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Welcome to the turn your book into a business podcast where we help nonfiction authors just like you so more books make more money and build a business from what you are Early days it was really quite a simple process we're literally printing them on a photocopy a- or a laser printer and then binding them and sending them in the screen and the icon is the little picture on the screen so we're talking really really BICYC- stuff anyway the market only because I was buying software from them full the school and I approached them about whether they would be interested in actually promoting they had to learn how to use them and bring them into the classroom and teach the students as well so I started writing books that taught teachers things like how senses which meant the teachers could actually photocopy them within that school sought and use them as many students as I wanted but because we were selling them thoughtless Mantha was easier for meteoroid that sort of nonfiction book I happen to know a couple of software providers who supplied the education works out to the community and so it can get them to more teachers so they were interested they what we had and we started producing them and the we built around very civil instructions like move the mouse our over the icon and then underneath would have to explain that the mouse hour is the hour that moves around computers were really uncommon in schools they really went you know that often sane windows wasn't really a thing yet other than you started writing books for teachers that helped them use computers in a classroom so in the early days around nineteen ninety four ninety five self lifelong business out of that which has evolved in many different ways but essentially at hot on still an ULTA produce also I wrote a couple of these books and ran them out through a few different classrooms and found that the teachers really really locked them and being teaching myself I can tell you from experience that a good nonfiction book can be fantastic lifelong business and you might ask how can I say that in this first episode vibe basically little rundown of how I got into the book business and WHOA programs where I am now so books so I took the books and I was actually doing aim on mazdas research on how to use the will started out selling books nonfiction books too teaches back in around nineteen ninety five and I must in this series I'm going to be looking at how you can turn your book into a business and there is so many things that we can do nowadays is that why that we did sell through that method but eventually came a point about five to six years down the track where the market from I've AC- the the very early versions and also the cost prohibitive most teachers didn't really know a lot about computers but as I started to come into the schools I use Microsoft word which nowadays everybody knows it's pretty intuitive but back in those days was very very new in fact zone you that the Books Sa's wicked sillage book for instead of selling a book for twenty dollars we could actually sell assault lessons for one hundred dollars and that meant that the schools got the full value of different content now as well as books but through that experience of Loyd lot in to bring that to you so let's get started into Australia actually up greatly and new manual started coming in from other companies and the publishers are not GonNa Disagreed on the stall the product we might love more money things worked out really well for everybody so went on to produce pat on nine different manuals how to take money online and then I started promoting more books online and everything had to be done by yourself known slate and so the first time I work found out that I've had sil- into the US market it was really like lightning struck me and I was addicted so a real otherwise and I thought about how am I guide to sell books because I was well down this ride by now is making a good income on top of my teaching seven the routing Iraq the way that teaches oak and they wanted something a little bit more formal likely traditional Microsoft had us would book so we just to help sell their books so that's the essence more story as I said I learn how to sell books the hard way I had to land so at that I built using Microsoft publisher which is a very old program now but you know it was an easy way to make a couple of pints website and I found had give up teaching because of the money that I was making from the books that replace Mar wages now I've gone on to apply the ski it was really the Wild West but the one thing I did discover was because I was selling from Australia into America people will buy my books while I was schools and we weren't selling them as individual copies so he's my first tip you know how you sell your book is up to you we sold them as Ceylon certain books I still wrote books and I work with Authors and professional speakers and nonfiction specialists was that more books now I could make them available to the world now obviously things have changed we have flies Amazon and that now we can books but essentially based on the book that you've written all the books that you've written there's a large market out they and they need what you are and I'm here to help you get it to them and not just sell books because sometimes book sells for twenty or thirty dollars or will listen really nothing has changed in the essence that we still have to get books in front of people you can have your book on Amazon but if no one knows is there if no one got a mock it the hard way so in this podcast trying to try and do is help you build I lost business from what you know the Vista in Yahoo and in fact when I started there was actually inaugural directories all search engines you'd go to Assad and you'd follow links in different ways to give you an example of how people looking at things I love to read but often I haven't got time to sit down and read maybe you can put a website up on the Internet thing and maybe someone not by my lesson plan looks voted I mine and put up a little they sell more books through using websites and other mediums as well as a whole range of other things so meanwhile Beckham was story a lot of the content rather than you site he is my book this is how you must consume it by making it available in many forms people can approach it the products so for example a cools or a workbook or Dari or inaudible there's many options available to us these it to do searches for things so I was letting such engines and how that could be used in schools and you know to just to find information so thought will nips episode of the annual book into a business podcast this podcast you'll understand that so audio book is in otherwise consume the content of the book as the Ulta you still get paid people I mean my car travelling or on you know moving around so I can listen to a podcast or an audiobook so as your podcast listener obviously because you're listening get the information and you still making that impact on the will in fact you might be might even more effective impact because of the fact that people might listen to the whole that I should learn that marketing and build a you know on my marketing company and numerous websites and don also things online since then but in essence still people started to buy the books time and I kept growing and growing that and eventually it became a really a good income and I was I will to actually more but what else can we take that book contended into Heckman repurpose all that you know really valuable content and turn it into around and you'll white for the next episode I won't be long coming so I'll look forward to seeing you if you WANNA get in contact me it's really exciting how much the world has changed and how many options they are for you to type that knowledge that you put in the book and deliver it in a hole then you had to do anything we'll from each other it was a whole new world it was long before Google existed in its form that we know it is back in the days of hey welcome to the book to business podcast on Brad Hack and I'm sug logic and join me in this episode episode one of this new podcast series to deliver our content to people and help them succeed so that's the goal of the podcasts and is a little bit about me a hybrid range of the ways that people can consume it so we like to think of it as publishing three point out and this is where people choose the way they want to consume looking for because I realized there's a book on that topic then you're not gonna sell any so you know what we're GonNa look at it this is how we can actually you'll find me turn your book into Business Dot Com and you can get in contact May through I'm Brad Hawk on look forward to seeing the gravity than rates. 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