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The Darin Olien Show Official Trailer 1


My podcast is about having conscious conversations about diving deep into what matters for someone when people get vulnerable in those conversations. Truth comes out what I've gotten a lot better at is being okay with honoring myself my path my purpose. Why Training Your guys? When I can do this telling you that I can make the money. These guys are making with Mike Car Salesman skills because okay. I'm into banking now. I want you to live your greatest life. I want you to kick ass to be fulfilled to be full of passion and to have fun and to be joyful and grateful in your life I also really want to use my life and used the the number that I was drawn to try to inspire or just trying to make the world a little bit of a better place. And you don't do that by accumulating stuff. We've dominated this planet for better or worse because of this curiosity because we left the cave because we will go to the edge. This podcast is important to me to share my truth to share. What inspires me but what I have learned from what I have grown from. All of my guests have got bits and pieces of all of that and I was in the middle of the Liberians or who was a POW for about six weeks until family about it My managed to escape and I quote it out on my hands and knees with softball diamond and I managed to escape over the swift and they never got off the train. Because I thought in my mind I decided that it was a jinx. If you've got off the train and then Max came along my son. Max McGinley's twenty one years old and polling down and I wanted to be in town we all are gonNA get hit with things. We all need to be more aware. Were open to receiving than we become a greater and greater and have the ability to garner the life that we truly desire. This is the Darrell lean show

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