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The views expressed on this book tabloid Livestream or turnbuckle tabloid podcast episode. Do not reflect the views thoughts or opinions of the rage works brand including the rage works. Podcast network rage works content partners advertisers and affiliates viewer and listener discretion is advised you. Can you say this is Teddy Hart? He listening tabloid. I can't say that you can say that and I'll see you hurt okay. We can't remember shit guys. I'm one of those guys. My memory terrible can barely read or write. That's why it's hard time following a script. I right now. This is a tabloid and I'm with Katie or the past president of future professional wrestling the greatest sport. God's ever bestowed on this planet attaboy recalled on practicing his social. Something like that again. Social distancing is this is this is. I'm so fucking annoying. I mean annoying but has gotten real annoying. Yes I know it's This is a pain in the ass beyond belief. I mean literally all day to score score schoolwork and I can't leave. I can leave the house. Birds like it's a fucking mess out here and especially in New York. New York is a dirty as I love New York. But let's be really cases confirmed. I mean to mess Even worse let me tell you I you know I was in Italy or the worst. I've been I've been I've been downplaying. It full on the reason. Why been downplaying. Because it's it honestly seriously wash your hands. Wash your face state of fuck away from people to the blows over just like any other flu sicknesses whatever you sick stated fuck away from me. I want to get sick. Say the fuck going for me but the thing is that with this one that it's it's getting it's bad because anybody who has respiratory problems Severe Asthma if you're a heavy smoker and you've had a Any kind of what is it Any a system problem issues there. It's it's going to be bad and unfortunately you might do my die and last night were last night I work. It was the worst because all you heard was coding to the whole night. People were coating you had to hear respiratory therapists comes Two eight one hundred Code Blue Code blue and it's not because it's not my community it's from other hospitals were taking their overload because we don't have big case a big case load of cove it so we're taking other hospitals so these are other patients other parts of the of the city. That's come into a hospital and they're getting treated there it's crazy. Here's my question to you now a week a week a week apart last week you were like you know. I'm I'm good a week a week ago. You said that now to an update. Do you feel safe going to work right now. I never feel safe going to work evident. But but like especially with this thing like you know not More patients against you. They're going to get way more. Covert nineteen patients at your place. Now are you GONNA get they're gonNA come to a point where you're like a kid and my mom. I. I don't know if I could be here now. I've been fucking going in and out of the hospital with a mask on everything. I play no games with that ship. Yeah no gloves masks. I have my regular gloves but now my rubber rubber goes but my Mascara. Then I got a breaking point with you as you like your other workers in your unit and go you know what I'm GonNa go home this is. I'm GonNa get this shit like I came but the what it is is that Part lines you are the definition of front line right now. I'm not even like I even frontline as an I work in a hospital but I know individuals who are in the Er while there who are GonNa And that's that's that's where they are. They're they're doing it for real me is. I'm in a lockdown facility. But anybody could just bring that shit in well you said you said last week that someone was walking the halls and their days they might have had it. And you're like This grainy motherfucker INEAR cereal. Don't even clear your throat in front of me. You fucking patient. Get away from me. I feel like if you cough nowadays here and get shot. You can't sneeze anymore without getting like Getting fucking threatened to get killed or something. I just give you that dirty is. I'm coughing. The new F word there. You just watch your mouth buddy. Somebody say before I used to call to cover a far now. I fought to cover a cough. Yeah exactly we'll dishes came up. This is your life No you're right though. That shit is crazy. Ni- I just walked especially in hospitals like like Like regardless of what position. You are what? What what What unit you're in. You're just you're you are the you are the Credit Karma possibly getting especially with your mother and sadly Merle in washing my hands every hour. I'm fucking washing my face every hour and I'm wondering like fucking it. Itchy eyes always having fucking itchy eyes. I have to my face. Yeah I got allergies and Shit even this allergy season so my fucking nose is running in little bit issue. Not even as a little stuffy and over here going check my temperature check my shit but no I'm good though taking taking vitamins and Digging apple juice and apple and orange juice and Ginger Ale and just making sure that like I say if someone Ginger Ale to life yeah if it was me I would be like you know what it is what it is okay. I can't because I can't catch this shit and everybody fucking house was going to be debilitated every fuck well around the neighborhood. I don't know if you heard but like we're not getting mail because the postal office got infected did you. You didn't know. Did they get infected? Got Infected and one of the male people got it so now no one in Glendale are now in. Ridgewood is getting mail. I don't know why I'm not getting mail. Because they're disinfecting. Close the entire post office. No no no no we we know because hold on let me check because I was beginning. Fucking mail from From from Amazon. But I don't know if that's your that's good no. Ups and Amazon. And that kind of stuff like Fedex is okay but our postal service are an specific area is closed. We even got. I'm got mail here for a minute. So that's that's that's shutdown. I was coming from postal faulk. I'm fogged. I'm GONNA find it. I gotta go somewhere in finding I need I need a twenty five foot ethernet cable. Or that's what they'll show. Well it's what I needed for the for computer that I got I did it. Twenty five footer are finding somewhere. I'm I'm I'm currently going to buy WANNA buy a Webcam and I'm going to try to do like watcher loans for staying here for a while. Oh I have one. I'll you an extra one. Yeah Yeah we could try it out. See if it works for you. Sounds good to me but doesn't welcome everybody to another episode of turnbuckle tabloid emails Mr into the Mat. The King of talk style the cheap thrill and Mr Novakova nineteen here Jada and I The handwashing ask scrubbing glove-wearing. Mook met Fan MAB enemy misery. Check US out also media. 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Bookmark it put it on your home. Page home screen. We rate works out because a lot of gaming livestream going on facebook on the facebook page street fighter and some do maternal. See that though checking you guys make sure to check that out as well. I was definitely checking out. Some streetfighter yesterday took what were you. What are you doing Tobia your time at home? We've when you're not at work you sleep in trying to make the day go by a lot of. I've been watching a lot of times point. Oh you love touch point. Oh you the entire show of Mash on Hulu. I just want to point that out. I don't eat. I've seen it already. I I know you episode. You know go back and reminisce snowed. Hasbro just released the entire. Gi Joe Series on Youtube. I saw someone was watching that. I don't know I am mad hype about that. Shit. I actually should go watch juice. Should it is so bad is awesome. It's so bad so bad is awesome where it's a bad shot for being good. No it's it's Hokey by today's standards just cheesy all those cartoon shows that. She's not Ninja Turtles. As much as people love that show corneas. Yeah well yeah but you gotTa Watch you gotTa Watch the the GI. Joe Movie The cartoon movie from the Eighties. That's that's she was fucking awesome and The transformers movie from the eighties. You always told me to watch the dad one is you. You're going to be like what the fuck that she acted. You got the fields and everything GonNa make you feel away. I'll I'll be my bag work a couple of times. Okay about listening to a weekend album. Get my back real quick and I know she the best of me By the way our that is awesome but we album is good. I know people are hating on it. I know a few people who are really not a fan of it but I think the whole albums great I love. That's my kind of like that. You're kind of athlete. You you enjoyed that. I did like it I WANNA go back and listen to a couple of more tracks but I did. I did like it. It's I Dunno feel to it. I kind of eighties feel to it. It's like Bruno Marlboro back in the nineties with his fucking album. I feel like they will begin. Tried An eighties vibe. If you WANNA get in your bag. We'll discuss later. But that fucking two part episode Krizner Wash. It was fucking WHOA dadge. It was crazy. We'll talk about that later during wrestling rundown all Muslim this week because basically there wasn't really much to talk about A. I don't know for an excuse me on this bottom. I would like to cut off on some of this shit. We won't that was on this week. I'm some smuggled really Roman triple h after. It was announced that woman was pulled out off working too high. Okay If you wonder what I've been doing this quarantine real quick three words three things homework animal crossing and do mania. I don't do those three things. I do Let's the other Shit Fuck. I hope I hope I think that's coming by UPS. And I ordered on animal crossing for Sally so Oh is awesome. People are making actually people. I see people online actually making wrestling Wrestling regarding the wrestling ring the game can you? You can actually make make wrestling arena and shit like that. People are making supreme stores For making fucking my clothing clothing someone ever does making jerseys and Shit major all Ama- crossings consuming my gaming life right now seriously and I think it is for everyone else. Okay this is it is coming through. Ups All right all right. That's fine so you saw him across got. I got a facility. Then you know if if if it because one of those things that I I like Allah. Maybe GET MYSELF. Reads very like it. One of those games that like if you if you sit on bed and you're watching match you could just chill. It's awesome and that's probably what I'll probably need to do is just like sit down and Klay it while I'm watching something does I. Don't play animal crossing without the TV on. It's a nice chill vibe. You could take care of your island while you're watching wrestlemanias. Doing I'm GonNa Watch Muslim Mania Day. We've been checking out some tricks and tips on Youtube to update your island better. Yep I did not know how to get a shovel until maybe a few hours into the game. Which in other item across using the shovel in the first ten minutes I needed. I needed if I out a few things. Did you Did you Did you make sure not to upgrade your accent? Don't upgrade your axe. Wait that's a thing alive an upgraded yet so I shouldn't yeah. There's no upgrade your exit. Do not do not Destroy your tree if I wanted to watching this. And you're playing animal crossing one quick tit catch the tarantulas. And I'll tell you why they're eight thousand bells each. That's a Lotta belts. Were a fucking animal all right catch those Tarantulas of spiders? Go Adam eight thousand eight thousand bells each. That's that's a lot of bells were a fucking Spider okay another tip is is is that it's okay to drop items because you could always come back and pick them up later and it's called you could dig them in the sand and the beach and go dig him out when you have room but once you get once you get a house you have storage so could you start you start for a tent and you don't have storage in there so you kind of have to do that but once you get your crib which my crib is fire. By the way it's coming it's coming together you This conversation has gotten real real. Mookie AFTER THE REVIEW. Mookie wavering crossings trending son so guys when we come back we are going to go into. Wow I say wrestling but Jesus is pretty thin this past couple of days. Well a couple of weeks pretty thing. It's Dan but we but it's it's it's thin but a blessing and skies could now have more time to talk about the Chris Benoit's documentary. We have you know we have time to to talk about the things which I find more than it actually is pretty interesting to. Benoi story the fucking Russell Media News If that Of a pretty interesting thing that I don't call the set on on his instagram. That wanted discuss with you about wrestlemainia. Okay and more. Because he may have pretty mad pretty debatable comment about wrestlemainia saying that in a restless point of view. Defense don't matter at Wrestlemainia. Oh really yes. Missile talks about that and cutting cutting appropriate this week. We're going we're in our final our final leg of the WWE WWF. Greatest of all time. I joined that. Join that debate as well and like I said well. We watch wrestling and wrestling rundown. So guys don't go anywhere. Oh and we have an interview this week. Big Big interview this one. I was going to hold off for about a week or so. Because I like to take interviews and conversations that we have and do them as I get them as we do them here as soon as we get them. We'll put them up that way but this one is on high demand we've had and have been people who have been adding themselves are group's and I like pages just for this man and I said you know what we got Abubakar this week. We have the man himself the succulent hotdog eater. Extraordinaire humber guy. He prefers a hotdog buns and not the hamburger buns somewhere. Where now missed Larry? Legend stops in. And you do not want to miss this conversation. He was thirty three fucking awesome. So you guys want to check that out at When we return we'll have Cutting Promo and Oh and when we get to what we watch wrestling am. I have to do a thirty minute. smart about this one as well. But I'll just put a teaser. I think I think I'm once again done with wwe. I know you've done. I know it it's I I. It's not because I explained but I I gotTa Tell You I. It's he's gotta go. Vince has to fucking go. The conversation tabloids episode one. And I'm GonNa Watch and I watch I'm GonNa Watch me because there's a wrestling park as and a half to but I I can't even defend a product anymore. I really can't. I gotTA throw my hands up in the especially especially the algorithm. They're going with with the with the the performance center thing they're not even trying to make it somewhat good he w is so. We'll talk about that later but awol. Lisa's fucking trying. Okay clearly not. I guys going to stick around just stick paid advertising while I sit up on. Facebook live and guys. I'm going to say we will return the man a kitchen which in whole sexual places but you need to be rubbed down and smooth. Just we are like it's like putting by across in any skin. Feel I talk of a feline. Maybe you have your skin feeling the dry sands of the hobby does. Do you feel as though Joe? Skin six gave it as as though salts this trillion over your body. You need shut off so slip when he walking show as every time. You take a step in that Milo. You will be used shave me. That's right maybe shavings green make. Your skin feels circus soon. As you get on your ass slip right all hit the ground as smooth and silky shades. Part of that comes such. Wow Dog chocolate becasue Annella and Guatemala. Shays but make your skin though you can slip in slant any region so put show body let me feel ashamed way bring go Assamese. Don't forget that shoot. He Shays Budi. Butter could be purchased at any Dwayne Reed walgreens writing and your local Bodega just ask don't mean poor Mohammed. Anybody this commercial is brought to you. By the Regular Season Sports Guest tabloid cutting a Promo so ladies and gentlemen as we continue on through March madness. Almost complete this vow. It's funny because the finals will actually be doing wrestlemainia weekend it will and I have an announcement to make the wrestler. The wrestler of the the wins actually will get an autographed toilet paper roll from myself object or at Santa. Yeah data. That's awesome no to their house social distancing while not giving it to them personally. That's that's a rare. That's a rare commodity. Does out there? These days for fifty thousand bells. Yeah you guys who don't know animal crossing speak Ammo Cross. Speak Ladies and gentlemen but yes. We are in the semi-finals of the greatest. Wwe WWF superstar all the time and we have an announcement the waiter of last week's debate which we undertaker and Chris Jericho from the polls. Was Chris Jericho. This guy's over fuck I love Jericho I do and Shout him 'cause he's doing a livestream tonight? Saturday night special which he still the name from. Ccw's new lives new fucking weekly. Show isn't Yep Yep Cdw does a weekly show now on on wwl TV. No at fight. Sorry called Saturday night. Special Ed but Jericho called his livestream tonight. Starting a nightclub the Saturday night special so so very mino why not why. Not Fuck it. But no Chris Jacoby undertake a red. I know you you're on Chris. Jericho cy witness. Are you happy with the results? Because I know how to because I let him on the ticket slide the last one I should I should went on. I should went show. Michaels Alaska so Jericho is just. He's left so many like he's done so many things Undertaker's been loyal to the company men. But it was up to you as you as you as Josie guys one so Jericho is. He want to polls now so he gets to the by the finals. He goes out of after Johnson of beating Randy Orton last week and stone call beating Brock last week we gotta talk about seen versus Stone cold this one is going to be a A head scratcher. Which I think I always thought these two would be the finals or be seen overseas undertaker but when you think wwe and the most merch. I I'm pretty sure stone-cold Encino all the top merchandise people of all time We put Sina you put Stone Cold You put Deacs you put Like you said those guys. Those guys are up there punk Daniel Bryan. Yeah those guys out there but like you said last week you know you'd like during the attitude era use you the amount of the amount of three sixteen church. You saw was bananas. De de Deborah Everywhere fucking late they will all over the fucking place union. You even think motherfuckers were fucking real wrestling fan. Say What the Hell Are you doing wearing? I should it a new Gucci And then you have John. Seen on the merchandise side and it's like I every single kid in my school other dressed up Johnson for Halloween or more his chain gang shirt guys just like that all the time. What do you mean your White Justyna bore the white the white outfit from animal crossing the fucking Jordan sneakers but the Both both loyal to the company at their at their times. Don't go as obviously you know an EC- W W W previously but once he once he joined the wwe ship he didn't leave you. Consider that loyalty in a way or do you consider him still laying like the other guys who didn't move around like it's GonNa take her. He didn't leave no matter what This one he. He was the quintessential model of what s may from Straight out of lovie W Let's make a sports entertainer fucking prototype. And that's what they got that that was him. Who's don't call no Sina talks? Don't go now I just want to go to a I wanna I wanna I because stone cold Songkhla was Mr Reinvent the whole fuck in their the the era of wrestling right. I wanted to go. I wanted to go to see the first because casino is very underdog story. I just watched the ruthless aggression episode again with CNN. I did not know I completely forgot that. During his run before the Fella nomex gimmick they were about a fire him like he had no character. He had no charisma. He had the worst gear on the planet and the fans. Were just not over with him. Do you remember any memories of the early Johnson before the Thug Annex Gimmick. And where are you a fan of it or was it too generic for you because I remember I watched went? The other nominees was around not before he looked like he looked like the create a wrestler. When you make them on fucking smackdown Shut your mouth for sucking create a fucking restless is like very default wrestler. He came in and he just looked like that. I was the prototype and I was. I think that was his name to a folk protest. Another bed name. I mean it just. You could've changed the gear. You could have gave him a better song they just you know. People love the ruthless aggression part of things. But there's no rules aggressive without character and if you don't have character in the wrestling business you're not you're just not gonNA make it. I feel especially back then. 'cause now it's all the whole fighter. Gimmick you have see the Octagon Gimmick where. I'm out of character. I just want here. I'm here to fight win belts crap. I get that I hate it but Sina was definitely not a character before the thug annex thing even when he did the The whole thing with Kurt Angle and afterwards when he was When he when he was in those throw away matches and fucking smackdown and shit. That's what I'm saying like. Okay now. That the Johnson even said on the documentary. He was like if you if you people come up to me and tell me how successful. I was before thug annex and I was and he and he told them he was like. Are you still watching the same program me that failed? He was like I was going to get fired from because of how bad and stale I was and the you know the story about. How is that a novice gimmick came upon right at a whole bus ride and they heard a freestyle and shit like that. Boswell Makishi nevertheless the Stephanie Heard. It was like you make something out of this. Their their story about saying that she didn't actually hear it at. She heard somebody say that he can do that. And then she. He did it for her. And that's when it was that it happened Well th that's true that I came on on TV. Because then they replayed that of the Halloween special where Johnson a wrapped his elvis. Stephanie wasn't as Elvis. Sir was ver- Nella ice. Oh I'm white man. I don't know all right to white people who've jacked from the fucking Black Hotel. You're right you got it you nailed. It was the hair. No no that was that was Vanilla Acer. Well Guess What? I'm not culture. You all the Hamburglar hamburglar. I'm not cultured here. Losing to stoke calls came in from. Www came in he came in with that Ringmaster fucking gimmick under Teddy biondi. Who was bland. He was the blandest eating speak. It was like what are we doing here with this guy? Yeah No He before he was before the whole. We're GONNA reinvent you to Chile mic freeze. Chilly MC freeze. He was the ringmaster Which can you imagine if somebody gave you a paper? And one of the Gimmick names on there was Chili mic freeze. I would've I would've changed presents life today asks with that Shit. I'M GONNA get the Fuck Outta here you know what is It's funny about that. Like the different names and stuff like that Beyond the Mat or behind the Matt or whatever documentary was beyond everyone. Vince gave him the name Puke. He's he's GonNa he's got up here okay but in the documentary like at that time like during like the the the they were hyping that up. Yeah because Vince isn't George the the narrator even the Russell's like y'all have a big shot here Mike Nowadays Audi a joke and the fact that that was hype back in really show how the nineties was. But which don't call I think it was. It was a blessing in disguise with the whole beer. You know but. When did he really start? I think the king and the wing was winstone. Call really became three sixteen. That's when it started right. Well yeah that was because after the whole jake. The Snake Roberts thing and cut the Promo about That the jake was on his run with the his whole religious belief and stuff. He Yeah he he cut that Promo after he wanted. And then that's when it was like super over and Shit So each of them had different characters. But when I look at when I look at the winner of this this this this this competition I have to go at. GimMe Gimme stone coats. Top few besides events few regret the fewer Brett the biggest ones he has the the trilogy with Iraq. That was that was that was. Okay I I watched a few of matches. you had those. You had his his little runs with mankind. I mean he had he had some here on on a large scale. Although he had a smaller window than Sina did with the company he had bigger. More impactful feuds were guys in a business I mean whilst wellstone colds and on that time you know that that made her that Miguel break time for. Wwe So the fact That's that's don't call was the head of that when he had when he had a Madonna wrestlemainia match was shown Sean was was going to buy out afterwards. That was basically the the match that that helped put him over that and the IM match with With with with Brett. So what's that I was that she Pretty it was. The Best of the best metal is on a car through the rest of the show sucked stone cold. Just was what. Wwe was completely opposite of few years. Prior I I wanna I think so called. Biggest draw factor was. He wasn't duke the dumpster. He wasn't The Repo Man. He was a bad ass motherfucker. Who wanted to drink beer and kick ass right Ben? He had the three stages of Hell match AAA CHELSEA. Other ones that he had he had. Who's more relatable to the fan base? Though was seen or stone cold you guys watch. One of them was more like realistic. Holy Shit like I could rock with this weapon dude. 'cause I I was. I was a synagogue. I was a kid. I didn't I didn't Mind Sina and actually was a kid. I watched university show. Did you just freeze? I just lost him. I lost lost. I lost you all scheme so okay. I'll wait to call me back What happens when you social distancing ladies and gentlemen so GotTa find you? We're back I well. You know we're back live cool okay. What apple we sat down with something. You DID DISCONNECTION LOSS. What the fuck man we go. Okay I said now I had to bring you back and I said you go so yeah. It's different because with with your your era my eras different the worst part about seen grown men my age probably a couple of years younger than me who were stone cold fans and then Soco leaves and then you become John Cena Fan. That's Louis Eighty Louis. Louis Coyote Louis Coyote. He acts a War John. Cena shirts and hats and had the chain gang fucking chain and everything. What fucking God. You insane was wrong with you. I just don't understand the I don't understand what what's wrong with being seen a fan was because of a PG era it was it was kind of like being. A fan of your dorky is little brother. It was weird. I feel like especially around your age during the Times if you were a senior shirt you were considered a mook and don't get me wrong. I when he when he did his freestyles it should. I thought it was funny as Hell I I. My man got bars Spin and spin. But he got stupid with US spinner belts and all that shit sure was the duck in the ruthless aggression episode basically every wrestler said it. That was the most disrespectful thing they ever did with the spinner belt. My thing is just like an extra thing to sell merchandise. Of course they were going to do shit but it was like okay fine when he did it with the United States Bill. I get it because the way to the plate was that it was like it was already circular and in looked like a turntable something. That was fine but when you did it to the championship it was Really guys please all. You're not happy. We were had with a spinner boat. No but that's not. That's not John's for. Maybe it was who knows I was involved with us. She Ben is. Ben Is Right Stone cold save WWF. This is what I'm saying. Though because when we have these guys clashing a different arrows. You have a big part of the impact of you like if you save the fucking if you save the fucking how how the company was at the time And to be honest with you John Cena when he was champion he was W we was in a safe net. There was no real competition besides the growing of Tna stone-cold had a fight every week and try to make entertaining Entertaining show every week and I think he did that on the rustling scale. Ray What do you think about These guys going head to head with the wrestling and ring in ring work because I think both Emerson of not similar. But they're not as funny because John is known for his five moves of doom yet and don't call. No I three now. But you know what stow-n-go had to change after Owen Hart incident where Owen broke his neck. He couldn't wrestle like he used to wrestle so he has become the broiler that that's what you call adapting to to your environment. Scene was just like everybody knew what was coming. What was GONNA Mobile? What was going to come off but you see matches with him against CNN. Punk him against Sammy's. Zane him. Against Kevin Owens you seen that he made Like the goals with big big match. John that he he he can pull something out his ass. He can't pull out matches once he once. Once he started getting word of the five Moussa. Doom was like renovating his career. Even set in the back he was like. GimMe opportunities with these guys hence the US championship invitational every week on Raw. And he wanted to show that he had more moves in his He had more moves in his holster which he learned on the way. I think he learned last minute. But it's still that he can learn if he really wanted to end his widen his range of moves. I I don't think still doubting stone-cold st stuck to his fucking formula at the heart thing happened. What do you do is you mentioned what was the biggest rivalries of rose the biggest rivals rivalries and seen as For Seena I think the most I personally I want to go with seen an edge is my favorite Senior versus edge senior versus show michaels. In two thousand seven was very fucking good. I'm watching it right now. senior versus Shawn Michaels. A great match. Twenty three if you remember it Cnn also Cnn Orton actually was pretty good as well. Cnn triple h but nothing beats nothing seen overseas as for me. Nothing I've seen a senior or in Sina Brock Seabrook. Good one as well. Yes absolutely and I've seen a J styles if you WANNA throw another good one in there I kinda. I didn't mind their feud at all. Either if you WANNA to talk about current Not that far away with the recent The ones I do once I did hate Sina rock CNN. The Rock was obviously a stunt for money and it was pro. Poorly done is watched once in a lifetime again. Which was not really. WanNa let time terrible scene wrong which has seen a punk was awesome see. No punk was great But for me nothing be seen in edge. I as much as people hate the good guy seen a was henry's ride. Jbl as well. Those are great and even e- Even even when they did it again in two thousand and eight with them when they went to great American Bash. I was there Darla seat. Jbl during the New York City Street fight. I didn't mind that either. I think people hate Seena that while you than than than than what are you talking about? 'cause they're every single feud he's been in people praised? What's what what was wrong? Well what was wrong with him at edge? What was wrong with him and and HANG IN MONROE MARTIN RIGHT WHY. Because he had five moves he still made a work. If you'RE GONNA IF YOU'RE GONNA judge on the five moves doom than than you could judge half the half the WWe roster one thousand nine hundred brother because they had five or less. Have you not seen Kevin? Nash's moves it? I Love L. Kevin Ashes His his response to that. So this guy. His name is Nolan Ryan. And you had to tell me. The Best Pitcher of all time has one pitch a fastball. And he still can't be considered great. No no no. No yeah he he he's Reich Dulles won't say but see what that's my point. People hate seeing because of his low move set but was he not the number one guy for ten years. Now you look at you look at. Ut You dig about that longevity but you also think about how long stone cold could have been on top if he didn't get the neck injury if he didn't have to deal with the nagging nagging knee injuries They put them in a shitty storyline after the fucking on the invasion bullshit and he fucking turned and became a vince sympathizer. Yeah and in the whole thing would him versus Razor Ramon? I didn't either He was in limbo for a couple of years. I can I think his time Do you think what do you think the problem was during that time which don't call during that limbo time? You'd think they would. Do you think it was Vince himself. Or do you think it was the fans getting just a little bit stale with it. What is it about the later years? Winstone co went into limbo. Like you know what I'm saying. Like versus Razor Ramon Shitty invasion angle and like. They really not do him so they made him a general manager. Fucking Rick Bischoff. The best thing that happened with the invasion angle was the Booker T. Angle. That was the best thing to happen from that. Which Book Teaching on? One may be AAA mania. I said that every day let it go. Let it go. Which we need to have another debate on different episodes. I'm going to shout them out. Isaac said that I told them I was like I was watching. Wants to mania thirty five last night when Kofi when the Bell. Yeomanry were emotional. WanNa why? Because he's the first African American who won the belt is it goes. Oh Booker T. was different belt. It doesn't count. That's the that's the WCW chapters booker. T. So I was like the fucking taste booker. T's the first african-american word. W What what about the lock? He's Half No. We want a pure pure African. We want pure Africans. We WanNA pure black. Give me a pure black or and it's funny. I'm surprised viz never gave them our truth. The World Championship. He was close when he fought Johnson capital punishment. Yeah his Idol when he looks up to yeah it was getting there But during stone. Calls Tom. What do you think the problem was? Do you think he's going to stay? Do you think he would just getting to it? Was it was too much of the same thing with the guy or do you think you. His injuries were holding him. Back from being may not have also done with. I think he was. He was he needed a spark and he was like I needed something to get older. The vignettes were funny as hell. So actually when he was like Ham and Kurt Angle. Fighting for Vinci's Lov and shit like that right the Koumba Milo like that. Kinda Shit that yeah repeated European everything that fucking Vincent said during the meeting with the invasion group and it was like an undertaker was like. Can you shut the hell up breath? Bradley's Best Promo Breast Promo Guy. Yes he wasn't seen award or not saying about saying who's the Best pro-mugabe to him. Asena SOCAL I do like CENA's promos. I'm not mad I never medecine is Promo early on. Here's a little stale. But now I think he he could always come in and cut a promo. I always care when he grabs the Mike but nothing was better than watching Monday night. Raw and seeing Stone Co grab the MIC and go off doesn't matter who invents. What what he's starting to. That's fucking annoying. I hate to what thing I do But don't call was was known for you. Know starting for starting a lot of catchphrases he and he started a lot of up Like what and Slome cool said so I have you had anything about that. I've seen an really gave me a catch phrase or something that always remembers to that scene said. Besides you can't see me which was mang thoughts on the Promo. I think it's called. Winsor me on that point. I'm on the other end of the spectrum. I'm more of a senior guy because right now you can put on the mic. Like he's done recently and he still kills stockholders on sock gets on the Mike Right now and it's like who's drunk uncle. Just grab the fucking the wedding Mike to fucking gills the the the the the the congratulations announcements shit. In his defense. He said on his podcast a few weeks ago. He in his defense. He said that he wanted to do a an interview on the stone. Sixteen Day with him and Byron in the ring but Vince was hell bent on doing that. Funny Stupid Shit with Byron. And he said he wasn't for another reason why I'm going to explain later on in the episode. Why I'm done with this bullshit. Yes no I agree. I agree but don't sit in his defense he what he wanted to walk in the arena knowing he was going to do that. So can't be really mad at it but so Do this only bracken right the only one then the winter. This one goes on to face Jericho in the finals. So out of the two who do you choose Aurora Robert? This is Ross. Now I sit down. Think to myself. Who really who was rough man? It's Rothesay at this. Might be the toughest one for me. I don't know about you but this is easy for you a while. Thank I wanNA thank billion Anna. Don't take a Shero for vitamin in their wedding tonight. If it weren't for you to I won't be drinking. All these kinds of bears have my whiskey. Give me a hell. Yeah you're pussy tonight after marrying your life But for me it's a ruffling. It's it's rough like my shit. I took I'M GONNA have to go. Do you have an answer? Because I don't have one yet. Oh come on stopping be a man. Okay hamburger hat on and fucking be man. Shoot from the HIP. And I'm GonNa go with what I know what I think and I think the greatest wwe wwf superstar of all time. Is John Cena low? John Seen for. He's gotTa go the finals as much as you hate the guy he did. People people say the old stone cold save me but John didn't okay good argument but fun fact here. They were putting the rocket on Brock. Brock was supposed to be Johnson's position and he left because of his bullshit and they took a chance on this Guy Johnson and it took a chance on him and he became the number one merchandise guy in w e history. He became the face of the company for more than a decade out. Think so coke even say that and regardless if you liked him or not he put on a good mate event every fucking mania him versus Shawn. Great Emerson Triple Eight. I really enjoyed John. Cena vs fuck. Either rock was a little shaky but I will always remember when I think of wrestling and I grew up. The first thing that comes to my mind is Johnson versus edge ladder match for the championship and moments like that seeing Johnson against those great great heels He really he really made the ruthless aggression era in my opinion the best era in wwe. History. I consider ruthless aggression air better than the attitude era. So that's the case. I'm choosing Johnson over stone cold and by by the way you full you is really do love the attitude era. It was it was good does because you can costs and do a dirty a little risque. Things doesn't make a great. I just I watch some of us and it's like wow you guys really relied on the main event for the whole show. Yeah Yeah there's a lot of matches during the attitude era. That was like what the fuck is this. What is this head? Bangers versus any attitude era they brought out fucking Terry funk and call them chainsaw Charlie and you see what I'm saying. Are you fucking kidding me and you brought them out because of the fans were in know who that is really the fuck. Terry funk is once again. Vince McMahon not being educated with up unease but read. The question asked to you all we go to the polls who or do you have. I must tell you both men have done. Great fucking things for the company. They have phenomenal. They've done for nominees. John has brought merchandise brought a younger fan. Base is probably to blame to live fucking. Wwe had become Disney But yet the man is charismatic. The man had Ah Chemistry with many other wrestlers. I think he only had I had a fallout with only a handful of guys of course because you know he. We Politics One too many times which he shouldn't have buried the next The next the next. It's very the next but John is another guy that He had his. He had his faults. He was just. There are certain things that after a while for me it was just. I was like okay. I'm done with him I I really am I. I don't I don't WanNa see this guy anymore. I did have moments. Stole call coming in? It was rough. It was tough for him to come in. Came in from a weird background with the E C. W transition like I said with the ringmaster Ted. A Teddy didn't give him a migrant. Finally once they gave him the ball rolling stone cold persona ran he was probably the the emphasis of what the term tween really is because supposedly a hill but everybody fucking love him exactly Numerous numerous bouts that to this day are considered classics by by by Fans and critics alike had a big fucking hickup like I said with that whole invasion angle. And Vince McMahon You know alliance and Shit like that Really didn't really didn't WanNa play ball when it came to the brock ladner thing and Had to call it quits so for me. I have to say Greatest of all time when it comes to Johnson and stone cold is Aurora Gold Poll Stone. Cold Steve Austin. Because who are without him. Wwe would not exist. It will be done so scenic. I'm in no competition was laid out for them. There was no competition was stole. Call the Vince Angle. And all that Shit with red heart so Michael's all at the Rock W would not exist it. Would it would have been. Wcw WOULDA aided whole. I'm going stow-n-go. Stalled Co were going to the Paul again. Gentlemen Okay Well. You heard it here first. The poll will be posted on. Facebook is going to be posted right now. right. Now right now because we don't want to wait until Thursday right now you'll fuck you man exactly. I posted the other one the day I was there. Johnson and stone Our guys so this means you guys have the opportunity to vote again. Johnson or stone coast evolves in the winter of this poll will face Chris Jericho in the finals next week guys. I'm sorry the Skype I would have had it up and running but apparently it wasn't. I don't know why it was taking any calls. I'm going to see if I could get up and running for next week show hopefully next week. We're in better times. I don't think so. I think as a matter of fact everybody's going to be watching. We're supposed to have a WRESTLEMAINIA party but apparently I think we might watch it on fuck and Facebook Messenger. Which might be fun if you put it on the page. I got to see if we can hook out. Maybe we could do a whole group Watch along go watch along kind of thing. We'll do that with that. So guys On facebook live What do you got Wrestling rundown ready or what? You're watching wrestling ready. But I do watch wrestling. And then We can Hold on a second because I I at least queue up some cheap sag just I could I could. I could whatever you want to do. I've seen one down to all right. So let's run out quick and then we could go guys going around. We'll give you a bonus part of the show for facebook live. Don't go anywhere stick around where we'll just drop this Just just going to drop this little segway second. Ladies and gentlemen this is the main event of turnbuckle tabloid visit wrestling pulsa. Wrestling went down. Ladies and gentlemen the current Cram of I'll show ladies and gentlemen even you news whatever and so ladies gentlemen boys and Girls Children of All Ages. We are here. We are live rushing rundown yes. We are wrestling rundown his ear and once again we are here. Typical tabloid not taking no breaks motherfucker. So as to how started a segment to Robin Filial as all scared take you know the first piece of news we have is regarding to Wrestlemainia and no. It's not about the audience about the talent it has been confirmed by ESPN and from other outlets. That Roman reigns has officially pulled out of Wrestlemainia is not facing Goldberg. No more and a few other wrestlers on that list. It seems like Andrade not going to be at mania. A few others are not going to be at me. I think the MS is also sick and I don't and the numbers keep on growing now in regards to Roman reigns. It seems like there's still a masterful a match is going to be going on. But they're saying that the possible replacement will be Braun strowman. Oh Joe fight for universal belt but speculation says that Gobert will be retaining because of bronze Romans recent independent wrestling comments read. What are your thoughts and you think Roman is wrong for pulling out last minute because people are actually this is making news waves or out of the interwebs. Wait a minute. Goldberg will retain because a bronze fucking independent wrestling people saying that. They What's his name Ryan Satin he said that they might not give Bronco Brown the belt now because they said that if they can condoning what he said. Now podge is today about those comments. Kid they don't care. W media's a care about that shit wrestlers that's sports entertainers. What did he give a fuck about that shit? I don't know about your thoughts on this whole Russell's backing out last minute I mean you just be happening what. I've been the show Sydney to be happening. What's the latest yawns called instead of Ios? Vince will not give up. The show must go on. The show must go on. Chris Watt died that day. They still fucking made a damn show. When he did a show in wrestling they did like highlights shit like that yes but they still had something on TV. What so Who's to blame here? It's it's I mean this. Beyond is he race stereos out Dana brokers out misick would do Roman now is pulled up and people are saying that he's sick. No Roman pulled up because he had. He had leukemia. Business Immune system. He's high risk by. Oh he chose to stay home But Speaking of this This topic I want to Segue real quick. Don't call was on. Espn this mom. Today with Peter Rosenberg and made a quick comment read. And I want your thoughts. Peter Rosenberg went on to say that he feels bad for drew McIntyre because there's no audience share his moment with like quote unquote. If he wins he's going to win. I don't know anymore but still to say that it doesn't matter that the wrestlers don't care about that and when it comes to Wrestlemainia they care about their own personal goals and they care about basically he said. That drew McIntyre weighing. The bell is going to affect anything if the audience is there or not do you to believe that is true I think the fans matter man I mean after hearing the Kofi pop after hearing the the Dog Ziglar pop at at Roy after mania the fans do matter though they do and drew in the belt in empty audiences just it. It's not gonna hit the same man. No it's not believe me. You wrestled watching Wrestlemainia. This year is going to be like watching a twitch stream. No I is going to be like watching a a like a fucking action movie. They're going to have they're going to do cinematic fucking special effects and shit like posted right was that drew. Mcintyre posted Iraqi for esque Iraqi four ask Video of him in the woods during the training montage that rocky against Ivan Drago and stream. He screamed Bra. Then tell you this is this is GonNa make the movie which I don't blame them for making a movie They changed the Johnson and a female to a firefly funhouse match. They made styles undertaker a buried alive match. They're trying can you? Can you really no no? It's a bone yard match or bone yard match style stolidly comment on that saying they can call bear live because of Pat Reasons either pattern raises all what you call it on cove. Ed like the fugger. You don't want to lose what I don't know what is but seems like what's the meaning. Of course we'll go on as usual but some Russell's will be staying home so we'll find out who stays who goes and maybe we might get. Co Poke Fees Goldberg Wa. Do Week or two. W We has really been promoting their their future investments with movies and TV shows example one. They had their first chatter with the big show. Show which will be on Netflix. Okay also announced The animated movie called The brawl movie with monsters wrestling. Another W we The main the main event the event which should be a disaster. Which is a a movie on Netflix? And then they just announced today that the rock is directing another wrestling movie. Besides the page movie. And it's a movie about Rick flair really. Yes we're getting rick. Flair movie The Rock wwe and an end another Another company will be officially working on a movie about Rick Flair. So what are your thoughts on that? Are you excited for any of these ventures For the big show show. Are you excited for the Rick? Flair the big show at try. I'M GONNA go off to for the rest and for the podcast purposes. But I'M GONNA give it a shot what you get when you get a seven foot wrestler raising three little girls you get Larry from the makers of this show socks and what the fuck my watching. It's the big show show. What are your thoughts on? This surprises. Shouldn't go straight the Disney Channel X. D. C. I know right. That's such a Disney X. D. Show but you know they're sucking. Netflix is cock right now. So I'm going to watch because they're gonNA have fucking They're gonNA have I got. I got cameos from other from wrestlers inches of daily Nelson episode. That's GonNa take place in the in the in the performance. Sandra and they actually may wrestling ship so well. No let's see I mean but we always been waiting for this a Rick flair movie. Not a movie him. What moments have to be in this movie right? Got It has to be the they're going to have the The airplane crash the The plane ride from. Hell has to be there just to be in their retirement. Match has the end has to end the movie. Right which Dan what else the royal rumble. Okay and The beginning of the four horsemen and yet you have to show the montage of getting all the jewelry shit. I WanNa see the whole spiel but if that goes in movie theaters like we're hoping if they're open by then we'll be definitely checking that out. I I WANNA see the main event because it's supposed to be like the the movie the mask the Cape Puts on the mask and he'd be able to do all of Luchino wrestling shit. Oh I can't we gotta we gotta see next up. Teddy Hart was arrested. Friday morning Richmond. Virginia Terry and he has been charged with strangulation resulting in bodily harm after being arrested The charges come after independent wrestler as Montana. Post video of heart being kicked out of Montana's home while Maria Manic. His girlfriend is in the same houses as Montana Montana. The police were called after he witnessed heart. Assaulting Manic heart had denied the allegations. Of course Montana says Louis had to pull my gun on Teddy. Hart throw him out of my friend's house. This piece of shit literally choked out and physically assaulted Maria Matic. I would not let her get help. She texted me. I'm endanger never ever. Did I think I would be meet a piece of shit like this guy who has now been arrested for a felony red warrior false? We just had Teddy Joe a few weeks ago. Said he was gonNA get back together. What's going on with Jedi and a Bursch Mersch by the way Mercer Interview as Montana Got Him? Yes good for him Gab? Again Mook Marsh MC hardship man. We just told our show that he was. GonNa get back. He's pieces together. And apparently it was there It was Maria mannix birthday this past week and they were going pretty hard. How are they going? Pretty Lavish Party a little bit hard. If you don't even know what I'm saying it will probably a little bit hard. Oh they're doing some hard. Let's just say that area some certain things going on who knows. Ao. I can't I can't I can't say exactly what it was. I was going on but they were going pretty hard and Another update Oscars officially out of WRESTLEMAINIA. Hurts I tell you this is not happen? Yep what do you call it and Apparently from sources that I have heard from and from I've seen she does not want to press charges really. She does not want to press charges but they're done right. I know I don't know story of Teddy and Maria. Fuck knows but come on. Saturday was supposed to be played back in Bro. Man Me like that because we'll be making a cat wrestling league was going on. You know what it is great. Let's cats football league teddy. Had to go back to jail because he wanted to recruit more recipes for his new promotion so he wants he had to find new talent new. Yes shut your mouth. On where fatty what else? We got Berle lean had a pretty interesting video packages. We GonNA W basically making fun of Vincent. Man Brady was eating steak and was talking down to them saying that They don't eat before he eats. Then Reynolds sneezed in the video. You catching up on me. Yeah Yeah Yeah Reynolds sneezed which also upset Lee. The sneezing part dates back to various stories. Told by people about Vincent man-hating people sneeze around him He I don't know why. We man like people sneezing around. You can't control it But all right Meltzer stated that some people are very upset about the shots at Vince. Mcmahon by Lee He said people within W we are upset and they found it unfair. That really took that shot. Basically making burly his gimmick that he's a visit man rip-off snow. No wrestlers are offended by that by the way. No it's actually Bruce Prichard fucking Fucking Meltzer. Should people really be fucking upset at this? I I I kind of enjoy people called a corny people called it's stupid. I thought it was actually not that bad mine either. I didn't think it was that much of a of a slap in the face others fine. What are what are your thoughts on the whole bringing character so far are you into not yet I. It has to grow on me Motza. You're not winning. Brother has a grammy as gone to me at night. Okay well that's what that is but real quickly guys during this pandemic Coco. Beware wants you guys to pay his knee replacement surgery so make sure to go. Check that out to money. You know what I'm GonNa go fund me you if you can't say something entertaining and then shut the hell up Read do you want go on a quick ran about the whole Vincent because Now because the next story I have is about the man hardy in believe podcast comments but I think you should take a revision after you know I. I had to say that I can't I? I've tried my best to defend. Wwe certain instances have yeah. Yeah but I can't anymore I I can't with the handling Wrestlemainia then hearing stories where Matt Hardy and Brodie Lee then here in just two just watching what's going on even before this whole covert thing and i. I can't doubt brother I'm done it. They're not even trying anymore. You don't even they don't even care in when you hear the stories from before they don't even care it's when you hear the stories of what they're not wrestler. As sports entertainers there. Don't say a belt say tidal. You WanNA title shot. You don't WanNa go for the bell. What's the Vince likes wrestling anymore? I don't even think eating like did know which sucks because that's what it is in the fact that you can't use that word is just sad so I'm I'm going to have more about this bobby. Doerr thirty minutes mark about it by do another state a state of wrestling twenty twenty cents. It's a New Year but I I think I think the whole default trying to defend. Wwe for the most part it's It's tiresome and I'm done I'm not. I'm not going to be happy until the the Oh man has gone not not dead. I don't WanNa be dead but just upon anyone but retirement home. Yeah just leave this. Leave the promotion. Just leave now about zoom. So now if he's not east to the fucking Gobi events going to go on July. Want it this way. Oh no go to shady acres and retire lovely have play. Bingo at twelve. Thirty after. You had OATMEAL and and Muffins. For for for lunch we'll wait for a little bit. Just go away. Oatmeal and muffins. Yeah just go away would would your glass of apple juice. Just go away Jews. What's your thought about The Brody Liam and Mehari interviews on talk radio They were good man. They opened up a lot especially talking about the recent conversations. They've had Vince. How he's dedicated to trying to get them to sign him. I think Vince is cheap. Cheap grab now. Is I have the money. It's all about the money not about what they want in the ring. It's about Matt. Even said it. He goes. Vince was trying to t t to give me big bucks just to keep me up other programs and it's like no. I'm not I I want creativity and you're not going to give me that. Which by the way you've listened to what we watch wrestling Roof Wolf O. Come on the whole thing is just wolf but there were very interesting interviews. I enjoyed them which opened up a lot about the back of the behind the scenes during a free agency time when it comes to their When it comes to what what they're having to deal with during their when their contracts are up so I enjoyed it. Yeah I'm I did. I did as well jerk allows away of tokens to these guys in. It doesn't seem like you're talking to wrestling wrestler. It just sounds like two guys shooting shit like us. Yeah Yeah I love. Jerick actually might be tuning into his Saturday night special tonight. No no stupid idiot on my side. I'm done typing out. I'm tapping aaliyah guys For facebook live. We gotta go. We're done off this. Thank you ask for watching and sharing and subscribing and loving and make sure you watch and listen to the rest of the episode and Oh if you guys want to hear more about the crystal while to partner that's in Washington Brussels weeks. Check that out and also be sure that you guys take a listen to this episode livestream Streaming download it. Larry Legend will be here sirs and ladies whoever listening interview Gray interviewed. You WanNa don't WanNa miss that so guys on the podcast again. Don't go anywhere stick around return for you guys who've been watching on facebook live things. L. O. being leaders delaroche it. This is Larry Legend. And you're listening to the term tabloid. Podcast I swear. I think everybody's going through the motions right now telling it is almost jeopardy. I thought it was my thought it would be. Okay no no no. I'll be Internet John but definitive disaster. I'll tell you I I for for for people who aren't introverted like me. I know motherfuckers. Losing their goddamn mind with all this fucking quarantine pause. Stay at home jargon and everything. I'm cool I'm cool with the I'm cool with the fact that I could stay home and play my games watch movies and shit. I'm okay. I'm pretty sure I'm an introvert. I love being home. It's just When I have to work from home then it becomes a pain in the ASS. That's the difference I could see. I could chill from home. I can't I can't work from home issue disaster I'm trying to do trying to do some streaming things. I'm trying to get this looking messenger to work. It's just it's it's a tornado. It's worse than fucking on progress. Goldberg of US Twenty Seven. This is crazy. 'cause that's how you learn you you sit you on you to watch videos shoot click. And that's how I learned how to work the mastery. That's here that that's all this it and want all you can also hit up rich and richer help you with it. Richard Richards Alabama hit him up because I'm trying to get this streaming thing to work on youtube since like four. Just like trying to get it done I. I have the video audio but I need to like. I'm GONNA check this and like maybe I can see if we could do a few things on the ship and make it work because I'm trying to get some Some home entertainment free for thirty for you for you fellas out there trying to get a watch loans going so I'll update you on that if I ever get it running. I hope so so. Let me watch wrestling. Ladies and gentlemen and this week was Shit Shit pretty much shit. Her like the rest of the monetary shoots. That's just that's just cover the fiction of the week which was the part one and part two of the dark side of the ring with decrease Ben Wall Story. I had my popcorn popping for that man that was and then new Jackson Tuesday. Which I heard is crazy crazy to obviously not as crazy as they've been lost already but for me A lot of new things. I didn't know I did not know that Chabot Eddie died and traveled arms. I did not know that I didn't know a lot of things. Turns out that Chris Benoit also they said documentary that he had left a year to live anyway really because his heart and his brain were so bad that They said that he had less than a year. Live regardless or Dame's GonNa shut down anyway. It's it's only teach you teach you ladies and gentlemen. Don't do the fucking move on top swan dive headband. From life it's crazy. I didn't even know about the whole thing. Where Holly Raceway he? He invented it and then he told guys don't do that. Should s gonNA fuck your your your spine up. Yup Dan dynamite kid was calling it and if fucked his spine up and then fucking Ben. Wa was holding partners. I'm doing it anyway. It's funny 'cause you would think you would think that you wouldn't think the spine. I think he's Fox's head up but The spine as well but he he basically doing a big belly flop on the fucking hard play on the wing and and people think Oh. You don't have to really cause he bleeds every time you fucking does. It's been why there was no match I've seen and it's not him bleeding. These gentlemen legit fucking brutal fucking tight. You gotTa take a consideration. The the all the factors was like a perfect storm of tragedy about to occur the death of Eddie the steroid steroid use and a C. T. e. all. That was a perfect storm of disaster waiting to happen. Yep He was the he was the. He's the perfect example of downfall in terms of like you said golden everything up. I mean look at it. He was on steroids clearly and the story while he was on steroids was beside to being a known factor that everyone was using back then he was a small guy and wwe never really pushed with the business the small guys so he had a he had to get built in some stolen. Some stand in some stature there. That's why he did that. the clear because The fucking chair shots I'm looking. I'm watching I'm watching the network old wrestlemanias and Shit Yo. These chair shots are fucking ridiculous. and I'm I'm hearing the stories about it and they're saying Yeah No. It's not even like a light chair like you just have to like tense up and and take it right now. I know why they don't do it. No more holy crap that and then a lot of stress from home seems like him in him and dance. You were fighting a lot right so it was. It was a recipe for destruction. Wh what are your thoughts about? What are you talking about? The what do you think what are you? What do you think about the whole Correlation Eddie because I think the number one reason why. He went over the edge with painkillers and steroids. I think Eddie that killed him original. He's crying every fucking day. It was there already but it was also think to to to have to deal with. Eddie's deft away it happened how it happened Basically knowing that he and Eddie was possibly sharing the same kind of lifestyle and that maybe kind of knowing that your time will be coming soon. Right so Eddie. Went through which you know. Everyone thought Eddie relapsed. He didn't he just He's heartless done anything else. I looked that she goes. Yeah because Charles said it him. Eddie and Chris with The travel partners the JIM partners. They'd probably be the same methods. And then Chris Will pro-kremlin looked at it and he. I some next to see if you've seen the transformation of the two from WCW to wwe they fucking swollen up really really quickly I it it it was. A transformation was many so eddie coming looking like this and then when he came back after his suspension it was like damn what the fuck yet they used up. Boy Do Well you know like I said before the whole Daniel Bride Ramos Stereo and basically been want. Eddie Gimmick you know th they wouldn't put it wouldn't push any guy oversee guy under six feet so you got me too early. What I'm saying like any guy would big muscles so you know venture like big sweaty men big sweaty men bits. It's just I. It's just a sad sad story of no because you didn't WanNa meet been Wa- seem like a sympathetic guy there in during this this whole This whole Angle of of what became his his his tornado of a fucking of misfortunes and Downward slope to to a demonic fucking mental state with the Bible and you didn't want to really make him into a sympathetic story but you had to think about the shit that he had to go through to fucking make himself a top Tier Guy To to fight through the the the loss of having his best friend gone although at the end of the day. You say fuck. This guy's a murderer fucking took his wife and his child and and put them out. Well I another thing. I didn't know your documentary. This motherfucker had the dead bodies in the health for two days before he kills himself that I knew I knew that data I knew what the hell did. He constantly been doing in house or two days when he bought his family body. Were rotting to the core. That's something that that's that's the thing that troubles me because die goes to tell you the metal the mindset that he was at he was already in a deep dark the she was already gone and then they said that the next the next morning that's when he took out his son and after he killed a wife the next one is when he took out the sun and Dan do. They even looked on his computer and they went and found. That ain't no that. He looked up on computer ways to die ways to ask the history of computer. Yeah they looked on that and I can only imagine I I I I. You can't probably can't even imagine what he had in those bibles in the in the diary that he had it and they will say news most deepest and darkest fucking disturbing things that you could. You could probably read and it's it's it's a sad is really really sad and it's true that so many people were affected by it but the two people in the middle of this couldn't even connect with each other for thirteen years. No not at all and then thank you Jericho which you know jerk was in our finals. And I you know I had a little negatively about that but let me tell you when I tell you Chris. Jericho was probably like. I've seen all on shoe like the nicest bucking guy outside the ring and the guy who really cares. I'll tell you it's in Jericho went. He made sure he invited book. David End An NC sister. I forgot her name story Who A. W. to reconnect which They didn't they couldn't even they weren't even talking for that long. And you could even see in the documentary. Where when David was speaking. He was crying and Chris. Jericho Chris Chris had come on come on Cameron told him. And say it's okay it's a Very big he looks eerily like his fall. This crazy yes he does. He looks he looks very much like his father and the fact that he's training now to become a wrestler and he walked the same in the same easily. Become exactly Chris doesn't he? He needs to stay away from that. Shit Save Yes yes. He does same thing. He said he wants a theme song. I'm like you know then you do Dan being you want to stay away from that as possible Just like you know 'cause I'm not GONNA lie for a couple years my stance was you know. I think what's triple h comes then was gonna come in the hall of fame and it's GonNa be something special but it's going to be the small adding after watching this. That's not happening. I did not know that he was never two days. I didn't know that I didn't know all the details. And and just hearing hearing the information that we received especially you know not just with Eddie death. Because I didn't know about this year with travel I thought he found him dead. He was still alive which I didn't know that. Yeah especially me get chills. But the worst part was they showed pictures of the legit house in that fucking documentary. Holy Shit they want a picture of the fucking the bottle of wine or wherever he was drinking in the gym with with the with the weights on the fucking With the weights and everything getting children talking entire fucking thing then. It was crazy. I never thought I didn't think GonNa go that details like but like Derek said it needs to be done. It was hard to do. Jesse was one of the hardest things he had to do. It had to be done at it opened. A lot of is definitely open. Mind and not to those guys who've been watching it since season one. I love the fact that now. Everybody's jumped on it and era there watching. Yeah those guys they they shoot it while they go into real depth in detail and they do their research looking up as much as they can about. These stories is Keleaf role for all one. Gene people don't understand that's Shit fucked up a Lotta dues careers man that Shit. That's fucked up a Lotta guys pushes you know and this is what I'm telling you. You hear a lot of these stories and you hear a lot of the the the antics that goes on with with Vance and all this stuff and it just I tell you it makes me say I can't anymore. This guy has to just go. He has to go away he really Lisa. Just retire on the. Xfl think he he. He thinks he has. He still thinks he got the golden touch. It's like no about this close you're not relevant and when you start hearing he started and then when when with the whole when Chris Pass and the only I mean when when when he passed but when the whole thing happened and they buried Nancy in a buried Daniels any recent? Jr You had send him to be the sacrificial lamb. What a fucking bag if Jr. I'd be pissed I really like. I like Vince. Sent someone else and then. Jr got the fucking lamb bashing he told the fucking leave. I they really venture and the worst part for me was not the wwe Jericho Chabot and like the the small group even tried to aid David and the rest of family. He's W W didn't call at all. I mean I get in some way but like a diva was a key. A little small killed that time. Who just lost his mom and dad you would think they wouldn't put the blame on him and Vincent do something to help him. But nope Damn said that. No one even tried helping Madonna. W We and then they say. Jr funeral out that good job. Then what a real classy move. Yeah that's I think that's fucked up shit. I very fortunate very unfortunate fucking story and it's like I say it's now people like they're talking about. Oh he should be in the hall of fame get the fuck out hell. No no no way. He committed Yeah no he. There's no way that's happened. I I I was like. Oh okay maybe we'll maybe put no now crazy please. So what else do we watch wrestling Well we watched a lot of recaps. But I'm not around rewind the WRESTLEMANIAS on launch snack down. But I'm not going to be talking about those. I've been talking about the new products we've been we got this week. Which was You Kevin Nolan's came out Just him in. Rawlins had a quick Promo Roger admiring the performance center I also related but You know they built up on the performance center He said that He wins at mania and made the car last year. You know just basic stuff going up the matter. You sign for Owens because I. I'm really not a good match but I but not now and not not the way it is not the way it is now Which by the way did you see? Did you see what possibly Wbz GonNa do positive with the with the fans that killed? I'll kill them because I think he's so fucking annoying. You Know Damn Right. They'RE GONNA put. Some of them are very much on that stream. I like. They're they're gonNA put the. I can't see the person's name but you know exactly what I'm talking about exactly. Yes no no no. No they won't they won't they're not a fan of it so they won't put that out double the Golden CEO terrible idea. Terrible trying to keep it. I remember I think. I think we started goofing. They do it in. There actually might do it on my own. No if that's the case I'm GonNa fucking get the streaming shit done so I'm going to get on and put a picture of like some trouble tablets. Promoted I slash is a sign up for it so I just drink. Coronas Wallace on And also on raw they Pull he cut a promo about drew. didn't nothing crazy to say how he's GonNa beat drew up about a played leads nurses senior versus twenty fifteen. Not going to go over that Andrade Angel Guards Feed and Ricocheting Cedric Alexander To face the street property WRESTLEMAINIA BUT IT TURNS OUT. Andrade actually hurt so there will be a replacement for that match. I'm assuming it's going to be the club but take you don't know Streep Roberts defeated Shane. Doran and Brennan vink which I was happy to see seeing Thorn No Brennan drink is but Alex. Shane Thorne I I do. But it was just a quick tuna match with their for Wrestlemainia Chenab interview. And it's terrible I had to grab a mic. It'll but when he wants to hear basically the interview Promo work. She's all right I you know he's I just I just don't think she's on the Mike at all I don't know hopefully annoys me. She has no. Oh Jeez say much shouldn't need to say much. She should say much this whole interview. Sonata. It should be. It should have been more shooting the hip not an interview. But you know Becky respond by sneaking on the smashing her with share Not exactly that match Out Sir Leon Roth Our Man I think knows Leon Rough. Oh yeah he does. I think I'll I wonder he's he. He knows him growing independent wrestling come organization so cool also long raw we had Oh we had ag south challenging undertaker to a bone yard match gear which we pretty much covered it. Send A D. You can't say buried alive or anything like the bird to the circumstances. Yeah something is because it was going on. So that's why Y- probably South undertaker's mystique is the and the. It factor is gone says. Let me show some cool runs his life. I love the fact. They brought the fucking lion video that hinder Michelle Pool with the Tigers. Or some shit like that Fucking hilarious He feels like it's his duty to bring the undertaker back with the match types that only the de commando which was a bone. Your match very alive. You know what you know. It's the same kind of match I love it a lot And I really want bad entertainment. Come out I don't see the dead man coming up at Wrestlemainia I see. I see the motorcycle coming out in that year. You owner 'cause they just made him so not the dead man anymore once. They put the video of him in Michelle Cool Tigers and a pool. I was just thinking going back. Whoop sorry this is what I focus going back to He's going back to American bad ass. What do you think yeah? He's he's he's going to do like a mixture of both or something that because now that he's more humanized it's like but he made a twitter not match-winner. I knew downhill from there. Which which is gonNA which is going to lead me to when we talk about all elite because the the the hypocrisy that goes on with certain people but got about. He doesn't watch. Jim cornets reaction to that. You So Yeah It just Boehner matches announced and finally we had randy Orton accepting edges challenge or Cut a good promo he. I'm a fan of the Adam. Copeland is a mock for edge shit. I don't know what that was about But the match And I was watching the. I watched the entire documentary last night. Do My homework and story about that real quick before we continue Getting the documentary. That was right after ED retired right. He was getting interviewed and he was saying he allows me to retire next year anyway. Happy Retired I'm now in the Wilderness. Like I moved out I was going to retire anyway. Always Bullshit and I'm sitting there going. You're acting like you're happy retired. I get you want that positive outlook but you know damn well actually with eating you. Alive which Documentary it was funny 'cause He said stone cold had the same problem with the next several fusion. Neck surgery right and Stone cold dead. She was like my advice to you is don't go into a bulletin pry. He was a go. Find something to do. 'cause I don't know if you noticed. But when some retired he went down to his ranch in Texas for like three five months and didn't speak to anyone now. He just disconnected himself. Yeah he just kept on everyone so he told me that I do that but to see that documentary edge like crying and my basically saying like I'm tired. I'm tired and all that stuff. Too now goosebumps goosebumps. It's wrong Just a couple of Promo a couple of shitty matches and the clery plays Nothing important but Quick shot did you McIntyre for that rocky four vignette he made. That was probably the best video. I was probably the best video package. Wbz's done in years but it's funny because that wasn't Wbz played you McIntyre's people. It was so perfectly shot list. Oh He's only did the whole rocky montage and his dad played as looking I'll should the old Guy Mitch Talking about A guy may cut me may also cut me. Mick and Iraq Mickey Nicky and he his dad he was like he's ready to face the be. It was fucking perfect like he had a talk with twenty other. Irish guys like Scottish fucking guys. In skirts it was fucking. It was better S. It was like game of thrones esque but shocking drew like making the best out of the situation Then we're going to be very quickly Although so Onto the next show and the over annex t rather quickly a few important things here Tethered res The seat in Austin theory are I don't know. Are you liking this whole awesome theory to Cathy but keeps losing live? I think that's what we're doing with. Listen theory here They're they're showcasing him. Getting a little little thing here trying to find out what was going to be a good A good angle for him. A good one who they gonNA yeah So Tyler Breeze Defeats Austin Theory It would be open opening match. You'll Shirai based Leah for the number one the number one contender ladder match entry and Yoshahara one is way better than yours or or as you leave which Were the first to competitor. We're supposed to fight this evening. But he'll sure I came in the last minute and one very good choice there. I didn't know who's GonNa leave the if if if your income in I I. I don't know what the fuck but okay What else happenings T- For North American title contender continues to Barrel. Triple Threat I guess we're getting veggie Covic Keith Lee and a priest next week for the North American title Tennyson Ray defeated Kate. Carter and let her match qualifier gray choice. They're only Morgan. And Danny Burch picked up a win against the new team of the one and Brendon vink. Which once again they were there again. I guess they're really pushing these guys. Well they just weren't the same area at the same time. And they were all taping together. That's my that's my What that is but we'll be looking at any birds pick up a win. They need to get up on the tech division. The Division teeny cal. They're the medicine for that Chilean undefeated who T- mile don't know how to say that extended Squash match Cameron grunge defeated a lot of matches on the next day this week. Saying fuck you a W we'll give you more tamblyn grind defeated Tony Niece and Finally Annex T we had triple h coming out and announcing that CIAMPA. Donald will be Well I I suppose triple agents have put this matchup wrestlemainia booker. Donald cut him off every time he was about a complete that thought he said this isn't about the biggest stage. This is a deep personal rival. Rivalry that just needs the bare essentials which I found that was good right. And it's basically I guess the blow off because loser leaves yet This is He's find an empty building and put a ring in it. Trying I talked with is. They're trying to find an empty building. Put Rain It. And then he touched on the address and they shop in two weeks. So that's fucking cool. Then that's like some roller shit. I would it. But the loser leaves annex t If they keep up the hostilities afterwards. They're both guardsman exte- after After that altercation we found out that killer cross is coming to and the predictions were true. The rumors were true. It seems like we'll be getting killer cross if I could see killer costs versus also chomping next. I'll be happy but we think glued to the main roster out of peace. I'M GONNA go with CIAMPA. Yeah I wanted to be chomping. Yeah yeah the name roster he's GonNa be squashed Like fucking dogs entering the rest of the small guys. So I'll going shopping there but those are Not Mad at a lot of matching a lot of content They tried they tried to go up against any. Aws Did they succeed. Do a good job this week. Noon men with new into a better job. Good job it was. I mean it was annexed. He wasn't anything crazy. Yeah but they tried this time. Actually what bill matches and last week we know matches so I guess I saw. W listen we gotta give him some entertainment. We gotTA GET DOT matches. Fuck this ship So on the Eighth W redbird very excited to talk about Roy. A rare type of boat this one. So let's go over eight w dissect this amazing show. I don't know how is it that day could able to pull off. No Fan matches and still be entertaining. Yeah yeah I think it's just the the I think it's just because it's outside. The commentary is a little more energetic wrestler to try to make some noise and they're out there. There's some there's something that that that W is definitely missing the WS taking over but the Nice store cody Rhodes and on commentary just to find out cody match with Spurs. He even said the microphone. Oh I want to go through the tunnel through so yeah. I want to go through the tunnel funny but kind of unprofessional. But Hey there this time you need to laugh right so fucking. Cody Rhodes faces Jimmy. Havoc Cody Rhodes. Picks UP THE WIN. But then the video shows up of Jake the snake Roberts. What do you think about that problem because I found it lackluster? Yeah I did like it that much Jay too much these days. Just when it's needed you could see we told you. The snake was shooting. They hit and they they did a one shot there. But Jake Jake the snake Roberts basically telling cody that he just wants one Given the chance to meet doesn't matter where there's no matter where he wants Archer to face code your meat just wants cody then goes on twitter and says that he will not be facing that. It's archer heating so prove himself and he's proud to have less archer w but he's not gonNA face he doesn't deserve it so that's our show will be debut next week against a jobber which. I love the whole thing of Orchard shopping at the bit to get cody. The Ring Heights up when the match really happens That's what you call. Wwe building right. You call building up a story. It's called that does Darby al we thought about that when I thought I loved RB Allen I like Sapien it was a it was a it was a pretty pretty good branch I like him. I just think him and Sam you got a little bit too much of the same. Gimmick it's Kinda Kinda yes dushi indefinitely Eh. That's I guess that's why they put your face because then they will have three. They should put Gioja Nella Kim. Cbs and fucking shabby the fucking. Or would you say it was It could be saving enjoyed tag team. Like why the fuck not? They're both bad. They're assholes Y Y Y Georgia Leila face when usually make these two guys heels or fuck it even put them in a statement with fucking Put them in a stable with someone else. Look with with Put them in the state but with fucking Kaido fucking yeah make something out on spears. Make them make them a three a triangle. A couple of people are Oh there's too many factions. Hello Japan you guys fucking Love New Japan. But they got like four major five major fucking factions over there. What do you take Stables state sable sell merchandise. Yeah exactly And please I want the death triangle? Shirt I listen bad ass a but gee kager defeats Chico atoms in a squash CHICAGO ADAMS CHICO VALUE. Bloated man out with the squash After he defeats Chicago Adam. Moxie comes out quickly. Hit The paradigm shift on Hager Your quickly rebound to grab Moxie for Ankara. Walk Muggsy escapes. I'm assuming we're getting Moxley and hager the next couple of weeks which Hager needs it because Neang cares not a fan of Hager's work a little little little stale but it's fun. We get a medical update on Nick Jackson from Vanguard one vanguard one spies on Nick Jackson working out in his garage The health meter is registered at sixty one percent recovered once once once the book and drone had literally scanned into Jackson gave a health fucking meter to how how how recovered he is Once Nick Nolte van drove flew away. What do you like? What are you what are you doing? What this vanguard shit the fans like it fans do Man Like it Yeah what's over? We'll we'll talk about the rest and get into the What do you think? I'll cody fucking On commentary this week. Cook was cool is a lot of references. That people might not get a little bit over. But he was showing. He knows his his wrestling history right. Fuck winter on when he's trying to call the The the the Darby Allen match. He's he he reminds him of of staying and finishing move Darby Allendale. Which if Darby Allen can lock that up better than I actually be a nice finish that definitely could be a hundred percent there I I think Darby Al and kids had great futures and we make a point with with With that match then we had funny w dynamite. This week we had. Oh Jesus completely forgot about this disaster. Okay well. It wasn't a disaster. We had a quick video with Brodie Lee. Cutting steak with Alex Rentals and John Silver on the table basically a parody until about this during wrestling rundown a parody of instruments Basically saying that no one else eats before he eats and You know Out Settles coughed release said no no he sneezed and he fucking went off on including sneeze rubber vets. 'cause Vince hate when people sneezing for him? Is that a thing with bosses. They hate when that should happen for jobs. If my boss sees yard in front of his face he sends you home. Well some people take that as a sign of disrespect right. I know like during summer can't hold a job. I do a meeting with the whole staff if the L. Hefei Yawn during the training. You send you home to some people's as soon as a form of disrespect So you know brody went off on that. And he had a match. He debuted this week on dynamite Brought me fought who probably phase Brodie Lee for was a Cutie Marshall it was not more show car March Shots debuted this week. I pull you Kinda week this week. week this week He looked on of Rusty a little bit. I don't know nothing really should have reversed edition of put. Chico atoms with him and he was talking Hager Hager. Yeah Smart Book. Ladies and Gentlemen Smart Booking Broadly did blow SUPLEXES SWING SLAM THE DISC. Larry which I guess finisher now is the parody of fucking brain wide sister. Abigail very bitter and everyone in it so Like Jesus Christ. I don't know if you've ever watched the documentary when Wcw fired him and Paul Heyman took him under his wing and like signed into EC. W Bishop Daddy bring me back home and the member because don't call her Some coast city couldn't go and pull him was like no role until you can wrestle. We're GonNa put you on the Mike and just like Air Your Grievances. Yeah every week you just bash. Wwe I thought this is GonNa do now. He's GonNa Bash. Wwe every week like some cold water crandall ladders that. I didn't know I didn't know Dan rather like this and WCW every week. He didn't bash the company. I feel like we're GonNa get in that direction with brody now But if you watched his interview Chris Jericho's very interesting guys. Go check that out Also need w this week. We had Kenya Mega Verses Semi Bavaro For the AAA championship very random. But SEMI. Lavar loss but in my opinion semi put on a type of performance. That makes you take notice. I think that send with Martin. Been The star of the show this week. What do you think I it was it was? It was a good match Entertaining Kenny had been on TV for a while as an inner ring so it was a good return for him and Sammy did showcase that he could hang in a ring. A couple of you know top to your guys a few a few problems with me. We'll just like a couple of things But you know that's just nitpicking at this point and finally we had a moment to the movie. We're all waiting for the confrontation between Matt. Hardy and Chris. Jericho comes out and he called out by hardy but vanguard comes out and Jericho basically cuts a promo on vanguard saying that he called vanguard a piece of shit. Oh Jesus Christ I cannot. We Peoria Europe with reaction. This he okay this right hold on these facts straight on this on this on this on this segment. Jericho's plans to offer hardee's spot. The inner circle of vague are one. Kale. I jerk off the draw on a plane. No place in the inner circle then Ben Garth Lou away in pitch. It came out and he teleported to the ring now before we continue read. What the Hell so hell was that? time filler and Matt Hardy responded to to that segment and he said himself. I Mad g e this deigning though it is I'm not I'm not mad at it. It's fine I thought it was funny coup but the hypocrisy because if wwe did that oh the fanbase will lose their shit wrestling fans. My God Talk Shit reacting to his on his partners even saying I usually get e w slack. But I'm not doing a here because I know damn well if this happened on raw road be butchered to a flynn. They will give it health but you know for some reason all fans or wrestling fans will give all Alita pass because it's already an anonymity. Excuse you know. There wasn't any fans and you know. That's the gimmick were but yet undertaken comes out fifty five years old the magician with the smoke and the lightening and exciting. Oh my God really another undertake a guy we get in come on. He goes away. Hardly teleport the ring and if you look closely they did that in part and you can see Chris. Jericho like not in the same direction. Previously thing is head going like clicking another direct. Yeah it was like a tick Tock Tock I can't figure out how aid w pulled that off. The background guys dogs though it wasn't filmed earlier in the day that camera trickery It was done like an hour before the show but okay and run from one spots another. That's all you gotta do. Yeah exactly less than ten minutes. Jerko and hardy exchange be words but Hardy explains his current existence. And more is what bothered did this is what bothered me. That shit also way too fucking long talk about feeler vessel. Oh my God. And it's now Damiri. The Mascot is Damascus. And Abraham Lincoln Martin Luther King or they're in the crowd right now. Oh my God I said it's done you say Martin Luther King's like more Luther King's here. He had a dream one. Listen at the time has done A. We can't do this anymore I can't did. The broken should has done for me. It's it's done when we when I happened. We were like Oh let the fuck is this. And everyone's like Oh shit is fucking funny as hell then brought it to wwe and it was like the woken harder. Okay fine now aws. I this is what we do and we bring in his back. Were the word overplayed. Yeah I D- We. We played our card a little bit too much. Now it's over and people and people are saying that on. Wwe Shit because they didn't give party creative people are telling me and go. Hey listen you thank you? I don't have the Coriolis and gentlemen Now think to myself. Maybe W was right now. Giving fucking back that much creative because I don't know if it's entertaining. They believe but it only keep pulling a trigger nets. Shit Hell No. It's also a w do you. Do you remember what you said? Your sport like field wrestling. Remember what you said your sport you're going to be a sports like feel Yeah remember to is you and your nothing you are you are you. Aren't that at all So hardy turned down. Jericho's offer The funniest part of the night for me was hardy knocked down. Jericho with a one punch To sell the power of Damascus. Then Jerko had magic up his sleeve. I forgot what you said. God Damn Is like what the Fuck Jerko say you remember? Jericho said he was like. He's his own. He made fucking Sammy. Guevara appear some show. The he made a spell or some shit like that Well my I have to find a kid now fucking. He's had some Luke Shit. I ride that. He was like he was like I got my act or something like that. You'RE GONNA kick your ASS. And we'll borrow ambushed hardy down. They've already controlled and then hardy. Of course doing the PYRO. Fire magical heads as once again. Eight WFANFM lovey. But if undertaken arcane did and it was like Oh God real I I missed Kane. Did that should tell you the story about that right. We came to this shit. I was at Smackdown kids and I was more up the stairs with large popcorn. And I got scared so much in the fucking fire. Because I didn't see it coming up on my top four. I was tight so That was during the make thirteenth shit. Pretty sure Hardy of course controlling the MED on the entrance ramp to all burn Jerry. Going with our Lenovo all right. Close the Shit Up. Magic head. Finally on smackdown Came out attacked everyone in the in the in the match billion Sasha. They're not going to be separate. But we all know. Sasha's winning the belt and she's GonNa pin barely doing it Drew Dulack Nakimora. And it's announce that WRESTLEMAINIA WE'RE GONNA get Dr- Oh drew gulag versus Gael Brian Versus Museum for the Intercontinental Championship. Very good match could be and I'm happy. They finally made Sammy's fucking wrestler again. Oh my God. What a waste of a talented. He kept being manager. Well fucking waste. Dogs Ziglar announced. He's face oldest WRESTLEMAINIA For the winnings of Andy Rose saying she doesn't want to be a prize but seems like We're going to get a Christian Chris Christian and Chris Jericho moment where Trish stratus turned on Christian. We might be seeing that because I might be seeing many rose. My prediction is Mandy. Rose nut shots or is in the end and joins Dogs Ziegler as his official Valet. Oh that is my opinion. But Hey we'll see Baron Corbett and ally is pull the Lion King here and scar not soft. Move off the top of the cliff and said and says Fucking by allies performed the song deterred Barry Corbin Knox keene. Corbin throws them off the top. Which was lying ex Ask and Cooking Colbert Analyzer. Wrestlemainia bliss defeats Oscar after DDT. But I don't think that's going anywhere from media as Oscar. Now that she's pulled from wrestlemainia due to wanting to be there and from travel issues AAA AAA. She gives a backstage interview after really God After they replay trip believable rains which makes no sense because this matches has been officially cancelled. I don't know why they went with it. I guess they previously recorded the show right before they found out from the race. Got Pulled Tripoli's gives an interview about that Probably probably one of the best firefight funhouse in months as bright as the new recipe to Johnson and other failure wrestlemainia thirty. He added a mixture of ingredients to a blended labeled disappointment self loathing rage and resentment and a dash of ood sounds delicious since then rarely rabbit in the blender and killed rebelling rabbit again. Here is the official Kenny of professional wrestlers and gentleman. He kills reading rabbit again. Put them in the blender so represents unnecessary and irrelevant opinions as the final White Jones's Tina for a firefight. Flynn House Firefly Fun House match I thought it was fucking awesome. What do you think I dig out? They got to pump it up as much as they can because people are already not sold on his match. But what can you do this funny I? I know it's funny. I thought it worked and if this is their attempt of this is I think this is perfect. If you don't have an audience and you really want the Mystique of the fiend and undertaker as guys to be alive with this the best way to do is put them in Gimmick matches whether outside with no audience anyway so you put them in a firefight funhouse matching. There's no audience anyway. So you might as well make it a gimmick match where you know there's no fucking audience and same thing with the very live matches in my opinion i. It's a great way of of them trying to make last minute changes to make it work and I can't be mad at all. I just hope it's better than the fucking fucking. That rain randy had fucking pointed horns place wherever fucking shows call. I forgot what that was called and finally on smackdown Russo's fee The new day contest after the Miz and Morrison after Morrison interfered and they announced at Wrestlemainia. It'll be the new day. The use Os and Morrison in a triple threat ladder batch through the smackdown tacking championships. Smackdown proof to me one thing discards. Not that bad and it's up to that's not in Florida crowds shit but this triple threat ladder match really still the show. Yeah yeah that'll be the one way or everybody watches it fucking as the at home the Fan fucking view and shit. He could be matchmaker least dealer Shou. They can't they can't do that. They're not capable of doing that. Because people are gonNA be cussing all Ashaninka. People know you know. I love fucking crazy. We're GONNA go to someone and some of the jerking off. No doubt will be crazy. I somebody like it'd be like Chat Roulette and somebody's dicky's yet from jerking their people But besides smackdown My wrestlemainia day challenges still going on. Today I watched Wrestlemainia to Me Twenty O. Eilly WRESTLEMAINIA twenty-five today. Oh Nice Nice. Yeah that's the Media Day challenges still going on now. I realize one thing older wrestlemanias Suck Dick Gephardt. That's all I've watched interesting this week. Buddy you don't have melted gave fucking Hulk Hogan and Andre the giant wrestlemainia three minus four stars. Bet HE CHANGED MINUS THREE. And Yeah it was something. It was something but you know back then. That was considered good. Now it's Considered Trash Shit watching wrestling ladies and gentlemen and when we return our our in depth conversation with the man himself Mr Extravaganza yes Larry Legend himself. He stops by and believe me. You don't WanNa miss this conversation. It's probably in the upper top tiers of the best conversations. We had on this on this show I was I. I love this dude. This guy was so open and very honest and his stories about wrestling and his and his upbringing and also if he goes full details about his his his his moment in the spotlight when he was on a prices right. He wasn't a person. I like to watch the video. So guys don't go anywhere. Stick around we will return with the dow down the greatness SNL cast shake me a case. Lay Her schick landscape. Which of you can't wait for over sixty two movie credits to translate down greatness. Snow shake me only Invalidity color site. We had to get a corona virus to get you on our show. Finally I know manage times are tough right now. So why not? I'll take a gift and a curse though hit edge. You're saying thank you sir. My Pleasure Dick sent me a message and after we did that little Promo video violence and suffering that. Show that got. postponed You know there's nothing that I really would say no to him for because we were all let down by that. Was it that though? The whole the the way that he came up with the idea of just doing a South Park. Look and everything. It's so you guys it connects with what you guys are. You know what it is. It's so it's so pro wrestling because there's not I would say that there's not one person in the crowd at a pro wrestling show. That's not a pretty big fan of South Park so the fact that nobody had done that type of kind of crossover up into this point. It's just a testament to like how brilliant Isaac really is these concepts and things and he just asked me to do like a really quick voiceover. He gave me all of the lines to say. And you know I don't really know all that stuff technically like how to cut things up. Editing layer sounds and you know lower thirds that's not really my my thing but damned if he didn't do a great job on that. It's just a shame that that showed not going to go off was postponed until may hopefully we'll be able to do it in. May It was awesome. Because of how basically showed you guys and proper elevate you going down a waterslide or something sounds like you. You're out of the amusement park right now. Oh no no. No that's That's Super Smash Brothers for the switch in the background. You know Quarantined you know. Who Do you play? I play Kirby Aww Shit read you pay to the I do play as Kirby as well I only I only play as Kirby but I play bowser and Yoshi anybody who had the down d. that's like You know a drop down like Anvil type thing. I liked them. But I like Kirby the best because he can switch it up he can start to drop down as the envel- and then pull off the sword. Let's switch it up. So if the person like blocks or or tries to dodge you can still get him with two blocks from that soared so I like him better than Yoshi and Bowser but anybody. Who Does that like down smash there but I like those characters long objects got you with with long juicy object. I get what you're saying and then there's nothing wrong with that depending on depending what scenario you. Hey Twenty twenty. We're all about the die cut. Now that's fine. What's your take about this do you? Are you like me that? You're you're thinking that this is just a fluid a WWe logo? Is there. Something really serious about this was going on. Well I'll tell you this much. I'm not into conspiracy theories even though I often go down that rabbit hole on Youtube. You know late at night when you just have nothing to do and see all of those things but What a what. A convenience smokescreen to kind of like killed and for a few mania is now people have been talking about how you know. Oh next year. Ww JUST GONNA go into whatever the talent is whether it be New Orleans or Tampa whatever and just like by it out like make sure that they are the only show that can be in. You know a certain amount of space and that might be the case with Tampa because I know a lot of the shows were in your city and you know I'm the outskirts. Maybe not on the grounds of where mania is but when it the hell of a coup if they did like just or someone orchestrated just the for the to justify the means of like shutting the indies out completely like stopping them from business. You know it's funny that you said that because I would love to believe that. Mcmahon had that connections and power to just close everybody out and still be able to function what was going on. Yeah well I mean He. He's had his. He's had his tactics throughout the years of how can kind of like crush people and sort of close the door You know buying up you know. Hello did you lose me ask you lost me? And I'm so sad because I thought we were bonding here. Larry we we had. I thought we were too. I'm not actually playing mashed playing in the background but I didn't even realize I said I was just talking away to no one just like I had a lot to say. So where did I leave? Where did I leave off? When did you did you lose me on how we were just talking about the whole Being better than Kirby no we were talking about your thoughts about how this this pandemic is is affecting your livelihood and wrestling in whole especially in the South Park. Promo is a prime example. That's like one of the best promos that I've ever been a part of and you know right when we were ready to release that on Monday night when everything really you know. Got Serious in some regards so you know. I was very appreciative. That is still promo so people can take a look at it as hard work but Yeah it's IT'S. It's really putting a damper on a lot of people financially and also our spirits. You know because you know a lot of us live for this you know live for this so thank God for people like match Fremont doing each show and you know. Ccw's doing your show tomorrow night Saturday night special and just the people that are riding content during this time of like you know you know the unknown like what's going to happen with all of us. How is it that you're going to be dealing with You do you have a an outside a career or funding or a way to get money. You have an outside of this. Yeah I work at a restaurant or at a restaurant. I have a couple of different roles at a restaurant here in Baltimore and restaurant. Gigs are gigs for people. Like me because you can just kind of say. Hey I need the time off. I need this time off and the restaurant basically as well as long as you get the days that you can give us. You can have whatever days off you want. Just basically tell us which days off you want for your gigs. Then we'll give it to you and so can say for like almost two years now. I've never really run into kind of a problem where it's like at work. You know because I just might dates well in advance and I tell them that and you know I can support myself doing the announcing emceeing hosting and also in a restaurant and of course the restaurants closed now but then again all my gigs have been postponed or cancelled two. So I've got a lot of free time for a Lotta smashing. Yeah that's that's that's definitely terrible and I'm sitting there going. I can imagine Larry at rest are going. We have two tables for free. Anybody coming up right now on. It's not that type of restaurant at all with restaurant. I probably would have a lot more fun but these dogs. We have no no no no. It's a matter of fact. I'll tell you if you if you were to call the restaurant that I work that you could to hear me hosting because you know I'm the I'm the voice mail you know. So if anyone calls reservations or anything like that Big at the big a very similar. Hi there that I started with that That South Park. Promo call that restaurant. So you know. That's one of the things I do. I host and I- Barista deliver deliver things to the other restaurants around there but it's definitely not a place that's tailored made for the type of hype that I bring to show. I would hate to hear that. Larry's like doing a voicemail or the The the entrees for for nine is I will everyone to say that Our our specials for tonight is soup. Does your you'd have to hear that. From Larry I want to hear the Larry. Well well you know what? It's interesting that you say that because in addition to working at the restaurant I don't think he's like voiceovers. I do like Isaac asking me to do the voice over South Park. That's not the only you know. Voice overs were just from the comfort of my home. I record something I do. These voiceovers that are these Like MMA kickboxing recap of like Like fights that have happened and Whatever I let anyone here the voiceovers they are like some of the like you sound like an eighth grade science teacher talking about like you know like it's just not it's not me you know. It's not the me that you know his legendary. It's like almost like even WanNa put my stamp on that because I'm not really giving it my all but that's one of the interesting things that I always bring up in. My career is like a lot of the times for the anime and Fox and things I don't have to give half as much of the character and inflection and the pizzazz and the fucking showmanship that I have to give for pro wrestling show. Because you know EMANATE FANS. The kid talks not really there for that. They just want the red quarter. Who's in the Blue Quarter? Okay let's see these guys kill each other you know in wrestling. You know it's like you want to you. Know introduce from the purified waters of Lake Minnetonka with sixty nine sexy mega tones. You know our presidential you know. All all of that stuff comes with wrestling and a lot of the times You know I'm spent after those those things. But if you ever get a chance to listen to any of my W K A ringside roundup. The W K A ringside ground OPS. Tweet them I put them on Youtube and everything. But you'll hear like me kind of like talking like an instruction manual it. Too much like too much of that legendary. Stay on anything just like your seatbelts. In the Cup holders are onto your ride. It'd be a long Larry Legend ride. Oh Yeah Hell Yeah. We'll go through a lot of things I do. A Lotta things like too much was the young Larry Legend in fifth grade or in kindergarten. Letting everybody know this is Larry and I'm letting you guys know that we're about to get snacks not right now. Today we have peanut butter and Jelly. Or She's in crackers. Whatever you wish you hit the nail on the head. I'M NOT GONNA I'm not gonNA say that I have always been presentational but I've kind of always been really proud of my voice like always been really super proud of the way that my voice sounds and like like like my schoolmates of things and people that I'd lived around. I always like really admire way that I sounded so I never really h-hit that or tried to sound any other way than the way that I sound right now and that's often with no inside voice so I got a lot of trouble in growing up at school because like I would just be talking too loud or like you know announcing things like you know if someone on connect for like it was like you know if the fire alarm wrong because you know like just being too boisterous Larry going. Oh and it's like we're not. We're not playing being tonight. Larry one hundred percent. Tonight's we're playing a pain in the ass in the household. When did he know that? Your Voice was very verbose it was known. You know. 'cause I'm I mean I'm eighty so like I was right at the height and infancy of Intendo so like a lot of the Times. I was really just like intendo it up and then if I wasn't doing that I was trying to convince my big You know the guys that looked at my neighbor to like. Let's do like backyard wrestling with like some cardboard in the backyard. If I wasn't playing video games I was like you know trying to like create a wrestling show in the backyard rudimentary. 'cause we're talking like nine and stuff like that so But I was never a handful around the house. I was ever getting into mischief around the house because like I said like I'm I was born in eighty one starting to really hit like to be a thing when I was in first grade and eighty six So by you know I got that in the end. It was just like every week. Do Good in school will get a new game you know. Don't don't act out too much. Get a new game And then like I said if it wasn't that it was like Saturday trying to convince my you know the guys join neighborhood. Hey let's not like bike. Let's not play football. Let's not play ball. Let's let's do wrestling. I'M GONNA BE HACKSAW JIM Duggan. You'd like to carry the word that's what it was like the early early. You know you know that's my thought it to like you don't really like soft delight real hard like big boss. Four nights a big long lumber good Larry other words quarantine shoe what are we doing? The Gaming Side Smash Bros obviously. You'RE A big Nintendo Guy. But besides that or we played anything else. You know what I played so caliber to yesterday. So can choose my all time favorite fighting game of all time not the whole caliber series specifically so caliber to the game by just played that the other day. And you know what I was. I need to finish Luigi Mansion for the Gamecube too because I bought my Godson Luigi expansion two for the Nintendo ds or Nintendo to Diaz. And I said when you get done this I'm going to be done the first one and then linearly. I WanNa play yours and he told me this years ago. Obviously we're talking and he was like yeah. Sure I never got around it because I don't have time to be like gaming as much anymore but I wanna finish Luigi Mansion and then I also got on rampage. I don't know that game rampage may have rampage. That is just the Canada rampage. Which one do you like to use? Probably lizzy yeah. I think I think of her as a lesbian. I think that's kind of a little joke that they were tried to like the classic Georgian. Ralph George because you know he's burly and you know he has a little bit of. Yeah Okay Yeah I get it but I'll tell you also that I mentioned that I also like because In King Kong vs Godzilla which was kind of like a kind of like a wrestling tape. You know obviously there was a lot of Japanese storytelling in it with what we go to the city and whatever else they that they were trying to stop space expert matching. But you know it was all about King Kong Dila. Why would the big Guy Villafane and I really didn't like King Karma that much so I was like when I was younger? I had that tape. Kim Congress has got Dylan Enzyme. Vigorously like King Kong. Like beat scout diller into the ocean. And then Godzilla just doesn't come up anymore so it's kind of like. Did he kill it? He did he retreat. Like what happened here but you Kinda Call King Kong the winner because kids music played at the end and he walks up the up the ramp way it stop it. You'd ever seek out Dylan again so I didn't like that ending so I think that's another reason. I probably like because I was a big Guy Mark Roe and what was the. What was the first thing that you fell in love with? I wrestling video games rustling wrestling. Definitely I mean it just was like really funny to me like when I was when I was younger. I'll never forget the first thing I saw wrestling. I wish someone could find this clip from it was like these two guys that looked like Kinda like the Legion of doom. Or maybe the powers of pain and the announcer. Who was like Gino? Colin type guy asks them a question and as soon as he put the microphone in the guy's face firm to answer the the the wrestler bit the microphone the top of the bike report off. He just lives like he just like took a huge bite out of bitter ripped it off with heat and when I was a kid I literally blacked out laughing at the fact that something like that. It just happened on my screen and I thought it was the funniest thing I'd ever seen so just like how anything can happen. Wrestling edge could come back like a lot of the times like I'll be. Why don't you like pro sports like football and I'll be like damn if only might get cut out just start coach at Chicago? 'cause all this shit you know for sure but I would love it if like you know you know. The by dolphins are doing really bad shula cubs without audience buckets. Cooter come out one time. And he's like really but what's what's he was in quickness it that you did you have anticipate that you wanted to be a wrestler or did you because for me. I loved wrestling. My uncle was a wrestler. And my whole thought. Process like yeah. I'm not GONNA do that. I take him bombs as much as I love. Wrestling was any thoughts of you possibly being arrested. Well I mentioned you know I was always trying to get my friend and still like play backyard wrestling with me now again. I'm talking like I was like eleven twelve so we're talking like ninety one ninety two like so like this wasn't like anything more than like let's watch. Wwf Superstars and then let's go do that match that we just saw between ten and the men on a mission and the quebecers like do that in the yard But like yeah I was always really like wrestling with like the sport that I liked Just grappling at this. I thought maybe grappling Ino in the ring in with other other men could be very sporting. It could be something like that. It wasn't something really gravitating to or I mean. Here's the thing I'm not GonNa lie now that I'm thirty years old. I can look back on things. I think that probably wanted to read that. I wanted to wrestle. A lot was also to like Russell. You know like you know because that can sometimes lead to other things. I've learned as I've learned getting older and I'm sure that I'm sure there are a lot of my friends that I grew up with. Some of which aren't even here anymore. Unfortunately but a lot of my friends would like to hear that but a lot of the times I think in the back of my mind. I wonder if like now that I am the way that I am. If any of those guys were like Damn. That's the way that he always wanted to wrestle. Missile all right like sort of some sort of compromising position probably do you know face to me. But that that was at the time the furthest thing from my mind. I really just want to replicate as close as to I could like Shawn michaels super kick and Bam Bam bigelow tech but off the top rope and like you know this was before we were even recording things so it was all just in in good clean fun but you know now that I can look back on it. Who knows I probably was selling some sort of weird fantasy In bike like grappling. Because a lot of times when we did those those mashes they weren't like body slam suplex like just like I'm going to grab you would like stopped by foot off the ground and punch you would like to handle you know like because he's doing together we're doing like it. Did you know so Larry? Let me ask When to be very tongue in cheek very vague as we when. When did you know that you wanted to wrestle with men? Well you know something. I'll call you. I went to Catholic school. I eighth grade so big. No no you know that kind of talk about type of like you know the feelings that maybe I was experiencing and maybe questioning so that was not anything that I could ever really talked to the priest out or anything or because I wasn't even Catholic. My mom just sent me to Catholic school because it was kind of one of the best education should get Baltimore about like public school to speak down on my city but at the time it was like. Oh you want your kid to get a good education cinema Catholic school. He'll wear uniform. And you know pray the Rosary and just be good clearly. Not The case you know with a lot of those people that I went to school with myself included. I guess you could say but You know it wasn't until I went to high school once I went to high school and when I started to like be around Jewish people an ATS people and like Muslim peop- in other Annette curse right Catholic school. It was like a nice little sandbox of nothing. But it was kind of like if you don't do it this way you're GonNa go to hell. You know so wasn't until I went to high school that I kind of started to meet other people that maybe were curious the way that I was also I was. I was in an environment where that would be like kind of like not like your but we're like. Oh you're that that's cool. No that's that's kind of really what I was like okay. I think that this is the way from me. I'M GONNA wait. It's interview going. Are we talking about wrestling here? We're talking about the light ties. Larry legend a whole tablet. We Open Up. Everything goes beyond wrestling because at the end of the day the real miss that happens with this show and with the people that we interview is not about the cut and dry. So how is it that you became an announcer? How we want we want people to hear the real you. If you're not open to talk about it that's fine. We getting no no no no no no no. It's not just that like again like you said like typically people are like so. How did you become an announcer you? So we're going on but I think you probably don't remember was you always have your everywhere but I've bumper to bumper too many times and I've always told you I want a conversation with you. Not Larry Legend to ring announcer. I want you and this is what we're just enjoying right now. Because at the end of the day you know this is what we does the legacy that we live with and yeah when the mice go off and the oldest whatever the case may be and. I don't WanNa have to have. This whole process is low because of what the society is going on right now. It's like no. We've always wanted to hear the wrestlers the announcers the manager is the promoters and I wanted Larry Legend to be a guy. That's always been the guy who's pulled back on on his shit. This is what I wanted to have for us here and one big thing for me that I need to access. If you don't mind no hot dogs Burgers what's yours? How burgers. What's your favorite? Yeah you want to know you're talking to lower you remember Sir right now. Okay remember Larry. I like American. Mercer is a Burger Guy not achieved not a cheeseburger guy but definitely a burger guy. I like I like on Nice pair of Bun. Okay now Larry Larry Larry Legend okay. The emcee and host of many like various orting events around the country loves a nice juicy plump. Hot Dog and I have a lot of fun letting people know that I enjoyed that both of all but they both have fun. They both have different burgers around burgers are well. I'm I'm saying like it's Kinda like you asking me if I'm an ass man. I've got a like that. There's a wise like a definitely about a pair of on a pair of fun. Not just like the hot dog along the base circular. What's that type of thing out there too? I love you I swear in love you. You fucking compensation had in my life. This is awesome. You fucking amazing. When did you know that did you? Did you take Theater courses in school. Because I'm a guy I if you can't tell I've been very very prolific. What do I speak did you? D- absolutely yeah. I was so although I was in Catholic school. And you know you asked me earlier if I were like as Rhumba Grim bunks around the house. I was not but I wasn't school and I got into a lot of trouble in school and I went to a couple of different psychiatrist. Actually and one of the psychiatrists said to my mom You know like with Boisterous as he ended. And it's presentational at the as maybe you should think about getting him involved in like theater where he's gotta learn lines and like say like do all this like it's like he gets a show like he gets his own show where people are paying to see him and you know my mom with like well. He's really terror. So we tried it and I just took to it. Naturally I went to a Oldest African American theater in the country. It's called the arena players. It's in Baltimore and they have exactly what that is. Yeah Yeah they ever theater program and Shortly after my lost my grandmother was started at the sixth grade so it must have been around like eleven twelve My mom got involved in local community theater and that is what actually rescued me from. Catholic school because In Sixth Grade I was in Catholic school. I sold a lot to say but you know really didn't know you know didn't have voice kind because I didn't know who I was but by doing the community theater liking it being into the costumes learning lines and all of that. That's what led me to go to a performing arts high school and that's Kinda got me out of Catholic school because I was going to go to a Catholic school and if I went you wouldn't be talking to me right now. Probably be the coach of a football team or something with a wife. Three kids or something. Because you know that's just you know the blend blend into your environment. I had done a lot of blending first to eighth grade and Catholic school with. Luckily I got to high school where it was like. No you don't have to be back. Could be this or it could be or you can be this. You know like so we know for me I was. I was since early age. I gravitated being the I guess you say the spotlight of Bradley the household and I needed my mic suppression. I had to get it out somewhere. Another Day gave it to me that way and in high school was my my escape because I was able to do a lot of things that I'd never was able to do in my everyday life. I did plays whatever the case We. What was it that you realize that? I'm not GonNa hit the ring to be a wrestler. I couldn't I could take the talent or the education that I got from school to forbid a ring announcer or commentator something later when we realize that so that happened. That happened in college and it happened because I couldn't afford to go back. I was Undergrad. White you Studying Drama Department Tisch School of the arts Classic Ninety Nine. You know that's what I I moved to. New York was in ninety nine but It was there that kind of like broke it down to all of us and they were like. Hey guys you may have come to school to be the next ends on Washington when the next Lawrence led We want to let you know that they teach you to lease drowsy. Bird way of of of of acting. They give you that. No No. It's funny. I did Stella Adler Oh trying to stop this my third. They're Strauss Adler and when I went in for me. They wanted me to do Strasbourg and I was like. Yeah that doesn't fit for me. I don't like this well. The thing about it is is you learned that their oil from one school of thought they all come from one from one school of thought and they're just branches to kind of create the most trump performance You know but no I I did Adler and like okay. So this is what I mean by like they opened my eyes and like Kinda. Let me know that what I thought it was gonna be wasn't really what it was gonna be so first year. Undergrad going dark school one of my first classes ballet and like I'm looking around looking. Listen I'm looking around at all the rest of the actors like guys and girls and I'm like guys. They're saying no shakespeare that he does that. This is something that I don't I have. What are we doing like? And we didn't know it at the time but with Adler with teaching us like how to see through other parts of her performance by like so like right. Now you know you maybe want to just be an actor but maybe what you're really what really is. Your passion is the move blocking like how to move around the state or doing a character with like a wimp or something like that. It's like living that reality or in some cases like me. Maybe the part of packing that really moves you. Is the voice like doing different voices in like kind of being a narrator of play as opposed to like the the star actor of it like you know so you know they really just said like guys. Don't don't sell yourself short because there may be something that you have. It's truly your passion that you haven't found yet and it's funny because people always say that just because you're not in the front lights of the stage. It's it's doesn't mean that you're not the better player behind the lights. You know what I'm saying and people always lose themselves thinking that you need to be on the front the front lights of everything but you know that is that we level things. We're leveling a level type of people so like one person may aspire to be you know because he's on the poster against Brockway Russell Beatty. That's their dream. But like there's another guy that's really critical to Roman reigns even doing anything that guy's name as she ever Johnston the guy who's like made all of that like us it over the years that we listened to on this think. That's it but you know what I like you. You don't have tried to say whatever that I know is of your favorite song. That wrestler came out to that Major. Jump up on your feet and start screaming before the rest of the you've been bathed one step out onto the stage screaming and going crazy. I heard the glass shatter that guy to me. It's like a legend. He's bigger than alleged. He's an icon and most people would never even know what he looked. Like if you walked right up to anybody He's one of the you know the magicians behind the theme. That's what I call them. And that's kind of like you know I I would say in the same wicked Gino for landing or want to check it out of the wrestling Realm like Dick Clark like think about how much of a Master Clark was it. Bob Barker like all these hosts that could effortlessly just host things keep you engaged and use their voice to kind of make you believe so yeah So it was. When I went to when I went to college I turned out. They were like Larry. What you love is rustling in the part of it you love the most is the announcer or the backseat interviewer. Boy Out this fucking school and go do your wrestling thing. And I didn't leave. I dropped out 'cause I couldn't afford it anymore by a suit as I moved out to Baltimore With the intention of saving my money to go back to Nyu I like sound wrestling school You know and it just doing my diet of five at the local mall. I found a wrestling school at just. You know told them who I was and when I wanted to do and how maybe they could help me how they can help me to achieve my goals and my dreams and the rest is history. I went and I did move back to New York but I never went back to school And I think the education that I got 'em. Cw Bone breakers training academy is way more worthy gonNA degree from nyu. You can just tell people you went to. Nyu never ask you to produce the degree to show that you went there will be like. Oh Wow that's nyu we yeah. You can just say it. I've done it before. I've said that I've gotten nyu and it's changed. People's perception of these fuckers don't even know if I'm telling the truth you know but I could say like I went to bone breakers pro wrestling training academy and people will be like why you know again the leveling like oh well an ivy league. Education is way more than you know. Rinky-dink Jim with a ring. Set up in it. You know with axl rotten. You know a god rest his soul drug drug addict. You know trainer but I wouldn't get those those lessons up for the world just as much as I wouldn't get the lessons that I learned at nyu or carbon for the world either. So Larry gotta ask number one moment or favorite maximum even now so far you you've been everywhere in the indie scene. There's gotta be a moment that we will always hold you for the rest of your career. Honestly we're sitting on this. This fucking compensation is awesome. This is going to be probably top three for us. What what is your number one ring announcing moment of of all time. Not Someone I guess I guess I. I guess the first time that I ever did a show at Madison Square Garden like the actual Madison Square Garden. Not The annex theatre. I've done a lot of shows in the annex theatre the Hulu Theater now. I've done like seven or eight shows in the Hulu Theater but one time I was blessed to do like an actual boxing match in the garden. It was just the under part And that was probably like just like just sit standing in the garden looking up at all those like those big screens that they have over top of the rain and you know just thinking I I ate at bed like Michael buffer was like you know. Let's get ready to rumble. He was like doing the main card of the Madison Square Garden Event. And I remember he came up. Tim I got some things that I need to tend to be district out so the gentleman who singing national anthem and like I was like. Wow Michael buffers talking collie he's like talking to me like we're working together and then I was like wait a minute you are working together with Michael Buffer. Sure he's probably GonNa make art guaranteed a whole lot of money that view but my he's talking to you as if you're like his contemporary which. I was and we're in Madison Square Garden. Doing on showtime boxing. You know of that and we were and then. Donald Trump came down behind me with Milan. Yeah this was before. He was in the hall of fame for he was in You know The private hockey but like whole it is it is. It is what it is. I'm GonNa say this real quick and then We TALKED FOR ABOUT THIRTY MINUTES. And smashes calling my name but I just want I just wanted to say about trump and I don't care what anyone says about my opinion and I'm going to start saying this a lot more like as as much as from is almost a buffoon and very clownish in his delivery He had mastered the ability to be able to kind of like rally A crowd around. Whatever that he's saying in like win with his words And bad it's kind of like something that I think like Paul Heyman. Has I think a lot of people. You're have this kind of gift of Gab. Very may have four with the gift of Gab. You're right yeah exactly. And it's like it's like can't not. I don't like him but you can't not like almost beforehand. What are you talking about? Hey this what I'm trying to do with the masses for us to be on the show or people listen. I might see a lot of ridiculous. All my calls might say a lot of ridiculousness but I'm trying to bring you in. That's what it is talking about. And he's got a great job at that and also on another level we are dealing with a pandemic right now. A state of emergency. But I gotTa Tell You with trump in office for all of us to combat sports and wrestling and sort of things of aggression like business is really good with him kind of you know. Wwf back on track W scraping everything is going full steam ahead because I believe the agenda belligerence but he has kind of like instills a fervor of like you can fight and you can win like that doesn't necessarily mean with your fifth but it's like if you need you you've got to fight and you gotTa Win and that is at the heart of like wrestling kickboxing football basketball. So you know policy Dan I know that my life admitted affected negatively to drastically since Donald Trump's president budge. I'll tell you this. My business has been booming for us. That are involved in combat sports with him in office So you know it is what it is like. I don't I don't like any of them. I don't like any other people that are president but I'm not going to be like I dislike. I'm assuming that I I I. I'm not I'm not a partisan kind of individuals I don't really give a shit hole. Says if you you government we'd go for government. It's not like I'm not gonNA vote in for anyone but I do have one thing before I let you go at. What does that's awesome that you spent the time that you did with us and you spilled so much as a matter of fact. I'm I I we're grace is that. I don't think you've shared that much on any podcast that you'd be a work. Well I mean I'm quite come offers at like. Yeah I was like this isn't GonNa take more than ten minutes and I looked at my phone and it's been like a half an hour so we could. We could maybe set up another time where we can lead over one. Another heart too. I was sitting here telling my calls Seattle Home. I got I love him. I need to get him again. I do have to ask this. Fuck happy on the prices. Right okay so when you when you just ask me what. My greatest like announcement was that was like. He's like I wanted to say that it's high between the time that I was on. The price is right and the time but I know but I mean the garden. You know. Watch things there from when I was a kid like created. I watched the straight with those two or like from my grandma. My my aunt. That wasn't really liked by game But I mean what the hell happened? I just Talking one one Dole. Tim Show what what. What is your your this this this guy from a little town of from Baltimore and all of a sudden you get cold up. Was there that they knew you were was legit. That you've got picked randomly okay. So here's the thing I have a buddy that just went on that show. Let's make a deal and my buddy. Before he went on the show he said to me. Larry how do I get up there and I said to him? All you gotTa do is tell a story. And what they do is they do like a pre screening of everybody. That's GonNa be an audience member and when they do that pre-screening it's kind of like you have to consider that like an interview and Basically just like you said as far as like big from a small town you know I told them I'm from Baltimore currently living in the Bronx. It's my mom's birthday we'd never been to La. And I thought. Wow we're out here why not go visit. The price is right. So they're right. There in a nutshell is is made for TV. They want a person who's bringing their mom out to see. The price is right to get up on the stage and win. And that's what I did but the thing about it is. I wouldn't have winner to win the been from my mom because again prices right is not my jammy. I don't really watch that show and I don't really know the price of like fifty one inch plasmas stuff so like I won by basically just looking in the audience and finding my mom and every time that there was something to bid on besides the wheel the wheel. It's just like all random. Every time there was something going on I would look at no one else but my mom and she would tell me you know she would write in the air. One five zero zero. You know that'd be like fifteen hundred dollars through and you know one thing led to another and the next thing you know. I was spinning wheel. You know I think it'd be the woman that was in front of me She's fifty cents and I spend sixty five and I was like okay. I'll day. Yeah yeah I I know what he's talking about that how much. How much did you know totally did you? To showcase showdown right. I want everything the only thing that I did the only thing that I didn't win as the other girl young winner. I didn't win her showcase listening to this after I got back after I got back from. La In the in the show aired. And I didn't even realize this 'cause I've always been terrible at math but one of my coworkers told me they were like Larry. Do you realize you were thirty. Nine Dollars Away. From winning the other girls showcase my might be was was only thirty. Nine dollars right being a double double showcase our song I didn't win everything everything but no I want. I want what I wanted to get up on the stage. I want the game that I play. I've spent the wheel when I wanted. I WANT TO SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN. I WANNA vote. That's fucking awesome. Larry are you still using this boat? Y'All know me well. Let's just taking a winning winning's man listen. Listen hold on. Let me talk for a second just like in that movie. Happy Gilmore learn. The price is not always right. You know Because you know there is no taxation without representation in this country so you have to pay taxes on everything that you win every prize that you went any amount of money that you walk away from the show winning you gotta pay taxes on it so I sold the boat. I sold the boat for like eleven grand to pay the taxes for ten thousand dollars a year from winning all of that stuff. The price is right in and move towards the tireless higher tax bracket if I actually with someone that made that type of money annually because I had to claim So I did. I want a lot of things I wanNA. Tv I want to. I want the I want a lot of things but I also want the I had to pay those pay. California's State Tax New York state tax and Maryland State tax on all my winnings in Queens. Yes I mean you know I mean I got. I got the fact that I'm able to talk about it with your tabloid sue ended up. I mean I mean the TV the TV that we WANNA still here the house. The washer dryer still here at the House I gave up. The fireplace insert to my aunt and uncle and then a lot of things they actually cut me checks for but the Czechs were taxed so it was tax chuck so I WANNA computer That was like seventeen ninety nine so I got like a check for about. I'd say eight forty two for that. It was tax truck for forty two. So that was that was a nice little just like hey I'll take eight hundred and forty two dollars. You know like fuck it. Uh You made a U-TURN U-TURN Shit into pancakes. Third form ended as go one. I liked the Larry. When you get what you search it and pour syrup on it made pancakes your great well. I'll tell you this much I got to go to Kabul San Lucas. And I don't think that I would be able to afford that type of vacation or bad casing out of his seat. Oh Hell Yeah it was. It was like all expenses paid. I was like in the village that George Clooney has a house in. So you know. It really wasn't my people but I had a good time and made the best of it and I got Just pissy drunk every day just like students as soon as the Pool Bar. Odin like a ten. I was like they're drinking like really bad. It was really bad and then by like nude I would go back into my Ron. Go to sleep till I fi- wake up as they go back out. Took a pool bar similar toll. It closed at like Ted. Oh my God I swear to you. I don't think any other podcast would have had this conversation. We had I thank you. We thank you for having this conversation. We've been wanting this for the longest time and you've done ID's for us and you you've been really nice to us but this is A. This is the conversation you'll be looking for for the longest time and I'm grateful that we use done that can you? Can you please? Everybody know what it could get you. What your Social Media Alison were where they could get you out. Oh sure well Let's see I guess on twitter. Just follow B. L. K. L. KP AT BE L. K. Like the abbreviation for black and then L. KP the initials for Larry Kennedy Phillips which was my first name the wrestling industry so be Okay L. K. P. on twitter and Instagram L. A. R. Y. Underscore L. Three G. three and d three. So it's Larry Legend but all the easer threes and there's a three at the end Then On facebook actually just recently got my facebook back as Larry Legend so you can follow me on facebook under Larry Legend and believe it or not. I actually have Larry. Legend is my youtube as well so I kind of kind of really have worked over the past eighteen years. Well I guess I became legend. Ncw So it was like probably pass twelve years. I've worked really hard at like being like. I'm Larry Legend. Even though a lot of people consider Larry Bird of the Boston. Celtics Larry Legend. I don't think that that matters because there have been many pistol. Pete's in there have been many Rick Ross's and like there's something about like a main like a name that actually said board that like what your actual babe as what you what you give so you know like. I've worked really hard at that. So you can find me on most social media's at Larry Legend and if you can't find your straight up Larry budget just replace all the ease with 'cause I'm about the turnbuckle. Tabloid Term Buckled tabloid.

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