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Chuck dogs like Wiser Guy Selling hot dogs in here. I'll get tickets at a game. I WANNA see a hassle but I missed that stadium atmosphere so I brought the stadium atmosphere to work. Oh Michael Vivid seats make buying tickets. It gets quick and easy find the seat. You want in just a few clicks nice. I just got tickets to tonight's game ice cream. Get your ice cream here. You guys can all go home now. We're good here. Today's opening Frank Vogel spoke to sports illustrated about the pressure that comes with the bright spotlight on the Lakers vocals said quotes. I don't think there's anything negative about it. I love that our team's going to be talked about. I love that we're going to be one of the favorites in the league this here after having coached a number of little engines that could you know it's teams all the over achieving type so I like being viewed as one of the favorites Dave. This is the CO Q. Cover now. Is this martyrdom to embrace here absolutely right so I'll start with the fact that his boss Rob Pelinka at eight Anthony Davis is insurance. Your press conference where French is all about winning championships. You better be allied. Get Line or get off. The track. Saint isn't accepted right so I mean he's already saying I think I can't think he's got there. Yeah welcome to the job. I'm Rachel Nichols joined by two of our reporters. Maliki Andrews she who rains over the bucks in their region and of course Lakers insider Dave mcmanamon coming up Jaanus has been working on his shot with Kyle Korver. Is it GONNA work. Stay tuned for that I though so the clippers clippers have never been passed the second round of the playoffs which is pretty remarkable considering coming up this season they will have been around for fifty years but also not so remarkable considering who used to own the franchise and how it was often run honestly calling the clippers the little brother in town here to Los Angeles was actually an understatement. They were more like a step cousin which is why it felt like such a watershed moment yesterday when the team introduced Kawhi Leonard and Paul George this wasn't just about hey we have these two particular elite players who will compete for title this particular year. This was a confirmation that the clippers had graduated to being the kind of franchise that could smartly compile and and then use assets to pull off the exact timely trade they would need to lure the summers most coveted free agent to pick them over the Lakers and have both star stand up on stage and talk about how the team itself. It's culture. Its reputation. Mutation was actually part of the reason they came a notion that would have been actually out loud laughable at many points in N._B._A.. History I sit down with Kawhi an Paul George yesterday to find out exactly how all of this happened and there's some details does your about to hear hear that may make you raised eyebrows. Take a look. There is a mural of the two of you outside in the REC center. Were sitting in so I guess this real. What does it feel like knowing okay? Jealous Clippers now together the other here. I think seeing that kind of solidified it open that chapter of of this new Johnny going on still Kinda Seru just able to have team. I'm an even just being back home and playing great experience is probably going to be my my first time playing with it. You know elite player his around the same age same talent uh-huh. I'm excited to play training camp store. You know get into season. Put on Jersey passing the ball no just talking. I can't wait. I'm excited you guys both grew up around outside of L._A.. Around the same time you both went to those major colleges in southern California all you get drafted by the Pacers in two thousand ten two thousand eleven draft night they take Hawaii letter now they did trade him draft night four George help but what did you think when he got draft. I was a little nervous. <hes> NOCCO allows a little nervous just because you know we played the same position immediately was like I need to work something because they bring reinforcement right away but it would have been amazing see where we could in Indiana what we could accomplish fish eight years later. You guys are on the same teams. Take me through how this happened. How did we get here or the conversations this training? I have a feeling something happened before that. I don't know they'll call who how did you guys start talking about. The idea planning ideas started you know probably me planning San Antonio and him being on Pacers. I was trying to San Antonio again. Overweight is and <hes> you know how things work betrays ended up to the probably had a better practice for but <hes> you know best probably when initial ideas started when he wanted to get in at the end and what kind of conversation did you have at the beginning of this show. I we talk <hes>. I just wanted to see what the possibility will be to play together and then as he's gone through is free agency looking at the teams that he was looking at coming back to L._A.. <hes> you know I it seemed like an opportunity that I couldn't pass up on stage with Russell Westbrook just last summer so I'm here to stay in Oklahoma City that that was a year ago though you signed a four year contract what changed to get to this point where you sit okay. I'm ready to go. I'm going to ask to move on to Los Angeles. She came out of the blue. We were all on the same page. The initial plan was to give it another year so what we could do. I did that played another year. Felt like we were just stagnant and you know the next thing. Was You know this. Let's go forward and and go on with other plans and again. It was mutual amongst everybody. I think it was just a win win across the board when we looked at it and thought this was the best moment to to pull the plug. What was it like though for you to talk to us and say hey I think it's time I think I'm GonNa move on after move on I mean it was it was easy same conversation mayoress always have you know he was happy? He understood <hes> you know and he was all Ford. We talked as man you know again. He was happy for me. He you know he wanted me to do what was best after going through. I think one of the craziest weeks of free agency ever returned to Toronto seriously considering the Los Los Angeles Lakers Hawaii Leonard Coming here to Los Angeles not the Lakers this move that he made his interesting. You had helicopters following your S._U._V. around. What did that Felix to really think about it? You know what I mean. I didn't know why they were following me. Why helicopter a couple of be following me but you know it was fans outside the hotel as well? You know they're just excited seeing what's going to happen. I don't know what they're looking for was gonNA come on the hotel and do some amazing are making announcements. Everybody everybody at that time. You know that's how trying to lose. They're gonNA amazing fan base experience. It was great win or lose the championship. I had a lot of time there you know. I said that Takao probably lobby before playoffs started as whatever happens. He can't get much better going into your free agency than coming off a finals M._v._p.. Performance it gives you the ultimate leverage. How will you smart about using that leverage in these agency meetings? What did you want from teams? What did you ask for it was just about <hes> you know when it to be and <hes> where my family was going to be happy at <hes> my in home family and that's pretty much what I made my decision with wanted to get v Eh with people that have some pedigree in front office as far as coach instead to maybe going to one of the other two teams you consider? I was very close real close you know when they presented the opportunity to plan with Paul War. It was easy easy. Yes let's let's get a going. I know the clippers. SORTA famously prepared for their pitch to you for maybe over a year. was there a point in that meeting. Were they knew some detail about you or they told you something that made you smile and feel yeah like wow. They really want me here just showing <hes> talking to me about the Games they came in Washington played and you know little things like that and seeing what I thought at these certain moments you know thought that nobody was watching and just maybe realize wow. They're really you. Were was me they wanted me to come and play for this for the organization. That kind of made me feel like <hes> so it was the right decision has about talk about your family's. They're sitting in this room. All your mom with her. Health hasn't been able travel. What does it mean to you to have that phone? Call does that okay. The trade went through going to go home. We sell you celebrating one of your friends. I'm going home. I'm going home. Where are we going home? Why is that means so much? Did you hear it just means a lot. <hes> my my parents my mom and dad both <hes> ever since I was little washed all my games and made it to everything when I was in Fresno making three hour drive on on every Game Day <hes> the come see me play. They've been just super supportive <hes> so I think at this point in my career that's me giving back to you know that they can continue on what they started started catching every game and and being there for support and <hes> they know the love I have being back home and being here for me to have them there on the nightly basis this special everywhere you look at it. You guys are here now but you made a big deal in your press conference. This isn't the combination of something is beginning something a Hawaii Leonard team a Paul George Team team is that hollered on both ends of the four unselfish gone with it takes to win but you're GONNA see compete on Grit from some relief so much to unpack from that conversation we will dive deeper into Paul Georgia's comments. I'm leaving. Okay see a little later in the show because thunder G._M.. Sam Prestige had something to say about them but you did just hear them. Talk about at the end there Paul George and acquire Leonard Team would look like they said Grit. They said toughness Doc rivers said yesterday the finest moments are still the come right. Steve bombers talking titles a lot of talk their Dave. Is there any reason to doubt this parent. I can't find a reason to their excellent players in the prime of their career. They play both ways if you're going to start with foundational pieces and Twenty Nineteen M._B._A.. whereas? Position Lists basketball. Were you able to get two guys with that experience. They've already had obviously had to carry teams Kawai one two championships Paul George came you know just shy of it because Lebron James with the Pacers. This is a blueprint of how you'd like to start with your best players. I mean the only reason there could possibly be is to think about okay is Paul George going to be on track. Is he going to be healthy. Is he going to come back. One hundred percent <hes> is that going to carry on into training camp and will that take away some time they have to work on their chemistry other than that. I mean these are to the best players you could possibly like Dave sad build a franchise around and so <hes> the only do oh. We've seen play together right this is that we've been talking about is Steph and clay okay so other than unproven nece. If you WANNA call it that that's the only reason I can think of I mean and health is a question really for all those do is around the league and that's the difference now with having to major players these contending teams as opposed to the warriors where we saw where I mean we saw sustain a lot of health losses and finally took what two or three of layers going down at once for them to lose in the finals but they could lose a player to Steph missed parts of playoff runs all that sort of stuff and it was fine when you only have two players on the team like this and the Lakers are in the situation and a lot of other teams now are in the league around the situation <hes> then if one of those guys has a major injury at some point during the euro during the playoffs then you're in trouble. I do think the position list thing is so interesting though because you heard them in the interview talking about Hey I was a little worried on draft night miscount crazy that these guys by the way their lives of intersected. They played a and his Co.. Basketball I'm not against each other but near an in the same circles they played college basketball against each other. We have the video they they were both drafted to the same team you're apart and of course Kawhi Leonard was traded on draft last night but Paul said I was so worried when they drafted him and I didn't know they were gonNA deal him because we played the same position and the N._B._A.. Has Changed so much in just the last eight years not only is that not a factor. These guys are going to be great together their basketball fit I also they want to know what the response was in Laker nation about co I Leonard saying Oh it was very very close on some level. There was a real relief because you know that they weren't played the concern out there. Were they really really just brought along for the ride to US leverage to try to get the clippers to give up more to get Paul George on the other end. There's the thought of back to the summer of two thousand eighteen and had they gotten Lebron and Paul George then the Big Three five would've come together because you know we've learned all about this shared history that Paul and co I had hit he already been with the Lakers man then you think about the possibility but then you know one in the hand is better than to in the Bush always my thinking the Lakers went out and Guy Hey dee and they made sure that there's someone was going to be a smashing success. No matter what from that point if I time traveled back I know even two years ago and told Laker fans don't worry in two years. You'RE GONNA have Lebron James and Anthony Davis they would be pretty happy so I think everyone across the board can be happy now. It is going to be interesting to see how this clippers clippers do a works out but again just a feeling in the room. Yesterday of things have changed for this franchise even if they don't WanNa title if there is an injury or something like that having having be a franchise that people want to be in is such a big shift from the early N._B._A.. Than I knew kind of mind boggling we gotta take a quick break but when we get back Steve bombers the gift gift that keeps on giving Yeah said that fast four times Wednesday they no exception we will look his exuberance moments. I promise you WanNa miss it is is brought to you by sped cubs encourages you to bring your own spirit. Enjoy responsibly. This is misleading some bigger Bisley make the major mislead mislead we were in Oakland. We went to their practice facility Golden State Warriors and it was the one you know Klay Thompson start talking about how they were better than the showtime Lakers and that was kind of a shot and his dad as well. I grew up with glass so we're going over the the bay bridge and that commentaries just still picking up. It's on twitter. It's on instagram. It's all these social platforms sports radio. Everything and that's when Brian just said he looked around and goes guys this. It's written. We're GonNa win tomorrow night. We're GONNA have a huge game is GONNA be tough. Come down to the last few minutes. When I lose at home game? Seven anything can happened. That's how played out it's crazy. It's still gives me chills thinking about that was Kevin love reminiscing on the cavs three one comeback in two thousand sixteen Dave. We've covered that team. What do you remember most about that time? He's talking about after game for they lose on three one. It seemed like such a Gut Punch. I'm on the phone in quicken loans arena around two in the morning with Toronto and he's telling me he was so close we can still do this thing I would say that competence with shared by the rest organization they go on to accomplish one of the greatest feats in finals history yeah and then also by the way Klay Thompson also in that same press conference where we're talking about his dad and the Showtime Lakers also made the the baby's. What did you say exactly? I'm trying to remember both him and <hes> speaks very speed. Who who you're throwing guessing right basically trying to to start the early funeral for the cat that turned out missed greed Jordan brand has signs Winston to the richest annual rookie shoe deal in history according agent now ski the design and had bigger offers than the contract? He signed some reportedly in the neighborhood of a hundred million dollars some illegal. Why would he take money because it's Jordan now? There's a brand that you want to be associated with and when you were talking a matter of of of millions millions I mean we're we're splitting hairs a little bit here. It's still like you said the richest rookie contract so I mean when Jordan brand comes knocking you say yes especially when you're Zion and you're trying to live up to the let's dance. Let's get out there with the biggest brand we possibly can and the Russ and obviously the C._p._i.. Three line the Mellon had some success liquor. They haven't had a singer guy to carry it on so maybe he'll be the guy the other shoe companies if you want to split hairs but those millions I'm okay with that make vertical check out this guy with the standing standing through the legs dunk and apparently he's only five foot nine eight Robinson. So of course this made us call up the Nate Robbie highlights Dave. Is this guy the best five foot nine dunker since nate rupp sure the phone book so unfair so I asked the other day on camera if he can dunk and he has answer me on camera our uh-huh Tennis Ball Miss Many Ronnie James Nearly got a poster yesterday reminder he is only fourteen years old and he's GonNa play next year. Which Wayne Wade Son in high school there you go? We also humane gene throwdown a few dunks Somalia. Who are you more impressed by near poster or Gucci's? It's not a volleyball okay. Here's the ball I'm more impressed by brawny like you said he's fourteen and that is going to translate Gucci Mane. That's a that's a side hustle. He's got going on there. I'm impressed when a fourteen year old conferred out like that I just can't wait. We get the Brandi documentary years now. All this footage we have is going to be incredible. Body is filming everything right so they're gonNA go make exuberance St bomber steel steal the show yesterday during the clippers presser introducing. I'm Paul George so Dave. Would you like see bomber to be your personal hype man and can you can't afford them but he shouldn't have charge anything worth forty two billion dollars it just like pumping gas. You're you did a great job. You've topped it off. It's exactly four to two dollars. It'd be incredible. I am seventeen phones on my alarm if he woke me up like that in the morning get outta bed. Let's go with time degree today. I don't think I'd need all of the within the constraints decide how I don't think Steve Bomber need side hustles but he could have a side hustle. Doing People's one talks all right. We're back WIS team. Bombers most lit moments of all time lay them music number three three two thousand fourteen fan fasts the clippers welcomed in their new owner. He was very excited. Blake Griffin's Chris Paul not knowing what to say but see bomber did hardcore over and over again. Where did the day hardcore number two April Fifteenth Game Two of the first round the clippers competing completing that thirty one point comeback to beat the warriors bomber almost explodes in his seats? I mean yeah this is almost almost better than what happened on the court and never one bomber he was the C._e._o.. Of Microsoft or fifteen years if you have not seen this video on Youtube I promise you it is worth it. If you take any advice today take my GO-TO YOUTUBE A to look this up. The whole thing is incredible. Bill Gates dances on this video and he's wearing Khakis and it's just not to be missed. I WANNA turn our attention to the leaker that you covered all season. The Milwaukee Bucks sucks footage recently popped up on instagram of Janas shooting. Jay's with the newest member of the Bucks Kyle Korver in the video. You can see toward forgiving specific shooting notes to Jaanus now. Corpora has made the fourth most three pointers of all time in an N._B._A.. History he has the nine pie three-point shooting percentage of all time number one bill Steve Carlos <hes> he knows that thing or two about shooting in fact back in two thousand fifteen kyle shared his twenty point mental checklist for every shot he takes. This was shared with U._S._A.. Today sports which I'm amazed if he can do this twenty twenty before he hits a shot. It's got more mental <hes> speed than I do. <hes> this is something every young worship post on there while they'll come on and Melinda we know Jaanus was is working on his jumper all season. We saw development throughout the year. He said it's his main goal this summer so we want to give everyone here a little fill in the blank when or if young's develops a consistent jumper then what blink what's yours you becomes an N._B._A.. Champion I mean I was told by a scout that win. Jaanus is able to add that jumper consistently. He will be unguardable and like you said it has been his goal to work on that the summer. It was two weeks ago that he said I'm operating at sixty percent if he can add that jumper to his game if you can add that shooting in that distance I think that's going to get him much closer to that one hundred percent and that was glaring issue in the playoffs last year for him. He couldn't take over games when they shot him down going to the basket so I think that that's going to unlock another. AH The game. I'm not a fan of hyperbole. I'm not I'm not if he can live jumper. He could become the most talented player we've ever seen play basketball. Not a fan high purple serious over Dude Matt Square Garden. He's in line to perhaps not only be the M._v._p.. Next year but defensive player of the year the same time only two guys ever done that the N._B._A.. History is accumulated Michael Jordan. He has the physical attributes that Lebron has but then you stretch him out at seven feet tall I mean that was going to be problem because he's seven feet tall with the wingspan seven forty seven and then you throw in the he didn't have to shoot it like a guy who's going to be the three point. Contests vegans become proficient defenses can't say off clog the lane. It's going to open up the rest of his game and then you know he's shown some signs of passing but when you have spaced operate you look at the Bar Michael Jordan and then you honestly just just jump over over. The amendments says it's coming up. I'M GONNA ask David Maliki how realistic TATUM's predictions are for next season stick around to find out what they are Saturday A._B._C. Am E._S._p._N.. App We have these the Sixteenth A._T.. And T. W._N._B._A.. All Star game at three thirty eastern twelve thirty Pacific from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas and welcome back to the job. I'm Rachel Nichols alongside our bucks reporter me Andrews liquors reporter Dave McMenamin. Jason Tatum has some unbolt predictions for this season recently. He was an M._B._A.. Touquet event. Let's take a listen to tatum thrown into K.. Where do you think you're GONNA end up? Buddy ended the ninety. That's a goal over on average over twenty oeste Celtics going through the championship. How Realistic Arteta's predictions of twenty points a game all-star appearance and the Celtics reaching the finals so I don't know if you know this I have a eyebrow can shoot up very high this this earns the I wait a minute date Chang earlier in the show? The coupon just improves on his Michael Jordan just just really good at shooting jumpers given a hindsight eyebrow. I two fine the last point on winning an N._B._A.. Championship arc calm down. Let's let's say I do think that the Celtics are in a position to improve their young talent this. You're now that some of those are older folks. Kyri have move onto a different team that being said the only two teams I have for a lock in the top four or the bucks and the sixers in the east and so the Celtics might be somewhere up there but I I don't see this as being there here here. Yeah I mean realistic and Descending Order Twenty points per game certainly achievable especially Kyri and Al Horford on different teams all star you know if they win games and he's doing that. Yes again those two teams in east I have Milwaukee and Philadelphia but listen. The guy showed such a special run in two thousand eighteen playoffs you know had this that twenty points per game streak or whatever that was up some of the best rookies ever to play the game in the postseason. I don't completely doubt the confidence evidence there and that's the way it should be talking into a season. They don't accept a worse reality the same thing Frank Vogel. Let's talk about championship for him. Let's talk about the finals. This is if you WANNA have at all. If somebody you want to be one of the greats somebody you want me to say. You're one of the most John the players we've seen. It doesn't take much I know but no I mean to me. Also that bigger the biggest thing he said that was the biggest the team thing that you guys have both identified it got it depends also what they need this year does he tinker at the trade deadline describe. You'll become available all this kind of stuff. We don't know exactly what the South is going to be. I worry about losing Al Horford more than than worrying about losing Kyrie just because you got Cambe that fills an it's not the same player but it fills isn't enough there and we've seen with Brad Stevens can do with undersides guards at that position. I still haven't quite figured out defensively with they're going to do know Aron Baynes. No Al Horford all of that stuff. I don't know if they're going to shore that up at some point so we'll have to see eleven alright so Kyri Cambe right so there's your com quote right <hes> Al Horford eating eating Kanter Whoa whoa offensively defensively offensively. It's different different thing <hes> let's talk about the Lakers after missing out on the coil lettered sweepstakes Lakers did move quickly fill out their roster bad quality pieces like Danny Green boogie cousins Av Bradley but debut reported this week that they're looking at one other player particular to fill that final roster spot who Andrei igwe dollar former finals that'd be p Guys scored twenty two points in Game A._M.. Six of this year's finals and the chance to force the game seven the problem is Memphis wants to find a trade partner. They'd let it be known but he's he's making seventeen point two million dollars this year we just had all that money spent in three agencies teams out there with they need to get an expiring contract getting a cut off the books because we saw that turnover so most likely Memphis hold on I'm going into the year. Keep shopping the Lakers feel like they have a complete roster right now but they have that fifteenth spot open in case someone like Andrea Dowell become available and they hope that the rop link connections between Andrea Goodell and Rob Rob when he was an agent Rep. Tim Can pay dividends and you say hey come. Southern California have a chance give people for a championship and let's do this but if the lakes don't get him they won't be devastated. They feel like he'd be x-factor typically to add to the mix though yeah I mean if you're able to add Andre dollar it makes a lot of sense if they're able to pull that off because he is the type of veteran player that might make sense in the locker room that has a lot of big personalities in it. He has the championship experience <hes> he's able to deal with those bigger personalities so I think that you know if they're able to both off. That's one heck of a bonus to be able to add to your roster yeah. Yeah I mean well I mean he is a big personality himself. I would be curious to see Andrei and Lebron in a locker room together after all of the battles that had the famous block of course but they did play on T. News together. We're seeing here so you know you like that <hes> I it's hard to stay with. He was going to happen with Mesler also because again if they think they can get something for him. There's so many teams interested in him. I've heard Lakers then you say you hear the clippers or interested in him and sounds are interested in him and you know for him. The Lakers can't coffee company paper clips but yeah I mean that's GonNa wait and see what happens. They're coming up. We're GONNA talk about whether free agency set a new standard for M._B._A.. Twitter and we have the expert of all experts. I hear the chiefs sports officer of M._B._A.. Twitter you know him on twitter twitter as T._J.. He will be joining US deep type. Oh Hey look the junk recommends today. Tim bontemps serving irving twenty coaches scout executives to get their biggest takeaways from free agency twenty nineteen over to the E._S._p._N.. APP during this quick break to check it out the jump. We'll be right back now. We'll be right back now. Hang on and it on stage sale tonight on fourth and aren't six eastern. Michael comments is holding out. I think you'll Elliott is not on the cowboys plane. Adam suffer explain what all of this mean plus today's the day of Brown workouts why Baker on obt are poised to handle the heights and seven explains why to must improve Alabama this season four hundred seventy Gandhi right after the wind chill in scrolling for your bowl and you see a tweet from Kobe saying it does that you saw him there with the honest our next guest is the head of Sports Partnerships Twitter T._J.. Sorry I can't get over the quota shallow welcome to the jump when he says that to you by the way that was a great event. You were amazing up there with him. I was there a complete holding your own when he said that D- what was your reaction to the moment lost moving. He's such a cool dude super humble really approachable. He's he's the best absolutely well we could say the same thing about you. We Love We'd love having you be involved with our show. We love the way that N._B._A.. Twitter has really just jumped off the page. What did you think that free agency it did for M._B._A.? Twitter which I've heard you say you're most active sort of sports sell on twitter. It's interesting N._B._A.. Twitter's been this active vibrant community forever. It's it's the cookout. It's the the barbershop won't Saturday is profit right but this off season was unusual. It was different different and I think one of the reasons is because all of the amazing activity that occurred you think about free agency Sunday when it kicked off the most mentioned person was not a player. It wasn't a team it was your very own what which most tweeted about person on the platform second to the president now. You've got Kendrick Perkins per- bombs there we go yeah. We made an honorary. Oh my gosh to coach because this is a big deal. I make this clear. He wasn't like the second most sports figures second most N._B._A.. Second most human being in worldwide twitter that anyone was talking about was wo- ch- which which is pretty amazing and then also you mentioned perk perk I would say perkins on my not to be understated at all I would say perk is probably ugly on the most improved twitter player list dot com twitter twitter. It's part absolutely he had to sing. I mean it was it's fun to watch all of that develop unfold on twitter and she says it's cookouts global community right and so vital to people like Rachel Maliki myself doing our job I mean it's such a valuable resource that you know you put on notifications for other reporters for certain players and it keeps you informed allows you to take that information and then hit up your own sources to get further information to advance a story. I it's very helpful so many times you're hearing that information I on twitter before it's reported on our our platforms CERIGA. I and I like the twitter Sunday. It's like Super Bowl Sunday. Only tell people it's N._B._A.. In twitter go to gather like chips and Glock and because you miss some of those. Moments right so what was your favorite N._B._A.. Twitter moment of this year so many right so many my favorite was probably during the Jimmy Butler Minnesota Timberwolves practice we all remember it was super liberal it. We all wish we we all had our assumptions as to what we thought happened in the arena so while we were tweeting and talking to a friends about what happened Rachel Gases of on the Jay Street only that's how hot right on and got the bosses because I can handle on the side of it for me. It was the start of the N._B._A.. Season last year perhaps the most intriguing figure was quite Leonard leaving the Spurs go into the Razors Media Day that ridiculous lab. I'm a fun guy here. We go and everybody had to take part of the means turned into auto tune tune music and twitter was away to find a quick in orderly fashion man won the N._B._A.. Finals ridiculous ridiculous laugh if Dave's choosing the beginning of the season. I'M GONNA choose the end of the season sticking with the raptors. I'm going with all that is nick nurse. We're talking the shoulder rubs with drake the mouth wide. I feel like that at least once a day watching trae drop bombs that's often when I look like batches took the cake there you go the rubs. I suppose a good year on twitter nothing this. I have to say it nothing this year for twitter moment reach me what I'm GonNa say for. Me Is my ultimate M._B._A.. Twitter moment the bar without all others are judged. Maybe not Michael Jordan today right this favorite rate and because look I mean you just can't get better than this and the reason I liked it so much is because secret tunnel. It's a hallway we owned over that but it became this story that was unfolding in real time on twitter and because it was fun no-one no-one got injured it was it was just sort of a fun story. There were all these sort of fun embellishments it game from like Capellas like walking by the locker room to he's storming the gates. It's Chris Paul whatever and it was just it'd be the way mushroomed on N._B._A.. Twitter and if you went to sleep on the east coast and I don't know an twelve one A._M._U.. Crazy people you missed it and then you felt like Oh my God and then suddenly people were hanging around on M._B._A.. Twitter for like late into the early hours for weeks weeks afterwards being like we don't know what's going. We have to be there because the tunnel might happen and of course also I think one of the defining moments of N._B._A.. Twitter and more serious note is that general manager in this league got fired because his family's families use of twitter. It's become such an intrinsic part that people are now using it for good and evil and that you know it's a tool of the N._B._A.. World it's something that's very impressive for you guys. It's fun community and it's fun to see how the conversations evolve each and every single day so this upcoming season. It'll be a special one. Do we need to know anything about how you track those conversations of all here be worrying about that there you go T._j.. Thank you so much for joining us. We want you to come back over and over again T._J.. is so much fun. You should follow him on twitter because he's guy could connects. He could pop up with anytime you want to follow him T._J.. Is that the you're there you go boom. Follow him on twitter coming up. Sam Prestige says that the Paul George Trade was not quote mutual which is a word Paul joins US although he made it was not adversarial either. We're GONNA dig into that next on the job Pablo here a few minutes discussed August the clippers taken their free agency victory lap Earl Thomas explaining why he flipped off Pete Carroll Steve Kerr make any sense calling out Anthony Davis check in with the Philippine Basketball Association state. Never Watch the game that in your life and yet I feel so connected. Sometimes we say that's about it really wasn't a teeth problem. You have to forty and Saturday Edmonton starting at ten eastern seven Pacific go order the main card. It's on E._S._P._N.. PLUS DOT COM slash A._p._p.. And we sure download the E._S._p._N.. APP If you're watching on your mobile device and it is crunch time on the job the next the knicks or the N._B._A.'s most valuable franchise der reveal recently pointed out on twitter over the last twenty years the N._B._A.'s losing his team mm-hmm and yet Forbes recently valued them at four billion dollars. The Lakers are second three point seven billion dollars value of N._B._A.. Franchises of course exploding in recent years so dave four billion in dollars. What would it take for James Dylan to consider something? There's no there's no number clearly fortunate. I was listening to the radio they his band with on the radio on serious because he's the knicks owner can pull those strengths. I don't ever GonNa have this is not where I say that I've gone to see his band play on assignment just to have him playing Bill Simmons recently on the podcast by the way tried to get knicks fans to crowd source because the M._S._G.. Is publicly funded company that we can take it. We can buy them on the spurs adding Tim Duncan said there coaching ranks according to New York Times they also reached out to Manu Ginobili but after just one year retirement money was not ready to take coaching position Mujica. Do you think that pop will eventually get back in this clutches and get the back together. I mean if they're Harrington Dunkin. They should try. They should get everyone back. I'm talking you know. Keep keep it coming. Get Big Shot Bob to come. I'm back to Robert. Ory should be on the coaching staff. Let's go all out there though love for for Brazil overt if that's not top of my coaching list well. I'm just wants people go. Let's not get ourselves making good choices. All right. Well is reporting yesterday of houses all sign with the Blazers League how much can POW Portland well. I think that this team is a team. That's trying to go to the next level. They have been in the playoffs. They're trying to get to that championship conversation and I spent some time with cow when he was in Milwaukee last year and with they were hoping is that he's the only guy in that locker room that had had championship experience. I think that that's invaluable when you're trying to in this crowder and western conference ticket to the next level so I think that's what he's going to bring to the table he's not the dominant ferry was for the Lakers and the Bulls the grizzlies but he's the guy spot minutes. I'm curious to see how all of that balanced works out because when a guy is older we've seen like David West situation but you still played a fair amount during that championship run. I don't know how much power play we saw happening injuries news and stuff the Milwaukee so interesting team U._S._A.. Withdrawals have continued to an amount but today say added six players for next month's Camp Marcus smart jalen Brown will join fellow Celtics Kemba Walker and Jason Tatum who remain clearly Boston all all land on players going. It's going to be there minicamp their day. What do you think about the direction here? I don't feel well about the team as I did a couple of weeks ago but as long as they hold onto some of these blue shippers and with experience and with talent I mean the guy like how our is vital right now. A guy like Donovan Mitchell is vital right now. They'll have enough to take care of business in my estimation if they lose some of those guys to injury or their plans changing then could get a little dicey. Yeah I mean for the first time in a long time. It feels like that global global stage is a little bit more open. They've been turning through that roster a little bit so I mean you might you might have to go suit up for them next. Think please good Serbia's good. I still think that this is very strong. J. Lo came out today and said we're. We're going to be okay and they think he is. Although Dave still thinks they need Olympic medal low Oromo to the day he died. Let's get back to our lead story. Yesterday I sat down with new L._A.. Clipper Paul George along with Colli quite Leonard P._G.. Talked about his exit from K._C.. And he told me it was quote a mutual decision thunder G._M.. samp rusty had a different version. You can take a listen to both sides here. We all wear on the same page was nothing that came out of the blue so like we were just stagnant and <hes> you know the next thing was you and all this thus go forward and and go on with other plans and again. It was mutual most everybody I know that he had he had he would use the term mutual. I you know I I wouldn't necessarily agree with that because that would infer that we we were wanting to trade Paul George which I think most people would agree that have probably wasn't on top of our off-season priority list but I would say that it was not adversarial at all he make press responsibility. I think that it's just semantics vocabulary. I think that that was the same sentiment that Paul George was trying to express. was that look this wasn't something that was volatile. <hes> it was something that we were able to resolve together and I think that that's that's kind of what what Sam Frosty was saying too. I think that he just used a little bit more of some S._A._T.. Words to describe it or it could be revisionist now. I if you don't believe that Paul's trying to do anything to add some P._r.. Favor to situation situation then fine I can accept it but there's still the shocking nature of what happened you know obviously we saw the clip of them on stage together. I intend to be no casey along times and a four year deal a less when he signed that for you deal there was the conversation that doesn't work after a year. Let's be able to move my contract and they know that going into it. Then obviously this was not mutual. There are some chicken and egg things here right to though because no I totally agree and believe Saint Prestige when he said top of our Julius this summer was not trained Paul George well look with the way the contracts were lining up with the way that they hadn't been able to get out of the first round with that team. You have to think that if this season they didn't get out of the first round and then Paul was looking at just that expiring one year left on his deal because remember it's a player option at the end then then all of a sudden is okay they would be looking to trade Paul George right because they can't have Kevin Durant situation happen to them all over again so they were able to leverage Paul George wanting to go play with Kawhi Leonard in the clippers feeling they were getting a two for one with Kawhi Leonard as poor part of the trade get a lot more for Paul George than they would have summer go so I do think it's kind of interesting how this all layers Saint Presi also op Ed in the Oklahoma today use the phrase reload him replenish several times to describe the thunders philosophy. Basically he wanted to set expectations. Chen's you of Philadelphia David. Is this the new trust the process replenish replenish t shirts got plenty of draft picks. Guess what Danny all those draft picks. No rings are so for it yet. You know be careful what you wish for. I mean they were able to get historical number of picks so we'll we'll see what happens but I kinda like the reloaded replenish. It's a new orange and replenish. We'll be doing that until tomorrow when the jump is on again George the donnas hosting so you guys later.

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