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You wanna welcome to first things. First we made it to fry on general, Bannon's the hall of fame, Chris Carter that is Nick view. Fantastic. I'd be Good Friday to everybody hit over. Thank you. Yes, I do show this week would Nick, right. And then on Friday vanilla ice show is baby DJ callup. Alad that too. The door is on the star of the family. Anyway, a good look happy holidays to everyone celebrates a big Friday show, the Los Angeles Lakers have a new reason to worry about signing. Another star Ben Simmons boy E bounce back. In a big way. We're gonna start the program off with the Golden State Warriors. As predicted the warriors would not let game to define them when they blew thirty one point lead to the clippers and the loss and as predicted Kevin Durant would not let Patrick Beverley render him useless the way he had done in games. One and two gained three last night. All warriors one thirty two one. Oh, five was your final warriors taking the win. Kevin durant? Thirty eight points and thirty minutes of play after the game. Vintage Katie was asked if he had anything to prove. Thirty two all so nobody nothing at this point. I use aggressive from the start. At both ends attacked. He said yesterday, he's Kevin Durant. And so he showed showed everybody who. Kevin Durant is K over last month. Or so you being you know, pass I have been distributor for the team. That's not true. That's not no pass show just play with an off. And I said, okay. Well, you've been more with distributors. That's to say because I play. Okay. That's what tonight you wasn't right because coach call places so moving forward. Do you think that you'll be a game by game basis far as how you approach the game? This is run show any team I've ever been a part of. I'm just a player wanted guys. You know what I'm saying? So whatever my coach needed me to do. Whether I don't matter what it is. I just gotta go out there and be pair for mentally and physically so tonight, no different. I see how much did Katie need a game. Like last night. I don't think that he needed to game because he's got a tremendous reputation. He's a natural score of the basketball. But it's very very important when you start getting into series that your best players play with now, Katie said, something the press conference that I don't necessarily agree with when he said, I don't have anything to prove internally you have something to prove to yourself. That's why you're out there playing the game. He's a lover of basketball. And he has a problem some time with some of the other things that come with being NBA star. So I thought last night he was going to have a good game. I didn't think that Patrick Beverley could continue, and I didn't think the NBA would allow Patrick Beverley basically to mug them basic hand check and clutch and all the things that Doc Rivers really thrived at in the NBA when he played in a lot bigger than Patrick Beverley, but that was his style. And that's what he teaches in those tactics. Defensively. That's why Kevin part of why? Kevin Durant was upset was because. No one else in the league is being guarded that way unless you're a big guy in the paint. They're going to allow you get away with more things but Patrick Beverley game. One game two they allowed him to play eighties defense on Kevin Durant. It did get into his head. But Steve Kerr did what most good coaches. Do you have to help out your star players? Yeah. There's a lot of basketball. It's one on one. You can clear it out, but they all need help. Steph needs help. All right. Clay needs help in K needed help K D needed help. And what they did for him especially early in the game was they made it. It was a priority for him the post up, but they weren't going to throw the ball directly into the post what they did was put him in the low post put Andrew bogut in the starting lineup. Put him in the low post and had another seven one guy screened for him coming across the lane. So then he got a little bit of space, and you could see once he was getting the ball. He's going to dribble one or two times and get a shot up. That's what. Kevin Durant does. So Steve Kerr did what good coaches? Do you have to still be able to help your star? Players out because most sports they're not one on one battles. You do have one on one battles within the scheme. But give me some help is. Kevin Durant said typically I used to be able to predict when I was going to have a great game based on the game plan based on the philosophy of what the coaches were trying to do. And then last night Steve Kerr helped his star up. We can we should maybe disregard some of the things. Kevin Durant said before the game and after the game because I don't know how accurate they are. But what is accurate is this? Kevin, right. Exactly what he was supposed to do what he needed to do. And what people have watched him for the better part of a almost a decade and a half. Now twelve years knew he could do this wasn't to me. The warriors saying drawing up a very specific unique game plan to this. This was Kevin Durant. Taking shots to the past up in games. One and two this was Kevin Durant. Despite saying I'm not going to go out there and shoot twenty plus times going out there and shooting twenty plus times when he wasn't in question. He's was in quick. Well, he said, I'm not I'm not going to. Thirty times. That's what he said what he was definitely trying to respond to the question that thirty shots is out of question because that's just something that he doesn't do. So I'm not saying Kevin Durant. Didn't do what he was supposed to do. But when the coach comes up with a game plan, if we we were doing the show, and we were like, Nick, we're going to be heavy on Nick right in as and Bs. You would know that you got to build to do and you could see that their game plan last night. And it was not the same as the first two games. Yeah. So the okay, we're gonna disagree on that. Because I Kevin Durant. Had the exact looks that he was passing up and games one and two and he was taking he had those Mitterand's jump shots available to them early in the series. But he did what he's supposed to do credit. He was outstanding. He got two thousand within ninety seconds of the game starting he could've gotten frustrated. He could have gotten mad at the refs. He could one of those foul super questionable credit to curve for leaving him in. And he was great. He was think Kevin Durant that we know exists and that we. No can do this not any night because you can't be efficient every night. But he is a threat on any given night to go for nearly forty like Steph foul. Trouble set picked up his third foul. Midway through the third quarter. Katie stepped up again Steph picked up fouls in the third or through the son, Gordon pickups. Third foul and then third quarter picked up his fourth Katie stepped up. Again, he didn't even have to play in the fourth quarter. He was great. He was the exact guy that Steve Kerr when he gave his press conference saying I didn't Kevin gonna take twenty to thirty shots aggressive. Be more assertive. Exactly what it was. And that's what he was supposed to be. So he can say there was this was just had nothing to do with games one or two. I don't believe that. Kevin Durant is as aware of the commentaries rounding him as anyone in basket basketball. I agree with you on that part. He was sometime great performances or forced out of. Yeah. In his team needed. Boogie cousins is hurt. So they had a couple of days to build a pair. They're putting bogut into the lineup. And if you'd. Look at man, why is this series tied up won the won a lot was because that time that they fell asleep in the second half. But they had to have a tremendous amount of confidence. They have a twenty point lead in game. Number one thirty point lead in game number two. So as we saw last night they had another twenty point lead in the game. So I'm sure they had a lot of confidence. Every team is making the Justice. When you looked at third game of all these series each team is making a what you call a series adjustment in. This was one of the judgements that the warriors made that they're going to go instead of going through Steph going through clay they were going to Katie putting bogut into the lineup. So those are the things to me that were very obvious far as the differences between game one in game two even though Katie end up getting the ball in some of the same spots that he got it in game number one. How he got it. I thought was very different especially early in the warriors never thought they were even going to have to get to the point where they had to. Make adjustments in the first opening round of the playoffs against the clippers. How much of gain to do you think was a wakeup call? If you will for both the warriors and for Kevin Durant, absolutely us. You're starting center, and you Ziga and NBA playoff history. You came out in that first quarter with the playoff intensity, and they did with the warriors of done so often over this five-year run, particularly the last three which is they have shown the ability on both ends of the court. That's important lamp you down. That's what they did defensively in that first quarter. Now, the clippers on a little bit of a run to cut it to seventeen at the end of the first quarter, but they drain on his flying all over the place. Play making bogeyed is in there. All of a sudden looking like the guy who just one MVP Austrailia league Durant was doing it on both ends clay hasn't had a good shooting that yet in this series. But he's playing the warriors instantly became the world destroying force. They wanted to. Be and when katie's hitting those seventeen footers that aren't doing anything, but the bottom of the net. Nets barely moving that when they play like that. Nobody's beaten one thing I've seen with the warriors. And I really respect it the come rotary that they have is a group and even before Katie got there whenever one of their star players when their guys in their core group struggle they go out of their way. When Iggy was struggling. They went out of the way to get him back into a group when Steph was struggling in the finals before before Katie got there, they'd went out of their way to get him into the flow. We have seen with Klay the way he started the season Draymond they have done these things. They did the same thing for Katie last night is to sign of a great team a great organization. One of the things that gets Nick upset is. It's a luxury K D don't have to play like this every night when all the other top five players when they haven't off nine you end up losing, they get criticized, but Katie has the luxury because he's been in Golden State the last three years, I understood. And respect. And I want to say one thing because I'm very critical of Kevin ran for some of the court. What he did last night was spectacular. He was he answered he had scrutiny on him. Unlike he's had at any point this season. The warriors for the first time all year, they weren't in a must win game. This was the highest leverage game. They've played all season the first game that if they lose we'd be like, whoa. And he was the best player on the court by a country mile. He was spectacular from the first moment of the game to the end of the third quarter when he checked out of the game, and they took total control back this year. There is one other athlete who had that pressure on them last night to step up in a big way for their team. And that was Ben Simmons for the Sixers. How was he able to lead his team to victory without Joel Embiid? That's next on I fest one. You can always check us out on the Fox Sports channel on Sirius XM right back ways. Core pool is not a bus ways. Core pool is not a taxi ways. Core pool is not the metro in DC writers ways. Core pool is not a slug line. What is ways carpool and new app that lets neighbors co workers and fellow commuters ride together to work and home fast. Drivers say Hello to that express lane and get reimbursed for gas riders getting affordable commute in help. Save the planet and corporators to know their neighbors and co workers a little bit better and ways core pool is smart. Not only does it match you with people who are going your way it connects you with people who you'd actually wanna ride with C you can commute smarter with no headaches people. If you use ways already, you know, it's built by a community to give you the best traffic pitcher in real time. All the time ways corP functions with the same high quality standards and officiency down though, the ways corP app today to catch a ride or give a ride to work her home ride together with ways carpool. Welcome back. Ben Simmons and the Sixers and just a second. But I I it's demar derozan. Soaring path nickel Yokich for the baseline slam. Niggly Yokich scored on what a shock the Spurs are so impressive, man. What pop does this might make the Western Conference finals their own believable. Derozen average twenty five this year Nick in five. Yeah. I spur in the history since pops been new to ever get those numbers with all those great played acts wild Yam the make sense because because they're they're big name game care jumps in. The passing lane for the steel knees. Don't on the other end Mosul. Impressive guy. You didn't know about coming into the playoffs. It would be him. And when they get to John Murray back that back court is going to be Knicks. They're going to be nice here. We got warriors clippers Kevin Durant nine shea. Gilbert Alexander at the rim. I mean, just both ways. Katie was so good less. I'm sure a few more turnovers would've liked but other than that. He was this was an aide triple plus game for the defensive end. He was like the K the first year. Yup. Golden State trying to prove something moving on nets. And no Joel Embiid in the lineup. No problem. Philly beat the nets in Brooklyn one thirty one one fifteen to take two one series lead. Ben Simmons led the way for Philly. Thirty one points nine SIS on just thirteen shots after the game vindicated. Ben simmons. Try not to pay too much attention, you know, gone on social media in and what people are saying just because people are gonna say what they wanna say. I can't let that affect me on the floor. So I just wanted to my job step on the floor run the point guard position as best. I can we have the pieces to get games to complete games. And I think everybody in organization that was about everybody stepping up, and, you know, following the plan scouting or whatever it is. And just locking in in buying into what we have built in. That foundation. See were at this game last night. You also have been critical event Simmons in the past. This is now the second game he's put together this one pretty dominating. How is able to do it last night able to get to spots? The one thing that I've been most critical about is shooting. But also, the inability to understand I can't shoot this one thing to for a guy to understand compared to a guy thinks he can shoot. So they were forcing Ben Simmons into taking shots that are not his strong suit last night. He shot over three feet away from the bucket. I'm all about that. But he needs to build a get to his spot. And it's not always. In transition as they had talked about before he got some help from the offense of staff at some very good sets for him. But his overall mindset, and I believe that he was he benefited from. Joel Embiid not being in the game. Because from the time I watched a warm-up wash it closely watched the type of shots he took. But once they did the introduction of the starting lineup. He took over he was the he was the vocal leader. He was the most amount should it. And that's not always something that he does. So as a point guard he's still trying to learn the game. And he's going to have to try to find the shot one of these off seasons. But if he's doing a play like that get to spot don't make people make try to be jumped shoot, he's not a jump shooter yet. But you have to be so much on the case as far as I'm going to get in the lane. I'm going to be more physical because when he does that you can see that he special now just imagine if he could shoot from ten feet how much better would he be? If he if he develops a shot he will be a league MVP candidate if not favor it because he does everything else on the court at an a or a plus level. He answered the challenge yesterday without their league MVP candidate Joel and beat this is the second straight game. Now that bin Simmons has been the best player on the court. This is the second straight game for the Sixers where they had to win it you had to win game too. So you don't go down to it home, and you had to find a way to come back and take home court advantage back against his nets team to remove their hope of pulling off an upset, and that hope was increased dramatically when Joel Embiid was a leak scratch. Joel Embiid was announced he was going to be out fifteen minutes before the game. And my pal Jared Dudley. His comments have been they've short we've shorten his quote a bit. He wasn't just shady was throwing at been Simmons. He's said he's excellent in the transition. He's averaging half court, and then he broke down his game more, but in so I don't think Jared Dudley was trying to take a shot even though that's how it was interpreted. But in the half court last night been Simmons was nine of eleven like he was eleven of thirteen only two of those basket. It's came in the fast break, and they needed it. This team has not been good without Joel Embiid going into this game. They were eight and ten this year without him be. They're playing on the road. Think about that. You were at the game. See, I know people expect a lot of Philly fans to be there because it's short trip. Yes. That Brooklyn crowd. They've been waiting for this playoff for this team. And to this process their version of the process to pay off with a home playoff game for five years now, and they got it and Philly from the opening tip took the energy away from them. And that was because of been summit. Find his shot that not that he found a shop. But he found open lanes. He found a way to work with what the nets were giving him. Or did you just happen to string together to good games? Like, a we see more of this Simmons boons gotta build a play this way for them to be a special team. But he's also going need some assistance. He needs JJ ready to be special. And that's what Tobias hairs for him to be special. If they continue to shoot the ball from the three point line. It opens up the lane. So one thing that we can't miss in this been Simmons. He did get the offense started. He was very very aggressive, but he had so much support to bias was outstanding. Jay was amazing. They were saying if they're able to spread the court. That's why it's so important for LeBron to get some shooters because f- I'm going to be in the lane. The only way that lane is going to stay open as if I got shooters outside. So the combination of what they were doing was really really special. You have to be able to give those guys credit, but Ben is a special special athlete. He is not a true point guard. So he still learning on the job. His skill set is set that he should be able to be a dominant player, but I'm not wrong, but he can't shoot. I I'm not I'm not wrong in that in Jared Dudley. This Jared delis problem during too many guys in NBA he can guard. So when you can pick a guy who's the actual star. 'cause Jared Dudley is old non athletic as they come in the NBA can't play above the rim. I'll be surprised if he can barely even dunk the basketball. So Jared Dudley Ken guard, you that is a problem. Jared Dudley out. Their listings been league twelve years in the last few years. He hasn't been on a good player to your eye. He's there because he is one of the smartest players in the league. He's a great veteran for a young team. And Jared again, I don't think it was trying to take a shot, even though it was construed that way. But on been like can he do it? We there's a reason that he won rookie of the year. And then there's a reason that he was the only all star from his draft class or the one. After like, there's a reason that he has been highly productive in this league already through only two two years now to you need him to be more aggressive that was the difference between game one and games two and three he was attacking downhill relentlessly. The other thing that was different in this game without Embiid, and you pointed out before the show see, and I think it's a really good point the way Brett Brown the much-maligned Brown. Use Boba Boba is a giant Bogan is may might be the biggest person in the NBA and the way they. Used him on just these little rub screens. Yup. To just cause a little bit of separation because been is so long fast and conjoint so high you get a little bit of separation. That's when you could see him going going in the rim from seven eight feet out. Bobo was a big part of that in Bogue on. Also, all of a sudden speaking guys who can't shoot Bove on all of a sudden can shoot. Oh, yeah. He's a threat from fifteen feet, which really changes the math for the Sixers. So this was a great win for them there without their best player in a game. They needed to win and their most maligned player was spectacular for the second gives you best player couple of days to rest now they can make the decision game. Number four. Do we rest? Joel Embiid a couple more days, which would be really smart and buy them. I think I think it's on the board. They and for the rest of the series if they wrestling game four and they win they wrestling game five to having fully healthy for the raptor series. All right. Let's take a break NFL schedules. Really this week lot of hype surrounding the Cleveland Browns, and they live to. One coverage begins at three eastern is the pirates hosts the giants and co-develop during the dodgers take on Christian yelich and the brewers can catch at all episodes one. Also, balked sports is just a remarkable story. And a remarkable baseball player. I time now for AT and T wakeup call. That is the truth. Nick, the warriors blew out the clippers last night one thirty two to one oh five Katie led the way with thirty eight C C. Would you make of Kevin Durant tonight? He was special. He was very very aggressive from the beginning. You could see why is one of the most efficient score. I think in this. I twenty five points think dribble. The ball more than four times in any of those buckets amazing by him. I'm glad Steve Kerr helped him out got him a couple of stream screens by bogut. Beverly didn't like fighting through seven footer screen. So great performance by Katie k was obviously the best player on the court last night, and he stepped up in huge moment. And it was despite what I think the warriors would have considered worse case scenario. Yeah. I ne- seconds into the game. He's got to foul and a little ticky tack to where he could have gotten frustrated Kerr to his credit left him and trusted him. He didn't get foul. Trouble from there on out. And he was great. I Philly beat the nets in Brooklyn last night. One thirty one to one fifteen they now take a two one series lead. Ben Simmons led the way with thirty one points nine of SIS on just thirteen shot. C C press were you with Ben Simmons been Simmons was even more impressive than K D because we know. Katie can do he's proven that. It's not as if all man, we got questions about Katie ofensive -ly defensively on the court. No, it's just they're so good it. It's not pulled out of him. Ben Simmons is doing things that proven a lot of people wrong for me. I like the fact that he got to where he can shoot the ball with his right? Our left hand, and that's three feet from the bucket. The coach helped him out with a couple of sets. But he was very aggressive took care of the basketball plate amazing defense. That's that. He took the crowd out of the game in Barclays, five combined steals and blocks to go along with eleven of thirteen thirty one points when they tried to go to hackers Simmons at the end of the game. He knocked down free throws to make sure they couldn't have a comeback and Joel and beat the Sixers all of a sudden, thanks to back to back. Great games. I've been Simmons have taken control back of this series. I moving onto the Spurs. They took a two one series lead with a big win over. The nuggets right behind Derek whites. Thirty six points. Nick, we surprised by this bet on this. And I bet on them to win this series before the series began the nuggets are a great regular season team. That doesn't have a superstar. They're gonna need Jamal Murray to play like he did in the third quarter of two he unfortunately, the other eleven quarters of this series. He hasn't been good at all Yokich is a turnstile on. This is the Spurs are better than them. And Derek Whyte though is a revelation was just be a defender yet another great late draft pick the Spurs seems to have seemed to have discovered and developed Spurs after a disappointing postseason last year Papa this has this group totally under the radar. But Nick, the story is this young player how they found him developed him as defensive specialist now at six four. No, he's a defensive specialist also on offense offense of threat. They've never had a point guard as athletic is him. So it's very encouraging to see twenty ninth pick. Of the draft. Unbelievable. All right. Finally, the NFL draft less than a week away. Now, Dwayne Haskins stock seems to a fall in the last few weeks. There are rumors that his recent decision not to attend the draft. The only one of the top four quarterback prospects doing that is tied to his recent slide on the board Haskins, however, still confident in his potential. Look at that stuff driving crazy. But the biggest thing is controlled I can control and keeping better every day and be a hall of fame quarterback, and what a whole bunch of both. So I mean, whether the paint on me right now and team right now, but I wanna grow and keep getting better now necessarily worried about what guys guys behind because I'm gonna be one of the best. So that's all focus on right now. Does something like this happen week before the draft. How does a guy like Dwayne Hassans? How does this stuck just drop for one of those no science to the draft? There is no exact way to doing it. There is no machine. There is no person that can look inside of a kid and wonder on this next step because we know when they went from college from high school to college they made this stem, but there's only a few that can really make this next step. I tell kids all the time. Parents all the time the draft is about lane assignments. So we're gonna run the two hundred meters. The guys raft in the first round in lane four and five they got the best chance to be successful. But you still gotta run the race. And you can be drafted like myself in the fourth round and still beat them to Tate. So don't get caught up in the draft. There is no science to it. Why did Rogers fall in the draft? Why the Dan Marino fall in the draft year after year after year, we have all these experts in everything that they say, they're experts they might be in a certain area. But no one beside. Is Mel kiper is an expert at the draft and even male Kuyper MRs. So no, I'm not not surprised by the rumors of him falling every year. This stuff starts to happen. You know, what happened last year? There was a quarterback that supposedly was the third of four frame, and then he ascended and they were right about it and his name was Baker Mayfield. So every year we go through this when they declare for the draft. It's tear down season. Let me tell you what these guys cannot do if there's a quarterback that had had the same season as Wayne Haskins. And I wonder where they've been drafted the kid West Virginia the kid at Missouri. If all these kids, which which supposedly might pass him in this la- last draft as far as evaluation imagine. If they had had the season that he had and Dwayne has had the season during his wouldn't be drafted in the first two, right? So let's let's just show everybody what the four potential first round quarterbacks. Their last season. College football looked like Cuyler we things going to be the number one pick. So don't worry about him. Look at Haskins compared to those other two guys Haskins is incredibly similar to someone on that screen guy that supposed to be the number one pick those other. If you all of a sudden gave drew lock Haskins numbers, and has drew locks numbers to your point. See nobody's on Dwayne Haskins is a first round pick sixty three percent completions. Twenty eight touchdowns thirty five hundred yards. Who's at seventy percent. He threw fifty touchdowns in the big ten. Dwayne Askins is actually plummeting on draft boards. I want to be very clear about this. It will be. Because of one of three things were combination of three things these reports. Either lies he's not plummeting. And people are just saying it in competent, people don't know what they're doing or prejudice. Because he's a he's a big black quarterback and people at he's not the prototype. And you can say we've come a long way, we have come a long way. You don't gotta go to candidate anymore. But there is there is no chance. None whatsoever. In my mind that a quarterback with Dwayne Hoskins numbers career arc what he did in high school. What he did when he filled in spot duty as a redshirt freshman at Ohio State coming in saving the day of the Michigan game. And then setting every not just state record big ten record wins at the level that he does would all of a sudden the kid from Duke is out of him. Drew lock it Missouri might be end of him. It's I refuse to believe it. I think it's got to be smokescreen that Dwayne Haskins is not going to be. He could have been the number one pick of the draft. Now, the summer saying he might be there thirteen well, you have to believe that maybe. Giants or spreading some of this. They'd love him to be available at six let the world thing. Maybe stock is dropping its misinformation you'd like to believe that it's something like that. So that he is available to them down there. No. He's looking a lot to do with the draft. I would have more respect if people said something to defect of, you know, something I don't like is throwing motion. You know, something out him. I wish it was a skillset all his interviews. Because I know I know type of football. I know how state changed their offense in Ryan day, the head coach there, his background is more improv football of recent years than is in college football. So I know he was taught professional football concepts. I know he can read defense's. I know he's a great leader. I know it comes from a good family. I know he was success with the highest level. Look at the top defense that he face compared to these other quarterbacks. No one even top Murray can't compare to him as far as who face more, tough schedule and more tough top defy. Fences, it would be Haskins. So for me a lot of this. I don't get caught up in it. Because I know just like Russell Wilson. What round go in third round? Was there a better quarterback taken in that draft then him so they miss all the time. If twain Haskins is selected after drew locker Daniel Jones, then I will do. So then the question I will ask is simply how much does college football actually matter for where you're taking a quarterback, right? Like how much or should some of these guys just say, I'm gonna go to classes and just work out? And then while people at interviews and at the combine because you the games were played we saw it when we were done with the college football season. The question was will Haskins win the Heisman is he the most obvious prototypical dropback we've seen it happened. Dozens of times in the NFL this guy be successful. Now a kid that at a mediocre year. Duke is projected to go ahead of him. It'd be I don't wanna believe it. I can't believe Tom. Russell wilson. Aaron Rodgers three guys who obviously dropped in turn with respect. None of those guys had a season in college against it. Yeah. All right. Let's move on to the Cleveland Browns now excitement for the twenty nine thousand nine hundred thousand seems to be at an all time high Cleveland has four primetime games this season in large part due to stars. Like Baker Mayfield Odell Beckham in even larger part due to their endless potential. However, their general manager John Dorsey said it's important for the team to stay grounded. That's what it is. Football's played in the fall of the last I've seen that you got to go to training camp. And you got to earn the respect that everybody's talking about. And how do you do that? You're fifty three guys with the single mindset in the collectivism of driving this thing forward. And that's where it is games. A one lost in the fall. And that's that's how you're gonna protest thing. I mean, I've always lived a mantra one annot, you know, it's one game at a time, and you have to live that. And see see this has been the question all season long, as they've bolstered this Cleveland team will be able to live up to the hype of the Baker and Odal and the way they've really sort of made this into playoff contending team. Do you think they can if I was analyzing Cleveland, and we're the organization was just on the mere fact of just some few things that I see at Baker Mayfield was coming back for a second year with the same team. But I think Cleveland would be vastly improved. I've been like, yes. If what about Freddie kitchens, do they? Okay. Did they bring him back? No matter of fact, they're gonna give him a promotion. He's gonna run the host show after calling the offense for the most part of lassie's. I've been like, okay. I'm willing to give him that chance. All right. What about the other players that they've ad? They get Kareem hunt. Back after eight games with Cleveland. Be better now with two running backs that could potentially rushed for a thousand. Yeah. I I think they would be better Livia Vernon traded for him. From the giants owe someone opposite. Of one of the young premier rushers in pro football. Oh, I think that they would be Sheldon Richardson. They don't have a defensive tackle, especially someone that can rush the passer. Sheldon Richardson coming over. Oh, I think the Browns would be better Dmitri's hairs coming over from Kansas City. Really good tied in spot duty type of guy. Oh, I think the Browns would be better. And then the cherry on the top they happen to the kid with the blonde hair. So this is not all hype. I understand what Dorsey saying endorsed. He's trying to fight this. So when shop, yes, he's doing his job and Odal Beckham is in the mind frame where he's going to have a great year. He's grown up a awful lot. Not only last year. But in the last couple years, not because of the trade, he realized the trade is his reality. He realized Cleveland's is home, and he's gonna make it work out there. So for me, it's not height any team. That was in the position Cleveland was in I- valuate. Do I think they're going to be better based on what they kept the continent? Pretty and then what they add it compared to what they lost the Cleveland Browns were a good football team at the end of the season. And they added not one great player, but they add it several good football players that really fit some holes that they have you, and I are in total lockstep on this. Let's just for ten for a moment. The Browns had not added all pro Kareem hunt pro bowler, Sheldon Richardson, pro bowler, Laverne, an all pro del back. Let's pretend those guys never came on the team. What you have a team is what you have is a team with a young quarterback who the second half of the year was by every metric one of the best quarterbacks in football team that went five and to close the season Martine that over the second half in football had the number one yards per play offense and football the number one red zone, offense and football on the other side of the ball. You have a future. Fifteen sec not ten sec fifteen sat guy and Myles Garrett. And a guy Denzel ward as a corner that could have won defensive rookie of the year. The most important spots on defense. You have players that are only going to get better who are blue chippers if they had not added Odell not added to goad front seven not added cream on guess what? I think well Baker is going to be better. They're not gonna have the clown show that was whatever's going on between Hugh and my pal Todd Haley, this is a team that should win at least nine if not ten games you then add the most Townsend receiver in the league an elite pass rusher. A D tackle and a guy that won the rushing title his rookie year. Add all that. It's of course, it's hype in this regard. We haven't seen him play a game yet. Right. So everything's prognostication. Everything is you've got to show it to me. I but the Browns would have been a sexy pick to make the playoffs if they had stood Pat this off season. Yes. Much less. Have what I would argue is the most aggressive most successful. If you can have it off season anybody ad. I think yes on paper they are team. And if they live up to their billing they can. Be very successful team you'd have to intubate they're being pitfalls with these guys. They haven't played really together yet with all their faces and with a new head coach. What are the challenges that our li- had for them is overall sacrifice ofensive, you only have one football defensively? There's not as many sacrifice that guys have to make. There might be some defensive tackles guys that have to hold more for the run blockers or linebackers can run free. So that a big time Saqer like Myles Garrett can come off the edge but more the sacrifices on offense aside. So this off season becomes very very important that they have realistic goals. Odell Beckham shouldn't be going for a career high as far as catches and yards and things because that might not happen. But he can still be the best player that we've seen in a very very young young career opposite Jarvis Landry and some of the other weapons that they do have Kareem hunt. When he gets back on the field. He will be hungry. He's from Cleveland the incident he was involved in was in. Cleveland? So he's got a lot to build approve in that community. And I just believe that Baker Mayfield is a special special cat, not only as far as football player as far as being a leader and him and Odell has already started that bonding. Oh, they'll in the season. You're not gonna have any questions as far as his buy in to what they're doing. So yes, they're going to have a little bit of slow. But the reason why believe in them is because how they faced against Baltimore last year twice and what they faced in Pittsburg now. Pittsburgh don't have all those weapons, and we know Lamar Jackson in Baltimore is challenged offensively. So to me, this is not height. They should be the favorite based on what's going on in Baltimore, and what happened to Pittsburgh signing wait a little bit. I got my OB j jersey common up is vindicated after a monster game. Kevin durant? The warriors head on. I. Is here to have. To be back at doing. Take that. Let's talk some basketball Friday man's. All teams the lake livers expect to be major players in free agency this summer while the Lakers have LeBron is a major selling tool, according to one agent, the clippers actually have more. He added the clippers of stuff that sets them apart from the Lakers, continuity, cohesiveness, they have an owner who will do whatever it takes. It's possible. They have a nice blend of young basketball talent with guys who are role players excelling in thriving in the roles if you're a star and you come in. They already have guys who know the roles in other situations, you try to bring enroll players and have to deal with role allocation and injustice, I think any star would be a seamless fit with the clippers. Art, Stephen I'll start with you or the clippers actually a better free agent destination than the Lakers better. I mean, they don't have the Bron James. That's not better. More opportunity. I say, you know, you can get more guys you can you can create more of a better team there and have more control was going on that will LeBron's going into situation where you have a star. They're already the biggest Arna game. And he's already building some. So you have to come be a part of winning. He's building you go to the clippers. You can start from scratch. You know, you got to coach you don't have a star there. So you can go there and be the star and start building from you is the greatest waste a lot of free agents. You know to go there because they have the money. They got a great coach. Like, I said there on on the way up we're making the playoffs this year. So a lot of a lot of pluses to go there, but not big in LA. We'll so I won't people to understand because even reference it they're gonna have max spot. They're going to be able to bring in one free agent. They may be theoretically possibly could bring into if they do it the right way. But as because as it is right now what goes along with that is the team. We're seeing right now on the court today. A lot of those guys are going next year. Right. Yes. So Patrick Beverley cleared. It is is an. Unrestricted free agent a lot of the lot of the continuity that we're talking about they have these guys that's going to change. Now. Lou Williams is under contract a great contract eight million dollars a year. So he'll be there and Danilo Gallinari. He makes twenty two million. He'll be there. And they've got Trez who is a great player. They have him locked in. So you have the pieces there. Right. But even though they're in the playoffs this year. What Stephen said is totally correct. Do you want to go to a team and build something or do you want to go to a team and instantly compete for a championship? That's me, the two biggest differences between the Lakers and clippers if quite Leonard goes, the clippers they are excellent, and they are building towards it. But quite Leonard, plus Lou Williams and Danilo Gallinari in my eyes is not a championship contender might not be a playoff team in the west. Well, I think I would disagree with that. But fair enough if the quiet Leonard, plus LeBron you're a championship contender instantly. Now, some guys might say, I'd rather I don't mind being a championship contender. Her for year. We'll bring someone else in and when we are contender. It will be because of me and what I built here. So I'm not that's not necessarily a negative, but the clippers are not a player away from competing for a title as long as you have LeBron James on your team. You're always one superstar away from competing for title on superstar way because it was on the board the last couple of weeks. It could be a Kemba might not be star starting off. I would call Kimba Kimber better. But would it be would the Lakers still be your choice? Even though they are franchise mired in dysfunction right now as opposed to going to a franchise. I mean, if you didn't wanna you're blind reveals naked, and you had both resumes. And you didn't see which team was which you know, the record the head coach the young core the shooters and you unveiled it. It would probably be the clippers would be the team with us. This is the thing this generation of basketball players. They didn't grow up in an era where the Lakers champions dominant. They didn't have Dr bus going out acquiring guys and how they used to take care of the Lakers and. A lot of people in NBA, man. They used to take less money to come join the Lakers. That's how they've been able to do this for so long. So for the clippers to be in the conversation for the posed the question it lets you know, how far the clippers have come. Because when you look from organizational standpoint, I think the clippers are in a better situation. Steve bommer, man, he got second most money, right right right under God. He got a bunch of money can Jenny buses running the Lakers from a who's gonna run basketball operation. How Doc Rivers lost control? Now. They're a better organization Jerry West as a senior adviser. Yeah, they don't have LeBron. But they got some major chips that would even at let us have this conversation Lakers fan base, very very fickle leaning towards Koby Bryant, that's one of the only things the weather sunshine, the people the stars. Everything else is exactly the same. The problem in free agency. As we got a couple of guys that are introverts by nature. Kyrie Irving, Katie Kawai. Why why would they go to the Lakers with LeBron? So the clippers seem far more appealing right now in also you gotta judge the personality of the guy's going to be selected STI I think whatever coast legs aside. Highs will have a lot to do it two right now. A lot of phrases don't know who they gonna play for some guys have a relationship. Doc rivers. Doc Rivers one of those guys when you play against them. If you see nine ten times opponent teammates, go shake his hand. Because so many guys respect they he's a player. They know he wants to win so DACA. Have a lot to do with what players go, but the legs not having a coach data kinda hold up what they got going on. And they're gonna get a coach, obviously. But whatever coats they get it's not going to be Doc Rivers. Right. We know that that there's an title allot people seem to like Monty Williams. None of them are Docker because they're not that they don't have the long jetty the track record the longevity. The relationships that doc has they have. The respect though, money Williams has the respect of championship. Nestle lot in the game. Absolutely Lewis championship just like rivers does. But I think Doc Rivers is almost universally considered one of the best coaches in the league to your point on the blind reveal part of it. If we did that the leagues have a lot of question marks. And we have to see what's going to fill in those question marks. Because before agency opens they will have a coach who is it. I thought something really interesting happened Colin coward and Sam amick both seem to be reporting yesterday. Something similar which is that the Lakers are in hot pursuit of a high level team. President Colin said he that he's heard it's in place. Simple. Wait for the playoffs me over Sam said that they have a guy who's currently coaching a playoff not coaching. I'm sorry in Wigan playoff team part of the front off art of the office is that Masai usury. And is that help you get quite that RC? Buford. Is that Sam presi prestige, the one that I find most likely? Because press t might be feeling like an okay see things have reached, you know, waters reached its level to degree. But so if they actually get a team present not two rival Jerry West, but to give them some credibility that changes thing also watch for the general manager of Toronto if he decides to come is going to be a package deal. So just just watch for that. 'cause I know Kawais very very happy and comfortable with everything that's going on in Toronto. And if he would happen to lead. Why wouldn't he be packaging the the prime free agent and bringing him? Yes. The day. Magic quit the day after on this show. I started saying massage series name. I won't be very clear. It's not because I had some report some insights, and it was because it made too much sense for a guy who has does as GM does like the spotlight. He loves those little press conferences, they do and drastic park. Carson getting fined going Dallaire and all the things they've done for qui- Masais, the one that put them in place. The size on the traded for messiah one that's been massaging that relationship. So that to me would be because of the quite connection share the home run for the Lakers. I wonder if he or Sam prestige someone else are the are the team president that Sam is going to be nobody from San Antonio. I tell you that our Seaview for president San Antonio guys. I'm the go for that. Okay. All quiet as far as that part of it. Sure. We'll see a little bit later on the show coming up with the cardinals. Making a mistake by raiding quarterback. Josh rosen. Immutable things aren't going. Well, you shouldn't do that. We're going viral. Ben Simmons went off for thirty one points when eleven of thirteen from the field and the Sixers game three win over the nets last night, which had Brooklyn fans eating a little crow before the game. A netspend posted this missing Ben Simmons jump shot poster outside Barclays this same. Have you seen his jumper identifying characteristics? It says just average last seen drinking in Orlando that due to a now disputed report. Yes. And he missed a game against the magic because he was so hung over. Please contacted the bottom. It says kindle generate resumes allow. Resumes allow man kindling seeing any her problem. And then the reward say you look that was that's the entirety of his rookie contract. Yes. We'll Ben Simmons made an eat net last night. 'cause like you didn't gain too. He was spectacular. But that's well done. It was right outside. Barclays. I think I saw Chris Carter post in those up. Has been higher because he's taller back to the NFL. Now cardinals quarterback. Josh Rosen has found himself in an awkward position with many speculating he'll be replaced and or traded when Arizona most likely selects Cuyler Murray. Number one overall Rosen here's the rumors reads, the papers and gets that the situation while awkward is out of his hands. I think the season probably went as poorly capacity go, but within that had an unbelievable time. I think people talk about like, you can't listen to criticism or don't ever read articles like you have to be aware of what's going on to a certain extent. So like, I definitely understand the situation. I mean, it's annoying. But like it is what it is football's a business, and I I definitely respect the higher ups and their decisions. I think the best advice ever in life from Sony different. People is is control you can control and whatever decisions are made. It's my duty to prove them. Right. If they keep me improve them wrong with a me on. I see this question we've been asking for the last couple of weeks with the cardinals be giving up on Josh Rosen too soon if they draft Kyla Murray did they see enough from him last year to say, no, this is not our guy. This is the thing. Jenna. It's a perfect storm. Because if the coach if they're going to support the coach the way in the press conference to owner talked about because he talked about cliff Kingsbury the type of offense ity ran the type of excitement the degenerated in the stadium at the college team that he was coaching them if he's trying to do that. Then he's got to build give him the right? First time coaching NFL to get his quarterback. And I don't believe Josh Rosen is quarterback. So I believe both them can be right. I do believe they can be given up one. Josh Rosen too soon, but Kingsbury his is his choice. This is first gig. And if I'm more confident with one guy, I'm going to take that guy. And that's what's going to happen AirAsia. They're trying to do the best job. They can as far as manager. The situation. But there is a reason why euro-zone has lost for a long time. I mean, there's a reason why they have so many double digit loss seasons. There's a reason why number of prominent I'm talking about guys the best position have gone there and didn't have the type of playoff success that they should have had in their career this because they made a bunch of mistakes not last year not five years ago over the last thirty years they've gotten it, right? Once in the last thirty years, and when they got lucky on Kurt Warner. Kurt Warner looked like he was done. He would Kurt Warner with the giants was train wreck. The cardinals took a flyer on him. Kurt Warner resurrected his career. And all of a sudden, all that talent, you're talking about could shy. Yep. All of a sudden own my God, we knew Larry FitzGerald was good. But one of the greatest playoff runs we've ever seen from any player like they had it right briefly. But it hasn't just been the quarterback mismanagement, but outside of Kurt Warner. They haven't had. Solid or above average quarterback play really anytime before or after him in recent fell history now on Rosen. I thought the last quote we heard from him. There was great. And I give them credit for it where he said if they keep you prove them, right? If they tried to prove them wrong that has to be as mentality. And I think they are going to trade him. I think he will. I prove him wrong as tough because that is then tied to how good Tyler's because even rose and goes on to become a Pro Bowl or somewhere else. If collars star that nobody's going to think they got it wrong at no one's going to criticize them for. Right. And that's the way that I think Steve kind and the people in that building would be justifying this. It's not that we were wrong about Rosen. It's that there is they believe generational talent. In Cuyler, a special player that we've never seen at least his measurable 's in the NFL and we hired a guy as our head coach who just got fired at his own. Al-madhur for one reason one reason only did we hire. Because we think he plus the exact right quarterback can be special. So why would we hire cliff Kingsbury who's going to be an offense coordinator in college? If we're not going to give him the best tool for his specific toolbox, which is a quarterback that fits exactly what he wants to do. That's why ever since they hired Kingsbury. You have seen this team tied to Cuyler. I don't think it's an indictment on Rosen. I think it's about what Cuyler would they believe would be under king. I can't agree with you on that. Because he showed enough bad football. That would allow the Cuyler thing to continue because if the organization had seen that man, he was a difference maker. He's a force multiplier. They can convince Kingsbury Bill to do that. But I think that they saw enough as far as when he was in the pocket, not good. When anyone was around him when he couldn't step in throw not very good. So if there was some question marks last year what he end up doing. Or not doing it end up to man, I need to be able to look at this. Because if Josh had shown me some traits that I thought were really special, you know, what I would do I would hide Kyla Marie up as if I was getting ready take him and I shipped him off for a bunch of draft picks. But they can't do that. Because Rosen men last I had question marks before they drafted him. And last year. What I saw specially when he had pressure in his face man heat. It looked like the type of guy that I thought was going to be that difference makers opposite, then shouldn't they should sure pumping up. Josh Rosen right now as if he didn't have a bad year. So they could least they're going to get rid of. I mean to me there's no real way to do that. Because you only be trading Rosen. He'd only be on the market if you're taking a quarterback number one overall. If you take a quarterback number one overall, you're definitely trading him. You can't there's and you can't trick people about what's on tape and on tape. He wasn't very good last year. In fact, he was really bad. Now, I would argue with what has been great. As the league's worst offensive line was great. It has one of the league's worth rushing attacks. Darnold would have been much better. I don't think John challen would have been better. Baker might have been Baker seem to be a head above everyone else and his class. I think Josh Rosen going to be a good quarterback in this league. I do not think it's going to be all you need to go back to the draft. All right. That's what Josh Rosen is about right now, regardless of what football people saw on film across what people saw as far as him Bill to do if you like Josh Rosen like Nick did before the draft right now, you'll make an excuse for him. Did you still believe this going to happen? Because you believe he didn't have enough time. If you had question marks about Josh which I did before to draft. And then you saw him in man, he was a deer in headlights a lot of times in Arizona. Now, I gotta know football film that really makes my opinion seem like I know what I'm talking about. So go back to the draft. If you like before the draft, you all man, let's be more patient. If you had question marks before the draft. You're sitting back saying, hey, man, let's go with Tyler. Thank you for listening to the first things first podcast. Remember, leave us a review and tell us what you think subscribe to the podcast on apple podcasts and catch us on f s one Monday through Friday, six thirty AM Easter for Chris Carter, Nick, right? I'm Jenna Wolfe so long everybody.

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