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Cool FAB-Racing 2019 - Round 1 Llandow Saturday Quali


Kings dominion is the home of twisted timbers the amazing roller coaster that gives you the airtime of wood while soaring on steal this amazing. Hybrid combines the best of both styles for hair-raising drops high flying roles and scream and do seem spins all the thrills. You can handle had been used in the one amazing ride. Twisted timbers, visit early and save with tickets as low as thirty nine ninety nine through June thirtieth only at kings, dominion dot com. Franklin. Dow Beth is twenty nineteen bracing British mini, bikes shifts. Hello and welcome to cleanse. Ow. In south sunny Wales. We are here for the first round of the twenty nineteen fabrics, British mini bikes championship. And we got live radio coverage. Of every single race this season live online at racing dot com. Hopefully, live on the fabricating social media channels as well on the Facebook and on Twitter to come and also on motorsport radio as well, which you can hear exclusively live on dusk radio. Live radio streaming in twenty nineteen. Wow. What a season we've got ahead because coming off the back of many many successful ride is moving up the categories all over. Your up heading into onto the world stage, the lights of max coke charleena's bit who is back in sedately this weekend racing and many many other notable big names like Scott reading made his name in this paddock. And also Danny Ken, Tulsa raced here as well. So there's already being such a massively high pedigree of big names and big stars. And we are going to listen to the future. Big names. A big styles who will be dominating BSP and Mosul GP and probably the next few years to ten years. I would say because hilltop bracing as. Official partner series. So the British superbike championship and is also on the road to Moto GP. So there are lots of very influential people potentially tuning in to a live radio stream this weekend Dan throughout the season. And how do we know that well because all of three previous governments for this championship have gone on to work for major will championships. So you are in the right place to hear who is doing. What's? In the future of motorcycle racing in the UK and across the world. My name is less STA. And we have a brand new commentary team for twenty nineteen. We have Chris McCarthy at some rows. We have Ed hawk note as well. Full some rounds. We've got fellow bike racer who will become and taking on lighter. Blake ansell. He was out on track house, we speak at the moment. Doing his his first extreme two hundred qualifying. And also joining us in the country for the first time in two thousand nineteen fresh from Scotland and making his commentary debut. It is Liam Hodgson's. Hello. And welcome to Wales. Leeann ella. Lest esprit to be sunny wills Colombo at says. Yes, Drew's nice, warm, sunny D, the ritzy as shaping up to be absolutely incredible. I cannot wait for it to get started. As you said, we have the coal 'find one two hundreds at the moment, and we have charleena's we noise racing in the wall seat there. The fastest lap. At the moment. We have our very own Blick Astle. They're looking quite good as well. So it's time further down the order. So. Be a plus walks ping a lot of attention to because we have great rates have racers that are already doing will Noel teen, and we have future racers at possibly Dietrich data's will excise in isn't to to be at the start of another season. It's like back to school many people in this already have had bits of racing experience. So far this season as many people went over to Spain to do a little bit of racing in the sun. And why not even if that was just an excuse to go over and. And not how jolly book let's say professionally prepare for their racing season unwind not in days. So on track at the moment, the qualifying one session for the extreme to hundreds and then coming out on qualifying next is the mini at one side cars now just to explain if you've never tuned into fabric in live event before all the categories all nine categories get two rounds of qualifying currently approaching the end of the first qualifying run and the qualifying two sessions begin after the side 'cause which is the next session, actually, then we'll probably go for lunch at some point in combat from lunch, and then the finish off with the the remaining qualifying two sessions before getting underway with our scheduled races, which are scheduled to begin say provisionally stereo, depending on what happens on track. By red flags and delays rain, the fault of fog, even vogue, actually, the lead us alot. But this morning, we're run outta love it behind. Nobody two months, but we're catching up we're catching up dinner base to catch up on the fab during a fantastic job of making that type workout. Yes. Certainly is. And yeah, schedule races. I scheduled race base at two forty pm this afternoon. And that should take his right up to the end of racing which may or may not be at roughly about five twenty again, very of Pennsylvania times at the moment. So do not be surprised if those times fluctuate, we will for the benefit of the people in the paddock we will give you up to date with the most up to date times if we are running behind late, and certainly that's a more important since we actually have one of the writers, commentating and sure he probably blame us Liam. This is one of these races enough. We just had them up into copuntries bulk ten minutes ago, I chips and cheese at saw the rest of the raiders protein chips in. The the goal faster cheddar cheese as you look you look at the window in only Lovie obese. Radolph to has Hedrix so OJ's qualifying session is track at the moment. Shift hundreds. And one of who was looking at the moment. So Charlie Nesbitt as fast the moment on a forty seven point sex. He as half a second. Yes, I feel half a second second place as Richard Holmes Williams. We have Reggie Turner and thirteen session full by Josh and grim and fourth Brandon Herro full fact possession math year bowl sober and sang bliss com. Harris and seventh and eighth. We have Harry. Jamie king is next up and and Blick until as Renault, and we will be hearing from allow thrown is running one hundred twenty number bakery. He's intent place Phillies, relevant ceelo load-ins and twelve Liam Fairbrother. We haven't place, Sean, whatsoever and forty and we have in Jackson and festive possession butts and Lester if I go to go some to try and catch that that quick cats. Charleena's behoove, we've seen coil over the last years and racing and the world in the moment. Yeah. Definitely. And charlie. Now, I have to preface anything that we we mentioned our credit lapse of charleena's bit too because Charlie in the past has been a let's say notorious in this particular championship fall starting at the back of grid sin confusing commentators. And I think in practice previous session didn't actually go out. With with a transponder. So all somebody else went out with with the with the trans Hondo. Some I don't know if but it might be charleena's on track at the moment. A certainly the transponder is saying charleena's is be one at the moment. First qualifying session. So yeah, we the Charlie and check and flag as outs on the first qualifying for the extreme to hundreds. And there is Nesbitt who is in the lead by just over half a second and quite a gap between. Second and third Richard Holmes Williams in second half a second behind charleena's bet. And then it's Richy Turner a full at two point six seconds behind Richard Holmes Williams third-place Josh Ingram over the line in fourth place. Brandon peril the yellow peril. Aim fifth-place mafia balls over just out on a finishing his lap. I think he's currently in sick place. Think he's maybe heading toward through the final. Call now. This may be here. Sixth place, Matthew balls over coun- Harris in seventh and Harvey Claridge over the line in eighth place. Blake council in ninth place. Jaime king time Felix Hearn in eleventh Taylor Lawrence in twelve lamb Fabra thirteenth, Sean Whitaker in fourteenth and Ian Jackson in fiftieth place in that qualifying session. So it's good together. I think just the first round of qualifying. And I think for for everybody as well. Just to get the first few sessions under our belt and just solve relax into the season. Not that econo- ever relaxed because it's always hard charging, fast paced, adrenaline fuelled stuff, which is great. But yeah, we we want to get all the early nerves out of the way. I and I'm sure we will be guaranteed. A brilliant set of races of which by the way. If you just joined us for the first time we have three rounds of races. And we will be covering them. All live. Radio strain on our social media channels. There are a lot places we are streaming. So forgive me, if I get any of them, but we are streaming as usual as many people might know from previous seasons on the fabric. Sing Facebook page on tab racing dot com and on motor sports radio and motorsport dot radio. And don't forget the downloadable podcasts on Spotify. Apple and what's Google as well. So yeah. So loads of different places to tune in live, and it is radio coverage. And there's nothing wrong with that. Nor do I say so myself, and so many effort sidecars out on track at the moment, you may be able to hear them and a lot of attention usually paid to the. Fern runner. I'm trying not to jinx put it. Traditionally been a Mick Williams fest in this category. And we were chatting briefly to one of the sidecar riders lasting. He wasn't gonna come out today because he doesn't have the side. I am as earlier today. And he would he saw his head engine this morning starting to say this morning, and what I shall happen. What the? What is the? So he brought into a risk control today and showed me that is a massive sheer eight of one of the states of the past in. So I think he's definitely called it quits for this weekend. Let's start because he said they convey the passenger, and there was just things going wrong and oversee the engines going today, so we won't be seeing him. But he did say that he may try and come up for the sake. Ursula later on today gives his aides and to Alaska and Harry's. Oh, going to run McWilliams may tem perform let's weekend. It's not all about me Williams, of course, because mic Lee could could on a challenge you haven't yet in qualifying on his second lap at the moment and still early doors in this session. We mitt. Fifty six point nine. Second lap mic Lee. Fifty seven point six second lap. So yeah, there's there now most of the cycle riders. I think chosen to either not go out in practice yesterday on this morning. This is the first time on them, and they do sound fantastic on our trackside, microphones lamb. I love this state megaphones you've sale Lester. They absolutely fantastic say cars are great. I mean have never seen such small Saito's. Many say before they oversleep our favorite small if you can take a more bacon, make many Muto buffet style. That's exactly what you have there. The not the the screamers that we expect to hear from a couple of mar. But if you could describe to anybody use actually, see what we can see and these to tune in described them lame. How would you as a total newbie to alter too many F onside guys? What would you say? They were most like Bill most lake smaller cars. Okay. I would also will also look at Bentley and good old fashioned dodgems. I would say in Cup at like that's a few member that Doges from the mid nineties or something of that the square front in front of. I am must be. Yes. Yes. Tim's when beserk. And. Yeah. If they were taken over by crazy people. No fence. But yeah, there was that was actually a pretty good analogy to be honest as you can. Here riders fly over on the it's not uncommon as well for numbers to reduce joining sessions, so people can popped into the pits. It is still McWilliams though out in front by seven ten dollars. Second first qualifying session here in many FM sidecars category. Make that less than half a tenth half a second. In fact, because Jack Walters has just slammed in a fifty seven point four second lap, which is not bad at all. Okay. Jot Coulter's as actually and using as a gauge as is chasing, Mike Lee, Renzo the moment. And if you can hear say come past the Senate a load in living, and I'll be the number forty four Mike Lee, the bake sense fantastic. Have noticed that are lake as the have go-cart tires on the nose expect in the sort of say Cortazar normally get but just looking beggar all love, a smaller. Gluco tires looks. Pretty quick L is really quite kill at the same time and few people pulling into the pets who've got and Mickley lane receive his. His and fortunately, no is a couple of tents off of what he's done, but we have quarters scraping couple of hundreds of a second. So he's zero point four seven secs of top spot, which is still make Williams and the number twenty six quick rundown of we all looking so far and the many f- say car qualifying one session as McWilliams setting pretty at the top on a fifty seven point three four by Jack Coulter's, who's just nibbling away. Mike Williams laptop and second Mike Lee as an third-place. Mark Parker on the two thirty say car as in fourth. We have Simon over sin and faith Adrian M's and sex, John husker and seventh and eighth possession. Renting out the qualifiers. We have a poll junior quarters. So let's say all the. Kerr action done at the moment. This quick session had their Lester. Sorry. Something. Leicester's having a coughing fit at the moment and the commentary walks. But yeah. We've got to go some to try and catch McWilliams for the rest of the the qualifying sessions today and looking quick topper a half haired quello stories that he has quite goods and many air force acre championship over the past couple of seasons. They defend quite difficult to try and catch him. Don't. He. He's definitely the king. Yes. Certainly books, I suppose the only way from the top down as foes. So it's anybody's anybody's game. They have to stack and trying Williams next session out on track at the moment in these these second qualifying session for many GP seventies. And yeah that just out on the out lap at the moment in the seventies. The the premier class of bracing for those who who aren't in the know many top names often come through this category. At kill fab racing to go on directly or are sometimes already in various BSP categories as well out this at the same time is racing in kill financial. We will say plenty of writers who will be looking pretty good in. And this is literally where they I suppose maintenance step up a spouse. The biggest in the best lighters in this category will be looking directly into maybe over to Spain some people regularly or some how this season with Alexa, Scott writing in the past go over to Spain with had lot Danny Kate as well who's done. It's you may know that some of these writers within the next couple of years. Well, like solve the motorcycle. DSP paddock AMI over to the British talent Cup. And as you said, maybe over to the general championship and spin. So just getting I what teams of joining Garnett's on Beck number fifty seven and for the moment. Only tenth of a second ahead of number eight Alfie Davidson. As a third possession. His name being pumped into four as we get own a Mailer and to an alpha Davidson jumped up second possession nurse oil change at the top of decisions. We'll just let couple of minutes to let play at the moment. Just making that out laps and just coming out of the pits and just. Yeah. But in a decent lap. A few minutes yet. But for now anyway, we want even reduce the second commentator to make his official coming to debut. Please welcome. And he was just out on track. Doing these first qualifying session, Blake and soul. Hello blake. Very well. How's how's they have to say we've got to well, a former bike racer in Liam Hutchings back fire and under current bike racer, and I'm the only non bike racer here. So you guys about the insights on as far as your like how our expert pundits as to this year. Yeah. What is it? Like, I mean, what what were you out on and tell us how it homebuilding? I think usually the first second chicane here on dollars. Right. The most trickiest, isn't it? Dan, we just had someone run off the track at the far stash chicane they're moving on the backup ran across the grass. No problem there whatsoever. I've been back on track and away it goes again. So Steph, aquar-, truck engines and to the chicanes into Blick. Many years runoff, Athens is up into two toys. So what woman says so tricky that part of the circuit, and especially coming through the left chicane is it just because. Tire for so long as it is brief ice Kunar overly you have to go into the corn break time. If you wanna get good speed of wise, you know, you're going to be up and down. You're gonna lose time as it somewhere that you may expect time overtaken Aminu. The second part of is quite tacona to overtake. But oversleep wakes mistake is costing time and overseas can go up the inside. Yup. So I really yes. So we've got some of the Latins coming through the moments on bake one one four we have Eddie share on forty eight point zero fill sanctions on ahead of onum Mailer and second possession only a couple tests for the by all void. We have Jordi garnish on baking fifty seven village jer Campbell having fourth round had coke and FEC possession their teams and session. We have a seventh kale pain fan smart as followed out which has had a change at the top. There. Ryan has moved up to fourth place. And we have up to eighth pushing fence mart journal Tabet hires Hudson. Crosby just jumping up the that. We're getting some fast Latins coming through there who you're looking for a Blake woman and not ocean. Almost a whole second ahead of. Park in office. Lii is economic Goodyear head of racing in Britain. So is definitely want to look out for how do you think? You'll during the break down. Twenty Germany is hard towel oversee physicial testing or anything yet. But. There's definitely some good Reuters. So we just have to see the point in the near future. It would be nice again in overseas, quite tricky. And you don't know who they want will they expect to be there Lil Z they pick a void range of races. You know, different styles are looking for really don't really know. They are looking for. And it's not it's not necessarily just based on times. All who's the quickest? I'll here is the most Holland at what particular moment where you have to go through. Rivers processes spos- is quite its Bill nest, obviously 'cause you wanna get fruit. But there's not really anything you can use Troy overseas. Always do Reuters above the you are as a person. Yeah. Be a lesson to to anybody potentially looking to to make the Cup. A future home of there's a powder dot. It's not necessarily all about how fast you can go about being the around the packet in having a good attitude. Not as important to to be able to get on well with your mechanics, especially as as as. Can sometimes be demonstrated at the top levels. If you don't necessarily get on well with people if you don't. They just crushing back there in in some respects. Yes, I'm trying to be very very polite and not definitely the name any names you represent them as well. Yes. Gory Zito, you you know, you wanna be respectful towards e can be an amazing radio racer group of you don't want to be causing problems in the puck voice. What's gonna get you out? Not does happen from time to time. And yeah. Yes. The best Poon wing say I believe for five races and young riders who wants to make that step up as literally the best place. Probably in the world to to develop the early professionalism get some media-training in when there's there's not the pressure of having a yellow school cameras in your face, for example. So and that also brings an expert Israel anybody in the paddock today wants to come up and have an interview him. Oh than welcome. Or you can days fell to pump to race control. Go upstairs. And and there we are literally open to absolutely anybody at all. So if you feeling a little bit shy, then there's no need to be because it's only us the year MoMA. Even tell us how you'll racing went as well. So maybe from a hat trick of wins. This weekend's air Blake. And you want to tell us all about maybe even how you're going to beat play come on track. Then you can let us know. Come to the country bucks. So the good live radio coverage of Ron Wong? Clammed Dow in South Wales. And we alive on COPA racing dot com. Live on the pricing Facebook page. Hello and welcome live on multiple radio as well. And the check at flag is out for the mini GP seventies. Second qualifying session. Eddie Ochej fastest time at the moment where they fourteen nine points zero six nine seconds, which is almost almost like a second quickest second quickly belly Stu Campbell. That's not bad. No. It's not is again, everyone today's running. We're ring. Really post tons per day is it's just down to the race is quite intense. Fear when you're on the truck people in front of you ambient who knows you don't wanna be news places, but needs to be, you know, full of not crashing because if you crash that could put you out so normally the best ways to destroy stay on the bike. Just looking for a second to sex teeth as covered by one point five seconds, which is really close. And it would be a local wasn't for eighty shave. Here were setting up name tens or front of everyone else. So at looks like we could have some great restaurants, but we just might have AD shave parsing off running away from the the rest of the pack. What's it like Blake to have a full pack of of people and you're at the front. Chasing, you and. Wanting to not be there when you are obviously someone dealing do much extra pressure is is quite low pressure because of the year wanna win us. That's where you race. You know, you want to be successful. But knowing your people beyond you. It out a little bit pressure. Do you feel like you perform better under that pressure? Or do you prefer to chase someone that? I preferred to chase someone down the obviously getting pushed then you're gonna go quicker oversee molar lead to make a mistake. Yeah. Absolutely. So these you say you like people in the patient, but delete you're comfortable at the front nose lap teams with behind chasing you then. Yeah. Yeah. Is obviously it pushes you. So you're gonna go you quickest. So you think you may be able to hunting your matrilineal this weekend? I'm not sure about that. Yes. I don't know. Never know. He may be the one try takes you there. Never know that may be the case this weekend. And so yes, we just had the coughing for the many GP seventy they're quick rundown. Her lips. Aw. And for this as voided covered ADL. She full. Who wrote the now entered Evans, we got to the AC forty I on circuit the woman's very fast, low many, there scribble classes here as can incredible. Yeah. Tells tells a bit more about these particular bikes in this class. I'd say the laptops are pretty quick considering you know, there's no gears. There. Nobody. So that quite easy to get on the cool when you say little bikes, they are the smallest littlest bikes to be on his concern that small they are very very quick volley. Oh, yeah. Definitely way move. We can hear on truck side. That's I mean, certainly when you've got a full grid them. They sound. Very loud. Yeah. They're the right. Oh, barren the for those who can cannot see necessarily what we can see because tune in live on Facebook. Hello. But yeah, these these these are the proper many many bikes and gathering, he writes, you raised in this particular parcel. Yeah. Few years Barth oversleeping easing on starring bugs. And then you go into the match cats, and then you go on from there, really. Well was year performance back. Then. Will oversee you normally at the first year just at the bar progress their front as Reuters of. So what's the difference between the AC forty pro class an AC rookie class? Germany think is just Reuters performance. So there's also the Ricky's we will have the nurses, and they're in over say the more you did they jump at the fossil bet quick look at one one of the writers pulling off just the final corner. Now, the numbers on these bikes are incredibly small. Literally, very very very very small to two small to be able to see from across a race track. I think saw five three so could be petty. And but for the big started again and come back onto tracks. And a second. Known as one seven as seven as Aston din. So that'll baked trouble coming at the final corner. Butts back underway again. Yeah. Couldn't be hitting some fast lap teams next couple of laps. So as get it back on the way. And as an issue may something's gay coming into the final chicane them the kids post chain coming off or something all oversleep is long straight. So you know, you're gonna get Garin right on the boy sewage not reading over too much. But oversleeping you need acceleration. The condo by out. Has to get out right balance. Especially one of these many base because obviously you do have the beg long straight coming at the recorder and to Raymond's at the end of the lap of down to the way, the ROY and it can do like weights and stuff as well. M heavy you are in these classes more difficult for years and tests or the smaller you is Gail easy kinda Lovin more. There's less of you on the bake saying so to speak and do you ever have a high problem when you're back? Not necessarily oversee. Took me a while to get the confidence in the boy. But when I did on that basically price in Europe today, the pro class from the rookies and just looking at a lot of things as locum, then quite the talk we have Clinton Edmunds and for possession at the Moores and only he's just being a taking over at the top by Mason, foster his to hundreds of a second and front of Clinton Edmund as that Samuel Munson has just taken top spot with fifty three point seven three sex lab that sex pundits head of misinforming Clinton Edmonds as for the two hundred and third eaten sparks and fourth possession fan. Wet weather, take we're. We're waiting and at least a Henry McCarthy a carton Saudi as and sex Cameron sue and in seven ribbon Bray next and eighth possession performed very well there, Charlie Huntingford and nine Cawley hottest as intense, possession kitchen pain. We have an eleventh cool petty and twelve Gregg Marshall and thirteenth and the person has our trouble. A couple of minutes ago coming corner Ashton dean and forty possession on the lane one seven bake. So. Coming in here. And we just had Mason four star extent has leads and by the second. He's on a fifty three point nine one. Yeah. What is quite big jump to be on which is good over the 'cause you know, you want you wanna get as much time as you kinda furniture. Overseen I'll give you the best place in the grid. The absolutely so effect these paperback lupton's differences in lump Dame's class are you speaking peoples? Hello more as raider say Galvin practice, representing Alava. It's just about consistency. You can keep that up times. You know, the most consistent for the race is going to be the one to like pull for so fill up into many, banks and overstay and momentum as key. As much momentum dealers. If you get if you're an scrap, and is a quite long, or is it quite at this year on the concentrate along on oversee dot is very tiring. The end of the day, you know, when you're going as well, it's just sometimes it can get the best of you. But you've got to keep your in the game. You'll be fun. Now, the good thing. So far, I'm doing Jiang Santon so far. We've I am. I should say been incident free jank's. Yes. I would say the worst thing guys say and hopefully hopefully now wearing last ghost of Mr. jinx who Giles. Literally AB. Full of confidence enthusiasm and commentating on one particular. Right. I won't name continues to. Yeah. Keiko was leading the thing. He was Leaving Las lock. Basically declared him the winner. And then boom, he went down straightway. He's okay. But yeah, he was just that's just a a reason to not get too overexcited. Don't don't have the commentator's curse because it will get played back forevermore and turned into means for you blatant laying out as the warning s something I've never looked forward to having because over so you'd be living never late you after out but touch wits I want anyone and at the top the time sheets. We still have making foster and Edwards as I think trilling Mason on the banks of the husband fifty three of one of the manager. Yeah. Because we have the the race coming up later on if you know already and the recent will be kicking off for second at two forty pm as to starting off with the many GP seventeen as one four by this class here, which is going to be the AC forty one coming up at three o'clock and a quarter past three we have one forty and multi one which are council will be preparing for just heading down to the assembly area fo for for. Yeah, he's second qualifying session. Yeah. Abso- so and it's it's fairly confident. A he's been looking good all weekend. And. Something to look forward to play athletic and just coming back to the racing for the rest of the weekend at three forty five. We have the junior LC elite raise one at five four have the senior many motorists which is a deaf or something keep an eye on. It's always great wrestler there and SE Fourty rookies wrist one at four twenty five full by the mini G P fifty four forty at their extreme two hundred five o'clock and the cars coming up at quarter past five. We've got the AC forty pro call find just completed their and Mason foster takes possession, the setting a one fifty two point nine eight one and Edmond and second possession sex tents further by it is just moved up to second place. Only tenth of all that Mason foster Clinton Edmonds as two thirds Samuel Munson and four. And the faith head in McCartney and seques have Cameron sill seventh which is waiting for a couple more raiders to cross away ridden gray and trailer hundred ninth and awarded Brady and tenth possession. Just remember you're listening to really street of kill fab risky here at London and stick around. We will be back right after the break. Loves aways. The fellow the racing this season. In live on the racing Facebook page on Twitter and on YouTube, listen on motorsport dot radio and on racing dot com. And a big Hello to everybody us. All ready. Been in touch on our live Facebook strain on Facebook -at's, cool fab rising. Hello to Wendy. Ann king. Who is not here today? She says she so wishes she was there. Single emoji. But she says, good luck. Jamie king hashtag seventy six numbers of the six. Yeah. And Hello to Blake Amsoil from Laura and soul. She says. Hi, Blakey hardly. Yeah. And Christopher laws been in touch in says Hello to just Ryan Haycock during very nicely. And he is in Sydney, Australia. He says we had a mini motel race meeting today over here. Obviously, not the scale of you guys. But we had eight started today, and we're pretty happy for the trunk time. So yeah, literally people listening all over the world. So Hello Christopher LOL tuning in live, and you can get in touch with us right here directly in the commentary box all weekend all season, really. It's Kufa pricing on Twitter Kufa pricing on Facebook. And we will read out the very best most supportive comments for our live radio stream, which is gonna be once again covering every single race live online ally we have done since the start of twenty sixteen as we can hear the next session head out on truck, which is. Lamb the second qualifying session folly Pitt by one forty and Moto team categories, and these already well, actually someone's ground to a whole Sassi's just left the pets that looks like he's having trouble getting Baker into gear. You can hear running. Doesn't sound too L not as nearly getting nap on to give you a quick update on these felt look at that bake. It's definitely not going anywhere words into his mouth for think we wouldn't be able to say them. I think. All these. Dumped on the grades. He's he stops to assess the situation of the bike class-a. It was abandoned shit because as the Baker running and clicking the grasses love, I slept based so. That any went soy's say definitely session debate, definitely something fundamental thing. We can have a Swiss from hitting quite bucks. Eight does seem like one of those strikes all incidents where eat, but anyway, let's not dwell on on on on his misfortune as is probably sunny right in front of the speakers. So yeah. Liam just out on track of the moments and he's looking good in session. Well, we have 'em Harvey Claridge setting early pace with a fifty point eight is looking good Jimmy king and sake in possession or Sean and third place in Jacksonville annexed best place, and that's been overtaking and fifty four point in their early the lobster coming so willing to give exactly and as we mentioned shortwhile ago, if anybody say that Chester, maybe we have one such wider. He's no stranger to the commentary box. And also a motor. Sports award nominee as well as the yellow peril Brandon peril. Hello. Just. Performance right. Hallo brendan. Hello. Yeah. Not bad. Thanks could say you, and you just paying out in the. Just went out knee extreme two hundred. Think the moment. Not by that's pretty good. And who else is in the clocks? Hey, y'all potentially looking forward to racing against well with team the moment code and lost about specialist s me Josh Ingram in the class at the moment and garf- robots looking for tapping noise post about with junkiest weekend because the quickest in the team. You're going to say you gotta have to say Gara. Gower? He's he's just edgy. At the moment at the moment. Yeah. Warning sign forgotten. I was hoping you were going to say that was year because that means wrestling come upstairs, and then try and argue their case that they were the fastest. Seven the fastest. Because a lot talking twelve the moment. Leeann Jochen very similar with both. So. So how is the house the failing of that? How is the trot now on his effect on because I think the first warm session. This morning was still quite foggy wasn't. And you still maybe a little it was quite fun. So I the clip 'cause still some of the always going out with ten hours. Aren't they wanna rescue? I show in skits. To get bake restarted MSA Keith Bolton team class is pushing the Viking to the pets the moment. So that's a shame for Keith. At the moment. Part is causing the shortage for the frustration. Which would be today. Yeah. Certainly so Brunton, I'm the categories racing in the share. And you're doing overall you during the thin. Well, I think we're going to complete the season here five but roles are going to do a few PNB rounds. See see what we can compete into this. It's all about tracks. Yeah. They say a lot of people do tend to enjoy more racing because we have eight round set the signature many by championship. And a lot of people use some of the championships to do some practice and just have a. Yeah, I went to play pigeon BNB a weekend. Is credit for cooled five see what what we can achieve this weekend. So very productive. I recommend. And for those who are thinking about might be like, you say you potentially listening. We've got people listening in Australia, Chris again, but yeah, people who might be considering the they have a bike lifting thinking about racing something or maybe getting a pit by or something. Just tell us. I mean, we we've heard from Blake Elliott, but how injectable are these things s just so much fun issue kind take him to serious 'cause they just if you take on how bad knees are lychee. If you wanna out and compete, definitely recommend the metric. But if you want to come out here and have a good good. Definitely recommend the. Yeah. Yeah. Phone cost differences there. I mean, I again, I literally no idea what it all depends on like supplies like lost about Spanish that. They'll also your cri about to grind. And then they'll do a conversion kit for so ill. More than two thousand twelve Sierra way. Like, great with perversion. I actually it'd be about free. It's it's not it's definitely much more expensive options. If you want to go racing, especially not only on bikes as well. Yeah. So is still remains the most affordable way to to get involved and to have. Yeah. Considering israel. That's this championship as only road to coaching. And the official policies to stay as well. So there's no other racing series. There's nothing battery if you want if you wanna be NBS merge definitely gonna start here. 'cause is as you've seen you've got lots of Broadway voluntarily like days, the racer, it's quite inspired CNN. Saying how good rates must be wed as well. Like last year, especially I think brought turned up to football around and more. So in twenty seven to no, I was racing guy. And you know, he's I can be in that I could be jump. Does your mind? Do you think? Sometimes I mean, I would the thing is though. Because say that you're gonna beat me if you stay if you is going to these at home with Broadway, it's going to be here. But if you're going to see in two hours. Yeah, not got bogged down in the. It's all about. Yeah. Exactly. So do you get out of when you're get some? Inc. Qualifying Charlie Nesbitt cooked. Oh, God having by. What did they get your under the drive? Got me in the drug into the breakings over into the last. Did you maybe just off stick your leg at a low by? So they may get along. Remains think twice. And the thing is though the thing is such good fun. But we're also at cifs. So you don't want to be sticking your leg out. Yeah. So that's the corporation for the PB one forty two teams over abso as Billy talking to at the women's with fifty point seven three six Charlie that's too happy about and when affected point to name. So that could be there. Used to be all I don't. Maybe they just compete against drilling and multiple silver, and and third possession there and Harvey Claridge and forth on so. Blake and Jimmy king. And he's a very good session and eight possession and seven for the PB one four class as he Jackson and John Smith as Hudson Kenna, you may remember him from and BSP paddock and the yesteryear as any seven positional rope attend the motor team is in. I. So as a great run over the team, so far and Simon close as intent wherever Scott Dixon and eleventh, and Mark poets and. At twelve thirty eight of John and thirteenth and fourteenth. Shown what to Kerr and fifteen make car writing at the top sixteen for the PM and motor team session qualifying serves. So that will be back here on for the first race. Exactly. So where actually going to you take a lunch break out the at the track? We started a little bit late. For those who are up to date on their schedules. Well, we've already changed schedule. But the schedule has been changed. See what you're about that? But yeah, we are going for the lunch break. So we will get back underway with the next scheduled qualifying session after bite one fall team team. Which is the junior LC faulty late. Second follow vying and senior mini motos as well. So that's what we will come back with and. Yeah. So is he's been good. It's good. See you again, Brandon back in the country box. Yes. Sorry about the not winning the most award was. People blaming you fell off awards last. Yeah. We just. Those don't know which is everybody. We Motors about media. All wait. We have a couple of connected Brown's multiple radio. And also we also denies the motor sports awards at the end of the season. It was a brand new thing last year literally came out of the blue from those people and everybody took it strangely. Very very seriously to the point where if they were nominated. I'd receive comments emails. Brandin oil to come back up to the common shoebox tip because he was feeling. Chip something you wanna walk. They were not. No because. Yeah. I know where to yeah. I know there's a few hours as well. Who? But that that's not set on winning certain worlds, and in the media resolve there was lots of other journalists in congress. So yeah, most awards I think for twenty nine hundred pig at and better than ever before on. It's only seven. Yeah. Yeah. Good luck. Anyway, really is not a decision as a public. I think we'll probably keep that as well for the ship. People don't blame me. Yeah. It was posted on social media. Oh, really gone. It's a lot seen a lot more name. They like two weeks like over the nominations that come out of this. Us better than two weeks after the whole thing. So yeah, we will go offline for our lunch. And I think we've I think you've earned that fell your first morning session of commentaries. He's coming. Than than Lee. He's a more professional than I am. But I don't know. Liam is specifically coming down from Glasgow every single round in kills having twenty nineteen. So you have to sort of getting giving some of the laws of our O rien. So yeah, you you'll have to probably get used to the accent different. Well, if we got used to coach aisles last year them definitely like enough. So anyway, thank you very much for coming on the strain onto well, we will be back after our first lunch break of twenty nineteen. They says live hill fabric saying. One thirty at the restart until by race control in my ear. So yeah, we'll be back one thirty live online and on the PA. Firm Landau vet is twenty nine thousand nine crews are bracing British mini bucks championship. Predicts are calling pets imagery on the best even king movies ever, the pet cemetery brings things back. It's deeply sinister nightmare. And now it's ninety three percent rotten tomatoes. Cemetery by Kevin Kelsen. Dennis with rated our hero failed.

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