hello welcome to something rhymes with purple. The podcast about words and language and gender which rings i would say about wonderful capillary with macy's ident and my zoom partner giles. I didn't forget your name. Their jobs i was just looking at the arrived puts behind you. How many books do you reckon you have in your house. Oh i don't know many many thousands most unread. But i just like possessing a book. Books do furnish a room. And we're both in our zoom studios. This week i've come into the basement. The basement bunker. I felt the news in the outside. World is getting so grim. That i thought i'm going to retreat and this basement room actually contains books that i have written or published. All of those all signed j all of those behind me over. The i've written too many books. Not all of them. Good they all kept down here. And i published a lotta books to in the nineteen seventies and nineteen eighties. I had the idea was on. The pioneers won't call celebrity publishing. And i was a friend of kenneth williams and i suggested it to kenneth williams people. Listening internationally may not know him. He was a most entertaining. Acta rotter a delightful human being famous in this country for the pitting of many as in the carry on films before that on television and things like hancocks hoffa and very much a radio voice as well particularly program that i've been doing for many years for just a minute delightful and being anyway. I sent him usually do a book. Kenneth and is What should i do. And i came up with the title acid drops. 'cause he loved telling stories that had little twist in the tale and we did a number one bestseller and that led me onto doing a lot of celebrity books with a wide range of people. Michael kate with him called not a lot of people that oh goodness dudley moore every kind of entertainer. We did books with and it was huge. Fun how amazing. I've never ever had a number one bestseller apart from. I'm pleased to report in two categories on amazon. My current book is number one in historical comparative linguistics. I think that's fine. Catch doc humor and this one's relevant to today christian theology. I'm number one in christian. Theology have absolutely no idea. Why although i do mention to saints and she. That's our topic for today. Isn't it because you have told me at the that you have you sleep with a book of saints aside you do on your bedside table my wife a good idea. I have the right kind of dreams. She gave me this book. Years ago. i've got in my hand. Noggin shut to. You is zoom but the listeners will just have to picture it. It's the penguin dictionary of saints. And i've had it for. Roy goodness forty years and i do keep it at my bedside because i like dipping into a book at bedtime because otherwise i tried to read a novel i fall asleep and the next night. I've got to go back and sort of read the pages. I fell asleep over again. Whereas with a little dictionary of saints can dip in. And i can discover a story of an intriguing story about somebody who somebody must've thought once upon a time was good and i like to go to sleep in fact i always go to sleep counting my blessings when i turn out the light and i said good night to my wife i then lie there and i count my blessings and i was beginning with my wife for reasons of insurance and imposing since we're sharing a bed but then i actually count the blessings of the day and You know it's a family and its friends and its food and it's all things so that always gets me to sleep. It's basically a big thing of mindfulness. Isn't it gratitude. took giving. Thanks really key element of calming the mind. Apparently under another. I have to tell you it certainly works and it means that you end up going to sleep with a smile on your face and curiously. I read some research somewhere that if you can visualize something for about two minutes long time before you go to sleep. It can affect your dreams. So that's one of the reasons to. I read about saints because i think what am i gonna spend the night with anybody. Spend the night with somebody good but then for a while. I had a a rather healthy. Joan of arc fixation but we can come onto that later. I you say because the stories are in. No exactly benign. They quite often. They are incredibly grizzly. Bloody this conversation began because of was talking about susan. A yes and you didn't seem to know there wasn't susan but lots of people have emailed us about this including soup. Pinfolds sue sabin Susan ekelund and proves nacho susan's rich rosenfeld got in touch to say the innocent susan and her feast day is the eleventh of august. Okay according to my victory of saints. The originals and susan was a room and mata possibly known as susanna all susan betted near the baths of diocletian probably historians legendary. She was the beautiful niece of the bishop of rooms. Chaos and she was tragically beheaded for rejecting the hand of diocletian partner. Maksim a father and two other uncles were put to death for supporting that. And you say it's a pretty grim story but she was a good girl that other since susan's of whom not much is known suzanne. Nick was the armenian wife of a georgian prints. She was martyred about the persians. The oldest existing work of georgia literature is an account of how long sufferings who made a good point. Actually i have been thinking about these people. I think about the bright side note about the grim ends. Tell me about the word saint. Where does that come from. We'll same goes back to the latin sanctis meaning holy so it pretty much does what it says on the on the tin. And of course that gave this tank to mona's which is you know somebody who pretends to be incredibly a virtuous etc and other things and ultimately eighties from a verb meaning to consecrate. What does it give a sanctity on sanctuary as well and also function. Because the first sanction was a church on ecclesiastical decree yes and lots and of words in the same family. there giles. the innocent child's in his feast as the first of september. Okay when i was a little boy. I often went on holiday to france. My parents i've worked out didn't really liked me. That's why they sent me to boarding school during term time and abroad during the holidays. I think they thought i talked too much oldest anyway. They sent me away. And every summer for the whole of the summer holidays. In france and france then was a very very much catholic country and saint's days would tend to be important and so the first of september the feast of some giles in french. Gene it can be spelt with an is his normally with a as we know spellings were not sold to find really whether until about the eighteenth century so lockdown i was all incredibly fluid. Yeah something caxtons help so a little bit before them. But you're right not fully standardized for a while so never mind how you spend it. He is the patron saint of crippled people is also strongly associated with child and indeed with fallen women. So i've always felt. He was a guy and all of us in france. Little boy you had a special k on your saint's day always made me sick. It was a hugely creamy cake. And i hadn't developed my sweet tooth at that stage obliged egypt and invariably associated zen stay with throwing up now. Let's explore before we go back to individual saints. Can we explore some of the words to do with his whole world. Because you're right. Many of these saints become saints. Not only because they had holy lives. Who early christians the because they were martyred martyrdom come from marta. It goes back to a greek word meaning to witness c could interpret that not so different ways. I'm assuming it means to maybe witness the power of god but yet to slightly strange beginning. I have to say most of these words became with ancient. Greek miracle is slightly different. A miracle goes back to the at murari which meant to wonder oh to stare at in one day and miraculous was an object of one day but it always makes me smile actually the mirror that we look at in the morning when mistress might find ourselves idia repulsive in other words. We didn't cavazos repulsive repulsive and that actually goes back to the same idea to stare in wonder so it was makes me laugh Personally i didn't get american star in wonder the reflection but yeah that's where that one comes from. Do they do that. I was taking a selfie. Takers i'm thinking partner television program the other day with a couple of Chums of mind one of whom was the great gemma collins from the essex. The great juicy and post show she was happening. I think it's called shaking booty and waving up bottom at wingels cameras so that they could put them on. Instagram thought. This is curious but obviously some people quite happy with that said belfi about selfie iraq to cell he whatsoever that belfi a belfi selfie and our friends our mutual friend carol autumn also seeing body was a brace of butts being waved at the camera. Yes i think. Carol's one rare if the air or some slight. Gps prize quite often actually not. I'm not sure she celebrates fat. But i think she has won it when i she celebrated because she was shaking the booty. It's a bottle to belfi possibly how we got there from the world of sin susan's in lower amp. Laming is this. Get to beatification when you become a say. The price of becoming a saint is. I think there has to be a medical associated with you. Miracle we've established is was hit again. What does it wonder from the latin. Yes to wonder. An objective wonder cuban. So you've been martyred or you've had a wonderful life and a medical as occurred. I think and then you are beatified. Beatification was the origin of that case back to a word meaning blessed. And do you remember. We talked about blessing analogy. If that which can quite dark in fact. I think we covered the grizzly words quite recently to bless was to consecrate with blood so quite often it would involve a an animal recreationally a human sacrifice that goes back to the same thing unless place today quite often with martyrdom blood is associated so perhaps it is in fact quite appropriate. You have the devil's advocate of course as well didn't you a when you're being put through becoming say yes. The argument takes places to whether you're justified and somebody as it were puts the counter argument. They are the devil's advocate. What's the expression. Well that is historically. That is all about the roman catholic church and it was a person appointed to challenge a proposed beatification canonization of a saint or verification of a miracle. And then it sort of course. You didn't meaning to me. Somebody who expresses a different opinion disagrees in order to test the strength of the opposing arguments. He'll sign many playing devil's advocate in. I'm just testing the of what you say. Say yes. that's one that we've definitely taken from the world of saints. What about the finals. Once the devil's advocate is had his say say you then do become a saint. By being canonized doesn't being far from mcallen is it can cause a book. What is the cannon with one end at. This goes back to the greek meaning a rule. That's my general sense of it. It was a general rule or very specifically it was A church decree. I'm from their cannon. Canes minna collection of sacred books accepted as being genuine. Which is why we talk cannon of literature. So it's it's kind of hard core journey that would but definitely cannon with one end from the latin greek rule and then through the canon of beef lieutenant relief i think canon of beef is a particular chunk of beef but okay account that they m piece of artillery is back to the latin for kane or read a large tube says the idea of tube and that. Could you come loney as well. But i'm not sure about kind of beef. I've never heard that. Let me look up cannon. If you're new to something rhymes with level what happens is this we just chanter on and susie almost always knows all the answers but occasionally when she doesn't she's honest about it i'd bluff. I'd invent something no. Suzy actually checks it out in the oxford english dictionary largest and we think the best dictionary in the world though webster has a lot going for it trying to keep on side with the americans and waste is great. I can't find anything about cannon beef enough to leave that one with me. We'll come back to the calendar beef. Can i say suzy. Urine angel the angel. Thank you. Well that's peaceful. That gets to greek again angelos. Meaning messenger a messenger from god. Angeles is a beautiful wedding. it's always remained which for our flow in. Sometimes they take a turn for the worst but this one has definitely not an angel was the name given to an old english gold that was cooled the angel noble and that was during the reign of charles i and it was stamped with the image of the archangel michael he slayed attraction. And then you got the client. Angelica hold on michael slay the dragon. What i thought was george that say drag him. Well i think that was the archangel michael is was. I think this is not the same dragon. Different dragon at different dragon. But yeah so the plant. Anjelica was the angelic curb. Because it was believed to be an antidote to poison and disease and to be on the side of the angels. Do you remember that that was disraeli. Wasn't it who was refined to the controversy about charles darwin's book on the origin of species. And he said. I'm on the side of the angels is mining ape or an angel. I am on the side of the angel. What a piece of work is man. I dipped into my dictionary of saints. And that is michael. The archangel feast day. The twenty ninth of september. Obviously a very big dude. I'm just checking whether there is this story. The no no in the in the the canonized world of great saints. The well known passage in the apocalypse is where he appears about the war in heaven contributed to his being honored in the west as the captain of the heavenly host and protect christians in general and of soldiers in particula. I'm just glancing down this to see mention of this dragnet. Because i don't know that. I had about dragon if you know which came. First some georgia's dragon all the dragon. The t the archangel michael according to susie dent dealt with a please let us know it's just bubble at something else dot com. Something without a. Gee i wonder who invented the dragon and where that word comes from. Should we discover that after the break. Yes and i have to tell you about saint catherine rada as well of course celebrate laser saints. That what their way into english words. Good stay with us also from something else. Katie papers extraordinary. People join katy for a series of powerful and inspirational conversations people who have triumphed over adversity with guests including fern cotton. And what about when you get really lazy. Journalism select people draw. Just one line. They take out of context and not really sad because this is seven on the receiving end of it so many times sometimes to really tragic levels may worry not foul able to cope with their. So he suck. And nadia hussain. I think the thing women firstly is that women sometimes don't always like to see other women succeed. I think that's right. yeah. I think there's a lot of that and i think that's why just it's really hard. Sometimes because if i if in the last four years i've changed so much missing now in apple podcasts. Spotify and all good focused apps without giles contained about account of beef. Tell me actually our producer. I think monty beaten one. It looks like accounting. Apparently is dublin nothing to do with sheep of the contract. Meet the second. My homework was michael and slang We'd love to hear what people know about this propriety. Standard iconography that developed of all kinds of michael was as the warriors saint slaying attracted on those this been beautiful all depicting just that and how long up dragons being around or at least how long the word dragon been around what i can goes back to assimilate greek to an dragon. Goes back to the greek for sup and so it was one of the first sentence in english in fact in the middle ages saving. Nearly text is really difficult to know what they're talking about. A python was the medical fire-breathing monster. But yes it came into middle english. Say we're not talking about anglo saxon times and the word simply means it's a greek word list wreck on serpent. Yes there's a saint call center drew go. You know who is believe it or not the patron saint of the ugly also the patron saint of coffee identify. That may be drew go drug. Oh interesting since jude. Can you tell me passage by the way because nick you mentioned him. The jude is the patron saint of law schools. Look him up here. We are first century. Apostle an apocryphal document. Alleges that jude. The apostle preached the gospel in was martyred in pressure with his federal fossil. Simon jude enjoys great popularity as a powerful intercessor for those in desperate straits students of the publicity column of the times newspaper outer wear. This is because this book. I'm using was published many as again in the old days. The times used to have advertisements on the front page and people would give thanks to some jude for his intercessions in little advertisements on the front page of the times. So i if he's the patron saint of lost causes. If you are desperate turn to send jude. Okay if you ugly turn to some drew drago if you're desperate for coffee tillerson drago. Can i tell you about two things that found their way into english because he would never guess it. I think now in in our exit. I think long way back about our favorite holidays. I may have mentioned the would remember this what you said them. Okay say on february. The third is the feast day of blaze and he was a sixth century physician on the patron saint of wool comas because he was martyred apparently by being attacked with alan colmes more grizzlies and but also also afflicted with complaints of throat and there was a blessing administered to sufferers if any problem with right through the touch two candles held is cross against their throat. The reason this is relevant to tawdry is because afflictions if the throat all behind this another saint episode rada. He was the daughter of king. Anna of east anglia and she fled from really unhappy marriage and she founded in abbey in ili. Now the site of the city's cathedral but when she died she died from a tumor of the throat. And she has self said. This was divine retribution for the vanity of wearing necklaces. As a youth she became the patron saint of ili and poplar name of saint audrey and the city had an annual fair in commemoration of her and her devotion etc and they would sell sink audrey lace net brand of lesson ribbons in the name was corrupted toward release and it's a quality diminished These tawdry can't describe anything cheap shoddy which is such a long way away from the wonderful audrey. That's extraordinary well the judgment. The language sometimes takes. I know and my other favorite one just just to finish off. My two favorites ain't stories in terms of s. Malusis is simone martin and again apologies to regular purple people. We talked about but this is quite extraordinary. Martin day is never the eleventh on that commemorates the funeral of martin of tool. He was a full century. Raymond soldier but he has got the most wonderful story of charity benevolence attached to him because as a soldier in goal he's said to count shivering beggar on the streets and he couldn't will cone he couldn't pass by and he took off his cloak split into and gave on to the man to whom him up that night said he drove christ wearing the half cloak he'd given away and saying to the angels harry's mawson the roman soldier who is now baptized. His closed me and on his death. Half fat cloak was kept as a holy relic in a sanctuary that became known is a cappella and cappella means little cape and that of course became chapel. The cappella became chapel. Acapella means church music written for unaccompanied voices in a chapel so again. What an amazing story from martin if tool to the west chapel. It's brilliant. this is why i love something. Rhymes with bev leone. These extraordinary journeys. And if you want a to help you navigate linguistic journey. Do please get in touch with us. Also put his right on certain things you mentioned. King anna the king of the east angles. Yeah had another daughter called site. Or seth is named after a saint saint sites. And what did she name for. What is known for a beauty and her integrity lovely which is quite nice though king anna wasn't happy matted man and should paps of turned to some to go g. u. m. a. r. Us who is the patron saint of difficulty death. I loved him when he's actually the patron saint of difficult managers. Say if you manage manages bridges and cameras and may be able to sort it out and this unusual saints julian. The hospital sounds like a good egg but he is. What is all specialty. of course he was. He's also the patron saint of murderers But even ought he killed his own. Parents apparently had good reason. Anyway he's a saint and if you are upon on a charge of murder. I it's either jude. Julian the hospital for those or maybe some rita. Rita is the patron saint of the impossible. Wow if you're hoping wishing for the impossible something that seems so elusive. It could never happen. Egotism reach medical out. Dream the impossible dream so i i love this world. I love the idea of saints and angels and all of that and dragons don't you. Yeah which we were told this at school. Because when i went to a convent. And i did confession and we were given appendi- penance afterwards. Night get three. Hbo or something. Which would be an three eight three. Hp pencils Which was three hail marys. Would've i never never i. Didn't i was told about the saints and nevada to say prayers to the saints gordon angel. I remember that private nice pacific saint going to give you a quick quiz. And then we're going to get onto your three words of the patron saint of because this comes from the british isles we brought all over the world and please do let us know where you come from what your local saint might be if you have them on. Have them if you're a devil worship. This is an ecumenical podcast. We celebrate all faiths and none so feel free to get in touch on. What go you want to susie dent patrons into england coach date. No idea does april traditional. Shakespeare's day as well as the dan which he died. We knew that of april. We catch it. He was born. Then i'll come on twenty april. George scotland andrey weld on. What's the date november. The thirtieth of november the cross of dandruff by tradition prevents which is from flying down your chimney and causing mischief. So if you've got a cross and andrew place it by chimney wales patron saint of wales. Bruce davis ideas from the first march. Isn't it correct. David's of course useful pass quiz people smallest city in the uk. That when you're next next take part in celebrity pointless. It's the one dimension when they say you know small cities of david's finally island on indecent. Patrick i i get his march again but i this terrible. I can't remember exactly which day it's the seventeenth much and he isn't. Patrick is credited with banishing all the snakes. From and i don't think he was as effective as people think. Because i remember going on a tramping holiday in county cork and that definitely was the odd grozny in the heather accept peaceful am. We must come back to this. Topic is we haven't explored some joan. And i'm completely fascinated. Always have been. But we've had so many letters communications. Thank you very much for being in touch. There's one here. I mentioned the patron saint of toffee on. It was coffee. Wasn't this is says hi giles. And it's from bad a hill. In halifax i think maybe england or could be had effects nova scotia. Thank you very entertaining show. I've a seasonal christian for you. Why is bonfire toffee called tom trout. I wanna use some rhyming slang to do with plot. This is because in this country on the fifth of november traditionally. We have bonfire night marking the arrest of guy. Fawkes and other conspiracies attempted to blow up parliament at the beginning of the seventeenth century yet. And we talked about bonfire being an abbreviation of bone fide. And we did yes tom. Trump is a real mystery. I'd not heard of this before it. Says in the candy made of trickle the same as taffy. It says it's a type of tree coffee at toffee hunting. But it doesn't tell us why no one seems to know. Would it make you to lou. I'm no idea. I doubt it but it goes back to eighteen. Twenty nine is the first record we have in a glossary but yeah. Nobody seems to know site. If anybody out. That does no i would love to hear it. Great jim-jams i johnson suzanne big fan. Thank you often. Listen while doing the washing up. Who i that's okay. I liked like up. We've got a washing machine. But i like washing up. I find it very satisfying anyway. I'm pleased to find a reason to get in touch with simple on a phrase that i couldn't get my head on. I was reading a collection of victorian short oughta stories and came across the line. Let's get out to this acoustic place as fast as we can. Actually have the gym gems. If i stay here so jim gems that. I'm pajamas. exactly. Well says sam campbell of coach. Wooster what did the horrify protagonist mean when he won't of having the jim-jams and how is it that we now use it to describe pajamas. The story was from eighteen ninety seven. If that's any help guess It's lovely range of meanings. Jim dams in the d. And because this particular entry hasn't yet been updated isn't actually mentioned pajamas. It mentions everything but said jim. Jam is what we call over jeep gated term or duplicated compounds. So you have in willingly shelley shelly. Helter skelter etcetera and base elements in this case are unexplained normally can understand one of them but these ones seem to be entirely whimsical. like flimflam. Trim tram win-win excetera. So i in sixteenth century a knickknack. There's another offensive low trivial article. Then it moved onto me peculiarities. Fantastic ways then it meant the dt's in the nineteenth century but also in the nineteenth century. And this is where. I think this comes on. It mean jittery. Leanest fidget were fit of depression. So it's really almost being a word that can be put to any use. She wanted to be because it sounds. I think it does sound like you've got the the challenges but it went. It went the way of pajamas simply because the jams reminded people pajama. Yeah it's jenny doesn't seem to be viet. Thank you for that now episode all about schools education. We discussed different times for playing truant. Is it skydiving. Bunking playing hooky. Lots of people got in touch with phrases for sneaky. act From brisbane in australia. Nathan scott thomas tells us it's called wagging school there. Yeah i think that's possibly. It goes back to the idea of a wag. Being a mischievous child that gave us the wags. It is the comedian. Remember because it short for why coulter somebody who hangs in the news sites like i fit to hang as grizzly but i think it was applied if it can be a semi jokingly but i think that's where working school comes. The idea of mischief a wide halter you hum from a wagon. Say a whack coulter with somebody who yes basically be hanging from the holter around their necks. It's it's pretty grim but it seems to have always been used playfully. If that's possible for a mischievous child or somebody gets up to no good other words. Skydiving when you think means bunking off school. Skydiving or not doing proper work. Neil hot will gets in touch to say when i was growing up north hampton. It was perfectly normal to see job advertisements for skydivers. Is it a wow term from boot and shoe manufacturer for someone with a shop knife who slims down the edge of leather beezus before stitching. That's what he thinks. It is a sky ever. Yeah absolutely right so sky. I'm just looking this. I didn't know this. It will somebody who has all split leather seats for bookbinding lining hats and other things so am very good and that goes back to a very different route. 'cause this to sky off school is s. Which means to dodge in. French is what we think but to skydive in this sense of leather is a viking word and it's related to shy and shy is like a slice jordan. Manley hopkins talks about shy of light. Is the light that shines through the kind of trees so they're all linked beautiful beautiful. Put finally chris morton emails to say i grew up in south lanarkshire just outside glasgow city limits and many parents who've moved into the attia. All substitute teachers have shock moment. When kids say they've been dogging to me from school. I know i'll say dogged but both my parents myself. I'm twenty five and kids come in school. Use dogging as the standalone word cont trading catholic tradition. We must promise people. I want us to have another dirty it episode. It's a while since we actually got down and dirty sound slightly to excise it at this point. I just feeding that. You know we've got to give people something to live for these agreement times and nobody actually wants. I mean nobody wants to dogging but people quite amused to hear about the chance of the word. I found it. Sorry as you were talking excitedly about doing dirty episode founded nine thousand nine hundred five it can mean originally in the us to at lazio halfheartedly to slack idle all to shut. Avoid a gt said. This is given us american rather than did you. That was australian. South lennox does go. Sorry okay but i think it's once again the bad reputation that does seem to have them. We always just described any kind of able to them which is extremely fair. Play good just to say we. Will we do hot dogging episode. We will warn you. They will be a health warning us if you don't want to hear about it please. Don't meanwhile everyone a trio have you got a trio of words new inspiring uplifting words. I've got some things down because he mentioned dragons. I'm giving jam in what start with. Which is often footer. Dawson footer. with d. r. a. c. h. e. n. Which means dragon then footer. F. u. t. t. Which means food spit sexist. This one dolphin. Footer is a gift to man will give his girlfriend or partner of any description in order to appease them for coming home late or having done something wrong footed. It's dragon food lou. Yes yes yes anyway. It just reminded of that one this one. I love going to stay with foreign languages. It sounds something i learned this week. And it's finish none of no idea how to pronounce it. But i'll give it a go cosima which is p. o. r. n. k. u. s. e. m. a. An it's an old finnish measurement of around seven and a half kilometers and it's calculated by how far reindeer can travel before. It needs to pay. So i think literally means reindeer. We aside left. Stay actually have a measurement for according to how long range reindeer can go antigua jazz. I'm gonna stick with language why. Not we're gonna have a foreign language trio. The third one is lag on which is swedish and it just the golden quantity really not too much not too little just on like on women in the world of saints. You've given us beautiful language. One of my grandchildren has given me a limerick to sham. Saying grandpa you'd is still doing punch at the end of upon cost. I said yes. They gave me this. Limerick i pay purring walls in the lou and quite frankly i haven't a clue for the patents are wrong all the papers too long. And i'm stuck to the toilet with glue only podcast which will from dogging to eliminate grandson get into listen to that one. That's all for this week. It is our lord yes something with purple is something else. Production produced by laurence facet with additional production from patty well. Steve abdomen ella mcleod jabil. And golly he's out dogging.

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