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Yes because it's a big you record this. It's a big weekend right now. Right lunar new year mardi gras upon valentine's day but also callan tines day. Yes yes and that's why we wanted to talk about whipped cream to celebrate balentine. Happy valentine's day tall and valentine's day. All i suppose where celebrate anything. You're celebrating happy that thing and whipped cream and whipped cream. Oh yes okay. So what does the tie in between whipped cream and gallons day okay. So brief brief rundown or people who don't know countires day is. I'm sure you've probably seen it. But it originated from an episode of the television show. Parkson wreck that aired on february twenty ten. Oh my gosh. It was so long ago. Wow it is. Yeah yeah i. I watched episode. It's actually the first episode of parks and rec. That i've watched through and i was like. Oh well this was a hot minute ago. Look at all of these tiny babies like just everyone. It is just so. I just wanna pinch their cheeks for some reason. I wrote that when i was researching. This didn't seem like that long ago but saying it out. Well yeah all right well in that episode according to leslie nope the creator of this holiday in the show and fabulously portrayed by amy poehler every february thirteenth. My lady friends. And i leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home and we just come and kick it breakfast style lady celebrating ladies. It's like a little affair mightiest plus for tatas. So we yeah. We looked into for todd as well. Waffles are the big part of this but yeah already done waffles. Honestly like i was kinda like oh man. I'm not sure for tatas is a full episode so we landed on whipped cream. Did because she leslie often put. She loves waffles. If you haven't seen the show. She often puts a lot of whipped cream on the waffles. Yes and we've already done maple syrup too so you know we weren't. We weren't thinking about gallon day and the dictionary definition. I just wanted to include it february thirteenth. The other half of valentine's day when you celebrate your love your lady friends singler no. Hey judy years. Such a great friend to me. And i want to celebrate our friend. Love not only my sexy love and my boyfriend marvin tomorrow. So let's have a dinner get together. The day before valentine's day kevin ties day. Yes yes so yes basically usually with waffles and for tatas waffles topped whipped cream and guess for women And all of your friends and it was such a popular idea that it was really quickly adopted and marketed. There's been some complaints about it and we've yeah we've already done. Most of the things related donuts to right. Yeah but this reminds me speaking of lady friends lauren. We have to watch the star wars holiday special. I might end our friendship. But i think we can weather. I think we can weather. It can because there's a whole julia child bit in it and the refrain it is stu whips Whip and it's been stuck in my head. Okay sure. I am increasingly confused. About what the heck the star wars holiday special is about fair. You like the more that i hear about it. The less i understand that. I strongly suspect that watching. It is not going to aleve this feeling. No it can't be explained. I watched it with my mom over the holidays. One of my favorite memories ever one but he kept she would laugh and laugh and laugh and then stop suddenly. Look at me and say what is going on. And i'm like no one knows that's the thing she's like asking. This really happened. This was the thing to happen. Yeah definitely oh. That's well well okay. All right i mean. I am recommitting myself to to watch it with you. An hour and twenty minutes of wondering if our friendship is worth this. I think he might enjoy. I enjoy it. But i think that if we weathered waiting in like three hour long lines and beim parks yeah. That's true and we can. We can weather the star wars holiday special. We'll see stay. Tuned saver audience. We'll report back on that but back to the topic at hand. I love with cream. I adore it is one of my favorite things. I remember like this. Really the first time i had quote real whipped cream and it was transcendent. It was amazing. I think i told that story on the strawberries episode. Yeah by real whipped cream deeming like homemade with cream or i just not out of not cool whip not. Yeah fancy whipped cream. Gosh yeah i. Alternatively remember the first time i had cool whip as opposed to real name and child. Lauren was like what is this. Ain't cool because i love that i would just like. I would choose whipped cream over ice cream often than i would just eat cool whip. Oh my gosh her okay. Yes sure i mean you know that that's a it's a it's a distinct texture and it is. It is very creamy. So there's a flavor in it that i that i don't like But yeah all that aside clearly. Not an advertiser cool whip my bed just knocking down day after day. Always it's ridiculous making enemies. I don't know what this is about but okay does this. Bring us to our question. Any i better whipped cream. What is it well. Whipped cream is more or less what it says on the box it is. It is cream that you whip air into so that it's a foam instead of a liquid It'll it'll form a soft but stable structure with a light and fluffy texture. That's really fun in your mouth. Because it's all of these like tiny little air bubbles and these smooth and creamy. Fats that are cold and they melt in your mouth and the bubbles kind of pop. Oh gosh You can add sweeteners and other flavorings. Vanilla is popular ad in. It's often served with desserts or as a topping for sweet beverages. Either hot or cold and and it's it's really it's really nifty Like you can't do this with just any liquid right like if you take a cup of orange juice or coffee you can whip it as long as you want to in bubbles will form but it will not make a foam But it does work with cream because of the amazing properties of milk. And yes. i'm gonna talk about like the science of milk again. Excellent every time. I do this. I think it's going to be the last time. I think that we can't possibly have a reason for me to talk about my sells again but always submit here here. We go so Milk is an emulsion of fats and fat soluble. Stuff in water and water. Soluble stuff and in cream is that with less water. It's a higher concentration of the fats and stuff suspended in water and stuff it's upwards of twenty percent fat and for best whipping results. You're looking for something upwards of thirty percent fat. Ideally more like thirty five to forty percent fat which is going to be labeled heavy cream in the united states. Look out for that one if you're making your whip cream at home And as we talked about in our butter episodes when cream is cold. The the fats in it. Start crystallizing yes. Butter is crystal and this is important in whipped cream because Because those tiny crystals are are like stiff sorta independent structures like. They're okay to stick together and latch up into chains. But they're not too excited about like gloving up into a single mass and that's important for whipped cream because because when you force air into cream by whipping it with a whisker shaking it in a jar little globules of fats will will coat. The air bubbles End if the fats are cold and partially crystalline they'll latch up with other little globules and create this stable structure This is why whipped cream will melt into a puddle if you warm it up. You're breaking those chains And this is also why if you whip cream for too long it'll start getting like and also watery because those partially crystallized fat globules mashed together. And you make butter The the water and water soluble stuff gets pushed out in that sputtered milk. But it's okay. Let's talk about that. Water and water soluble stuff. So in liquid cream Fats are suspended evenly through the watery stuff in an emotion A mix of stuff. What doesn't usually mix Because of the structure of some of the proteins that you find in cream these proteins called caissons are made up of some particles that are hydrophobic or water loving and some that are lipa phillip or fat loving and so when presented with both water and fats. These case in proteins will grab bits of fat and then cluster up into these little globs called my sells With the fat on the inside and the the water loving bits on the outside those water loving particles grab onto electrons in the water. Meaning that each mysel- winds up having a negative since negatively charged particles. Repel each other like magnets. You know. yeah yeah you've seen that. The globules spend themselves throughout the water in order to keep their distance. It's an emulsion so so the reason that you can't make whipped cream by like stirring it gently Is that you have to physically break up. The bonds that are holding those my cells in their shapes By whipping them. You're slamming them together. You break up those bonds and and that's when the fats that used to be like cuddled up on this and safe inside start thrashing out going like others water everywhere we don't like it and that's why they cling to air bubbles And kind of link up little chains together. It's for safety. They're just looking for safety. But the cases and some other proteins in the mix are still trying to mitigate the situation There's still trying to keep the peace between the water and the fats and they wind up creating a protective membrane around these fat coated air bubbles which which a traps all the all the watery bits in the tiniest basis between the bubbles and be aids in the stability of the bubbles so cool. Yeah there in in doing reading for this. I found some images from like an electron microscope whipped cream and it was. It was really. It was my new favorite thing to get them like print it out like a modern art. People are like what's that hellscape. i'm like with. Crema everything from electron microscope. Looks like a hellscape that is true. Oh ho i love it. Yeah so So yeah that's what's happening if you make whipped cream It is pretty easy like it takes a little bit of arm work Either from whipping you do have to keep it cold to make sure that the the proper structure of forums up or you can shake jar. It's you know fun trick. Parties Even also purchased products that skip the workout The aforementioned cool whip and other pre whipped creamy toppings and pressurized canned cream. Which is you know. The reddi whip kind of style stuff. It's can't under pressure with cream in there and gas usually nitrous oxide and a nozzle on top that lets you just spray it out more on that later Some of these are made with dairy Even with the same sorta cream. You might use yourself. Some are made with alternative ingredients Bolstered by compounds that will help the stability of the foam that are not you know dairy compounds. Well thanks once again for giving me whenever we return to parties. I'm only going to be like party chicken. I want it to be like a really fancy party. you know. oh everybody's these really nice dresses. And i reach into my purse and i pull out like a jar of cream and start shake no explanation yelling like a bat like a bag of ice with a jar of korea it just maintaining eye contact with the hosts yes. My goal is to never be invited to parties again. Cleveland if the whipped cream is good and then maybe right right. Hey that's right well. What about the nutrition whipped cream is is calorie dense food. You know i it. Some some of the non dairy alternatives might be A little bit later in fats and calories and a little bit heavier on the sugar I'd say i'd say it's a treat you know as as as always treats her. great lightened sizes. Don't put whipped cream on everything all the time but like something know the time. Well we do have some numbers for you. We do As twenty twenty okay. I ran into two different numbers as he sometimes do when you're looking at at global market research And i'm just going to say that either way. The global whipping cream market as of two thousand twenty was worth upwards of three billion dollars possibly about seven billion dollars per year. I know that that's a large difference but a lot but it but it but it's a lot either way it's big. It's big over. Sixty percent of that was dairy based whipping creams. Their h leaper usually than their non dairy alternatives and perceived as being better by many consumers But the non dairy type Segment of the market is expected to grow over. The next few years is the number of shoppers. Looking for vegan products is expected to increase. Europe is currently the largest market for for whipped. cream Apparently germany leads the world in whipped cream consumption. They eight hundred. Twenty eight million kilos in twenty-seven seventeen that's like one and a half kilos per person. Well good for you. Yeah i'm trying to. I'm trying to think about like a kilo of whipped cream and what that means to me as you should you should. I recommend asia. Pacific is the fastest growing market segment. As a european style baked goods gained popularity over there And the cool. Whip brand is by far the most consumed with topping brand in the united states As of two thousand twenty one hundred and twenty nine million americans had some cool whip at some point. Yeah and that's i ran into a couple articles about like how cool with is this american style gis associated with it. Yeah my mom. I if i would that i could. If i went to go visit her right now. And i opened the freezer they would be cool whip frozen just renting a lot of her desserts. Did incorporate cool whip reasons. I liked it. Yeah yeah my my mom's family and my mom's mother was a big big cool whip user. She was also a big gelatin maker. That's another thing that. I remember ambrosia episode which remains one of the things. Where i'm still like. I could say ambrosia and have no idea what you think. That means what you think. I'm gonna say but a lot of people do use cool. Whip are cream in their ambrosia. Which often does involve gelatin. Yeah yeah i yeah well. One of the one of the kind of benefits of Of the non dairy toppings is that they're a little bit less sensitive to acid content. Right so if you've got acidic components in your dessert they're not gonna dissolve easily right right for different than my ambrosia but another episode. It's already been done. Yep yup i did want to include that. There are things like alcohol equipped creams which i've had had good experiences with fun. When i was in college one of the worst hangovers. i've ever had to whip cream drink. responsibly friends. Oh yes no. I won't forget that. And then there are savory whipped creams. I think some people might call foams. Perhaps but i've had like you know the shrimp celery whip cream thing. Okay yeah yeah So there's options it's a bigger world than perhaps you might at first glance absolutely yes and it's got an interesting history behind it it does And we are going to get into that as soon as we get back from a quick break for word from our sponsor This episode is brought to you by lexus. If you're an audio file who knows the difference between bit rate and bit depth. You know obsession. If you call yourself and aficionado you probably know more about art than some artists do. And in the same way a metalhead knows every guitar solo classic power ballad at lexus. They're absolutely consumed with tuning every inch of pure sports sedan. What is this fanatical behavior. You ask it's called going all in and the more all any go the better it gets. Which is why. They went as far as building an entirely new test. Track for a new level of handling and responsiveness. And why they designed it with curves sharp is the corners that can maneuver around. 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Plus it's the best value in streaming available now. Us only back. Thank you sponsor yes. Thank you so. Animals that produce milk have been domesticated for thousands of years. We've talked about this and numerous passes And humans have used these animals for lots of purposes but primarily things like milk labor and meat and like so many of our episodes in particular here. The dairy related episodes like yogurt or butter or cheeses. The exact origin of whipped cream is unknown. Oh yeah probably discovered by multiple people's and multiple places multiple times and just like all those topics just mentioned. There's a story that whipped cream was discovered after a quick course. Ride turned cream and cream soup popular popular origin. Myth yeah yes. Another goes that it may have been discovered by someone attempting to churn butter in a cool climate but rush the process and whipped it instead. Sure maybe yeah. Yeah who knows at least possible. And it's funny actually one of the first episodes. I pitched when we started the show. We haven't done it yet. And i really want to is i. I feel like i have a basic understanding. Have sort of contextual understanding. But i don't have a really good grasp on a lot of cooking terms o- like the difference between like whipping something in folding. Something i don't know. I just oh i can. Okay sure yeah. Let's do it just. It could just be a tutorial between you but yeah when i was researching this i was like. I've always thought i knew what that meant. But maybe a whip whip is a good good stiff quick right gesture motion. What the holiday special tells me a fivefold is more is more gentle and slower ever folded correctly my life lauren. We'll we're wait simple right. Have that to look forward to okay. So our knowledge of whipped cream is really really limited but By the sixteenth century whipped cream was popular in much of europe often replacing cream. It went by a variety of names to milk snow in europe. Nays delay in france in navy day in italy early recipes for whipped cream involved whipping together naturally separated cream using willow branches are rush branches. I liked it. They were very specific in the branches. And yeah the whipping would yield these foamy layers on top that were then skimmed off and tossed in this process is repeated for an hour or more Until enough green had been skimmed to arrive at the desired texture. Not the easiest process. A fifteen forty five english recipe for milk. Snow called for rose water and egg whites so again. It's hard to suss out what was going on in this broad category of whipped cream in history the first written instance of whipped cream and french appeared in sixteen twenty nine and soon after whipped cream was printed for the first time in english in sixteen seventy three according to the oxford english dictionary Though people use it interchangeably with snow cream throughout the sixteen. Hundreds snow cream like that. I love this. Yeah sounds much more fantastical. One of the earliest references to whipped cream is from sixteen sixty one when the french chef patel served something resembling whipped cream with sugar for reception for king louis the fourteenth however some people doubt the story and think that catherine medici introduce cream whipping techniques. That were already present in her homeland of italy to the kitchen. Staff at her dwelling in france history popularly told story though. This jeff french chef actually. It's funny because a lot of french in the article. I was reading about this. They're like we don't want to admit it but it probably didn't come from france. Whipped cream got a lot easier to manufacture at the end of the nineteenth century with the industrial revolution and the innovation of a centrifuge using centrifuge for the separation process that resulted in a high fat cream. And this was a hand crate. Marvel invented by gustav de level. Now that would cream was far simpler to make more and more chefs. Started experimenting with it especially pastry chefs. All kinds of desserts came out of this whipped cream flavored with coffee or chocolate or fruit or liqueurs and when these flavors were poured over the whipped cream or folded in the result was called krim on moose are cream and a phone and yes the history of moose's pretty wrapped up in here. Yeah exactly folded in perhaps email finger guns everybody creams into the was sometimes used as well but chantilly cream isn't the same thing in our american parlance. There's some differences of what that can mean depending on where you are yeah usually means A sweetened and vanilla flavored whipped cream rights and that term itself is quite mysterious. I kind of went on a rabbit hole. Figure out if it was something. I could include here if i needed more time. It seems like i need way more time. A big mystery of his. Everybody seemed to be like rawal. No yeah that was. That was what i ran into. And i kinda quickly went nope another day another day but it did appear in the mid nineteenth century or at least records of it did another technological innovation changed the whip cream game when british scientists began experimenting with aeration systems for food in the nineteen thirties. They landed on using nitrous oxide or into which is fully incorporated dairy products using the system including cream when the pressure was released wallah instant whipped cream. This technology was utilized both in large commercial spaces and perhaps more so that at first but products for home use. No not what we're used to these days. That is very interesting. That looks like i would never know of. That's for one name gets thrown around a lot of conversation is charles gets a graduate student at university of illinois during the depression who invented instant whip at first he used carbon dioxide after he realized that milk would foam if you use that so he got the idea to put it in cream and a can pressurize it with cream. However he found that the carbon dioxide with the tastes so he switched it out for nitrous oxide to get the same results minus the altering of the taste gets his professor g. Frederick smith used this patent to launch instant whip foods. Yeah yeah you can technically do this with a number of different pressurized gases but nitrous oxide and yes. This is the same stuff that your dentist may have given you as a pain reliever or that you might have heard about. Is like like a fuel. Additive in car racing Nitrous oxide is great in making ready. Whip cream for a few reasons It's got the no flavor thing going for it. It expands a lot more than oxygen That's pressurized under similar conditions like canned whipped cream fluffed with oxygen would only be a quarter as fluffy as whipped cream fluffed with nitrous oxide. Plus encourages microbial growth. Lots of microbes require to live. You don't really want that in your canned with cream and Oxygen could make fats go rancid overtime on through the oxidation process. You don't want that either. So yeah nitrous. Oxide does double duty as a as a whipping agent during depressurization and as preservation aid. Are you go there you go. Don't do whip it's kids. Don't do it it's okay. I mean they're kind of fine but don't do them all right. Don't you learn so once. World war two. You came to a close. Several companies said about making their own whipped cream dispensers but most of them abandoned project after it proved easier said than done when it came to producing eight quality product. Most of the rest gave up in the fifties when disposable single use cans were invented so in one thousand nine hundred five. Aaron bunny left laughing. Gosh so in. French fan means bunny. Some saving it's announces. Oh But i don't know for sure. But anyway he patented an essential part of these aerosol whipped cream containers the nozzle The patent read that it was intended to create a product. Vote simple and inexpensive enough to permit there being discarded after a single use. This canister lead design. Made it possible to pressurize the insides up to one hundred pounds per square inch this invention. This invention allowed for at product. Most of us are familiar with reddi. Whip and this wasn't lapenne a into the world with cream Though originally closed salesman he entered the food space in the nineteen forties. One of the things he sold was a product meant to serve as a substitute for whipped cream during wartime called still whipped a mixture of primarily vegetable oil and like and found whip which came and refillable area and guns and it was intended primarily for commercial use. Hold up i just i. I'm sorry i need to dwell for just a second on the image of an air rating cream gone. I actually have some experience with something like this dwelling on the site. What experience do you have with something like this. Well tell the story but we have to cut it because a really good friend of mine. She one day at home receives a very large package. She was not expecting and opens it up lo and behold. It is a huge bright pink. Ak47 shaped Hookah and oh idea came from turned out. Somebody used your credit card number to buy this thing in california accidentally. Anyway it's quite a sight to behold there's a cammo carrying bag pink cammo caring and it's just like a piece of art heck. Yeah no whipped cream involved. Unfortunately or fortunately. I don't think i don't think that's what i want. Experience probably not probably. I guess i don't use because one way or another so well other funny stories the also whoever they were also bought a bunch of pizza like way too much pizza so the night was going on but yes to this area. Gutten was primarily for commercial use but he was searching for a design more friendly for home users and he found it with the nineteen. Forty six introduction of aerosol canisters that were lined and lithographs and seamless from crown cork and seal company They were called sprawl. -tainer spray -tainer is no why not feels like it should be that. But i didn't waste any time. In adopting this he put his with grievance inside called it ready whip he started selling ready whip through local milkman in saint louis missouri. But it didn't take long for it to be picked up in the rest of the united states and canada with almost full distribution by one thousand nine hundred fifty four within five years. Lebanon earned the nickname the whipped cream king and he became a multimillionaire. Who yeah he used. The reddi whip can design for another product. He came up with two ready shave the shaving cream. Oh never notice very similar design. It was one of the first of its kind at the time on sold. His company in nineteen sixty three but sales continued to increase and asked twentieth. Century came to a close out of every to aerosolize whipped cream cans. one was ready whip. Yeah reddi whip was definitely the brand in second place after cool whip in the in the united states market but yeah i for. Some reason had literally never put together. These two aerosol cans are essentially the same can and now. I'm just thinking about the park. You go yup same phase will be on the pie. Four poltics is gonna. They're gonna get whipped cream and they get shaving cream and outrage. That's the of that movie though overlooked outrageous msci room. Somebody's dessert you're this. You're like you're like okay. The hubris of man did lead to a whole bunch of people getting eaten by dinosaurs. But mostly some poor sap got shaving cream instead of whipped cream on pie. We cannot tolerate it it. Not something we should let slide as food podcasters lord. I feel like it is our duty to bring attention to this. Poor person who's dessert was ruined. You're you're right you're right. I might have gone on and became a super bowl. They could have been like in the following movies. Maybe one of the bad people. We don't know. I want to explore this. I want to explore this further. Maybe not in this podcast. So there's all this areas lies can for whipped grade was not without its flaws even when it was first invented and this was during a time of like consumerism and kind of well it's always the time consumerism. But you know the fifties boom yeah exactly but even then people were still kind of like the seems like a waste throwing these things away and you know there's always some cream left's nitrous oxide is gone but it was convenient and people liked it still to this day and that's still a conversation to this day about the waste of it and i did want to put in here because i i get this song. Second my head all the time and it is a french children's song anyway. I even though i learned in kindergarten. I still remember the moves and everything randomly stuck in my head all the time. It's about a deer in the woods and this rabbit is in house and seized the deer and is like there's a hunter come inside. Isn't they come. They become best friends but the word. The french word for bunny is lab. So after i got my holiday specials taking my hand in this french song second my head laugh laugh on trivia raid lau matt. Yeah so for anybody who remembers. That is a throwback for you the kids even though they don't really have hands it is weird. That's something else we'll have to think on more later. But all right in nineteen sixty. Six new product entered the market hip. This is the invention of chemist william h mitchell at new mills and. This is one of several mentioned. He gets credited for the first being tapioca substitute. He developed during world war. Two soldiers dubbed mitchell's mud Cool whip say people time no more devoting the time and arm strength to whipping up your own and it could be frozen which was helpful when it came to shipping nationwide but also storing both in commercial sense but at home and it quickly spread and was adopted across the country. Also aided by the fact that cool whip had no creamer milk so it wasn't dependent on dairy producing regions. General mills really knocked it out of the to from what i read when it came to marketing especially when it came to joining forces with other brands like in mississippi mud pie which i also went on a rabbit hole very very interested. Learn more but again people seem to be like oh or jelly pudding and that sent me on a all about watergate. Salad of you've ever heard of that. Yeah but now. I have no idea what it is. It listen to me like kind of like a waldorf salad but i was just like after the this or the. I don't think it's the scandal. I i don't think it's the scandal again. Nobody seems to know but there is like a threat of people thinking that that's one. It's one story people tell. I'm sure it's kind of fun. But anyway differed more and more episode ideals piling up but because this product was so popular. The brand name became synonymous with the products of similar to kleenex. Right cool cool whip During the diet trends of the nineties lower calorie options of cool whip came out. You have cool. Whip flay and free In one thousand nine hundred time included ready with on its list of top one hundred consumer items of the twentieth century. Or how i know and then an explosion at a nitrous oxide factory in two thousand sixteen caused a shortage of ready whip right in time for the holiday season that people panicking one person died in the explosion and it launched a federal investigation mean. It's really interesting because it's one of those things. I never really thought about before. But only two companies a combined five facilities produce nitrous oxide for the united states and canada. So if you do allow them at one of them yes a huge distribution down And donate cool. Whip mix ins was introduced and this is essentially cool. Whip with things like oreo cookie. Pieces that you mix in. I went through a right these I'm just. I'm loki mystified by all of this. Because this was never a product that i that i wanted to consume right and so the idea of of selling it with the apparent intention to eat it kind of sort of on its own. is very mystifying and not shared on anyone who likes it. Y'all like what you like but I guess i guess the the texture of it is just as such an interesting texture. Especially when it's frozen like oh my gosh foams foam. Y'all severe shirts. No one would know for elect group of people people around atlanta would probably think you're talking about a loss cat loss. Scott is a piece of art by local. Artists are land it features the word foam poster. I mean it could mean a lot of different things as good. It's just like we haven't gotten any new t shirt designs in a long time. I know there's been some real banger of ideas to see current designs. You can go to t public dot com and we're always accepting suggestions. Yeah yeah oh heck. I guess that that is what we have to say about whipped cream for today it is but we do have some listener mail for you but at first we've got one more quick break for word from our sponsor. Upward is the world's largest remote talent platform devs designers writers strategists. You name it find higher pay all in one place. Whatever skills your scope demands upwork is how need to find coders outside your area code. Seo specialist for six weeks or a ui designer through december pros available short or long-term one time or as often as you need them and they're proven rated and reviewed when you need in demand talent on demand upwork is how when you have a pandemic like this. The diseases that should be brought to light are not brought to light and when they do come in they have the most severe problems that should have been dealt with. A month ago or two months ago. I recently had a case of a person who had appendicitis and they sat at home for four days and now they're appendicitis ruptured now. They're in the hospital for a couple days because that rupture caused them to become septic. That's dr paul bodrov an er physician hero faced with impossible decisions day to day and yet despite this undeniable emotional and physical strain. They're the ones we turn to for help while demanding perfection. So it's a very big problem because common diseases are being missed and common diseases are going to the extremes so it's more of a burden when they come in this late. I'm justin beck founder and ceo of contact world. Listen to contact world the podcast on the iheartradio app. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Every back thank you sponsor yes. Thank you and we're back with. Who fail who i. My brain thinks kuwait before things with cream. A wow sees an roped regarding the sticky jack fruits app you can get rid of it by sticking your hand and some uncooked rice on used to make me cut up ripe jack fruit and i didn't mind doing it because then i got to play with the rice in the rice tub speaking of lunar new year my brother and i have a tradition of going to the twenty four hour. Kfc down the road from our temple. On new year's eve we'd have to stay at the temple until midnight ticked over. We'd be starving by the end of it and the kfc was the only thing open since our temples in sticks is built up a lot now and has its own food hall with egis -tarian versions of vietnamese classics but we still go for year not traditional food in the normal sense but still something i look forward to passing on to the next. I love it. I love things like that. And you make your own. of course. that's that's great. Yeah yeah carolina wrote. I hope i pronounced that correctly. I was that's not what they wrote. That's an anyway okay. Here we go. I was excited that you made an episode about my favorite fruit growing up in a small town in utah. I never had an opportunity to try. Persimmons i only knew about them from a story. My mother told from her childhood in florida when neighbor kids through rotten persimmons at her which soured her on persimmons to this day and what she brings up every single time. I offer anyone persimmons. In eighteen years. I discovered and fell in love with japanese poetry. Persimmons are fairly common subject in haiku as well as in japanese paintings. I came across this poem. By a ochre shaky me down as one who loved poetry and persimmons. That poem made me want to try this fruit that a haiku master loved so much. I was so excited. The first time i found them in grocery store and i discovered that i also love this luscious fruit now. My family gives me persimmons as christmas gifts. Instead of the traditional orange another famous person related haiku is attributed to the most famous female classic haiku. poet Chia knee whether stringent. I do not know. This is my first persimmon. Picking this poem is interpreted as being a metaphor for the uncertainty. She felt on getting married just as she didn't know if persimmon would be a stringent or not. She couldn't tell her marriage would be happier. Not i can say from experience that when you have an astringent persimmon you know from the first bite of all the so much yes poetry my goodness not one but two. That's amazing. I can't believe we didn't encounter this. Oh it's always more there's always more out there yes and and as you listeners. Probably know one of our very favorite things to poetry so yes always in that in yes yes and speaking of we have a bonus thirty male. Because it's so perfect savannah wrote i hate saffron got the mood of it. It was a very interesting to listen to you. However i will always hate saffron. It smells like a pool. Floaty like a sickly plastic smell it tastes and it's so expensive i will go out of my way to make sure nothing i eat ever include saffron i have written a haiku about my hate of saffron i hate you saffron you taste like nasty plastic. You smell like it to excellent excellent. Well well see i. Often poetry asked to be positive share. Yeah i mean. Poetry can can express a broad range of emotion and we have gone through a broad range of emotion in this listener mail section. I've loved every minute so much. Thanks to the listeners. For writing if you'd like to write to us you can our emails. Hello at pod dot com. We are also on social media. You can find us on twitter. Facebook and instagram at saver pod. And do hope to hear from you. Savor is a production of iheartradio for more podcasts. My heart radio. You can visit the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows. Thanks as always super producers dylan fagin andrew howard. Thanks to you for listening and we hope that lots of things coming your way This episode is brought to you by lexus aficionado. Fashiony sta foodi sneaker head. What you're into go all in because the greater the obsession the greater the reward introducing the new lexus. I s a result of lexuses obsession. All in on the sports sedan learn more lexus dot com slash i s.

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