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State Of The U.S. Economy; Why Airlines Cancel Flights


From NPR and WBZ. I'm Jeremy Hobson. Peter o'dowd this is here now and another important day on Capitol Hill. The House Judiciary Committee is hearing today day from legal experts who are making the case for and against the impeachment of president trump. Harvard law school. Professor Noah Feldman said the president's actions are enough to remove him from office high crimes and misdemeanors are abuses of power and of public trust connected to the office of the presidency residency on the basis of the testimony. And the evidence before the House. President trump has committed impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors. There's by corruptly. Abusing the office of the presidency at issue is whether trump abused his office by asking the leader of Ukraine to investigate trump's political michael rival in exchange for military aid a White House meeting. NPR's congressional reporter Klaudia Greece Solace on Capitol Hill. And she joins us now. Claudia welcome hi hi there. So today's hearing very different from what we heard from the intelligence committee. The focus today is on legal questions not necessarily establishing publishing new facts. What are we hearing from the witnesses? Yes this is a very different. Look when we saw the Intel hearings we were seeing witnesses who are bringing facts. Facts fourth towards the impeachment investigation. Now we are looking at the Judiciary Committee holding their first hearing this formal inquiry and they are bringing forth these as law professors three of them are professors called by the Democrats won by the Republicans and as far as the professors for the Democrats who were called are saying they're telling lawmakers the evidence that was discovered through this phase with the intelligence committee is what is basically basically what the framers of the constitution were warning against. This is why they included the impeachment option in the constitution because of fear that the president president would abuse the power of the office. And they're saying the evidence is very clear that the president has abused the power office by using this military aid as a way to extract a political favor and seek if you will re election and on the other hand. You've got George Washington University law professor. Jonathan Turley the one one witness called by the Republicans as you said says he's not a supporter of president trump. But the house impeachment inquiry is wrong. I'm concerned about lowering. Impeachment standards fit a paucity of evidence and an abundance of anger tells more about Professor Turley argument. Yes so professor. Turley is telling lawmakers that he's worried about this abundance of anger that that is what is fueling this impeachment probe and it's not what's sufficient grounds to pursue an impeachment however the Democratic Council Norm Eisen Pointed out that this professor had written a opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal and said that there was much worthy of investigation when it came to this Ukraine affair. Impeachment doesn't necessarily require crime okay and perhaps not surprisingly the hearings have been heated already. Republicans keep trying to bring up procedural issues. They're interrupting the Chairman Jerry. Nadler here's Republican Andy Biggs Arizona. Can you please also integrate the schedule going forward. In other words hearings Wendy Gentleman will suspend leading. It is not a proper parliamentary inquiry. Okay so there was a lot of that today. So far cloudy is that a restriction on the Republicans part yes this is clearly a strategy for Republicans Republicans. I spoke to another member of the panel earlier this week Jim Jordan and he said that Republicans didn't plan on stopping the hearing today outright but they were going to raise all all kinds of issues and concerns. He said quote. That's what we do in these things when the process is ridiculous so yes. This is part of an overall strategy for Republican. We could see more to come. So these are the legal experts as we said. But do you expect to hear from anyone else anymore. fact-based witnesses in the judiciary committee. Well Judiciary is is keeping their plans for future hearings very very tight to A close circle of members not sharing outside of that group quite yet yet of their their plants coming up but we understand there could be more hearings coming next week. We're waiting for the chairman of the Intelligence Committee. Adam Schiff to present his case. Ace there panel's findings to judiciary. That could come next week. I spoke to another Democrat This morning after a meeting among the caucus members and they said that it's possible that we could see articles of impeachment not next week but the following week the week of the sixteen and of course that is the point of today's hearings The committee you deciding whether or not to take the information from the Intelligence Committee and draft articles of impeachment. So we're going to keep a close eye on that all day long. NPR's congressional reporter cloudy Cloudy Agree Solace. Thanks so much thanks for having me. Well the stock market partially rebounded this morning after a steep drop earlier in the week investors were concerned after the president. Gordon said that he may wait until after the twenty twenty election to make a trade deal with China. NPR chief economics correspondent. Scott horsely joins us. Now Hi Scott. Hi Jeremy Jeremy does anyone have any idea what is going to happen with the trade war because it seems like the market goes up or down based on some comment that somebody in the administration makes about the trade trade talks but if anything in the long term the trade war has only gotten more intense over time. Well in answer your question Jerry. Nobody knows what's going to happen Maybe Donald Trump and a President Xi of China have an idea but certainly Some of the moves this week caught people completely lie surprise like the president's announcement of renewed tariffs on South American work in metal on on Monday. Now completely out of the Blue I remember you know a a deposition where The president in his private life once said that he felt his own net worth rose and fell on the basis of his moods and Now we know that the stock market also rises and falls on the basis uses. The president's Moods If he if he hints that A trade deal with China might be a year way as he did yesterday. We see tumble in the market. Then when something cabins like today with Bloomberg saying maybe a deal with China China's closer at hand we see some rebound and we'll keep watching the ups and downs as a result of all of that. Let's let's let's talk talk about some economic indicators that we actually do know about right now. GDP Growth Scott has held steady about two percent for many months now. The president promised after after his election it would be higher than that. But what is that two percents number tell you it tells me that the economy is growing at about the same pace as it was before. President trump came. I'm into office We got a revision on the third quarter GDP. It was just north of two percent forecast for the fourth quarter. Little south of two percent Probably relief for the the year. We'll average somewhere above two but well shy of the three percent target that the that the White House had had had offered and really that was the argument for the big. Gop Tax cut at the end of twenty seventeen Cut those taxes especially on companies And we'll see a huge influx of investment investment that will boost productivity and we'll get sustained three percent economic growth for years and years to come we did get a an acceleration of growth a Three percent but it proved to be short. Live what some have called a sugar rush and now it looks like we're back to growing at about the pace. We were before. President trump came into office but with a lot. More debt as a result of those tax cuts Yes what about jobs Scott. We're going to get the monthly jobs report. This Friday. There was a private employment report that came out today. Unemployment climate rate has been steady about three point six percent at last check. The jobs picture seems like it's still quite strong. It is certainly solid. WHOA although job growth has slowed a little bit From from where it was say this time last year But we should see a solid jobs number when the report comes out on Friday morning. Remember that that October number was a little depressed because of the General Motors. Strike that strikes now been resolved so that's tens of thousands of workers back on the job We expect the unemployment rates remain very low around three point six percent. A wage growth has been Solid but not spectacular. We've been seeing average average hourly wages rising in the neighborhood of three percent a little bit slower than they were Earlier this year but but not bad that means we got a lot of Americans working their paychecks are going up faster than the rate of inflation. That should be a boost for consumer spending. And we've seen that right in the last week or so with Cyber Knbr. Monday and black. Friday consumers have been spending a lot yes the holiday shopping season which is a a short when this year was off to a pretty good start and that's encouraging encouraging because really consumers are the only big leg holding up the US economy right now business spending has been kind of a slump But consumers are expected to suspend a pretty healthily this holiday season of course we expected something like that last year to only to have a consumer sentiment take a take take a beating because of trade tensions and a slump in the stock market so keep your seatbelt fastened what about the housing market finally mortgage rates. It's still near historic lows. Three point eight percent was the average for a thirty year fixed mortgage last week. Wh What's the state of the housing market right now. The housing market has has rebounded a little bit. Housing had been Sort of a slump on the overall economy for about a year and a half but in the third quarter for the first time in a in longtime we saw housing make a positive contribution to economic growth It's that's expected to continue We've still seen Younger people full. Maybe being a little slow to move out into the housing market even those interest rates are very low. Home prices in a lot of markets are pretty high. Hi and of course we've got some young people who are who are saddled with with debt and especially those who came into the job market During the depths of the recession or just just afterwards Maybe aren't earning that much. So they've been a little bit slower to buy housing but we are beginning to see probably a a a slow recovery in the housing market. And that's been a a plus for the economy after being negative for a long period of time as NPR chief. Economics correspondent Scott. Poor sleep thank you so much Scott. Always good to talk to you Jimmy Let's take a break from the impeachment hearings for a special encore nineteen eighties edition and the DJ sessions. Now you may remember the last time we did this. We had John and Heidi small on Day are deejays and Co owners of sunny radio. That's an all eighty station in Sioux falls. All South Dakota. They're back with us once again. Welcome back to both of you. It's great to have you back. It's great to be back again for inviting us and you have to tell us about about what happened last time. Because you're saying we've got a little more distribution than we thought it was funny. We were expecting fifteen minutes of fame and we got more like twenty five have minutes during the last interview There was a nationwide emergency alert test. And the official ruling is quote. Something went wrong and our interview sent out to a whole bunch of additional stations and up and down the east coast. They heard US instead of the. You know this is only a test. They heard US playing eighty song with you guys so it was kind of fun. Good you know sometimes you instead of hearing that Chirp you just WanNa hear take on exactly. Okay hey good well. Let's get to some of the music that you brought us today and this is one that both of you chose together. This is of course very famous. Don't stop I believe in by smokey smell Look and this has been used everywhere it is in TV shows movies. It's the rallying cry for the Chicago's white SOX THAT LA dodgers the Detroit Red Wings among others. Wise it's such an anthem. I think one of the things. This is the underdog song this is. You know anybody that's ever been an underdog don't stop believing because you know what your time is coming and I just think that's. That's one of the things that I love about it and even people who say they don't like it you. Heidi was just singing along with Heidi. Tell me something I don't know about it because we've heard it so many times but this is from the one thousand nine hundred one album nobleness. Cape Well I think that the really cool thing about the songs it really does kind of some whole decade. The whole decade was was really about overcoming such massive debt let and high interest rates and all of that stuff and. That's why I still lives on today because people can really appreciate what that song is about. Okay the next one you brought us and this is a Heidi pick. This is Elton. John's I'm still standing. You can win Goldstone the giants Req- Behan back go. We're coming back up now. It's just a it's been A. They came out in nineteen eighty three. It was on the platinum album too low for zero. Why did the Song Cat John so much? I personally love this song because it it just says no matter how many times you knock me down I'm GONNA get back up and I'm gonNA come back stronger anger and better than I was before it reminds all of us that were stronger than we think. And no matter what life throws at you you can get back up and you can persevere. I'm sensing a theme. I'm here I'm still standing in a little bit Elton. John Apparently said this song was his reaction to still being relevant and successful in the early nineteen eighties. It is a little bit different than some of his earlier. Music it is. We actually saw him in concert. He was in Sioux falls about a year and a half ago and when this song came on the whole place just stood up and was cheering and dancing because a lot of his other songs are a little slower. So this was kind of a I think for me a nice change of pace at that concert and I also think in his career as well okay up next. We've got a John Pick. This is winners. Take all by quiet riot. Aw Aw John this is called glam metal. Yeah quiet riot is the name of the band and I had a chance to meet the drummer. He's the only original member member of the band is name. Is Frankie Benelli Super Nice Guy and I asked him. Where did the name quiet riot? Come from because it's such a weird name but it was a they had a British British friend of it. You know instead of saying you know right on. or or that's right. They say quite right and when he was saying they were talking about different names he said quite right but it with the British accent and they thought he said why right and I just for that because I wanted to be able to tell that story I thought that was just a cool thing. What what do you think of this one? Heidi I love this on. How can you not get pumped up listening to this? We have a high school football coach that calls in all the time in requests that song and and he still. He said that when he was in high school they played this before their games. To get everybody all riled up and he still plays it for his team today. So it's just one of those songs that just get you ready to go and succeed. I love it or the next one you brought us is. We're not GONNA take it. It's by twisted sister. It says online uh-huh and this song is really a classic absolutely and Dee Snider. Her from twisted sister really nice guy when he was in Sioux falls he actually did a class for a bunch of students. Like young kids were in music and he was calling it He was teaching teaching them how to be a front man. He said there's a difference between being a singer and being a front man and he absolutely is the frontman he gets out and he puts on one heck of the show and he told the story about his first big break when he finally had a chance to go. Play Whiskey Gogo and they've tried forever to get booked in there and then when they got in there he had laryngitis and couldn't sing and he said I. I did everything I could to use the little bit of voice I had left but he said you put on a show as a front man. It's all about the show. Okay now I said that there was a theme Forming here but now we really have when don't stop believing I'm still standing Winner take all and we're not gonNA take it Heidi. I don't know how topic the topic. I just think that whole feeling of all the songs that we chose today. Kind of just describes the general overall feeling of the eighties. It was a it was a decade where we kicked button took names and and it was such an iconic an awesome time to be alive and this particular song. I absolutely love. This is a great song that you can play anytime somebody screws you over. You get a parking ticket. I mean whatever you blast the song and you're going to feel better all right. Well well now I have a pick of my own because I I like eighties. Lot to And this is one that that for some reason I've been listening to recently. This is waiting for a star fall. It's by boy meets girl here. It is and thank now. It's interesting listening to the songs that you brought which were from from one thousand nine hundred one thousand nine hundred three and nine thousand nine hundred eighty four. This one sounds very different. This is nine hundred eighty eight and it's amazing. How as we progress through the decade music changes and it's interesting I read a book called the Pendulum by Roy Williams and in that book? They say the decade doesn't really start until the third a year so that it's amazing. There are a lot of songs from Nineteen ninety-one ninety-two that sound like sound. Very eighty requests for them all the time people asking for these. Oh No it's from in the eighties. We go now. Sorry it's from ninety one So as you progress through a decade that music changes and and I think that's one of the early eighties. Most of it still sounded very seventy seven the pilot when while they were trying to win all through the eighties. At this point they were waiting for that started falling John and Heidi small. DJ's encoders Sunny Radio Radio. That's an all eighty station in Sioux falls South Dakota it's always great having you guys on thank you so much. Thank you and by the way if there's an emergency going on. We're sorry that you're hearing this. Hi It's Robin Young thanking you for listening to the here and now podcast and inviting you to contribute to support it at donate at MPR dot org slash now for all the reasons that you listen here now helps. She makes sense of the world and when you donate to your NPR station your supporting the journalism that brings context and perspective to the news and conversations with the people making a difference in the arts music and culture so please make a donation to your NPR station. Today and that investment will come right back to your ears just go to donate dot. NPR DOT org slash. Now we're building. NPR and its member stations. Thanks to you now. Let's get back to the news. This is here and now from NPR and WB are. I'm Jeremy Hobson. If you feel like you're flights are getting canceled more than they used to your right. In addition to the winter weather do that frequently snarled travel plans. There's an incentive for airlines to cancel more flights. It's called the tarmac delay rule. Let's bring in set Kaplan here now transportation analyst Seth both Germany so this is something that was adopted back in twenty ten. Remind us what it is. Yeah so when you have a flight that stuck away from the gate on the tarmac comes from for more than three hours in the airline doesn't give passengers a chance to get off. Doesn't go back to the gate. For example the airline can can be fined. And we're not talking about a small amount of money. It is twenty seven thousand five hundred dollars per passenger on the flight. So the quick match. Jeremy told you that's millions `lions of dollars for for a flight packed with passengers so they would rather just cancel the flight then risk having to pay that money. Yeah that's basically the incentive now our clearly that's that's that's a huge fine airlines. Don't earn nearly as much money you can. You can vary white easily wipe out a whole day's worth of profits from one flight stuck away from the gate and before twenty ten. When this law went into effect? This was happening a lot. People be stuck on the tarmac for hours and and hours I remember there was a plane a Jet Blue Plan. I think that was on there for six hours or more. Exactly lots of jetblue planes. In fact that was the first widely publicized incident back in two thousand seven. It was Valentine's Day weekend. I actually remember it. Well I was stuck there and York. Jfk I happened to on Delta but yeah jetblue had basically botched next the planning For snowstorm and you had all these Flights you you mentioned one six hours but others. Various amounts of time various long amounts of time without food water overflowing toilets it all kinds of awful conditions and so that combined with other subsequent incidents convince people that this is enough in and that's where the government got involved in said We're we're going to use a little more stick along with along with carrots to convince airlines. Do anything possible to read that. So how much cancellations gone up as a result of the tarmac rule. Well in the first few years after they went up significantly. We're not talking about you. Know double or anything like that but a meaningful percentage since then airlines have have kind of gotten their hands around it but they are much more conservative about canceling flights. Well in advance of a storm. And what that means. Jeremy is that because look even with modern meteorology. You don't know exactly what the storm is going to do if you're trying to cancel flights a day or two out instead of just sort of flying as long as it's safe to fly then stop flying. You'RE GONNA end up as an airline canceling sling some flights that. In retrospect you probably didn't have the cancel now the flip side of it is that after the storm. It's a little easier to get things going again. Nowadays Airlines to leave everything in position so that they can restart again after the storm. So fewer cancellations then but more cancellations going into probably more people inconvenienced in the aggregate but more comfortably than they used to be because they they get the notification while they're still at home instead of sleeping on the floor of airport so just briefly. Is there any push to change the tarmac delay. They rule there is because airlines. First of all have have have made the case. That sometimes is this is just unavoidable and the DOT has been making exceptions on a case by case basis Not Finding Airlines trying to be more systematic about it and Truly truly Get the benefit of it without some of the unintended consequences that we just talked about Kaplan here now transportation analyst. Thanks so much. Thank you Terry today. The House Judiciary Committee picked up the impeachment inquiry into president trump with testimony from four constitutional scholars the task before the committee whether to move forward with articles of impeachment. And we're gonNA take a moment now to listen to a few highlights from today's testimony Nonni starting with the Committee Chair Democrat Jerry Nadler of New York. Here's part of his opening statement. I do not wish this moment on the country it. He's not a pleasant task that we undertake today but we have each taken an oath to protect the constitution and the facts before us are clear. President trump did not merely seek to benefit from foreign interference in our elections he directly and explicitly invited foreign interference in our elections. Use The powers of his office to try to make it happen. He sent his agents to make clear that this is what he wanted and demanded he was willing to compromise our security and his office for personal political gain. It does not matter that president trump got caught and ultimately released the funds that Ukraine so desperately needed it matters that he enlisted a foreign government to intervene in our elections in the first place. It does not matter that president trump felt these investigations. Were unfair to him. It matters that he used his his office. Not Merely to defend himself but to obstruct investigators at every turn. We are all aware that the next election is looming but we cannot wait for the election to address the present crisis. The integrity of that election is one of the very things at stake. The the president has shown us his pattern of conduct if we do not act to hold them in check now. President trump will almost certainly try again to solicit listen interference in the election for his personal political gain. The first witness. Harvard's Noah Feldman said. The president's behavior was impeachable bull president. Trump's conduct as described in the testimony and evidence clearly constitutes impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors under the Constitution in particular the memorandum and other testimony relating to the July twenty fifth. Twenty thousand nine hundred phone call between the two presidents dance president trump and presidents Alinsky more than sufficiently indicates that President Trump abused his office by soliciting the President of Ukraine rain to investigate his political rivals in order to gain personal political advantage including in relation to the twenty twenty election again. The words abuse of office are not mystical magical. They are very clear. The abuse of office occurs when the president uses. He uses a feature of his power the awesome power of his office not to serve the interests of the American public but to serve his personal donal individual partisan electoral interests. That is what the evidence before. The House indicates finally let me be clear that on its own soliciting the leader of a foreign government in order to to announce investigations of political rivals and perform. Those investigations would constitute a high crime and misdemeanor but the House also has evidence before it that the President committed to further acts that also qualify as high crimes and misdemeanors in particular. The House heard evidence that the president place to hold on critical. US Aid to Ukraine and conditioned its release on announcement of the investigations of the Biden's and of the discredited crowd strike conspiracy theory. Furthermore the House also heard evidence that the president conditioned a White House visit desperately sought by the Ukrainian Manian President on announcement of the investigations. Both of these acts constitute impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors under the constitution. They a each encapsulate. The framers worry that the president of the United States would take any means whatever to ensure his reelection and that is the reason the framers provided for impeachment in a case like this one. Republicans have repeatedly interrupted the hearings with parliamentary inquiries in attempt to slow down the process. They're calling unfair. And partisan here's a taste of that. Mr Chairman is Simon expired determine I seek recognition gentleman gentleman's recognized. I offer emotion to postponed to a date. Certain I moved to table. The motion motion to table table is heard and is not debatable. Own Favor the measurements caver mental in favor and then we have the red please. Promotion was stated is two two states. May We have the motion. Read motion will be read as to what date date date certain Wednesday December eleven two thousand nineteen so we can actually get a response to the six letter. Gentlemen estate is motion motion to table is made motion tables made and not debatable. All in favor motion table will say i. I know emotions table is agree to raw. Real close requested Queiro. Mr Neither Mister Mr Neither votes imus lofgren is locker. I'm Jack Germond Nadler they're using a roll-call to get the hearing back on track now. Three of the witnesses today testified that president that in trump's behavior fits the historical definition of high crimes and misdemeanors but the fourth and the only one called by Republicans disagreed. Jonathan Turley of George Washington University Law. School said it was highly inappropriate for president trump to ask Ukraine to investigate his political rival but he said it would be wrong onto impeach. It's not wrong because president trump is right. His call was anything but perfect. It's not wrong because the house has no legitimate reason into investigate Ukrainian controversy. It's not wrong because we're in an election year. There is no good time for an impeachment. No it's wrong because this is not how you impeach an American President. This is not a case of the unknowable. The case of the peripheral. We have a record of conflicts defenses. That have not been fully considered on subpoenaed witness with material evidence to impeach a president on this record would expose every future president to the same type of inchoate impeachment. Principle often takes us to a place we would prefer not to be that was the place. Seven Republicans found themselves in Johnston trial when they saved the president from acquittal that they despised for generations. They've been celebrated profiles of courage. Senator Edmund Ross said it was like looking down into his open grave steve then he jumped because he didn't have any alternative. It's easy to celebrate those people from the distance of time and circumstance and age of rage. It's appealing to listen to those saying forget the definitions of crimes. Just do it like this. Is some impulse buy Nike Snick. Sneaker you can certainly do that you can declare the definitions of crimes. Alleged are immaterial and just an exercise is a politics not the law however those legal definitions and standards which I have addressed my testimony the very thing that divide rage from reason the Democrats lawyer norm is and asked Pamela Karlan of Stanford to explain what concerns the framers of the Constitution had about four empowers empowers corrupting American elections. It doesn't just our national interest in protecting our own elections. It's not just our national interest in making sure that Ukraine remains strong wrong on the front lines. So they fight the Russians there and we don't have to fight them ear but it's also our national interest in promoting democracy worldwide. And if we look hypocritical Michael about this if we look like. We're asking other countries to interfere in our election if we look like we're asking other countries to engage in criminal investigations of our of our president's political opponents. Then we're not doing our job of promoting our national interest and being that Shining City on a hill professor feldman anything to add ultimately the reason that the constitution ided for impeachment was to anticipate a situation like the one that is before you today the framers were not prophets but they were very smart people with a very sophisticated gated understanding of human incentives and they understood that the president would be motivated naturally to try to use the tremendous power of office to gain personal advantage to keep himself in office to corrupt the electoral process and potentially divert the national interest. The fact strongly suggest you just that this is what president trump has done and under those circumstances the framers would expect the House of Representatives to take action in the form of impeachment. You want a few highlights from today's impeachment hearing before the House Judiciary Committee. I went on vacation for a few days last week and deleted all social media from my phone said to report. I re downloaded it when I returned. I wasn't as strong as one teenager. WHO's challenges with social media? Recently went viral. She gave a Ted talk about how to give up on her cell phone but as John Daly from Colorado public radio reports reality was much more more complicated for her. Abby Jones got her first smartphone when she got to middle school she felt great listening to her favorite Tunes Beatles. Billy Joel Elton John. But at other times social media was making her really depressed because like I have like two friends and they have like one thousand followers followers comparing myself to them was definitely a mistake. But I couldn't help it. Abby eighth grader who lives in Denver founded especially hord dealing with friends a while ago. I lost some friends and I was following them on instagram and I would see them all doing things together and I would get really sad that I wasn't invited or I we call it foam fear of missing out and whenever I would lose my phone I would get a lot of foam. Oh and that would also cause a lot of depression and anxiety. That troubled Abbie's Mom Brooke Abbey was using her phone four or five hours a day and Brooke Brooke found some things on it. She didn't like so she took Abbey's phone away and that was when she had a meltdown. Instead I hate you but over time. Abby changed remind to see her relationship with her phone as an addiction more than half of teens say they spend too much time on their cell phones. According to Pew Research Center study it's toxic unhealthy like all be sitting in the lunchroom talking with my friends and you can see some some of the girl sitting next to each other literally messaging each other on their phones. Very bemused by. It's very odd ED. So abby decided to tell her tale in a very public way twelve offers old and currently in seventh grade. I know you're jealous don't be. It's insanely stressful. Abby told an audience of adults to turn off their phones then she educated them on being a teen in today's hyper connected world obsessed with chasing social social media likes and followers realize disappeared and was replaced by the fake life of instagram. And then my phone. My everything racing was taken away for a whole month. It was hard at first but by month's end without her phone. Abby said she felt liberated I no longer had to worry about checking holes at follow me. Or what new messages I had Abbey's talk was a hit when it got posted on Youtube. Viewed tens of thousands thousands of times but principal sent linked to parents at our school. The today show invited abby and Brooke fern interview. Why was it so important for you to give that speech judge because of all the negative mental shoes the kid who figured it all out the poster child for successfully managing the social media monster Mr except not really like my mom has a picture of me backstage at Ted talk back on Instagram on my phone? So yeah even after doing my Ted Talk. It's it's still a struggle. I spoke to Abyan Brooke at the home. They share with their two cats way Brooke described Abbey's struggle with all all the emotions triggered by APPS and her phone. She says after the Ted talk they thought everything was going to be great. Because boy. We've put this message Out there and that's it. She solved this problem but in reality everything just sort of like went downhill from there. which was surprising? Because I wouldn't and say that I was super addicted to my phone at that point but I think it's all tied in Abbie's parents once again wrestled with how much to allow abby to be on her phone own Brooks says she struggled with letting her have it taking it away letting her have it back because for kids. Now it's really their a lifeline. And so taking that away is it makes me feel awful but I also know I know my kid and I know that she. He is struggling when she is on that device things came to a head last summer on a trip with their grandparents. Abby got free rein over the phone so says she quickly got lost in it again. Brooke Got Mad and put on strict restrictions which are daughter still figured out how to get around. I didn't allow her to have access access to the internet or texting. Abby can't quite give up the phone by herself even though she can see the upside and describes it as freeing. But I've definitely you come to accept that it's not a big deal. Somebody has more followers and you are more likely than you. Abby has deleted most of our APPS including instagram but sometimes she does feel isolated. Recent research shows teens who use social media a lot or more likely to develop mental health problems like depression. Unending Zaidi still. Abby says. It's not an easy thing to let go honestly. I think the only reason that I'm still not addicted to my the phone is because of my parents putting restrictions on it even after all her struggles. ABC's relationship with social media as a work in progress aggress for here and now. I'm John Daly good for abby. Yeah I think everyone should try that a teenager otherwise it is hard but good for here now is a productive. NPR WBZ association with the BBC. World Service. I'm Jeremy Hobson. I'm Peter Odom this is here now uh-huh.

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