaming us. For your words weird for that. Anyway, I hope term relationships with an audience when gender more trust forgiveness than what I'm experiencing. Tender with my actual friends. Engine. You said it the episode. Talk about quickly because I feel like an I said this. If you listen to our episode covering the first to you or the first pilot fucking episode one. But I really think that there was this. I felt a big vacuum in Rosa's story in in like who that character was because of what was going on with a and like rose was such a reactive character. And all her relationships her only characteristics were what her reaction was to things that happened and kind of her faltering because of things that were going on. And when you have a character whose like whole basis of who they are is based on who they like them freaking out when their world is destroyed. It's like that's anybody would freak out about that. But who is there who are they really like what is like what forms the basis of their purse persona, and when they open the season with like giving rose this space to be herself. Like, I was really pleased with that. I thought like okay now, it's like a ballet. Inste- family dynamic, and I feel like rose as a character is not incidental in any way to the story of our hero. Because it's the matriarch person that, you know, raised her, and, you know, formed her life around midge, and then midge in turn kind of like based her life on her mom, and now it's changed. But I think that's really important. No, I I completely agree. Everything you said is valid, but I think the only thing I wish there was more is actually spending more time in France. Because I thought it was actually really fascinating. When fast, I found it fascinating. When she was doing stand up and no one reacted to that bit about jewel. And I almost kinda wanted to have more of a moment to be like is what is in my supposed to still be with him in my not or even just spending more time and learning more about some of the characters she befriends that woman who translates for her. And I was like, well, what's her story? She has big moment off she could come back because she is from New York. So I believe that by the end of the season. But I just mean right now, there's so many things in if it's setting it up, and I take back all my comments about it being all over the place. But. But yeah, I want to know more about her because I thought she was interesting. You know, and I liked the France stuff. I just wanted more of it. I get that in the whole season to be in. No, maybe like an for that. They have Amazon really great. Every you listener could see this P pants. Get these guys. Let's talk show. Let's talk three. It's the punishment room. The Amazon prime synopsis is midge put term Pekka planning to the test. As she helps Mary with their special day. Joel attempts to keep finances steady at Mazlan Roth in on a treasure hunt. K midges X flourishes, but Suzy's finances. Take a hit and back at Columbia rose finds herself out of her comfort zone when on auditing classes. And now it's time for seven. We do every episode called. Pop culture. That works. So well, I am screaming screaming in that pop around the culture. We do it every episode take all the references put him in a super cut. Why any more, but nothing go ahead. We don't you. Don't know. Why? Why do why do we do it? 'cause it's a tradition. I think it I think truly alive it is tradition because half of these are just like mathematicians. Yes. Used to be more. I think it's still interesting. And and every now, and again, they'll be an interesting one that pops up. So let's time out real quick another unforgivable from episode one. So that reference outs. Oh you. I couldn't handle that. It was too heavy. It's too in your face gaining pop culture. Baby. I'm gonna dogs trolley right now and read some of these texts that he sent me while watching a one. The first tax was. Okay. But that's Sylvia. Plath line MRs Mazel, and I was like wolf, and he said, I mean come on why we talked about that. And then this these are not damaging. And his address is a little bit later said these Pera scenes are making me come that's much. I love them. Sorry. I peaked, but that's how much I enjoy that. So that's very everything. I said was very honored. So far, you're repeating facts that I'm already so like crossfire. Sure and said these are making you come explain yourself clean your there. The American people know, we actually do we are bro, bro. Ing down in like the grossest way about like a down. I'm down I'm going. Wow. Do I'm not hard for these fucking. I'm going. This is. Family. Petitions see, no, great petition Kantor and his dish. Work talk dish Sammy Davis junior state and a white chick cornet soon. Way seventy dollars get enough that I'm on tight one minute. Brian you ready for Jack? Are you Charlie Patton? Why are you selling Charlie Patton? The great mathematician report Carre Prince, Albert. I just came up with that cringe Albert she just that was strange 'cause I was like at now that I'm listening again. I was like when I watched it. I was like, oh she's saying making dirty joke. But that maybe wasn't. It's along the lines of the of the plaid. Where's the thing? We. Do you not like see you don't who wrote this episode that? Well, I I feel like you can get away with those kind of lines if it's mid conversation. But I don't think you could start nor end it because it's so. Yeah. So like if it was the punt. Yeah. If it was like if it was like, she's if he was casually talking like, oh where these bags going up stairs. Like, oh like oh. They're quite heavy. And he's like, yeah. We'll Europe rinse Albert prints. Oh, it's made that up, and she's like, anyways, I wouldn't feel that weird about it. But it was so like underlying here's a work. Here's a sentence. We don't even need at all. I get that not or even not as pointed. Like, I just made that up because who would say that there was there was another one of those about face masks when she says. Styles since the floor face masks. They're the future. That sort of thing. Yeah. Because that's not because they came they've come and gone so many times, but it felt so like particular to right now just because everyone posts face Mak mask photos was like this is funny because it works then now, but they got big for the first time in the sixties. I don't necessarily. I think anybody who finger on the pulse of cosmetics in the fifties would. No, yeah. It's more more. He he's. He knows fifty cosmetic. I've had. Huge pulse. Keeping up with cultural. Oh boy. So to mystery trolleys point this episode did feel ill all over the place. And especially in contrast to the first two first episode of the season in by Amy. This definitely like the focus of the of the I two news. So funny reading stuff about this one was maybe a recap over vulture said specifically. Well, this episode was you know, real, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But then you watch the next two, and it makes it all up for it. Yeah. I felt like a lot of even like my biggest gripes like I said from the first episode. It's just like, oh, it's going to come back. It's just a lot of set up to like who do I need a care about just tell me all the blanket jazz it so sometimes it gets a little messy touring solo. But it comes back. The plane claim that you just have to just have to let it go. Is actually did sound like Mazo when you I guess mine was again, do it again. And I'll show you it's kind of like jets kind of like Jasper. Oh, you're right. That. Mazel just higher. Yeah. Basically, I think basil just a higher pitch reality. Oh my God. Wow. This is great. I'll just we should put a disclaimer don't listen to this episode high. All my gosh. Honestly, they should've known that from the moment it started. When you guys win the song was playing, and you guys were talking over it because I felt like I was on acid like, yeah. You know, the opening you guys do that. Like that. I was freaking out good. We keep her on a micro toast. And mackerels I forgot which today. Both micro macro aggressions. It was all over the place. And there was so much about. I, but I like I was gonna say with the jazz rivers like it felt there was parts of it were when I started watching it and she wants to get involved fucking wedding. I was like, oh, God, I think we should know. No, no, no. And then, but there was points towards when. But I love how towards the end of the episode like string started coming together. And I was like, oh, maybe actual. Okay. You know? And I do appreciate the moment where she does stand up at the wedding. And and it's awful it to me. I need those moments of her hubris making her look fucking idiot and ruin things. Yeah. The only problem for me was that it was so low stakes. Ersan we ever see her Jacqueline. She wasn't in the room with anybody to wear. This could affect her term, by the way Harrison Ford has a great line of beef that he calls so low stakes anyway, thank you. I was gonna say like it'd be really funny of Harrison Ford's beef with this episode was like he has. This is my problem. I could see them smoking of Boll and watching Mazel at home with Callisto literally. Like, I feel like when she was like I'm going to the wedding. It was the first time where it hit me. And like she's in the room with all the people and as soon as they through to her. I was like she's oh my God. And I pause the episode and realize like anytime, she gets into a room with twenty or more people. She has to make it about herself. And I freaked the fuck out now anytime, she walks into a busy place. I'm like, oh, she's on the subway. She might do stand like p careful crowds. It's like her terrorists talked. She's like a magnet to microphones. And we're near swan is shows comedy terror. What is the frustrating part is like she does it so cute where she kinda like stumbles into it like that. Makes it worse for me. Exactly. Right. It's not like it's this like very like, I don't know what I'm doing. I know. Exactly. Yeah. Me standing on top of the same thing -actly tobacco. Todd Haynes film at that booth serious when I want to do that. I'm so uncomfortable. It's crazy. The the toast healing of being at an open mic watching somebody bomb. But like if the open mic was happening. And then she was like these people earning good and that she stands on her C. And she's like why is everyone here performing for performers? It makes no sense. She's performing for performance making all about herself, and she's not even on stage. But then somehow makes it onstage grabs the Mike. There's a kid who's just shut up kid does of kill here. Yet kills for the ring the era. Gosh, you start YouTube channel, we'll be on a podcast, and I'll just do it. Here. Do a podcast marvelous. The character's name is the problematic. Mrs Maes, actually, just marvelous. Jesus MRs Mazel or somebody everything that's wrong with stand up comedy. Now, everything that's wrong with stand up comedy back in the day to make a living there. It is that's the problematic. Mrs maes. All right kid character to children, we know about this from his act so jerking off. What's wrong with this wrong with that? Stand up a way of jerking off. It is so good. So actually, the dirty things you say actually sounds more. I feel it's weirdly I mad that I don't have your vocal chords because I'd be I'm glad though too because I was doing this Ursula them. This episode of the podcast is brought to you by squarespace. Listen. It is twenty nineteen now is the new year. And oftentimes a new year means yes, a new you. And also means new goals. Maybe maybe maybe maybe one of you new goals. 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I've also made douche fireworks dot com. That's also still up until there. So right now, go to squarespace dot com slash Gilmore guys for free trial in when you're ready to launch us, the offer code Gilmore guys to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain that squarespacEcom such Gilmore guys offer, code Gilmore guys at checkout. We need a new term. I think just like an official term for the kind of story lines in this episode. One of which is Joel tries to get a loan for the for the garment factory one is midge helps out with the wedding and kind of ruins the reception. One is Abe and rose have fun college. In one of them tells the girls did like, I think there's a I think there should be a word for this kind of story or this kind of seen up propose mine that we. Go around the room and see my word for this these kind of storylines shenanigans it's just shenanigans ask and it feels like shenanigans to me because you can do this fun zany wacky stuff. Yeah. But they're feels like there's no emotional center. Yes. All of them that they're getting out like like a another truth to it. Like with the Joel stuff. I didn't feel any emotional which is strange because it wasn't even that like wacky goofy was just process, but it didn't seem like it was getting to was to say about Joel image was about Joan his parents like you need to move out. All those weird like Chuck Lory nineteen ninety eight homophobic jokes about like. Are you guys gay those were good jokes? Those were not. Somebody. They were a lot of people watch, really terrifying. But shenanigans I think that's the kind of stores where it's like this is like a Kirk season force. It's like fun and games. Like, okay. We kicked off games funny games. They're all going to kill each other in house, if you'll stay there much longer might might do games remake holic. I would be really fun funny. Christopher walk in. And I appreciate you to death. She's christ. I think that like I mean think about like the ark of an actual movies series. Whatever like a good season. Usually it's like it starts off hot. This is like the beginning. We had the beginning moment of like, this is the stasis of Abe and roses relationship. This is the the status of like of midge and Joel and her relationship with stand up, and what's working about it? What's not? And now we're just kind of like exploring that and having fun with that. You know, what I mean like we're seeing midge in our Siro. And Abe connects like we've never seen before which we know has to break at some point. Like this can't say great forever else. You don't have show. There's right now is the fun part before the friction begins. You know what I mean? So let's called four play sport play. It's a little far before the friction again back to jerking off or play. Everyone's just jerking off right now. And and that is it jerking off episode say it, MS Mazel. I this episode is shirking off. There you go jerk. So you call genetic ins, I call it jerking around call it icing because I feel like it's like, we got the cake. And you know, this is the icing is is a good word for it. Because I think has the ability to get very messy if you don't make the if you don't make it, right? It doesn't always add to the cake. But sometimes it embeds the cakes. If you do it, well, which I don't think they did it always in this episode. If there's too much I should say. It makes you sick. And the the part was I felt like the part with Rosen. Abe. I enjoyed it. Because it was like it's showed to be like the it showed his power at the university in like a really tangible way where like we've always thought he's like this university big shot. But it's like now we can really see who he is. He's shot caller at his job. And he has his wife's back which is like really to for somebody who has power over him. He's still is like fuck that. My wife's right? And like, well, also, she is right. She's totally right. Is is very like sort of like like meddling mother of undermining thing. She's like, I don't know sort of naive. But like in a in a way that plays up like what we love about rose at this point. I think in the live as the rose Abe stuff was the most well rounded store. Yeah. Yeah. It was really icing. And I don't know like I don't know that all of it was necessary. And definitely the part with the when they fucking came. That was so I was so Daniel in the beginning was fine. Banana was a disaster. It's getting the right texture. I mean, you imagine if a grown man saw a penis. Could you think of a funny thing in the world? Then that I mean, I feel like he was just usually what the show does. So porn, right. There. Sounds like insane. It's so over the top if I wish like there was something more like witty about it. Like like she's talking about shading a banana. And then the girl has a great line. That's like, let's shades. Give me a lot harder to make or whatever they could have just had could've walked in been like, oh my God. And then that's going to be a lot harder to shape and move on. But she like collapses in this like weird nineteen twenties faint. Yeah. There you go. You got it. Nice. Okay. You're talking about it. He said it three times shenanigans, I singer Durkin. Store. I actually when you figure it out. You can put in the missing puzzle that woman fainting trope in like old movies. Hysteria. Yeah. Yeah. What a female hysteria. I'm sorry. This person that moved to Paris and whose whole life when she was in parenting, studying art in Paris, she had this real intellectual journey about like who is the person seeing versus the versus the who's the audience like she was really getting into it like this. This is Hetty sort of space and really really finding herself again. And then she goes to fucking back to New York and she's in school, and she was like up of. What that is not the same person. Isn't there is no character continuity? Daniel won't sacrifice. Silly. It's eh. It makes the fury of bums me out big time as you would think a control freak like a would be like, no. But I do like the the the role reversal of like the powerful intellectual genius who has worked with this like their their partner is like this idiot that they'll like make for on the show. But I know what you're saying. Yeah. That the kind it is. So the disparity so clear so clear I'll and also. Like, I like the idea of Amy being like, I know, but he likes it. You know what I mean? Like, you really? He's always framed that that she came. He came over from family guy to work. And that's the thing is I don't think he's necessarily an idiot nor a genius like no like honestly, it just feels like he's a writer. She's a writer. She has mazing opportunity. What better way to use it than like, hire the person you love? And but that doesn't mean he understands the mission. Not like he's like doesn't get what's going. He's. No. But what I mean, though, is like what is like, it's it's a little forced, you know, in the sense that like he might have been better off writing for family guy. But maybe. Just like drools on his MAC pro. Oh, man that being said come on the show. He will love coming on this show. I I hope we see them asking. How can I play the clip where she does talk about the prospects for the women at the school because I think it's actually it's great. Interestingly Tange, like you're talking about like, very meddlesome mother. Yeah. And then it's also in terms of like, finised perspective. It's really hard to get a grasp in an interesting way on exactly where she's coming from. I mean, it's so day shis masters. You're learning so much. What are you gonna do with all that knowledge? What is she talking about? What do you do once you graduate? There's a lot of things we can do teach teach where here, I guess that none of the teachers here they all seem to be. I guess a lot of them are men. I think all of them are I never together. Some of us wanna be artist. I want to be an artist. But there were really no lady harvests, not the states. I knew a couple back in the day in Paris. One quick known as where she is today. The other one killed herself mainly. Because no one from the girl. She tried calling herself Bertram wearing the boulder, but it didn't work. You don't like your sandwich. I'm not hungry anymore. Some of you are doing this to find a husband. I assume that's why my daughter went to college. Oh, sure, she wanted to make friends and take classes, but her real goal was to meet amid and she met one then he dumped her so she's working in low level because all she had a degree in Russian literature, but not a masters. I mean, it would be nice to meet a man. Yeah. I guess. Well, if you wanna meet a man, this is not the place to do it to -partment, the whole building hope. Now, the business that's the place lots of choices and they're all studying something with real potential. I hope you don't mind the thoughts of an older woman. I'm just very new it'll. So it's so weird because she saying like give out. Yeah. There's a weird like don't you? See like women don't have any power agency at the school. They're not in any valuable positions. The likelihood that you'll transcend that is so small so. Yeah. Give up and run away to the business. Call in wife up. Well, does this maybe another. I mean, I'm just saying if we know that this is these moments are setting up something and with her husband having your back later in the do you think that she could potentially become a art professor at this school, potentially. I hope so I think that'd be a nine hundred. I mean, we're then they're both co teaching at the school deal with each other stuff, and there's like staff politics has gone from like because he's already hanging out in the she's never seen seemed to want to be an artist herself. She's always been like a interested in studying and like the an art historian in some way. Right. I got. I got old show me those penises. Yeah. But I will never have. So like, I kind of I see what your point is. She goes to give up the one part. I did feel like it was pointed was when she said like, but none of the teachers here seem to be women. They're all men and one of the ladies was like one of the girls was like, yeah. I I don't know. I don't think any I don't think there's very many. And she's like, no, I think all of them are men. She got really like she's like, it's like, she does have an agenda, but she's going about it in this way. But I think like it would have been nicer if the result of the action was like a half, the women have quit and gone to business. The other fewer like protesting. I don't know. But it just the result of her actions. Was that everyone quit instead of the result? Being like, we're getting letters were getting, you know, pushed back thing. But you know, what? I mean, you totally. But it like you're you're listening to it and like early I was listening to those there's moments where I was like so angry. But then there's moments where. That sounds like something my grandma would say like like they have that weird thing where it's like when older women like is. I'll just say my grandma guesses suppose only get really talked about with this situation. It's like they have such a different idea of women's roles and things like that that it's that it's it for her. This probably seems very common. Whereas like, this is nineteen sixties. Your have we we haven't really entered this new what do they call? It new wave feminism waste feminism not like an idea in roses. Minor there doesn't necessarily need to be of what? Women's liberation looks like she's just remarking that there's nowhere to go. Because she even says like my my daughter went to college to meet a man, and it didn't work out for her. So there's really nothing to be done about it. It's so interesting because it all seems so like incidental and matter of fact, or even like exit and all like calling out the systemic inequality. The scores like, you know, she doesn't so much better later in the episode because this is more like the discussion. Whereas like when they go to the dean, who's also like, wait. Do we not have any? He seems equally as like. Yeah. Oh, wait. Let me think about it. That's interesting. Yeah. And so I think that that's where I feel like it feels a lot more together. Probably what you meant earlier when you talk about like all the strings coming together. And it's like there's that moment where Abe and rose are in the dean's office, and they literally just break down the college system and all of its flaws in. Oh, yeah. Let me play. Oh, you haven't. Expected of women. I was just getting their points of view on why they were doing this sounds very reasonable. He's so funny. On her show, and you must be too. We're all on the same page. Right. And I don't see reason for her not to stay really. That's wonderful. The only thing for me is I don't want her looking at naked penis ever ago. Jeez. Geez. Daniel fig-leaf could be a very tasteful way to solve. Perennial. Yeah. Sean, basically, we're on the same side about everything and incomplete agreement. Are we done? I thought there was a bigger moment for some reason. I remember something earlier than that. He said that like they were talking about the teaching the staff or whatever. But I love these. She can no longer all these classes. I'm sorry. Now, he's such a star. I love him. So. So she's not stopping. Hey, let me be clear. I would love her to quit. I don't like walking into a room, and my wife is there staring at some young guy. Schlongs your language, but you don't understand what we've been through. If she doesn't get to do this. She'll go back to parish and parish chock full of schlongs, French Shawn's. This would be very bad for me. It's long parlance in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine yet. Oh, I never knew. Shaw's yet is maybe I'm crazy. But it doesn't sound. Sean fans is an assumption for people listen to the shop. Fans of our show. Why would they be listening? If they're not fans. There's a good amount of people. Listen that aren't crazy. They love it. They love. Okay. If you love this show, use the hashtag, I love this show. And also on the subject, I love this show. I love this show. And and while we're at a little thing if you do enjoy this episode, you get also used the more appropriate term, hashtag each shit. Kevin. Each Kevin to show your preciado, your everything Kevin's done so far in his career. All night. It should be eating all the shit. He has been eating. Yeah. Because he really he dumps on himself too much. So let them eat that shit himself that shot up baby. Letting twenty nineteen Kevin show by making him eat this shit. I don't know how it started at this point. I don't remember how I as a one if sarin the first one two years ago. Okay. Well, we did. I'm glad of the tradition is still alive. Single handedly. The torch has been carried on by Anthony. Yeah. Anytime I go even if Kevin's on the podcast. I've just like, hey, can I just give quick shot? I about what like my friend cabin. So in this scene. I think something like this is the kind of like zig zag, I guess or like different writers flavors by Daniel saying when Abe says no, she might go back to Paris. I can't have that we've been through a lot. And instead of like, I need this or like finding something like funny and interesting that the center of he's like of like, the penises in pairs. Yeah. She can't go back a becomes like a last lining. Also don't think Abe has enough. I think Abe has too much pride to even admit that his wife would potentially lead them to a stranger. Like, that's not what it is at all. We've been led to believe at this point. Is that aid believes in his wife? Yeah. He knows that she needs to she needs to enrich herself in this way. Because that's part of who her wife is as part of the person he fell in love with end of story doesn't need to be more than that. And he doesn't need to use the word Sean ever for any reason. It's just fucking bullshit. So much of. The college stuff too. I think the stand up Alan Strickland Williams tweeted God. Read to me. Yeah. Yeah. It's like may Marlton. Basil's the best musical that's not musical. It's a musical without music. Right. And you can see them the way like all the young boy all the young white boy students follow eight. It's stage. Tyreek out I didn't -joy that moment. But at no point that I feel like it was like deserved or anything like it was like I was watching. It was like this is silly. And fuck it. I don't care. But like when he so he goes, oh, I need to meet my wife any grabbed his coat and no one really moves. And then suddenly the next thing they're all following him. I was like. Yeah. I was like, oh, that's kind of cool. It's like mother goose sort of thing with the students. Do you think you could watch marvelous MRs Mazel on mute and basically get it? No, no way because it's not it's not one of those like show rather than tell kinda shows they tell it's so much talking so much talking. You got there. She is right there sleeves. Please. So good. You should fake stand up. Her trained lady. Dial the number tone. Eastern standard time be fixed fifty threes. Very what's the deal stuff? Yeah. Thirty seconds percents by maybe. But I'd like to think that it may jazz. And then be surprised to Jez J's Jason J. Chidi digest. My son was bullied the other day at the park, my son anger. I felt at that. Boy, not what peaking on my son, my son, you know, not in raise. No pussies getting their us. Look the greatest defended. The mayo armory looks to nuts to not fight dirty little bastard. I gotta tell you the first time. My mother says you came so much weight since the apocalypse out the door open it stick my head outside going. Popping leading from the. So I watched this episode twice in the first time. I watched it. I was like, I don't know. What's happening, then I realized she's doing three different sets, but they're broken stitch together. But they're not sit together perfectly to where like Sandler's new special. Yeah. Kind of like the thing about his special. It would go it would be the same bit that would carry on into the next stage. Whereas this was it was it was written in like AB AB if that makes sense. Yeah. The it's directly lead into each. So it would be here's one idea. Here's a new idea. Here's returning to that first idea that second the only stitch together was the the wording. So it'd be like it's almost as if and then the the continuation would be the next. Yes. It would be like this is very jarring. Yeah. So this is purposely jarring. I think so because the ideas, I she's slumming it because she can't get up town. That's the thing. I didn't get at the end of it that it was her slumming it it didn't seem like slumming. She's killing everything up. I think it's. Just doing it the same couple. But because then they make the point like, Harry, Drake still blackballing her from all these other clubs and all these promoters that she should be doing that the act at this felt the most generic stepped up the show's over. I know it's weird because I think usually the stand up like legitimately personally, there's something to the in the toast later in the episode. But this is just like, you know, some of this stand up stuff his we do in the show. You got always split in felt very neutral and its purpose. It was interesting in that sense. I liked that the episode finally touched upon the privilege disparity between midget Susie do have to make some at some point you understand that right? I understand that. Don't worry about me. I'm fine. Hanging. Life. Okay. Eighteen home apartment in the Upper West side, man, and you made your child Cam and your bottomless closet. I tell you. I two thousand dollars in my closets about I'm not gonna find two thousand dollars in my closet. My life for a moment. I'm broke I'm working less at the gas lights from fallen further behind. I'm begging people call me because I can't afford the call them. I am picking up half. Eaten apple out of trash cans at the port authority. It's getting diet year. I'll pay your phone Bill. How about that forty six bucks? Hope that I would have to borrow from my father, my father that doesn't have any idea why you'd be paying the phone Bill of a friend that he's never method. You're not even supposed to know great plan. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. I get it. Okay. I'm lucky I have support system. You don't be sorry. Forget I. City. It's good for me to know. I manage it doesn't go to her client saying she's worried about money, she goes out, and she gets money. I take on the burdens your the artist your things. Harding trying something hard. So it's weird. I wrote a note down from after listening that and realize like her lot midges life. Does not have that much consequence. Like, even if she fails at stand up it still like not like her life will cease to exist it and like in the first season. It's all about Kanshi. She make it in this world. And she proves that. And that's really cool. Now, I don't know what the stakes are other than I need her to succeed. So that Suzy can survive, and we love Suzy so much that you root for that. But I feel like midges life doesn't have actual consequences. But her actions have consequences against Suzy. Yeah. They have to tie her care to her. Actually that was like a nice narrative trick in this episodes. They they tie her success to a person's like livelihood wellbeing, and like where this person sleeps. So you do care about a low more than like, you can still. Yeah. I absolutely works for me. You can indulge in all the kind of like rich Manhattan, the production design of those apartments, and I sort of lifestyle in those costumes, but still make it like it's not just about like someone good becoming great even though that's interesting too. But then tie to like Suzy's got to eat. Yeah. You can't just be in frigging rotten apples out the watch. And watch watching Luigi TV. TV was fun TV legitimately. It was so silly. And I thought he was so cute that whole Italian family and her apartment every time it cut back to those. This is great. I learned never upset. No. They love they love it. And I'm always wear they ping. Oh, it's very fun. It was cute. Then you see David Famer again, Harry, Drake. They have a show biz exchange. Just like we should do line. She look good. The weather bub-bubba baton the man who I guess sent people to kill her in theory. But there which is kind of a nice Hollywood metaphor short incredible backbiting, really really depletes it as place. It reminded me of all our conversations we have off my. Yeah. I mean, it it is kind of weird about and and. I was also thinking about. Oh, yeah. On the subject. Dude. You can't say that. Let's. Get you in tried so dangerous bleep that out. You're gonna. You're going gonna. The may not take we pay for extra bleeps paper bleeps. Yes. So yeah, it's really really hard guys. You guys knew I was a bad. Boy when you me. Invited me when you rode your motorcycle directly into the studio. Okay. So on this subject palladino 'isms, we've talked in the past about specific lines or not so specific lines. Sometimes it's like, hey. Latinos, like want wanna get lunch, lunch and other episodes before midge drink water Michelle Simms, drink water. I don't know what we're doing here. But I will say someone misreading the room in kind of ruining someone's wedding while making a toast at their wedding reception. Does feel like a palladino ISM? Yeah. It fields is that fair. I mean, it's not unfair. I'm not mad ink you, but it doesn't justify it. Either. Super cool party or what fifty sixty two hours your old podcast move on. But, you know, the talk about maybe it's a little hammered at lanes leading. And she says all those inappropriate things like marriage. It's not for me. I'm not going to get married and next thing it'll be my daughter, and then my granddaughter, but not me, I'm not getting married. No, it ain't for me. It's not in the cards. Hey, do you know a date? I'm not getting married June third in the offense and the damage done is very different. Yeah. But it it does feel like an echo of that still. You hate when you're like hanging out with like your boyfriend. He's keeps talking about his ex doesn't it? This is I'm just trying to have a holistic perspective, the Romans work. This is a pallet Dino podcast anything we're both. We have their relationship relationship. But it's like this is now there's not like bags you and me from here on out. Start a fresh. This is us never looked us podcast. Oh, I'm sure that. Yeah. The cast so in this one. And this is sad. And then she sat and then and then she's also sad. Because that she sad. It's it's like a he said she said, it's exactly this is Colin he says. Show is crazy because every time I turn it on even just like a split second. It's like the bachelor where you turn on the bachelor, and you go like, I hate all these people and you watch for two seconds, right? Boy, really hate that guy. I need him to lose like, well, I gotta watch this forever. Now. Same like, this is us if I turn on one episode. I'm like, we is she why is she eating that twinkie and secret. Oh, no. Oh god. Now, it keeps going keep watching got fucked the whole families talking about it. Now, why it's weird on this is mostly just kind of the secret twinkie show now in the cultural imagine, no, but I've seen handful of and there's a lot of that going on kidding. You think? Oh, shit guys. Twinkie? I like the pilot that sounds like an Amy Sherman talented secret. This thing at twinkie the curse of the secret secretary. Okay. Let's secret tweak. Let's let's see we can make it before we have to turn this off. I'm walking out of the room pill. Sweaty. Please. You're pretty taking. Owls is a gift that would've been a good time. She's the. World, charlie. How many times did you? I was just saying that. Made in. Few drunk. Uncle force airs father O'Brien a good man, pious Manahan. Som. And whatever you heard people, I did not still father O'Brien. Look too kindly on that lightning bolt would be the size of Florida. Right. Father. And if a breeze going to have sex, I think God would prefer it wasn't with the Jew. That's like putting manny's on a Bialy. You don't do it. Okay. I think out sticks at wedding. And it makes sense. Everyone's dolled up drinking boys this happened scamming, even Brian here talking about laying bricks no amount of lubrication going to help you there. What something joke about fucking bricks? That's what we're getting here. And then. And. They are perfect together. Aren't they and talk about love at first sight. They met in November. And here they are three months later getting hit. What have we got here? Kids of shock done wet. Sorry. I'm sorry. I feel like this resonates in this feels particularly painful because we've all probably experienced a breed of this sort of discomfort at a wedding reception or similar type of funeral before. Sure. Yeah. We on trolley famously goes to funeral funeral crash. Get here's for me might justify if we showed a couple more shots of midge like drinking. She was way drunker. Yeah. She seemed to be at this point. I'd be like I could see maybe me early. Stand up doing something like that. But that was because I had alcoholism like, this is just not the behavior of stable genius this inexcusable the moment where she turns from being like, okay, a shipping when she said shipping, father O'Brien and everybody has that moment of like what the fuck. That's when you absolutely are comedian, you're off the stage. Like, oh, sorry. You know, you try to save it and get out. No one goes further in at that point, especially after having. A year. She just kept digging. Absolutely nuts. And then she goes into with, weddings. Nobody's asked. What who what does this bit? You gotta tight five about wedding. That's crazy. Patients behavior mental patients behavior, and it does feel like I mean, I guess she does reference later in the episodes like she's talking to Susan. She's like what is wrong with me. The filter. I say the F word all the time now. So I there's some like a thing. And that's what made me even more angry is that when you do start doing stand up. There's this moment where you're like hang out with people and somebody's like, you know, babies there, and you make horrible dead baby joke in your head. And you're like, oh, or like, you even say it and social circumstances. One thing one time and everybody goes, no. And then it's like, okay. I get it. I've lost my filter. But you don't stand on a chair. I mean, here's what I'll say the words can everybody see me something you never want to hear it a wedding. Most often want anyone to go Kim, everyone seeming. God damn it's just that ego. That's just gotten so out of hand that you just go like stop what we liked about. You is like the charm, and I get it. I mean, this is supposed to be happening. We're we're supposed to be annoyed with her because she's annoyed with herself. You know? What I mean like that this is opposed to happen? But it's just there's a way to do it. Yeah. She doesn't seem like a insane mental pay. She seems insane to using really aunt. We're using like mental health 'isms or whatever you're doing. Well, I am. I'll take this moment right now to apologize saying mental health is a serious issue. And I believe in healthcare. Okay there you'll leave your phone number too. But I don't believe in how. Doesn't exist. So up by the Chinese government the storyline and the person you are again with. Ornaments, speak not fake that we've come to know. And and and the the midge that we've come to know at this point in season two would not do this. It would not happen. And it was an unbelievable moment. And I was in that she got involved in the wedding in the first place. I don't know how you felt when she started to volunteer to be a wedding planner for free for this person. We've not really come to know is a close friend. That's crazy. It's no why not just something like a, you know, a baby shower for Raymond. Namely again, again, it just feels like in this season. So far her life has the least amount of consequences, and yet she is the central focus of everything. Yeah. To where I like Joel more like, I'm like. Helping parents there's at least more of a game with Joe awards like the the season long. Arc goal is like Joel restores the factory to a good condition. Well, also, they literally like, I know I don't know. For fact, I pretty certain that they set up the opening scene of her saying jokes about her husband cheating to draw this out and be like, it was at that big of a deal is it really worth ending my marriage, and, you know, having this broken home sort of thing for my children kind of thing. We're supposed to like him right now. Like, I'm convinced like they're just gonna shove this Joe's a good guy who fucked up like that's kind of what it seems like we'll see. I don't know. I don't know. I have so little to say about any of the Joel Steph in this episode of just felt like so thin, and who cares. General and who cares? But I I at this point still really appreciate the character. And the way that they're writing him and like they like seeing him in a tank. Tom doesn't heck's are like? Oh, I think I know why guys like boobs I like when I see a second anyway so much, but he's hot like World War Two soldier. Cafe like, you know, smelly room. I don't wanna know about that is gross. I wanna live with my parents, though, honestly, I watched this show. And I'm just like it looks cozy live with his parents not. Well, they seem fine. There's a lot. But it'd be cool. If like, Abe and rose, your parents like cool, you'd be so smart and cultured like it's the combination of two things that you would be just you would like the like some of Sutil intellectual damn thing. She lives Hanson, like, do you think? He's a good looking Abe Sarda. Yeah. Yeah. I I mean, I wouldn't like run run at him across a crowded room one on. But what's stopping you mean? Because like we're probably there Joe you would split the room in half. Well, what else? It's that point of the podcast guys. We've come to. Well, do you think Abe would wear pineapple socks? I'm just going through my notes still have oh because we're talking about the silly SOX. Wanna see what those socks look like because I'm like did they really have pineapple accident. If honestly like pineapple culture is broke Holter. It's called cultures rose love shirts with pineapples on him. I don't know why bothers me. Hi, Napa cultures bro culture. Yeah. Now pineapples are heavy in bro. Culture of like, the cool frac? It's so strange. It's such a frequent improv suggestion pie apple pizza in pineapples. Yeah. I've seen that food. But. Yeah. Pineapples a lot dildo on SpongeBob culture. Now. It's culture, man. Look up like pineapple pattern shirt. You will find a bunch of broS wearing those like short shorts that are like all pastel, colors and stuff. I'm with on this one. Yeah. It's going to give it a Google and also going to ten goods like their ten GU it's always like, they're fun shirt. Like they wear it with a suit to a wedding funny guy. They're like your fucking awful. To a wedding that let's do some Twitter QNA tweet tweet tweet move on governing. Why is she here are nights? Why is she staring at us? I just thought it'd be good context would like God. Everything being about her. What do you keep that dress along if you just mail it back to her listen for four years people seem to only like me when I was with her, someway, that's why I come back more like I know this is good for your guys ratings for Kevin's rate. I feel like association she boosts me and in a career that very plain. Twenty four to twenty seven. Did she ever know? She knew about the podcast. She did she know about this one. Yeah. She said something about it at a party you brought this up earlier. But I couldn't talk way who are you Amy Sherman palladino broad. Oh, she now. Oh, yeah. She knows. She knows everything does she know about Mazel goes probably not she probably doesn't know about anything probably helps it's not happening. But it's happening. We'll find out. There's some news for you may be clear. Newsflash drama. I've hit a lot. She hates you, Amy. Sharon palladino hates you me. The whoever's listening to this really hates you. She hates me. She it's usually it's you she doesn't care. She's doing her thing if you live if you hit who doesn't give a shit. She hates especially nothing. She doesn't mean. Nothing reason. She has an can't hate somebody that I nothing got it. So good Twitter Twitter today. Okay. There's just a few Lizzie s and this could be a question for any episode. Who's watching the children knows watching the children? The lady that's l the cells LB, sell the watches the children all day every she was Gostyn answered Lizzy. And that was again, another weird thing where this episode is all over the place. The whole I seen is a mono seen basically about who's going to watch the children. We all have to leave who's gonna watch the children at no point. They figure it out. Or does this become a problem? It's just a bit. It's a cold open bit that doesn't push the story forward. And it's having fun. We're supposed to see that. They're like the not so well machine. Yeah. Yeah. And inky says which care to do you think most embodies modern feminism? Throw to Alice on this. Susan. He has Susie said ha. You give it a team. Definitely he ha- Suzy most embodies. I mean. She. Well, she tries to pimp mid jout to the promoter about she. Okay. That's she's like playing the man's game in that scene. But I don't because she's she's the most gender non conforming. Yeah. So they're just side. You know? Well, she also brings up the point that like you're onstage showing your tits. When it's convenient for you. And now, suddenly like we can't make she's desperate. When I'm so I can eat. I'm gonna blow the guys flirt with them. Just like you're flirting all the time. So now, it's like, oh, I just fall into it. And she's like, okay, whatever I mean, I get that. I want to be an offensive thing. If your manager said go flirt with that guy. She said that before she has. Yes. Is it offensive? There's been people where she's like God with him. He'll help your career. You know? Just. Aiding life will be just through the roof to maybe we'll she wouldn't ever my manager as my friends. She would never want me to be hat unhappy for any reason, you're about to say she would never want me to be happy. I'm happy enough to make good art. But but she which is a math people don't have to get your mental health pills. Take them anyway. Take them, by the way, guys them. I would love if the arc of this show. Is that rose becomes like an academic feminist Gloria Steinem that? She becomes like the all version not the alt-right version, but the alternate universe version. Definitely like did the sing where like opening what I what I have enjoyed about roses. Even though it starts off on such like what the fuck is happening. She would never do that base up for what we know about her on still very on board with this new because you didn't have a. Ah path in the first season. Whereas this one I feel like we're going somewhere. And I know where it is yet. But I'm excited to find out better. Not fuck it up though. It's so like you're saying Scholley how images life seem so free of consequence. The very few things that do happen are just non issue. They're not issue. It's your back at the the coach place up from the basement. Oh, lost the job. You're back in the base. Yeah. Feels like you. Let's let's remember that people's problems are on a spectrum, and like trouble is really relative to people's existence. Can't like you can't say that woman trapped in a marriage or trapped in life with. No, you know, love in her life in in one way or another because she has a ton of money is like without consequence. I mean, that's a, you know, possible suicide scenario, so like, let's just you know, right now this thing about the fact that like what we're going for is. This person's like when I think about her is here of the story. I think about like she needs to get famous not because it will make her happy. But because the world needs the voice the world needs to change through seeing this person's point of view one hundred percent. So I don't think that that's like without consequence completely. However. Yeah, they could you know, used to be about her blowing up her marriage, you know, within the framework of this episode. Well, it's like, I guess what it feels like it's life doesn't have consequence. It does have consequences. She has very real consequences. But compared to if we are thinking about like the spectrum of like Susie actually has like survival. Like, she hers is the most primal like I need to eat. She's like Airbnb, right? Yeah. Exactly. And so that's that's where I think like Susie inventory ABI and via where Maazel like Mazel like Mrs Maes almost has like I wouldn't call him like champagne problems. But like they are not like Susia slumming it. Yeah. She still has her house in this beautiful home. You know was comfortable. Yeah. So point side, and she's a lot more stable in her divorce and things like that. Which is obviously awful. But it's a matter for creating an ocean on the show. Yes. I just think in this episode. That's like the setbacks. Don't feel correct earned like it fell more then in conscious and made to a one into to feel real nice to three didn'- after watching this. When I. Was like two one into two hearts to everything that they were doing and and spiraling in on a on a specific point even with all the like frivolity like sharia snus of we only criticized because we care, right? The fans the fans know, we criticize you. Chris I wanna be criticized shitting go ahead and tags on roasts your ass. I won't we're gonna have a tag roast my ass. Hush roast my ad now. I always I literally lists is great. I literally don't remember at the end of season. Why do we still do we give Mazel tov Shlomo easels? Yeah. I think we did. I'm glad we haven't done that though. I wanna do that. You don't want to do because I have to really bad to be honest fair. I do have to as well. I'm gonna pay right now. Because I literally don't think you have to cut you wanna pause really quickly. I can't might as well. Go to okay. A little bit of punk game might I hope you keep everything we sent him because it was. Now, you know, become a real, I I've really trim the fat on these knitting Nazi no other kinds of not. I don't like to talk about it. I told you to bring that up. Like, I'm secretly proud of. Yeah. Bashful. Boy, this is similar to a proud voix the voice. Yeah. But I do think and we're like just a little over an hour into. I'm like, what did we talk about for forty hours? How did we talk for four and a half hour on Gilmore gone the old show because we are just go. We would go off the rails. But it was very team out. How many Rowley tales there were there were so many inside jokes in our for our episodes that it was like at one point like you even talked about it like when we first started recording those people hated me. And then as time went on. They were like, oh, this guy's cool is a real specific decision. I mean. Yeah. Yeah. Episode three or four. Remember, I was like I could cut out twenty minutes worth of anecdotes and keep them. And I think that one decision to keep them like altered the course of the show for altered. Because if I'd cut him than what of just been like chip chip chop suey and like real nice entire like an hour, plus or minus ten minutes, but leaving those in. I was like I guess the show is literally whatever we lined sorry. But if you have enough time to be listening to a Gilmore guys fan show podcast. That's even an hour long. You probably have an extra three hours to prime minister. Hey, what prime minister listings? Sequential country not him. What if Justin Trudeau listeners, certainly inconsequential everybody can argue? That's my JT now. Yeah. He's no superman. It looks like Zach Braff. He does. Yes. All right. This episode to low three brought to you by heads the punishment room. Oh, we didn't talk about any of that color when she's like negotiating with the priest and hated the whole wedding on yet. Are we talk? It's so interesting coming here among oh, okay. And then I start talking about it. I'm like fuck, I know that you had an arch throughout this episode. You had more of an arc than anyone else. Sometimes it works the opposite way. Like, you really turn me around on some of the Paris stuff into one. And I'm like, yeah. I really I think so I take you on a too long wonderful guy. Yes. Angels or Mazel tops. We save some time. We're not doing radio. We're not ratings. How shall we in the episode's? Now, we should leave. We should just and just say, thanks so much trolling. I think everyone at tight five minutes just to get into the starting with the person who suggested the topic take away. I'm trying some new broad comedy. You know realize my fan base is too small. So I'm going to just go out. You know, when you taste things have you guys ever tasted things you put in your mouth, and it tastes something. Sometimes it's salty call sometimes it's sweet sometimes it's sour. What a bad idea for a way to go. Yes. Do stand up. Every single time you go out, and you food. Case it Jesus. Keep going and you put it like this anymore guys. I'm freaking out there. Everyone's holding their phones up to their Mike. I'm doing a bit that hopefully is cutting. What do you mind was fun? Yours all going to be five zero supportive moves. Stuff where you could it can be cut, and I. Prior to the Nazi comment gold. It was baby seagull Nazi go. Secret hidden, not see how do you want to end the show? How would you want to the show? You're listening to this. What would you want to hear? I would want to hear a heartfelt moment of sincerity. Okay. Which is what I'll give you if any chill your friend of mine, I love you. How many times we've hung out on and off Mike, and you are thoughtful man, you're good, man. I appreciate you dedicating so much time and energy to these podcasts and Alice, I love you is well you've been such a good partner in all this stuff. And I know you're about to undercut me and say like, I tolerate you allow Allah. But I never do that. You've never done that interesting perspective. And I was texting I'm so glad we get to hang out on a regular basis. Again, have a pretense to know we could anytime it hasn't rich my life as well. Oh, so very so that's what I want to say trolley. Thanks for joining us and Lamar Bolus Mrs Maes, of course, where can people find? Did you? Yeah. Got to say something about all these leave said mostly blue balled over here say. Say. I wanna say it's always nice being here. I you fucking Athol. Don't you dare all I was. I was. I know my sorry. I'm sorry. I was going to say that I love being on spy cast is not only my huge fan of the show. But huge fan of you guys. Alyssa, love the way, your not only very funny, very thoughtful. And I like you're challenging opinions about two one two two against things had to say. Thank you woke Ken doll. You got it and Kevin you can eat shit. I'm going to leave it there. And I'll just say thank you so much for having me. Wow. You're welcome 'age. Anytime you wanna come on the show. It's such a good to have you. I would come on the show more often. But this nowhere to park to park downtown. It's like no one ever wants to go downtowns and say, this is a great stoop. Good. It's it's it's freaking years. I don't and what a great microcosm of how progressive this podcast actually is where the two men are in touch with their emotions and make themselves vulnerable. And the woman co host does a bit and the whole thing honestly makes the. I don't want to be your men's because the reality is mens feelings are often. The most the reason for the most violence in the world. Okay. What should we go out on this podcast will be responsible for violence in the? About to be. That'd be insane. If people start doing violent acts because of this podcast, I'm gonna go do a violent act. I was listening to MRs Mazel podcast. Going ahead. I was so no pussy is. The worst lines Rowley any predictions for the rest of season two. They all die. I'm going to predict that it doesn't win an EMMY. But I will say that. What do I predict I predict that Joel and midge will at least try to make things work meeting. They will maybe go on a date ham dinner together. One on a one on one scenario. I will say a and midge are on they're going to be on a high but expecting lows mean Eben rose, even rose. Sorry. No, I like this. Yeah. Yeah. I think rose are gonna go to new lows where he might have to choose his job or his wife. I think he's going to have a crossroads situation here. I'm predictions and the kids are going to die. 'cause no one's watching him. Joel and Ethan are gonna make movies together someday? Joel, and yeah, they're gonna they're gonna you know, there's ones the sun. One's father. Right. You're gonna claim there are others change their last night. Even have pseudo names for movies that they don't want to put their name. Right. It films too. Wow. All right. Let's go out. Let's go out with this Harry James song that plays during one of the montages in the episode. It's called James sessions. Very creative title. Wow. Now, I want some chocolate chip cookies Jaffer some win dad that dad. Oatmeal in chocolate chip, cookie. I want chocolate chip an aside of bacon. Switch it completely different. Now, you'd go to a completely different idea. That's problematic. Mrs may all. The women are the ones that are going to be a can't. You're putting too much pressure on me. And isn't that what we do is men in a society with right? We we make we put too much pressure to fulfill cultural expectations and gender norms and rolls and now it's time for us to listen. Yeah. Like Louis did. Almost a whole time on to listen for ten months. I'm listing and I'm done now. All right. We'll see you next week. In the marvelous, Mrs Maes ago goodbye a. That was a hit gum podcast.

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