Unsuspecting Friday Orbit: Among Us


One running off. Well come back to the ufo. Show dan hildebrand. Is dan rubenstein. This is the solid ball our friday. Ufo show today the unsuspecting friday orbit daniel. Which will explain in a little bit. Sir how are you. I'm pretty good. I showered cleared the mind feeling feeling focused and centered recording the ufo show. And then that's going to be followed by the bruin. A for the patriots subscribers that can be found at for ballers dot com but really feeling quite good. I don't know what it is but because you came up with this fantastic theme for the ufo show because the questions are really inspiring a bunch inside of my brain for the brunei. Hopefully you're who see that. My i have so much excitement that the pop filter keeps moving girl electricity. Okay so yeah quite excited for this recording sash. Don't forget as dan mentioned for ballers dot com if you're interested in checking out our patriot and all the cool stuff. We're doing over there if you want to listen to and watch the brunet you can do so on the patriot. We're drink beer and go places right. Is that what's happening on the bruin a every week. We're drinking beer and going places and what we do. That is what we do. I've got my soliver pint. Class here which i will brandish proudly yeah same on. I'm going to say about the bruin a is it's a it's a a bigger better more open and thorough tie hildenbrand. It's her. I think that's right. Then you get on here okay. That's all i think. That's right Solid verbal dot com is our website. That's where you can subscribe to the show also the newsletter. You can find it out there All the usual hot-spots right twitter. Facebook instagram got youtube channel. Where we post some of the clips. We obviously post larger ones on the on feed. Why don't we jump into news. The last breaking news drop that we did took a little bit out of the voice. Bobo pay he he. Ah what was carole baskin say. Hey cool cats kittens all you cool cats and kittens for breaking news boop boop so i think we've got what is it fifteen more games that have been cancelled or postponed this as per usual. Now it's just kind of the table stakes. We go out there. We do our preview. Show it drops on a wednesday morning at six. Am eastern and we just sort of expect that along the way there will be announcements. There could be some additional announcements before the end of this recording. But here's what we got. Games have been cancelled or postponed. Ole miss at texas am georgia tech at miami charlotte at marshall texas at kansas. Central arkansas at louisiana. We've got wake forest and duke arizona state at colorado houston at smu navy at sell florida. Ohio at miami ohio. Utah state at wyoming. Uab at you. Tap louisiana monroe at louisiana tech unlv at colorado state and recently michigan state at maryland as mike loxley has reportedly tested positive. One of i believe twenty three positive tests in the past week or two so maryland is certainly not in a good spot with regard to positive testing. Not trying to integrate direction. This will much the case a week. Go hopefully there. Aren't more games that are added onto this list because it's already quite lengthy but You know it's only thursday right now at time a recording so there's plenty of time for things ago sideways in few of the other contests doesn't but yeah last week was fifteen. Where at fifteen right now. Correct that is correct. Yeah okay and so. We've got half of thursday and friday and perhaps into saturday for more. Hopefully the number zero moving forward also notable jt daniels. You may remember that name. He transferred over to georgia from usc. He got hurt last year at. Usc couldn't play transferred over. Got immediate eligibility with georgia. We've been waiting for awhile for him to be cleared medically to actually go out there and play on a saturday and clearly. We've talked a lot about steps and bennett. And dewan mathis and the quarterback and more broadly offensive situation at georgia and jamie newman opting out for sure. Jamie newman right. It's been a bit of a revolving door at the quarterback spot for kirby smart. Jt daniels is going to be getting the start. This saturday evening in sanford stadium against mississippi state so this much awaited arrival of jt daniels is set to begin. We'll have to see if he gives them anything more. The quarterback spot. I think he will. I i know you. And i kind of disagree to what extent we should be excited about what we already know of. Jt daniels at usc. But yeah it's i think a good time for georgia to be able to trot somebody else out there because that quarterback spot in particular as definitely been a bit of a pain point over the last couple of weeks. Yeah and i suppose if he looked incredible in practice after the alabama game before by week before kentucky than we probably would have seen him then an incredible physically and incredible in terms of picking up the offense. I imagine it's more physical than the latter with regard to why we haven't seen him yet with some of steps and bennett struggles. There are four games left. Obviously this year does not count eligibility wise to anybody who doesn't want it to count for them so not a you know a red shirt deal like it would be having those four Four game maximum under his belt. So i am I'm hopeful that they georgia has just reached a point where they are ready to c. j. daniels and he has reached a point physically where you know he. He looks good and ready to close out. These these last four regular season games for the dog so hoping to see a little more spark from this dog offense and speaking of the quarterback position our final news tidbit here. Florida state is likely going to start jordan travis at quarterback against clemson and that's because a purdy had season ending surgery dan so it was on his collarbone he broke it during a preseason scrimmage and aggravated during the game this past saturday against nc state He underwent surgery for the original injury and a apparently was always going to need a foul up procedure to remove a plate and some screws but that surgery was obviously expedited. Because of what went down this past week so sucks that he's not going to be out there but You know to some extent. This was at least an expected procedure for him. If he's the future protect your future no point in him. Gutting something out for the rest of florida state season agree. That is all. I have dan. Do you have anything further. He no. I think that's all that's that's worthwhile to talk about. Perhaps we've left something out but there's always online to to talk about it further so i think we move forward with our game. Unsuspecting friday orbits. Are you familiar with the online game among us. Not before today no. I wasn't among us so today's game is based however loosely on the popular online game among us to fun game cost like five bucks. It's gained a lot of popularity in the age of covid where people are trapped inside and play more virtual games and connecting online than ever before in this game. It's one of those deals where you're all in a space capsule spaceship and one in some cases to of your crewmates have been replaced by parasitic shape. Shifter's daniel Of course their goal is to eliminate the rest of the crew before the ship reaches home. The imposter or postures will sabotage the ship. They'll sneak through vents. Ill deceive frame others to remain anonymous and kill off the crew. Very intentionally intentionally morbid dark here we are. That's true. We are playing a modified version of that. Okay how does it go in our version. I'm going to talk about four ships of college. Football coaches coach on each ship is secretly destroying their respective football program. Not necessarily the others on the ship. It's brotherhood this coaching rank. Okay so this is. It's a squadron of ships and we need to figure out which captain is sabotaging his traitorous his trian treasonous subverting the goals of the ship for his own game to some extent. Yeah except it's not so much a crime against the other coaches on the ship. It's really their respective program. You get the terai. We're so we're figuring out which ship is being subverted. Okay we're figuring out who on each ship is secretly destroying. Their football program are okay. So here's the area. Let's go to ship number one here. The crew members on ship number one. You've got jim harbaugh coach of michigan Just in the foo foo coach. Virginia tech dane holger sin of houston and david cut cliff of whoa. Whoa david cut clip of duke. So i need to figure out or we need to figure out which of these four so jim harbaugh as it relates to michigan just in as it relates virginia tech dana harrison as it relates to houston david cliff as it relates to duke who is working against their own team among these four coach. That is correct. Who is most working against their so. It's not jim harbaugh. Trying to murder. Dana holger sin. I don't think they would get along to you weirdly. Yes weirdly like i think it would be. I think the road trip would start out awkwardly and with a little bit of bitterness at the rest stop. but then they'd be singing like Like chris farley in tommy boy with david spade yeah. That's where i think we're going with this. Okay anyway so are are we each weighing or is it just me no. It's a conversation in okay. It's a conversation so here. Here's the lay the land here. The harbaugh thing is well documented in the national media among michigan media. Certainly among the two of us on this show We haven't talked a whole lot about holson and cut cliff. I think cut cliffs a really tough sell here because it's duke and he's the rest modern coach without a doubt best modern duke coach without a doubt the program has stalled it has stalled and if anything has gone a little bit in the wrong direction but still relatively speaking. I don't think it's a situation. Where what cut cliffs doing is actively bringing duke down. So i think that narrows the field to harbaugh for wednesday and dan the makes sense. Yeah they go. What five and seven last year. They're not playing well at the moment. But before that seven. Six eight five to ten win season twenty thirteen nine eight. So they're like these are including bulls. So yeah i could see why you would think it's headed in the wrong direction. But it's still could still duke of the remaining three whose actions as head coach are most actively bringing down their program so. I don't think jim harbaugh is intentional. Like i don't think. I mean i don't think anybody's intentionally really but you know if there is a crime with jim harbaugh. It's a crime of passion. He loves michigan. Football too much to to to let it go to the hands of anybody else. So he's destroying it from within. I don't think it's har-. I don't think it's went to. I think it's all grison. I think the whole redshirt debacle last year. Where after the slow start in the injuries and the transfer like i think that decision and we saw reports of a chasm. I think between dana in the players pretty quickly there were reports. I think from a coupla offensive linemen. I think that would be the move right there. I think if i were to put this game on any of these coaches right now. I have it on dana. Holger sohn that he is a captain without a plan. And that's that's actively working to disrupt the the the well being his ship. How do we feel about so. I agree with you. That holger says probably the answer here. How do we feel about wednesday. We haven't talked a whole lot about virginia tech this year. Because now it's been a weird year there. What four and four now overall for as first season was ten and four overall one coastal on the belt ball seemed like things were going in a good direction. But since then it's been kind of a slow drip nine for the next year second in the coastal lost the ball game twenty six and seven overall third in the coastal lost the ball game last year. Eight and five second in the coastal lost the belt ball. Yup who knows what we make of this year. Who knows where they finish in the acc as a whole right. I mean to some extent we throw all the records out literally the window. Have to twenty. But you know there's a lot of discontent i think in the virginia tech universe because it's tough to follow alleged. It's tough to follow up frank beamer. Who had a ton of success in blacksburg for so long and outside of hand in hooker i. i know. I've compared virginia tech bit to kind of like the northeastern t. c. There's there's kind of that feel of inconsistency and treading water there. He sure it is it fair to even put for wednesday on this ship. Sure with the direction of the defense. Which i think is improving and will improve. But of course keeps bud foster on and so there's the continuity thing and i don't know if it fully became his program until bud foster retired so yes the answer is yes because of the losses the way the spectacular ways in which virginia tech loses that preparation. Those end game adjustments those in game decisions losing by liberty to three point game the lose by miami. It's a one point game The north carolina game was wild. Anyway they came back and then. North carolina had to score a bunch of points other than north carolina game. They're win expectancy was in the positive for the other three losses. They should have beaten wake. They should have been liberty and they should have beaten miami and so the end game element of just day on this list. Actually make some sense all right so our answer then is going to be dana. Holger show dana hall grayson. Yep all morbid. It's just the slow drumbeat of horror. Dana hoeger sohn on ship one. We've got somebody beating the the parasite with a metal scientific instruments. No i think that was the parasite murdering one of the non parasites with some instrument. Wow okay all right. P. clayton to and i guess look. We're all big boys here in a cast for big boys and twenty twenty. It's dark year okay. I don't care what you're into doesn't matter. It's all dark. Okay charles steer into it shipped to gus malzahn from auburn scott frost of nebraska kevin someone arizona and gary patterson of tcu. This is a very tough ship. Very tough to try and figure out dan. Which of these coaches again is either on purpose. I hope not on purpose or yeah not on purpose bringing down their program more than the others any thoughts. I'm not sure. Kevin someone's heart is in it enough to give the effort to thoroughly take down arizona. That's a guess from afar. I don't know you have to be motivated. Parasite right have to have some motivation here. The interesting question to me is not which of these coaches is actively trying to subvert their program and is that militaristic murderous parasite from within. But these coaches. Gus malzahn scott frost. Gary patterson is doing the most damage to the mental health and wellbeing of their team's fan bases. Okay this look. This is opened my vacation open to interpretation. Then that's where. I'd like to go to accuse somebody of mutinous behavior is that's heavy even for twenty twenty even even if it's by accident that's true right like we're just talking about not people who wish to do harm to their programs with people who are doing harm without knowing it so between gary patterson and the almost no offensive evolution in momentum. Forward these past few years. Scott frost who with now years and years into his tenure. What we're three years. And now and doesn't seem all that different and ways that they've lost. Nebraska have been both spectacular and heartbreaking. Because it's been the last second and also just not competitive at all And then gus malzahn just anytime you think auburn's really good. They just look awful and vice versa. I'm going to say gus malzahn. I'm going to say gusts because the hope that auburn gives its fan base at multiple times. These past few years iron bowl wins. Nfl draft picks recruiting classes there on a level that nebraska. And tcu are. Not so. i'm going to say what gus malzahn has done. In weaponising hope is ultimately ultimately the most violent emotional harm. Anybody has done to a fan base of these three coaches. I think thousands got the answer. I think it's i think it's it's gotta be the answer when i look at these four. I said it's gotta be on. I don't know how like you can't blame. Scott frost scott frost starting from a different point and I do believe that if given enough time he can build it up but it it's gonna take some time it's gonna take some time. Kevin someone walk kevin. Someone does not feel all that different to me at arizona. Then he did at a and better players am right hired some of the same assistance. Some of the same assistance now feels basically like the exact same like outcome here. And so if that's not long for tucson that would compute for me. But i just think it is who he is. He's not doing anything different. And you signed up for it. It is new getting the gary patterson angles interesting patterson if you've seen him on any of the espn film room broadcasts during the national championship is easily a football savant. He's fallen he dominates him. He doesn't shut up but he knows what he's talking about. Music great watch yeah. It's a great watch if anything. He's he's a little intimidating just as a football presence when he's on those broadcasts sedan much but it does feel like we've gotten to a point with t. c. you where perhaps that virginia tax slash. Tcu comparison holds because there is a. There's a treading water type of feel to this program especially on offense especially on offense. Max dougan has been a bit of a revelation. It's just been kind of disappointing that they haven't really been able to build up a whole lot around him. Defense is solid but you do have to wonder a little bit. If there's some sort of stubbornness or some sort equality there that is preventing them from getting to the next level offensively. Even though presumably they've they've tried to get the band back together on offense right with their hiring and they're trying to really get this thing going. It just hasn't quite materialized. So i think you could make a case for patterson but i think the malzahn answer is just too compelling especially if you wanna frame it as someone who's trying to do harm to fan pace either intentionally or not the the whole will. They won't. They complex of auburn being good year in and year out is frustrating for us. Frankly as like podcast hosts not even sherbourne fans per se so Eventually one of these days that ride will be over for malzahn. It will probably be when you least expect it. Because he's been here before. I know we've talked about it at nauseam about this is going to be at for malzahn and it doesn't seem like it ever is so one of these days it'll will catch up to him. It just hasn't yet and probably won't twenty twenty. Yeah i think that. The patterson thing is more just. The ship needs repairs. We engineers to look at the thrusters. What should we do is like. I got it. I know what's going on here. And he's not very good at diagnosing offensive issues and finding the engineers and mechanics to diagnose everything on the ship. And that's that's the problem our answer here. Then gus malzahn right. Gus malzahn absolutely asked weaponising. It's dark that's quite the sound effect. Isn't it really cuts cuts pretty tight ship. It number three Klay hilton usc. David shaw stanford mike leach new hire at mississippi state cher dave doran at nc state so we go number of different directions here but who's doing harm to their program without knowing it who is doing harm to the fan base without knowing it. Maybe without trying. There are a couple names on this list. That i think are are compelling so the mike leach one i think is somewhat obvious because whenever leeches at a place for an extended period of time it seems he wears out his welcome whereas welcome happened at texas terror. Obviously attack happened to bid at zoo. The early going in starkville has not been great but no to sail the early early going with amazing the early going the first week. Yeah incredible but since then left a little bit that'd be desired. Just got awful. Yeah the clay. The answer i think is is one that look if you read the description for the show. If you've listened to the first two ships he knew klay help is coming. We're going to talk more about klay. hilton right. Let's talk about david shaw though. Let's talk about david. Shaw stanford has very notably taken a step back in very notably taking a step back. Is that because of shaw. Is that because of talent is because shaw not getting the right talent or the right coaches what what is going on at stanford. How much of that do we place on. Shaw a bunch of transfers this year. A bunch of seniors transferred out. I think because they didn't get into grad school at stanford. I think things shifted in the way that admissions worked there so their depth has taken a hit. They've missed on a couple. Quarterbacks basically since kevin hogan and well regarded highly recruited quarterbacks four or five star guys and defensively. The talent hasn't been there like it was seven nine years ago. They have you know this linebackers good or this corners. Really good or this is good. There's nfl level talent on that defense. But it just the depth isn't there and so that's recruiting that's evaluation that's development. That is assistant hires. And so i think. David shaw sorta falls under the the gary patterson element to me where okay still is. Well regarded for good reason. Everybody likes david shaw. He's smarts He is he's thoughtful. He has by and large succeeded at a place. That's pretty difficult to succeed at in stanford as a school as it is as great location weather wise and everything like that as stanford. It's tough it's tough to attract assistance cost of living super high. I get it. But i don't think he is. Don't think he has that switch where what he's doing is so actively working against the program. I wish he would be a little bit more aggressive on offense with playcalling and you're still a far far too conservative for me. In what stanford needs dave door. Nc states having a nice enough year a nice enough bounceback year. I don't love their staff and especially on the offensive side. you know. Hiring is never an excitement for me but has nc state lost to anybody. They shouldn't have this year like given the depths where the wolfpack were last year. I guess maybe you can argue pit with some of the lows of pip. But they lost. Kenny pickett i believe and they lost by a point on the road. They beat virginia. They beat duke. They lose to north carolina. Which fine you give up. Fifty north carolina. A lot of teams are north carolina's better than nc state. I know and see state was at a much better point three four five years ago but even still they had a really an incredible shot to beat miami. They just beat florida state. In retrospect over wake forest looks better than perhaps it did early on. And yes you lose to virginia tech. That's fine. We're talking about losses till at top thirty top forty schools. Nc state is squarely an average to may be above average team in the acc. Yeah and dave dorn for as a saboteur in this situation guess what had he not gotten hurt devon leary probably would have been their their their star quarterback this year he had probably miami. Yeah a pretty impressive. Showing hochman been fine. The early going but hockman has been fine. Yeah he has been fine. So i agree with you. I don't think it's dave doran. I don't think it's david shaw. But let's talk about klay hilton. Klay halton if you go on out to any website that tries to track coaches on the hot seat. You're gonna find clay helton if not at number one at least in the top. Three top five. He just has to be there. Because usc is never void of talent. They've got it there in a fertile part of the country when it comes to recruiting sort of recruits itself. And at least in the early going. I think so. You know better than me. But they've never had trouble getting football players. Go to usc didn't recruit. It took a year off of recruiting itself. Yeah coronado island. It's it's a wonder that we're in twenty twenty talking about klay hilton. This is another guy who was reportedly getting fired a handful of times. It still hasn't don't if it's going happen in two thousand twenty given the climate but it does not feel like he has long for usc. The question i guess would be. Usc twelfth out of twelve in the class of two thousand twenty in the pack twelve twelfth twelve comments to blue chips out of those twelve. The question that i have is is clay helton doing anything more wrong than any of his predecessors like is he worse than the last guy is he doing something that is actively drag this program. I think the anger among usc fans we're gonna look at the fan. Base is more with the administration. Like i don't think people fault. Usc for making the decision to higher clay helton given the success. He had as an interim coach but given the extension. I believe after the rose bowl. Maybe that's wrong. But i'm going to put it out in the universe anyway. I'll look it up as i'm talking and the opportunity. Replace him with somebody. That fans felt would do a better job at usc and the administration not doing that. Be it for financial or otherwise reasons. I don't hold it against clay helton. I think it's more of the like remember somebody tweeting. Cj mccollum to like win win a playoff series before you can talk or something like that right and cj mccollum tweeted back. I mean we love. cj mccollum. He's lehigh right. Yup i'm trying jennifer. I feel like klay hilton is squarely in the. I'm trying jennifer mode. He really is trying. He's just the the clay helton ship doesn't have the thrusters it. It just doesn't so. I'm gonna go with lee chair. I think i'm gonna go with. Yeah the arrogance of leech. The public behavior of leech the sort of self awareness about the mike leach brand above all else about him the disconnect with the mississippi state culture upon arriving in starkville. I'm going to go leach here. don't hold back man. Tell us what you really think. Yeah yeah i think that's an easy one. i think it is too because doren shaw. You see. players just full-on bailing. I'm done full. I'm bailing. Yeah doren. Shaw and hilton are all trying their best. They're trying their best. And you know. I think in at least two those cases. It's tough place to win the clay helton thing that has been taken on water for a while not to mix our metaphors here being in outer space and all. But you know that's not necessarily news. The leash thing came in and caught a lot of people by surprise when he took that job and obviously caught the sec. By surprise with k j castillo throwing for a record amount of yardage in one and things have really gone sideways. Do hear a giant mower outside. It's that time of the week again. Isn't it that time of the week tied. Absolutely i was. I was so hopeful. I'm ready with song to essentially celebrate. You saying klay hilton. A nice guy. Everybody says claims a nice guy. And you didn't do it now. And i'm so upset because i was ready with a song. Well the thing is dan about klay held on. Everybody says only nice guy you know so we didn't do a fantasy of thing because it's you you you control a fantasy thing about klay health and isn't that it's true all right. Yeah i was ready. Leeches are here. Get the sound of our system have to do. Oh my god it's gonna haunt your dreams brutal the last ship this is. I think the hardest. Tom hermano tom her. I immediately selected. Somebody chip kelly at ucla. Jeremy pruitt at tennessee and dino abors at syracuse dan. I don't think there's an obvious answer here again. Who is either knowingly or unknowingly bringing their own program down knowingly or unknowingly putting their fan base through undo anguish. Who who is your eye drawn to hear. Charles chip kelly really. Why yeah the recruiting thing re. Ucla is not a difficult place to recruit to. Yes there are academic standards but they have long recruited very very well in southern california. I like to make the argument. Though that some southern california talent is wildly overrated for whatever reason just because everybody wants southern california players to be really good where the culture of high school football isn't necessarily robust enough to produce as much blue chip talent as people perceive it to produce. I think what tom. Herman has attempted to do. Is hires have not always been on point you. We've talked about back meyer syndrome. I i think he is turning over. Every rock i think he really is trying think his actions point to something. So egregious wrong. It doesn't look like it's fully working out that the his decisions haven't worked out. Same with jeremy pruitt. Although the recruiting is there some of the improvement is obvious some of it and just look at twenty twenty s hobbyists but near the defense. Isn't the problem in tennessee. Largely they've got guys on defense. They recruited the offensive line. Pretty well dino babar's that's just a tough job. He did a good job with the players he inherited. I mean the quarterback injuries have been brutal. The offensive line. Injuries have been brutal. And you know. I don't know if there's a reason that we can point to so many injuries and so much dumb luck with syracuse. But i don't think it's babies. I think he's a totally good coach. I don't know if he's worth having a conversation about as an upper power five level candidate like he has been these past couple of years. But i think he's fine chip though with the recruiting. He's done at ucla. I i'm a huge fan of building. Hope around a guy who is on his way down and like it or not the reality is you go up to philly. Then things go downhill at in philly. Go to san francisco. It was just not gonna work out in san francisco. He's only there for a year the ownership and he apparently didn't get along and so he takes a year off and was like well. I like the west coast. Ucla as you can. You can bring talent there in the pac. Twelve is pretty winnable and i think he is. It appears to be and listen. Nobody loves the heights. Charles chip kelly. More than i but his tenure at ucla points to. I don't know if it's arrogance. I don't know if it's just a a stubbornness of like this is how i succeeded at oregon. This hi will succeed at ucla and to not recruit on a level fitting of the bruins and expecting to To outperform the talent you bring in. I don't know it. It just strikes me as working against the program and working against the ceiling of the program which jim mora was totally good coach at his best. Ucla was a competitive team. Ucla filled it some. You know some years. It was an incredible defense. Some years it was i remember those paul perkins offenses brett. Hundley i just. Ucla should always be an eight. Ish win caliber team. And they're just not and they. They haven't looked anywhere near it years years. Now into chip. Kelly's tenure there counterpoint counterpoint. Tom herman okay. Give me answer for herman. I don't know if i have any answers on the ship. I don't know if any of them are well. If you're firing to coordinators the same year that's on you that you hired coordinators. That were not were both not working out and both not taking the program in a direction That matches your vision. If you truly want to pivot and talk about the effect on fan base. The herman angle is interesting to me. You know like i think. If you look at there's not really a fan base angle there with syracuse. There are syracuse people who listen to this show but the texas fan base is much more notable. The jeremy pruitt angle is interesting. I think there's a recognition among the vol's base that There's deficiency at quarterback that they need to solve they haven't yet but it does feel like the talent has gotten better in the team as a whole depth and whatnot is. It's getting their chip kelly. Ucla that fan base. You could tell me probably better than anyone about the ucla fan base. I don't know if it's quite as hungry for national championship or even a nine win season as they are in texas. I think they're hungry for competence. That's at this point. Yeah the tom herman thing. Though like the whole is texas back question. It is of course a stupid joke at this point and gray overplayed but to your point about ucla like they should at least be a eight win program should at least be competent court. Assigns in a time where usc is down. It does feel like texas should begin a lot more out of this program and it's felt that way for a while but think of the hype that followed tom. Herman to university of texas. At austin. sure it'd be that lsu formula. Yeah and there's no doubt there's no doubt in my mind that he has gotten them up for big games. He's a big game coach. Tom harmon and he's been on this show we love. Tom hermit the smart dude. He's a good coach. He's a nice guy but it feels to me like there's there's a lot of meat left on that bone and if you're a texas fan if you're watching this team week in week out if you are feeling like the talent is there to try and is better and potentially win the big twelve. Get a chance into that playoff. Like i understand coming away very unsatisfied and a bit aggravated by that. Even if he generally like tom. Herman so i think there is a case to be made for him over chip kelly. Because i know that the fan base is just. It has much higher expectations. Let's say than they do at ucla. Well here's the other thing with texas right there near four now. This is a very different year for everybody i. It's not an excuse but it's just a reality right. It's different for everybody. Penn state in a normal year probably doesn't look like this right michigan in normally. You're probably doesn't look like this now. It speaks to their ability to push through adversity and obstacles. And things like that and it's not a great look for schools like that. There's just i don't know if you have friends like this old wife. Kate has friends like this. Where there's just there's always something like. Hey do you wanna meet up for lunch and like well. Yes there's always something. There's always something texas playing against texas tech a pretty flawed team in year. Two of a new coach sixty three to fifty six last year. You're playing against the kansas team. An awful awful kansas team and they fired their offense coordinator they make an analyst their new coordinator i believe that was the order of succession and they sixty two fifty nine fifty nine fifty seven. The oklahoma game goes jillian overtime and they lose so like they're giving people hope that they're on oklahoma's level and They play oklahoma. State may terrible but they win a clunker against a good team really have the ability to win our. There's always something. It's always something with texas. And i know if it's recruiting thing. I don't know if it's a culture thing. I don't if it's coordinator and assistant a malays a game. Planning a treating their five star players like celebrities. Whatever it is always something. Texas can't just go ten to and beat everybody they should and maybe everybody they should comfortably and lose two teams that are slightly better can do it always something tie. That's the case for tom. Herman to me in year four. He doesn't have them at least to that point where they're just outclassed but they beat everybody they should i think. I think the answer is still chip kelly okay. My case is more convincing their that in in terms of this game in terms of this game i think the answer is still chip kelly. But this is hard for me. This is a tough one for me. i i really wavered between herman kelly but we'll go still don't fully understand. The game is going going from gut here if we put chip kelly mike leach. Gus malzahn and dana on the ship. Who is who is the chief among all my god. Those champions league parasite yeah so who is sabotaging who's subverting. Oh man from a leadership position. We're asking who either voluntarily or involuntarily is doing the most harm the program that they are at how or with your new twist put the fan base through anguish. So hard about that. Yeah i i mean gusts still. He's still doing more good than the others right. Dana at houston. Mike lee to mississippi state chip kelly at ucla. Us far more. Good for auburn. He's taken them to what A national championship. He's taking his one the sec. He's beaten alabama multiple times. He had was the coach of the most memorable play in recent than modern college football history and the kick sex the offensive coordinator on the camp team. So there's goodwill they gotta be leash right. I think it's late. It's gotta be leach because he's just getting started. He's just getting started. Oh which we have seen coaches wait for us plant. Oh god goes through you. We've seen coaches star off disastrously as they tried to shift the direction of a program perhaps schematically culturally whatever so. It wouldn't surprise if as mike leach got more of his own guys made you know shifts with the assistance or whatever that mississippi state become a threat in the sec. Your one was always rocky. All anybody predicted to this extent. But it's a tough year one for anybody given the circumstances and it's called ride to a wild ride after that week. One experience to kind of end out that thing too though. Yeah i mean. We've we've reevaluated. Lsu is as a as a team and as a program right now. So let's see texas tech his first year and they were in a better place i believe when he took over in two thousand seven six Washington state absolutely in the dumps. They go three and nine one and eight in the then. Pac twelve was packed hall by twenty twelve. That was the first year. I believe of it. one in these are pac twelve records so he's almost in a bell curve like parasitic place. One eight four and five two and seven spacious but showing some some feist some improvement six three seven into six and three seven and two holy. Hell what a stretch twenty fifteen to twenty eighteen. Twenty nineteen three and six so you know bringing in jc quarterback after jc quarterback. With what anthony gordon. And who's the quarterback for the jaguars. Now that was their nash garbage. Do yeah yeah. So that's never a great sign where you're not developing quarterbacks and you're relying on j. c. guys year after year and so yeah starting out it could be the bottom of the bell curve but it feels like there's going to be a curve mississippi state one way or the other. It's just one more time. Just really drive home. Oh which of these teams okay. So let's stick with my slight pivot so of all these. What sixteen teams. Yup do you think is the absolute worst fan experience in terms of. I'm a fan of ex team. And they do nothing but haunt my dreams whether it's giving me hope and then tearing it down or just beating me down to such an emotional low point that i no longer can feel things. And it's got to be nebraska. You think scott. The scott frost relationship to nebraska fans. I don't most brutal i'm not. I'm not even counting scott frost in that equation. I'm just saying that. The combination of and we see with like notre dame a good example. Right now a traditional blueblood tell a lot of success over the years the game to some extent has kind of moved at a faster pace than the institution could keep up with. And for a long time with notre dame. It was the same deal where the expectations did not change. But the game around the program did but now that they've admitted that their independence is no longer a defining factor of their program. Well they've taken steps forty of closed the gap. They've closed the gap and they've taken the you're right they've taken great steps forward and nebraska to me. Feels like they are in that. They're kind of trapped in that limbo state where the expectations are still there. Maybe not quite to the same extent as they were at notre dame but they're still there and the program is constantly trying to figure out ways to play catch up and a lot of that pressure now is on scott frost to deliver. I hope he gets time to do so. Because i believe he is the right guy for the job. If given the opportunity given enough time to. But i can imagine being a fan of that program and just kind of constantly wondering. When is it going to happen. When is it going to happen. Is this year that we see some progress that we can build on to take that next step to get there so for me. I think it's the brassica. You can make a case for virginia tech as well. I don't know if expectations at tech are are ever going to be as high as they would be at. A place like a nebraska. Virginia tech hasn't been that good in a long time. It's been a while right. It's been a long time. Yeah so you could make the case. But i think it's to a much lesser degree. Okay so the the coaches who have teased. Though that have teased their fan bases with recent enough success. See have tom herman in the sugar bowl with texas right. They're like oh. My god ascended to this level. Where a new year six program. We'd beat this blueblood and georgia fellow blueblood in georgia and we have turned a corner it seems like since that moment it has been nothing but pain as a texas fan though. They did make what the big twelve championship game like. They're you know they're they're performing well enough at times. But they're lows are so even their wins in those lows always something factor as brutal as a fanti. You know this. I would say the gus malzahn experience has been trying for sure really really trying. I think it's probably worse to be a tcu fan than an auburn fan. Considering that tcu was right there on the edge of the playoff they win the rosebowl. Twenty twenty ten there that mazing. I think two thousand fourteen season with trevan boykin. And they're right there they lose sixty one fifty eight to baylor that changes the calculus of everything. Then there's just this hunt to recapture right that these this failed dog the bounty hunter character. In fort worth that they're always hunting to recapture and that is maddening to me that they were so crazy razor-thin close to to symbolically making that leap whereas the nebraska experience was always. I mean it was fine during the bow. Paulina volatile during bo pollini. But i don't think scott. Frost has done anything other than be outside expectations to do too much harm. It's been rough. it's rough. don't get me wrong. it's definitely rough arizona. I don't think qualifies. Us's tough because they had that blip with the rose bowl the 2017 team. Sam darnold but they've largely not been consistently good for over a decade a lane kiffin season and that sort of nc state. I don't think qualifies air. They're down but they don't qualify. Ucla doesn't qualify tennessee. Experience interested in tennessee. Experience has been it has to have been awful I don't know that they've had the hope i mean. They've had the off season hope but they haven't had the in season winning hope having don't all the sudden trounce florida beat alabama and like okay. We've broken through. And then that have them have it ripped from them. So i think they're close to being in that category but i think it's more texas in michigan. Yeah i think i'm with you. Dan i really do. I think it's sexist michigan. Maybe a dash of tcu a dash of powdered frog. I hear you. I still think go nebraska cut. I hear you isn't a brass carr's best recent win the loss to ohio state. Two years ago in might be like. Hey look i mean if you look at any article like longer article about nebraska's offense and asia martinez who was just bench. It's man look at look. At that spark. He had that that stretch of games in the back. Half of two thousand eighteen really gave ohio state everything they could handle the best recent win weird game today dan. I loved it. I loved every second. Thank you weigh in solid verbal at g. Mail dot com. Don't forget to give us a call as you're watching the games here in week. Twelve four wait verbal one is river blind. Four eight three seven two two five one we will cut those up on sunday and play them as part of our re verbs segment dan. We're gonna hit the stop button now. And they were going to do are. I've got a beer next to me. That will put hair on your chest. I don't think he could animals mirror. I definitely couldn't now with that description. Absolutely not so with that being said. I think this is where we wanna find a do wish everyone well for the weekend stay safe and by all means stay solid piece.

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