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Hurricane Dorian Heads For Bahamas


This message comes from n._p._r. Sponsor xfinity some things are slow like a snail races. Other things are fast like xfinity x. by get get fast speeds. Even when everyone is online working to make wifi simple easy awesome more at xfinity dot com restrictions apply now we're going to turn to the bahamas where they are bracing for hurricane doreen the category four storm is gaining strength and approaching category five status. It's expected to make landfall paul on the north western part of the island's tomorrow and some short-term models predict as much sixty four inches of rain could fall over the northern bahamas once the storm stalls joining us from the bahamas rick lore. He is the general manager of avocado beach resort in marsh harbour. That's on the island of abbott which is in the path of the storm mr north. Thanks so much for joining joining us my pleasure. Could you tell us what the weather is like right now. Currently it's <hes> it's been blue day. I mean we've had some bands of rain. Come come through from time to time but <hes> it's. It's nice day. The water is is calm clouding up a little bit. Do you have any guests at the resort at the moment. Oh yes well. We have some media people and we have some insurance people. We have people locally that that have come in. The resort is as well prepared. Hey for this type of situation because we generators. We have water so should anything disaster happened. We're self sufficient and understand that a number of resorts. I have already closed and i understand that the grand bahama international airport has closed. You were telling me earlier that you've been through a number of storms in the past. You know you're from florida gordon. You've been through some things on on the islands and throughout the caribbean but how how does this one feel in comparison to others that you've been through through if you can if you can kind of try to describe that for me well certainly you watch the speed of the storm how fast the winds dr and the level of rain and water and water surges <hes> but as this is growing and this one here is this is the last time <hes> monitored it was eight miles an hour which is slow so the slower they are the the longer. They're going to last asked in the more rain. You're gonna get and you're going to have a lot more potential damage when that happened. You sound very calm which i appreciate ashamed. You've you've been through these before as you mentioned but for people who haven't <hes> what are you come in that people do at a time like this to prepare sure i mean obviously you i charge up your phone and your devices and <hes> secure your property as best you can but what should they do right now. Honestly water's very important important be patient. <hes> get as much as you can from a standpoint of water because when you don't have water it it is it's critical so fill your bathtubs up <hes> filling jugs up if you've got it go get some fresh water bottled water. <hes> you know get <hes> if you've got <hes> a generator. Make sure you've got your gas. Make sure you've got gas for your vehicles and stay in the house until the storm is it's completely gone. You know think about your neighbor. Think about your fellow man. You know everybody be safe worked together and <hes> <hes> you know working. I would pursue this thing because there's nothing you can do. That was rick laura. He's the general manager of avocado beach resort. That's in marsh harbour on the island of avocado.

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