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The. Welcome to courageously go, where we will venture into places. We've been afraid to go women of the world. We are going to start a movement, a movement towards courage. Hello, everybody. My name is Debbie petro, and I am the host of go. And I'm so glad that you are here with us. This is the show where we facilitate a global conversation about courage. We do this, because I believe that when we live from our hearts by choosing courage, the life of our dreams and a better world for all our possible. No matter our age or circumstances. We never needed feel stuck or alone are essential truths are as follows. I choose courage. I use my mice. I embrace the new. I welcome challenge. I continue to grow. I am a woman of action. I courageous Lee go, if any of these statements resonate with you, then you are in a good place, and I'm glad that you are. Here with us today. Also with us is this week's guest and her name is Deborah Pryce. And she's a gospel recording artists since two thousand Deborah hasn't powered and encouraged women and young girls through sharing her music at various venues, such as conferences, churches concerts radio shows festivals clubs, colleges shelters, including parts at cetera. Her goal is to help women and cover their inner beauty confidence, and strengths through the power of music. There is healing for our souls, from depression, death divorce and other issues of low self image. We overcome a little easier when we know that someone else has survived, what we may be experiencing look up and reach up, Deborah price. Welcome to create Asli go. Thank you so much, and I wanted to be thanking thank you. Oh, you're so sweet. I've I've, I've been really looking. Forward to meeting you. We've never met before and having this conversation with you, because you've, you've had quite a life and I'll, I'll let you, you get into it. But, but what have you. When did you start singing? I started when I was a little girl. My mother was vocal coach. I am the third of ten children. I had both my mom and dad and they were for they, multiply they feel the earth. They subduing they submitted. So all of my siblings, and I we all could to sing or play an instrument. I don't play anything. So do I sing. I've seen take it more. I take the thing to the next level. I totally have given myself over, who's the one that created me the one who loves me than anybody else, one who went on the cross, for me, and gave his life for me, and I chose to give my life back inspecting testing trials as a young girl, I song for my mom to please, my parents, and, you know, going through testing and trial, the life, I had the Bill. The relationship with the creator for myself and I just I love giving back on the stand. The test and trials I've gone through is not so much about me. I mean it growing me up. I'm attracted more and more. But at the same time, there's somebody else that's gone that may not feel that they can make it. And I could give somewhat of my testimony. You know, I think I can make it you know, I think I could do it too, if God could do for you. If you feel that, that, that, you know, get worse. People say to me if God could do it for you. And, and you, you had a child to die and live in a shelter for battered women and, and going through tests, and trials with your children, and, you know, and still be in my right mind. You know, we all have filed do we do and, and, and your we do in. This is a show for women and, and I often find that we can. Really benefit from sharing our experiences with one another Deborah and, you know, things that we've learned, our challenges, and our celebrations, it's a community and that's really the heart of this show. And really, why I'm doing this and just really having, you know, building this community out there and, and, you know, reading a little bit about you, and I didn't say a whole lot when I introduced you, but you really have had some challenges in your life. And I was wondering if you wouldn't mind, maybe, for, for the benefit of our listeners sharing with us a little bit of your story. You know, some of the challenges that you've had that you have overcome because you, you're quite a courageous lady, and you've been through a lot in your life. Thank you so much. And on top of that is even summer things happened so many years ago, you know, life cycle in school. You know, when you fell attached with you. You have to go back repeating gotta go back and, you know all growing to the next level. So and, and I was marinate nineteen not because I was pregnant or anything. But because I like I said, I had a very strict upbringing and my mother has four daughters, and six sons, and she was very over protective of her daughters, and I think we being the, the, the sickly child at home and, and very, very, very petite. My mother really, they run a fundamental kept me on to her. I wouldn't school. I had a job and I was at home. So I never got to go out and do you know, never wanted a recreational center, and the young girl. A lot of things I didn't do. Get the do because in my mother's eyes, it was too wurley to, you know, something bad, happens that you go. My mother. Keep picking the young man that I married because he felt he was mature, he was twenty four hours nineteen and she felt like he would be, you know, right fit for me and three months after dating. You know, of course, dating, you know, I never really get going date and all this, and that night dean, we, we would say around and got called, nobody got regulating and Geneva go that far, but almost and my mother found out and she told him you, did you touch. She activision but daughter. And of course he's like seats to him, five four very petite, and he says, yes, ma'am, and if you were to know my mom, she was one of those sheiks Klis short chips to just in play will hell. And, and she said, well, you gonna marry her, and he was like fine, and three months later three months relations you are dating. We got married, and, and none of the, the, the size of, of things or anything like that. And it wasn't that he was so abusive, it was more of he didn't want to be at forty four. You didn't even know me. I understand that now 'cause I'm way older. But he didn't know me and he didn't treat me right? He then lovely and didn't really love each other. We grew to, to two grew to love him. And we in the seven years of being married, we, we have three truth together, we have our son at that time was five, and he has a son with another young lady in another state. That was two years older than my son that I didn't know about. But then we've got pregnant five years. Later because he begged for Gloucester got less for twins and. At first, he will excite. Yeah, I made up my mind because I knew would wasn't alone, you know. And I, I my family, we don't we didn't my mom my mom and dad can believe in divorce. So even though they had their ups and downs. They made put up they always got back together, you know. So divorced in our pendant was a known though. And so I did everything I wanted to I never wanted to be a single parent. So I would, you know, try to just make everything work. And you know the thing about it. He started getting where he was very abusive. He started. I you know, put me down. I was like I said, very small and pretty with our two girls, you know, you pick up a little late in the cellmate but for him, I was fad and all this, and that, and nobody wanted me. I understand now what he was doing, but he would at the same time, he, he was a freighter see this is I used I used to hot and I was forced shame, like it was my fault that things happen the way it did. But God has given me much understanding now. So I would hide what was going on? But people knew that I that what was going on. And it's ladies, just because somebody will. You know may hit you one or two times that is still abuse. It wasn't like I was getting beat up every day I was pregnant, and the, the, the, the second time he jumped on me as when I was pregnant with our, our twins. And both our son his son from his previous relationship as well as five year old son, soil it, and, and, and I'm telling you that did a number on the voice, and, and he decided he didn't want to more girls, any more, and, you know, when you, you can't send them back, you know, and, and he told me he's a well, you know, just pack your bags and go on your mom, and you know, think about it. I'm like, hey, where I my mom I had zero children. So now you send me back with three and you know, and I was very young. I was very you know, I was told to, to do it. Could. Please my husband. That's how salt and by the grace of God, I bring this is what happened I would really go through a lot. You know. And it's so true. That was you strengthen than you're pregnant, you're really it's affecting your child. So, you know when you relationship where you've been helped down and, or, or whatever, just hope I can negativities, the best thing to do is get away from that person because it really does your baby inside of you. And I didn't realize that until now re weeks after I had my daughters are daughters, free months early. So my girls will like a pound thirteen houses, and angel was a pound and fourteen out. And my, my I was still in silica hospital, our haven't really gone through myself and my doctor would not released me and my girls in Birmingham. Fama. And so I didn't get to see angel alive. She lived three day, and she went back home to be with the Lord. So that didn't number on me. And I knew I was going through it, my children's dad and that was a number on me. So my doctor wanted to put me on depression pills, and I'm like, I can't take we I I don't do let occasion I get. I do something to me. I get high. I really do. I even if I take allergy stuff, and then it has to be children level, allergy something, because I, I don't do too good with medicine and the doctor where he get released me a week, amongst, they think it was six days later, he let me out. And I remember him telling my soda dad, my cousin, you know, we when you release where relieved for you take her sprayed home, because I had to have a Syrian and instead of him taking me to the house, he drove me to Birmingham. Soon. Have the nurses to get my daughter? Now, my baby was in, you know, when you're when you're when you're deceased they cook in Frieder, like right, so her hands and everything was freezing cold, and broods all over her body, because they were trying to keep her alive for me. And, and you know, in my twenties, I looked at a picture. They took me I had to destroy go. I, I looked so very old. And just like life was just out of me like the Walking Dead. I was so depressed. And so, I think God, I didn't lose the mind brings up the bear in angel took my five year old son. And I came to Birmingham to be closer to miracle, that's my other baby thing and river shelter for battered women, and I thank God for that at the time I didn't understand even back because I never been away from home before, like that. And I was with a whole bunch of. Fringers. But when I tell you got getting angel in the midst of all, that, that really took care of me now she was hard on me. Her name was this beat, and she was the house, mother? And she was she made me get myself and line. And, and, and, and get my mind off. Whatever form too, because I was on. I wouldn't eat, I would go to the hospital catcher BUSTER the hospital beat that with vehicle because she was going to, and the doctor was saying she was going to die. And at the same time he will come up to the hustle and be negative, you know. And then I finally told the nurses doctors where we're going what was going on, and they started protecting me and he will come. They put me in a room and a take care of me until he leaves he leaves. So after my after all this happening, and gosh, all working on a miracle were she was they did this surge. Gery through my daughter back to close. The valid her heart and. She started getting better and the thing about her. She couldn't feel other children. So they put us in a transitional housing where we had our own place. I thank God for that, and fluid on, they really helped me and my children. But at the same time, my son had to have counseling, mentally. It was just too much him. And to this day, my son is thirty now, and we're still dealing with things from the past, you know, and it's just like. As a parent, you know, as a mom, you feel like it's your fault that this stuff is happened that you're, you're okay. I never wanted to be fair, but you can't make a person's love you of the stay with you. If they're not happy with you. And the best way to really help yourself in the help your Truyen is to get away from from an abusive person when that person hitting you everyday are only hit you once every now and then that's not your, your spouse's job to put his hands on you being a female hitting on a man or mail hitting on a woman that is not the responsibility of south of is that, that, that's the that's supposed to be your best friend. You know, you're covering. That's nice. You and just to clarify was that your husband or your mom who initially found this who brought you to the shelter. How did you come to, to be at this place? I had my oldest brother, who who's deceased now. He he Joe. He brought me here. I didn't want to stay with my family. I wanted to be with my daughter. I wanted to want, you know, if I didn't have the whole family, I wanted my children, you know. So I wanted to be here. I had my oldest brother, brought me to Birmingham, 'cause I have no family here. I knew nobody here. So calling shelter active of they had room and they put me up and it was really a this is no sound really weird. But this really nice shelter. It it was. They really it will I am. I'm very grateful. It was not where I would. I don't know how to say it. I know it, it was a blessing in disguise, I put it that way. All it sounds like you got help any and you let you ended up in a place where you were safe, and you've got the help you need it, and, and, and thank goodness than I appreciate your being, you know, so forthright and sharing the story with all of us. You sure have been through a lot, and you really have. And now this, this show goes by very fast. So I just want to be sure, we have enough time to, to share with our listeners about your music, I've gone online, and listen to some of it and, and I it's just beautiful. And, and I, I want to be sure, you know, I wanna give you a moment we're going to run out of time really, really fast here, so share with. No, no. I'm really glad you shared your story with us. And so let's hear a little bit about your music before I get that, that five minute warning for my producer in how we can learn more about your music that you, it's something it's a gift that you're sharing with the world. And it's just beautiful. Thank you. My album is called transform me. The solar woman Deva price, the E. R A. P R, E E, and it came to me going through another testify, 'cause I'm remarried, and we've been married for ten years, even as, you know, marriage and junior, you have your ups and downs. I and I ever saw on there is to help encourage everybody, but my passion is for women and girls, the tests, and trials that we women go through because we're emotional creatures. We take everything so very personal and we love really hard and a majority of young, ladies and women, I have met that's the that's what I'm hearing. How mentally they they've gone through all even lost their minds because of, of relationships and not knowing how to love themselves fern. That's one of the things that I'm trying to help women young girls to see you know, once you love yourself, once you, learn who you are. And how God created you to be a masterpiece you. You, you won't let other people what they think about you, drain, you pull you down to the ground. If you're nobody everybody got created in this world is somebody everybody in this world. We have a unique unique gifts and talents that he's given us all, and we should value each other love each other, and from get about our differences. You know, we, there's a reason for the different. We, we can bring so much more to each other because of who we are. That's my goal to just be a blessing to everybody. So you can find online, find the music online, also and on inev- own is stores transform the Devorah price. That's the name of the city threat. France for me, never fried. Okay. And I'll be sure you know, on my website critically. Go dot com. I always you type up we'll show notes blog post, if you will, and we'll be sure to share with the world all the links to your music, and all that you do. And, you know, I think. We have, you know, quite a bit in common because really Deborah, my mission and the show is, you know, community and in reaching out to other women and girls, I think I it's like my highest calling really is is for our girls in women to be empowered right in. And so that's really the spirit really behind this show. And I think that's why maybe we were brought together to share this time together. And so, I'm so thankful that, that you that you spend your time with us, and you shared your story, and, and maybe before 'cause I'm getting the I'm going to get the two minute warning here is, if there, there might be this is a lot of women out there listening. If there's a woman or a young person out there, whose maybe in an abusive situation or in, in a situation that they're frayed to, to talk about. But it's, it's is, is there play resources that maybe you can share with all of us of what, what should they do? When a bad thing to do is to, to find help in your local area if possible if you want to leave that state to try to get away from that person you calling for, especially if you've been battered and look for shelter that is for battered women is so much different than the other shelters. But the shelter for battered, women of they, they go off their way to really try to, to help you and I know the other juvenile saying that there's something different about it, and it will be a blessing, and who will be protected because you also have a police officer there at all times, you know, just in case, so it you gotta get away your, your sanity, your children, your piece. This wall is to grew for two, great to just live, you know, in depression, and sadness, when a person don't love you love yourself. I get away. So give them I haven't for. My children's dad, you know, because I wrote, I wonder if the way he was raised as well. You know that now right? And I was going to ask you did it have to be a did you have to completely cut the cord with him or were you able to later in life was is he was he in your children's inures life at all? Or was it just a severed corden to let it go? In the beginning in the shelter. No communication, and all because he was wanting to hurt me, he still wanted to hurt me because he felt a shame because he was a free cure. He felt a shame and what I'll never might you told me to, you know, what, what, where me is that you lose your mind. Really? So I is the best thing to do to get away get away. And I did I had to I'm serious. I got to help me it took me some years to really release him because I never wanted to be a single parent. I, I never want to go back, but, I just, you know, then, you know at that time of more, I can't even people may in even at that time. I mean, I'm yawning licking, Jake. Flow friends. But like I said that in that shelter Miss B he was like sixty something years of age is she was a hardcore Mumma and to everybody and my mother, I was telling you be respectful respect. Older people, you may not like what they say. They'll be this ascent yet, and I'm waiting now. You know. Deborah. We are out of time that you have been a delightful guest. I just want to I I'm sorry, we're at a time because I wanted to keep keep listening to you, and we'll have to we'll stay in touch, and maybe back on in two thousand twenty and, and in the meantime, everyone out there you need to listen to her music, and get, you know, Deborah Pryce and thank you for your time. And thank you. Thank you. Thank you for. You're most welcome. It's definitely a project of the heart and then joined the rest of your day. We'll be in touch. Okay, deb. Oh, right decker. Thank you. Well, everyone out there, thank you for joining us today. You've been listening to crate, Asli go, I am Debbie the peach, you can visit my website at quaintly Ligo dot com. And learn more about the show ladies until next time, remember this, it's our time to shine. Let's make it so and courageously go.

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