Ep #8:How to 4C's of Marketing? Ft. Jeff Beale


hi everyone. Thanks for joining in the weekly business broadcast by ru. He hosted by higazy. So this podcast is for enterpreneurs marketers. Broadcasters and much more in this podcast series. I'll be bringing on expert industry and thought leaders to hsieh they're inside growth strategies draw on many topics ranging from marketing to the music industry and beyond to the business podcast by rookie. Today i'm joined by special guests. Mister mock balaji. Himself mr geoff. Diehl so Jeff would you like to give a kind of a brief overview to the audience about who you are and what you do sure. I'm bill jones. The business community is mr mark. -nology i have been marketing for several years and i am a marketing strategy so i hope companies actually provide practical strategies for they marketing Basically did get in front of their target audience. Offer with your target audience needs and convert so Is more than just a providing you the latest greatest marketing thing out there like the new shiny going. I really like to dive into your company. Your companies goals set some expectations understand your audience Help you understand the audience and the audience needs and how you can benefit their needs. So that's would I do. I have the privilege of being able to sit at every seat of the table. So i've been a entry level worker. Been consultant. i've been a freelancer avenue. An executive been agency life In house life. So i've seen almost every angle when it comes to Sitting at the marketing table so that helps me bring Different perspectives from different people's point of views events. What's your take on. How marketing is today. And what are the kind of new strategies. And you tings in marketing. Today is more of a relationship building than it is pushed marking a market marketing in the nineties. And before i was more push marketing you had television radio. Great mail Impressed that you basically get commercials. And you told people think. I'm in today's time with social media internet Bones and so forth. People are doing a lot more research due diligence. So you can't really tell them you're the best thing you can't really tell them you should buy from me. They make their own decisions based on the release relationships in research today do so marketing. Today is more of you building that relationship even if you don't physically communicate with them to Have them like in sales cliche. No like entrust. You was fantastic. Point that you brought about about how marketing is just about relationship building. It's no longer a traditional marking methods. No long will in play like all the most shows and all that is long gone. So what are some of the four cs of marketing. So foresees the marketing Help you build these relationships. So i'll go to the first. I versus content and you have to have quality content not just a lot of content so when i mean content i mean things such as written content like You have to have a visual contents. That may be graphic design. Maybe video Sometimes you can have a content like we're doing right now audio content says podcast You can have a tangible contents as brochures bailers so you have to have content so that's very important at is very important half content that speaks to your audience Not just advertisement on a lot of times now like i say when you build relationships in order to build relationship you have to communicate so your content has speak to them in a way that they digest which is saying or the contigent providing. So i'll say the language they speak. So that's the first thing will be context. I know all of us have heard Cliches who you know. It's not what you know who you know so the who you know really opens up doors when it comes to building your business on those relationships building york you're planning estimates base as a lot of times people are I remember early on. You would ask companies. They say why just had word of mouth and really. That's what contacts all about so building the right contacts at also speak to your audience also provide them with endorsements of your product or service Influences them to make decisions. So you have to have contacts. The third sing would be communication. So you have to communicate and when i mean communicate i mean where do you communicate with. That's things such as. Do you communicate with them on your website. You communicate with them through social media Do you communicate with them through podcasts. Know how do you communicate with them and setting up your points. A communication focusing on optimizing. Those wants to communication is cheap. Some people say you should communicate everywhere kind of throw it up on. The wall was sticks method and infrasonic companies. That may work. You have the logistical power to do so It takes a lot in. If everything can kinda worse cohesively that might make sense. Other people say pick one lane and ask that lane so only communicate on one maybe two channels owned and that works to So you just need to figure out which platforms were best to you and focus on the strategy more than just the platform because one thing about platforms. They control your destiny if you are saying only using facebook and you put all your eggs. Facebook basket of facebook decides to go the way of space which their their business model isn't the same as it was when it first came out or be they decide to ban you for any reason at eighteen worthy then your whole marketing campaign goes down at train because you only use that one platform so that pick one one channel approach. That's the con with that approach Now i'm not advocating. Do the communicate everywhere. But that's one of the drawbacks. Only picking one lane so communication is key but is not driven on which you want to do more than where is your audience go. Where do they go to consume information base in your industry to make those decisions. If they're going to talk you should be on top. Figure it out that just because you like to be on top. If they only dan. If your business to business only end you should focus on how to maneuver through late. Did not just because everybody says the new thing is talk or facebook is the greatest So picking a proper lanes to communicating is very important and in the lassie. Is the most important. See that a lot of companies feel at odds. Even failed added from time to time s consistency. In order to build the relationship you have to be consistent and You know that consistency builds everything around it and as you communicate as you put out content. It gets better. You get better. You feel more contacts. Also as you're more consistent Put it in in the mind frame of this. If you have a friend that you never call you never message them or anything. You never communicate with them then all of a sudden you need something is hard to call a friend because they say i haven't heard from you in years. Now is the only time. I hear from us when you want something and a lot of times business as do the only time they hear from us as as they see an ad on social they. Cnn search engines is as their email just adds only time. I hear from us when you want something. So you haven't built that relationship but if you're putting out content constantly on these platforms and you're consistent and they see that you're adding value to the marketplace over and over and over again when you do finally asked for something. They're more likely to engage. So you have shed a fantastic framework of gone. Gone dot communicate and consistency. So now how can someone build a business on shared the message through social rich media to attract massive exposure. One of the best cliches that out her. When it regards social media marketing is social media is meant to be social and That is brilliant because honestly the best technique is start the conversation any gaijin in conversation with your audience on social We see a lot of air. Ed courses and youtube ed courses in so zone an advertisement works. A best results is when you build a relationship with your audience Through engaged conversation That helps you build your own They know you know what you're doing what you're talking about. That helps bill de loyalty because they look at you as somebody. That's a friend innocence. Because you're actually communicating back and forth with them versus a salesman. And i don't know how many people love getting sales goals. I mean i know personally. I don't even know understand what they're doing. I respect with going. When i know it's a sales all our sales email. I don't jump up and down getting your sales go so you know your audience is the same way in over social. If you're building social you need to be social build your content in a way that engages them that gives a dialogue back and forth conversation that they can actually provide feedback. Provide communication back to you Far as rich medias concern. I think videos are are wonderful Because it gives more than just the audio gives the video of the visual as well You can repurpose it in a way that you have audio visual. And you can transcribing texts. So it gives you a lot of different angles in doing audio grams. You can have graphics as well so You know i. I think that leveraging video especially nowadays with all this going on out people also use now to going on as seen videos online on. They want like a say. Put a face with the name so Having that rich media aspect to your social really helps and if you check any statistics You'll see video usually outperforms any other of content across the board so If you're not comfortable using video that's fine. Everybody is not one Camera friendly but you can find somebody that loves to be in front of the camera and they can be your spokesperson. They can beat the face of your company So you know just figuring it out Is is is a key. But i've noticed video does very well especially when it comes to social kind of inside is that to You should kind of have a strategy which is focused on repo passing multiple content. But if you want to be on social media you want to build some more rich content you should be focusing on video exactly You know it's one of those things where each company has different. You find out from testing any find out from doing research which audience retains and you can see that by likes to shares the saves. You know you can see what type of content they retain. There may be a base. It loves to read so video. Might not make sense for them but one of the things that you look at is just kind of look at like fans yong content or your competitors content. Were gets the most engagement and when you see that you know most likely it'll be video at you know most likely when even in your personal data day wednesday might share something with you from social. Usually as the video is not usually a long article in. It's not usually every now and again. Maybe a graphic but when it comes to them sharing information usually is a video you know so just kind of take a practical logical approach suit and nc which former content works best in your industry. That's a great point about gun of creating content. That's going to work the best in your industry that yeah. That's a very good point that you should implement these strategies your social media as as well. What is your kind of take on. How can this exposure be leverage to get more traffic leads and sales for business. Yeah so when you're building out those foresees you should have in mind. Note that user or customer have in mind which you want to do. Have some intention Is not is not bad to have haven't tensions so as you communicating. Let's say you're on social when you communicating with them. You should have a logical next step a call to action a lot of times we communicate and we have nothing after information and then we look at the end of the month and we say well we haven't converted Are why isn't what it needs to be and Why what we put out a lot of good videos. Let's say let's say we use videos and it will funny videos but they would just funny videos so they never had a call to action. People wise today shared a laugh. But you never told them which offer and you never invited them to do anything so you know having that strategy mapped out a front is very important. That's why i usually come. In with companies and help them provide a beginning to end strategy with all things in between all variables if they do this in. Have them do that if they don't do this. Then here's the next thing that we need to look at nowadays. The days of impulse buys aren't as much as it used to be because it will now can do their own research so you know you may have to get in front of them. Multiple times as they consistency comes into play before they start to trust you to do business with you. So mapping all that out in a strategy of front is very very important in as you map everything out up front you can then start seeing where there's holes in your campaign that you need to You might see waterfall where they really drop off right here. And you may need to change your strategy at that point. Which percentage increase their. You're our ally increase so you know that's that's something that you can only do if you already have something mapped out. It's sorta like think about if you're taking a trip if you taking the trip and i'm in atlanta so everybody knows atlanta knows about atlanta traffic. We have some terrible draft If you're going from one side out of town and you get traffic. You may know that. If i'm trying to get across town i can take to eighty five or i can take seventy five or eighty five now. Seventy five eighty five or block. I can take to a five. But i only know that if i already know the different directions i can take your marketing and you just winging it you to drive and if you hit traffic you don't know which rose can take you there so it's the same thing in marketing. If you're not mapping things out and saying this is the path that Take and here's some alternate routes if they if they decide to get off the path then you don't know what to do if you're conversions law and that's the importance of go ahead building it out of so. This whole idea of building adaptable call to action gun strategies correct. Yes yes it definitely needs to be adaptable until you start hitting your number and any ceding your numbers highly Bin you can stick with the same thing what than change. Time change you know You know back when. Let's say snapchat up years ago. Used to be the big thing everybody was talking about. If everything was going through snapchat right now is really talking about snapchat so you would have to adapt so kind of how to get over irrelevancy or like just the brand new kind of fading away slowly so you have to make a lot more adaptable and engaging so that people who keep coming back correct yes that's correct you have to consistently add value if you not always adding value on him. Adding value brings you know. Brings you as a thought leader on an orgy in the space So in in that bills. The brand awareness. But if you have consistently doing that then all of a sudden you'll be forgotten and unfortunately in today's time people's attention spans very short a. What's your best advice for people who are wanting to kind of break into the marketing space. Best advice would be to basically build relationships with people that away. You wanna be If you're trying to break into marketing marketing changes so rapidly. Then i would not recommend I was going to formal school because by the time you graduate. Probably what you've learned at the time won't be relevant on the best thing is a jump in. It detests to talk to people that are doing it to ask them. The mentor you to Ask them some of their experiences to listen to podcasts To read books at the moment that are written at the moment in today's time You know consuming information and then look to those that are where you wanna be asked for their opinion their advice their mentorship because you may consume. A lot of information comes overwhelming. These people are actually practitioners. The end the trenches doing it they can say. Don't waste your time with vance right now. If somebody was to come to me and say well. I'm studying in how to. I don't know do my space marketing. Don't waste your time. Space isn't even a competitor anymore. I want to figure high in rankling. You on yahoo who hasn't been a competitor s ios based in a long time. Don't even waste your time. So you know having those contacts and you don't have a formal mentor Just build relationships to where you're in conversations with people get into groups whether it's facebook lincoln was app get into groups getting those conversations. Because that's what you're gonna learn the most information on housing's going and then testified out what works for you. You may have certain strengths. That others may not have yeah. That's a great point that you made about how rather than just relying on the formal education on the formal system kind of go out there and seek all these vendors. People who already in the industry already practicing anto just build relationships with them. And kind of get some validation about whether you're doing the marketing space is the right way to move forwards. Okay well thank you so much for your time and immediate owner that you considered to be a out of this podcast series and yes so. Do you have any last minute kind of advice that you would like to show any last minute things that you would love to share definitely You know thank you so much for having me on the show. I mean it's been definitely an honor and you you gracious host As far as advice last minute marketing. Like i said is ever changing. You have to get in the game you have to actually like when learning how to swim you have to get into war so you have to give the game you'll learn and you'll you'll win some you'll lose a failure is not a loss more of learning on and just continue to lose. But here's the the main thing if you take anything away from this Listen to your audience and then your action should be based on what you find out from your audience The whole way of marketing used to be just tell you what you wanna thank understanding in. Today's time with so much out there. So many options in so many ways to do diligence and research Is more about relationship building so find out what your audience wants and provide them that Versus kind of forcing it down at throat telling them what they want kind of create content with the audience in mind exactly exactly and given communities. I mean there's tons of communities out there like say facebook's glinka was at tons of communities. I'm actually building a community myself Market allergy group dot com. Where it's just we all talk marking. And i actually not only myself but others coach you through different aspects of marketing and we dive into the strategies of marketing pieces. And not only. Do you learn. Like i said it's not like formal training to where you read books in in so what we basically say this strategy working and here's moslem Event let's bring in some other experts that have other points of views Other ways they do marketing get their their point of view. And then you can develop your own point of view in your own strategy from there And then it builds a community so you have peers that you can talk to you have those that are more advanced than you are in those that are not as advanced as you are and you can interact with everyone in find out exactly you know was working for different people and make your own assessment with strategy. Works best for you. Yeah that's a great point about how You're doing an amazing job of kind of creating your own band of todd's and strategies of what's working in marketing leveraging the strategies of other fan of experts in the space and then providing that to people who may not have the same amount of knowledge and then kind of building a notary in the community around that. That's an amazing thing that you're doing with your mahkachkala. Joe dot com. Yes he Going through mr market allergy dot com as far as my social o'brien awareness. I have missed the market allergy across all social platform. So that's the best way of cards acting me Lincoln's only one is different as under jeff beal So you know of course they have to have your your real name so That's how you can contact meal. Social mr market on website is mr market allergy dot com. That's m. r. m. a. r. k. e. t. o. l. o. g. wide dot com. And then if you are interested in being part of that community market alleged group dotcom so That's actually community in there every day. So you can you know. Reach out and ask questions and things of that nature now just a small request. If you enjoyed today's episode lease rate and review the podcast and apple podcast or listening on spotify. Make sure you follow their subscribe and chanted podcast with other people. Hope you learned something new today and looking forward to connecting next week.

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