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Welcome to podcast presents. The Best of two thousand nineteen we have for you. The most requested episodes of crimes of passion and from this year for more great episodes. You may have missed. Subscribe to crimes of passion. Listen free on spotify and anywhere. You listen to podcasts. I do the graphic nature of these crimes. Listener discretion is advised this episode includes discussions thousands of domestic violence and sexual assault that some people may find offensive and maybe upsetting for some listeners. We advise extreme caution for children under the age. Each of thirteen for more information and resources victims and survivors of domestic violence can call the national domestic violence hotline and one eight hundred red seven nine nine seven two three three or visit. WWW dot the hotline dot org Irma Castro recognized that she was an old fashioned woman. Her teenage daughters sometimes scoffed at her rules and admonitions but she believed that it was important to race them. With a firm hand. Young people could be so foolish and impulsive. They need sensible adults to guide them to ensure they didn't stray into harm. That's what Irma feared for. Lorena Guiso even. Though Lorena wasn't her biological logical child Irma was responsible for her and she was becoming concerned by some of the changes she noticed in the last few months Lorena was acting differently ever since she met that young man in the Marine Corps and Irma's opinion. The boy just wasn't responsible bowl when he came to visit Lorraina. He didn't show the right kind of respect. Irma kept track of the grades. Arena earned at community college and she had noted noted that since LLERENA started hanging out with him she had gone from getting as and BS two APPS and Irma's daughters told her he never seemed to have any money he was sponging off. Arena like a Leech that wasn't how a proper courtship should go. Of course Lorena wouldn't hear anything of it. She just kept saying she loved him. Irma didn't know what to do. She would never let that Batman date one of her own daughters. She knew that Lorraina was on a bad path and she was afraid for her but if the young woman wouldn't listen to reason there was nothing. Erma can do but pray for Lorena Guy Yo in John. Wayne Bobbitt I I'm laney. Hobbs and this is crimes of passion a podcast. Original the legal definition Phoenician of a crime of passion is a violent crime that occurs in the throes of extreme emotion leaving no time to reflect on the consequences but in this show Oh we explore how the passions of relationships sometimes lead US criminal activity. How does a husband and wife become killer and victim? Am Or killer and Co conspirator if there's a thin line between love and hate what manipulates our relationships into deadly results adults at podcast. Grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and instagram. I'm at podcast and twitter at Parkas network and if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help us to leave a five star review where ever you're listening. It really does help. We also now have merchandise had departure. CAST DOT com slash merch. For more information it's been twenty five years since Lorena and John Wayne bobbitt burst made headlines across the country for anyone one even slightly familiar with their story. It's almost impossible not to feel a visceral reaction to the name Bobbitt. It invokes disgust outrage ridicule. Or all three Mo- while the name remains notorious. The details of their relationship are often obscured by jokes folks and lurid speculation in this episode will explore the beginning of John and Lorena bobbitt courtship and the volatile marriage that followed in our next to episodes. We'll talk about how the BOBBITT's marriage culminated in an infamous act of mutilation and the criminal charges trials and media media frenzy that surrounded the couple For Lorena Guy Baiocco family meant love tradition and respect. These were the values she was raised to believe in born in Bukeye. Ecuador in nineteen sixty nine lorraina grew up in a deeply religious Catholic family though. Her parents were strict. Llerena always felt surrounded by warmth and affection action in describing her parents relationship. She said they are like little kids. Always holding hands. When Lorena was five her family moved from from Ecuador Venezuela? They hope to find a better life there but as Llerena got older she dreamed about starting over in another country even farther sir away. She was in love with the idea of living in the United States. She grew up watching American movies and television. Captivated by the alluring world. They portrayed she completely bought into the idea of the American dream and the land of opportunity. She couldn't wait to discover it read for herself when Llerena turned fifteen in one thousand nine hundred eighty four. She told her parents that she didn't want them to pay for big gains and yet a party instead. She wanted to use that money to take a trip to the. US Lorena arrived in Washington DC in the spring when the cherry blossoms were in bloom home. She was elated to be there. She later said it was like another planet. Everything was just pink in beautiful. She told herself. Oh God this is the place I WANNA be a few years later. Lorraina got her wish after she graduated from High School and Venezuela she obtained a student visa to study in the United States. Her parents allowed her to enroll in community college in the Northern Virginia suburbs burbs of Washington. DC they're Lorraina stayed with the Castro's family friends who are also immigrants from South America Lorraine A- didn't speak much English so she enrolled in ESL classes. She also got a job working as a nanny for a woman named Janna Basuki soon after she took a position as a manicurist at a salon owned by Miss Sudi the Castro family like L- Arenas was strict and religious while living with them she was expected to follow a curfew and bring a chaperone on dates. Lorraine didn't seem to mind the sheltered life but it might not have been to her benefit before I continue with Llerena psychology. Please note I am not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. But I have done a lot of research for the show Dr Richard side a wick. A professor of neurology at George Washington University stated that protecting children Karen from the realities of the world can hamper their ability to learn from misfortune and develop the resilience that makes negotiating adult life. Easier in recent years. Marina admitted that she was very immature in her early adulthood. She didn't have the capacity to make responsible decisions or handle title the consequences of such. She later said I was naive about many things. The CASTROS had two daughters and several nieces around around Laurynas Age and the young women were permitted to go out and socialize together in September of nineteen eighty eight. They went dancing at an enlisted men's Club located in the Marine Corps base at Quantico Virginia at the Party nineteen-year-old Lorena enjoyed herself. Several men asked her to dance ants but only one young man came to sit at her table. Wariness still struggled with English but the man nevertheless trying to hold a conversation in with her. The twenty one year old lance corporal introduced himself as John Wayne Bobbitt till arena and might light as well have been a dream or a fairytale. She was a simple girl living out her big adventure in a foreign land. The only thing missing from the story was prince charming but tonight after an evening filled with dancing and music a handsome man with beautiful blue eyes was holding her hand and telling her how pretty she was. She couldn't understand everything he said but he made it clear that he wanted to see her again. He asked for her phone number. Llerena couldn't think of any reason to turn him down. It felt like fate all all these years. She had been waiting to discover the American dream a successful life with a loving husband and family with John. She felt like all all of that was possible. John called the Castro residents the very next day. Asking to take Lorena out. They began to see each other regularly never alone because a Castro's wouldn't allow it but John would come over to their house for dinner or to watch a movie other times Llerena and John on went out for ice cream and companied by one of the Castro daughters. LLERENA leader said that the cash showgirls didn't like John because he frequently forgot his wallet leaving Lorraina to pay the bill when they went out their mother. Irma noted that when the pair planned date he seemed incapable of showing up on time. Time later said that he didn't strike her as a responsible. Young Man. Lorraina wasn't bothered by any of this at all if John behaved behaved a little carelessly. She didn't believe it was on purpose. She was too infatuated with him to worry about these flaws. She thought he was good looking being and charming and she was impressed by his military service. LORRAINA S- Bass Misbehave Sudi said. It was like a high school romance to Nineteen Year. Old Lorena. John was Tom Cruise. Lorraina was deeply in love with her new suitor. Even though they didn't have much in common she soon learned that John had experienced a very different kind of life than she had and and interviews he has been open about the abuse he suffered as a child stating that. His father was an alcoholic who regularly nearly beat him his brothers and his mother when he was very young around three or four. His father left the family. John's mother other had a breakdown after his father walked out and some reports indicate that she abused drugs. John also said his family had no money and they were forced. We're still live in a crime. Ridden ghetto or. He claims they were often. The victims of racially motivated violent attacks when he was still a small child. John John and his two brothers were sent to live with an aunt and uncle. John had limited contact with his mother. After the move Dr Sherry Hamby a research professor professor of psychology at Swannee the University of the South stated that people who grow up exposed to domestic violence are more likely to be in violent relationships ships as adults or teens about twice as likely in many studies. In addition physicians Martin Are Hecker and Williams smock reported that children who witnessed domestic violence may believe that violence is a reasonable way to resolve conflict. But it can be difficult to predict how a child's child's exposure to violence will affect leader behavior medical researchers lot. Go Rock AVEC Pelser of the University of Maribor School of Medicine Send noted this in a recent paper. She stated that some study support the notion that growing up in an aggressive family increases the probability of being being a victim of spouse abuse whereas other studies have provided support for the notion that growing up in an aggressive home increases the probability of being a perpetrator perpetrator of spouse abuse. What is clear? Is that children who experienced or witnessed domestic violence often suffer long term consequences into adulthood adulthood. John has said that he enjoyed a happy childhood after moving in with his extended family in a separate interview however he claimed that he and his brothers were molested by an uncle during this time by some accounts John also had difficulties in school due to a learning disability and attention deficit disorder but he was able to graduate from High School in Nineteen Eighty seven twenty year old. John joined the Marine Corps. John said that his military career blunted his ability he to feel empathy saying because Emma Combat Marine. I'm trained not to feel emotions. It's really hard for me to understand a person who has a a lot of feelings. He later claimed that his marital problems with the arena were partly caused by his lack of sensitivity. But this didn't seem to be a problem at the start of their relationship. Llerena was just happy to have his attention. After about ten months of dating twenty two year old John and twenty year old Lorena arena. Were married a justice of the peace. Perform the legal ceremony on June eighteenth nineteen eighty nine. The couple settled into a small all studio apartment and Manassas Virginia out of the Castro's home and no longer burdened by chaperones and restrictions. John and Lorena Grena could finally build an intimate relationship together. As husband and wife. They seemed happy together. But that was quick to change will talk about John and Lorraine `as disastrous marriage coming up now back to the story in nineteen eighty eight twenty one year old Marine Corps Lance Corporal. John Wayne Bobbitt met nineteen year old. Lorena Cayo a young woman. Men who had recently immigrated to the United States from Venezuela they had palpable chemistry and after less than a year of dating they decided added to get married but the marriage turn sour almost immediately. They moved into a small studio apartment but they couldn't afford to furnish furnish it for the first month of their marriage. They slept on the floor from John. Wayne Bobbitt's perspective. This was the start of their problems. Laurino wanted too much too fast. John said that Llerena was angry that he could not provide more for her to her. The American dream meant being successful and having a big house bull arena told a different story. She was concerned by John's behavior very early in their marriage. She has said that the first cracks began to appear just a few weeks after they moved in together during the July Fourth Holiday John John Lorena took a trip up to Niagara Falls to visit John's family according to Llerena. John didn't tell her that his family had planned special wedding reception reception and picnic at their local church. The newlyweds arrived at delete missing the celebration when they got there. Everyone was furious. Areas it will Serena's first introduction to John's family. All she could say was. I'm sorry I didn't know after staying hanging Niagara for three days. John Lorena returned to Manassas. They did not go back alone. John's cousin Todd Bairo accompanied them. John told Lorena that his cousin was going to live with them for a while. LORRAINA was upset. Todd was a stranger to her. She tried to tell John's family that they lived in a tiny studio apartment without any furniture. She felt that they weren't in a position to host guests below arena. said her husband didn't care. Todd was going to move in with them whether she liked it or not. Soon after marina found drug Paraphernalia Korea and their apartment she discovered that todd was a convicted felon and addicted to cocaine and even bigger problem was todd's influence influence on John while he stayed with them. The two men went out drinking nearly every night. She said that about a month into their marriage. She asked to join the men on one of their nights out. According to Lorraina the group tried to go to a club called Chelsea's Washington DC but they were turned away because they're retired didn't fit the dress code. They decided to go to another bar were taught in John drink beer and took several shots. When it was time time to go home they all returned to the car and John got behind the wheel? Lorena recalled that John sped down is sixty six at over over ninety miles per hour. Recklessly weaving across lanes other drivers beep their horns in veered to get out of their way at one point joynt. She was so afraid they were going to crash. She grabbed the steering wheel according to Lorraina. That's when John Punched her. She started to cry as John Screamed obscenities at her todd sitting in the backseat simply nodded in approval at Johns Tirade aid. Lorraina reported that when they got home John dragged her to their apartment and began to kick her slap her and pull her hair a security guard. Officer Francis heard the disturbance in came to the apartment when John opened the door. His demeanor changed completely suddenly. He grew quiet and got his temper. Under control. Officer Francis Saul Llerena crying and asked her. If she had anywhere else she could go. She told him she was leaving but she was too embarrassed to go to a friend's house. She didn't want anybody to know what had happened instead. She drove to the parking lot of the salon where she worked and slept in her car. John in his cousin as in todd remember that night differently. They confirm Lorena Story. The three of them tried to go to a DC nightclub Chelsea's and that they were turned away because because John was wearing sneakers. Batat said let Lorraina became enraged when the bouncer wouldn't let them in. He claimed she punched in scratch. John Across the face. Todd set Llerena continued to attack John when they got home. He did not mention a visit from officer Francis. He said that he left them alone in their apartment and waited in a parking lot for them to calm down then he came back inside and went to bed. After the incident Lorraina Lorraine tried to talk to John to communicate that it was unacceptable to hit her. She said that John kind of apologized which gave her hope that she had had gotten through to him about a month later. The couple took a weekend trip to ocean city Maryland. They brought todd along as well as Laurynas friend and coworker Terry mccumber. The group was walking along on the beach when John Thought he heard a man whistle at the women he grew furious. Lorena Llerena said. John grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to their hotel. Terry mccumber confirmed marinas account of the trip horrified by the way John. John Treated Lorena. She yelled attempt to stop but John ignored her and told the women that they were going home. John went back to the hotel to pack up there things. He ordered the group into the car and they began to. Dr Terry said that on the drive home. She witnessed John hit and punch Llerena while she cowered in the passenger seat Terry again screened at John to stop but he wouldn't listen. He told Terry that if she didn't shut up he'd leave her on the side of the highway. John denied that he hit lorraine during the trip but he admitted that he became angry with her. He said that while he was driving through traffic ethic Lorraina and Terry were sitting together in the back seat looking out the window and flirting with men they saw in the cars passing by them on the highway. She did not not explain why he perceived their behavior to be flirtatious. He recalled feeling angry in ocean city but claimed that he didn't remember any other details of of the trip. After they dropped Terry off and return to their apartment. John continued to beat Llerena until she fled the apartment. She stayed with Terry that night but she returned the next day. Jason be writing a professor of marriage and family therapy at Brigham Young University scientist religious and family pressure as one of the most common reasons that women stay in abusive relationships in two thousand twelve study by associate professor of psychology policy at Brigham. Young University Nuwakot Yamawaki research suggested that social stigma and fear of being judged often deter victims stems from leaving their abusive spouses at that point. Lorena and John. We're still newlyweds. Only married a few months. She did not want to admit her. Our marriage was already a failure. Divorce also went against her Catholic beliefs. So she stayed with John. She was pleased when his cousin as in todd finally moved out of their apartment a few weeks later but John and Laurynas lives did not improve by laurynas account. John lost his temper and beat her at least once a month especially when he was drinking she felt particularly terrified when he started to choke her wrapping his hands around her neck and digging his thumbs into her windpipe. Lorena Co workers reported regularly seeing bruises on her arms neck neck and face around the same time John and Lorena moved into a new house with more space. John said the move was L- arenas idea And Lorena said it was John's both of them have since called the move a mistake since the house cost more than they could afford worries about money he added to their tension then in the spring of Nineteen Ninety twenty one year old Lorraina became pregnant. LLERENA couldn't understand. Understand how her marriage had gone so wrong. She tried to talk to John but nothing she said could make him understand when she explained how much she was hurting her he either laughed or became angry. Lorena couldn't remember the last time she felt anything positive until now but nothing not. Even John could take away the joy she felt being pregnant she had always wanted to be a mother in fact act. She pictured herself eventually having three children. A family just like the one she had grown up in. She had reservations about starting getting a family with John but for better or worse he was her husband and John was close with his own family. He always enjoyed spending time time with his brothers and cousins perhaps Lorena thought he would be pleased to have a family of his own Lorena Clung to that. Hope you're having a baby would certainly change everything about their lives. Perhaps it would also change John and to a different kind of man but when Lorraina told John about the pregnancy he was furious. He didn't want a child and they couldn't afford one he berated her grabbed a phone book and found a listing for a women's clinic. Lorena said John insisted she have an abortion. John denied this saying they came to a mutual decision to end the pregnancy because neither of them were ready to be parents but Llerena denied that she would ever have come to this decision engine on her own and win strongly against her Catholic faith 21-year-old Lorraina terminated pregnancy in mid June of nineteen ninety. She said she was distraught. Not only because she wanted to have the baby but also because John taunted her before the procedure telling her that it would be extremely painful and that she would not receive any anesthesia lorraine a- became severely depressed after the abortion. She didn't WanNa talk. Talk to John or be anywhere near him in response. She said he began to rape her. John's behaviour escalating lorraina started to fear for her life. They had a particularly terrifying altercation in late. Nineteen Ninety one morning while John was backing out of the garage. LLERENA approach the car. John had hidden her car keys before leaving. So she follows solid him out to ask him where they were as Lorraina stood beside the car. John Flung the driver's door open it hit Lorraina and knocked her to the the ground he then careened the car out of the driveway and raced away without stopping to see whether she was all right. He didn't notice that when Lorena. NFL down her clothes on the bumper. She managed to untangle herself before he sped off but John came close to dragging her behind his car. Dr Lorraina felt like she might have been killed when she went back inside. After this incident she saw a list of emergency phone numbers taped to her refrigerator. including the contact information for Marine Corps. Help line she decided to call and was connected to a military social worker in an interview with the social worker. John denied that he abused his wife. But when asked to fill out a questionnaire he circled categories on the report sheet indicating indicating that he had threatened to hit or throw something at her pushed carried restrained grabbed or shoved. Her drove recklessly to scare her through her bodily and hit her or tried to hit her with something. Good John Later said that he didn't remember filling out the form. I'm or even speaking with the social worker. He did say that he sometimes push Lorraina or restrained her because he claimed she sometimes tried to hit him when they fought. He objected to this because as he put it. It's not ladylike to strike out. Although John was questioned by the Marine Corps. Nothing nothing came of the interview. There was no follow up. This was perhaps because John was due to be discharged from the military the following month Lorraina said that throughout throughout nineteen ninety-one. John's beatings continued and became more frequent on several occasions. Twenty one year old Lorena place calls to nine one one and to report the abuse but the police really knew how to help her saying they didn't have the training to advise victim. Only once did one of her reports result in an arrest in February of Nineteen ninety-one Lorraina called nine one one after John Punched her in the face and twisted her arm. Mm when the responding officer arrived he noted that Lorena had sustained visible injuries to her elbow lip and foot. John was arrested and charged with assault and battery. John pleaded guilty to these charges but his conviction was never recorded. The court records indicate gate that the case was dismissed. After six months after John completed the just condition of attending counselling. It would not be the last time police. These were called to handle a violent incident between John and Lorena bobbitt coming up. We'll talk about the final. The years of the Bob at marriage and the night that preceded their permanent separation. Now back to the story in the spring of Nineteen ninety-one twenty-three-year-old John Wayne Bobbitt and his wife. Twenty one year old Raina had been married for nearly two years. There's for the entirety of their marriage. Lorraina claim that John Physically and emotionally abused her. She was not silent about the abuse use. She told customers at the Nail Salon where she worked. who asked about her? Bruce is many of these customers. Were horrified by what they heard but did nothing. She told neighbors one of them gave her pamphlets on domestic violence and another offered her a place to stay below. Arena declined the offer offer. She wasn't ready to leave yet even if she was she thought it would be too easy for John to find her Lorena and John Occasionally only attended church services at Bethlehem Baptist Church one Sunday Lorraina told the pastor there that her husband was hitting her. The pasture spoke to John telling him to stop. He leader recalled that John had no response. She told medical professionals. Dr Inman treated Lorraina for a respiratory infection. She noted that Llerena seemed agitated and nervous. She was either ventilating. Dr Inman asked asked her whether she was experiencing stress and Lorena responded that she was anxious because her husband meter have sets without her permission. The Doctor Advise Advice Lorraina to call protective services at times. John was also open about his behavior. An acquaintance related time. They were hanging now with a group of men talking about women in that conversation confirmed by others. John Brag that he enjoyed having forcible sex. The friend recalled. He said that he liked to make girl squirm and yell and make them bleed and yell for help. Lorraina seem desperate desperate for help but the one thing she wasn't willing to do was end her marriage at that point. She still believed that. Divorce would be immoral oral feeling against her Catholic faith but by the summer of Nineteen Ninety one even the appearance of marriage between John and Lorena was rapidly rapidly disintegrating according to Lorraina. John started sleeping with other women. She said he often stole money from her purse to fund his dates. It's John Rarely had money of his own dispend. After his discharge from the Marine Corps he struggled to find and keep a job the couple for relied almost entirely on the Rina's income as a manicurist but she didn't make enough to pay their bills. Their cars were repossessed and their house was foreclosed on sometime in the summer of Nineteen ninety-one in order to keep up with the bills and get her car back arena. Raina began embezzling money from the Neil Salon. She wrote up false tickets for the customer. She served overcharging them and kept the difference. She did this for several months when she eventually confesses to John. He was furious the agreed she should come clean to her boss. Janna China Basuki. Miss Basuki was angry but she had known Llerena for several years and she understood her desperate situation. Instead at a firing her she dunk lorraine his commissions until all the money she'd stolen was repaid with financial strain and John's infidelity a constant source source of tension. The couple separated in October of Nineteen ninety-one. After two years of marriage John. Move back to Niagara Falls to stay with his family marina moved back in. With a Castro's the couple remained apart for nearly a year but they stayed in touch by telephone both seemed interested rested and reconciliation. Despite everything that had happened between them John was still arenas I love. She admitted I was scared. Geared to meet somebody else a two thousand three study published in the Journal of family. Violence valmet leaving abuser tends to be a process rather than a discrete discrete event and can take several years. On average a victim leaves their abusers seven times before the separation is permanent in September of Nineteen Ninety two twenty four year old. John returned. Virginia he said he and Lorraina wanted to try to start over again and work on their marriage they moved into the Maplewood Park apartment complex and Manassas according to Lorraina the abuse resumed immediately after they were reunited. Lorraina said that by the start of nineteen ninety three. John beat her at least twice a week by May Llerena finally seemed to recognize their relationship. Attention was beyond repair around this time. John told her that his friend Robert was moving into their one bedroom apartment breath after the experience with todd. Lorena was weary about having more men. Stay in her home but John didn't give her a choice at this point. Lorraina thought about getting a divorce when she brought it up to John. He told her she could leave but reminded her that he knew where she worked and he would always be able to find her even if their marriage was over. According to Lorraina. John told her that divorce people usually stay friends and continue to have sex given his past behavior arena took this as a threat he would continue to rape her even even if they split up as the abuse continued. LORRAINA had the idea to hide a tape recorder in her purse. She thought a tape of John be reading her might be helpful in divorce proceedings. Ba- John discovered the tape while trying to take money from her purse and he flew into a rage. The BOBBITT's downstairs stairs neighbors later said they heard allowed argument with someone banging in running around. She heard Lorena screaming John to give back her purse. Llerena Raina said that John Grab the tape and flushed down the toilet then. She said John Raped her Lorena. Lorraine tried to fight him off. She scratched his face leaving a gouge in his cheek but he overpowered her lorraina reached a point where she didn't want to salvage things. Her life with John was a nightmare and she just wanted it to be over over the next few weeks. She moved things out of at the apartment. She told neighbors she was donating clothes and furniture if they wanted to come by and take what they liked. It seemed that she was finally preparing to walk out out of her marriage on Saturday. June nineteenth nineteen ninety-three arena. Ran into a neighbor Diane Hall. She told Diane that she was moving out and looking for a new place to live the next day. John's friend Robert Johnston arrived to stay. With the BOBBITT's Robert noted that Lorena was moving boxes. Says out of the apartment. He said the couple seemed strained and that they were ignoring each other on Monday. June twenty-first Llerena went to the Prince William County courthouse. She filled out paperwork to obtain a protective order against her husband. She was worried about what John had said that he would track her down even if they split up at the courthouse the clerk helped her fill out the paperwork then let her know would take some time to type up and enter the order into into the computer system. Lorena told him that she couldn't stay but that she might return on Wednesday to complete the process. She may have decided to wait because she had not yet found her own apartment and was still living with John. Lorena might have realized that if she filed the protective order that day they would have had to separate great immediately before she was ready to move out the next morning. John and Robert were gone when Llerena woke up. John had gotten a job. Unloading being trucks at a food warehouse and secured Robert Temporary work there as well. Lorraina went to work at the Nail Salon as usual when she came home. The the men were still out. John was supposed to work a second job that evening as a host and a nightclub but he was told it was a slow night and he wasn't needed he and Robert decided to go out for drinks instead lorraine meanwhile had a quiet night at home. She visited with her downstairs neighbor Ella Jones Jones and talked about her marriage. Miss Jones had overheard several incidents of violence and she was worried about Llerena when the arena opened up about the abuse. Miss Jones told her that she could come spend the night at her place but she was an elderly woman. What several health problems and the Raina did not want to make eight more trouble for her? She thinks Miss Jones for the offer. Then she went back to her apartment and went to bed after drinking several beers. John Robert left the bar around one thirty. Am they had a meal. At a Denny's restaurant then returned to the Maplewood Park apartment around three a M in in the early hours of Wednesday June twenty third Lorena said that she woke up to find her husband on top of her he ripped ripped off the shirts and underwear. She was wearing and forced himself onto her. She said she tried to cry out but he shoved his tongue so far down her throat what she thought she was going to vomit. She kept shaking her head no but he ignored her and rapier afterward he pushed her away way Lorraine said she cried and asked him why he did this to her. He told her to leave them alone and let him sleep. Llerena pulled on her clothes and got out of bed. Her head roiled as unwanted images flashed through her brain. She couldn't stop the barrage of memories summaries the first time John hit her kicked her choked her and all the times after hundreds of instances seared into her mind she tried to calm herself down to stop her body from shaking to stop the pictures from flooding through her brain but it was impossible. She was so tired and angry. She had reached her limit. She was desperate to escape to be rid of John but it seemed impossible. The whole he had on her felt like a heavy cloak on her shoulders. She couldn't simply shrug it off. It suffocated her. She felt terrified that she would never be free. I'm Lorraina went into the kitchen. She thought a glass of water might help settle her nerves as she opened the refrigerator. The kitchen filled with light. Lorena turn towards the counter to grab a glass instead. The first thing she saw was a knife she reached out and wrapped her fingers around the handle. It felt smooth and cool in her hand when she returned to the bedroom Ed Room. She took the knife with her. Thanks again for tuning into crimes of passion. We will be back Wednesday with the next episode on John and Lorena Bobbitt will discuss Halloween. A- ended her marriage and the trials and media storm that came after you can find more episodes of crimes of passion as well as all parkas other shows on spotify or your favorite favorite podcast directory. Several of you have asked how to help us. If you enjoy the show. The best way to help is to leave a five star review. Don't forget to follow us on on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network. We'll see you next time. When true love meets true crime crimes of passion was created by Max Cutler is a production of cutler media and is part of the podcast network it is produced by Maxon Ron Cutler with sound design by Karie Murphy Production Assistance by Ron Shapiro and Paul Liebskind additional production assistance by Maggie Admire and currently madden? This episode of Crimes Of Passion is written by Christina. Pay Me's I'm leaning Hobbs.

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