Episode 909: Abomination: Devil Worship and Deception in the West Memphis Three Murders


I want you to. Actually the background looks fine okay. I'm gonna work right actually. This is really works. Well oh yeah. It's amazing what you can do it out all right. So this child's moskowitz. Monday through friday twelve noon is when i usually do the thing alive on youtube and subscribing platforms Welcome to the program. I guess william ramsay is But signs william ramsay investigates Williams the author of abomination profit of evil and children of the beast. William thanks for joining me to be with you again. Thanks for having me okay. So let's just go right to give us a thumbnail on on the topic of your book. So title of the book is global. Death cult order of nine angles atom often slaughter the innocence. And it's about the growth of kind of a post cruelly posted Ideology that came out of the right wing to far right really of england and has now dispersed around the world so it's kinda end one of their central tenets really is about calling people they use the term cole and I think it's really one of the in my opinion. One of the central tenets of the group so the the the concept of calling people. It's kind of like what you might say grooming but murder. I mean i think that it's an incitement to kill people murder people. I think that if you read through the documents like if you read through my book they reference it in several places and as referenced a lot often in their in their documents and it's a fairly recent. The real growth of the order of nine angles really began in the eighties and it started with just very with manuscripts that were sent through the mail or po box pre internet and then manuscript the manuscript upon manchester grew it became booked and then codified additional books. And now i think there's might be ten thousand pages of information about this one group. I don't think it's a very big group speech. Estimated are guesstimates that it's really only a thousand or two thousand however. I think that they're very malevolent. In my opinion and they showed they showed up in the stuff. So adam often. Is this kind of right wing group in the last and the ideology some of those books that i i kind of go through chapter by chapter but some of those books are found in this group often. That's caused a lot of trouble. united states. now let's before we get into the actual membership and the nature of that. I just wanted to a little bit of background here and you say that it goes back to ellison crowley and his ot. Oh which was the order attempt. Orients them the Kind of the infiltrated masonic cult that he was involved in and that he brought to a more of satanic element And that you do tie that into the the nazis. I mean which emanated out of the secret society. The tuli vessel shops in europe. And just the kind of the occult what we do for mystically and broadly called the new age movement up so give us some background so we can then bring things up to date. How did this actual organization spied and who started so the central figure kind of denies that he's written most of his name's david miot. He was a number of right wing groups in in the uk in the united kingdom. I think that the group was national action But he came out of that but during his involvement in this kind of national socialism which really was british national socialism. At the same time he he maintained an interest in cultism. So you kind of see this parity but actually it Similar to nazism. So it's post hitler but they kind of learn from other in cruelly securely died at forty seven and so that they do reference locked. This guy he was in. David was in a the lubbock group. Which is kinda cruelly group. But he learned from that and kind of pushed the boundaries beyond that group. So he in my book. I it's really interesting. Had this series of letters out the satanic letters of stephen brown. Which i assume is by maya all the the word the a lot of the literature very similar. But he's in communication with the temple of seton and literally in contact with michael makino. So michael aquino was an offshoot of the templates. Satan started at template sets and they're communicating about what their version satanism is so you can kind of see this kind of growth and movement of the order wrangles away from cronyism and other groups temple say set satan. But have this nazism. It has kind of similar outlook where the other people are. Ultra mentioned they. Call them mundane. Maybe a little magical term but they kind of have new terminology. So it's a little bit. You have to kinda decipher it. Some these words but they definitely view on people but they have a long term goal of creating kind of an imperial and it may be synonymous with like a right but an imperium of kind of fascist imperium in the future. That's kind of what they're pushing. That's that would be their y'all ideological but they're they're very small but i think that that's really their pulled. But they have some unique doctrines. They tried to infiltrate other groups so they have something called an insight role and what that is to join a group and learn from it. So you'll see in some of these newer right wing groups national action. You'll see a cultist joining that right wing group and much like atom often battling out often and so you'll see that a cultism I think i can trace that Ideological idea from uk to the us to these other concurrent far right groups in the us and the uk and actually in the end in canada some other places. So that's why. I kinda got global idea because with the internet i think that these ideas have dispersed become more international after world war two and now with the internet and will be dark web even for the proliferation I just wonder against such a little bit on the background and saying that they are satanic and as artistic so it's not just embrace satanic principles but they actually are worshiping satan involve the satanic ritual satanic practices. That right that's correct. So they have their. I kind of have iconic go through the very beginnings of their book. They have to kind of main boats one is the black book of satan which talks about ritual so they have external and internal rituals external is like people together and then internal of rituals that you're supposed to do for themselves and the halos is kind of like a book that A lot of the manuscript that yes that would they would well. It gets complex because if you talked to somebody in the all our assumed they would deny it but literature tells a story. It's a secretive. Society is so short build than i deny membership altogether. And it's sometimes hard to talk about these things because they are secret but nevertheless there are things that are known as you say. They've published a book which you can get. You say that elyssa crowley is one of the sort of at least the ideological founders of this movement and that crowley would go on to influence you through the o. t. o. And other groups much of the kind of the counterculture of the nineteen sixties and heavy metal. There's an element in heavy metal rock. Not all some And that i would even trace it back to Lavar ski and the founding of the the Of the deal. The also be society new york seventies the religion of the united nations meditation. So this and then it's like you're talking about and into 'ideological or intellectual genealogy tracing back to office levy and bavasi through croly and then to. This group is probably considered a branch or offshoot. It's one way to look at it right and that does have clearly a racist and you know elementary. A bylaw originated with a darwin when he signed ties racism through the theory of evolution. Saying that there are some species than amaury ball than others and that this became almost a a cornerstone of much of the enlightened establishment up until world war two when it became fashionable after the holocaust. And then kind we. We emerged with your with julian and unesco so these ideas are not. They're not new and they've been around in the broad sense just at the edges of our our elite establishment. Both on the left hand on the right. But in this case william we're talking about a very simple calls that began to emerge after world war. Two now you say that. There are around today that the war international. They're in the united states. They're in canada. They've they've branched off from britain maybe in european countries. I don't know a turn. Is this made up. Who is in. I mean. I don't necessarily need to name names because i'll get kicked up you to who there's unknown. The total membership is unknown. But you can trace. I have a whole chapter so they called their groups. Instead of like a cell. I would analogize it to a cell of like an underground. They call it a next on n. e. x. Iowan and you can trace these groups through the internet and through their websites that they're in serbia. France england sweden canada. Us narrows a lot of these. Next ones of the temple of blood. And i think it's south carolina so there's like little tiny cells like almost Like offer some of these other underground groups maybe a communist but this would be a right-wing cell but with kind of like are re ordered national socialist ideal with the cultism. They have will. It's interesting they were more one more thing. So that founder was actually in the national social movement and he has signed copy or he had some kind of signature from auto roemer. If you remember. Otto remer was essential to hitler surviving. What's known as the balcony facination attempt. So he's connected. He knows mean. They these hang. He's hanging out in these post. Work groups Post world war two groups. And i think it's interesting because you see any of you the other you can see this influence of this idea but like you said the racism so in their doctrines they have the money. Danes they have homo hubris. They kind of look at other people with contempt and they have this idea of this. This nazi on which is little seedlings of their ideas ideologies through groups all over the world. So that's why. I titled the book global death cult. Because they do have an emphasis i think upon Yeah murder or killing a calling. They call like it's almost a A description of the ruling class. I mean the kind of the elitist internationalists types and just recently took over the us government. I don't wanna get too into that. Because i'll into channel i already lost my now makes you feel. Let's be careful when we go. We have a little bit euphemistically all right. So so this. This is having to do with This group nexium in new york state that was exposed and being years ago. You had wealthy suburban white women primarily involved with prostitution and and kind of field And all kinds of stuff news by the way that's new york times. It's not some conspiracy right. No that's keith. Neary so the nexium group. It soon similar to the name next john but i never made a connection of that however there are recent cases that are included my book. There was a guy by the name of william von new trajan. And some of these cases are very current. They haven't even gone to trial yet and some have just been. There was a guy sentenced on may fifth to forty two months who was involved in all kinds of bad things illegal things and they sent him. Joe is a federal case. The actually swatted the homeland security. Her name is kristen. Under trump kristen So the dow's wonders william bond new to jimmy canada. He went up to this old muslim guy in front of a mosque and slit his throat. So that's a recent case. He hasn't gone to trial yet but he was seen online doing all kinds of ordered nine angle ritual. So there's a direct connection there. There was also this of passage for them. It's kind of. It's like in the moscow. They talked about the made man. You know if anyone seemed godfather to you know that michael juliani became a made man when he shot Those those guys around the table and then he fled sicily to cool off for a few years but This in this case it's a ritual. That goes back to the The assassins the original shishen in medieval Iran with would literally plucked some young guy out of a club or something. and they bring them to the fabulous palace. Where he'd be able to indulge all of his excesses fantasies and then they would say you can have this reverence nor to become a part of the secret club. You have to kill somebody and he has. Who and then you would basically by doing so you would become the spirit the spirit. Nc bodies on me man. You're getting that's a great point because it's very similar to eliminate ideology if you read it but the aloes that nothing is true. Everything is permitted was their idea. That's like they took him to literal paradise. Paradise was those square thing volvo. The temple of earthly delights. Any connection between a few years ago. I interviewed and author. I forget the name of the book now. But it was about son of sam and he looked that up by interviewing the sun and sand imprison stave and Are more terry yalta medieval. Yes and Amazing story and he. Sam testified that he was connected to a sabbatical that still around and that they have certain telltale signs in terms of certain types of repeating that pops up in the city and that they are still involved with ritual murders around the country now does does your group have any connections very kind of in a very tangible. There was one person who is a big admire of the process. Church a final judgment his in this kind of modern. This is very recent like this year last year. So they kind. It seemed like they know about the process church. And that's who berkowitz you mentioned in tape recorded tape. Because i've heard talk about the process but his specific thing was thick the twenty two sons of hell or sam but the documentary. That just came out. Sons sam on. Netflix is very interesting. And they actually take the position that there's more people involved in those murders than by And just berkowitz and also dire. Who's a regular guest of mining. Ziada vessel tarik hollywood. He talks about. He makes a connection between most of these mass murderers. You know bundy and And you know these other guys and And satanic ritual and possible connections of satanic cults That there's an element of that there as well. Yeah that goes back to like Dave mcgowan the politics zero murder when they had on the cover of his book. That's anti graham carved into somebody's chest. It's brutal but Yeah so. I think that there's more of that i think jay probably right. I mean i think he you know there's a lot more of this a cultism. It's not fashionable to attach cultism to murder and part of the country. The landing reported the fbi. But i think that also a lot of these people who are maybe involved in that kind of stuff. Do not want that truth to become out. So i think that's a lot about this loaded term satanic panic as well. Was that a lot of the people who are spouting panic are ended the call so they're trying to kind of A visit also makes me. Think about the cuban on theory. Now i'm not a fan of the cunanan because we don't know who offered it's an anonymous thing. It's kind of like in ten years ago you had anonymous will the The mask guy fawkes. So you didn't no one's behind that. And when i don't know who's behind something i can't trust it a you don't know what's going on. However there seems to be some grains of truth in the single aspect of their claim that the international elite or an element of it in government business entertainment media academia in various areas are involved in both satanic practices and pedophilia. Do you have any connection with that. This group is far as i could get the research. All i really do is read the documents and density. What's online but one could what. I could ascertain that. It was really a very secretive group with very underground credentials that has surfaced very recently and become much more the ideal. All allergy is becoming much more acquainted with people who were like charlotte smell and some of these other characters. But i didn't really see it as an elite maybe it is in the league sensibility. Tiki tiki to a truck. Stop replacement the answer. Synthetic thing correct and they would call their idea. Is they have the way it's written and it's in my book. Is they have contempt for the nas- what they call the nazarene 's in the world worldview which i think would be a judeo christian. Their the judeo christian antipathy would be one of our. How our describe not only anti semitic but they're also christian correct very much so and very much into some kind of pagan age. Yeah i would say. Their outlook is really pagan. I think it's a very pagan outlook. And and you kind of see the same thing so it kind of overlaps with some of the have you heard of george lincoln rockwell is the head of the american nazi party so it comes out through the guy by the name of george mason. He wrote a book called siege. Where that's also very strong anti-christian animus of these guys william pierce. Also so you see this. It's done yeah crack. So then it's a mix of this the nixon but it some of that stuff. That comes from the organized order of nine angles has suffused some of the new nazi movement. In these guys are liberal social media post were. These guys are holding up the sinister tradition which is order manning's book so they're clearly affiliate and it's there's a lot of people who were seeing so i think it's a new kind of twist on the national socialism. It's it's post hitler something new. That's sounds like that. National socialism was kind coached itself in sioux in like a pseudo science claiming be scientific fact it was anti religion. God certainly anti judaism christianity or they were trying to christianity. Judaism was the head of the snake and they've felt that Getting rid of you know that would eventually purge europe of this could 'judaizing influence which is how they view christianity. And that they wanted they had this utopian idea that they could create this new kind of human beings uber mench. I mean that's how well over one that's such a great point charles. Because that's the way the order of nine angles sees its influence on. Its followers is. They are creating a new type of human being how you call in the army. I went fluential. Are they any no. I don't i don't think that they're really political intellectual. I couldn't see it. But i do think that they have an impact on i think they're criminally minded. I think that if you if you re talking to somebody's ideology whether they're christian jew muslim or anything. How intense our that is that person absorbing like maybe in christianity would be like a super right wing or a very conservative jew or a certain type of muslim beers. But if you were very serious about the ona you would definitely be a different type. I think that it would shape you to completely different type of person. Then i mean the removed the idea of a creator of the universe and everything is like it's in a way it's more similar than communism than that. He believes that they can create this berkeley ant colony. Where everybody's deepak. oh equal. Except in their case. With which was where communism. And nazism dipper for the nazis. It was more of a biological elite. A group of people evolved into a superior species mench who would then you know benevolently Decide who gets to live and die in the rest of the world for the good man right. That's very similar to the outlook various. There's if you had the misfortune of reading a lot of their material and if you absorb it they have that debt over arching were superior we're gonna make decisions on it abolution basis for who lives in dies much like the nazis. If not the exact same thing yeah and and but with these are not just a bunch of nut cake you know you know people that you lift iraq up somewhere and find. I mean these are people that are around me. This group that has inside influence in pasta. It's secretive so we don't know who who might be involved possibly at high levels of influence not necessarily in the government but in the culture and business. Even in your church or synagogue. I mean it's a really good point because that's the infiltration elements of these etiologies. Could be anybody. They end within the native different terms and terminology. And it's almost like a software. Somebody could pick up. I consider it a very malevolent software. But you're right. It could be somebody who is in high tech or something finds this ideology like. Hey that's me and all they need to do is really fine. One in ten thousand people want and fifty thousand people in the world. And that's you know we. They're doing like scouting to Find a certain type of person that might be might the male you boats of this thing so like a lot of do i mean. They get tested broaden their ask questions and they're kind of like a winnowing process. We'd in chapel hill. So i think if you look at the group. I think that's very standard. Even like processors on judgment the process church was much more complex than people. Think that all these grades and there's an internet or order very similar to atom wafa which supposedly disbanded it had an inter- inner and outer order. Now was something that grew out of the internet too. So there's a very strong influence from this internet. Dark web in these and in our moffitt. Were there sophisticated. They know how to use the dark web lee. Some of the group does so are kind of wrote this book like. Hey yes this is. Something that has to be people's radar. This is dangerous dangerous dangerous. What can we Pick up as signs that someone might be involved in this sort of thing. I mean what are some of the manifestation all the symbols like you could see the symbol all my book cover i would say the manifestation is they have this kind of sinister tribes. The word sinister is used often in this groups but like groups of people do and everything that they do often takes place at night so they're almost like nine hundred dollars and they use this word knocked to leaner knock tulips. Which is a backs. So you'll see the symbol of a bat often used inscription that kind of differentiates it from. What is the traditional understanding of nazism as is like they have a very different. So you gotta watch out for these symbols and the different word usages. Like next john and different terms have. It's really for me. It was like an introduction to underground literature. And that's really what this really came out of was small manuscripts of people riding sharing in small groups. So it's hard. I wish i could give you a good answer to like have something to look out for but they have a certain outlook in in temperament was really scary. Is some of the members. Look very like just look like normal average people's lives that there's a couple of good articles out. There are people who have studied the owen. A i don't wanna mention some the journalists names but some people interviewed them. You can find them online but they seem to be like something happened in the last year or so. They put on people's radar. Because one more name. I wanted to mention was meltzer. He was a military guy who was in contact with was trying to set up his military unit in turkey. He was out of base in italy but he still. He hasn't even been sentenced yet. So meltzer is another owen. A who's involved. And he said he was going to betray his own units To to the feds. So so then. Perhaps i don i mean that's open another can of worms here but perhaps they might have some infiltration into the military. No doubt i think they're definitely trying so like i talked about earlier. They have this idea of insight roles where you're going to do something to get experience and if you look at some of these groups they're trying to a lot of these guys. Have this own literature. Are they become on. And then they tried to get experienced in the national guard or or something like that. So i've seen that a non were there. They're getting the literature and then joining the military not being in the military and then getting so leading the correct. That's what it seems to me from my perspective. So i do think. And i think that the government's wisely is the use the term white supremacist. There was actually an article that came out last year. That specifically stated owen. They they call it an rv. Mba racially motivated. I can't remember the acronym but it was like a racially motivated group. They didn't quite get all of the internal details. I think are important when analyzing the overnight but they understood that it was a threat. I think it's i think it's a very valid threat. I think the government the massad homeland security. Fbi really should get up to speed on this. This group. I think they're very very dangerous. And the other is literally are white supremacists. I mean they do horrified the white race and they wanna have a white nation and seems mean is up the case it seems like that was from the inception. That's what happened but it seems like they've lowered their their their views from like. There's asians in there. The different people different cultures now. serbs alike different ethnicities. Maybe within the white serbia has since with other goods. It's like the Certain white you know groups in the nineteen sixties formed alliances with radical black groups that kind of thing or i suppose in the broad sense the nazis formalizing the japanese eleven they get like minded groups of bait kind of cross-pollinate wig but again it seems like it i like there's are there like a cropped up in russia last year there. A church burning or one of the kids had copies of this literature. So i mean it's hard to say just specifically i. Yeah i think that they're they're really not statistic but not as an that idea to expose the group identify them and really go. After the group that actually are white supremacists rather than this kind of broad indictment being conducted by the establishment. That anybody who's not on the liberal side of the political spectrum is a white supremacist. Anybody associated with president. President trump is a white supremacist. I in oxen is the term nazi. Oh misapplied not believe me. I can attest to that. I mean you have that thrown around all the time and and in a way. It's it's basically giving a pass to the genuine actual nazis and white supremacists. That are out there that we know. Very little about and of william. Your book does lots of china light on that. That's very important. Thank so people need an also. I actually for the kids about the original item often members. They to people who were in this group ended up dying very young. They got involved. There's like these. Young kids are very impressionable. Fourteen fifteen sixteen year olds or online message boards four chan and they get seduced by this evil ideology that they think in the society. Right now so chaotic i. I have sympathy but also sympathy for the parents. Like you gotta really watch out what your kids are doing. This is terrible. National socialism is terrible ideology. So is the way. And you don't want that in your family. 'cause that's what i call the slaughter of innocents like there was two parents. Were like this one kid is named as giampa near like he's dating their daughter and you can't hang out with this guy who's affiliated with adam often in. Gop shot the two parents to dust. So that's like they were innocent. Parents who had very serious concerns ended up dead in virginia. I think two years ago and out was a terrible but you got really be careful about who. You're dating your kids if you boys so i think it's these are terrible ideology national socialism master. So it's a criminal conspiracy. I mean it's it should be approached as in that way no different than any other criminal gangs involved with murder and legal activities and promoting And I would think this should be more than just on the radar screen of our of our law enforcement and we should get it up on the radar screen of everyone. Well i think they have an incitement to murder. I really do that. Is there kind of view. And i think that that from a legal perspective very serious so i really do think that the people who are in national security really all over the world i mean. You really should be very concerned about this. I know that. I came on a russian so it has worldwide reach. It has a structure similar to mason knock them condemning masonry here. Because i'm not but you know like the out of order go and then you go into the inner portico and then the further and the people in the outer portico don't really know what they're doing what thinking about in the they're just You know they're they're kind of involved because it seems kind of fun you know. It's sort of like it comes in. And they answer all the great deep questions of existence and everybody gets sits around in tasma has like a bonfire the you know but the winning and conscience inner circle. That's something we don't know who they are. But that's where you have a you know the power. Well here's an interesting element. Is that this guy. Miot was in league giggled through different iterations at these groups get shut down restart in england. It was the national socialist movement but there was a guy called the nail bombers. Name's david copeland three bombs in london. And there's gonna be documentary on necklace within the next couple months about this case but he was associated with the national socialists and he like people lost their arms legs. There was a baby who had a two inch nail in their head so awful things come out of this and really got to be aware. That was an and in my book. I show david my being interviewed by you. Know some people in the uk who are really. There's a hope not aid is a group that kind of has been following this as well so there's other journalists clearly been looking into it i would say i look at it more cold thing but yeah no. It's not really not good i. I'm surprised the government hasn't really done more lawrence. Will that in itself is a question. But it's pretty ugly. So william tech elect my listeners and viewers know where they can get your very important book and information about you and your work of so you can buy signed copies. I think the best is really the book. Form of the book. Not a kindle because of formatting in i i do like to put pictures in there so people can kind of see names faces and things like that. So that's at my website. William ramsay investigates. I'll send you a signed copy but you can also get the book on amazon kindle version for all right and i'll put a link to it on the show and You know let's stay in touch. I want to touch base with you. After i read it and and more programming is a very important issue. We need to bring light on our. I william thank you so much for joining me. Charles grigsby with you. Thanks so much. All right take care.

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